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Jordanian Waqf Detains US Congressmen on Temple Mount


US Congressmen Scott Tipton and David B. McKinley experienced first hand how non-Muslims are treated on the Jordan-controlled Temple Mount, and it is very far from inclusive and tolerant.  Despite Israel liberating all of the Old City of Jerusalem in 1967, part of the Peace Treaty with Jordan allows the Jordanian Waqf to control Muslim holy sites in the city, perpetuating the exclusionary environment at Judaism’s holiest site.  Just days after PA president Mahmoud Abbas spoke of Jerusalem’s importance to Islam, Christianity and Judaism at the UN Security Council, his Muslim brethren detained the American lawmakers simply for picking up an olive branch; Jews are regularly arrested on the Temple Mount simply for moving their lips in prayer.  Mahmoud Abbas’ ludicrous accusations of Israel endangering the freedom to practice religion for Christians and Muslims should be directed at the Waqf, for its complete intolerance of faiths other than Islam.

Read Article at Israel National News: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/242274



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  1. Israel siriri February 24, 2018

    It is time for some yo happenand it should happen.

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