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Tyrant Democrats Aim to Seize Total Control


Will Johnson: Hello, everybody, it's Will Johnson UniteAmericaFirst.com. Thank you for joining us this February 4th, 2021. January is already gone. January has come and gone already, and the craziness is only increasing more. In-studio with me is Channon, my producer. I want to thank Anni for starting us off, for kicking off here.

So, Channon, if someone wants to give us a call and tell us what they think about the subjects that we are talking about, of course, we are going to talk about Marjorie Green. We are going to talk about what China is doing, and we are going to talk about the Democrats controlling the Republican Party. But if someone wants to call us and tell us their opinion about what we are talking about, what would that number be?

Channon: The number is 516-595-8069, and press one to come on live with us. Once again, it is 516-595-8069, and welcome to the show.

Will Johnson: Yeah, absolutely. Welcome. Also, if you would like to get notifications and get information. Send a text, get your mobile device and send a text to 88202. Just type in my name W-I-L-L, and you will get information from American Truth Project for free. You have nothing to lose here. So, make sure you do that. Get out your mobile device, 88202.

So, Channon, Marjorie Taylor Greene, you know, she is a good friend of mine. I talked to her more often than a lot of people can probably imagine. I talk to her quite often. I talked to her this morning, early this morning, about all this crazy stuff they are doing to her and what they are trying to do to her.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a strong woman, just like you. She reminds me of you, how strong she is. Then you have Anni Cyrus. She is another strong woman. You know, I like to surround myself with strong women. Marjorie Taylor Greene happens to be one of those strong women. I think what the Democrats are doing to her, and even some of those in the GOP. What they are doing is blatantly showing their true colors.

Channon: Yes.

Will Johnson: This is ridiculous. So, they were taking a vote today, and I do not think we have the actual results of the votes on that just yet. I have not seen them. Maybe we can get them during the broadcast here, but I know they were taking a vote on whether or not to allow, now mind you, this is just so mind-blowing to me.

The Democrats control the House, right, and take it upon themselves to take a vote whether or not Marjorie Taylor Greene can sit on a Republican committee. I am thinking to myself; I am sitting here looking at it because I saw it briefly earlier. I am sitting here looking at them taking these votes, and as they come onto the floor, they are saying why, you know, they are doing this little spiel that they have for it.

It is mind-blowing to me that the Democrats are taking a vote; first of all, is this not spending taxpayer dollars. Seriously, for them to be doing this, anyway, they are wasting all of this time to take a vote, whether or not she, a Republican, can be on a Republican committee.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: What in the world do the Democrats have to do with this? And what is more disturbing about all of it, see the Democrats feel that they are entitled, but what is disturbing is that the Republicans gave this power to the Democrats. How disgusting is that?

Channon: Yeah, what bothers me because; 1. They did not vote to put Marjorie Greene there. Marjorie Greene, through the democratic process, that the Democrats say that they support. Her constituents put her in that position, and they have come out; all the districts have fully come out and supported Marjorie Green being in Congress, where they put her.

So, to me, if you truly believe in the Democratic process, then you should know that the American people voted for her to be where she is today. It is offensive that they come up and say, well, they may have put you there, but we do not like you. So, we are going to restrict you on what you can and can't do. That is not how our democracy works.

Will Johnson: Yeah, at that point, it's the democratic process. You know, the Democrats, they try to say they are Democratic. There is nothing Democratic about the Democrats.

Channon: Let me tell you something. One thing that I respect about Marjorie Greene is she has taken a lot of heat. But listen, she has come out, and she said, listen, I have made remarks in the past that I fully regret and that I do not believe in today. These remarks, she said she is an American, she has a right to question things. Which we are. That is part of being American, to question things.

That's what the news is about; that's what news reporters are supposed to be. We are supposed to question things, report things, and investigate things. So, she did that in her past. But she said that is not the person I am today. There were some reports that said, oh, that she did not believe that the planes flew on 911 into the World Trade Center.

She says she absolutely believes that they flew into the World Trade Center. She believes that schools are a problem, not a problem, but what happened, that children should be protected while they are in school. She has come out and said these things, and she said, listen, I am human, and I have made mistakes. So, to me, that is more human than the people that are voting against her. Who at no point have righted any of their wrongs.

Will Johnson: You know what?

Channon: You have Maxine Waters, who will not say I am sorry...

Will Johnson: Right.

Channon: For saying, go after Republicans.

Will Johnson: Go after them, yes. Going after anyone in the Trump Administration:

Channon: All the lies they said about the Russian hoax, none of them have come out; even though it has been proven that there was no Russian collusion, none of them have come out and apologized. So, I give her credit that she is bigger than those people. Right.

She said, listen, I may have thought some things in the past, but not anymore. She is more informed since then, and she is there to fight for the American people and the conservatives today.

Will Johnson: Well, you know, a lot of times in my nightly broadcast, I constantly will say that I'm not perfect, that I've made mistakes, and I am probably going to make more mistakes because I'm not perfect. I do not ever try to come across as perfect. But you have a lot of these politicians on the Hill they come across like they can do no wrong.

Nothing that they do could be questioned. See, that is it too. When they do not want people to question something, it is because they have a sinister motive behind it. They do not want anyone to question anything. If they have an agenda to push, you most definitely can't question it. You have to go along with it.

The same thing that took place this past election. Don't question all of the evidence. Don't question all of the information that came out about that election. Just go along with it. See, that is the part here, and we should be able to, you know what? Shame on the media, 100% for not doing their jobs and asking questions.

Now they will ask questions when they can help the Democrat Party. They will do that all day. But when it comes to asking questions, for example, like AOC, were you actually threatened? Were you actually in the building on January 6th? Absolutely not. She was not there. But you see, no one in the liberal media is asking her those questions.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Other than that, they will ask the questions. But you know, back to Marjorie Taylor Greene, for them to give the Democrats this much power over a representative that is in the Republican Party. In the Republican Party, they are supposed to determine what representatives work on what committees.

The Democrats should have no say so in that. Now, with them doing this, they need to bring up what Ilhan Omar said in the past with her anti-Semitic remarks. Rashida Tlaib, what she said in the past. Her racist remarks. Then Adam Schiff on top of what he said.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Like you just mentioned, with the whole Russia collusion delusion.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Maybe we need to bring that back up because what he said was false and fraudulent. He lied to Congress, as well as the American people.

Channon: Right. So, let's talk about that. So, now we have the Democrats that are going against the Democratic-appointed congresswoman. Right.

Will Johnson: Democrat-appointed.

Channon: Democrat, yeah, I'm Sorry.

Will Johnson: There is nothing Democratic about this.

Channon: So, she was elected to this position. How ununified is this to go after people that don't think like them. Because Marjorie has been very outspoken, we know that she filed articles of impeachment against Biden for certain things that he has done in the past. They don't like that.  Right. They don't like that.

They take that as a sign of, listen, you cross us, we are coming after you. Right. But here is the thing, they are also creating Republicans, once again, to be on the defensive. They're like, listen, Marjorie Greene is not; what I'm trying to say is that the Democrats have done and said things about conspiracy theories, just like the Republicans have.

Will Johnson: Democrats are horrible. Democrats have done horrible things. I mean absolutely horrible things, and they give it a pass. That is my point. The Democrats can say whatever it is they want to say about anybody. It can be as disgusting as possible, and nothing happens.  Nothing happens. I know they brought up legislation or a bill because Ilhan Omar at one point was completely nasty about her views on the Jewish community, the Jewish people. They had to address it because they did not want to lose those dollars from the Jewish community. That is the only reason why they addressed that.

Channon: Right. They had a whole hearing about that as well, right?

Will Johnson: Yes, and still nothing happened to her.

Channon: Right. So, now Republicans are coming up with the same thing they are doing to Marjorie Greene, they are doing to Omar now. So, now they are trying to get her removed from some of the committees that she is on, based on some of the things she has said and done in the past. Right.

Will Johnson: But they can't stop with her.

Channon: True.

Will Johnson: They need to go on to Maxine Waters. They need to go to Adam Schiff.

Channon: True. Right.

Will Johnson: But then they need to go on to Chuck Schumer. Cause Chuck Schumer said that nothing is off the table.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Is that not threatening?

Channon: It is.

Will Johnson: Is that not threatening?

Channon: Right. Yeah. Then you have Adam Schiff that has leaked information to the press and is caught lying. He kept saying that we have proof that there is Russia collusion. It has come out that there was no proof of any such thing. What a lie. How deceptive is that to the American people? Right. That is actually a conspiracy theory.

It was a conspiracy theory. If you are trying to eliminate Marjorie Greene for being on the committees because you say she has conspiracy theories, let me tell you that the whole Democrat Party is guilty of conspiracy theories against President Trump for the past four years. So, should we eliminate them from the committees?

Will Johnson: Every last one of them.

Channon: I mean, now we are looking at should Adam Schiff be removed and Maxine Waters? She was telling her extremist to accost GOP officials in restaurants and public places. Is that not inciting violence when you tell people to get in other people's faces?

What do you think is going to happen when the political realm is so volatile? Do you not think when you tell somebody to get in somebody's face that you are not calling for some riot or dangerous situation?

Will Johnson: Did you know after Maxine Waters did that, more Republicans wearing a Trump hat, MAGA hat, Trump shirt, or a MAGA shirt started getting attacked throughout the country. They were doing this before that, but it just increased tenfold after she did that. I mean, seriously, why is Maxine Waters still there?

Channon: Then look at AOC, who said Ted Cruz almost got her murdered. He had nothing to do with it.

Will Johnson: Oh, my Goodness.

Channon: These are false, fake stories that these people are saying, and guess what? The Democrats completely overlook it. Like, you know what, they are Democrats, it's okay. But you look at Marjorie Greene, and they're killing her for things that happened before 2018 before she was even running for congresswoman, right, and she even said I made a mistake by having those thoughts, and those are not my thoughts now.

That is not who I am today. So, she has turned it around. She is like, that is not who I am. I am sorry I was wrong. These people have not said they are wrong.

Will Johnson: They don't care.

Channon: Have not corrected the information they have put out to the American people.

Will Johnson: Nope, not at all.

Channon: They are more dangerous on committees than Marjorie Greene.

Will Johnson: They are more dangerous just being in Congress than she is. You know, it is amazing that you have Republicans fighting for people like Liz Cheney that voted to impeach one of the greatest presidents, if not the greatest president in our lifetime. There are so many Republicans who are calling for her to be the leader.

But you know what this is, how insane it is. I played a clip yesterday. I found this clip with CNN, and they were talking about how Marjorie Taylor Greene is a cancer and how McCarthy was pushing it to this vote today. He could have just said, no, we are not doing that. Move on, go do your jobs. But he didn't do that.

He pushed the buck over to the Democrats to give them the decision in order to remove a Republican from a committee. So, I want to play this clip for you. Listen to what they say in this clip.

CNN: No, and we heard from Jamie, and Jeff Zeleny, Montu, and others reporting on the people who are angry at Liz Cheney and the fact that she is defending herself. She feels very good. She has been working the phones, talking to every member of the conference, and she feels confident that she could get a show of support and if that would help her with the vote.

But what we do not hear about is the anger that does exist against Marjorie Taylor Greene and the fact that it is the big issue before that is really dividing the Republican conference right now. McCarthy, the Republican leader, just put out a lengthy statement saying that he feels good about a conversation he had with her and that she recognizes that she can't act like this now that she's a member of Congress.

That she said different things before she was there, and then he went after Democrats because Democrats who are in control of the House are going to move to remove her in a big vote tomorrow. So, let me just put this in English.

What the House Republican leader right now is suggesting is that he is not dealing with something and a person who is, in all of her statements, is a cancer on the GOP. He is going to let the Democrats do it for him.

Will Johnson: Did you hear that? Are you kidding? To sit there and say that it is a problem for them to be upset with Liz Cheney because she voted to impeach President Trump, and they are upset with Marjorie Taylor Greene for something that she said years ago? Let's get something else straight here.

Since she has been a congresswoman, she has not come out and said any of the stuff that she said in the past. She has not said any of that. It’s the same thing they did to President Trump. They tried to say the stuff President Trump did in the past was a reflection of his presidency, which was a total lie.

Channon: Right. Now, Marjorie Greene made promises to her base that she would go to Capitol Hill and she was going to fight for them. She was going to fight against the Democrats, and that is what she came out doing. She came out fighting. She came out fighting against those Democrats. They did not like how strong she came out.

McCarthy, I don't understand him. Supposedly he had this great meeting with President Trump not too long ago in Florida. I don't know what that was about, and they haven't said. Then he, kind of, came out against Marjorie Green, who President Trump has said that he supported her.

Then all of a sudden, McCarthy pretty much put the fate of her being on committees in the hands of the Democrats. Then I just read an article this morning saying, although he does not believe in some of the statements that she has had in the past, he does support her being in Congress and being on the committees.

So, I am like, listen, just be straight. Do you support her or not support her?

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: What is happening? This is a problem with Republicans right now. You know what? Support each other. I do not care how wrong AOC has been. I don't care how wrong Omar has been. I mean, I do care, but what I am saying is, even as wrong as they have been, Nancy Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff have stood by them.

There may have been some friction, but for the most part, they are not out there condemning them. We literally are so self-righteous that we can't even; we are literally attacking each other. I am sorry. The fact that he let the Democrats do this to Marjorie Greene is disgusting.

Will Johnson: It is 100% disgusting. He set it up.

Channon: Then we give the power to the Democrats when certain things are happening in the Senate. You know, it is crazy to me. How much more power are we going to give to the Democrats? They are ruining our country.

We are so divided. We are divided more now than during Trump's whole four years. You know why? It just shows who the division was being rolled out by, the division has come from the Democrats, and it has gotten so bad, and it hasn't even been four weeks yet.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness.

Channon: He hasn't even been there four weeks, and we are fighting against each other even more now. Right, you could not be more divided than Americans are right now.

Will Johnson: We have Republicans fighting amongst each other, while we have a dictator writing executive order after executive order.

Channon: Oh my gosh, he is at 28 executive orders. The most any President has ever had.

Will Johnson: CNN shows 46.

Channon: I do not know about 46.

Will Johnson: I mean, I'm looking around, and MPR said 28. I looked at another website that said 28.

Channon: You know CNN lies.

Will Johnson: Then CNN was 48.

Channon: I think that is an exaggeration, but I do not know why they would report that because it makes them look bad that he has had to do that many executive orders. Listen, if you are a president who claims to be unifying, who claims to be bipartisan, and who claims that he wants to make America great.

Then I would think that you would be somebody that could bring the country together. But he is not going to, and he knows he is not going to. He promised that he has to eliminate or undo all the great things that Trump did for our government. Let me tell you something, the minute Biden was sworn in as President.

China put sanctions on President Trump and the people in his administration. Do you know why they did that? They are sending a message to Biden. They say, listen, we are putting sanctions on him because he did not follow what we need him to do.

He was up against China. Right. It is bold for me to think that Biden would allow a previous President for China to put sanctions on another President. How insulting is that? That shows which side he is on.

Will Johnson: This just shows how weak Biden is and about what side he is on.

Channon: That is crazy.

Will Johnson: He answers to the CCP.

Channon: Do you know how disrespectful that is? That is just plain disrespectful. We know Biden has ties to China. We know it has been shown he has ties to China. It is crazy. But hey, listen, before we keep going, I want to give the number here again.

So, you guys can call in and talk to Will. The number is 516-595-8069. Will likes to talk to people. So, somebody, please get on the line and talk to him, press one to come on the line.

Will Johnson: If they do not want to come on, it's fine. I understand, especially the liberals. They get scared of talking to me. A lot of them just want to stay away. But let me tell you this, the Democrat Party wants us to change our views. They want us to change the way we think. They want us to change the way we believe.

They see us as the enemy to their sinister ways throughout the country. To prove that, here is a clip that I have where they are talking; it is about, even with Marjorie Greene, how they want her to change her ways. They are tying it all together. As I said, she never said any of this stuff beforehand.

All of this came about years ago when I interviewed Marjorie Taylor Greene. I interviewed her years ago. I have had conversations with her years ago. Even before she decided to run for office, she was never racist then. She is not racist now. They do the same thing every single time when they see someone is a threat to them. So, listen to this.

CNN: Unless they do something to say these views are not okay and yes, they are speaking out, but the action about it, then talking about conservative fiscal responsibility and all those things, gets drowned out. Don't you think?

CNN: I agree with that, Dana. But here is the thing. The Senate Republican, Mitch McConnell, couldn't put out a stronger statement. And he's saying that this lady is, should be disciplined, and should lose her committees in the least.

Will Johnson: That is coming from John Kasich, a total loser, in my opinion. He calls himself a Republican. I do not think he even really considers himself a Republican. He keeps that name, a RINO, just because CNN wants him to be the resident Republican. That is all that is.

He straight up acknowledged Mitch McConnell, which is another snake in the grass. To sit there and say Marjorie Taylor Greene should not even be on the committee. Mitch McConnell does not have a backbone. He doesn't have a backbone. She is a stronger person than he has ever been. I mean, this is so maddening. It is disgusting. Listen to the rest of this.

CNN: It should be isolated. So, he is a pretty big spokesperson. This gets back to what is going on inside the party. You know, is it a Trump party? Is it not a Trump party? I will tell you this. If it stays a Trump Party in the long term, it will not be successful.

Will Johnson: Did you all hear that? The Democrats have been saying this for a while because they have been upset about the Trump Party changing the Republican Party. It does not need to be called the GOP any longer, the Grand Old Party. It needs to be called the GNP, the Grand New Party, and the old ones need to go away because they have destroyed the Republican Party.

President Trump came along and gave them new life. President Trump came along, and finally, they started getting a backbone. You know what, Channon, I would not be surprised if the Democrats had the back door, closed-door meetings with some of these Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and the rest of them saying, hey, if you want your party back, you need to go along with us in this election, in order to get your party back. If you do not, Trump is going to change your party, and you are never going to get it back.

Channon: Well, let me ask you something. When I listen to him talk about the future of the Republican Party, do we think that there was a future for the Republican Party the way it was? Because they have proven not to get things done.

They have given in to a lot of the leftist policies and ideas. I don't think the Republican Party, as it was, would be sustained either. So, I don't like to say Trump's party. I know you, and I have had disagreements with that.

Will Johnson: What is the disagreement?

Channon:  I don't like to call myself a Trumpublican or whatever. I think that I liked the values of America First, which I thought were Republican conservative. I thought the values to protect the unborn child were conservative values.

I thought having a strong capitalistic country was conservative values. I do not think those were the values of Trump. Those were values of the Republican Party that we need to get back to, and the Republicans are struggling with it because they became so weak.

Will Johnson: I don't know. I kind of disagree with you. Because if you talk to John Kasich, the Republican Party is the party that is against everything you just said, according to John Kasich; because John Kasich made it open that he is for abortion. He made it open that he is for same-sex marriage.

Channon: That is all I am saying.

Will Johnson: The Republican Party pretty much stood on Christian Judeo-Christian values.

Channon: So, you agree with me.

Will Johnson: They stood on those values. They want us to change those values. They want us to change those views. That is what it comes to.

Channon: I think you actually agree with me because the Republican Party was changing and becoming more to the middle.

Will Johnson: Right, until President Trump came along and President Trump started making it, that is why we call it Trumpkins.

Channon: It has moved back to more traditional conservative values, right?

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: I know this. If the Republicans don't get it together, the old ones have been there for 20, 30 years there is going to be a problem, and we have to identify the problem right now. But let me tell you what, so do the Democrats. They have an identity problem, too. But one thing, they are still kind of struggling between some moderation.

I read the article today, one Democrat in Congress, gosh. I wish I would have saved the article. It is saying how the Democrat Party is the party that she does not recognize anymore. They have changed as well.

Will Johnson: So, you are talking about, she is from Hawaii. She is on the tip of my tongue. It is going to come to me. She was on stage during the debate, on the debate stage, telling the Democrats that the Democrat Party is no longer the party of the people.

Channon: No.

Will Johnson: Seriously, so then there is more than one saying it.

Channon: There is more than one. I just said they have an identity problem. Because some are like, wait a minute, this isn't the party that I used to support.

Will Johnson: Tulsi Gabbard.

Channon: I was just going to say Tulsi Gabbard is another one. She is the same way she was.

Will Johnson: She was on stage saying the Democrat Party has failed the American people. When she said that, that is when they got rid of her.

Channon: Well, look at Warner he came out and said, the only time they go out to the black vote is during an election.

Will Johnson: Yeah, that is true, but you know what, they disregard that. Black people heard Warren say that, but they were like, “Okay, oh, well, it's true. We are going to move on.” Even like what Joe Biden said, “If you have a hard time deciding to vote for Trump or me, you aren't Black.” which means you have to vote Democrat. How insulting was that? People still voted for him. I will be honest with you. I do not think that people actually voted for Biden; they just voted against Trump.

On top of that, not that many people did.  They fudged the numbers, in my opinion, fudged the numbers. They made it looked like it, and it was a total coup under the cloak of an election. That is what this is. They had a successful coup take place. Right under our noses, and what was disturbing about all of it is, law enforcement did nothing about it.

You can't tell me that the FBI all of a sudden had to gather all this information on everyone that was there on January 6th, but they do not have a clue about the corruption that took place in the past four years? Why did they ignore all of that? Why do they get all the passes for committing these crimes?

But people who were just at the Capitol, speaking of that, one gentleman from Cowboys for Trump, he was there, and all he did was pray on the Capitol steps. All he did was pray, and then they arrested him. He has been in jail since January 17th.

Channon: They got him for other things that he said after that.

Will Johnson:  But that is beside the point.

Channon: But you said that is all he did.

Will Johnson: Now, if he committed a crime at the steps, okay. You mean to tell me six months from now, if I say something about January 6th in support of the crazy stuff that did take place, they can come and arrest me? Because that is what took place.

Channon: Yeah, it is scary. You know, the Democrats have so much power. In the case of the Cowboys for Trump, he is in jail for a misdemeanor, and they would not even give him bail.

Will Johnson: They would not even let him call his lawyer.

Channon: It is crazy. They mistreated him, which we can't talk about what happened right now because we do not know what we are allowed to say or not say. But it is unbelievable what they are doing to conservatives. People are losing jobs, and people are completely de-platformed. Not because of lies, but because we are not conforming with the narrative that they want to put out there.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: That is what it is. This has nothing to do with anything but conformity. They have been allowed to be empowered. We are essentially being forced to follow the rules or suffer consequences.

Will Johnson: The CCP rules.

Channon: You have suffered big-time consequences. I mean, it is almost to the point where who knows what is going to happen. I know Terrence Williams, who is a comedian, and he has been de-platformed too from pretty much everywhere. He was on with Dinesh D'Souza, and he is like, how are you making it now?

You know, like, what are you doing? To be honest, it is a struggle. They have taken away people's livelihoods because they do not want them to have a voice. There is no free speech. We should be protected, but you have these liberal judges that are not even protecting free speech.

There is only one narrative that they are putting it out there.  The only people that can be punished are the conservatives that do not follow the rules. We do not care if the Democrats don't follow the rules because we are going to eliminate the rules in our favor here in a moment. Right?

Will Johnson:  Exactly.

Channon: We are only worried about you not following the rules. That is what tyranny is. That is exactly what tyranny is, and for people that do not see it, I can't understand how you're sitting there thinking that you are not next.

Will Johnson: But they do not think about it like that.

Channon: The only reason why you are saying it's okay is that you are conforming.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they do not think about it like that. They think that was happening to conservatives. A lot of them do not even think it is happening. They believe conservatives are just complaining about something that is not happening. Then once it comes around and starts happening to them, they are not going to even remember that it happened to us.

They are going to be like; we need to stop this because the CCP is only coming after the strong right now because the weak is giving it to them. The weak is the Democrat Party, which is weak. That is the weakest link in this nation the Democrat Party and the CCP know this. They are manipulating them to come after us. Once they remove us, the CCP is going to come for them. They do not even see it.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: They are supposed to be our fellow Americans, supposed to be.

Channon: We have a caller, Will. We have John Doe, supposedly that is his real name. Either that or he is trying to hide. We shall see. John, what do you have for us?

John Doe: Hey, Channon, and Will. How are you guys?

Will Johnson: Hello John, thanks for calling.

John Doe: Thanks for having me. I appreciate it. Yes, John Doe, I am the defendant of we the people. I am sure you know that is not my birth name.

Channon: Okay

Will Johnson: We kind of figured it out. What do you got for us, John Doe?

John Doe: I can tell by just listening to a couple of your shows, you are much more intelligent than that. So, we can't play stupid and expect everybody to think we are smart.

Will Johnson: Somethings wrong.

John Doe: But anyway, I wanted to comment on what you guys were talking about but take it to another level to the of the root of the legality of what we are standing here on. Because if we have a Declaration of Independence, and we have a United States Constitution, but the people who represent us get the burden and encumber us against our will, they are committing extrinsic fraud.

Here is why, in Article one, Section nine Clause A, says, no title of nobility shall be granted by the United States. Article one, Section ten, Clause one, no state shall grant any title of nobility. Now, turn over to, those of you who were with me, in your United States Constitution, turn over to Article four, Section two.

The citizens of each state shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of citizens in the several states. So, right here, we have at least three places that state that all legitimately legal United States citizens are equitably self-governing, free people. You own the governing of you. I own the governing of me.

I get to determine my own burdens and encumbrances, and you get to determine your own burdens and encumbrances. There is no title of nobility, so there is no rank-and-file chain of command when it comes to governing. We are all equal. Due to the fact that Article four Section two says, citizens of each state shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities.

Therefore, whoever, any one of us gets to use the power of the government as a weapon to force your agenda, then all of us get to use the same resources and power of government to force our agenda. Now, here is the problem. Most of us do not understand how to communicate, myself included. I am learning. I am continuing to learn.

We do not understand how to communicate our power and authority. Because you own the governing of you, all burdensome encumbrances, you can only burden and encumber yourself. Therefore, if we do not know how to stand up and claim that, or to know it's your own, you have exclusive power and authority, jurisdictional power over all your burdens and encumbrances.

So, if any other person, whether it be Congress, or Senate, or anybody, is burdening and encumbering you against your will, they are making you a second-class citizen. You, therefore, violated the title of nobility, and they are violating your right to the same privileges and immunities of using the same resources of government to force your agenda, okay?

You follow me so far?

Will Johnson: Yeah, I am going to interject if I can.

John Doe: Yeah.

Will Johnson: So, I am completely with you, and I have actually had this conversation with a good friend of mine named Bobby Loren. I was kind of like not pushing back because everything you just said is out of the Constitution, and we should be able to implement that. You are 100% correct. I had one question for him, and I will ask you the same question. How do we get a group of politicians that disregard the Constitution ...

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: And on top of that, when we have law enforcement in this nation that is not enforcing those laws.

Channon: And the oath and they took.

Will Johnson: And the oath that they took, and I am referring to the FBI. Because I refuse to believe that the past four years, the FBI is completely oblivious to all of the corruption that we saw the left was doing, and even some of those on the right. Make sense?

John Doe: Is it my turn?

Will Johnson: Yes, sir.

John Doe: Okay, thank you, Will. I appreciate it. I appreciate you guys' show and what you bring, and I wish you had a two-hour show. That is like a 64-million-dollar question because part of the reason I think they do this is that we, the people, are not standing and holding them accountable in the right way.

That is where I was saying communication is a big problem. None of us know how to articulate ourselves.  Myself, I am struggling with it, as you can hear me. I am struggling with how to communicate that to my elected servant, too.

When we do not understand how to argue our position from a constitutional basis and then we always end up losing. Now, my concern, I want to get back on track, not get on a rabbit trail. I appreciate what you are saying. Can I continue to finish what I was trying to state out?

Because I wanted to stop and make sure that we were on the same understanding at that point. I want to take it to the next level.

Will Johnson: Yes, continue, go ahead.

John Doe: Okay, well, remember back in 1787? The United States Constitution was ratified by means of communication; would you talk to each other. Because of the distance between people with constituents and their representatives, they had to either walk, go by horse, or horse and buggy.

So, therefore, in the First Amendment, in the Bill of Rights, Congress shall make no law abridging the right of the people to petition their government for a redress of grievances. That was an implied redress, you know, redress is just a fancy word for remedy. Therefore, because there was so much distance and you could only talk to each other face to face to make sure that your constituents were being represented equitably as self-governing, free people.

Then they gave us this right of redress because they knew at any time, they were passing laws and if it infringed on your pursuit of happiness, they denied you your equal, equitable, self-governing, free people status. So, therefore, if that bill comes to the floor. It impinges, infringes, bridges deny, or limits your pursuit of happiness then you get a redress of grievance.

You call up your congressman, and you let them know, hey, this is infringing on my pursuit of happiness. They have to give you redress. Otherwise, they are relegating you to a legislative slave. Therefore, it is a fraudulent misrepresentation, undue influence, conflict of interest, bullying, coercion, duress, exploitation, or extortion.

So, they are breaking the rule of law that they say they claim. When they deny you your redress, because if you are calling them and letting them know, hey, this is a problem, and they are not going to do anything to make your equitable, self-governing, free person status equitable to everybody else's.

Then they are committing fraud. Whenever you have to take it to court in the judiciary, whether it be the Supreme Court, any other appellate court, or a municipal court in your local locality denied you of your redress, they are committing extrinsic fraud, denying you your due process rights.

Therefore, your due process rights are a right to good faith bargaining, good-faith negotiating a mutual agreement, freedom of contract, freedom of association, freedom of conscience, all of those things that make your freedoms work. I am coming from a legal standpoint based on the Constitution and the purity of the rule of law.

They have committed offenses, but we, the people, do not know how to take it to them and explain it. When somebody like me stood up and explained it to them, they just are able to run roughshod over me because the majority of most Americans won't argue it from the same standpoint.

So, therefore, my fellow Americans, who did try to contact their congressmen and their senators to get redress, and they were continually denied and run roughshod over, had no other option but to go to the Capitol. Therefore, their affirmative defense in the court of law is contributory negligence because our congressmen and senators have been committing exigent fraud, fraudulent misrepresentation, bullying, coercion, extortion, exploitation.

So, therefore, the courts apparently are in on the scam. We have got to ask that 64-million-dollar question, Will you just as well let it go? What will it take for our congressmen and senators to get a heart, and get a conscience, and quit being morally and ethically bankrupt and help us make this country the greatest country on the face of the planet ever again?

Channon: Yeah, one thing I think is the problem is that our Congress does not know the Constitution, unfortunately.

Will Johnson: Let me jump in here. I think the ones that do know the constitution are the ones that are screaming that the Constitution needs to be either rewritten because they believe it is out of date document or just done away with altogether.

I have heard multiple Democrats, those on the left, say that about the U.S. Constitution. The main reason why they want to do it is that they want to implement communism. You can't have communism and the Constitution exists on the same continent.

Channon: That is true. You also have people like Holly, Ted Cruz, and stuff like that, who are fighting with the Constitution to try to protect our rights. But then you have people like Ilhan Omar, AOC, and Rashida Tlaib, those people that, quite honestly, I do not think that they have even read the entire Constitution. I think it should be a prerequisite to a position in Congress.

Will Johnson: Yeah, it should be. You know what, John Doe, very good insight, very good information. Everything you just laid out is exactly how we can take the country back.

Channon: How do we get there?

Will Johnson: Yeah, I have been working with a gentleman named Bobby Loren, and he is leading up the charge about implementing what you are saying from the Constitution. Not what you are saying, but what you just referred to by the Constitution. He is talking about implementing it.

John Doe: Talking about implementing it?

Will Johnson: Yeah, he is talking about actually implementing it. So, I am 100% for that because we are, for the most part, all of us on the right; we are conservative Christians. We believe in God. We do not believe in destruction.

That is why you have not seen any buildings, vehicles, or people attacked. They are using January 6th trying to say, oh, my goodness, it's so bad. But it is nothing compared to what Antifa and BLM have been doing for the past six months.

Channon: Four years.

Will Johnson: Four years plus, but the past six months, they have destroyed billions of dollars in property. Nothing compared to January 6th.

John Doe: Can I just cut in on that real quick.

Will Johnson: Yeah, but I was going to say, for some reason, they want to look at us as we are domestic terrorists, and we are the main problem. It is all by design. So, what is your last statement here?

John Doe: It is all by design. I could not make out what you said after that.

Will Johnson: I said, what is your last statement?

John Doe: Oh, yeah, you are talking about they are all doing this destruction and stuff, but think about it, if the governing of you is your private property, and they did not allow you redress because they try to burden and encumber you with the law that you did not consent to, they are destroying your private property every day. That is a felony. They are not being held accountable.

Will Johnson: That is true.

John Doe: If you do not have exclusive jurisdictional power and authority over the burdens and encumbers of you, they deny the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Will Johnson: Right. Then it goes back to my question.

John Doe: They are destroying your private property every day. It is called destroying the legal effect.

Will Johnson: I don't know if you can hear me any longer, but my point is going back if you do not have the FBI and law enforcement enforcing these laws, some of these crimes that they are committing, we are in a world of hurt.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: Who can we depend on to be on our side?

Channon: The Democrats act like they are kings and queens up there, that they act like they can do whatever they want, on a whim.

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly. But you are so right. Hey, I want to thank you so much for giving us a call, okay.

Channon: Yeah. Thanks, John, for your insight.

John Doe: Awesome.

Will Johnson: That is exactly it. The U.S. Constitution is the means for us to take our country back, but they are already gearing up to demonize anyone who believes in the Constitution.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: I am telling you; I see the writing on the wall. I do not call myself a Trump supporter. I call myself a constitutionalist, a.k.a. Trump supporter, because Trump supporters follow the law. We follow the rule of law. My whole point in that is that we have not been destructive.

We have not done any of that because we do not want to tear up the country. Part of the reason why the law enforcement never arrested these criminals that broke the law is that they know that Antifa and BLM would go city to city, causing more disruption. Like little tyrant children, kicking and screaming. You have the weak in the knee parents saying, give them what they want.  Just give them what they want so they will stop.

Channon: But they are not going to stop. They have Biden, and they still have not stopped.

Will Johnson: No, they are not going to stop. That is the amazing thing about all of this. People are not; they are thinking, oh, do you know why people are not paying attention to it? Because the mainstream media and the big tech are preventing people from seeing what they are actually doing. That is by design, too. They have been doing it. They have been doing it repeatedly. You think it has only been how many days? Not even a month.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Not even a month and all these executive orders, Antifa and BLM are still tearing stuff up in Seattle and Portland.

Channon: Chicago has had a bad weekend.

Will Johnson: Chicago, yeah. Seriously, now China they are picking up their game. They are telling Biden that he needs to get in line.

Channon: Get in line. Get straight.

Will Johnson: You know, I also saw another thing where the CCP was telling the Biden administration, if you want to call it that, that he needs to implement the CCP rules onto the American people or else and that is what they've been doing.

Channon: Nikki Haley came out, she came out criticizing Biden and saying, hey, Biden hasn't even called Israel or shown any support for Israel since he has been in office, and we are supposed to be one of their biggest allies. But he is over here with Iran and China. It is crazy.

Will Johnson: He is over there talking to everyone who wants to destroy America.

Channon: Destroy America.

Will Johnson: And destroy Israel. How does that even work?

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: I am going to bring up another subject, and this is a sore subject for some people. Now, I do not ever personally play the race card. Unless I go to a rally and then I am talking to Democrats, especially white liberals, who want to make me out to be a victim or something like that, they start doing stuff to me.

Then I start throwing the race card at them, saying, Oh, my goodness, everybody. I can't believe this white person is oppressing me? This white person won't let me be. I play that race card on them, and it is like, oh, my goodness, this black person is doing this to me, and I do not know what to do.

But anyways, the representative for Homeland Security, and the reason why I bring this up, he is a Latino male. His family migrated from Nazi Germany because of what the Nazis were doing. He migrated from there to Cuba. Then after they went to Cuba, supposedly his parents were, his grandparents were Jewish supposedly.

All we know is his family could have been Nazi and left and went to Cuba just to get away to hide. Anyway, the story is that his family emigrated from Nazi Germany and went to Cuba. Then he was born, I believe, in Cuba, then his parents migrated to the United States of America.

Now, he is the head of Homeland Security. If I am correct, looking at him and hearing some of the stuff he has been saying, talking about the domestic terrorists in this country. White people are in big trouble.

Channon:  And conservatives, Christian conservatives.

Will Johnson: They are going to start off with white people. Now, they have already started. You have seen articles here and there where they are talking about Christians, and that Christians are the problem. That the white Christians, there it is again, white Christian nationalism is a major problem, but they are going directly after white people mainly because white people make up the majority of the Christians in this nation.

Being that this nation is still a Christian nation and they do not like it. They want to remove Christianity as much as possible. So, they started off with conservatives. Then they went over to take over the Constitutionalists, aka Trump supporters. Then they are going to straight-up say white people. I mean, look at it.

Biden has a whole committee, whole organization talking about combating racism in the country. So, he is going to disenfranchise an entire race to try to please another race. How is that not racism?

Channon: I agree 100%. In the pursuit of less racism, he is creating more racism.

Will Johnson:  More racism and it is increasing.

Channon: And division. In the meantime, division. It is crazy.

Will Johnson: These people are not for unifying. They are for dividing. They are for dividing the nation because it is all about the whole reset. A lot of people have not thought about that anymore, because they have what they want. He is not even talking about build back better. They are talking about burning it all down.

They are talking about breaking it all down. Why do you think so many people lost jobs on day one? Seventy-thousand jobs as of today, 70,000 jobs plus. There are probably over 100 thousand now. Before the end of this year, before the end of February, it might be another 100 hundred thousand jobs lost.

They are working on it as much as possible to take the country down. It is absolutely sick. I am going to leave you on a good note. I am a believing man. I believe in God, and I know God is in control. I truly believe that as long as we keep our eyes on the almighty God that everything in the end, everything's going to be okay in the end because he has already won that battle. We just need to remember and recognize that God is in control.

Channon: And to do our part.

Will Johnson: Yeah, and a lot of this had to happen. In my personal opinion, I think a lot of this had to happen for more people to wake up.

Channon: To wake people up.

Will Johnson: And more people to wake up.

Channon: To recognize the evil.

Will Johnson: Yes, and recognize the evil. I truly believe that God will move. I truly believe that we are going to see some miraculous things take place. Even though we are in the dark days, guess what? Light is shining through, God, Jesus is shining through, so we need to remember that. We need to hold on to that, don't let go of it. Our faith is being tested.

Channon: Amen.

Will Johnson: All right. So, hey, everybody, every Thursday we are here. Okay, that is it at 4 Central every Thursday. Make sure you get your mobile device, type 88202. Just type my name, WILL and text it to 88202. You will get notified when I am on, and you will get notified when Anni is on.

You get notified from American Truth Project. Please do it now. Get out your mobile device, 88202. I want to thank everyone for joining us this Thursday and our caller John Doe. That is how we can take our country.

Channon: Have a great weekend.

Will Johnson: Absolutely, Thank you so much. Take care, everybody.

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