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Biden’s Policy Will Fund Killing of Israelis


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum. Back today again with us is the esteemed, honorable former Ambassador from Israel to the United States, Danny Ayalon.

He's also been at the United Nations. He was an emissary in Panama. He was Deputy Foreign Minister. He was a member of Knesset, and Danny Ayalon is the founder of The Truth about Israel. Welcome back, Danny.

Danny Ayalon: Thank you. Thank you, and you forgot one I would say is something which I am most proud of is a friend of Barry Nussbaum.

Barry Nussbaum: So, a few days after his inauguration as the United States 46th President, Joe Biden vowed to reopen the Palestine Liberation Organization's diplomatic mission in Washington. But I guess he didn't know the United States Congress had passed a law saying, and this was signed by President Trump, that the PLO and the Palestinian Authority are liable for some $600,000 in penalties against them that have been awarded in the U.S. courts.

So, in addition, he wants a new consulate for the Palestinians in Jerusalem. Doesn't all this change in policy coming out of the Biden administration undo the good work of the Trump administration that limited PA terror operations both inside Israel and elsewhere?

Danny Ayalon: Well, I hope not. You know, we were still at the onset of the administration, so there was still a lot of room to, let's say, steer right—the help in the right direction. But I would say that for the last four years of President Trump, terrorism was at its lowest.

So, I think we all should look and take a page from Trump's policies because they were very effective. When you face bullies, only deterrence works. If you just are trying to appease them, it just stiffens them, and it encourages them to even do more harm and terror. We've seen it throughout history, including modern history.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, speaking of encouraging the bully, you and I have spoken about this before, Danny. The Taylor Force Act, which is a United States law in effect, now. It passed overwhelmingly, as you know, in the Senate, the House and signed by President Trump.

It was named after a late U.S. Army officer who was knifed to death by a Palestinian terrorist in Israel when he was on vacation. That act limits the amount of aid or funding that can go to the Palestinians until such time as they cut off terror funding. Meaning no more 'pay for slay.'

No more paying Arabs to kill Jews, blow up busses, walk into restaurants with suicide bombs. Do you think the Tailor Force Act will remain in place, and do you think it will be able to prevent more terror coming from the PA in spite of these new policies from Joe Biden?

Danny Ayalon: Well, I hope it stays. I think it's the moral thing to do, and I think also it's the right thing from a strategic point of view. If you really want to lower the terrorist level to a minimum as and as we mentioned here, Barry last four years, terror was really at a minimum. The problem with this ‘pay to slay’ is its legislation.

I'm not concerned about the American legislation. I hope it will hold. I'm concerned about the Palestinian legislation where there is a tariff on killing Jews and the money that the PA pays to terrorists, or if they are killed in their terror act, they give it to their families. The more Jews they kill, the sum goes up.

So, this is the encouragement, and this is the signal from the Palestinian Authority of Abbas. Now the money that they are paying to these terrorists is not their money. As you mentioned, it's American money. It's European money. I do hope that the law of Congress, which is I believe the law of the land, will prevail.

Barry Nussbaum: Boy, do I ever. Speaking of Israel and areas under PA control. Across the old green line from the armistice of 1940s, when the war of independence ended, Jews call that area Judea and Samaria, and they've been part of the Jewish homeland for several thousand years.

They were originally given to the Jewish state until Jordan conquered it during the war of independence in the 40s. Those West Bank settlements that are there are little towns. Some of them are bigger towns. I've been to a number of them.

For the first time in many years, the State Department is now calling them, get this, occupied territory, territory. Contrary to what the Trump administration called it, which was part of greater Israel, Judea, and Samaria.

Is this reversal in American foreign policy where Biden went back to the "good old days' of we don't really like Israel that much, i.e., the Obama administration as outrageous to you as it is to me? I'm really bothered by this.

Danny Ayalon: Yes, it is. Barry, I think that it was President Carter who first, you know, coined this term. This infamous term of illegal settlements. How can you be considered illegally building your own homes on your own territory?

This is something that boggles the mind. Again, it's a political decision. It is trying to prejudge any settlement or any final agreement to be achieved with the Palestinians. I would say that and again, historically, archeologically, every inch you dig in Judea and Samaria, you can find a rich culture, 4,000 years of rich Jewish culture.

So how can you say it's illegal when Israel is there and when Jordan is an occupier, whether Palestinians or whoever, you know, that this land for the last, let's say, 2,000 years was occupied by many great powers or not so great powers and none of them call it home.

They were all occupiers. Even Jordan, the Ottoman Empire, supposedly Jerusalem, is very, very sacred, according to the Palestinians, to Islam. Never, they had a chance of hundreds of years of occupation. Never did they consider it as a holy city, or certainly they didn't make it their capital. So, this is really a travesty.

This is really a, I would say, a political means to try to delegitimize Israel and Israel's, I would say, right to the land. I would say if you wanted to be fair, and let's say that I am not objective about it, okay?

But if you want to be fair from the standpoint of international law, the most you can call it is areas under dispute. Disputed land until there is a final settlement.

Barry Nussbaum: Well said. Danny, again, thank you for coming on with ATP Report today. We sure appreciate it. For those of you out there, please go to The Truth about Israel. It's on the Web. You'll find fascinating historical insights. Danny explains all the issues facing the Jewish state and its relationship with not only the Middle East but the United States as well.

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You'll get all of our reports, including everything from Danny Ayalon, on your cell phone. Absolutely for free. So, for Danny, I'm Barry Nussbaum. Thanks for joining us on ATP Report.

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