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Islamic Supremacy Causing Discrimination Against Ex-Muslims



Anni Cyrus: Hello, everybody, and welcome to ATP Report Radio, Islam Corner. I am your host, Anni Cyrus. Thank you so much for joining us today. We do have an amazing guest today, who is my personal hero. Before I bring him on, though, I want to do what I always do.

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Now, without further ado, I’m extremely excited to have our very special guest with me today, Dr. Bill Warner. He is the founder of Political Islam, and he is the man who understands the topic of political Islam. Its dangers that we face every day in this country being America, and everyone else across planet Earth, I would say.

So, today we are going to talk about how Islamic supremacy in America has created discrimination against ex-Muslims like myself. Dr. Bill Warner, are you with us?

Dr. Bill Warner: Glad to be here, Anni. Anytime you want me to do something, just ask me.

Anni Cyrus: I do feel the privilege. I thank you for that, I do. I know you are an extremely busy and productive man, but trust me, if I could, I would literally just sit down next to you all day.

Ask you questions, and brainstorm with you because you do come up with some brilliant ideas.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, that’s just a product of a retired brain.

Anni Cyrus: Oh, boy, I wish I had a retired brain.

Dr. Bill Warner: I have been at this since 2001.

Anni Cyrus: Wow.

Dr. Bill Warner: On the day after the 9/11 attack, I decided I was going to do something. Well, I didn’t know what, but I knew I was going to do it with the Quran. So, I’ve been at this a while now.

Anni Cyrus: I can understand that, and I am glad you have been.

Dr. Bill Warner: I would quit if I could, but I don’t have that option.

Anni Cyrus: No, please don’t. We need you. We really need you. I know it’s too much pressure, but we need you. On that note, let’s kick it off with this, Dr. Warner. I was sent an article a few days ago, which, even for me, was shocking.

So, recently our Senate went ahead and confirmed a lifetime position for a Muslim judge to be a federal judge in America, which we can definitely discuss how much conflict that will create. Then we have Ilhan Omar, and we have Keith Ellison, we have Rashida Tlaib, you know, we have Muslims everywhere, but this one shocked me the most.

There is this young lady, a Somalin, young lady, a Muslim, Somalian, young lady in Washington, who is running for office and has endorsements from senators and members in Washington. Here’s what’s amazing about this person. Back in 2010, Ubax is her name.

This lady gets on a high school bus and demands the driver to inform the dispatcher that a national security incident was going on. When the driver tries to ask her to leave the bus and exit, she makes threats, such as, ‘Hey, you need to calm down and behave because I might be wearing a bomb and blow up this bus filled with kids.’ This is in the police report.

This woman not only wasn’t arrested nor charged she didn’t have a bomb, but she made the threat. She wasn’t charged, she wasn’t arrested, none of that, but ten years or 11 years later, she is running for office. Can you explain this to me, Dr. Warner?

Dr. Bill Warner: I’ve said this many times. It is not that Islam is so strong, but we are so weak, afraid, and ignorant. That’s how I base this because it would not surprise me if she did blow up the bus. They would have found some way to, oh, I know what they would have said.

If she blew up the bus, they would have said, ‘Oh, she’s not a real Muslim.’ We’re not willing to face the problems that we have. We are willing to make any excuse. I find it disturbing. I’m 80 years old, so I’ve seen a lot of things happen, but I’ve never seen the knees buckle out of a civilization like ours has here in the United States.

We’ve lost speed. I’m going to use an old-fashioned word that my grandmother told me called gumption. If you don’t have any backbone or gumption, no matter what it is, we’re willing to give it a pass. So, I don’t blame her.

Anni Cyrus: To what end?

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, the idea seems to be that if you keep throwing your children to the alligator, they will never get around eating you. It’s like there’s nothing; there doesn’t seem to be anything. The one that sticks out in my mind, for instance, is 2001, 9/11 after what should have been a disastrous PR result, the bombing of the World Trade Towers.

Three days later, the phones began to ring in churches all across the United States. No one paid any attention to this, but the voice on the other end of the phone says, ‘Hi, my name is Imad, and we want to come to your church and give a lecture on Islam, the religion of peace.’

Well, they got a whole bunch of invites, so they don’t have any limitations as to what they mean. They also said that 9/11 hurt the Muslims. Never minding the kafirs that died. So, it’s like, no matter what it is, we will take the abuse. Why? I don’t know. I wasn’t raised that way. I don’t abuse other people, but I also don’t let other people abuse me, which is the difference.

So, it doesn’t surprise me that anything at all happens. I’ll give you another example at the supermarket King Sooper in Boulder, Colorado. An ISIS man pledged to ISIS, and he killed ten people. Well, for two days, it was all about this evil white guy. So, the evil white guy turned out to be a Syrian Muslim.

It all just disappeared off the news. I have a suggestion for you. If you don’t want to be an evil white person which, seems to be that I am, just by virtue of being white. Then just join Islam. Then all of a sudden, you won’t be white anymore-funny thing about that.

Anni Cyrus: I do apologize for laughing. It is not funny, it’s tragic, but it’s so tragic that it almost makes it funny. Yes, I agree with you being an ex-Muslim. I grew up with this abuse and bullying. Not only I refused to give in to their bullying abuse, but I made sure to never, ever let anyone else in any other shape inflict such abuse on me.

Obviously, that’s why I do what I do, but I guess my biggest frustration is not even a question because I somehow know the answer. The frustration is how far that Islamic supremacy is going to go. Are we all, what I mean by all of us, meaning, average Americans, are we all going to just wait until the Muslim Brotherhood flag is flying over our White House before we realize it’s time to do something? Because by then I promise you, there is nothing to be done.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, there doesn’t seem to be any limit to fear. This is a problem I go with all the time. The other thing is, I meet people who want to be educated, but after they get educated, they don’t want to do anything. We all seem to be so afraid that we’re going to say the wrong thing, and I personally have said the wrong thing many times. So, I guess I’m used to it.

Anni Cyrus: Yeah, that’s true, but at least to me, the whole point of having freedom of speech is to say it even if it’s wrong.

Dr. Bill Warner: That’s what I do.

Anni Cyrus: That’s what I do, too, but then it comes back to hypocrisy and double standards. If what we say is the right thing, but it doesn’t fit the narrative. They turn it into the wrong thing. We become the Islamophobic, bigoted, hateful people, but when this woman gets on a bus with a bunch of kids in it and makes threats like that, she has freedom of speech.

I guess. Every time she goes on camera talking about how peaceful her religion is, and how, by the way, just so my audience knows, her entire problem was, she was trying to make the relationship between America and Somalia better. That was her attempt. Just imagine if she’s elected to power. Imagine how she’s going to go about it.

Eleven years ago, she didn’t have the power to be involved with any lawmaking in this country, and she decided to get on a bus with a bunch of kids and make threats such as I have a bomb. Then she moved on to I might have a weapon, hey, I might start shooting people. This woman is genuinely running for office and has an endorsement from Democrats.

I won’t be surprised if soon a couple of Republicans start endorsing her because, as Dr. Warner said, the whole point is to be nice and give them power because we don’t want to be labeled the bad people.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, I remember my life well. I’ve been called a racist, hater, bigot, Islamophobia many times. Ubax has never hurt me. I don’t understand why people are so concerned about the business of hurting someone’s feelings, and by the way, I’m never rude.

Still, what should happen is that her opponent, if she has one, surely, there will be some opponent. They should wave this banner, flag, and threats against children. Make it your own campaign slogan. Do you want to elect a child killer for this office? I don’t know. What kind of office is it?

Anni Cyrus: I’m obsessing over the fact that she wasn’t charged, nor arrested, nor investigated. I feel like I want to start a petition to reopen the case from 10 years ago, 11 years ago. This was 2010; she walked away, same day.

Again, this wasn’t even on the news when it happened. It came up because some of the people on the opposition side decided to dig a little deeper and see who she is.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, I don’t know if it would be worth going back. There’s a, what do they call it in law? There are some clauses, murder is not one of them or kidnapping, but there are certain laws that if we don’t get a prosecution done in a certain amount of time, it can’t be done. I think we are beyond that.

Anni Cyrus: Yes, but terrorism does not have a statute of limitation. That’s my point. We are so soft. As you said, we are acting like cowards. We don’t want to label this.

Dr. Bill Warner: No, no, you’re wrong. We are not acting like cowards. We are cowards.

Anni Cyrus: You’re very right. I guess it’s just so hard for me to say we are. I keep wanting to feel like we aren’t, we’re just acting, but you’re correct. We are cowards at this point. Now, let me say this because I see we have a couple of callers. Dr. Warner, so September 11th happened.

The first thing everybody ran out to say is this had nothing to do with Islam. Bush runs out to say Islam is a religion of peace, but people like yourself who have studied Islam knew better than to believe any of that. Then a lot of people started the beautiful memes and banners of never forget. Never forget, as I look back, not only have we forgotten.

We have made sure to open more doors for the Muslim Brotherhood, and yes, I call someone like her, someone like Judge Quraishi, and someone like Ilhan Omar, I call them Muslim Brotherhood because, number one: One way or another, they have ties to them. Number two: None of them has come out to tell the truth about them. So, in my eyes, they’re all part of the same party.

Dr. Bill Warner: I agree. By the way, one of the ways to measure this is there was a report on 9/11, and the original report on 9/11 included words like jihad, terror, Islam, and other such words. There’s a new 9/11 report which doesn’t include any Islamic words. So, you could read it and never know who did it. Yet, Mohammed Atta and those others who did it were very proud of it because, let’s face it, they were doing exactly what the Quran says. Jihad is a sacred act.

So, it was a good day for them. It may have been a bad day for us, but we’ve now made it even a better day because now we won’t even discuss that what they did was wrong. As a matter of fact, I’ve even heard some people try to justify the destruction of the World Trade Towers because of our foreign policy or something like that. So, we are willing to blame anybody but ourselves.

Anni Cyrus: Exactly, to this day, anything that happens, we rush to defend the poor Muslim community and the backlash the Muslim community is going to face. Nobody comes out to say; actually, I have said, if you don’t want to face backlash when things like this happen, for example, when this young lady is going to run for office.

Why don’t you come out and say, I don’t support her because she did such and such? When the gay club in Florida terrorist does what he does, you should come out and say; I don’t support what he did. These poor Muslims are hiding behind closed doors and mosques to be supposedly good Muslims. We know, Dr. Warner, they don’t come out to say anything because if they do, they’re going to earn bounties on their head, right?

Dr. Bill Warner: This is true.

Anni Cyrus: Let me use this to go into, of course, we have given as much power as we can to the Muslim Brotherhood, Muslims, and let’s give them more power. Even though funny enough, they work their way backward because first, they made history by having the first Muslim President.

Now, they’re breaking the record by having first Muslim everything in the government, but here’s my question, Dr. Warner. Let’s say I would come out and say I want to run for office, Congress. How much backlash do you think I would receive, especially from Democrats, for being an Islamophobe bigot? They would bury my campaign. They would never let me make the first speech.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, I studied a little martial art, and one of the most interesting was Krav Maga. One of the things you learn in Krav Maga is when the other person strikes a blow, you parry, and then you always attack. So, that’s the way I debate, and if I was going to be running for office. I would run proudly on my thing as an Islamophobic.

Anybody who wanted to deal with me about it, I would demand them to be an Islamophobic, too, because I want to talk about the Islam that we’re phobic about. So, I think that the proper response in war is always to attack. I think that I’ve always preached the doctrine that come election time, we should shove Islam Muslim candidate’s back aside.

We should make them own it and take care of it? We should make accusations against them. Don’t be polite: charge. Most people like a winner, and so if you act like a winner, more people will like you. Now, we seem to be saying, well, now, if you’re a coward, that’s a desirable social state.

I’ve learned something about courage. I have known people who served in the military who would charge a machine gun, but they won’t stand up in a room with 100 other people and disagree with them. So, there are different kinds of courage, and what we need here is moral courage.

Personally, I also need a good night’s sleep. So, if I don’t deal with the evil happening during the day, I don’t get a good night’s sleep. So, doing the right thing makes me sleep better. I couldn’t live with myself any other way.

Anni Cyrus: Yeah, but the difference is, from what I’ve experienced by doing this for a few years is, people sleep just fine until it’s in their backyard, then they get nervous. When they hear about the robbery going on in the town next to them, oh, too bad for that town, but if the robbery happened next door. Then they’re going to get a security system, weapons and lock their doors.

That is human nature, but sadly, people don’t understand that any neighborhood in America being conquered is our neighborhood. Gradually, they will conquer all of it. By then, it’s too late to get a security system, weapons, and, as you said, lose sleep over what you didn’t do.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, the doctrine of Islam says they’re never supposed to stop the attack once it starts. I have a certain admiration for the Muslim Brotherhood. For instance, they do it so well. You should study your enemy because if his doctrine makes him strong, his doctrine also helps make you strong.

So, I have a certain admiration. One thing I see about a lot of Muslims is they actually practice what they believe, and I think the people who are just muttering about it and pray about it are not practicing what they say they believe.

Anni Cyrus: That’s true. I know we have a couple of calls and questions but let me do this as an ex-Muslim. Here’s my point of view. Anyone out there who’s not saying anything to call out Muslims has automatically picked their side, which means they have abandoned us, the ex-Muslim.

On that note, I wish they would at least give us a chance to hear our side of the story before picking sides. When I say people, I go all the way from the government to mainstream media, Fox News, Sean Hannity, Tucker, and to my own neighbor. I wish we could get a chance to tell our side of a story before they start picking sides and defending because sometimes not saying anything is picking sides. Isn’t it, Dr. Warner?

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, silence is consent, that’s what Sharia preaches, and I agree. Silence is consent. So, when the police did not do anything about her threatening to blow up the bus, they consented to it. They probably didn’t think about it that way. Let’s take this another way, which is, I think, even more horrific. In England, the rape gangs groom young girls for a period of years.

The police knew about it, and the social workers knew about it, but they did nothing about it. Why? Because they did not want to be accused of being Islamophobes. I’m astounded at people’s fear. When I was a child, there was a little sing-song thing we said, ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.’

I really believe that. I’ve been called everything in the book. None of those words has hurt me yet. Maybe it’s because I know who I am.

Anni Cyrus: Or maybe, in my case, I grew up with so many names. I was called so many names that I grew a very thick skin. I mean, I don’t think it gets any worse than being called a half-a-person. They look you in the eye at age nine and ten and tell you, ‘Hey, you’re a woman. However, you’ve got half a brain.

So, as your male guardian, I will control every step of your life because you’re not even a full human to make a decision.’ So, trust me, Islamophobic, bigoted, hateful, anti-Muslim, and traitor doesn’t even compare to the words I grew up with. Again, it goes back to I wish we would have a chance to tell our side, with evidence.

We can back it up. Forget all my memories. I can use most of your books, Dr. Warner, to prove my point. You’ve read a book on being a woman under Sharia, correct?

Dr. Bill Warner: Yes.

Anni Cyrus: Can you vouch for what I just said?

Dr. Bill Warner: Yes, it’s exactly correct. I read an interesting book by; her last name was Bin Laden. She married into the Bin Laden family. She was from Switzerland.

Anni Cyrus: Yes. I Knew Bin Laden’s Mother.

Dr. Bill Warner: Yes, it was interesting to see how the girls were taught to always submit to the boys. If there was no chair in the room and a boy walked in, and the girls had all the chairs, one of them had to get up and give him the chair. There were these little subtle things like that. It went on and on.

I found it degrading, yet it was the standard Saudi raising which is the standard Islamic State raising. It was interesting to see the subtleties of it. A woman who goes through all this, I’ll call it training. Literally, she becomes half a person after a while. You must have met people who believe they’re half a person and gone along with the whole program, Muslim women.

Anni Cyrus: Yeah, I did. I will tell you a little tiny secret. I have had times in my life as an adult. In about a month or so, it will be 19 years that I have lived life in America. I still have days when I have to contact one of my close friends, a male, a man, and run my idea by him because my subconscious tells me I am making the biggest mistake of my life.

That I don’t have enough of a brain to make the decision, these are the side effects of being a survivor of Sharia. Imagine living your entire life under a dictatorship, and brainwashing.

Dr. Bill Warner: You become like the woman in a Sharia court in the Middle East. She sued the Sharia court for her husband to stop beating her every day and only beat her once a week.

That’s the kind of mind that produces. Don’t beat me every day, and just beat me once a week. That’s the half-person they become.

Anni Cyrus: Exactly. Okay, before we go into the ex-Muslim part of this discussion, calls and questions are piling up. So, let’s grab some of them. The first question is coming from our audience on chat. They ask Dr. Warner, did I hear Dr. Warner correctly that the 9/11 report was recently changed, or was it a historical document?

Dr. Bill Warner: How recent it is? I don’t know. I haven’t seen the document in a long time, but it did get changed. Here’s another example of another document that was written wrong. General Stanley McChrystal wrote a battle plan for Afghanistan to win.

I read the battle plan, and it was redacted so far as particular times, places, and people, but three words were never in this war doctrine. They were Islam, Jihad, and Muslim. Now, here’s supposed to be one of our best generals writing a war doctrine, who doesn’t even name the enemy? How do you defeat an enemy you will not name?

This is the best of West Point and the best of the U.S. military to go to war against an enemy they will not name? How wrong can you get?

Anni Cyrus: Very true. I call it a guessing game. You’re just guessing.

Dr. Bill Warner: No, you’re hoping. You’re not even guessing. You’re just hoping this will be fine. What gets me is we’ve been doing the same, hoping things ever since 9/11, and nothing changes. We’re still hoping, and hoping, and hoping. We keep saying, well, you know, if we treat them right, they’ll treat us right.

Anni Cyrus: Yeah, well, false hope. I promise you, people, false hope. Okay, we have a couple of callers. Let’s start by bringing on Syed. I hope I’m pronouncing your name correctly. Syed is calling from Chicago. What do you have for us?

Syed: Hello, how are you? Before I ask my question, and I also have a comment. Tell Dr. Warner if he’s listening; I like to commend him on his books. You know, I pretty much have all of his books at home.

I just want to give you a brief background. I’m of a Muslim background, but currently, I’m an agnostic, so I’m still searching, and the comment I want to make, is and I don’t mean to veer off-topic. I understand the conversation is about Islamic supremacy and ex-Muslims, but the comment in question is for both of you as well.

Dr. Warner because I understand you’re from Iran, originally. I have a master’s degree in history, and I’ve always been interested in the spread of Islam. It’s related to the topic you’re talking about anyway because most of the countries conquered by the Arab Islamic expansion in the 7th century were pretty much Arabized, except for Iran, which still maintains its original Indo-European Farsi language, the culture, and what have you.

My question is, in Iran specifically because many of the historians like Patricia Crone and her book, The Need of its Prophets, and other literature make it seem, first of all, the misconception was that when Islam first entered Tehran that all of Iran suddenly became Islamic, which is not true.

In fact, even centuries after the Arab conquest, the defeat of the Sasanian Persians, the Battle of Qadisiyyah. Iran many Iranians continued to resist Islamization to a certain extent. Shiite Islam could be viewed as a form of Iranianized Islam, trying to maintain a façade of Islam in the light of the Arab Calipha to make life more tolerable under the Arab caliphate.

So, my question for both of you is, in Iran specifically, did Islam just gradually become the main religion after centuries, or was it more of an abrupt process of Islamization?

Anni Cyrus: Well, thank you, Syed, for calling in.

Dr. Bill Warner: If you meet someone from Iran, I always ask them a question. I ask them, are you Persian? Usually, they’ll proudly say, yes, I am Persian. They don’t say that they’re Muslim. They just say they’re Persian. If you want to hear some foul language, hear some Persians talk about Arabs. They’re not shy.

Anni Cyrus: That is very true. Syed, I appreciate you calling in. We’re going to put you back on hold so you can hear the answer, but thanks for calling in, and please stay with us for the rest of the program.

Syed: Oh, I will do that. I really appreciate it.

Anni Cyrus: Thank you. If you don’t mind, Dr. Warner, I’ll answer first, and then you go because it’s interesting what Syed said. Yes, Iran, even though it’s the smallest piece left of the Persian Empire, Iran still has the highest population of Persians. However, after the Mongolian invasion and Arab invasion of Iran, there are very few Persians left.

As far as the language goes, Arabs did influence the language of Persia. Their language was Parsi, which was coming from the Avestan language of the Persian Empire. First of all, they changed the name of the language to Farsi because the character “P” does not exist in the Arabic alphabet.

They went from Parsi to Farsi, and then today, the Farsi spoken in Iran is 70% Arabic, with Farsi pronunciation. Maybe 30% of actual Parsi Avestan is left in the language. So, they have gradually overridden that pure language of Iran, which was Parsi. As far as the invasion turning it into Islamization, my knowledge says no, until 1979, Iran was never an Islamic country.

They had Muslims, they had attempts momentarily, they had the country and the land, but it started in 1979 when the government and the constitution turned into Sharia constitution. Dr. Warner yours…

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, I don’t know that I have much to add to what you had to say there. I find this interesting. There’s another change going on inside of Iran. You know more about this than I do, but this is from just reading. Among young people, Islam is not very popular at all.

They’ve seen too much and have seen the corruption. Also, there are now many house churches in Iran, just like there are in China. The fastest-growing religion in Iran turns out to be Christianity, not Islam.

Anni Cyrus: Yes, that’s very accurate. Now, the new generation is not a big fan of Islam, and we can thank technology for that. When I was growing up in Iran, I wasn’t aware of the freedom that existed. The only information I had was through my grandmother telling me there was a different lifestyle somewhere out there, but with technology such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and the Internet the next generation has started seeing it with their own eyes that there is a different life out there from what they’re teaching them.

So, they’re sort of rebelling against it, and yes, we had more than enough brave people in Iran to start turning their homes into churches. They turn their basements, the back of their stores, and their warehouses into churches. As of right now, based on what I know, talking to people in Iran, we have about a 50% conversion rate. We have had a 50% conversion rate from 2009 to today.

Dr. Bill Warner: That’s quite a bit.

Anni Cyrus: Almost a majority, considering Christians and Jews, are behind closed doors, adding those behind closed doors, the Baha’i section of Iranians. As of right now, a majority of the country is not Muslim, and within those numbers, the majority are Christians.

Dr. Bill Warner: I also understand that Zoroastrianism is making a comeback in Iran. I also find it interesting that the mullahs hate Valentine’s Day. So, Valentine’s Day, I understand, has become quite popular with the young.

Anni Cyrus: Actually, you might be surprised to hear this one. The number one hated holiday by mullahs is Christmas Eve, then Valentines’ Day. Yes, so amazingly, the last three years, the young generation of Iranians have put themselves in danger of arrest, lashes, and penalties by actually celebrating Christmas Eve.

Dr. Bill Warner: My word, I didn’t know that.

Anni Cyrus: I know they’re keeping it very hush, hush because is such a thing comes out of Iran news, and they will lose all of their pertinence power over their people. But, yes, every year, they celebrate Christmas Eve, which is the most hated holiday by any Muslim leader or even a devout Muslim, which is enough to hate Christmas Eve. So, yes, that is very much true. Okay, I know we have, I believe, our very dear friend Paul from Chicago on the line as well. Hi, Paul.

Paul: Can you hear me?

Anni Cyrus: Yes, we can.

Paul: Hi there, Anni.  Well, hello, Dr. Warner. It’s been some time, but we hosted you and Usama Dakdok back in the Chicago area a couple of years ago, and it was just wonderful to spend some time with your wisdom and genius. So, great to hear two heroes of mine on the same call. Wonderful.

I was calling just to say hello, but also to make sure you recommend your resources. I found them invaluable, and some of them are particularly useful in the conversation circling CRT critical race theory. Now, your work on slavery is just phenomenal about the origins and some of the background.

I just found all your work so valuable. I just wanted to thank you for it and recommend them to everyone on the call. If you’d share how to get a hold of some of your resources, I think that would benefit everyone listening. I’ll let you expand on that. God’s blessings on both of you, and I thank you for both of your work. That’s all I wanted to say. So, thank you so much.

Anni Cyrus: We appreciate you, Paul.

Dr. Bill Warner: You’re very generous.

Anni Cyrus: Oh, Dr. Warner, I can vouch for that. Paul is very generous by heart. He’s been a great friend and supporter of mine, Live Up to Freedom, and my movement for many years. He does go out of his way to do something, which is giving voice to people like myself, Usama Dakdok, you, and our very dear friend that we miss every day, Phil Haney. So, yes, it is a blessing to have Paul.

Dr. Bill Warner: By the way, when you’re talking about Usama Dakdok, are you talking about the shy man? (Laughter)

Anni Cyrus: That’s a good one, but thank you so much, Paul, for calling. We will go ahead and put you back on hold. I’m sure you’re going to stick around to hear the rest of the program, but as Paul asked. Yes, please. Dr. Warner let’s talk about your research, books, material, and where our audience can go to learn all about them.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, I have a website called, and you can go there. I have the whole bookstore. You can also buy them from Amazon, but I don’t make as much money. I am being crude here, but that is a simple fact.

On YouTube, I not only have books, but I have lots and lots of videos. Some of my videos have had over a million views. The way I got into the video business, by the way, was a mistake. I was writing newsletters. I issued about a one-page newsletter every week, and I gave a talk, which I have never given before, called Why We Are Afraid, about the conquest of Islam.

A man came into the room with a TV camera and said, ‘Do you mind if I record your video, your talk?’ I said, ‘Sure.’ Then he said after it was over, ‘Can I put this on YouTube?’ I said to myself, not to him, ‘No one will ever watch a 45-minute lecture on Islam history.’

I had about 100,000 views in the first month, and I said, ‘Wait a minute. By an accidental video, I’ve contacted far more people than everything else I’ve ever done.’ So, that got me into the video business.

Originally, I wrote big books, such as Simple Quran, which, I don’t know, is 480 pages. Then I was doing lobbying work for the Tennessee legislature trying to deal with Sharia, and I realized that no one knew what Sharia was.

So, I wrote a book that I deliberately made one-eighth of one inch thick because these were politicians. I know they didn’t have time to read a big book. So, I created an eighth of an inch thick Sharia law for non-Muslims. Tens of thousands of those sold until the Southern Poverty Law Center drove me out. I was the number one bestseller in Sharia on Amazon, but anyway, that’s my website.

Anni Cyrus: Imagine that. I’m shocked.

Dr. Bill Warner: That what?

Anni Cyrus: Oh, that was me being sarcastic, that SPLC would go after you and try to take your work down.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, what happened there was a meeting, Media Matters down in Florida, founded by George Soros. SPLC was the main speaker, and they said we tried shaming these people, and they won’t shame. We now need to drive them out of business.

Immediately, things began to happen. My book disappeared off the Amazon. It used to be, if you Google the search for political Islam, the first five screens were all me. Those disappeared. So, when the SPLC said we need to drive them out of business, that was their intent. So, my life devolves into before and after that meeting. I still have books, and they’re made easy to read.

My audience is, I imagine, a plumber. I was raised very blue-collar. I grew up on a dirt farm, and so I always want to make things simple. I would say I write for a plumber and a bus driver. I have sold books to both plumbers and bus drivers.

So, my works are written easy to read. I find as a professor it’s easy enough to bamboozle anybody with fancy words. It takes a lot more skill to say something in a simple way that anyone can understand. That’s the way my books are written. So, buy my books.

Anni Cyrus: Yes, please do, buy Dr. Warner’s books. Go back and watch all of his videos. I’m not kidding. I always thought because of my simple vocabulary of English not being my first language I can make things very simple to understand. Then I watched all of Dr. Warner’s videos, and I read his books.

I’m like, wow, I should try to use some of his phrases and terms because they do make it a lot simpler. So, yes, go to his website and check it out. I know we have more calls, but guys, give us a minute. Let’s cover the Ex-Muslim topic. I promise we will come back and answer your calls-for those of you who are online but haven’t pressed one.

If you have a comment or question, I need you to press one, so our producer knows you would like to come on air with us. Dr. Warner let’s go to the ex-Muslim part of our discussion. We established Islamic supremacy is definitely creating discrimination.

They try to shut us down. So, we don’t come out and tell the truth about the Islamic invasion. I will let you go ahead and introduce my audience to the idea you have for ex-Muslims.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, first off, in my opinion, every former Muslim is a hero. Let me just start with that because it’s not a casual thing to do. I’ve got a Sharia text called, The Reliance of the Traveler, which I can look up and see what should happen is what Mohammed said should happen, which is you should be killed.

Well, that’s a pretty steep price to pay for religious freedom. Therefore, my heart goes out to any ex-Muslim. I also think that the ex-Muslim is a unique weapon. I think in terms of war. This is a war, a war of ideas.

I think that the ex-Muslim, a former Muslim, has a unique position. What I would like is to give full civil rights to former Muslims; right now, they don’t have that. As an example, you can’t be hired to work for the FBI and do translation work in Farsi, even though it’s your native language if you’re not a Muslim. Well, I think that’s job discrimination.

I think a lot of discrimination is done. You can never bring an ex-Muslim into a university to speak on women’s issues, but Muslims can come in and speak on it. So, I think this is a limitation on freedom of speech. I think former Muslims should be given freedom of speech, for that matter, Muslims. I think everybody should have free speech and have freedom of religion, not under the threat of death. The former Muslim can be a new and unique kind of warrior in this war of ideas because people can look at me and say, well, Bill, you don’t speak Arabic.

Therefore, you can’t know anything about Islam. That’s not true, but that’s what they say, but if you talk to a former Muslim, an ex-Muslim, then they can’t say, to you, Anni, you don’t know anything about Islam because you were raised in it. That’s one of the biggest defenses; if people don’t like what I say, they go, well, you don’t really know anything. You can’t accuse a former Muslim of not knowing anything because they were raised in it or not only raised in it but left it.

Like I say, my heart goes out to the former Muslims, and I see them. It sounds peculiar; I see them as a weapon of war that we need to use. Then again, I’m bent that way. I see everything as a struggle and a battle. I think that we should use everything we can-the honesty and courage in the former Muslims should be done and used.

For instance, I think that every church, every church should bring in former Muslims to speak even if you’re an agnostic. If you’re a Christian and want to bring a Christian, bring in Muslims who have converted to Christianity. I told people in a church; we will do this. You will see real Christians.

These people are not afraid. The former Muslim, I think, is something that’s never been used in this war of ideas. By the way, in the past, the struggle against Islam has always been done with war. Physical war, kinetic war, we have never really engaged them in the world of ideas, which is where I fight. When I say fight and war, I’m not talking about killing people. I’m not talking about bullets and bombs. I’m talking about better ideas.

So, my heart goes out to the form of Muslims, but I think that they could be useful, and we can reduce their fear. They need help from not only other former Muslims but also, they need help from kafirs. Not Muslims who would like to work with them. So, those are some of my ideas-full civil rights for every former Muslim.

Anni Cyrus: Well, as an ex-Muslim or former Muslim one, I want to appreciate your kind words and acknowledgment because, as you know, we normally just get the comments of, oh, just because you had a couple of bad experiences doesn’t mean Islam is the problem, or in my case, just because your father was crazy doesn’t mean Islam is bad.

So, the acknowledgment of knowing we didn’t have bad experiences, but rather we understand the actual topic. It’s always appreciated, at least by me. To let our audience, know, I am honored to be involved with this movement that Dr. Bill Warner has thought about and started. I think it has a very good chance, at least the way I’m looking at it. It’s very accurate. I have been rejected for jobs just because I’m an ex-Muslim who is speaking out.

If I were a closet ex-Muslim who didn’t say anything, I would probably get the job, but the fact that I’m practicing freedom of speech then I am discriminated against. I have lost clients. I have lost job opportunities, and recently places like PayPal and Chase Bank have informed me that they’re cutting my business. They’re not going to do business with me anymore. I think that happened to you, too. Right, Dr. Warner?

Dr. Bill Warner: Yes.

Anni Cyrus: Was it PayPal?

Dr. Bill Warner: PayPal was one of them. Then I got a peculiar letter from my expensive copyright attorney in Manhattan who said I can still use MasterCard, but I couldn’t use the logo. I thought that’s weird, but I’ll do it. I’ve had PayPal, MailChimp, and at one time, I sat down and made a list. What did I do to get dropped off of PayPal? I just use them as an agency to deal with money.

Anni Cyrus: You probably sold books that educate people. That’s what you did.

Dr. Bill Warner: Guilty as charged.

Anni Cyrus: Well, that’s the thing. I believe you said that already. They can push you out of business, which they think it’s a business, even though it’s a mission to people like you and me. They can run you out of business for sure by just cutting any money. We all have bills to pay, but I’m not going to get sidetracked on how we’re being attacked by banks.

I will say this, Dr. Warner said, this is a new idea, and we’re just starting, but it’s an idea. We’re inviting everyone to join us in any shape or form. If you have ideas, if you have the ability to volunteer, we’re going to need a lot of people to get involved. You can do that as of right now. Dr. Warner, what email do people use to get involved, volunteer their time or ideas, anything they can.

Dr. Bill Warner: BW, Bravo Whiskey,

Anni Cyrus: There you go. Send an email to Let Dr. Warner know what you can do to help this movement. So, hopefully, ex-Muslims, such as myself, have more equal rights. Isn’t that what the left always uses? Equal rights?

Dr. Bill Warner: I don’t think the leftists like you.

Anni Cyrus: Of course not. That’s why I said if I ever announce that I’m going to run for office, they would bury me just because, well, I’m an ex-Muslim who dares come out and talk about their good friends in the office who are practicing Sharia. Okay, since I promised, Dr. Warner, let’s try to bring as many callers on as we can and answer as many questions as possible. Let’s start with Peter from Maine because I know he’s been on hold for a good long time. Peter, what do you have for us?

Peter: Hi, I’m calling with a comment for Dr. Warner. Dr. Warner, I’m Peter Brown. I’ve communicated with you a few times, and you’ve been very gracious. I’ve purchased most of your books and was thoroughly educated by them. I had a couple of quick questions. The first one, is it possible to reform Islam? I got the feeling from you that perhaps it might not be because Islam, as you’ve stated, is sacrosanct and can’t be changed. The second question is …

Dr. Bill Warner: Whoa, I’m an old man. Let me answer the questions one at a time. By the time you give me the second one, I’ll forget the first one.

Peter: Okay.

Dr. Bill Warner: Let’s deal with: Can Islam be reformed? What is Islam? Islam is a doctrine down in the Quran, Surah, which is Muhammed, and the Hadith, which are the traditions of Muhammed. That’s what Islam is. If it’s not there, it’s not Islam. If it is there, it is Islam. Now, let’s take the Quran.

The Quran is complete, perfect, universal, and absolute. So, let’s say we want to modify the Quran, leave something out. Now, it’s no longer perfect because it’s no longer complete. Say we want to add something. Well, how can you add to perfection? So, in the Quran, it is not possible to do anything with it. Let’s take Muhammed’s life and its traditions, the Sunnah. Well, the Sunnah is the perfect example of Muhammed.

Well, he’s dead and gone. So, his example is he exists in eternity. If you are going to reform Islam, you’ll have to change the Quran or change the Sunnah of Muhammed, which cannot be done. So, if you don’t like Islam, you’re stuck with it. If you do like Islam, you can’t change it. Now, question number two.

Peter: Well, question number two is what to do about the problem of totalitarian Islam? Should we ban Sharia law throughout the world? Should we ban Muslim migration into Europe and America, etc.? It seems to be an almost insurmountable problem that if we allow those things to proceed unchecked, eventually, Western civilization will be subsumed.

Dr. Bill Warner: This is exactly correct. I’m a former professor. My method of dealing with this is an ideological war, which is to educate people. So that they know, for instance, a Muslim immigrant doesn’t just represent another person, a better job, and a better country. It also represents bringing in Sharia, and Sharia persecutes the kafir, the non-Muslim.

We need to educate people, so they understand when you are a judge or if you are voting in the booth, you never want to vote for any Muslim because they inherently think you’re a kafir.

You’re lower than dirt. You’re unclean. You’re filthy. You can be killed, raped, robbed, and deceived. Why would somebody vote for someone who believes all those things?

I think we need to take the time to run for office. A time in which we expose Islam, particularly if a Muslim is running. My way of being polite is to ask polite questions about the doctrine of Islam. For instance, do you adhere to wife-beating? Because it’s part of the doctrine in both the Hadith and Quran. I think that elections are where an ideological war can be best fought because what they do with me is de-platform me.

They say, oh, you can’t do this, or you can’t do that. When an election is a public affair, and anyone can speak at a campaign talk. So, my long-range plans are to make it such that a Muslim would be afraid to run for office for fear that he would be exposed for what he believes, which is that I’m a filthy kafir.

Peter: Yes, well, it seems to me that the U.S. Constitution with the Bill of Rights, freedom of speech, and religion apply to Islam, but then Islam is more political than religious, in my view, because of its totalitarianism.

Dr. Bill Warner: I agree. We need to find ways to deal with this. There are many ways to deal with it. A way not to deal with it is; I hear, particularly conservatives, describe Islam in terms of how bad they are, how powerful they are, and how helpless we are. We need to start thinking of ourselves as winners because when you complain like that, you’re becoming a loser.

We need to ask ourselves; how can we take what the enemy is doing and use it to our advantage? If you’re losing a war, you need to protect what you’re doing or change what you’re doing. I am arguing we should change what we’re doing.

Peter: Okay, well, thank you very much. I appreciate your work.

Dr. Bill Warner: Thank you.

Anni Cyrus: Thank you so much, Peter, for calling in. We have a caller. Our next caller is Bill, from South Carolina. What do you have for us, Bill?

Bill: Yes, it’s good to educate people on the evils of Islam, but we will continue to be surrendered to Islam if we are not organized to stop or reverse the advance of Islam. What is the best pathway for transforming the Republican Party into a more counter-jihad political party?

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, I have an answer. My answer is this. We create a new organization called Center for the Study of Political Islam International. You need an organization to work from. David may have defeated Goliath, but he didn’t defeat the army behind Goliath. We need more than strong individuals.

You need to join some sort of organization. The one that we’ve created is the Center for the Study of Political Islam. So, if you have any interest in that, contact me at BW-Bravo Whiskey because you need to have an organization to defeat an organization. Warriors do not defeat armies; therefore, we need to create our own army. That’s my answer.

Anni Cyrus: Well, thanks, Bill, for holding, and thank you for calling in. We appreciate your call. We do have one more call for today, Radim from Canada. What do you have for us?

Radim: Hi, Anni. Hi, Dr. Warner. First off, Dr. Warner, you and I have had emails back and forth. Thank you. You’ve always been a very good source for my readings. I want to let you know I was able to get an original copy of the Quranic Concept of War, which was fantastic to read.

Dr. Bill Warner: Great book.

Radim: It was fantastic. It was heavy, but it was very good. My question is pretty straightforward. In an ideological battle, how do we compete with mainstream Muslim apologetics when the historical origins and understanding of Islam alone seem to fall on deaf ears?

Dr. Bill Warner: Okay, make your question concise.

Radim: Let me give you an example. Maybe this will help. So, we have Motion 103 here, which is directly an anti-Islamophobia bill. The problem is, how do we compete with that when the historical accuracy of Islam doesn’t matter in that context?

Dr. Bill Warner: Right, well, you as an individual can’t do anything except educate your family, and perhaps, some friends. We need again to create groups so that we can have demonstrations. I came out of the civil rights movement in the 60s, and one of the things we learned was, you can’t arrest us all. In a large enough group, you can say things you cannot say as an individual.

We have to go from being individuals to being part of a group, and we must exercise our powers that way. Like I say, in the civil rights movement, we learned they couldn’t arrest us all. So, if you have a big demonstration, there’s really nothing to be done about it, but you need to have the group first. Right now, as an individual, you can’t do much except try to start a group.

Like, I said, our method in doing this is, The Center for the Study of Islam International. By the way, we’re just getting started. It took us six years to develop the program. It’s not easy to make a group that’s effective. So, that’s my shorthand.

Radim: I’ve actually printed off the pamphlet, Voice for the Voiceless.

Dr. Bill Warner: Oh yes.

Radim: I’ve handed those out, and those have been quite effective.

Anni Cyrus: Also if I may add something. Another thing is the history may not matter, but you can always use what happened yesterday to prove that yesterday, four years from today, 1,400 years from today, or 1,400 years back nothing has changed-the number of female genital mutilations, the number of child brides within Islamic countries, and the number of women stoned to death under Sharia you can use all of that.

It’s a daily routine in Islamic countries. It’s still happening the same way it happened. For example, if you read the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, not the Constitution, the penal code. It mentions that a man is allowed to have up to four wives and unlimited temporary wives. That is right in Sharia from 1,400 years ago. They will try to deny history or make it irrelevant, but you can make it relevant again by giving them examples of what happened yesterday.

Dr. Bill Warner: And you will never run out of examples.

Radim: Yes, I agree. I think it’s I think they track a lot of Islamic terrorist attacks, and I believe that’s the website. Yeah, I’ve used that many times as a reference as well. I think the issue comes that the reframing of the discussion is now becoming more, how do I put this, a social justice issue and less of an Islamic issue. That’s how I think bills like Motion 103 get passed in Canada. I think that’s more to my point.

Dr. Bill Warner: Canada has been a big disappointment to me. Canada has transformed itself. I used to view Canada as a better version of the United States, but not anymore.

Radim: I agree.

Anni Cyrus: Canada seems to be a better version of my motherland, Iran. They are going down that path very clearly. When I came to Canada a few years ago to specifically give a speech on Motion-M103, I was walking around just looking; I was like, wow, I feel like I’m walking in Tehran. It’s reforming itself into a more modern Iran today.

Radim: Yes, I would agree very much with that.

Anni Cyrus: We appreciate your call.  I’m sorry, what was that Dr. Warner?

Dr. Bill Warner: I said, it saddens me.

Anni Cyrus: I agree, but Radim, thank you so much for calling, and I know you were on hold for a long time. We appreciate your patience, and hopefully, you will tune in next week as well. We are officially on overtime. So, Dr. Warner I just wanted to thank you for giving us an hour of your precious, busy day to come on, and answer questions, and explain what is happening with Islamic supremacy. Thank you so much for coming up with an idea to hopefully one day give ex-Muslims equal rights. Not just in America but everywhere. Thank you.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, thank you, Anni. It’s a delight to work with you.

Anni Cyrus: Always, and one more time, tell our people where to go, your domain, and your website. One more time.

Dr. Bill Warner:

Anni Cyrus: Everybody go there, read everything, watch everything, buy every book, and get educated because, as Dr. Warner said, ‘There is no way we can fight our enemy unless, one, we name it. Two, we know it completely. Then we have a chance to win this war.’

On that note, remember, if you want to stay in touch with me and everybody else at American Truth Project. All you have to do is, text my name, Anni, A-N-N-I. Send it to 88202, or simply go to our website,, and sign up via email. While you are there, remember, we are a 501(c)3 organization, which is a nonprofit organization.

So, your donations help us keep going. Click that donate button. Your donations will be 100% tax-deductible. Thank you so much for being with us today. I will talk to you all next Monday with my special guest, Brigitte Gabriel. Same time, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. You all have a good day and be safe.

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DEMS Backtrack On Smoke Pack



DEMS Backtrack On Smoke Pack.

Will Johnson: Hello, everybody. Thank you for joining us this February 10th, 2022, and do we have a lot to talk about with you. We’re going to talk about some crack cocaine. Yes, I said crack cocaine. What kind of world are we living in, Channon, where crack cocaine is an a-okay topic?

Crack cocaine is being pushed by the biggest drug dealer in American history, the U.S. government. This is unbelievable, but before we get into talking about crack cocaine and meth, of course, we can’t leave out the meth heads. I’m going to put this number out here.

A lot of people get notifications when we go live during the broadcast like this. If you haven’t already, you can get notifications in the future. Get off your mobile device. Send me a text. The number is 88202, and you simply type my name into the body of the text and hit send. You get information from American Truth Project, which is a sponsor of this broadcast. Also, we will be taking your phone calls during this lively broadcast about crack cocaine, insane in the membrane.

Let’s get on with this. We got a lot of juicy stuff to talk about today. My goodness, it’s never-ending when it comes to the left. Did you ever think, Channon, that the government would be pushing crack cocaine? Let’s just keep it in context here, okay.

Channon: Yes, let’s not put out that false information.

Will Johnson: No false information. It’s not that they’re giving out crack pipes. They’re giving out a smoke kit. So, my question is, you can’t make this stuff up. In this smoke kit, is it for smoking, tobacco, smoking marijuana?

What is it that we are smoking that we need a smoke kit from the government? What do you think that is, Channon?

Channon: Oh my gosh. You know what? Just when you think that things can’t be any crazier or chaotic, here we come along. The Biden administration has this bright idea to create smoke. Take COVID funds and create smoke kits for underprivileged areas or underserviced areas.

That’s what it is, underserviced areas. When we first read about this, they said it was part of their equity plan for COVID recovery. They want to put these smoke packs out there. It’ll make smoking their drug of choice safer. There’s lip balm in there. They really hated the fact that everyone came out. You can’t help it, though.

You can’t help but come out and go – you’re giving out crack pipes? What are you doing? That’s essentially what it is. I mean, when you get down to the bottom of it, they’re giving out free pipes. Do you know what it reminds me of, Will?

Will Johnson: What’s that?

Channon: California, San Francisco.

Will Johnson: You mean commie-fornia?

Channon: Yeah, San Francisco, they were having a problem with people doing drugs, so they said, we have a great idea. It must be a liberal thing. Let’s go ahead and feed people who have a drug problem more ways to get drugs, and we’ll say it’s safer for them. So, they roll out these shoot-up shops, which we call there. Guess what happened? The streets were littered with more crime.

Will Johnson: More needles, more homelessness, more crime.

Channon: Yeah, more crime.

Will Johnson: Everything that the problem was creating just intensified a thousandfold.

Channon: It absolutely did.

Will Johnson: Then the Democrats looked the other way, and they ignored it. Like, this is not something that we did. It’s not our fault that this is happening. We didn’t cause this. We just tried to fix this.

Channon: That’s what’s frustrating to me because now we have a city that has already been through something like this. San Francisco had a poor experience with it. Now guess what San Francisco is doing to help curb the huge drug use. Now they’re putting out open-air rehab centers. It’s like fenced-in rehab centers. These people come in, and I guess they’re going through – it says rehab, so I’m assuming there’s some kind of rehab for everything.

Will Johnson: So, they can come to a safe place and shoot up.

Channon: But it’s fenced in, and they have aerial pictures. The Daily Mail has aerial pictures, and people have gone there to take pictures of these people inside this little area. They’re shooting up. I mean, they are literally shooting up.

Will Johnson: They are pulling their paints down. They are shooting up drugs. You can see the needles there. They are defecating right there where they are because they don’t want to move. They don’t want to get up and move from where the needles are, where the drugs are. They’re still sharing the needles. I mean, it’s so unsanitary, it’s inhumane. You know what, Channon? They treat dogs better than they treat people.

Channon: To be honest with you, it’s disgusting.

Will Johnson: They treat dogs better than they do human beings. There would be no way that a kennel would have this type of condition.

Channon: You’re right.

Will Johnson: There’s no way. They would shut the kennel down, but they have people in there, people half-dressed. People are defecating right there. People are laid out, strung out on these drugs, and they’re acting like, oh – this is perfect. This is beautiful. We’re helping these people. They’re helping them kill themselves.

Channon: Absolutely. That’s what it is. It’s perpetuated the problem. So, when we heard this, we were like, are you kidding?

Will Johnson: Everybody said this couldn’t be real. When I first saw this story came across social media platforms. I was looking at it, and I’m like – this can’t be real. The first time I saw it, I ignored it, saying, this is clickbait. I’m not going to do it, but now you have politicians talking about it.

They’re pushing crack onto the populace. Not only crack but heroin or making it easier for you to use it. They’re not actually going to hand out the crack and the heroin, but they’re giving you the tools so you can use it in a so-called kit.

Channon: Yeah, so what happened today, Will?

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness.

Channon: We woke up to Psaki, this woman…

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness. She is a professional liar. I don’t want to get into it, but she is lying.

Channon: She’s a sinner.

Will Johnson: She’s a professional liar, but she’s not good at it because we all know they are straight-up lying. So, Jen Psaki -sock it to you, sock it to me – went on national television during a press conference, and she was asked the question about the crack pipes being in the smoke kit.

She comes out saying they’re putting out misleading information. There are no smoke pipes – crack pipes in the kit, but she lists everything else that crack smokers use, crack smokers and meth users. She lists all these things. You know what lip balm is, right?

Channon: Yes.

Will Johnson: So, for those of you that don’t know. When I was younger, I hung out in some not-so-good neighborhoods. I used to hang out in the hood. All, good in the hood. Not that I did anything. I can tell you right now. God is my witness. I’ve never done crack.

Channon: Because it’s whack.

Will Johnson: It’s whack. I’ve never done it, and you know what? When I was in the hood, I saw people that were using it. Their bodies deteriorated. They end up stealing from their family members. They end up stealing from anyone that they can, so they can get that next fix.

It is a horrible thing, and meth goes right along with it because typically, meth ends up in the white community. Crack ends up in the black community, and it’s by design. The government is no longer hiding the fact that they’re pushing this stuff onto the people. It’s ridiculous. Anyways, while I was in the hood, I never actually saw this, but one gentleman told me that he saw a guy smoking crack, and they put crack into the one end of a T.V. antenna.

Then they would smoke it through the other end because the T.V. antenna is hollow. The thing that was even worse was – imagine they’re putting flame to the T.V. antenna. What color does metal get when it gets hot?

Channon: Black.

Will Johnson: What color is it while it’s hot? It’s red, beet red from the heat, and they’re just fingering it, holding it, trying to smoke that crack pipe while they’re doing it. Their fingertips are burning.

Channon: Shut up.

Will Johnson: Their fingertips are literally burning, and when told me about that. I’m like, what? That is crazy. Then I started paying attention when I came across people and looked at their hands. Sure enough, you can see where their hands are burnt and the whole lip balm thing. Not only that, but their lips are also burnt, and their lips start losing mass because the crack deteriorates everything in your body.

Channon: Well, Will, you just became a spokesperson for Psaki and Biden’s smoke kit. They are going to say, that’s why we’re giving out the smoke kit, so they don’t burn their fingers off. We are helping the people. (laughing)

Will Johnson: Okay, now you got a point. (laughing) You got a good point.

Channon: Okay, Will, we have a caller. We have Justine from Florida.

Will Johnson: Hey, Justine. Do we have Justine? Maybe not.

Channon: I can’t hear, Justine. Is she on mute? Oh, I am hearing something now.

Justine: Hello.

Channon: Justine, hello Justine.

Will Johnson: Hey, Justine, thank you so much for calling us.

Justine: Hey, so after watching the parts of Psaki, speaking this morning about this program with the lip balm and alcohol wipes. That’s all I could picture is some people in a crack den getting together, and somebody saying, hey, wait; everybody get your alcohol wipes out, and wipe it first. Get your Chapstick and put it on before we begin. I mean, get real.

Will Johnson: It’s crazy.

Justine: There’s no way, even if these things could work, that they would be used by people who are crack users. It’s just not going to happen.

Channon: How do you make it safe? It’s unsafe to use crack. It blows my mind. I feel like we could use that money, maybe to help them go through rehab or do something else more productive, but these kits do not help people get off drugs. It helps them do drugs, not use a T.V. antenna-like, Will was talking about.

Will Johnson: Like a safe environment or safe conditions. It’s all crazy. So, let me ask you when you heard her say that this was just a smoking kit. Did you think they were talking about smoking for nicotine or marijuana? What did you think they were she was talking about for smoking?

Justine: I figured that it was for drugs. I mean, people don’t talk much about cigarette smoking anymore. It’s just ridiculous. The whole concept is ridiculous. I have family that lives in Denver, Colorado, and they’ve been there for about 12 years, and I went there after they started having all those legal marijuana places where you could go and smoke marijuana. I’m watching, and first of all, the air reeks everywhere you go.

You’re driving in your car on the highway, and you can smell it. That’s how horrible it is. Then I’m walking downtown with my son, and this gentleman mid-to-late afternoon dressed for construction comes out of one of those marijuana dens reeking like, you don’t even want to think about it.

They all smell like dead skunks. I swear to God. There they are going to a parking place. Do you think that it’s safe? I mean, come on. Let’s use some friends here.

Channon: I don’t know how productive he would be.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I know. I don’t smoke marijuana, but I would have to say that there have been proven cases where medical marijuana has helped even children. There have been cases, but you talk about marijuana vs. crack and meth. I don’t ever recall hearing stories or reports of someone smoking marijuana, and then they got to steal the car to get more marijuana.

Channon: Well, it doesn’t physically deteriorate your teeth and mouth.

Will Johnson: It doesn’t do that. It makes you hungry, and you want to eat more. It does kill brain cells unnecessarily. The whole thing is, I don’t think the whole smoking kit that the Biden administration is pushing is for marijuana, either.

Channon: It is for extremely addictive drugs that ruin people’s lives.

Will Johnson: Yeah, and they’re going to make it easy for them to do it. What kind of world are we living in? Did you ever think that you would have your government pushing this type of paraphernalia onto us as Americans?

Justine: No, never.

Channon: Justine, let me ask you this. What do you think they would say if Trump had done this?

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness, yes. What do you think? Give me your thoughts.

Justine: Well, if Trump had suggested something like this, they would have said that he was a degenerate, and of course, he’s just got all those smelly deplorables underneath that are just having their brains wiped out by drugs.

Will Johnson: (laughing)

Justine: Quite frankly, I think they’re going to do this in – excuse me – the black neighborhoods.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: I think it’s racist. I do. I feel like it’s perpetuating a problem. This doesn’t make their lives better. It doesn’t make them want to do better for themselves. It keeps them where they’re at.

Will Johnson: Yeah, it keeps them in that rut. It’s ridiculous, and you know what, Justine? You’re absolutely right. They’re pushing this in the black community, and the reason why they’re trying to backtrack on it right now is they realize that this is not going to look good when a lot of black people figure out that we’re pushing crack pipes into their neighborhood. They’re going to be like. You’re trying to kill us. You’re trying to destroy us. It’s so bizarre. Justine, thank you so much for the call.

Justine: Have a great day. God bless you.

Will Johnson: You too, take care. God bless you. You know, Channon, it also makes me think about what we just saw earlier in Snoops. Snoops came out and said that it’s mostly not true.

Channon: Mostly false.

Will Johnson: It’s mostly false, meaning that these are just smoke kits. There’s no actual crack in them, no crack pipe, and they said it’s mostly false because it’s secondary when it comes to pushing it to a certain community, like the black community. Are you kidding me? Seriously, I’ve known for a long time that Snoops is left leaning. They’re anti-American, and this just exposes them as the communist group that they are.

Channon: Yeah, because they’re getting criticized from every which way. You can’t say that giving out kits is mostly false. They are giving out these kits. Maybe not the crack in them, but they’re most certainly giving them pipes in there. There are lip balm and alcohol wipes, as she said.

Will Johnson: There are also syringes in there.

Channon: So, it’s all about doing the act of drugs. What’s mostly false? They’re saying, like, Will said. They are saying, first, they hand it out to people that have a drug problem and that need clean needles. That race is just a secondary part of it. They’ll hand it out to people of any color, but mostly they want to give it to black people.

Will Johnson: Of course.

Channon: But they won’t turn you away if you’re a white person, and you want it free.

Will Johnson: Yeah, if they want a free crack pipe. It’s really amazing. This is on Fox News. I love how Fox News says this. Listen to this. This is a headline that they put “Critics Mock Liberal Fact-Checking Sight for Rating Reporting on Biden Crack Pipe Funding, Mostly False.”

Fox News says, “left fact-checking,” meaning that they’re only going to go along with the left, regardless. That just shows it. Fox News was calling them out. I love it.

Channon: Yeah, it’s pretty crazy.

Will Johnson: Mostly false. (laughing) Wow!

Channon: (laughing) I don’t know who this person is, Timothy B. Lee, but he tweeted out. He said I don’t understand why fact-checking sites twist themselves in rhetoric, pretzels like this. I mean, it’s a pretzel. You know that they’re giving out this smoke kit. You can’t say it’s a good thing, and somehow Biden – somebody sat in a room and said, this is a really good COVID-19 recovery program.

Will Johnson: Do you know who I think did it? Hunter Biden. (laughing) I think Hunter Biden was daddy.

Channon: Daddy. (laughing)

Will Johnson: Daddy, daddy, I need a clean crack pipe, daddy. He goes, boy, son Hunter, I will fix it. Then he goes over and says, let’s put out a program to put clean crack pipes out there. My boy needs a clean crack pipe, and I know firsthand the damage he is doing when he can’t get a clean crack pipe.

Channon: Somebody is making money off this.

Will Johnson: Someone is making a lot of money, 30 million, 30 plus million dollars.

Channon: They said I need some money. I can help you out. Let’s do this.

Will Johnson: Yeah, let’s do this with crack pipes. At the same time, we can kill two birds with one stone. We kill the economy, and then we kill the black economy. The black community as well because, being Democrats, we want to destroy them as much as possible. Anyway, I want to play something here, an audio clip.

Channon: Can I just say something real quick?

Will Johnson: You sure cannot. (laughing)

Channon: I’m reading this right here, and they said this is the reason why it’s mostly false. They said this is one of the 20 components of the grant program and far from its most prominent or important one, despite being the primary focus of the outraged reports. The program’s purpose is to reduce harm and the risk of infection among drug users.

Not to advance racial equity, although that is a secondary consideration. But is it not a risk to perpetuate a drug problem? So, they’re more worried about an infection?

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness.

Channon: Hepatitis B and stuff like that is not the problem.

Will Johnson: So, instead of trying to make it to where people can get help from preventing them from smoking the crack, heroin, or meth in the first place. They say we’ll do this so that you can do it in a safe, clean environment.

You can continue to do it. We’re not going to say you’re going to jail for having these illegal drugs, but we’re going to provide the means for you to do these illegal drugs that destroy the mind and the body.

Channon: It says, “The grant is required for safer smoking kits to existing drug users. (laughing) It’s distributing grants, prioritize serving historically underserved communities.”

Will Johnson: Underserved communities, the ghettos, the projects. It’s just going to create a bigger problem. So, you know what I think? Biden is competing with Obama when it comes to this.

Channon: What do you mean?

Will Johnson: Well, Obama gave out the Obama phone. So, Biden wants to give out the Biden crack pipe. (laughing) He wants to compete with him.

Channon: The phone is not, I’m sorry. I don’t.

Will Johnson: I guess they’re going to get more happiness out of that pipe, but let’s listen to this. This was on Fox News, and this is from Senator – I can’t remember his name right now, but I want to listen to what he says because he says…

Channon: Senator Kennedy.

Will Johnson: Senator Kennedy, yeah. I don’t know why I can’t remember that, Senator Kennedy. Listen to what he says when he is asked a question on Fox News about Biden and the crack pipes.

Harris Faulkner, Anchor on Fox News: This might be one that senators are reading. Senator Tom Cotton tweeted this, “To be clear, HHS is giving taxpayer dollars to organizations to distribute crack pipes on their behalf. Just because HHS bureaucrats are not personally handing out the crack pipes doesn’t make this a good idea.”

And Senator Marsha Blackburn is “Vowing to hold up the government funding resolution until it’s absolutely clear taxpayers are not shelling out a dime for those crack pipes,” Senator Kennedy.

Senator John Kennedy: Well, let me say this about Ms. Psaki. She probably ought to be Janet King’s employee of the year because she has to clean up about three messes every single day. Look, here’s what I do know. The Biden administration has taken $30 million from their emergency COVID bill, and they’re using it to facilitate the smoking of crack cocaine and crystal meth.

They say they can make it safer, and I say there’s no way to make smoking, crack cocaine, or meth safer. It’s like trying to put a filter on a cigarette. They ought to take these $30 million, which they said they would use for COVID. They ought to use it to secure the border to stop the drugs from coming in.

They ought to use it to get these folks into addiction programs, and they ought to talk straight to the American people and explain, well, you’re right. We got caught trying to help people, make it easier for people to smoke crack, and it was a dumb thing to do, and we reversed course.

Will Johnson: And they’re not going to own up to it. This is them trying to backtrack. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, the only reason why the Biden administration and the Democrats are backtracking is that the black people that vote are getting wind of this, and they’re going – what? Because again, if President Trump even mentioned anything about pushing crack pipes into the black community, talking about his racial equity.

They will be saying he’s trying to kill us. He’s literally proving that he’s racist. He’s trying to kill black people. You know, I’m still wanting to do this. Get my camera, go out, and just interview people. Ask them, “have you heard that President Trump said, once he’s back in the White House, that he’s going to make crack pipes available to everybody that’s on drugs?”

What do you think about it? I think that would be a really good video because even though we’re talking about it, even you are aware by listening to this. There are still a lot of people out there that don’t even have a clue this is going on. You know, the mainstream media is going to keep this on the hush-hush as much as possible.

They’re going to keep it on the hush-hush, on the down-low because they don’t want you to know about it. If they can prevent you from knowing about it, that means this is another one that they can get by you, but this is just too far. This is going too far.

Channon: Yeah, because in all honesty. Drug problems in underserved neighborhoods are a damaging problem. It’s affecting families. I can’t imagine being a mother if I knew that Biden was giving my son a free crack pipe, and I’m trying to get him off drugs. I’d be a little frustrated.

I’d be more like, why can’t you just give me money to help me get him in a program? Or why can’t you stop drugs coming from the southern border? We know opioids and fentanyl are coming in at an all-time high, taking lives and destroying lives? Why isn’t that a primary focus? It’s very, very frustrating to me because while we sit here, we might all be laughing, making fun of it. It’s serious.

You can’t say you’re addressing a problem, and you don’t address the problem head-on. It’s kind of like what they’re doing at the fricking border. They’re like, don’t come here. Don’t come here, Central America, don’t come to America, yet they leave the door wide open, and here they come in. It’s ridiculous.

Will Johnson: Yeah, absolutely. They leave the door wide open, saying, come on in. Bring the drugs with you, especially China pushing the fentanyl through the southern border. The U.S. government is aware of it, and they’re not stopping it.

Channon: Will, we have a caller. We have Suzanne, from Tennessee,

Will Johnson: Suzanne is from Tennessee. Awesome. Hey, Suzanne, thank you so much for the call.

Suzanne: Hey, here. You’re welcome. I don’t have a question because it would be a rhetorical question, but I have a statement. How dare the government, how dare they enable the users? They’ve never had anybody in their family that is a user, and you spend your entire night driving the city streets, trying to find them. Trying to save them from death, and you are going to enable them to do this even more.

That’s just a slap in the face. All they’ve ever wanted to do is break down the family to keep everybody on the government dole, so they can tell us what to do. It just makes me angry, and I don’t understand how we would allow that to happen in the United States of America.

Will Johnson: Well, let me ask you a question. All the people that voted for Biden. What do you think is going through their minds when they see this? Do you think they’re just saying, no; this is not true. I don’t care what you all say. It’s not true, but it is true. And the ones that find out it’s true. What do you think they’re saying? What do you think is going through their minds?

Suzanne: Well, I’m going to be fair about it and say that I think half of the Biden voters are upset now, thinking they thought they were getting something genuine when they weren’t, but the other half just don’t care. Everybody, look around at our world. It’s okay to be crazy anymore. It’s okay to steal any time you want to. It’s okay to do whatever we want to do, so I think half and half. Some people just don’t care.

Will Johnson: I would agree with that.

Channon: I think you’re spot on, Suzanne. I’m with you, woman. I’m like, yes, yes, on everything you’re saying. It’s infuriating, and I said the same thing before you got on the line. Think about these mothers trying to get their children off drugs. Then you hear they’re doing this nonsense

Will Johnson: Not making it more difficult.

Channon: It’s absolutely infuriating.

Suzanne: Well, I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes because I’ve been that person. I’ve been driving around looking for my family member, praying that they weren’t dead by morning. All these parents have literally lost their children, so if you’re going to enable it and give them a smoke kit with nothing in it. What do you think the kids are going to do with it? Are you that dumb?

Channon: Yes. You know what? It’s just like abortion here in Texas. Abortion was huge. We shut it down to where six weeks they can’t abort anymore. Guess how much abortion went away? 60% it is down, 60%. You say we are not allowing drugs. If you don’t give them an avenue to continue this dangerous, reckless life. It will stop, but when you feed it, it doesn’t stop.

Suzanne: There are programs out there to help these people. Why are we just discarding them like they’re trash? I worked with a group out of Dixon, Tennessee, that helped these people on their last leg before prison. I saw that program work. They brought them in, and they gave them time. They gave them all the tools they needed, and these girls have not gone back to what they were doing before.

So, why are you just going to continue enabling the behavior when it just kills people? There is a path they want us to go down, and that’s how they open the door and say, all you sheep – come on – let’s go.

Will Johnson: Yeah. Actually, they are goats. Just come on. You know what? It’s a spiritual battle, and we’re all seeing it happen right before our very eyes. This is evil. What they are doing is blatantly evil because it destroys lives, and they know it. Instead of spending $30 million to go into programs like you just mentioned. They rather spend 30 million to enable people to smoke these crack pipes. To smoke this heroin, this meth. It is completely insane.

Suzanne: I have to keep in mind that my dad was a pastor, so I heard all the things my mom had to say about this when I was a little girl. I thought I would never see it come to pass, but I have. We better get ready because the Lord’s coming back.

Channon: Amen.

Will Johnson: Absolutely. Hey, thank you so much for the call.

Suzanne: Thank you for talking to me. Yes, sir. Bye-bye.

Channon: Thank you.

Will Johnson: Thank you. Take care. So, Channon, I want to play something else. This is an audio clip from Marco Rubio, and now you have the left. You have the leftist fake fact-checkers. They’re all coming out saying it’s mostly false, like it’s not true. Like, no, no, no, they’re not doing this.

They are trying to cover for each other, and I’m always saying demons will protect demons because that’s exactly what it is. You need to call this out for what it is, but let’s listen to what Marco Rubio says about Joe Biden and the Democrats when it comes to the wacky crack.

Senator Marco Rubio: The Biden administration is apparently sending crack pipes and meth pipes targeting minority communities in this country, underserved communities. I know that sounds insane. I know that sounds too crazy to be true. They confirmed that yesterday.

They call them smoking kits, and they say it’s about equity, but they have, in essence, confirmed that they’re going to be mailing and sending pipes that can be used to smoke crack and meth to underserved communities in America. This is insanity. This isn’t even about liberal and conservative anymore. This is about crazy vs. normal – insane vs. common sense. Where does this end?

Will Johnson: The insane is getting headway. Like, this is okay. This is a different world. You know what it makes me think about, Channon. I’m constantly going back to it, the great deception. We’re seeing the greatest deception where you are telling the people that we’re going to do a smoke kit, and we all know it is for drugs, illegal drugs because they’re not doing smoke kids for nicotine.

They’re not doing smoke for marijuana. I mean, seriously, people who smoke marijuana, you don’t need to have lip balm and all this other extra stuff for it. This is insane. They’re doing it for hard drugs that destroy bodies.

What else could it be? This is unbelievable, and I did a video just the other day. I did it on the fascist book. That was the video I was doing. I went ahead and labeled it 30 million for crack pipes. I know that was the thing that triggered the left. They didn’t want to see it because they knew what was going on.

They let a minimal amount of people see the video, and some people were trying to say I was putting out misleading information. Until they started seeing it come out themselves, they started seeing the truth. Today, Jen Psaki – sock it to you, sock it to me. Again, she does this press conference. She does a press conference where she’s just trying to say, no; there’s no crack pipes in there. It’s only a smoke kit.

Channon: It’s disgusting.

Will Johnson: Again, what smoke kit do you need for marijuana or cigarettes? What smoke do you need?

Channon: Nobody needs a smoke kit, period.

Will Johnson: Nobody needs a smoke kit, exactly – period. Listen to Jen Psaki as she is asked about the smoke kit with the crack pipes. She’s going to say it’s not there, but you just heard Marco Rubio, which is a member as well, and he just laid it out there. Listen. So, who do you believe, Marco Rubio or Jen Psaki?

Reporter’s Question: Were they never a part of the kit, or were they removed in response to this reporting and this pushback? Just – the language was unclear.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary: They were never a part of the kit; it was inaccurate reporting, and we wanted to put out information to make that clear.

Reporter’s Question: So, what is in the safe smoking kit?

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary: A safe smoking kit may contain alcohol swabs, lip balm, other materials to promote hygiene and reduce the transmission of diseases like HIV and hepatitis.

Will Johnson: Okay, let me stop it there because she goes through this so fast trying, hoping no one picks up on it, and I just did a small video about it talking about this very thing. Where she’s talking about lip balm for anyone like, I was mentioning earlier, Channon, these drug addicts.

When I remember when I was younger in the hood, they smoked the crack out of the T.V. antenna, and it would be so hot it would destroy their lips. I remember them talking about the lip balm constantly, and they were using the lip balm over and over. They could never get enough lip balm on their mouth to relieve the pain, the dryness, and the crankiness.

It was terrible. The lip was always shiny, too. For her to talk about lip balm in there, she talked about lip balm because a lot of people don’t know this. A lot of people don’t know that.

Channon: Actually, I did ask you about it, and I’m like, what is that?

Will Johnson: That is exactly it! A lot of people don’t know that when people are using drugs like this, lip balm is huge. Can I say commodity? It’s a huge selling point.

Channon: Why would you say this? She listed some very unharmful things. Things that you go, oh; there’s that in there? It’s kind of like, okay – there is just lip balm in there. That’s not bad.

Will Johnson: It’s not that bad.

Channon: All these harmful things that are not bad.

Will Johnson: It’s not that bad.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary: Hepatitis, I would note that what we’re really talking about here is steps that we’re taking as a federal government to address the opioid epidemic, which is killing tens of thousands – if not more – Americans every single day, week, the month of the year.

Will Johnson: If they really cared about that, the southern border would be fixed.

Channon: The border!

Will Johnson: They would shut it down, but instead of fixing where all the drugs are coming across the border. Guess what they’re doing? They’re enabling everybody to use these drugs when they get here.

Channon: So, disgusting.

Will Johnson: That’s exactly what it is. Wait a minute! It just dawned on me.

Channon: What?

Will Johnson: China is sending the drugs through the southern border, and the O’Biden administration wants to make sure that you have the proper tools to use these drugs. What else is it?

Channon: Well, I said somebody is making money.

Will Johnson: They’re all making money off of this.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary: We put out this statement, though, because there was inaccurate information out there – or I should say, HHS put out the statement because there was inaccurate information out there, and we wanted to provide clarification on the allowable uses for the HHS Harm Reduction program. It’s not a change in policy.

This program, though, is focused on harm reduction strategies, including prioritizing the use of fentanyl test strips and clean syringes. And all of these harm reduction services that will be supported by these programs are intended to save lives from the use of fentanyl test strips and clean syringes, and all of these harm reduction services that will be supported by these programs are intended to save lives from…

Will Johnson: Fentanyl test strips, meaning that they’re going to test it before they use the drug. I mean, what is that? What is that? I don’t know. What is a fentanyl test strip?

Channon: I don’t know, but she did say clean syringes.

Will Johnson: Clean syringes, meaning you’re going to be able to use the syringes for your drugs too. They’re going to provide everything that you’d need for a safe environment for you to use these hard drugs that are destroying.

Channon: You know, it’s frustrating because people that have any sort of intelligence, they…

Will Johnson: You are not talking about Democrats, are you?

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Okay.

Channon: We’re sitting here going if you want to take care of so many problems in our country. Close the southern border. Start there, but they completely ignore it.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: It’s really frustrating. Will – I just – I’m talking about sex trafficking, drugs, and so many other things are happening down there. It’s disgusting, and they’re sitting out here proud that they’re doing a smoke box.

Will Johnson: Yeah, a smoke kit to engage in your illegal activities. The government is saying it’s okay. Does anyone really understand?

Channon: I don’t even care if it’s pipes or syringes. I don’t care. Neither one of them, both are part of the problem.

Will Johnson: They do drugs. Now, listen to this one. This is another.

Channon: The crack pipe has such a negative reaction. So, they’re like, let’s get rid of that.

Will Johnson: Yeah, take the crack pipe out, but we’re still going to send syringes.

Channon: Syringes, clean syringes.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they can smoke it through the syringe. You know they’ve done it before. Now, listen to this report. This is on Fox News, and I think Senator Kennedy is in this report as well. Listen.

Bill Hemmer, Co-Anchor on Fox News: The Biden administration is now moving to make it easier for drug users to light up and get high on crack and crystal meth. A new program will hand out needles, and pipes along with safe sex kits, reportedly to make drug use safer while promoting racial equity. Also, they want to hand out the pipes so you don’t inject. Louisiana Senator John Kennedy, a Republican on the Judiciary Committee, and Senator, good morning to you. Does this work?

Senator John Kennedy: Bill, they’re almost aren’t words in English. The Biden administration – just – they just keep on rocking it in the free world. I mean, every single day, reality calls, and the Biden administration just hangs up. I don’t think when moms and dads lie down at night and America and can’t sleep. They’re worried about clean injection sites and sterile crack pipes. The issue, Mr. President, is a crime. The issue, Mr. President, is how to stop it. Not how to encourage,

Will Johnson: You know what? That young lady called in, and she says she was sitting there in tears. I can only imagine. She and millions of other mothers out there hearing this nonsense, and they’re like, my God – my child went through all of this, and now you’re going to encourage them to do it more? You’re going to make it easier for them to do it.

I don’t want them to do it at all. It’s destroying them, and this is coming people – from the federal government. The federal government pushes these narcotics, this paraphernalia, onto your children. Oh my God.

Channon: In a Snoop’s article, it said that these packs were only one of the 20 components in this bill. You know what Psaki should have done if she believed in the program. She should have said what those other 19 components were, but she didn’t even mention what the components were.

Will Johnson: She just wanted to talk about the good things in this part of the package.

Channon: So, I’m like, what’s so great about this program other than the smoke pack or box. I don’t know. The more you talk about it, the more you just sit there and think…

Will Johnson: Is it real?

Channon: Only idiots would think this was a good idea.

Will Johnson: Only idiots would come up with it.

Channon: Yeah, or people don’t want money. What do drug dealers do? They don’t care about your drug addiction. They care about their money, and that’s like governments don’t care about you. They only care about keeping you on drugs for some reason, but they want to say they’re helping you. Drug dealers are the same way. He’s helping you. He’s helping you feel better. He’s going to make you feel like you love the world.

Will Johnson: Here’s some love. There is love in this pipe.

Channon: It’s love. You don’t want to feel bad anymore.

Will Johnson: There is love in this needle. Love in this pipe. You know what? We’re laughing because it’s insane-insane laughter. I’m with you the more I talk about it. The more I continue to think about it. The more I see them trying to deflect, and now trying to say, that’s not what we were doing.

The more it seems like it’s a dream. We’re all about to wake up from this. We’re all about to wake up from it. Anybody who voted for this, it’s your fault. If you voted for Biden/ Kamala Harris, it is your fault that they’re pushing drugs onto your children.

Channon: Talk about voter remorse.

Will Johnson: You get to take the blame yourself. Yeah, voter remorse. Oh, my goodness. Channon, how many people do you think said, I hated Trump. I hated Trump because they believed all the lies that he was racist, a misogynist, and a dictator.

How many of them do you think are saying the same thing right now when they hear the government pushing drugs on their children? Some of them, as the young lady said earlier. Some of them just don’t care.

Channon: Unfortunately, the left hated Trump so much that their hate supersedes common sense. That’s really what I feel. I think there might be some moderates out there because you have met them. You’ve talked to them. Where they sit there, and they go – oh man – I wish I wouldn’t have voted for Biden.

I thought he would have been better, and now they’re extremely disappointed. There are those people, but I think this is also bringing out the true colors of the Democrat Party. I mean, this is what they’re about. They say they are for the people, but this is not for the people.

Will Johnson: This is for Satan. I’ll just go ahead and say it. This is 100% for Satan because there’s nothing godly about pushing crack pipes and means to do these horrific drugs that destroy your mind and body. There’s nothing godly about that.

Channon: And they don’t look at the country as a whole. How can we improve the lives of all Americans in America? Because the opioid problem that she mentioned is not just an underserved community problem. It’s a problem even in some of the richest neighborhoods. So, if you really want to help most American people, secure the border.

Will Johnson: Yeah, secure the border, and then put the money into the programs that will get people not to need a crack pipe. Not that they need one, but to get them to say, you know what? I don’t want that, but they have the opposite idea.

They have the totally opposite idea when it comes to your health. Look how they did it with the vaccine. Come to find out some of the stuff in the vaccine, but they still want you to inject it into your body, regardless of what’s happening to people.

Regardless that young men are getting these heart conditions, regardless of what’s happening to the women who are getting it. They say, well – you know, it’s only a small number, so it’s not enough to stop pushing it onto everybody.

Personally, I think it’s a time bomb, but for them to push these pipes. Someone needs to go to jail. Seriously, someone needs to go to jail. If it was a rational thinking world, and they were pushing this crack pipe paraphernalia. When I was younger, if you got caught driving around. You didn’t have to have the drugs in your vehicle, but if you got caught with the paraphernalia. Do you know what happened? You go to jail. They would take you to jail, or at least it would be a misdemeanor for just having the paraphernalia without the drugs.

Now, you get the federal government putting the paraphernalia out there so people can use the drugs coming into the country. I guess maybe one of the reasons they’re doing this is because they’re going to have a new influx of drugs coming into the country. So, we need somebody to use these drugs, or we’re just going to have too many. We’ve got to get them to use it so we can make it. We got to get them to use it.

Channon: Oh my God. That’s the only shipment problem we’re not having.

Will Johnson: It’s not funny, but it’s funny.

Channon: That is the only supply chain that is actually working.

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly. That’s the only import that the Democrats are happy about. Those imports, we want to keep those flowing. Anything else – goods and services that you all need coming in from our ports and stuff like that, no; you’re not getting that because you kind of need those things. You don’t need this, but there’s so much money.

This goes to show how much money is being pushed for all of this because you know what? They’re saying 30 million, but there is a lot more than that being made. Think about all of the drugs that are going to go into those crack pipes. Think about all the drugs that are going to go into the needles. They’re not even talking about that number, and who’s providing all the drugs?

Who is providing the drugs? We already know that it’s coming through the southern border, and the federal government is aware of it because they’re making it easy so that you can use them.

Channon: The Border Patrol is even saying there is a huge problem.

Will Johnson: Ouch.

Channon: Why are you pinching me? He just pinched me.

Will Johnson: I just pinch you?

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: I was seeing if you can say, ouch – to see if you’re awake or not.

Channon: I just don’t even know what to say anymore. It’s frustrating.

Will Johnson: Let me think about it.

Channon: To me, at first, we were in shock. Then we made fun of it. Then they came out, and they excused it and said, you’re not exactly right about all the details. Now I’m just mad because then I’m like, really? So, you are still defending the stupid idea even though they have been exposed as a dumb idea.

Will Johnson: Do you know what I think? First, we’re in denial, saying, no – this is not real. Then it comes to the point, this is crazy, and it’s real. Then it gets to the point of laughing because they’re doing this, thinking that we are going to believe it, and then anger starts to set in. To be honest with you.

This angers me. I’m pretty good at being able to control my anger. I’m not perfect at it because there have been times where I will show my anger, and I have shown my anger. Just to let everybody know, this is when something like this angers me. You have people in positions of authority doing something that is going to destroy the lives of our children.

I’m constantly talking about it. They destroy the lives of our children by trying to indoctrinate them with this crazy stuff. Telling little Johnny that he’s a girl or Mary, that she’s a boy. They are in their indoctrinating the kids by separating the kids from each other, manipulating their minds. Suicide is up with these kids already.

They’re openly destroying the American family, and when I say the American family – I mean, every last one of us that love our freedoms, love this country. They are openly destroying it and all these people out here that have voted for these people. Right now, when they see this, I’m willing to bet they’re ignoring it. They’re looking the other way and trying to act like it’s not even happening.

I’m willing to bet that they’re just saying that’s just a right-wing conspiracy. You know that’s what they’re saying, right-wing conspiracy to try to get us to believe that the Obama administration is doing something because they just hate him. You know, some of them are saying that. I guarantee it. Not all of them, of course. This right here, if this doesn’t hurt them along with them pushing it. Look, we are sponsored by ATP, a non-profit.

ATP is not telling anyone hope to vote or how you should vote. Okay. Just to be clear, but what the Democrats are doing, because it’s not the Republicans doing this. We’re just acknowledging the truth here. The Democrats are pushing this onto the people. What the Democrats have done when it comes to masking our children when it comes to the COVID and people losing their jobs because they don’t want to take a vaccine.

The Democrats are the ones that are doing this, and people are not going to forget. If you haven’t been paying attention, a lot of Democrat states and cities have been backtracking. Trying to act like we’re going to end it because the only reason they’re acting like they are for the people now, all of a sudden.

End some of these mandates and end the school masking up for your children is because we’re in an election year. They don’t want to be voted out. They don’t want to lose their power, the seat they’re sitting in.

Channon: Yeah. I was just saying, this goes on top of the pile of reasons people are upset with the Biden administration. You’ve got inflation. It is up 7.5% as of today. Then you got a lot of these mask mandates. He said he’s going to come out with new requirements, but a lot of states are like, we can’t wait on you, Biden.

We’re losing our base here. We got to go ahead and lift these mandates because everybody is sick of it. Biden said that he was going to get rid of this virus by rolling out these vaccines, and he hasn’t.

Will Johnson: They’ve been rolling out the vaccine. Since people are not getting it, Biden said, if you get the vaccine. You won’t get the COVID, and you won’t die.

Channon: Now, here’s the thing. The vaccine doesn’t cure it.

Will Johnson: But that’s what he was saying. If you want to be cured. You don’t have to worry about getting the COVID, and you won’t die. Guess what happened? People have been getting sick. People are getting the vaccine – one booster, two boosters, three boosters, four.

Channon: I think they’re just tired of it all. They’re tired of the negativity. They’re tired of the division. A lot of people are, and I’m not just talking about white people. Black people are too. They’re like, cut it out. Do you know what I mean?

Nobody likes to live in a constant state of tension. That’s pretty much how we are. We’re in a constant state of tension, and our children are suffering. Our relationships with one another, neighbors, coworkers, the people who shop in stores, kids, they’re their family, and friends. It’s all been impacted, and people are tired of it.

Will Johnson: 100%.

Channon: I’m tired of going to the grocery store, and they don’t have what I need.

Will Johnson: Because of what the O’Biden administration has done to this nation, gas prices are going back up through the roof. This time last year, gas was average at $2.48. Now, it’s averaging at $3.48.

Up a whole dollar, and for families already struggling, you have to get to work. Adding another dollar per gallon adds up. That is painful, and Psaki just blows it off.

Channon: A couple of days ago, they brought up regret for shutting down the pipeline. She is like, we’re committed to being green.

Will Johnson: Yeah, we want to shut down more pipelines.

Channon: You know what she did? She spun it around and said, maybe we should be upset with these gas and oil companies raising their prices. Well, you pretty much made it more expensive for them to get their gas.

We can’t even get the supply chain into America because of your rules. You guys are the ones that are making it more expensive, but just like you said, she doesn’t want to take responsibility.

Will Johnson: You know what it made me think? It made me think about when Biden went into the White House. What was one of the first things he did? He shut down the XL Pipeline. He shut it down. Guess what else he did? He removed sanctions from Russia, and guess what they started doing?

Channon: Oh yeah, their pipeline.

Will Johnson: They open up their pipeline. So, Russia is one of the biggest exporters in that region of the world to many countries, including Europe. And guess what? I guess the O’Biden administration was like; you need to be feeding us oil. Putin is saying, no – you stupid Americans.

Give me some more vodka. I’m telling you, and now Biden has literally destroyed America. The Democrats are saying, you know what? I don’t care as long as we don’t have Trump in there. That’s what they are literally saying. Anyways, what an amazing show.

Awesome callers. Thank you, everybody, for listening. Thank you so much for sharing this broadcast. Our sponsor is ATP, American Truth Project. To get notifications in the future, so you don’t miss anything.

Get out your mobile device, text to 88202, and simply type my name in W-I- L-L. It’s that simple. My name is Will Johnson. My website is I’m riding with my producer Channon every Thursday.

Every Thursday, we are here. Every Thursday unless I’m out on a trip reporting or something. Other than that, I am here every Thursday. Again, once you send that text to 88202 to my name in W-I-L-L, you will get information, and you will get text alerts when we’re here live. See you next Thursday, everybody. God bless.

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ATP Radio

Democrats Struggling While Imploding From Within



Will and Channon talk about how the Democrats are struggling while they implode from within their own party.

Will Johnson: Hello, everybody. Thank you for being with us. What is today? February 3rd, 2022. What happened to January? Did you see January?

Channon: What happened to 2021?

Will Johnson: That’s even better. What happened to 2021? Where’s the year 2022? Thank you. Wow, for real. It’s like, yep, yep, we’re gone, we’re out.

Channon: I don’t know, but Will, what do you think about how Joe Biden started 2022?

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness. That’s a good question. How did Joe Biden start 2022? Down the drain. I mean, he’s part of the swamp. So, it’s like the swamp creature stirring up, moving around in the swamp, and making it gooier than anything.

Channon: Like today, what was the top story? The top story was what? The ISIS Leader was suicided.

Will Johnson: He was suicided, and the O’Biden administration took credit for a suicide bomber suiciding himself.

Channon: Yeah, he was killed, which I guess was the objective. I guess they were going to go in and either capture or kill him.

Will Johnson: Apparently, it was a three-story building. They went to the building, and they got on the loud horn telling them to come out peacefully, surrender, surrender, surrender. Well, the ISIS leader decided not to surrender himself or his family.

When they came in and tried to get him to apprehend him, he blew himself up along with his family. So, the Biden administration is now acting like, look what we did, Russia. Basically, that is what he’s saying. Look what we did, Russia. We got this terrorist.

So, don’t mess with us. I’m willing to bet Vladimir Putin is going, ha ha stupid, Biden. You scare me, not. Give me more vodka. (laughing)

Channon: Vodka, vodka, vodka. (laughing)

Will Johnson: Yap, give me more vodka. Come on, vodka anyways, if this is your first time listening. Do me a favor. Get out your mobile device, send me a text to 88202, and just type my name in, W-I-L-L.

You get alerts when we do this radio broadcast, as well as information from the American Truth Project, which is the sponsor of this radio broadcast that you’re listening to right now.

On top of that, we will be taking your phone calls. On this radio broadcast, you get to speak freely. We get to talk about the vaccines. We get to talk about unlawful mandates. We get to talk about whatever we want to talk about because freedom of speech exists on this radio broadcast.

We just ask that you keep your profanity to yourself, and we’ll be all good. We could go ahead and finish talking about the O’Biden administration going in and taking out an ISIS top leader. The only reason why he’s doing this, in my personal opinion, is he wants Russia and the rest of the world to be like, oh, look what Biden did.

He’s so strong against terrorism. If he were really strong against terrorism, he would have stayed in Afghanistan and told the terrorists, hey; you’re not going to do this. You’re not going to destroy this nation. You’re not going to destroy what we have built up here over the years.

We’re going to gradually make this transition happen, and we’re going to have military troops here, so that way you will stay in your place and not terrorize people. But he didn’t do that.

Channon: Biden has a poor reputation. He is seen as weak, not only here in America but worldwide. The world leaders are not afraid of Biden, and you see that. We recognize how America is treated and how world chaos is unraveling by leaders that have been in power in America.

When Trump was in power, he was very powerful. When he said something, he meant it. Other leaders saw that and recognized it. They saw it as a threat. So, they didn’t mess around with Trump. They stayed quiet. They waited it out. They knew their time was coming right. Now they have Biden, and they’re like, he’s not going to do anything.

He’s weak. They don’t see him as a threat. They don’t see America as a threat anymore, and that is very dangerous, people. Here Biden steps in, and he’s like, I’m going to get the ISIS leader. I’m going to show you. You know what? As you said, Will, Putin is like, whatever.

Will Johnson: The Biden administration is almost side by side and holding hands with China. When it comes to China, it’s like a completely different scenario. Like, we don’t care type deal, or China gets to run them because I think personally, on a personal note. China owns the Bidens.

China owns them, so because of that, that’s why they’re not saying anything. The O’Biden administration is trying to act like, oh my goodness, Russia is being aggressive right now. They’re all mounting on the Ukraine border. We have to protect them, yet they ignore the border of the United States of America.

Why is the border of Ukraine more important than the border of the United States of America? There have been known terrorists come across the border here, but they don’t want to shut that down. They were happy to go to Afghanistan, or anywhere else they think ISIS is and say, oh, look what we did.

Channon: It’s crazy, and it’s being reported that Putin has now maneuvered more troops to the Ukraine border than he has maneuver troops since the Cold War. This is serious. He’s not playing around and, you know, all these little talks that Biden’s trying to have.

Apparently, they do not have a very strong impact. The people in Ukraine don’t understand themselves. They are like, what is happening? Why are we being invaded, or why does Russia want to invade us? I’m going to tell you why, because nobody is there to stop them.

Will Johnson: No one is there to stop them. President Trump put more sanctions on Russia than any other president in the history of this nation, and they’re trying to say that President Trump wasn’t tough on Putin.

They even go as far as trying to say that President Trump was kissing the ring of Putin was the reason why Putin wasn’t aggressive towards Ukraine when he was in office. Now, Biden, as weak as he is, people are calling him out for his weakness. People here in the United States of America and elsewhere call him out for his weakness.

Channon: Yeah, Putin could have done this two to three years ago.

Will Johnson: Absolutely. He could have done this when the Demon-crats shut down America at the end of President Trump’s term. You remember. The whole plan-demic came about. Putin could have done it then, but he didn’t.

Channon: Nope, he’s not scared. Hey, Will, we have a caller. We have Dawson, from Utah.

Will Johnson: Hey, Dawson, thank you so much for the call.

Dawson: Hi, how are you guys doing.

Channon: All right.

Will Johnson: All right. Happy Thursday to you.

Dawson: Will, I just found out for my summer job that I have to get a dose of the dumb vaccine.

Will Johnson: Wow, so your summer job tells you that you have to get the vaccine. Don’t tell us the name of the company unless you want to, but what field is it? What is the job?

Dawson: It’s a government job. It’s at a military base. It’s like around the Dugway area.

Channon: So, now they’re saying that the military is starting to release people off duty for not being vaccinated.

Will Johnson: I take it you are a contractor.

Dawson: Yeah.

Channon: How do you feel about that vs. countries like Sweden and the U.K. have lifted all their mandates off. There’s freedom in those countries. How do you feel about that when this hits you in the face?

Dawson: It just sucks, you know, because I’m not going to tell people whether they want to get it or not, but I truly do not want it because I just feel like it’s a precursor to the mark of the beast. Like the Mormon church has even said, they have not come out against Biden. They said the vaccine is fine, but I obviously disagree with the prophet on that side of that.

Channon: Are you Mormon?

Dawson: Yes, I am.

Channon: Okay.

Will Johnson: He’s called into my nightly broadcast a couple of times, and we’ve had a discussion about it because of Mitt Romney and stuff. Dawson is pretty awesome. He’s the youth that I love to see that recognizes what’s going on and does not follow it off track.

Channon: It’s unfortunate when you know your church pushes a political agenda. That is frustrating.

Will Johnson: Channon, she’s Catholic, so… (laughing)

Channon: No, I’m not, but this doesn’t matter. You have all types of pastors and religions coming out saying nothing is wrong with it.

Will Johnson: It’s all across the board. It’s not just the Mormons because we can’t sit there and be picking on Mormons.

Channon: No, I am not picking on them.

Will Johnson: Because it’s all across the board. You have people that call themselves Christians. People call themselves Mormon. People call themselves Catholic. People call themselves all different religions. They’re all saying that this vaccine is good, and we should just embrace it.

I played a video the other day. I don’t know if you saw it. I had to play it when I go on live with the guys. I played it, and there was a pastor on there saying, you love your neighbor if you get the vaccine, which is completely insane.

Dawson: Crazy.

Channon: I can’t even imagine how that makes you, personally, feel. It almost becomes a battle within yourself because this is my religion. This is where I get my thought basis, my faith.

Then all of a sudden, they’re pushing this mandate on you that you so strongly don’t believe and goes against what you believe. It’s frustrating, and now you have your job saying they are going to let to go.

Dawson: You know what the good thing is, though. So, I’m still in college right now. So, this isn’t my career. This is just like a summer job, obviously. I just had to get one dose, and I’ll never have to get it again because I’m going into a BWR officer.

So, after this year, I’ll be able to work with the BWR, and they do not require the vaccine at all. So, this is the last. This is the only time I’ll have to get one dose. Never have to do it again.

Will Johnson: So, are you going to get the dose?

Dawson: Yeah, I have to for the job. I’ve been fighting it off for so long. I’ve done everything I can. I’ve tried to get religious exemptions. I’ve tried to get exemptions, and I haven’t been able to.

Channon: You know, this is exactly what it is about.

Dawson: I’m in college. I can’t afford not to have a job. It sucks.

Channon: Well, you can get a job in other places, but you want this particular job. Let’s be honest. The thing is, that is what the mark of the beast is going to do.

It’s going to push you to make that type of a decision, and people are going to say, well, I have to. You really don’t have to. It’s still a personal decision, but it’s almost where your faith in that cross is at.

Will Johnson: Yeah, it sucks. You’re not alone.

Channon: No, you are not.

Will Johnson: What is the deadline for it?

Dawson: I just have to get it before starting the job because I’m in college right now, so I haven’t started it back up yet.

Will Johnson: My question is, when do you start? May?

Dawson: Yeah, so May. Maybe they’ll change their policy, but I just asked my boss.

Will Johnson: Maybe you can look for employment elsewhere. I would not take that off the table first.

Channon: Well, you definitely have some praying to do, Dawson.

Dawson: Obviously, I’m just not for the vaccine. I wake up every single day terrified. I don’t believe that the vaccine is the mark of the beast. I think it’s a precursor. I think you’d probably agree with me on that. I don’t know if you agree.

Will Johnson: Yes, I do.

Dawson: I’ve been standing up, and I’ve been saying no to it. I’ve had people telling me that I need to get it. I’ve had professors that preach the vaccine and stuff like that, saying that it goes along with religious beliefs and stuff. I’ve stood up against it and stuff like that. I’m going to continue to do that because I just don’t believe in it.

Channon: We compromise ourselves, though when we go ahead and do what we say we are against, you and millions of people. We’re not putting this on you, Dawson. It’s a tough situation. I do not take anything away from it. If you decide to get it, I hope you’re okay. You, being a young man. It seems to affect more than others.

Will Johnson: Yeah, some of the horror stories that come out of it.

Dawson: Yeah, that is scary.

Will Johnson: I would suggest maybe, if you can, if you have the time to try to see if you can find employment elsewhere, in the meantime.

Dawson: I’m going to try to do everything I can, even just to get a religious exemption.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: Yeah, absolutely.

Channon: All right, thanks for the call.

Will Johnson: Well, hey, thanks so much for the call, Dawson.

Dawson: Okay, see you.

Will Johnson: Take care.

Channon: All right. Hey, Will, we have another caller. We have Virginia, from Maryland,

Will Johnson: Virginia from Maryland.

Channon: Yeah. We remember her.

Will Johnson: Hey, Virginia. Thank you so much for the call.

Virginia: I used to work in Virginia. They would say, Virginia, from Virginia. So, I had to move to Maryland. I had two things that came up, and they’re kind of huge. One, I’ve been researching the coronavirus and what all these other doctors are saying about it.

There’s a class-action suit. I think it’s 30 doctors, and what they’re doing is they are saying that they know there are manmade components in the virus. What happened was it leaked out faster than they wanted it to, so that’s why all this stuff has blown up.

That’s why we’re getting more truth because they were going to wait a little while longer before they put the coronavirus out because of some errors. It made it worse for them, which is kind of good for us. Even though these people need to be made accountable for what they would have done, it’s frustrating because you hear that, but you don’t see it anywhere.

You have to go to these sites that are not the big TV stations. The other thing I heard, and that was just today, is that there’s a lot of documentation on Trump for the insurrection and all that other stuff. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard that.

I didn’t know if you had any insight into that as they’re showing emails and stuff like that. That he was trying to get something going because I think that would throw a lot of people off if that is true.

Channon: Fox News is reporting that. Well, maybe it wasn’t Fox News.

Will Johnson: To my understanding, what that is is that President Trump was in communication with Republicans, asking them if they could do the right thing on January 6th. He wanted Mike Pence to do the right thing at the same time, but see the liberal media, they get that, and they twist it and say that President Trump was trying to do a coup d’état.

He was the sitting President. There is no coup d’état. Other than the coup d’état that the left did because the blatant cheating and stuff they did were all in our faces. There are videos, documentation, and even eyewitness reports about all of the massive fraudulent stuff that took place during the 2020 election.

They want to ignore it by saying that, well, even though some of it happened, it wasn’t enough to change the outcome of the election, which is false. The reason why they say that it wasn’t enough so that then you will stop looking at it to find out all of the information that took place.

So, yeah, President Trump was in communication with people asking them to do the right thing. That’s all. Not a single time, President Trump came out and said, look, we need to overturn this or change the outcome of the election. President Trump just wanted the right thing done. So, yeah, there was communication, but they’re going to twist it and say President Trump was trying to change the election.

Channon: That’s the thing that’s bothersome. They take this stuff, and they want to use it against them because it changes the narrative. Just like they come up with parodies and stuff like that of something that wasn’t really said.

They twist it. Having a different ulterior motive when there wasn’t a different ulterior motive and that’s what frustrates Trump because they’re going to twist it. Then people are ignorant to believe. Just like people think there’s Russia collusion. I’m like; the lower courts said there wasn’t Russian collusion.

Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America: Russia, Russia, Russia.

Channon: They did say that Russia tried to get, you know, do things with our election, but they do every single election. They do the same thing.

Will Johnson: We meddle in other countries’ elections too.

Channon: So, I don’t think Trump is guilty of any wrongdoing. I think he is just tired of them bringing up stuff and twisting it. That’s my take.

Will Johnson: What do you think? Are you there, Virginia?

Virginia: The people counting the votes signed a document saying they would go to jail if they were lying. So, why don’t they listen to that? That, to me, blows my mind. These people are putting their life on the line for our country, and nobody is looking at that saying, wait a minute, that’s a mother who has kids. She doesn’t want to go to jail. I don’t get that.

Channon: We are disconnected from the truth. We’re so used to having all these wrongful conspiracy theories, which I hate to say even the idea that Trump has something to do with the January 6th event; I think it is a conspiracy theory. The left is full of conspiracy theories.

Will Johnson: It is 100% conspiracy theory. President Trump kept saying be peaceful and peaceful. He kept saying that.

Channon: We talked to liberals, and you tell them the truth. They almost look like… what do they look like, Will?

Will Johnson: They get this gloss over their eyes like, I don’t know what you are saying. It doesn’t comprehend, or they’ll say that’s your truth.

Channon: Yeah, that’s ridiculous.

Will Johnson: It’s the most insane thing. That’s your truth.

Channon: I think we continue to support Trump. He’s not a perfect man by any means, but I’ll tell you what. He did a lot more for this country than Biden has the whole time he’s been in office or Obama before that.

Will Johnson: And there’s a lot of people right now wanting President Trump to come back, even Democrats.

Virginia: What about the virus and all these doctors that are putting together these class-action suits? What they’re saying is it’s the big companies like ten big companies that pulled this together to pull it off. It wasn’t supposed to happen until 2030, but somebody screwed up, and it happened in 2020. So, I’ve been digging a lot, and have you guys heard anything about that?

Will Johnson: Yes, there’s a group of doctors out of Houston that I’m aware of that are doing class action lawsuits, and they made it clear saying, we’re not doing this for gain or money or anything like that. We’re doing this because we want the truth to get out.

When you have tech companies like Twitter, Facistsbook, Google, and YouTube removing doctors, I can’t remember the one doctor’s name that discovered mRNA. He went out there and said, look, this vaccine is not what they’re telling you.

There’s something sinister behind this because it’s not doing what they tell you it’s going to do. They took him down. They shut him up, and he came up with it. He discovered it. So, why are they censoring doctors, but they’re allowing some doctors, you know, the doctors that are pushing it.

There are doctors with these lawsuits simply to get the truth to come out, but they’re going to try to silence him as much as possible. The scary thing is, they might start trying to suicide them.

Virginia: Yeah.

Channon: Anyways, thanks for the call, Virginia.

Will Johnson: Thanks, Virginia. Thank you so much.

Virginia: Sure. Take care.

Will Johnson: All right, thank care.

Channon: Will, we have another caller. We have Rebecca from Tennessee.

Will Johnson: Hey, Rebecca, thank you so much for the call.

Rebecca: How are you all?

Will Johnson: Great.

Channon: Doing good.

Rebecca: Just listening to you prior, earlier in this broadcast. You’re just talking about the vaccine and how it might not work. I have to say. I know three or four people that have had two doses and the booster and still somehow come home sick with COVID.

Channon: Well, that’s not true, according to Rachel Maddow. She says that it stops the coronavirus in its tracks.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I’m along with Biden. He’s mentioned that before, too, that as long as you get the vaccines, you don’t have to worry about getting sick.

Channon: You know the sad thing, Rebecca. Haven’t you heard people say, now people get the vaccine, then the boosters, and then they say the…

Will Johnson: Variants.

Channon: Yeah, they’ll say there are variants, or say, well, it’s not 100%, like it’s okay. It is okay that we got it.

Rebecca: Or they say it just means that I didn’t get it as bad because I got the vaccine. You know, crap like that.

Channon: It’s a bunch of crap because people are dying and hospitalized that have the vaccine too, but if you get sick or hospitalized and you’re not vaccinated. Why is it? Because you didn’t get vaccinated. It’s ridiculous.

Will Johnson: Exactly. Or when they show someone that has passed away, but at least they were fully vaccinated.

Rebecca: Here in Tennessee, God bless Tennessee and our governor, Bill Lee. I just love him. There are no mandates in Tennessee. There has never been a mask mandate in Tennessee. I asked my doctor. I was just there last week. I asked her about the vaccine, and I said, do they make you guys get it? And she said no.

She said they weren’t forced to get it, but if they had come in contact with somebody with COVID, they were sent home for 14 days, in quarantine, with no pay.

Channon: That makes sense; oh, without pay, that sucks. That’s punishing them because someone else was sick, because here’s the thing. Tell me this if they were vaccinated and got in contact with somebody. Would they quarantine for 14 days without pay as well?

Rebecca: Yeah. It’s ridiculous. It doesn’t make sense because COVID, this new variant, I believe, is the common cold, this Omicron. Before COVID came out, a version of COVID had always been in the common cold. Not 19, of course, but… I think that’s what they’re talking about now.

Channon: You have the United Kingdom that has removed all mandates. Everybody is back to normal. I think Sweden has done the same thing now. Other countries are lifting.

Will Johnson: They are going back to living.

Channon: They’re saying, this isn’t that bad. It’s curious to me why in America, we’re still saying all these people died of COVID-19, which now there are people coming out, going, wait a minute, we need to look at this.

Are these people really dying of COVID-19, or is it something else? Because why is this not happening in other countries? It’s happening in the greatest country in the world, America. Come on. Something is going on here.

Will Johnson: It’s clear what’s going on because you have someone like Joe Rogan that will bring people on, like Jordan Peterson, to talk about it, even acknowledged that when they get someone to come into the hospital and they get eaten by a shark.

They found their arm they put him down as a COVID death. It’s because the hospitals are getting money. They’re getting paid money under the table. It’s all about this agenda. It’s bizarre, and it’s crazy.

Rebecca: As far as the other gentleman in the military, the deadline was back in November for all military personnel to be vaccinated. My son-in-law is a marine, and he was not very happy about it.

Channon: I don’t think he is military. Is the military?

Will Johnson: To my understanding, he’s a contractor, but they’re pushing this tyranny onto not just military personnel but to contractors as well. Anyone who has any dealings with the government. So, the government is pushing its agenda.

Rebecca: The problem is, they don’t just get let go. They get a dishonorable discharge. I don’t know many people who understand that and the ramifications for the rest of your life. To be dishonorably discharged from the military. So, there are the choices.

Will Johnson: They do it to try to make it, so you don’t have a choice. Once you do this, you’re going to destroy your life.

Rebecca: Exactly, and he wasn’t happy about it. Our family is not for the vaccine. We don’t want to go anywhere near it. Another thing is it seems like the Republicans and Trump are synonymous. They automatically assume a Republican is true in all cases, but Trump was a badass.

These other countries didn’t act out when he was President because he went and he visited them. He had authority, and he wasn’t kissing Putin’s ring. Basically, Putin was kissing something else of Trump’s. These countries didn’t misbehave the way they are now. He went to all these countries. He went to North Korea. No other leader has done that.

Channon: He sure did.

Rebecca: I bet Biden’s little butt won’t be going there.

Channon: He can’t even make it to our border. Are you kidding me?

Will Johnson: We can’t even make it off the stage without Jill holding his hand. (laughing)

Channon: He had to have this whole fake set to do a press conference. Come on. He’s weak, in my opinion. Yeah, not all Republicans align completely with Trump. I think Trump was something different, though. He had conservative values, so he aligned mostly with Republicans, but I think he was just about America first. Whatever that means is what it means.

I think people lump him with Republican, and he called himself Republican because that’s where those values align with America First. You have Democrats that go, well, I don’t completely align with Biden. Well, you voted for him, so you’re with him. It’s tough here in America. The sad thing is we want to label everybody and everything. Most of that has come from the left. They’ve almost forced us to identify people by color, sex, class, all kinds of things. Anyway, that’s just where we’re at, unfortunately.

Rebecca: Trump has always had an authoritarian personality. Everybody who’s ever known Trump in the past with this business dealings, and even on his reality show, he’s very authoritative.

Channon: I know. I worked in a position where I met executives of a company, and let me tell you, a lot of them are like Trump. You constantly validate who you are. You validate your accomplishments. You have to do all these things in the business world, so he just took those and brought them into the oval office. He also said I’m here for everybody, and more than Biden, he brought companies together to help make America better.

He brought them to Washington, D.C., when COVID first hit. How can we get certain PPE? How do we do this? How do we do that? People start manufacturing things that they never manufactured before.

So, it wasn’t just about him, which authoritative people usually are, but I know what you’re saying. He does have a personality where he’s like, I want to take charge. I want to make things better. Biden is not a take-charge person. He’s a nervous person, unfortunately. Anyway, thanks for the call.

Will Johnson: And Trump’s not a politician. Well, hey, thank you so much for the call. Okay.

Rebecca: Yeah, you guys have a great day.

Channon: You, too.

Will Johnson: You too. Thank you.

Channon: You know Will, the title of this broadcast is the Democrats are imploding, and they’re turning on each other.

Will Johnson: The Communist News Network CNN. We’ve seen them even with Whoopi Goldberg, a.k.a. real name Karen Johnson. She’s the real Karen. Will the real Karen please stand up?

Channon: Will found out her name’s Karen.

Will Johnson: Oh yeah. Her actual name is Karen.

Channon: There’s no Whoopi about her.

Will Johnson: I’m not related to her. Okay, let’s make sure we get that straight. Let’s make sure we get that out there. I’m like, man, couldn’t it have just been Jones, Karen Jones, but no, it’s Karen Johnson.

She’s the original Karen, talking about Whoopi Goldberg, Whoopi-do, and she’s upset with ABC because they suspended her. It’s two weeks paid vacation.

Channon: People are like, oh, Whoopi has been canceled. I’m like, no, she’s not. She’s suspended, but do we want her canceled, Will?

Will Johnson: Yes, because she’s hateful. She’s a hateful, despicable, nasty person and racist-all of those things.

Channon: I think we should have the freedom to decipher. I think she should have the freedom to say the wrong things and still be there. That’s what they say about conservatives. Everything you just said is why they are canceling us.

I think it’s wrong to do that, but I am glad people call her out on her wrong statement. Now, if she, herself, which she has said, is thinking about quitting the view, that’s perfect. That would be great. That’s what should happen, and maybe they would have even less viewership.

Will Johnson: I agree that people should have freedom of speech and should be able to say what they want to say.

Channon: No, you don’t.

Will Johnson: Let me finish. Calm down.

Channon: You are lying.

Will Johnson: People should be able to have it, but when she’s called for the cancelation of other people because of stuff that was less than what she did, it should go back on her. She should lead by example. The reason why I say that is because they are the ones constantly calling for people to be canceled.

Channon: That’s why you are saying that.

Will Johnson: That’s the only reason I’m saying it, but if they were not calling, constantly for people to be canceled, then I’d be like, let her say it. We don’t have to listen to her. That’s my whole thing.

Channon: Basically, you want her to suffer from her own medicine.

Will Johnson: If you’re calling for the cancelation of other people, and you do something, then it should happen to you. Now, if you’re calling for freedom of speech for everybody, even when you don’t like it, then you should allow freedom of speech for everybody but her and the rest of these progressives, evil leftists, they don’t do that.

They want to cancel everybody. Look what they’re doing to Joe Rogan and Spotify. Good on Spotify for saying we’re not going to remove Joe Rogan. There’s no need to because he’s saying what he wants to say.

He brings experts on, but you have the Communist News Network. They don’t believe that Joe Rogan brings any experts on, but Joe Rogan himself even said that he’s going to bring on people that have different views.

Channon: Well, he said that now, after the whole controversy. He said he would work more to have people on of a different opinion.

Will Johnson: Even the communist news network is not happy with that.

Channon: Well, they don’t do that.

Will Johnson: The reason they want to cancel Joe Rogan, in my personal opinion, I haven’t seen the numbers. Joe Rogan gets more views in one week than CNN does in a year, especially after losing 90% of their viewership in January. I mean, come on.

Channon: Rogan gets 11 million viewers a day.

Will Johnson: That’s just on Spotify.

Channon: On Spotify.

Will Johnson: That’s just Spotify. That doesn’t include YouTube. That doesn’t include other platforms that he’s on. That’s just Spotify, 11 million views a day. He’s killing them, and they don’t like it. People are tuning in to hear what Joe Rogan has to say and his guest. They don’t like it.

Channon: I think it’s frustrating. The Democrats are all over the place because Rogan is literally a Democrat, yet he has different opinions.

Will Johnson: I think he’s more libertarian. Then he calls himself a Democrat. To my understanding, he’s more libertarian. So, he’s more like people should have freedom, but the way they’re attacking him. They’re going to turn him into a straight-up hardcore conservative. (laughing)

Channon: I think that’s true. (laughing) I think that is what they are doing. Then you have Whoopi Goldberg, that makes completely terrible wrong comments about the Holocaust was not about race, which it was all about race. Yet people are still supporting her.

You had Don Lemon. Don Lemon said that you should support her, and we shouldn’t cancel people just because we don’t agree with them. Yet, Don Lemon is the first to cancel people who don’t think like him.

Will Johnson: Exactly my point. Put a nail in the coffin on that one.

Channon: Once again, you have to take your own medicine. I get what you’re saying.

Will Johnson: Exactly my point.

Channon: In the bigger scheme of things, we want them to have a voice because we want to keep our voice, but I do want them to get called out on it.

Will Johnson: They need to be.

Channon: I don’t think they get called out enough.

Will Johnson: So, just imagine this. Places like Facebook or whatever, and you post stuff on your own social media. The big tech companies are not supposed to be censoring people. For everyone out there listening, they’re not supposed to be because why? Section 230.

These tech companies made an agreement with the government that they would not hinder people’s free speech, and the tech companies said, okay. That way, if someone posts something on their platform, then tech companies are not held accountable.

Well, what’s happened is these tech companies found a loophole and went around it. They said we’ll get third-party fake fact-checkers to check everyone’s post they’re putting out there. They check memes that are just jokes. They say, look, this is not actual, not factual. Ping!

Channon: Then they also admitted that fact-checkers have opinions about some of the content, and they’re fact-checking them based on their opinion. That’s crazy.

Will Johnson: This is so crazy.

Channon: Just a little bit of information about Facebook.

Will Johnson: It is hurting Facebook.

Channon: It sure is.

Will Johnson: It’s hurting them.

Channon: Today, their stock plummeted 26%. The biggest drop ever since 2018. They’re saying. What was it? JPMorgan downgraded their stock because they have been doing poorly. They dropped. Also, they’re saying every week they are losing about 500,000 viewers less than they used to have this time last year.

Will Johnson: Viewers, subscribers, or people on hand?

Channon: It said, viewers.

Will Johnson: They have Facebook Watch, so it may be viewers. A lot of people are not coming in and looking at the videos and stuff.

Channon: You are right. I’m not sure.

Will Johnson: If anyone’s out there listening right now, and you happen to be working at Facebook. Please don’t turn into CNN because CNN is crushing itself. They’re imploding.

Channon: Oh, I think Facebook is.

Will Johnson: Facebook with all the censorship, and I can see this right now. They’re going to come back and say, well, the reason why this is happening, and the reason why JPMorgan probably did this is they’re allowing conservatives to have a point of view on Facebook.

You need to censor more conservatives on Facebook. It’s really stupid. If Facebook really wanted to go ahead and continue to thrive. You know, Facebook could soar even more if they stopped with all of this anti-American, anti-God, anti-freedom rhetoric they’re pushing.

Channon: That’s going to our point of the name of this broadcast where they’re imploding themselves. They are directly hurting themselves, and they’re falling apart. Look at BLM. This week, today, they had to take away all their donating platforms because there’s no accountability for their money. There’s nobody there accounting for it. Now, they have questionable things that have happened.

Will Johnson: They need to follow the money trail because a lot of that money went to a certain Demon-crat party.

Channon: So, here they are, they say we’re all about Black Lives Matter, but listen, their intentions were not good. Their intentions were not to help the people-the same thing with CNN. Guess what? They’re imploding. They aren’t good people, which now we see. They have pedophilia. They’re having inappropriate sexual relations.

Will Johnson: Sexual assault against women.

Channon: They’ve become so opinionated and less about the news that their views are just dumping. So, people are leaving.

Will Johnson: They were already hurting in January this year, 90% from last year, 90% people! You know what that says for a major network that has a lot of people working for them.

Channon: And look at Biden and the Democrats on Capitol Hill. They are not what the people want, and they still don’t see it. So, everything they’re doing is falling apart, and the people in the country are going; what are they doing? They’re not listening to the people. They are not following what the people want to do. It’s crazy.

Will Johnson: Because they’re out of touch. There are 100% out of touch. They still can’t realize all the stuff that they’re doing. They are just thinking it in their mind. Why is this happening? Oh, my goodness. Why is this happening? How do we change this? How do we fix this? Stop lying! Stop pushing a propaganda machine! Stop doing it. It’s really simple.

Channon: Biden goes to New York City to talk about the police, which he did not go to the two fallen police officer’s funeral.

Will Johnson: He rejected them.

Channon: That was such a missed opportunity by him to cross the aisle and show support for the police, which he says he does. To me, that right there demonstrated he does not support them, but here’s the thing. Now, he goes there, and you know what he talks about more than anything?

Will Johnson: Gun control, we need to stop you from being able to protect yourself. American people, you don’t need to protect yourself. Why? Because we want to implement communism in America. Then we want to come in and slaughter all of you.

Channon: He misses the point in talking about the criminals and how to stop crime. He makes it all about gun control. It’s really sad and pathetic. Once again, they’re so detached from what people are saying, what they want and what they need.

Will Johnson: Yeah, it’s just like the story that they were talking about the young lady getting killed on the subway because she was pushed in front of one of the subway trains.

Channon: It had nothing to do with a gun.

Will Johnson: It had nothing to do with a gun. Nota, zero, zip, but you know what? The way to fix this is to take the capability away from you from protecting yourself. You do that; then we can stop all the violence-total insanity. So, let me play something here because this is Joe Rogan when he’s on there, and he’s talking about how he wants to bring more people on.

I want you all to listen to how CNN doesn’t like Joe Rogan and just listen to how they tried to talk it up like you should listen to them over Joe Rogan. Listen to this.

Brian Stelter, News Anchor on CNN: The narrative is, I want to show all kinds of opinions. Which sounds great, but not all opinions are created equal. You think about major newsrooms like CNN that have health departments, deaths, and operations that work hard on verifying information on COVID-19.

Channon: No, they don’t know.

Will Johnson: It’s so crazy. Did you hear this?

Channon: This is sad because it’s so obvious that they do not do that. It is more obvious that Joe Rogan works harder and wants to have a different opinion come on and talk to him. He’s not afraid of it. CNN is afraid that anybody will go against their narrative. He’s totally lying.

Will Johnson: You know, CNN would never allow me to go on their network. They’re terrified of me. I would take the challenge.

Brian Stelter, News Anchor on CNN: Then you have talk show stars like Joe Rogan, who just wing it, who makes it up as they go along.

Will Johnson: Isn’t that what CNN has been doing? They just wing it and make it up as they go along.

Channon: They sure do. All they do is they have these little roundtable opinions. Everybody comes up with their own random opinion. Will, I’ve watched them, and I go where’s your facts? They don’t bring any facts. Where’s your proof? They don’t show any proof.

Will Johnson: No, not at all.

Brian Stelter, News Anchor on CNN: And because figures like Rogan are trusted by people that don’t trust real newsrooms. We have tension, a problem that’s much bigger than Spotify. Much bigger than any single platform, Kate, but that’s at the heart of this right now.

Will Johnson: The heart of this is that Joe Rogan is killing our ratings. He’s killing us. The people are tuning in to him, and not us. People need to know that we should be trusted, not just Rogan.

Channon: That is exactly what I’m talking about; they struggle because people see the truth. They’re seeing that they’re full of crap, not about facts, and they try to tell you they are, but when your ratings are plummeting. There’s a reason why people don’t find any truth in what you’re saying.

Will Johnson: They can’t figure it out. It’s almost like they know, but they’re so caught up in themselves they can’t even accept or want to continue to reject the idea that they did something wrong. They continue to go on and say, you know what? It can’t be us because, in our minds, we’re doing everything right.

There’s nothing that we’re doing wrong. I’m serious. That’s what they’re saying. Last night I was doing a broadcast, and while I was doing my broadcast, the producer of my nightly broadcast sent me a message and said… What’s his name?

The CEO of CNN, Zucker. He didn’t step down because of sexual assault, but it remains to be seen. Now, the relationship supposedly that he had, a legit relationship. It was with another young lady at CNN.

Channon: He’s not supposed to according to their contracts.

Will Johnson: He’s not supposed to according to the ethics and everything else because she got perks over other people. So, he stepped down, and the only reason I think he stepped down is because of the Cuomo brothers. Chris Cuomo is like, where’s my money? Not only do I want my severance pay. I want hush money.

Channon: That’s the sad thing. These people know what’s going on in their newsroom. They’re not naïve, but they hide. The Democrats are so good about that. They are so good about hiding skeletons in the closet. They are like; there’s no closet over there. There are just skeletons over there.

Will Johnson: You know, it is? Demons will protect demons.

Channon: They’re hypocrites.

Will Johnson: So, listen to Brian Stelter as he talks about Chris Cuomo. Listen to this. This is amazing.

Brian Stelter, News Anchor on CNN: The Chris Cuomo reference, Cuomo was fired in December, and he is not going out quietly. He was fired, and there were reports that he wasn’t going to get paid the millions of dollars that were going to be on the remainder of his contract. So, the source said to me earlier today he was trying to burn the place down.

He was going to court, trying to burn the place down, and claiming that he had incriminating information about Zucker and Gollust. So, if that’s the case, this is a domino effect that begins with Andrew Cuomo going down the governor’s office. Then Chris Cuomo was fired from CNN, and then Jeff Zucker lost his job at CNN. That is a remarkable domino effect of the chain of events. I think that is part of the story.

Channon: Yeah, and the producers are being exposed for having pedophilia relationships. How come all this came out afterward? There are more skeletons in the closet. I don’t think we’re done.

Will Johnson: When it first came out, Chris Cuomo was let go and come to find out his producer; it was known, like four months ago, that his producer was in this whole sting with him soliciting sex from minors. Seriously, it was like four months ago, and then they went ahead and arrested him.

You got to let him go because of what’s happening with Chris Cuomo, and besides that, the show is gone. We don’t need him anymore. Then after that, a week later, another producer from another show, another pedophile, and for them to not know it was going on. They all knew what was going on, just like they knew what was going on with Chris Cuomo. They knew what was going on with Zucker.

Channon: Let me ask you this. What would happen if this was a conservative outlet?

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness.

Channon: Oh, my gosh. Oh, my god.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness. They would be saying that they needed to be taken off the air.

Channon: I can’t even imagine the madness that would happen, but these guys are sitting in the newsroom like they are laughing at their own news channel. They’re like, this is an amazing domino effect. I’m going, what? Do you even hear yourself?

Like it’s no big deal. Oh my gosh, this is all because of Chris Cuomo and Andrew Cuomo. No, I hate to tell you it’s because the people there have no ethics. They’ve all done inappropriate and wrong things, and it’s just being exposed. They fall in on each other.

They go, oh, you, and you. I can’t even imagine. When Kamala Harris goes out, I can’t even imagine what’s going to come out about her. I think right now, everything’s hush-hush, but she just lost another person in her group yesterday.

Will Johnson: Really? So, someone else left her administration?

Channon: Yes, another staffer has left. It’s crazy.

Will Johnson: I’ve heard no one likes to be around her because she’s probably swinging that broom around.

Channon: Her name is Kate Graham. She’s the chief speechwriter for Kamala Harris. That’s pretty bad.

Will Johnson: When did she write any speeches for Kamala Harris? Did you write anything about the border?

Channon: I don’t know.

Will Johnson: She probably didn’t need her. It’s crazy. Anyway, I want to play something here before running out of time. The liberal media would all love for us to believe that they know what’s best for us. They would love for us to believe that they are telling us the truth.

They would love for us to believe that they are the ones that we should only listen to. I want to play something for you. This is from MSDNC, and listen to what this lady says. Just listening to what she says here because what she says will just… Let me just play it, and then we’ll talk about it real quick.

Rachel Maddow, News Anchor on MSNBC: Person to person to person, potentially mutating, and becoming more virulent and drug-resistant along the way. Now, we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person.

A vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus. The virus does not infect them. The virus cannot then use that person to go anywhere else. It cannot use a vaccinated person as a host to go get more people. That means the vaccines will get us to the end of this. If we just go fast enough.

Channon: That’s fake news. That was from a while ago, but the fact that she said it.

Will Johnson: She never comes back and says, you know what? I apologize because I put out disinformation, misinformation and I misled the people that watched my broadcast. Did she ever do that? No, and where are the fake fact-checkers?

Oh, wait a minute, it’s okay when you put out false information, but actual information. That’s when the fake fact-checkers will ping you. Ask me how I know.

Channon: How do you know, Will?

Will Johnson: Because they’ve done it to me?

Channon: Are you sure they did that?

Will Johnson: 100%, I had a YouTube channel with over 100,000 people on it, and YouTube said, yeah, you know what? You’re telling too much truth here. We’re going to ax you. Delete! They deleted my channel because I told the truth. It’s amazing. You would think because they say they want to promote black people. (laughing)

So, I got one more story that I want to tell before we go here. This past Tuesday, I went on a family trip to San Antonio, Texas. While we were down in San Antonio, Texas, the family went to dinner. Anyways, on the way back home, it’s dark, it’s late about, and I guess it is about 9:00, 9:30 somewhere around there.

We’re driving back home, and of course, I’m kind of going with the traffic. I am speeding, but so is the other traffic. I’m just going along, but with all of that said, I get pulled over by the cops. I get pulled over by a police officer. For those of you that don’t know because of the way I speak. I don’t speak O’bonics.

I am a black male, and I got pulled over by a white police officer. Well, a white police officer came up to my vehicle, and I turned my dome lights on inside so the police officer could see everything, so they’ll feel comfortable talking to me. He took my driver’s license and left. He was gone for maybe five, seven minutes.

I’m like, man, what’s he doing? He’s writing me a fat ticket. Anyways, he comes back, and he hands me my driver’s license, and then he has this slip. I said, okay, here’s the bad news. Here’s the ticket, but he hands it and says, here’s a warning.

I’m like, really? Because I was speeding. I can’t deny it. I wasn’t trying to act all crazy or everything with him. I said you’re giving me a warning. I said because I admit I was going a little fast, but I’m not going to argue with you. I said, let me ask you a question. Why are you just giving me a warning when they say that every time a white cop pulls a black guy over, you all shoot them?

He said, well, put this one down in the history books. You didn’t get shot. (laughing) I was like, all right, thank you. It got to the point when I said, Mr. Officer, can I take a picture with you? He said, absolutely, so I got out, and I took a picture with him.

I did a video earlier, and I showed that. I just want to share that there are good cops out there. My producer goes, the only reason why he didn’t shoot is that it’s Black History Month.

Channon: He gave him a break,

Will Johnson: He gave me a break. I thought that was pretty good. I thought that was pretty funny. So, we are at the end of this wonderful broadcast. Don’t forget 88202 on your mobile device, and text my name W-I-L-L.

You will get information from the sponsor of this broadcast, American Truth Project. Don’t forget 88202, and type my name, W-I-L-L. We will see you next Thursday. Unless something comes up, that’s dramatic. Other than that, we will be here. God bless everyone. See you next time.

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