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Louder With Crowder | Anni Cyrus on Sharia



Steven Crowder: All right, glad to have our next guest. By the way, we’ve had her on the program before it was a while ago.

Co-Host: It’s been quite a while.

Steven Crowder: It’s been a while so first things first, no, you may not have her phone number. She is the National Director for the American Truth Project. I don’t know, what full names you want to use because the Muslim’s want to kill her. So Anni, thanks for being with us.

Anni Cyrus: It’s a pleasure to be back.

Steven Crowder: Well, we’re glad you have the American flag going on there now so that we’ll be sure to anger some people because that’s apparently hate speech now.  For people who don’t know who didn’t see the first interview with you explain to them really quickly your story. You were sold as a child bride at 14 and fled you were just telling me at 15, Right?

Anni Cyrus: Yes, I was born and raised in the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is one hundred percent Sharia, and I was sold into marriage by my father, who was a sheikh, which is a step higher than imam when I was close to my 14, I was still in my 13 very close to my 14 and I fled the whole country at age 15 to just get away from that adultery that I committed.

Steven Crowder: Still, the American dream is what she’s trying to get at. She takes the

white picket fence and not being sexually accosted by a hairy Islamic terrorist. It’s all part of the American dream, sweetheart. Did you get a jab in before you left? Did you get a couple? Did you get a couple of good shots?

Anni Cyrus: Not really.

Steven Crowder: No. OK. I know.

Anni Cyrus: No. I just took off running.

Steven Crowder: Yeah, well.

Anni Cyrus: It’s one of those situations you don’t have time to think about anything but to just run.

Steven Crowder: Well, let me ask you this, though, because if you look at Iran back in the 70s, it was much more moderate than it is today. And you see that with a lot of sort of Islamic cultures. I’ve always talked about this, how if you just give it enough time it seems like they never make it more than 30 years. You have Iran and now we sort of have seen it with Turkey, obviously. It was like everyone pointed at Turkey and they were going over there saying, well, actually, Turkey is a good example now. No, not so much.

Co-Host: Not along at all with the crisis, the hostage crisis.

Steven Crowder: Didn’t go very well for Turkey. So what happened there in Iran? What was the shift? Because, you know, women out there seemed like they were you know, they weren’t in the full, full, full burqa back then.

Anni Cyrus: Well, basically, what did happen is in 1979, there was an Islamic revolution, but before that in Iran we had what’s known as a system of what is it called a loyalty. No royalty, royalty. Oh, and we had a king and his biggest mistake actually was that he allowed the practice of Sharia in the country. So it was an Islamic country, but Sharia practice was allowed.

Steven Crowder: Right.

Anni Cyrus: And those who practiced Sharia in ’79, they actually started a revolution that brought Khomeini over to take over the country. They basically kicked the king out. Turnover

Steven Crowder: It is okay, don’t worry about it. All the creeps on the internet love the accent. So the more, it’s just lay it on thick.

Anni Cyrus: That’s the problem I’m trying to get away from. But no, they basically turned the country into full Islamic country and that’s exactly what’s happening with Turkey today. Erdoğan on is trying to make the constitution Islamic and that’s the thing you give it 30 years that’s a lot.

Steven Crowder: Yeah.

Anni Cyrus: Two months, 60 days from the constitution of any country becoming Islamic is enough for the country to go back fourteen hundred years and become the, you know, Stone Age people.

Steven Crowder: Yeah.

Anni Cyrus: 60 Days is enough.

Steven Crowder: Once, yeah, once the constitution becomes Islamic but I’m saying yeah. Once, it often takes maybe a decade or two and then it just seems as though people still believe you’re in the minority of Muslims. It’s not a minority of Muslims when it’s given to us, a king. You look at what happened, it’s because the populace wants to embrace it, even knowing what Sharia is. So that’s what’s so disturbing to me. I mean, when you look at Turkey and you go look at the actual percentage of the populace who want to go under Sharia law, who want to see that subversion. That’s what worries me. Okay, let’s talk about this. These are questions that you can pass but child bride, so obviously we have to ask some of these questions. You were 15. You left when you were 15. We’ve talked about how Aisha Mohammed’s wife was six. To be fair, they say he consummated when she was nine. We’ve talked about that in our Islamic videos. It’s not necessarily agreed upon, but let’s give it. That’s even their most generous argument, nine. I’ve read and I don’t know if you can quote me scripture here if it’s Hadith, that Mohammed before she was there’s no good way to say it, that he would he would dry hump her thighs. Your thoughts?

Anni Cyrus: Let me get my straight face. Yes.

Steven Crowder: Okay, so it is true.

Anni Cyrus: I can’t do this. But yes. Yes. It’s not just okay. It is a Hadith.  It’s also in the Surah, which is the book written off of Mohammed’s daily life.  Because it is allowed in Islam and there’s actually a verse in the fourth surah of Quran about it.  That as soon as you think a girl can handle the pressure of sexuality outside of intercourse you’re allowed to do whatever is the pleasure with them. Do not have any intercourse.

Co-Host: This is a bit of help, the Mohammed diary?

Steven Crowder: He’s an early Bill Clinton.

Anni Cyrus: Yes, exactly.

Co-Host: I started at 8:36. I dry humped the shit out of some thighs.

Anni Cyrus: Exactly and that’s actually that’s one of the reasons that women have to cover their entire body. I mean, when a six year old girls leg is all sexy to you imagine the adult woman walking around showing their legs.

Steven Crowder: That’s true.

Anni Cyrus: So that’s they I have to cover it up.

Steven Crowder: Yeah.

Anni Cyrus: Let’s talk about the Hadith. Let me give you another one that might actually make your day. There’s a Hadith, a woman goes to Mohammed and says, “Oh, prophet, I have made this deal with Allah that if I get pregnant,” because she had problem having babies, “if I get pregnant, I will commit adultery with seven men and now I’m pregnant. What do I do?” Mohammed says, “Step out of my house, bear your ankle, pass by seven men and you have paid your debt. Showing her ankles to seven men counts as adultery with seven men.

Steven Crowder: Really? Why wait, why was she supposed to commit adultery with seven men? What was the reason?

Anni Cyrus:  Well, well she was and non- Muslim.

Steven Crowder: OK.

Steven Crowder: When she makes the deal, she makes the deal as a non-Muslim, but then she makes a deal with the Allah of Muslims. Well, she does get pregnant. She comes to convert to Islam, but she had to pay her debt.

Steven Crowder: OK.

Anni Cyrus: Which was seven adultery.

Steven Crowder: That’s a weird debt to pay. That’s a very weird. I mean, usually, you know, we accept cash.

Anni Cyrus: I know.

Steven Crowder: Dennis Rodman accepted hot coin. I guess an Islamic culture. We will accept the Visa, MasterCard or ankle’s.

Anni Cyrus: Islam is all about sex. So forget that woman was created to satisfy a man. So what do you do?

Steven Crowder: Well, I guess you show a little ankle when you have to when the occasion calls for it. Let me ask you this, because we’ve talked about it and we don’t want to be unfair and obviously know about this being raised in Iran. People always try and say, well, female circumcision, it’s not it’s not an Islamic thing. It happens in other countries and they point to third world countries, particularly in the African continent. When we were doing research, we brought scepters, I think a website, I think it was answering Islam or Islamic question – Questions and answers. It’s a pro-Islamic site. And their argument was this was going to pro-Islamic moderate site saying when the female part becomes aroused it is uncomfortable for the man during intercourse, which to me

Co-Host: Also it may annoy him.

Steven Crowder: It may annoy him. This is what they wrote. Explain to me is there any actual Quran backing, Mohammed backing to female circumcision? Is it something that is integral to Islam?

Anni Cyrus: Yes. No, it is not as Islam. It’s Sharia.

Steven Crowder: Okay.

Anni Cyrus: Within Sharia now that it very quickly Islam is Islam which is the book, Quran. Sharia is the combination of the book, Hadith and Surah. So because within Hadith there is a Hadith where a guy comes to Mohammed and say, “I fear my daughter is developing her sexual life too early and she’s going bring shame to me.” Mohammed allows him to disfigure her genital so she wouldn’t have the urge to have a sexual life to bring shame to the family that Hadith does exist. So it’s not within Islam that’s a correct argument. However, it is part of Sharia and Islam cannot exist without Sharia so automatically it becomes part of Islam. But there is absolutely nothing in Quran about it. No. Mohammed was the one who allowed female genital mutilation to start.

Steven Crowder: Let me ask you this really quickly and it looks like you have a question.

Co-Host: Oh no, I’m good I was just going to tell them it is You can find it all there.

Steven Crowder:; if people want to go pro-Islamic website. This is not some Christian website, but you know, this is what their argument. Let me ask you this for the sake of argument. Are there any Islamic denominations or verticals that do not use, validate or apply Hadith? Are there any that just take the Quran alone or is it always relevant they have to also abide by Hadith.

Anni Cyrus: Ok. There are and those are the ones, you know, as reformers. However, they don’t count as Muslim. They don’t do Islam. And I’m going to actually give you, if you don’t mind, because this argument came up, came up yesterday and I had to cover it. There’s actually a verse in Quran, the second Surah verse, eleven verse says, “And when it’s said to them, do not cause corruption on the earth, they will say these are but reforms Allah warned and Islam about the reformers. Those are the ones that don’t use Sharia or the Hadith and the Sunah but however they don’t they are not considered an actual Muslim, within Islamic countries.

Steven Crowder: What percentage of the global Islamic population do they make up these people who don’t use Hadiths or the reformers?

Anni Cyrus: 0.00001 percent.

Steven Crowder: Okay so one could say that for all pragmatic purposes that they are not necessarily Islamic. Let me ask you this. Do you know anyone, any women who’ve been forced to undergo this procedure? Have you worked with any?

Anni Cyrus: Yes, I had a classmate who suffered from of female genital mutilation. I had to rescue cases of a women who actually suffered from this and all three of them were from Islamic Republic of Iran, which is said every day that they don’t practice this in Iran, but they do. They just don’t let it come out.

Steven Crowder: Well, it’s also, like you say, we have no gays in Iran. And then you have the American liberals who take them at face value. They say, well, they don’t practice it in Iran. You also think they don’t have gays? Well, let’s not get carried away. I don’t know why his word is good on one. And then all of a sudden, Ahmadinejad is a little bit murky in his prescriptions.  So with the female genital mutilation, it’s a lot they could argue it’s allowable. It’s not necessarily prescribed. Right, it seems like in the Mohammed story they would, and that’s because that’s the argument I’ve heard and it’s not a good one to me. I don’t think it should be allowable regardless. But that’s what they told me.

Anni Cyrus: It is absolutely allowed. It is not mandatory. However, it is allowed just like the child bride.

Steven Crowder: Right.

Anni Cyrus: If it wasn’t allowed that my father couldn’t sell me, but because it was allowed, he went ahead and did it. So the tool is given to them. Now, who chooses to use it is up to them.

Steven Crowder: Let me ask you this, because we’ve talked about it before. And now we can kind of move on. We’ve had Manchester, London. I maintain that I think in 2017 the Islamic political ideology like you’re talking about, Sharia is just not compatible with Western civilization and by proxy, that means most, that means any Islamic country really at this point, nearly any Islamic country again you just take a few years remember Indonesia was pointed to Morocco as though they were more moderate. Well, they’re burning churches in record numbers in Indonesia. It just seems as though it may not sound nice, but we’re at a point where we’ve got iPhones, where we have constitutional freedoms, we have civil rights, and it’s just not compatible. Sorry, we have to move on without you. Is that just a white Westerner’s view?

Anni Cyrus: No, no. That’s the reality of it. There is no possible way Sharia can co-exist with West and the main reason for it number one under Sharia you’re a slave. Not a human. Number two, you cannot consider your wife, your mother, your sister or your daughter as equal as you.  Number three you don’t have control over your life. Every single step of your day is dictated to you by Sharia. Those three is enough to prove the fact that it cannot ever coexist with Western culture.

Steven Crowder: I believe you’re right. Let me ask you this final question, because I find obviously your story interesting, but you’re also still pretty conservative. So, you know, a lot of people could go really far the other way when they leave Islam and they would become hardcore feminists. Would you consider yourself among that ilk? Are you still just not bothered by the idea that women and men are different and have different roles and marriages as long as it’s voluntary?

Anni Cyrus: Well, I would call myself a feminist.

Steven Crowder: Sure.

Anni Cyrus: However, nowadays those that you’re referring to they’re just crazy nut jobs. Because, yeah, I went to school and I started biology and I do realize no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to lift as much as you can lift, Steven.

Steven Crowder: This is true. Yeah.

Anni Cyrus: Based on that moving forward, I can never be as masculine as you, and I hope you can never look as feminine as I do.

Co-Host: Have you seen the face APP?

Anni Cyrus: Yeah, I know. I’m trying to say that I’m not a stalking Steven every day watching his stuff. So that’s added a

Steven Crowder: I got me a child bride.  Okay, so it’s like, you know, this is because they’re trying to create a moral equivalency, right, with Islam. And if you well, if you look at the Bible, if you look at let me tell you this, I don’t shy away from the fact that as a Christian with my wife, what we have referred to as complementarianism. What that means is if you look at the Bible, it says women submit to your husbands, but husbands be good to your wives treat your women as the best among you. In other words, you’re both submitting to each other’s needs. It’s very clear that it’s reciprocal, but it’s also very clear that needs are different. Right and that means that for a woman emotionally, being supported, love, affection. And yeah, for a man, it’s all the other stuff. It’s being supported, the pat on the back. Obviously, sexuality is important to a man. As Christians, we do believe often that a marriage works better when we act as men and women. But it has to be voluntary. In your experience now, coming to the West, have you seen anything comparable from even the more fundamentalist Christians to the most basic Muslims in Islamic countries?

Anni Cyrus: Oh, no, no, no, no.

Steven Crowder: That was a loaded question.

Anni Cyrus: Here’s the thing, to be honest, I’m one of those people. I’m like don’t, ever compare Islam with anything. You can’t compare it. What you’re saying, I understand and I’m not going to say I’m an expert when it comes to Christianity or any other religion but my own. Sure. But the bottom line is, in Islam, it doesn’t say that the woman should submit and the man should support. No, it literally on, again referring to Quran itself, on the fourth Surah of Quran. It just says if you think your wife is going to disobey you first, warn her that separate your bed, then beat her until she obeys you. If you’re going to imagine she’s going to disobey you, you have the right to beat the crap out of her until she tells you she’s going to obey you like you can’t find that in any other bible.

Co-Host: Sounds just like first Timothy to me.

Steven Crowder: Now. So I guess the modern Muslim, is just a Muslim couple with a dual number sleep number bed it’s oh I think you’re going to disobey me. Separated. Now I beat the hell out of you.

Anni Cyrus: Yes.

Steven Crowder: Wonderful, wonderful function if you can get it dual zone bed.

Co-Host: It’s true. There’s a market there. There’s a market.

Steven Crowder: There’s a market there for Muslims automatically separating beds and then just like one of those, one of those you know, those boxing gloves that comes with the spring that comes out.

Co-Host: Roger Rabbit.

Steven Crowder: Oh my gosh, we could make a killing selling those in Iran. Anni thank you so much for being here.  What is the best place for people to find you?

Anni Cyrus: It was a pleasure to be here. They can find me if they’re looking for me by myself, they can find me on Facebook. Look up, Aynaz Cyrus C-Y-R-U-S my feature handle is Anni Cyrus. However, you can get my material, my writing and my videos at American Truth

Steven Crowder: That’s not Answer Q&A islam info. Make sure that you understand that. We will be back after this to wrap it up.

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