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Gangster Democrats Running America


Will Johnson: Hello, everybody, and welcome to this Thursday's broadcast, July 1st, 2021. It's already July.

Channon: Gosh, I know. My goodness.

Will Johnson: It's already July. Where has this year gone? I mean, seriously, is it because of all the crazy stuff we've been seeing taking place? Is that the reason why the year has gone by so fast?

Channon: Yeah, because Biden was elected.

Will Johnson: Because O'Biden, was elected.

Channon: Everything is going down the toilet, including the year.

Will Johnson: Everything is going down, including the day and the year. I like that. I'm going to have to repeat that one. Hey, thank you, everybody, for joining us. Do me a huge favor. Text W-I-L-L, to 88202. Please text W-I-L-L to 88202, and you know you're going to get some awesome information from the American Truth Project.

Information that you need to pay attention to, information that you need to know, and won't get anywhere else. Again, text Will to 88202.

Channon: There is so much going on right now in America. There's so much in the news every single day. It amazes me. Just when you think these can't get worse. They get worse.

Will Johnson: When people disagree with me, I think it makes for a really good conversation. We should be able to have a conversation and agree to disagree. That's part of the problem right now. We've gotten away from having an open dialog with one another.

Channon: I agree. It's true, 100% true.

Will Johnson: Especially social media, everyone gets behind a keyboard and hacks away on a key. They say whatever it is that they want to say and ignore everything else, according to them. It's bizarre to me. It's really bizarre the times that we're living and the way they have addressed these issues with one another.

Like don't say anything, and you're bad if you say something to them. I get that all the time. When I'm out on the street, and I'm talking to people. I'm just having a conversation, and someone who's seen me before walks up, whispers in their ear, saying, ‘Don't talk to him. He's one of those right-wingers.’

What is that? He's right-wing. Then all of a sudden, they won't talk to me anymore. What's really amazing to me is that I can be out there talking to the person. We can have a decent conversation, talk for 20 - 30 minutes, and as soon as someone comes up and says, ‘Don't talk to him. He is a right-winger.’

Then they don't want to talk to me anymore. I said, ‘Look, don't you find it interesting? We were just having a civil conversation. We were talking, nothing violent, nothing like that at all, but they can up and tell you to stop talking to me. All of a sudden, you don't talk to me anymore.

What is that? How are you so easily controlled?’ They look at me and say, ‘I'm not controlled.’ I said, ‘Prove me wrong,’ but they don't talk to me because I'm a right-winger.

Channon: You are a right-winger, and let's talk about right-wingers. Let's talk about free speech for a moment.

Will Johnson: Free speech, is there is such a thing?

Channon: So, breaking news today in Florida. A judge blocks DeSantis' big tech law that would fine social media against companies for banning politicians. Did you hear about that, Will?

Will Johnson: Really?

Channon: Yep.

Will Johnson: You know what? It's amazing to me that you get a judge that took an oath. That brings me to the question of what was the oath that this judge took? Or any of these judges. What is the oath?

Because to my understanding, their oath, maybe I'm wrong, maybe someone can call me and correct me, but to my understanding, when these judges, police officers, politicians, or what have you, take an oath for the duty that they're about to fulfill the U.S. Constitution is typically included in that. That they would defend it. Why aren't they defending it?

Channon: Well, first of all, let's point out that this judge is a Clinton appointed judge.

Will Johnson: Interesting.

Channon: So, here's what the article says. I'm reading Yahoo.com. It says, ‘A federal judge blocked a Florida law designed to penalize big social media companies that ban politicians over First Amendment concerns.

U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle granted a preliminary injunction against Governor Ron DeSantis' big tech law after net choice and the Computer and Communications Industry Association,’ get this, ‘represents multiple big tech companies,’ I wonder who that is, ‘filed a lawsuit earlier in the month; the lawsuit,’ this is so funny people, hold on. Guess what this lawsuit says? The lawsuit argues that ‘The law violates the First Amendment free speech clause.’

Will Johnson: What? No, it doesn't say that.

Channon: Yes.

Will Johnson: The judge ruled that it violates the First Amendment.

Channon: Well, that's what the lawsuit is. The lawsuit against big tech, which the judge is supposedly hearing, is that ‘the law violates the First Amendment free speech clause.’

Will Johnson: Let me make sure I hear you correctly. So, the law that Florida state put in place, the judge is saying that it violates the First Amendment when it comes to the tech giant?

Channon: Now listen, no. He hasn't put down a judgment. This is a lawsuit. This lawsuit has intervened. So, now there's a preliminary injunction that has suspended this law because now it's going to go to court. They're going to argue it.

Will Johnson: What is the reasoning for suspending it?

Channon: Well, because of their argument.

Will Johnson: What is their argument?

Channon: The argument is if you will let me finish saying what I was going to say. The lawsuit argues: The law violates the First Amendment speech clause, is vague in violation of the 14th Amendment, and stands in opposition to the equal protection clauses.’

This is what Hinkle wrote. This is what the judge wrote. He says, ‘The plaintiffs are likely to prevail on the merits of their claim,’ that, ‘these statutes violate the First Amendment,’ Hinkle wrote.

There is nothing that could be severed and survive. So, he's saying, based on their lawsuit, it looks like they would win anyway, so he went ahead and suspended it for now until the lawsuit has been completed.

Will Johnson: I'm confused by what you just said. So, someone else listening is confused. Tell me that again, one more time. Their reasoning for stopping is because of the 14th Amendment, cause? That's a reason for stopping the lawsuit against the tech companies.

Channon: Listen, the judge says that the lawsuit says, one, the First Amendment free speech clause is a valuable argument. It is vague in the violation of the 14th Amendment. He is saying that is a valid argument, and he says it stands in opposition to equal protection clauses against big tech and the people. So, the judge is saying their lawsuit is valid, has merit, and probably will win under the law for now.

Will Johnson: Okay, you're talking about the lawsuit from the Clintons, from the left.

Channon: Yeah, the big tech companies.

Will Johnson: They're saying their First Amendment is being violated.

Channon: Yes.

Will Johnson: That's what I asked you a minute ago, and you said, ‘No.’

Channon: Oh.

Will Johnson: So, that's why I got confused.

Channon: I apologize if I said that.

Will Johnson: So, I was correct in what I was thinking. The big tech companies are saying that their First Amendment is being violated. Yet, they're violating the First Amendment of every single person in the nation. How does that work? I mean, this is insanity flipped upside down multiple times. It's crazy.

Channon: Yeah, they were saying that this was always headed to the 11th Circuit to argue over. Governor DeSantis continues to fight for free speech. He says his problem is that big tech is discriminatory in their censorship. Even the fact that you say censorship at all makes you say, okay if there's censorship, that means that there's no free speech.

Right? If you're censoring something, you're limiting someone's free speech. Free speech is being limited by Facebook, Twitter, and all of them. If they de-platform somebody because of something they said whose free speech is being violated? Does that make sense?

Will Johnson: The people's free speech is being violated, and it is not just conservatives. What is disturbing here is that those on the left, you have a lot of leftist people; their free speech is being censored as well. Why do I say that? Because of the information that we put out; they're being censored from being able to see what we put out.

At the same time, we're being censored from seeing the information that they put out. I have to dig around and go around from corner to corner to find out what people, who are just doing videos on social media platforms about hate America and hate President Trump because the tech companies are preventing me from seeing it.

So, I have to dig and find that information, which should just be open to everybody, but at the same time, they're censoring the content that I put out there. They are censoring it from other conservatives, other like-minded people. They want to control how much people see and the information that they do see.

They're using this as a mechanism to divide all of us. Then tech companies, the tech tyranny, come along and say that their First Amendment rights are being violated. It's almost like a criminal that got done robbing a bank, saying that he should be able to rob the bank because he doesn't have money in the bank. That's what it is.

Channon: So, they cited for the First Amendment, which we're all well aware of, what the First Amendment is. They also cited the 14th Amendment. For those people who don't know the 14th Amendment, I'm just going to read it to you because this is another part of the Constitution that they cited in this lawsuit.

It says, ‘All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the United States and of the state where they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of the citizens of the United States, nor any state deprives any person of life, liberty, or parts of the law, nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the law.’

So, I'm thinking, well, you're saying the state should not create a law that deprives people of life, liberty, property without due process of law. I think that's what DeSantis did. He is trying to protect people from big tech tyranny, de-platforming people and taking away their voice without any due process of law on their side. Honestly, they take away their First Amendment rights. It's crazy.

We have empowered Facebook and them. They feel empowered. Now, do I think we, the people did it? I think our government is supporting the fact that they have such a monopoly over us. You know there's a lawsuit that they're trying to put through right now or law right now, where they're talking about breaking up Facebook and Twitter because they monopolize everything, our social media in America.

Will Johnson: They have monopolized the whole industry. To give an example, I don't mean to be on my soapbox, my sob story, or anything, but as a small business owner, I would like to advertise the products that I have for my business when I go to, for example, Twitter. Twitter said that I could not advertise on their platform because I have political views. They said that I could not advertise on their platform.

Channon: Was it a political view or is it a conservative view?

Will Johnson: It's conservative views. They are trying to say they're not going to show anything political, but you can see AOC. If that's the case, AOC should not be doing anything on Twitter because every time she puts a video or anything on Twitter, she's promoting herself. She is advertising herself without even spending money with Twitter.

So, they allow her to get funding and get people to donate to her because they are doing it. She has, in a sense, monetized her Twitter page, but people like me, if I want to advertise, even like on Facebook. If I go to Facebook, Facebook has completely removed any capability for me as a small business owner in the United States of America to advertise.

They have literally taken that option away from me. I appeal it, and it goes to la-la land. The next thing you know, a month later, it comes up and says, ‘If you find this to be a mistake about you not being able to monetize or advertise. Please submit this request form to appeal it.’

We appeal it, and it goes away into la-la land, and then a month later, it pops back up again. It's the same thing over and over. For me, to be honest with you, it disgusts me to no end.

Channon: Yeah. Listen, we have a caller on the line. We have Roger. Roger, what you got for, Will.

Roger: Hey, guys, this is Roger. I spoke to you guys in the past, and I wanted to circle back. I moved here to Irvine, California, from Los Angeles, and I just wanted to tell you, as much as I try to get away from liberalism and cancer they produce, even here in Orange County I see everywhere bumper stickers with Biden and all that nonsense. I am like, where am I going to go on Earth to get away from these people?

Channon: Not California. My brother lives in Irvine, California, so I know. Unless you're in the agricultural land or the outlying places, you're not going to see a whole lot of conservatives being vocal. There are some there, but they're not vocal for sure.

Roger: Yeah, they're not. Back to the social media guys. I think they're a monopoly, and we're not going to win that battle. It's just tough. You've got to do independent media outlets that can get the voice out.

Channon: But listen, Roger, I hear a lot of people say that. I am going to tell you about our experience over the past year and a half, two years.

Will Johnson: Two years, at least.

Channon: With so many different little pop-up places that come up. You know you got Parler, Orbits, Spreely, MeWe, and now another CloutHub. You have so many, and people go there, but they come right back to Facebook.

No matter what. We've tried to drive people over there. Number one, they just don't have the support from advertisers. So, people who are trying to make a living, doing broadcasting, and stuff they aren't going to make a living there.

So, they're not going to stay there, and then, of course, people don't stay there because their families, and friends, aren't there. They always end up coming back to Facebook. We see it in numbers because we watched a shift, and then we watched everybody shift back. We're shifting back because we're also following them.

Where are the people at? Where are they at? I think our government is going to have to force them to be fair and force them to do what's right, or they need to kick them out.

Will Johnson: The only problem with that is, the Democrats want more tech tyranny to do more censorship.

Channon: That's true too. It's a federal war.

Will Johnson: They want to censor a lot more conservatives, more Christians, and people like you, Roger. You're right. They have a monopoly with the whole tyranny. As long as these people remain in power, we're going to see more of it.

I believe that we're going to get to the levels of tyranny that the world saw in Nazi Germany. The Democrats are aggressively pushing that.

Channon: Well, let me ask you this, Roger. What experience have you had on social media? Have you tried other platforms, and what have you thought about them?

Roger: Yeah, you know what? It was a disappointment when Parler got shut down. Obviously, there are many different vendors that are very liberal that had that control, whether it's AWS and even obviously Apple. I migrated to; there's another one other than Parler. I haven't been on it for a while but at any rate.

Channon: Is it Gab?

Roger: Oh, no. What do you call it? Oh, Telegram.

Channon: Oh, okay. Yes.

Will Johnson: Yeah, Telegram.

Roger: The other thing was, I've noticed these things prior to 2020. A few things that people don't notice, but I've noticed, for example, Yahoo. I used to go on Yahoo.com a lot just to read some articles here and there. They used to have a comment section where people used to display, voice their opinions on certain matters.

A lot of the readers for Yahoo are generally the folks that still use AOL. So, generally, the older population tends to lean more conservative, and Yahoo, about five months prior to 2020, this was like in the fall of maybe summer or late fall of 2019 they yanked that off.

If you go to Yahoo right now, and you see comments, you can see why. They say due to viewership and keeping things clean. I don't know what the whole gimmick was. So, what they already did was censor prior to 2020. Same for Charter Communications. When I used to turn my DVR on prior to 2020, it used to stop or used to recall which channel I left off.

Then it used to play it from there. Now the settings automatically go to Spectrum Channel 1 news, which is far liberal. It's nothing but propaganda trying to feed that down the throat. You have no choice. Even if you leave off at MTV, for example, you shut it off, and you turn it back on. It doesn't recall it to that. So, they're playing little mind games here and there.

Let's not even think about Facebook. Let's think about all the micro ways they're getting into the psyche of the public. They have planned this for a long time. I tell you the whole thing, in my personal opinion, with the voting. There has been 100% fraud in every state where Trump should have won. I believe that there was fraud.

Will, I tell you, I feel like my vote was not counted. I feel like everyone's been cheated, and I have a real concern that democracy has been diminishing in this country because of the influence of communist China, for example. They've been everywhere, and I tell you, money talks. If China has money, these Democrats open up their pocketbooks and even some of the rhinos out there.

It's a shame. It's a shame that we're at that level now. I pray for my kids. I pray for everyone else's kids.

Channon: Yeah. When we lived in California, we felt like we didn't have a voice either. You really don't. You vote because, you know, you feel like it's your duty, but then it's like, you know it's not going your way. Especially presidential elections and stuff like that because they called it for Biden before the votes are in, it's like, oh, it's Biden. Don't wait in line—your good.

Will Johnson: When people finished at the polls, they do that with the exit polls and my question when I found out about that. When I learned about that, I'm like, well, who's checking the exit polls? Because the exit polls are people go into vote then when they come out, they ask, do you care to share who you voted for?

How do you know they're telling the truth? They might just be saying one thing to throw it off. So, then at the same time, the person doing the exit poll, how do you know the reporting accurate information?

Channon: That's true. They said a lot of people, the conservatives that were involved in those polls, lied because they didn't want to be attacked.

Will Johnson: Exactly, so they go based on the exit polls. They don't even go off the actual votes, especially like in the state of Commie-California.

Roger: Yeah, what's even scarier. You go down to L.A., downtown, Compton, and all these places. They've got boxes everywhere for drop-in mail-in ballots. Now, this is new, obviously, because of the COVID, but it's there to stay. It's like you don't tamper with these boxes. You just throw your ballot in there. Man, that's fraudulent left and right. That's the ability of anyone to collect.

Garcetti put that in place, and I'll tell you, that in itself is going to open it up to so much voter fraud. I've heard of stories where from China, the ballots were coming in with some languages. There have been pictures of that. It's just nuts. I'm telling you.

Will Johnson: You are absolutely right.

Roger: Yeah. I wish the best for everybody. I mean, hopefully, in 2024, we get our president back in there or somebody with some common sense. That's for sure.

Will Johnson: You're right, but I would say if we don't resolve the issues. The stuff that took place this past election. Then it’s not going to mean anything come 2024 because they're pushing forward.

Roger: By the way, I like Jim Jordan. Whenever I hear him talk, I love hearing him because he's making a point, but I don't like the fact that whatever he says, nothing gets done after the fact. He can make all that noise.

Will Johnson: Nothing else happens.

Channon: Well, you know what? I would tell you one thing, Roger, that you've got going for you. You got good weather there, Irvine. It's a beautiful city. It's a shame that is liberal. I will tell you that.

Will Johnson: Before we let you go; I want to know one thing. I don't know if you've heard about this, but there was a salon there in L.A. this man went in, a trans man, and he exposed himself to the women and children in there. This weekend, this Saturday, a whole bunch of people, to my understanding, will be going to this salon and protests against people exposing themselves to children.

So, I don't know if you're going to be close to there. I don't know if you want to show your support. I'm letting you know. I'm putting it out there. The left always gets a whole bunch of people showing up to these things, and we never get enough of us to show up to it. Anyways, thank you so much for the call, okay.

Roger: I appreciate it, guys. Thank you, bye-bye.

Channon: Thank you.

Will Johnson: Thank you. I want to share something because he brought up the fact about the mailboxes showing up in different places. A lot of us saw it, and they are even questioning who has the key to these boxes? Who's transporting them? Where did they get transported to? Who's verifying all of it?

You are not supposed to question it. You're supposed to just go along with it. The Democrats, that's one of the things they wanted to do with the federalizing of the election. They want to be able to control it. They found a way, after this whole plandemic, on how they can manipulate the election from here on out. Now, there's an episode here in New York City.

Well, we are not here in New York City, but in New York City here in America, I'm in Texas. They had some, what, 130,000 plus test ballots, is what they were calling them, with their fake ballots, but 130,000 plus show up in one of their elections.

Now, I want to play something for you. You just have to hear what they're saying because this happened in New York, but they're deflecting and trying to say that it didn't happen anywhere else.

Erica Hill: A massive mess up in New York City. There has already been a confusing mayoral race and more chaos. City election officials now say they mistakenly counted 130,000 test ballots in the Democratic primary.

Now, this started when the Board of Elections released new numbers yesterday suggesting the Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams lead in the primary had narrowed, but the Adams campaign and others questioned those numbers, and the board later had to admit they had mistakenly included those test ballots in the initial count. CNN's senior political analyst John Avalon is here to explain that. So, you worked with the Board of Elections?

John Avalon: Yes, I worked in New York City politics. I was on something called the Voter Advisory Assistance Commission. It is supposed to help get the vote out.

Erica Hill: So, you know all about how it works.

John Avalon: Yeah, and, you know, the word snafu, what it stands for. We will let folks google that at home, but the point is this kind of corruption and incompetence is all too regular a recurring thing for the Board of Elections.

Erica Hill: Because it's rife with cronyism?

John Avalon: It is a patronage organization. This thing has been ossified and incompetent since living memory. Going back, I mean we have had New York City reporters and official reports going back to the 1940s calling this organization illegal, inefficient, lax, and wasteful.

It's been called a semi-functioning anachronism, and everyone has an embarrassing lack of understanding. Those are decades ago. It continues today. You've got the mothers of former congressmen working there, the children, the sisters. It is a no-show job. You have one job, and they do it incredibly badly, and now it's blown up in all our faces because of the questions hanging around election integrity nationally.

Will Johnson: It blows up in all our faces.

Channon: You know, it's interesting to me when I was listening to him. He's talking about how we have no accountability in our elections, and yet when we, when conservatives are asking for accountability or asking for I.D. or asking for stricter things they say, ‘Oh, no, we can't do that.’ They say, ‘Oh, just do a signature. It's fine.’

That's what they want. They want less accountability. They do not want more accountability. The only reason why they're complaining in this instance is that they got caught.

Will Johnson: They got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. That's all that is. They got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. You know, it's like, we have to talk about it to make it look like we want to get to the bottom of it; when there is fraudulent voting going on, and it is going on because it's happening with the Democrats.

Do you remember when it first happened with Bernie Sanders this past election during the primary? They did it to Bernie Sanders. I think it was in Ohio if I'm not mistaken.

Channon: They did it in California with Hillary.

Will Johnson: But they did it again because they would say, ‘Oh, my goodness, okay, we got caught doing it.’ Just sweep it under the rug. When it happens to them, then they say it's an issue. When the world looked at it and said, wait a minute, what are you doing here?

Channon: Well, they are typical hypocrites.

Will Johnson: It is 100% typical.

Channon:  Hey, listen, Will, we have a caller on the line call? Karl from Arkansas. What do you have for, Will?

Will Johnson: Karl from Arkansas. Hey, thanks for calling Karl.

Karl: Hey, how are you doing, Will?

Will Johnson: Good, thanks so much for the call.

Karl: Since we're being restricted and redirected, I wanted to give you a little bit of a heads up. I don't know if you heard about the app, but there's an app called Wilkin. Wendy Bell and OANN are on there now. It's a new upcoming Facebook.

Will Johnson: It's called Wimkin? Spell it for me.

Karl: W-I-M-K-I-N, and there are no restrictions, none whatsoever. You get two different selections. You can create a page, group, or you could do both, but Wendy Bell is on there now, and they advertise her real good. OANN same with them, and I'm telling you, Will.

Your show can get a real good hit over there because you don't get the censoring. You don't get this blocking or anything like that.

Channon: Do they allow people to Livestream.

Karl: I believe they do because Wendy Bell is over there.

Channon: Does she upload, or does she do a live stream.

Karl: I really don't know.

Channon: So, I'm looking at Wimkin right now. It says it was launched in August of 2020. As of January, this year, it only has 300,000 users, which is like nothing, but apparently, Wimkin has been taken off of the Apple store. Surprisingly, Apple removed them.

After the thing happened at the White House on January 6th because they said they allowed violent content. Oh, give me a break.

Karl: And Google removed them as well, but then Google put them back because they couldn't find any true violations. Do you know what I'm saying?

Will Johnson: Apple hasn't put them back because they go along with whatever lies that the left put out there.

Karl: There you go, and there's a couple of things I want to talk to you about, but, you know, the apps I use to follow you over on Facebook and YouTube when I can. Telegram, like that other gentleman discussed, Wimkin, and MeWe. Platforms like that we can still speak to each other.

Channon: Well, you know, it is unfortunate we can't just get behind one because that's one thing that we've also learned is that we're dividing ourselves so much that our message isn't getting out either. People are like, oh, come to the Wimkin, oh, come to CloutHub, oh come to MeWe. So, you don't see anybody there. I mean, I don't ever see Terrance there. They may be there for a minute.

Will Johnson: Even Parler, you know, Parler is back up, but every time I go into Parler, the next day when I go back, I'm logged out, and I have to log back in. People are still posting there. There are too many places for people to go to, and you have people still go to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The big three. They pick one of them.

Channon: I think all these platforms need to get together and just become one big platform.

Karl: Exactly.

Channon: I think that is going to help us more than anything, but all of these platforms want to make their own money. They want to be the next Facebook. Unless they all come together, I hate to say it; none of them are going to be Facebook. None of them will be.

They don't have the money. Republicans and conservatives do not financially back these platforms. They just don't, like the liberals back Facebook. It just doesn't happen. It's so frustrating.

Karl: Another problem is, they worry about the host doing away with them, like Parler. I mean, they're worried about all of us ganging up on one host or server. Then next thing you know, they're gone.

Channon: Once again, it goes back to, we need to put laws into place that don't empower these companies.

Will Johnson: It was supposed to be in place. There was supposed to be section 230, but they have trampled over Section 230. They have trampled over it. You have these politicians saying to the tech tyranny that they're not doing enough with trampling over the stuff they put in place.

Channon: I think Trump and the Republicans when they had power failed.

Will Johnson: They failed by not addressing the issue.

Channon: Big time.

Karl: Yeah, they did, and Trump started his own blogger platform. Then he took it back down.

Channon: Because people don't go there.

Will Johnson: Yeah, people don't go, and people are like, okay, it's become a ghost town. So, hey, thank you so much for the call, sir.

Karl: Have a good one, Will.

Will Johnson: You too, take care.

Channon: So, let me tell you this, Will. I know we're talking about other social media platforms. I don't mean to be a downer about them. I really don't mean to be a downer but listen. Over the past couple of years, we have seen that these platforms cannot get the momentum they need to become something great.

Will Johnson: The problem is, when they get the momentum, guess what happens? The left starts crying about them, and then they shut them down.

Channon: But also, we don't have people financially backing them. If we had people financially creating ads, supporting public speakers like you and others out there. Then if you guys moved, people would move with you, but because there's no support for your voice, quite honestly, there isn't. There's not enough support by conservative financiers. How do you say that? Oh, my gosh.

Will Johnson: Financiers?

Channon: Right, to help you grow? But listen to what Facebook is doing now. This is on Epic Times today. It says, pretty weird. ‘Facebook is now sending warnings to users about potentially extremist friends.’ This is crazy.

Will Johnson: Wait, so, if you have a friend that is potentially extremist, then they're going to send it to you.

Channon: Look, this is the warning that people are getting now. I'm looking at it right now. It says, ‘Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist?’

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness.

Channon: And then it goes on to say, ‘We care about preventing extremism on Facebook. Others in your situation have received confidential support.’ Then it says, ‘How can we help you get support?’ Basically, they want you to narc on people.

Will Johnson: Yeah, that's exactly what it is.

Channon: So, you help Facebook navigate and find people and censor the people. That's what you're doing.

Will Johnson: Snitch, snitch, snitch, tell on them. Then they can put it off onto the people that follow them. Do you know what they're going to do? That's going to create little pockets of demon minions on Facebook.

All they're going to do is go around and report people more saying, ‘Hey, they're becoming extremists.’ They don't agree with someone living a simple lifestyle, and I'm talking about those that live in the L-M-N-O-P community. It's crazy.

Channon: It is crazy. You have to go to Epoch Times to read this article. It says, ‘Facebook spokesperson confirms to CNN on Thursday,’ that's today, ‘that the social media giant is currently running the warning as a test.’

They said, ‘This test is a part of our larger work to access ways to provide resources and support to people on Facebook who may have engaged with or were exposed to extremist content or may know someone at risk.’ Come on.

Will Johnson: So, what determines who is an extremist? What is their definition of extremist?

Channon: Yeah, there's no definition.

Will Johnson: I mean, so how do you determine that? Can they say because, hey, you love America, and you have a picture with an American flag that you considered extremist? Can they say that because you believe in God's word that you're considered an extremist?

Can they say that because you still want President Trump back into the office and don't believe all of the fraudulent lies? You don't agree with Antifa and BLM that you are an extremist? Because, you know, they're not going to say that about BLM. If you post stuff out there about BLM, and yes, I'm a black man, talking about BLM because Lucifer manipulates.

If you're talking about organizations like that in a good light, then you're okay. Even though BLM and Antifa have burnt down billions of dollars worth of property damage and even taken the lives of people because of the criminal George Floyd, but they call all of them peaceful.

They can go out there and terrorize congresspeople, force them to sign documentation saying that you're not going to arrest people for rioting.

Channon: Counsel people, not Congress.

Will Johnson: I'm sorry, counsel. I'm so ... This is tyranny in your face. This is Nazi Germany in your face. People kept saying, ‘Oh, this wouldn't happen in my lifetime.’ Oh, really? Now that it is happening in your lifetime can I get you to repeat that?

Channon: Listen, Will, you and I know. How do they package everything? Oh, we are here to help you. They put it in this little package.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they package it into something good. We are doing this for you. So, snitch on everybody that you think is an extremist.

Channon: It's a get support button, people, because you guys need support when somebody hurts your feelings.

Will Johnson: So, what are they going to do then? They're going to remove people from the platforms because they disagree with your opinion.

Channon: I don't know. It's in the test phase. They are not going to tell us what it is.

Will Johnson: You know what? They add new policies to their community standards on a day-to-day basis. The policy changes and you don't even know what changed.

Channon: This is my problem with Will, he likes trolls, and he likes addressing people.

Will Johnson: I don't like trolls. I like having a conversation with trolls.

Channon: Whatever. Will likes to have a conversation with them.

Will Johnson: I do.

Channon: I delete them because of this reason right here. They will turn you in. Then they will de-platform you and demonetize you. Do you know what? This is the First Amendment, and you have no due process.

Will Johnson: Isn't it something. So, today is July 1st. You get a liberal judge, a communist's liberal judge to push back on the law put in place in the state of Florida. Then Facebook doubled down with this. They're doubling down with this

Channon: This is crazy.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they are doubling down. Not only are we going to push back on what the governor of Florida did. We're going to double down on you.

Channon: We're going to have everybody censor you. We're not going to censor you. We will let your friends and your family censor you.

Will Johnson: We are going to have everybody censor you. Neighbors snitch on a neighbor. We're going to have your friends snitch on friends. We're going to have your family members snitch on you. Nazi Germany, 1930s, all over again. All over again. The Nazis would be proud.

Channon: See, the thing is, they admit to what they're doing. She's like, yeah, we confirmed we're running that as the test. We want to see how many people will turn in their family. It blows me away, Will.

Will Johnson: Seriously, how many people? This should infuriate everybody.

Channon: Yeah, like, Will. I knew it was going to hit a button.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness. That pushes a button, a rail. It's a big red button. Oh, my goodness.

Channon: You know what? This is exactly what they do. You just showed an example of hypocrisy.

Will Johnson: Yeah, with the voting.

Channon: With the voting and then with Facebook, saying, ‘Oh, we have free speech protections,’ but yet everybody on their platform doesn't have free speech protections. Then McCarthy, Will, you played this on one of your shows the other day.

McCarthy gave a speech on the House floor about statues being removed. They're trying to pass legislation where certain statues would be removed that have been around for hundreds of years at the U.S. capital. Do we have the audio or no? I'm sorry.

Will Johnson: We do.

Channon: Okay, will you play the audio quickly. So, it's calling for the removal of statues, and McCarthy is saying, ‘Hey, listen, I approved of this legislation before. I will approve of it now,’ but let's note.

Will Johnson: The racist statues they want to take down.

Channon: The racist statues, the ones that have a terrible history, are all Democrats.

Will Johnson: All Democrats, and guess who sent them to the Capitol? All Democrats.

Channon: And now the Democrats want to remove them.

Will Johnson: All of them are Democrats. It's like the whole CRT thing. I would be for CRT. Did you all hear that? I would be for CRT if they would say that it was the racist white Democrats.

Channon: I thought you were to say, PYT.

Will Johnson: PYT?

Channon: Pretty young thing.

Will Johnson: (Laughing) But they don't ever bring that in. They don't ever say that CRT is because they want to bring the actual history saying it was the racist white Democrats. The white Republicans were helping black people reach freedom, but they leave that key point out.

Channon: Exactly.

Will Johnson: They want to change it and flip it, saying, ‘Look, this is what white people were doing.’ They don't want to acknowledge which white people they were. They want to say white people created this animosity, but let's listen to this.

Channon: But before we do this, I should say one thing. Let's remember the darkest times in the history of our country have been perpetrated by the Democrat Party. We need to remember that, and they want to erase that.

Will Johnson:  Exactly.

Kevin McCarthy: The defining time of our nation. The greatest challenge ever to our Constitution was the civil war, long and by far. The bill we are voting on today, we voted before, and I supported it. I support it now but let me state a simple fact. All the statues being removed by this bill are statues of Democrats.

Madam Speaker, as I heard the speaker talk earlier about removing the four portraits of speakers in the hall. The same answer goes for that as well. They were all Democrats. What's interesting, the statues that need to be removed were sent to the capital by states that were majority controlled by Democrats—sent to a House that had a majority controlled by Democrats, accepting of these statues.

I think the bill should go further. Maybe it's time the Democrats changed the name of their party. Can they be desperate to pretend their party has progressed from their days of supporting slavery, pushing Jim Crow laws, or supporting the KKK?

But let's be honest. At any place, at any time if those fundamentals rest somewhere, we cannot let them. Let's go through some of the ...

Will Johnson: You know what? It is so remarkable, and what he's saying is true because it's the racist Democrats that wanted slavery. They wanted to prevent black people from voting, women from voting, and against the Civil Rights Act.

They were against reparations right after the civil war when the Republicans gave reparations to slaves, and then the Democrats reversed that. The Democrats have done everything against positive stuff in this nation over and over and over again.

He spoke truth on the floor, and not a single Democrat understood, or it didn't even register in your brain cavity what he was saying because they all have this sinister demonic agenda against the United States of America to take it down. They're nothing but gangsters.

Every last one of them, they're nothing but gangsters. AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Pressley, all of them, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, and Biden. Every last one of them is gangsters against the United States of America. They are the radical ones. If you want to report somebody for being extremist. I just listed off all of them.

Actually, I missed a few of them. Don't forget Maxine Waters. You have heard her. She's talking about attacking people that don't think like them. If you see someone from the Trump cabinet, don't give them any rest. Approach them, get in their face. Get people to attack them.

Biden, supposedly the acting president of the United States, Joe Biden right now, he's said, ‘Hey, your Second Amendment means nothing because we have F15s, and we have nukes.’ Basically, he's saying we will nuke you if you don't give up your firearms. We will destroy you with F15s if you don't give up your firearms.

People, with Facebook, are doing this, and with the government doing this I would love for you to sit there and send me a message saying, ‘Will, this ain't going to happen in my lifetime.’ Send it to me again. Send it to me.

I have so many people say, ‘Will, I hear what you're saying, but it's not going to happen in my lifetime.’ Not in my lifetime? Where have you been? Are you dead yet? Because this is your lifetime. If you're still alive, it's happening right now in your lifetime. We are not promised tomorrow, but guess what?

You are alive right now, and you're sucking air down here. It is happening in your lifetime! This is remarkable. I'm so worked up about that Facebook. I can't even tell you. I want to rip up something. Is there something I can destroy right now?

Channon: Listen if anything we've learned ...

Will Johnson: Oh, I sound like an extremist, don't I?  Oh, my goodness, he wants a start something. Oh, maybe if I get on here and start whispering then it will be okay. Like Biden, I can whisper because the Communists are coming.

Do Facebook because they want you to snitch on your family. They want you to snitch on your friends. They want you to snitch on everybody that they believe is an extremist, seriously?

Channon: You are scaring me, Will.

Will Johnson: That was Joe Biden. I was imitating him. It's so crazy.

Channon: Yeah. You know, zebras don't change their stripes.

President Joe Biden: Come on, man.

Channon: Democrats have not changed their stripes, and you know what? I oppose taking down those statues. I'm not for it. We need to be reminded of the history of the Democrat Party.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I say that quite often, but in the capital, you know, the pictures of the Democrats on the walls. Okay, take them down. Put them in a museum, but the ones throughout the nation, like here in Texas. There's a Confederate statue in Georgetown, Texas, which I need to go back there again and do a video.

Channon: We haven't done a phone call. Let's go ahead, and take a phone call, Will. I'm sorry.

Will Johnson:  I think it should remain. Okay, let's go to this phone call.

Channon:  Yeah, we got Brenda from Illinois.

Will Johnson: Hey, Brenda, thank you so much for the call.

Brenda: Hello, Will!

Will Johnson:  Hello.

Brenda: I have never gotten ahold of you before. I'm so glad I get to talk to you, and I'm totally in agreement with this tyrant text. It's terrible!

Will Johnson: Tech tyranny.

Brenda: Yes. I watch your show. I watch your show constantly, all the time, you, Jay, Jamal, and many others. Anymore it's like trying to climb a mountain trying to watch your videos. They cut them off, make funny sounds, you know, they take your life away or won't let you like many things. What are we supposed to do to stop this? It's crazy.

Will Johnson: It's just too late.

Channon: I think it's up to our representatives.

Brenda: All the prayers in the world, I don't think, are going to help these people.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I think it's too late.

Brenda: They say, pray for your enemies, you know.

Will Johnson: I was going to say this, I think it's really important. The Bible tells us that we should pray for our enemies. It tells us that we pray for them. That is really hard right now.

Brenda: Yeah, that's what I just said. You always say that.

Will Johnson: These people are demonic.

Brenda: Yeah, I agree with you, and I always agree with you when you say that. You know, that's the right thing to do, but I don't think there's any help for them. I mean, it makes you sad.

Will Johnson: I think God hooked them up to a reprobate mind.

Brenda: Oh, yeah, I think the devil himself has got a lot to do with it. Yes, but I think that God is showing them, do you want to live this kind of life because you're going to be stuck there, forever, and ever, amen.

Will Johnson: Absolutely.

Brenda: And I agree with both of you that these Rhino Republicans lost their chance with the text, and I don't think it will ever come back again to the floor. Do you?

Channon: I pray it does, but I hear what you are saying.

Will Johnson: I think the only way it's going to happen is if we can fix what happened this past election and correct it in 2022 with the House and the Senate. We've got to correct it. If we can correct it in the House and the Senate, it's possible because they know how important it is.

They have to address it. If we get more people, true Republicans and not these Rhinos. True Republicans, to get in the House and the Senate, we can make the change that needs to take place, but the Democrats are so conniving. That's the reason why they were doing H.R.1 to try to make sure they can control the elections from here to eternity.

They want a federal law. They're not going to stop. They're going to do the same thing that they did in 2022. So, thank you so much for the call, and thank you so much for tuning in, okay. I'll be live tonight at 9:00 p.m.

Brenda: Thank you and pray for Illinois.

Will Johnson: Absolutely, take care. Thank you so much.

Channon: We have Michael from Minnesota. I don't know if he's still on the line.

Will Johnson: Do we have Michael? Is there a Michael?

Channon: Dang, I'm sorry.

Will Johnson: Michael is gone?

Channon: He hung up. Sorry, Michael, I was trying to get to you.

Will Johnson: Okay. Well, hey, I'll be live tonight on my normal broadcast, 9:00 p.m. Central. You can go to UAF.media, and you can find me on all the platforms that I am going live. You'll see me there at multiple places like Rumble, etc. So, please go there to those locations. Do me a favor.

Send a text, and type W-I-L-L to 88202. Please do that for me. Do that for me because if you do that, it's free. It's absolutely free. Just text W-I-L-L to 88202. Now, we do have a lot of stuff going on. Can I even talk about the My Pillow Guy? Can I talk about him?

Channon: Sure, why not?

Will Johnson: Just to mention it really quickly because we're all under attack, and the tyranny is bad. So, if you ever want to go to MyPillow.com, please use the promo code, Unite1. You will be helping me out.

You're helping us keep this broadcast going if you're checking this all out. If you go to MyPillow.com and use the promo code, Unite1, we need to unite this country as one, Unite1.

Channon: All right. So, I don't know Will. I don't know what to say going forward.

Will Johnson: You know, I want to do a short video on my Facebook. Facebook will probably take that down because I'm going to say exactly what it is. They're coming across like it's all fine and dandy, like this is just great. Oh, yes, snitch on your extremist friends. What test run? Test run my backside. "O," wee.

Channon: Yeah, you know it's going to be part of their, yeah.

Will Johnson: "O" wee that is total tyranny, and on the same day, July 1st, the same day, you get a communist-socialist judge to fight against the governor of Florida—fighting for the people in that state. Oh, my goodness. Hey, everybody. We will be here next Thursday.

Thank you so much for tuning in. We had an awesome time, awesome callers. I wish we could have gotten to that last caller. We will be here next Thursday, God willing. Hey, have a wonderful 4th of July weekend. You know what? I got a poll out, Channon. How many people do you think are going to get shot in Chicago this 4th of July? People get shot in Chicago every year on the 4th of July.

Channon:  Do they?

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah.

Channon: Well, they do every night, anyway.

Will Johnson: I mean, it's huge on the 4th of July.

Channon: It's a big night?

Will Johnson: Yeah, it's a huge weekend. So, just over the weekend, how many people do you think will get shot at the 4th of July weekend in Chicago?

Channon: Thirty, I say 30.

Will Johnson: Thirty, okay, I'm going to go with 60. I'm going to double it because they try to beat the numbers every year. Anyways, hey, everybody. We'll see you next Thursday. Have a wonderful weekend. God bless you, and God bless America! See you next time.

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