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Islamic Fatwa Tells Immigrants To Hate Their Hosts


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. It's the Katie and Barry show, which means joining me all the way from London, England, is the beautiful and brilliant Katie Hopkins. Welcome back, Katie.

Katie Hopkins: Thank you so much, Barry, and as I like to dutifully remind our lovely family. If they want to see more of us straight to their phones, they can text the word TRUTH, T-R-U-T-H to 88202, and they will get ATP straight into their pocket. Who wouldn't want that, Barry?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, and they get you too, hon.

Katie Hopkins: Yes.

Barry Nussbaum: Incredible news out of Customs and Border Patrol or Border Protection officials, rather. They're suggesting now that there are up to 13,000 unaccompanied minors on their way into the United States. They say it's the highest, get this, number in the history of the United States.

The highest numbers of migrant children sent north with no parents. Which means the United States will let them in, will shelter them, will feed them, will educate them, and maybe unite them with their families. But the word is out all over Central and South America, Katie Hopkins, send your kids, and we'll take care of them for free.

Katie Hopkins: I mean, there are just two awful sides to it, aren't there? There's the awfulness of people sending kids, you know, like a fishing line, fishing out with their kids in the hope that they can reel in that line later.

Knowing that some of the worst things humanity has on offer can happen to those children. None of us want that. We wouldn't want it for our kids, and we don't want it for anyone else's. Then there's just the sheer volume of this. You know, Biden can't have any of this with media coverage at all.

You're completely right I think, Barry, aren't you? That they will just be funneled through. Let them in and keep processing them through. Anything to avoid any of the negativity that Trump had to face about the cages that weren't even his in the first place.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, yeah, and get this, I'm looking on my screen at these beautiful tee-shirts and signs which somebody is paying a small fortune for. Passing them out on the other side of the border saying, 'Biden, please let us in.' Obviously, it is supporting a mass immigration effort that is encouraging, and I'm going to mean this number, tens of thousands coming north and requesting asylum.

So, they're holding up these banners that someone printed. They're shouting slogans that someone taught them. They are fully organized and funded by some group on the left that said, “Hello come to the United States it's all going to be free.”

The cameras cross the border and take pictures of them, and Ocasio Cortez, our best friend in Congress, is saying we shouldn't even lock them up. We ought to just let them come through.

Katie Hopkins: It does make you wonder, doesn't it, when you see this sort of thing, that element of coordination, not only between the press and Biden's administration but between Biden, the press, and the people on the ground who are doing this.

We know that it's those NGOs typically that we see are responsible for it. We saw I think, with the last caravan that was organized didn't and we Barry, people being put on expensive busses. Being sort of shipped up to the border. Being paid at the end of the day.

This is a coordinated attack on not only the borders of America but of America itself. Very often, the leaders of these NGOs describe themselves as American. How can you be an American and organize an attack on your own country like this?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let me add insult to injury, Katie Hopkins. There is now a Fatwa, a religious edict from Qatar, a U.S. friend and ally, supposedly that is now being publicized around the world. This Fatwa is saying that if a Muslim lives in a non-Muslim nation, they are obligated under Muslim religious doctrine to hate the adopted nation and its infidel citizens.

So, if any of those tens of thousands coming north are practicing Muslims, they're obligated by religious edict to hate their hosts. Take the gifts the host gives you and hate them. So that when the time comes, you, the good Muslim immigrant, can rise up and participate in the takeover of the host country.

In the meantime, free food, free shelter, free health care, maybe employment but you must show your love and fidelity to your native religion, which is Islam. Is that happening in Europe because it’s what's happening here? It scares the heck out of me.

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, it absolutely is happening here. You can feel the gulf and the divide between the Muslim communities that live here and other communities. It's like night and day. They are heavily congregated in certain areas. British police or rather non-Muslim police are excluded.

The Imam gets to choose who's allowed to police the area. You know, I'm just giving that as an example of the separation. They have no wish to be part of Western culture because they hate it. One of the recent surveys of British Muslims showed that I think it was; fifty-two percent thought homosexuality should be illegal.

Over one hundred thousand British Muslims sympathized with suicide bombers. One in three British Muslims said they would not report a family member to the police if they thought he was going to commit an act of terror. I think that just is indicative. That was a Channel 4, sort of state broadcaster survey.

It's indicative that they are willing to harbor people who willingly want to do us harm because they think that is right and permitted. Accordingly, exactly your point, they have been instructed to hate the country that hosts them.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let me read you so that none of our viewers think we are taking this out of some context improperly. I'm going to read you from Quran Chapter five:

"O you who believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are, in fact, allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you - then indeed, he is one of them. Indeed, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people."

So, the religious edict is based on that. Which says don't befriend your hosts if they are not Muslims because they are 'the unjust people.' You can take their stuff until the time comes where you can install a religious government. And the religious government they're talking about in the Quran, obviously, is Islam.

Katie Hopkins: And there are places, of course, you can feel that coming. You know, we already have courts that are run by the mosque. We already have that level of complete separation, housing, homes, schools.

As part of this survey that we were just talking about, Barry, one of the questions, I don't even get the question, but thirty-five percent of British Muslims think Jewish people have too much power. I can't even think about who has got the power in terms of religion. You know, what is with that weird hatred of, you know, the other.

This idea, you have to hate Christians. You have to hate Jewish people. It's not something that comes naturally to a British national, but it certainly comes naturally to this other population we host here.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, if you read the Bible and you believe in your Bible, and it said, “Hate Muslims. Never trust Muslims. Pretend to be nice to them until you can conquer them.” Well, if you are a religious lady and you were observant, that's what you would do.

Well, the roles are reversed, and that's exactly what the book says. So, here's my question for you. All of Europe has taken in a profound number of immigrants under the guise of saving them in the name of humanity. What's going on in Europe?

Are these immigrants assimilating and becoming good Frenchmen, Englishmen, Swedes, Germans? Are the refugees just taking support, going on the dole, and hating their adopted countries, as we just talked about? Or, in some cases, are they becoming good citizens of the host country?

Katie Hopkins: I'm sure that examples of the latter Barry and the hatred doesn't, you know, it's not a generalized thing for many of us, But, in my heart, you just see how quickly we're changing and how quickly we are falling behind. White British nationals, Christians, all my Jewish friends feel increasingly pushed out.

In Paris, there are parts of Paris, the suburbs. You would not go because it's controlled by Muslims who want nothing to do with Western culture. Who applauded when Notre Dame burnt down. Which I don't believe was an accident either.

And interestingly, with the French presidential elections, because there has been such this sort of an upsurge, uptake of violence in the Muslim suburbs, Macron, the centrist, is moving right.

He's moving towards Marine Le Pen because he knows he has to take a strong line on the separatism that's going on with the Muslim population. But in my heart, I'm just sad that they come to a country but don't want to be part of it.

There's an opportunity, as our Indian friends show us brilliantly, to make our country better and we can be better together. But they really choose to live apart.

Barry Nussbaum: After World War Two here in the U.S., my parents came here and spoke no English, had no money and no way to support themselves other than to learn the language, learn the Constitution, learn the Declaration of Independence, study for citizenship, and become the good Americans as they raised me to be.

It used to be we were, in the U.S. anyway, a melting pot of numerous cultures and religions and creeds and ethnicities and countries of origin. Yet now certain immigrants come and like you said, in Great Britain and other parts of Europe, like you said in Paris, there are no go zones where they speak their own language.

They keep their own culture. They are on the dole. And for some reason, each of these host countries keeps pumping out the money. They're already broke, and yet the doors are still open.

Katie Hopkins: Oh, absolutely. My elderly friends can't get a new hip. They're told that if you're over seventy-five, you can't have your eyes treated. Yet, we provide translation services for Urdu, and for every language, there is without socialized health care service for our own elderly who've paid in all their lives. They can't access health care.

Barry Nussbaum: Welcome to the future that looks bleak and getting darker. Thanks for coming on, Katie. I want to remind everyone, if they haven't done it yet, please subscribe to our text message alert system by texting the word TRUTH to 88202.

You'll be signed up for free. You'll get all of Katie and Barry and everybody else for free forever. We never charge for content, and we'll keep you informed. For Barry and Katie, thanks so much for joining us today on ATP Report.

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