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Iran Threatens New Nuclear Crisis


The disastrous Iran Nuclear deal, that alleviated many crippling sanctions of the Islamic Republic, still faces other sanctions over their ballistic missile program and financial support of the terrorist group Hezbollah.  The rogue regime is threatening to pull out of the toothless JCPOA if foreign banks continue to shy away from doing business with it due to the remaining sanctions, and warned it would lead to a  new “nuclear crisis”.  Iran is doing exactly what it has accused the US of doing, linking non-nuclear issues to the JCPOA.  Now is the time to apply even greater sanctions on them, force them out of the horrendous deal and start on a new deal that will actually prevent the mullahs in Tehran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Read Article at The Times of Israel: https://www.timesofisrael.com/iranian-official-we-may-leave-nuclear-deal-if-banks-dont-come-to-iran/



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