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Media Conceals Colorado Shooter Identity


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. Joining me is Katie Hopkins still in Mexico for a Katie and Barry discussion. Hola Katie!

Katie Hopkins: Thank you, Barry. Hola, back at you and you will see I am now under a Mexican stairwell. Do not say I don't bring ATP to the most interesting places.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, clearly. Really nice set. So, there's a mass shooting, yet another one. Sadly, this one in Boulder, Colorado, and the story has changed quite dramatically in the last day or so until today.

What I mean by that is the first reports coming out where this guy that shot up a supermarket and killed a bunch of people was a neo-Nazi, white supremacist, Trump supporter. Well, that story changed this morning when the shooter's name was announced, and his background was revealed.

The guy's name is Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa. He's a Syrian immigrant so this not political, but probably is religious. But here come the pundits, starting with former President Barack Obama, who blamed the shooting, get this, on racism.

Barack Obama says, "This is an example of why we need gun control." So, Katie, first question, in your experience do criminals observe gun control laws?

Katie Hopkins: Oh, Barry, I mean, it's an absolute I mean, it's a joke except it isn't funny, is it? Good on you as well for pronouncing that gentleman's name. I wouldn't be trying that myself, but I live in a country normally in the UK we don't have weapons.

We're not allowed guns. There is no such thing as a First Amendment, let alone a Second Amendment in the UK. So, we can't have guns, and yet there are nightly shootouts in the UK. You always hear of some form of a drive-by gun shooting.

There was one just last night in one of our cities. It's not as if people who are determined to do the wrong thing are going to change their minds because there's some sort of registration process or you make access harder. I think the most annoying thing, Barry of all, is this incredibly swift pivot around to, ‘Oh, it's about gun control.’

You know, and I know personally when people assumed it was a white nationalist, white supremacist, Trump supporter, whatever you call that person, I had a flood of messages saying, "Oh, okay, Katie. So, you're not going to say anything, I suppose, about Boulder?

You're not going to say anything about the shootout?" Already attacking someone like myself for not saying anything. Whereas I just waited, as you did, I'm sure, to hear what was going on before we needed to talk about it. They just love the idea that it was a Trump supporter. They love the idea that it was a white guy.

I think it was Kamala Harris’ own niece, that said, “The only reason the shooter is still alive is because he is white,” and funnily enough, none of that proved that to be true, did it?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, not only is he not white. He is an enthusiastic Islamist, which we'll talk about in a second. But I want to follow up on something that's rather important because of the press releases coming out like crazy today, especially out of Congress.

People are jumping on the bandwagon about gun-free zones. You know, the biggest gun-free zone in a city in America is in Chicago. The gun laws there are extremely onerous, and yet they're the murder and shooting capital of the United States.

It always strikes me as weird when you see these signs from Chicago, around schools as an example, saying ‘Entering gun-free zone.’ I don't know how many criminals drive past one of those signs and pull over and go, “Oh, crap, gun-free zone.”

Roll down the window and throw their weapons out into the street so they don't violate the law. It reminds me of when I was a kid when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns and maybe that's the case here.

Katie Hopkins: It is absolutely the case Barry. We have knife crime in London, parallel, but not the same, I appreciate. But this idea that you could then ban knives and Sadiq Khan our ridiculous Muslim Mayor of London set up these knife banks.

So, in the same way, that you might have recycling banks or places that take their plastic, people take their plastic bottles. He had knife banks and the idea was that, yeah, okay, I'm a gangland drug dealer that's going to need to retaliate to protect my postcode.

Oh, yes, I’m going to go to that nice recycling knife bank and hand in my knives. I mean, please, how ridiculous do you have to be? I also think Barry there's a weird thing that happens, isn't there? Something horrible happens like this shootout.

We would all agree, it's horrible. It's horrible. So, people were in that supermarket, that grocery store, and they were just having an ordinary day. We go very quickly now, don't we? We go past whatever those people were, decent Americans, their story, their relatives, we go straight to the politics of the thing.

The swivel, the gun control. It all happens in, it's almost like time has been compressed, isn't it? Compared to how things used to be?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, yeah and the part that really bothers me quite a bit is the most important fact. President Trump in one of his first moves in office way back when, if you can remember four years ago, was to ban immigration from countries without background checks like Syria.

Well, this shooter was from Syria and there are other examples, Katie Hopkins, of shooters coming into the country, bringing the radical ideology with them. I've got a couple of examples. You know, the 2016 mass murder at the Pulse nightclub, what 49 people died.

That guy was from Afghanistan Omar Mateen, and he had pledged allegiance to ISIS in 2015. Five people were killed in Chattanooga, Tennessee, by a Kuwaiti-born guy named Mohammad Abdulazeez, and in 2015, 14 people were murdered by a Pakistani American couple that was radicalized.

Why is it impossible for us to draw links between radical jihadis killing people because of their belief system and the inability of the American press to mention those details? Doesn't that seem really important to you?

Katie Hopkins: Absolutely and the only way we ever fix a problem, no matter what that problem is, is by calling it what it is. We know in our personal private lives the way we fix the problem is we have to acknowledge what the actual problem is.

Every time and it’s the same in my country as well, after the Manchester Arena bombing, after the stabbing of the policeman outside of the houses of parliament. Every terror attack in our country that happens at the hands of somebody who believes in the Islamic faith we are not allowed to talk about it.

In fact, the very sort of that becomes reinforced. The first thing the police do in our country after that, the Islamist or Islamic terror attack, is they come bowling out of their police stations and they say what we need to be very careful of and very aware of retaliatory attacks on Muslims and Islamophobia and what we must do is protect the Muslim community.

It seems like for their side, there is no way that this is allowed to be associated with them, and, you know, Barry very well, if that guy had been a Trump supporter, we would never have heard the end of the fact that Trump and all the rest of us, me included, are to blame for the deaths of those Americans and whomever else in that grocery store.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, this problem actually runs even deeper than what you said, and by the way, I agree with everything you just said, Katie. This guy had some Facebook posts that were screen-grabbed. He has a lot of posts on there about how he hates people who are creating an Islamophobic environment.

He had quotes from Mohammed on his Facebook. It's obvious, if not totally radicalized, this guy was a believer. Why is it that all the first talking points, you know, he's a gun nut and he's a Trumper and he's a right-wing nationalist and he is all about domestic terrorism because he's white?

The truth is none of that is true. Facebook got expunged and the quotes are all gone. I read them this morning and I looked at it and I thought, oh, my gosh. So, on top of that, the press is reporting in Colorado that nobody can figure out a motive for the killing.

Katie Hopkins: Why is it? How does that- how does the Muslim faith acquire this ability to have instant protection over themselves? You know, the dissolving of a Facebook page. The taking down of other posts? Nobody.

It's one of the things I find so annoying. I mean, it's always been well, it's what's got me into the most trouble in the UK, is calling out leaders of the Muslim faith for not coming out and condemning this sort of thing. I am sick and tired, and I will say it until my last day.

People say, “Oh, it's nothing to do with Islam.” Fine, but you never hear leaders of the Islamic faith come out and say, we completely condemn what that man did. He doesn't represent the faith. This is not what Islam is about. I don't hear those people. I might see some staged oh sorry and the Muslim ladies handing out roses or whatever, but I do not see leaders coming out and condemning this.

Every time Islam is protected like it's some sort of special power none of us can go near. You know, I say to people when they call me Islamophobic. Well, actually, my own Islamophobia came about when a couple of jihadis tried to chop my head off. You know, it's not Islamophobia.

It's rational fear of something that hates you. I'm sorry if I'm a little bit over-animated, but it really, really this does grip me because we've seen this through different countries, through our lifetimes. Why can't people, if they don't love the country, they come to join America, and you aren't decent enough to love America? Then just stay out of it. Leave Americans alone.

Barry Nussbaum: Katie, I hear your story and I know it's true. So, I sympathize with you. I can imagine for someone like you, as prominent as you've been in the media, the idea of being separated from your lovely head is not something that you take lightly and should not.

For some reason, we as a society can't call it what it is. Which is, they don't like us. They want to kill us or convert us. I'm talking specifically about those that are jihadis. They are carrying out the mission to conquer our country by the book or by the sword, and in Colorado, it was by the sword. I get it. You're right. I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Katie Hopkins: You know, Barry, I don't want anyone else to go through it. And the point is today, 10, 12, I mean, how many is that final number that has gone through it? Families, you know, this doesn't move on.

This isn't just something Ted Cruz throws away about gun control or another politician comes out and has that movement in Congress about it. These are families who now live with this for the rest of their lives and that's where we, that's why all of this fails people.

If we fail to call out the problem, we fail American families and they are the ones that pay the price and that breaks all our hearts, I'm sure here at ATP.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, said Katie Hopkins, and thanks for coming on today to talk about this rather serious subject. For all of you out there in ATP land, I want to remind you, if you haven't yet to please take out your cell phone, do us a favor, and send the simple message, TRUTH to 88202.

In about three seconds, you'll be signed up for free to get all of our content free on your cell phone. For Katie, I'm Barry Nussbaum, thanks for joining us today.

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