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Dr. Warner Exposes Islamic Motive Behind Colorado Shooting


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum. We are honored to have back today Dr. Bill Warner, the founder of the Center for the Study of Political Islam. Dr. Bill has a movement that I want him to tell you about. Dr. Bill, thanks for coming back.

Dr. Bill Warner: Glad to do it, particularly since we're going to talk about my favorite idea of political Islam and, even more favorite, how to help apostates.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let's get into that. Most recently in America, there's been a tragedy in Colorado. A Syrian immigrant with very strong jihadi leanings walked into a supermarket right before Passover. The reason I mention that is that store was stocked with items for the Jewish celebration of Passover and killed a whole bunch of people.

He had posts on his social media talking about Islam, about Mohammed, about jihad, all of which were very favorable to killing the nonbelievers. In the two days after the attack, everything was blamed on too many guns, not enough gun regulation, he’s a white supremacist, a crazy guy.

Nobody wanted to absolutely tell the truth, which was he was carrying out a mission that he believed was religiously influenced by his studies of his religion being Islam. Bill, why can't we just tell the truth about what these people do and why they do it?

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, the reason is we don't want to hear the truth because we've sold ourselves a bill of goods, which is that thing, the joke ‘Islam is a religion of peace.’ We've actually bought into that. We've also bought into the idea that it is so complex and so- it's just you just can't understand it. It's just- it's like the Amazon jungle or something. It's impossible to know what it really is.

Barry Nussbaum: So why did the government not call in people like you to explain it to them? Why are they asking Muslim leaders to deny the fact that it has anything to do with their religion, and then that becomes the press release?

Dr. Bill Warner: They don't want to hear it. It's politically incorrect. It's not WOKE. Okay, so people don't want to know the answer, but with the apostate comes a little more believability. When I talk about this, it's as a scholar, but if someone else talks about it, who is a former Muslim, they're talking about from interior knowledge as well.

If we only want the truth, but what my approach to this is, is I've given up on telling the truth. It's just not a strong enough medicine. So, I'm looking at a legal aspect because you see former Muslims have lost their civil rights. They don't have a right to apply for the job at the FBI.

They don't have freedom of speech. They also are not secure in their religion. Their religion is denied to them, which is anything but Islam. So, what I want to do is to tackle this from a civil rights point of view. So, we can use the model of Martin Luther King.

We need to educate people as to what Islam really is but the way we do that is we do so by introducing them to apostates. So that's what I want to do, is I want to fight for apostates to have full human rights so that if they apply for a job with the FBI to be a translator, they get considered.

When somebody- there's a lot of token Muslims out there, for instance, because there are federal grants given to organizations like think tanks. So, they have a moderate Muslim on board who are their token Muslims.

If they're going to have a token Muslim on board, what we want to do is to insist that they also have a token non-Muslim, which is an apostate. So that they can understand the full story. So, I'm not going to try to convince people about the truth anymore.

I've tried that for too long in my life. People don't have any respect for the truth, but they do have some respect for the law. What I'm saying is, if you get federal tax dollars or state tax dollars and you bring in a Muslim to speak, let's say, to high school, then you have to bring in a former Muslim as well. All I'm asking for is a level playing ground because when people hear the two, they'll know which one to believe.

Barry Nussbaum: Go ahead,

Dr. Bill Warner: I know when I say that I have given up on the truth, I'm only telling you half the truth in the sense that I do believe the truth is powerful. But I want to take a legal approach here. I want to mimic the civil rights movement.

Barry Nussbaum: So, you've said that there's an estimate that might be as many as twenty-five percent of all Muslims are apostates, meaning they've left the faith, but we can't hear from any of them because those people are classified, Islamophobic and haters and racists and bigots and all the other buzzwords.

Dr. Bill Warner: Also, dangerous!

Barry Nussbaum: Exactly. So, what is your new movement going to do? As best as you can describe it to our viewers today.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, what I want to do is create a seed group or a beginning group because there's a lot of work to be done here. All I'm giving you is an idea. We need mission statements. We need brochures. We need to have press releases.

So, we need to take a group that consists of both Muslims and non-Muslims, apostates and kafirs, who have never been Muslim, to work on this idea. Bill, here, ain't going to get it done. That work is too much and needs to be to succeed after I die. So, we want to create a movement, and we need to create a small seed group and small parent group to do this.

We need to get people to work together. This means we need to do a lot of things. We need to come up with community software so we can communicate with each other. We need a way to meet and talk with each other. For instance, there are many Muslims.

I keep saying that apostate groups now, but they don't communicate with each other. So, we need to reach out to them and communicate with them. If they don't want to join, at least they will stay in touch and tell them what we're doing. So, it's a huge job.

Barry Nussbaum: Why is it so important, Bill, to have the other side told? In other words, like you and I have talked about for several years now. You've got all these Muslim groups or Muslim sympathetic groups that tell the party line whether it's CAIR or the Muslim Students Association or other groups they support, like the BDS movement and so on. Why is it so important to have former insiders be able to have access to the mass media? To be able to tell the other side of the story.

Dr. Bill Warner: For just that reason. You know, the news is one of the things that's gone wacko in my lifetime. It used to be that news consisted of telling both sides of the story and let you make up your mind. But now what happens is, is that there's only one side being told, which is what we're doing now.

I want the whole truth to be told because what I find from experience is like right now, I'm going to talk about the training of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation by Muslims. If they had heard the side not only from Muslims but also from apostates, they could make up their own mind. These are intelligent people.

And, so, we need to give them the information so they can do that. And the other thing is Barry is that something like this would be available even for the millennials. That is, they could buy into this. They would never buy into opposing Islam, but they would have, and they will buy into don't kill people who leave the religion.

So, we have something here that the left or the right can all agree on, young and old because when you say I think apostates should be killed, I just don't know of anybody who had to tell you they believe that, too.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let me just stop you there because this is a really, really important point. I want you to be very clear on your answer for our listeners to get it. Are you saying that if a Muslim decides at some point in his or her life, you know what?

This is just not the spiritual path I want to be on to get me closer to God. I'm out. I'm going to be a Buddhist or a Baha'i or a Christian or an agnostic. When that he or she becomes an ex-Muslim, are you telling me it is still in the scripture, and it is still binding that that person is recommended for death under existing Islamic law?

Dr. Bill Warner: I'll give you an example, Nonie Darwish, who is an apostate from Islam, her father told her when she declared her apostasy, he said, "Never call us, never write us, never speak to us. You are dead.

I could kill you, but I choose not to do so. But don't ever try to contact us. You now do not exist." That's pretty, that's pretty heavy language from your father. I could kill you, but I won't.

Barry Nussbaum: Do they literally believe that it's like honor killing, that these guys kill their own daughters or sisters for-

Dr. Bill Warner: Oh, yeah.

Barry Nussbaum: God forbid, dating and or bringing shame on the family by being outside with a boy? Do they actually believe they're doing God's will?

Dr. Bill Warner: They do, they do. You know, when they say these people like the shooter in Boulder, Colorado, is a jihadi, they'll say he's crazy, and they'll say he's not a real Muslim, but he is a jihadi it's the realist of Muslims because in the Quran it lays it out.

Your best move to make as a human being on the face of the earth is to become a jihadist because if you're a jihadist and you get killed in jihad, you go straight to heaven, you to pass judgment day. You don't suffer the punishment of the grave.

So, it is the supreme moment of acting out what real Islam is. But we need apostates who can tell this story. It's one thing when I tell it, but when an apostate tells it, then that's more believable.

Barry Nussbaum: I get it. So, Bill, people that are watching you today on this show, how can they get in touch with you to learn more about this new movement of Dr. Bill Warner?

Dr. Bill Warner: You get in touch with me at BW@ Political Islam dot.com. What I want you to do to get in touch with me not just to be curious. I want you to join in the work that's to be done because there's a lot of work that needs to be done.

This great idea is a great idea. So what? They can be amusing, interesting, or whatever else, but they must be implemented, and I don't think I can do it by myself. So, what I want to do is to create a starter group, and it can expand from that because I can’t do the work.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh yeah, this is a big deal, and it couldn't be in a more important time in our history.

Dr. Bill Warner: I agree.

Barry Nussbaum: Thanks for coming on today, Bill. Thank you out there in ATP Land. I want to remind you, if you haven't yet, please take out your cell phone and subscribe to our free text message alert system simply by sending the word TRUTH to 88202.

You'll be signed up. Everything is free. You'll never be charged for content because we just give it away, and you'll get all Dr. Bill Warner and Barry and other contributors to ATP Report for free on your cell phone. Thanks for coming on today, Bill, and thank you out there from all of us at ATP Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum.

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