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Will America Survive Past Democrat Control


Will Johnson: Hello, everybody, and welcome this Thursday, February 11, 2021. Wow, wow, wow. What an amazing time it is. Thank you for joining us this wonderful evening. But before we get started, please do me a huge favor, do me a huge favor.

If you have not already, get out your mobile device and send a text to 88202, and type in my name, WILL. When you do that, you get awesome information from American Truth Project. Information that you don't get anywhere else.

Information that will help you make your decisions on just day-to-day stuff around the world, and information you will be happy to receive. Again, text it to 88202, and just type in my name, WILL, and you'll get that information, and guess what?

It's free. It's 100% free. So, before we get started, Channon, what is the phone number? If someone wants to call in and talk with us about the craziness that we're seeing and we are talking about, will America survive past the Democrat control?

The Democrats, the ones who control and destroy America. So, what is that phone number if someone wants to call in? If someone wants to be brave enough to call in, and you know, I'm talking about those on the left, of course, but you know, it's open for everyone to call in.

Channon: Yeah, the number is 516-595-8069. Once again, 516-595-8069 and press 1 to get on the show with Will.

Channon: Will, they can't they hear me.

Will Johnson: They can't hear you? I'm not sure why they can't hear you?

Channon: Hello?

Will Johnson: Can you hear any of us? If they can hear me, they should be able to hear you. So, I'm not sure. Can you hear any of us is the question? I guess.

Channon: They can only hear you.

Will Johnson: They can only hear me?

Channon: Can you hear me now? Hello?

Will Johnson: Maybe, you are not speaking loud enough?

Channon:  I'm right up on the microphone. Can you hear me now, people? Hello?

Will Johnson: All right.

Channon: I just heard you far away.

Will Johnson: From far away?

Channon: Yes, it sounds far away. Hi, I don't want to talk loudly the whole time.

Will Johnson: Okay, how about that.

Channon: Still far. Hello, is this any better, our producer, Anni? Here we go. Perfect, I'm perfect now.

Will Johnson: You're perfect now. You are always perfect.

Channon: They hear me perfectly now.

Will Johnson: You are always perfect.

Channon: I don't know about that. But anyway.

Will Johnson: Actually, it's me. I'm the one that's not perfect.

Channon: Okay, Okay.

Will Johnson: We got it all worked out now.

Channon: So, listen, if you want to call, Will, I'm sorry you couldn't hear me before, but the number is 516-595-8069. Once again, 516-595-8069, and press 1 to get on the line to talk to Mr. Will Johnson. He likes to talk to people, give him a call.

Will Johnson: I do, I do. I really like the conversations, especially when the conversations are heated.

Channon: Heated?

Will Johnson: I like the heated conversations because that's what it's about, I mean, I can talk to people all day, and we can have conversations where we can agree with one another, and that's fine. But I like the conversations when people don't agree with my point of view or just anything, they disagree with on the topics we're talking about.

So, Channon, the hottest thing on the topic list, I guess you could say, is this whole impeachment sham. This impeachment sham what they're doing to the country is a disgrace. This is the second time they have put the country through this, and both times they did it off of a lie.

Channon: Yeah. You know what? Today the Dems are wrapping up their arguments, and I'll tell you what it is. It's disgusting. I mean, I'm listening to this and of course, you know, they're not only inciting or saying that the speech that Trump gave on January 6th is the only moment that he incited violence.

They're saying that it wasn't just that day. It was actually a cumulative amount of circumstances or things that he said over the past year or so that incited the violence in that one moment, which we know quite honestly is not true. Right?

Will Johnson: Ah-huh.

Channon: I mean ...

Will Johnson: The only reason why they're doing it now is that they see that, okay, well, we can't just say it was because of January 6th, because it's not sticking. Because the American people know that President Trump never said, they can't even produce anything of what President Trump told people.

President Trump told people to not be violent on January 6th; they can't produce anything. They allude to it. They will do the same thing Adam Schiff did where he said that he was doing a parody on President Trump's transcript about Ukraine.

Like when he was reading the transcript, nothing Adam Schiff was reading was actually in the transcript. He lied to Congress, he lied to the American people, and then he said, “Oh, I was just doing a parody.” This whole impeachment sham that they're doing when they're standing on the floor.

They're doing a parody about President Trump's tweet. When President Trump said go home and be peaceful, they did a parody on that. They said President Trump didn't say peaceful. I mean, it's like, they show the truth, and then they lie. Then they are expecting all of us to believe the lie. These are grown adults acting like straight-up children.

Channon: Right. Well, let me ask you a question, Will.

Will Johnson:  I don't know if I have any answers, but we can try.

Channon: Okay, so Trump leading up to January 6th, told Americans to get to Washington, D.C. Right?

Will Johnson: Un-huh, Un-huh.

Channon: So, you are one of those people that heard his statement, and so you wanted to go to Washington, D.C., which you did. In any of his statements, did you get the message that he meant to show up and be violent?

Will Johnson: No, not at all.

Channon: Because they're trying to sell this as when Trump said to get there, he was telling the people to be violent. They even had witnesses. There's this one lady from Texas, of all places, that said that he asked us to be here so I would do what he asked me to do.

Well, lady, at no point can you show where he asked anybody to break down the doors and windows of the Capitol and try to get into the hearing. What were they doing again? Certifying the election? Oh my gosh, I'm sorry.

Will Johnson: You know what it is?

Channon: No one forgets what they were doing.

Will Johnson: I mean, you know what it is? No one actually believed that they’d certify this man. That's where that's coming from; no one believes it except those who want to believe a lie. Other than that, no one believes it.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: But you know what? Let me say this. There were many people that wanted President Trump to say, get them. You know that. I can't tell you; I've talked to a few people that were there wanting President Trump to say, get these tyrants, but President Trump never did that. People wanted it.

I can't tell you if I did the numbers on it, between males and females, you know, the only two genders on the planet. If I did the numbers, I would say 90% of the women wanted President Trump to say, get these tyrants. But President Trump never said that. The Democrats are acting like that was what President Trump did. He never did that. It never came about.

Channon: Right. So, let me ask you this. You had Oregon, Portland, Oregon. You had Seattle, and you had Chicago, you even had Washington, D.C., and Michigan, where they've had these constant riots happening in their downtown areas, and Dems have not condemned these actions.

So, in a sense, because they haven't condemned them, because this is what they're doing to Trump. They're saying because Trump didn't come out and condemn everybody for doing wrongdoings, he essentially is responsible for them doing these acts. So, we can almost say that all these Democrats, Schumer, Pelosi...

Will Johnson: Adler...

Channon: Schiff...

Will Johnson: Kamala Harris, Biden...

Channon: The Governors of these states. They're responsible, then, for calling these people peaceful protesters for basically making it an opportunity for them to riot in these cities where, let me tell you what, people have lost their lives. Right?

We've had police officers that were shot at point-blank range. Right? I didn't hear a single one of these Governors or a single one of these Democrats come out and say, no, we can't do that, people. Instead, you have people like Kamala Harris actually paying for the bill.

You have her saying that this is going to continue on, and guess what? It's their obligation to continue on. So, they're creating violence, and she is saying they need to continue on. Right?

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: What is that?

Will Johnson: Wait a minute. Think about that when you say that they need to continue on.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Even in these videos, which I'm just waiting for the fact-checkers to come along and say that she never said that. Where she actually called for people…

Channon: Oh, that's already out there.

Will Johnson: She called for people to come after the election. She called for Antifa and BLM to continue down the path of being violent.

Channon: And this is our Vice President.

Will Johnson: Maybe yours.

Channon: You know what I am saying.

Will Johnson: Maybe yours.

Channon: In the eyes of, anyways…

Will Johnson: Maybe yours.

Channon: They're so hypocritical currently…

Will Johnson: Maybe yours. I don't claim it.

Channon: Currently. Uh-hum.

Will Johnson: Currently, Un-hum.

Channon: I'm sorry, our producer was sending me messages, but there's currently a Democrat; he was a former CIA agent. His name is Bryan Dean Wright. He's been a lifelong Democrat, and he says he hates how the party has become.

He hates how the Democrat Party has become. Right?  So, he writes this letter basically saying that he's watched with increasing alarm as our own political leaders and activists, he is talking about Nancy Pelosi, media outlets like MSNBC, have used the endless stream of hateful, violent, and ultimately un-American rhetoric that has resulted in billions of dollars in economic damage.

We know they've cleared out small businesses and some of these cities and given birth to a violent national movement. That is what the Democrats have done. So, let me tell you something, in a sense. In a sense, you can almost say that the Democrats were responsible for what happened at the Capitol that day because they have condoned this rhetoric for so many years.

We're talking about four years. So, in a sense, it gave some Republicans, but I'm not saying it's right, and by the way, it wasn't just Republicans that ran into that Capitol building. There were also extreme leftists that did it. It almost empowers them to feel like, hey, they're doing it on a weekly basis. We are not even talking about one instance.

We're talking about weekly, monthly, yearly basis. So, it's created this, you know, empowerment of, okay, they're doing it, they've said it's peaceful protests. We're going to do it too. Do you know what I'm saying? I can make that argument. I think I need to be a lawyer.

Will Johnson: Well, you know what? The crazy thing here is that you have multiple people that are completely ignoring the truth—completely ignoring the truth. You can see the truth is out there. You can see it there so; do you know what? Do you know what is amazing to me, Channon?

Channon: What?

Will Johnson: Is that in this hearing, they're showing people the truth, and then they turn around and lie about it. So, then they can say, well, we're representing the truth.

Channon: Oh, yeah.

Will Johnson: A prime example; President Trump put a tweet out there when he told people to be peaceful, go home, be peaceful. Then when he says fight like hell, he's saying, like, people fighting when they go to protest something peacefully, that's fighting.

That's a form of fighting because you want to fight against the tyranny, they're putting on to us. Never, not a single time did President Trump ever say go out and be violent towards anyone. President Trump is constantly saying that we are the party of law and order because President Trump has been saying that they're trying to twist it.

Then on top of that, the Democrats and the entire left are trying to act like now, all of a sudden, they are in support of police officers. Then they try to allude that what happened on January 6th was because of the result of President Trump and the insurrection act, which is a total lie, another lie, and another lie.

They constantly tell all of these lies, trying to get everyone to believe the lies. Then they bring lies up in different variations. I mean, seriously, I was sitting here watching it. Day one, when I first started watching, I was watching it on Right Side Broadcasting, and they had like 47,000 people watching it.

Then the numbers just started going down because all they were doing was lying, lying, lying, and then telling another lie to try to make the other lie look good. The following day, the numbers were cut half. It was probably around 17,000.

Channon: That is because people see the lies.

Will Johnson: Then today I'm sitting there watching, and there were less than 2,000 people watching it because all they are doing is telling different variations of the same lie. Now on top of it, you alluded to earlier, and all they're doing now is trying to make it look like President Trump has been doing this for the past six months, for the past four years, trying to cause violence.

Regardless of all of the leftists calling for violence against Trump supporters. Regardless that Trump supporters walking down the street wearing a Trump hat are getting attacked. It never happened to a Kamala Harris / Biden person wearing a hat or t-shirt paraphernalia, bumper sticker saying Biden / Harris, or even Bader or anything like that. It never happens to them.

But you have anything showing President Trump, showing pro-America, you're liable to get your tires slashed, you’re liable to get the windows busted out, you're liable to get your home vandalized, you're liable to lose your life simply because of that. But it never happens the other way. They ignore that 100%.

Channon: Yes, they do. Okay, we got our friend Roger from California. Roger, what do you got to say? A quick comment.

Will Johnson: Thanks for calling, Roger.

Roger: Hey, thanks, guys, for having me. You know, Will that comment about viewership makes sense. If you go to a circus, and I'm going to use this analogy, if you go to the same circus for four years and watch the same clown doing the same trick, the same juggle, you will lose interest as well.

The way these guys are carrying themselves, we've been there and done that, hearing these lies for the last three, four years it's in one ear out the other. The other thing that's appalling is that a lot of them are trying to, in the process, denounce that election fraud did not occur at a high level.

Will Johnson: You think it's a simple narrative?

Roger: You know, I disagree, guys. I think they're trying to feed the narrative that this was a clean election, and it's, by far, it is not. It is definitely not.

Will Johnson: You know why they're doing that, right?

Roger: You know, ah-huh.

Will Johnson: You know why they're doing that, right? I will just tell you. They're doing that because they've already started the process of putting legislation so that the federal government can control the elections from here on out. They are saying that they want to do it so, that way we can make sure that we always have an open, free, and fair election.

Channon: Yeah, it's interesting that you say that Roger, because I don't know if you've heard, but Senator Warnock, you know, the one out of Georgia, he is now being investigated for voter registration misconduct.

Roger: Ah-huh

Channon: So, he was using this system that was in this group founded by Stacey Abrams, which is under investigation now. These people did not want the same election policies that were used for the Presidential election to be used for the Senator's election.

Why do you think that is? Because they knew it was broken. Right? They knew that it could be altered or changed. Now he is under investigation for misconduct. I don't know if you know this either, but Trump has won two-thirds of his lawsuit over the election in different states.

Roger: Yes.

Channon: So, to say it was a clean election. It is wrong.

Roger: They don't cover that in the media. I agree with you, and the other thing is, I wanted to bring this up. The last nine months of all this rioting and looting going on in every city. Who was acting sophisticated and dignified?

Usually, of course, the conservatives. Who was just sitting quietly, observing? Even the President, of course, called out the Governor, saying, “Hey, they need to do their part.” But for the most part, he didn't do anything actionable where he was belligerent in any circumstance.

When it came to this one event, which was just one day, it was exaggerated beyond belief. His words were taken out of proportion. I've been following this guy for a long time. Way before he was the President.

I used to live in New Jersey. I went to Atlantic City. I went to the Trump Tower. I'm a big fan of his, and he's a sincere person. He's not the violent type. Yes, he wants to get things done, and he's passionate.

But there's a difference between that and violence and inciting violence. That's what they're trying to paint this picture as. He is not that person. Trust me on that. I think a lot of folks realize that he's a patriot.

Channon: Yeah. I want to ask you one question before we let you go. So, there's a new poll that came out on Epic Times, and it says 70% of Republicans would consider joining a Trump-led party. How do you feel about that? Would you go to the Trump-led party? So, basically saying, leave the traditional Republican.

Will Johnson: Leave the GOP.

Channon: What are your thoughts on that?

Roger: Seeing these rhinos, like from Utah, Romney, and all these other folks that backstabbed him, I feel like I would be more prone to go and join a new organization that is strictly for Americans. I truly feel a lot of them are sellouts to the Chinese.

Now, the other thing was, I wouldn't if it does hurt the party for the short term, where the elections for 2024, for example, if that hurts us because we're basically dividing it in half then that's not a strong and strategic way of doing it.

Channon: Sure.

Roger: But of course, things may have to be done for the long term. We may not even see the remnants of this being positive for another decade or so. Who knows? I hope that it is faster than that. But I would totally join. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I would. You know why?

Will Johnson: Why? Real quick.

Roger: Real quick. The reason why I think so is that I feel like no one else is hearing us. We're being ignored, and that's about it.

Channon: Yeah. Our own GOP is not listening to us.

Will Johnson: We no longer have any representation.

Channon: Yeah, I agree.

Roger: Exactly.

Channon: Awesome.

Will Johnson: Hey, thanks for the call.

Channon: Yeah. Thanks, Roger.

Roger: Thank you, guys.

Channon: All right. Next, we have Scott from Maryland. Scott, what do you got for Will?

Will Johnson: Hey, Scott.

Scott: Hey guys. How are you doing? Will, sorry to disappoint you. I'm not going to argue with you.

Will Johnson: Aww, you know what? When I do my nightly broadcast, let me just say this, when I do my nightly broadcast, sometimes I say, let me just get those who disagree with me to call in, and every now and then, I get a few to be brave enough to call in.

I really like those conversations. But people are watching. They can't stand to hear these people just blatantly lie. But anyway, what do you have for us?

Scott: You've got to do that. So, first and foremost, I feel bad for Kamala Harris. This is going to sound weird, but I feel bad because she's the first female Vice President, but she can't claim it because her party doesn't recognize sexes. So…

Channon: It is they, them, and is. That's funny.

Will Johnson: That's very good.

Scott: I was there on the 6th, and I waited. My family and I went to the rally. We waited, and we watched all the pre, you know, people come out to talk and pump us up. We waited an hour and five minutes for the President to come out, beyond what he was supposed to show up at 11 o'clock. I will tell you the reason why I believe he came out at 12:05 rather than 11:00 was to hold us back.

To hold people back so, that didn't get into the pre-planned thing. I know everyone that wants to balk against us says that the fact of the matter, oh, yeah, you want to say it's pre-planned, you're a conspiracy theorist. Well, let me tell you this.

There's plenty of statehouses that were attacked by BLM, by Antifa, whoever you want to name them as. You can just say radicals. They held up against it. But the capital of the United States of America, with all the police forces in, you know, I used to work in D.C.

There are so many police forces in the city; it's like you weren't prepared for this? I was there. I didn't go into the capital. I'm not to that point. But I was pretty close. When you put up paper fences and put up these bike fences that you want people to move along, keep them out of traffic when you're at sporting events and things like that.

You're going to tell me that's what you had set up. But then when Biden comes into office, you have steel gate, you have the wall built up, which is racist, by the way. So, Biden, I don't know why you put walls up around the Capital because that's a racist thing, apparently.

It's amazing to me that, I'm sorry, but this day, January 6th, was not a surprise. You know, 100s of thousands of people didn't show up to D.C. as a surprise. They were like, oh, my goodness, let's put up some blank fences and block this. This is a prepared thing. It was a peaceful protest, and people were walking the streets.

The group literally after President Trump spoke, people walking down the streets were laughing, and they were cheering. They were singing songs that were holding flags, United States flags. They were holding Trump flags walking down the streets. There was no one pulling out guns.

There was no one pulling out the weapons that were handed through the windows of the Capitol building to them so they could do what they needed to do. It's amazing to me. My family and I honestly got out of there when it started going down. You know you started to hear the police. You started seeing a bunch of action.

It wasn't something we were a part of, and the thing that angers me the most is that there are radicals on every end. Whether you want to say, oh, it was the far left that was pre-planning it, whether you want to say, I'm certain that people that weren't intending on getting involved in this got caught up in that. Right?

Channon: Yeah.

Scott:  I'm a law-abiding citizen, and I'm not going to storm the Capitol. I'm not going to go into the building.

Channon: Exactly.

Scott: People started going in there, and I'm like, hey, sorry, not my gig. That's against the law.

Channon: Right.

Scott: I've had a fight with my brother. My brother, who was Michael Keaton of, you know, he's the reason I became Republican, and now he is kind of flipped. He said to me, “You follow these radicals? Do you believe in the people that stormed the Capitol and did all this?”

I said, “No, I don't.” I said, “There are radicals on every side of the fence.” I said, “I condemn that. But I also condemn the people that tortured and held Seattle hostage and all these riots across the country.” I don't care who you are. I don't care what you stand for.

Will Johnson: So, let me ask you this, what does he say about Antifa and BLM constantly out in the streets? Even today. There was an article we were looking at in Portland where they were attacking a police department. Is he even aware of any of that?

Channon: Yeah, rioters are trying to break into the Portland Police Association.

Will Johnson:  Yeah. So, is he even aware of any of that? And what does he think about all of that?

Scott: I think it's the ideology, honestly. With good ones so far left, with the media. I can't watch the media and do not think it's a parody anymore. It's not a funny parody.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Scott: It's horrible. I think when a President comes into the United States office, and he has written more executive orders than the former three in a row combined in their four years or eight years. I think some people are waking up to it.

But I'm not sure we have control over it to be able to change it. The fact of the matter is, another thing, I will make one point because I know you have other callers. The fact of the matter is, why impeach? Why impeach Trump again? It's a joke. Regardless, we agree on that. But why impeach him again?

Will Johnson: Yeah, well, we know why they want to do it.

Scott: Yeah, we know what they want because they're scared. Right?

Will Johnson: I mean, we know why they wanted to impeach him again. Because they're afraid of him standing up for the American people.

Scott: They're afraid.

Channon: They're afraid of him running 2024.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Scott: Exactly.

Channon: In all honesty, they knew that he has the numbers to win it. If they didn't know he had the numbers to win, he wouldn't be such a threat. Right?

Scott: Right.

Channon: But of course, they know he does.

Scott: That's got to wake some people up. Right?

Channon: It's not about a few extremists. It's about half of the country that can vote that supports Trump. That they're more afraid of focusing on the few that were dumb and, you know, made some poor judgments on January 6th.

As you said, we know it wasn't just the right; it was also left. In fact, even the Capitol Police officer wrote a letter to Nancy Pelosi saying, “Listen, they knew something was probably going to happen.” There were pre-planned things happening. It wasn't simply because Trump said, “Oh, go peacefully protest.”

Which is, I think, why they changed the argument from just that single speech to accumulative things that happened over a couple of years. But you're feeling like a lot of people in this country. The question is, is where do we go from here? How do we get out of the mess that the Democrats have now put us in?

Scott: That's my biggest fear.

Channon: Quite frankly, and some Republicans.

Scott: Well, my biggest fear is because of the election that we just saw. I can't imagine that somebody with any level of intelligence can't say,

Will Johnson: Uh-hum

Scott: You can sit there and say, oh, there was no fraud, not that there was no fraud, but there was something wrong, the fact that they didn't investigate that, the fact that the Supreme Court, why, let's not even have them.

The one job you have is to defend the Constitution. That's it, that's what you're supposed to do. You can kick out the, you know, hey, Scott, he’s an idiot. He wants to come in and have some case about, whatever. But when it comes to voting.

Will Johnson: But, you know, Scott, you know what? That's exactly what's happening here. They're impeaching President Trump; they're like because we can. Not because he's actually done anything wrong. It is simply because we can.

We're going to go through the process because I don't know if you noticed it on the first day of the second 2.0 of impeachment sham. They were all sitting there arguing. The Democrats were arguing the fact that they are able to file impeachment.

They're able to do it in the Senate. They were coming at it at that point. They said that they're going based on the Constitution, but they're doing it for fraudulent reasons.

No one is arguing the fact that they can do an impeachment. But when you are doing it for fraudulent reasons, there should be something in place to stop it. You know.

Channon: They didn't give Trump due process number one. So, when you say that they can impeach the President, there's a process. They completely circumvented that process so that they can impeach him.

They don't care about the Constitution, they don’t care about our laws, and the frustrating part is the Republicans have let them get away with it. They even side with them in certain circumstances. I don't understand. I don't understand.

Scott: Yeah, I agree, and your last question, Channon, about the last caller, about would you join a Trump party?

Channon: Yeah, I was just going to ask you.

Scott: The saddest part of it is that we've been betrayed, certainly by the Republican Party. You don't lose at the top of the card and win all the way down to the bottom. It doesn't happen.

That just doesn't happen. So, they rode his coattails. They got in there, and they said, yes, sir, yes, sir, we got this. We're going to do this. Then they folded like a box of cards, and they are, all of them, they're all the same.

Will Johnson: They stabbed him in the back.

Scott: Absolutely. So, what I mean, it just doesn't happen. They do enough to push them. They pushed all these guys over the top. All these, you know, bureaucrats paid off.

Will Johnson: They sure did, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham.

Channon: He went out there and actually campaigned for some people.

Will Johnson: He even campaigned for Mitt Romney.

Scott: Yeah.

Will Johnson: He campaigned for these people, and he spoke up for all of the Republicans that were running. He spoke for all of them. To my understanding, he even did it for Liz Cheney one point.

Channon: I don't remember.

Will Johnson: He spoke up for all of them that were running against the Democrats. They literally stabbed, in my opinion, they literally stabbed the greatest President in our lifetime, in the back.

Scott: Look what they did in the House. I can't believe Nancy still is the speaker of the House after what happened. It was supposed to be a landslide in the House, and they won seats.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Scott: Which was loose seats, and we won seats. Yet, the President doesn't win? The guy that doesn't even know what planet he is on is the President and got more votes than Obama? Hey, I'm going to admit this. The first time Obama ran, I thought, man, here is some change. I voted for him the first time.

Channon: Yeah, a lot of people did, including Will.

Scott: I bought into the lie. So, don't give me this guy beat Obama. Come on, man.

Will Johnson: I know.

Channon: Yeah, come on, man. Will, where's your button? Come on, man.

Will Johnson: Absolutely.

Scott: Come on, man. Thank you, guys.

Will Johnson: Thanks for the call. Absolutely.

Channon: Thanks, Scott. Have a good one.

Will Johnson: Appreciate it.

Channon: Yeah. Interestingly, you bring up the House lost so many seats to Republicans.

Will Johnson: Ah-huh

Channon: Guess what? Now House Republicans are targeting 47 vulnerable Democratic seats so they can win back the majority in 2022, and Trump spoke about this. Trump said that there are a few things that he's focusing on from his new office of 45. Which, I really love that.

I love the office of 45. I think that's so amazing that he's done that. He said he's going to target one election. He's going to work with the legislators in the state to make sure that we have Democratic elections once again.

So, that's one of his missions. The other mission is to take back the majority in the House in 2022. I think that 2021 is going to be just crazy. I think we're going to be fighting for our country.

Will Johnson: This year?

Channon: We're fighting still.

Will Johnson: It is 2021 now.

Channon: I think next year when they have these elections, I don't know what it is going to be like.

Will Johnson: For 2022? Yeah, coming to come close to November 2022. That's just permitting that we're going to even make it that far.

Because right now, they're working as hard as they can to try to make sure that we don't have open and fair elections. They like to say that's their goal. They like to say that's their agenda, but they're doing just the opposite.

Channon: Yeah. Hey, guess what Will? Biden had a phone call with the Chinese President yesterday, and you know what he said?

Will Johnson: What did he say?

Channon: He said that he knows him very well because they've had such a long relationship with him as Vice President and stuff.

Will Johnson: So, if he said that he knows the Chinese leader very well and if President Trump says anything, well.

Channon: Everyone's like, oh, my gosh, he's trying to be Putin's friend, remember that?

Will Johnson: The whole idea for leaders to...

Channon: Have a relationship.

Will Johnson: To have a relationship and get along. Not try to go to war with one another. I am going to make a prediction here.

Channon: You are?

Will Johnson: I think within two years, the United States of America is going to get into another conflict. There's going to be another war because the Democrats are all about helping out the war machine, having more conflict.

It is not going to stop. President Trump did not take us into a single war, even though they tried multiple times. They tried to take us into war, and it never happened. It never happened.

Channon: Because he was diplomatic, right, but I think they were afraid of him. I think they were afraid of Trump. They knew how powerful he was. How strategic he was. He was a very smart President. Let me tell you what.

You don't make the other world leaders fearful of you and respect you because you're not smart. Let me tell you what. I think Joe Biden, I don't know. I have no faith in him. I'm sorry. I don't see him being able to handle strong leaders like Putin and the Chinese President. I just don't see it.

Will Johnson: The thing is that Biden is being pulled by strings. Biden is being controlled. Biden is being told what to sign. Biden is being told what to say. Biden is being told where to go. Biden is being told what to do. Biden is being controlled, and we all see the strings.

We all see the strings on the puppet. If you ever wanted to know what a puppet looks like, look no further than Biden. I wouldn't be surprised if Kamala Harris is pulling those strings. She's pulling them. I love the fact that the caller called in and said that it's pretty sad.

She's not even being recognized as a woman. Right? The first woman, V.P. If you want to call it that. I don't recognize her like that. That's my right to do so. But the Democrats don't even recognize her either as a woman. The women, under this administration with Biden, if you want to call it that.

They no longer show any recognition of women. Look no further than athletes. If you have a grown man or just a man, period, compete against women and women's scholarships. There's no representation for women. It is just completely gone.

Channon: Yeah. It's pretty sad.

Will Johnson: It's 100% sad.

Channon: Yeah, so I guess the Dems just wrapped up their argument, and they ended with just one simple message. That is, we must convict President Trump for inciting violence. I want to know what's going to happen if they were to convict Trump.

They've now set the standard. What's going to happen to all those other Democrats, which we have a long list of who have also incited and supported riots in their states and cities. I think that they should be then removed as well if this is the standard that they're creating.

Don't you? I mean, if we were to hold them accountable by the same standards that they want to hold Republicans by or people from across the aisle, none of them would even be there. In fact, there would be more of them gone than conservatives.

Is crazy how these Democrats are. I even see sometimes on Facebook posts, like today, somebody had a Facebook post out there, and I see the Democrats watching the election. They're like, do you not see what a terrible America we have?

All the racial injustice that we have in America? Are you not seeing the hate that was driven by Trump and Trump supporters? I'm sitting here going, okay now, obviously, this is another woman that's been won over by the lies. I wonder if she's even going to listen to the Trump attorney's arguments.

Will Johnson: Do you think they're going to listen?

Channon: I don't think they are. I don't think they care. I don't think they care.

Will Johnson: No.

Channon: I don’t think that people really care. I honestly do not think that a single person in the chamber that gets to vote is going to change their mind. From the minute they walked in there before the hearing and the minute they walk out.

Will Johnson: This is just a show. It's a circus.

Channon: It is.

Will Johnson: That's all it is. This is a circus.

Channon: I think that everybody already has their mind made up.

Will Johnson: You know what? They're putting on the circus so that the American people will be; this is them putting on a circus, trying to convince the American people that they are doing the right thing. Like they are going through the right process.

Channon: But they're not.

Will Johnson: We know that they're not.

Channon: Yeah, yeah.

Will Johnson: They're so disconnected from reality that they believe that the American people are buying into it. Most people that have any kind of thought process left; they're not buying into it. That's why the viewership for it is way down.

As I said, they're telling the same lie over and over, just with different variations. Now they are tacking on stuff that he said in the past that wasn't even considered violent. It never was violent.

They never talk about it. I bring it up all the time, Antifa and BLM. It's the same thing. But you know what? Anni, our producer, sent this. This is about Iran. Do you remember when Obama and Dave sent $1.8 billion to Iran?

Channon: Cash.

Will Johnson: On pallets, in exchange for hostages. This is directly funding a terrorist organization against Jewish people, against the Israelis, the people in Israel. This is their funding. This is the same thing that the Democrats have been doing.

The Democrats all along have been pushing this stuff against the Jewish people. You know why? Because in the Middle East, the Democrats have always hated the Jewish people. They've always hated them, but they come across as trying to act as they like them and love them.

What is crazy, Biden opened up travel from these countries that are saying death to America and death to Israel. So, Biden, opened up all of that to them to come into our country. Make it a pathway. Are we supposed to be okay with it?

I met a lot of people when I was in New York that were Jewish, and I asked them a lot of questions. They didn't like Biden because they saw Biden was bringing in communism. They saw that Biden was supporting this whole regime against the Jewish people, and they kept buying into it.

Now, it looks like that because they're sending troops over to, in my understanding, Saudi Arabia and different other places in the Middle East. It looks like the conflict is already getting built up. It looks like we're going to go into conflict before the summer. In my opinion, as I said, within the next two years, we're going to be in a conflict.

Channon: Absolutely, I agree.

Will Johnson: So, let me ask you this and anyone who's listening. This impeachment sham that is taking place right now, do you think that they're eventually going to s

top? To my understanding, they will take a vote on it tomorrow. I think tomorrow is like the last day of it. It's like impeachment 2.0, fast track again. Basically, that's going to destroy the country. Let me revert the question like this? What do you think is their ultimate goal? Other than trying to make sure that President Trump can no longer run for office?

Channon: To eliminate conservative voice, period.

Will Johnson: Eliminate the conservative voice, eliminate free speech, and eliminate our freedoms?

Channon: They couldn't agree on a budget. First, the Democrats seemed like they were okay with giving Americans $2,000, now in the Senate, since Trump is out of there, and they're like, no, we agree to $1,400.

What's the point? I don't know. Yet they're willing to give billions, billions to South America, to the Middle East, and all these other countries other than you Americans.

This is a Democrat, and because Republicans are standing in the way, they went around them and got a budget approved where they didn't have to have the GOP approval to get their package approved. Is that not ridiculous?

So, they are circumventing the two-party system. Guess what? When you circumvent the two-party system, what are you doing? That's what communism is. It's a one-party system. It's you obey us, you comply, or you're a problem.

Will Johnson: Uh-huh.

Channon: That's what they're doing right now in the Democrat-controlled government.

Will Johnson: You're right. It is a Democrat-controlled government because they stole the House, in my opinion. They re-stole the House, and they stole the Senate. We all saw that, and of course, they stole the Presidency.

Are we supposed to ignore the thousands of affidavits that they had? Are we supposed to ignore all of the evidence that was presented to the American people? Are we supposed to ignore the videos that we saw with them throwing ballots away?

With them bringing out suitcases and crates of extra ballots? Are we supposed to ignore the fact that each one of these states automatically had a blackout?

During the blackout, votes were brought in. Then on the other side of the blackout, Biden was the ahead. Before the blackout, Biden was down. After the blackout, Biden was up. So, are we a nation that is that dumb enough to go along with this?

Do they believe that we're going to go along with this? I mean, obviously, as of right now, they've been successful. Why have they been successful? Because the law enforcement in this nation hasn't done a single thing about it.

How is it that people that go through years and years of education, and years and years of training in law enforcement, FBI, CIA, DOJ, etc.? How is it that we see all this information, but they don't? I've been asking this question of a lot of people.

Where are the good guys? Are there any good guys out there any longer? The good guys in law enforcement, where are they? You mean to tell me not a single person in the FBI is looking at this evidence and looking at the information like there's nothing there because you have Attorney General Barr, which was a total insider, a total joke, a total rhino, a total swamp monster, or swamp creature.

However, you want to look at it. Completely go out in front, on the national scene, and lie to the American people saying that there's not enough here. If you have someone break the law in one state, then you show up in another state where someone broke the law.

If you don't even investigate that the law that was broken in the state and you see it happened in another state. You sit there and turn around and say that it was not widespread. That means you're not doing your job. That means you're not even investigating. If someone commits a crime, you are supposed to investigate.

If you find out in your investigation that it didn't go any further, then okay, but at least do the investigation on it. They didn't even do that. Or if they did, that is kind of like, okay, look at a piece of paper, say, okay, we did our investigation there is nothing here. It's sickening, and it's disgusting.

They're turning our nation into Venezuela. The same thing that happened to Venezuela is the same thing that's happening here. Then all of a sudden when people finally get fed up because they're losing their jobs because they're losing their livelihood because they're losing their homes. They have nothing else.

People's backs are to the wall. Then they start fighting. What's going to happen? You're going to have the military personnel that they're vetting to make sure that no one supports the Constitution because that's what they're doing.

They're running to remove military personnel that are in love with our country, which supports the Constitution. They want to remove those people out of the way. That way, the people that want to implement the tyranny onto the rest of us would have them there in place to do that very thing.

I've also heard reports where they said they want to bring in the whole China regime through the UN with these blue hats to control the people in the United States of America. If you see one blue hat marching around the United States of America, I think we would have an all-out conflict, in my opinion.

Channon: Yeah, it's interesting. This is breaking news just popped up on Epic Times. It says U.S. allies snub Biden's plan to counter China. So, President Joe Biden has promised that he would elevate diplomacy and seek a more coordinated approach with U.S. allies to address challenges posed by China.

So, his strategy is to unite friendly nations, to pressure Beijing. However, it faces risks, as partners like Germany and France have already signaled that they are not on the same page as Biden. French President Macron last week pushed back against the idea of building a block against China, calling it counterproductive.

He said the scenario is of the highest possible conflict totality. He said this one for me is counterproductive because it will push China to increase its regional strategy. Even Merkel said I would very much wish to avoid the building of blocks.

I don't think it would do justice to many societies if we were to say that the United States, and over there in China, and we are grouping around either the one or the other. This is not my understanding of how things ought to be.

You know, ever since Biden has gotten in there. I don't understand what his foreign strategy is. Right? I mean, Canada has come out against him. France has come out against him. Germany has come out against him.

Will Johnson: You were expecting him to understand him?

Anni Cyrus: Hi, everybody, Anni Cyrus here. I don't know what happened, but their call dropped. They will be back in a minute or seconds. I am messaging them right now. Just don't go anywhere. There we go. Okay, their back calling in. Are you guys there?

Will Johnson: Hey, yeah, we're here. I guess China must have heard us talking.

Anni Cyrus: I know your call just dropped.

Channon: All right, well, I'm sorry, people, but we're back. What we're talking about, what we were talking about, Will?

Will Johnson: Biden.

Channon: Oh yeah, Biden and his foreign policy. I don't think he knows what he's doing, as far as his foreign policy. I don't know who's advising him. Maybe it's Obama.

I don't know because Obama was pretty weak with world leaders. I feel that Biden is just confusing these global leaders, like, what is he doing? What is his plan? What is his long-term plan? They are not on his side. They do not agree with him.

So, I don't know. It's not in a positive way. Right? Like Trump had an overall plan, he knew what his end game was. I don't know if Biden knows what his end game is.

Channon:  What does Biden know.

Will Johnson: I don't think Biden knows anything.

Channon: He knows ‘you ain't black if you didn't vote for him.’

Will Johnson: Okay, Okay, Okay, I stand corrected. That's the one thing he knows. “If I have a hard time deciding to vote for him or Trump, then I ain't black.”

Channon: Ooooh.

Will Johnson: You know what?  So, you know what? Speaking about complexion, I never wake up in the morning thinking about what my complexion is. I don't wake up feeling black. I wake up feeling like Will Johnson.

I wake up feeling like the country is in such a bad situation that I need to do more. That's how I wake up. That's how I feel. These people disregard anything when it comes to law and order; it should be a wake-up call to everybody.

You know what? There is an article, we have an article on our website where Democrats are starting to wake up. Because the Democrats are like, yes, yes, we need to impeach them. But then they're like looking at this, not every Democrat is completely naive. Not every Democrat has lost. The only thing is that they're not being exposed to the truth.

They're not being exposed to it. But a lot of people are starting to recognize it.  I think, and I'm hoping that with them doing this impeachment sham 2.0, that more Democrats will finally realize that the Democrat Party is not the party for the people.

It makes me think about when Tulsi Gabbard was on stage, and she blatantly said that the Democrat Party is no longer the people's party. It's no longer for "We the People." They have left "We the People" behind. She said that and after she said that on the debate stage, they made sure that she would never step foot again onto a debate stage because they were done with her because she told the truth.

They kind of did the same thing to Elizabeth Warren because Elizabeth Warren even came out, which kind of surprised me. Where she said that the Democrat Party only comes around to black people every two to four years and puts all these promises out there for black people, and then they don't keep the promises that they say.

Then they disappear, then they come around another two to four years again and say, hey, we need your vote. For the life of me, I don't get it. But black people constantly hear this nonsense, and then they constantly go back and vote for the Democrat Party.

They're not privy to the truth. They are not privy to the information. It is being held back from them. The mainstream media, the big tech companies, none of them relaying this information to them. It's very, very, very bad if I can say it that way.

Channon: Very, very, very bad.

Will Johnson: Very, very, very bad.

Channon: That's how Trump would say it. Very, very, bad.

Will Johnson: It's very, very, very bad.

Channon: That's not very good. Yeah.

Will Johnson: Very, very, very bad.

Channon: Yeah. If you guys want to go to UniteAmericaFirst.com, you'll see the article that Will was talking about; it's about a former CIA agent who said he is leaving the Democrat Party. There was also a Georgia legislator that left the Democrat Party as well. Who is that Will? Vernon ...

Will Johnson: Vernon Jones.

Channon: Vernon Jones left the Democrat too.

Will Johnson: Democrats across the nation...

Channon: In fact, he says, he is turned Republican now. He said I think he identified as Republican.

Will Johnson: I think he's a registered Republican.

Channon: I think he wants to run for President.

Will Johnson: You know what? Vernon Jones woke up. He woke up. What was amazing he could have been just like, you know what, I'm just going to go this route, just a little bit. But after he woke up, they started attacking him.

Channon: Yep.

Will Johnson: I mean, verbally abused, physically abused.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: It was amazing. You know what? Every time the Democrats do that, all it does is the person that woke up just a little bit, then they said, hey, this is not right, and then they start getting attacked. Then all it does is wake them up even more.

Then they realize that the Democrat Party is not for them or anybody in this nation. Regardless of your complexion or your sex. Either one they don't care about either one.

Channon: I know they don't. They don't. They don't.

Will Johnson: They don't. Nothing. Nada, zero, zip.

Channon: All right, everybody, before we go, pick up your cell phone. Type in WILL and text it to 88202, so you can stay updated on American Truth Project, any of their live streams, and news. Also, we look forward to seeing you next week. Let's pray for our country.

Will Johnson: Yep, next Thursday. Next Thursday, same time, 4:00 pm Central, 5:00 pm Eastern Time. Again, 5:00 pm Eastern Time, 4:00 Central. We'll see you next week. God Bless.

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