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Biden Making Deal With Iran, Iran Says Jews Will Destroy the World


Hello and welcome to really dumb things, they said. I'm Barry Nussbaum.
According to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's representative in Iran's southern province, the Jews are humanity's greatest problem.

Here's his quote. 'Consider the most difficult problems for Islam and humanity as a whole. This is corroborated by documents. The most difficult problem has been the Jews. They're more evil than Satan.

"That's from Ayatollah Ebadi in a public address on Iran TV. He went on to say the Jew's ultimate goal was to pillage the entire world. The Jews have taken control of the world in a technical way. They give particular attention to military warfare, propaganda warfare, and psychological warfare.

They spread doubt and wage cultural warfare, and that's how they can achieve their main goal of pillaging the entire world. Ebadi said this and went on to say the Zionist control France, and they appointed the U.S. president.

You know, Jews control about two percent of one percent of the world's population, nearly the smallest religious group on the planet. But according to this dumb Iranian leader, Jews are more evil than Satan. They're running the world. They're running the military and the political and cultural events across the world.

This is the government that Joe Biden wants them to promise us they won't blow up the world with the nuclear weapons they are building today. Dumb government, dumb quote, and certainly dumb policy by the United States to ever trust these people for anything.

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