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Dems Call for Safety Over Freedom


Will Johnson: Hello, everybody, and thank you for joining me this July 29th, 2021. Oh, my goodness. Is it just me, or does it seem like the year is just flying by, quicker than ever? Maybe because we are so distracted by all of the crazy stuff happening around in our world today. Maybe that's the reason why we're not even paying attention to it. It's already July, and it's about to be over. It is amazing.

Thank you for joining me, everybody. If you're on Facebook and you happen to be on my Facebook page because I posted it there. You will see the phone number and the directions. There is just one direction; push 1. At the same time, do me a favor. On your mobile device, send me a text, okay, send me a text, and the number for that is 88202, and all you have to do is type in my name at the bottom of the text.

So, just like dialing a phone number, you type in 88202. Then when you want to say something to that number, you just type in my name, W-I-L-L. You will get information that you need to know about from the American Truth Project. Okay, let's get on with this.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness. Do you all see what's happening? New York and commie-California have already pushed out these mandates. They pushed out these mandates onto their workers at the government level, and they're encouraging businesses throughout these states. Actually, the Democrats want to encourage businesses throughout the entire nation to make it mandatory for you as an employee to get a vaccination even if it goes against your beliefs.

Even though it goes against the U.S. Constitution. They are encouraging people that own these businesses and these facilities to take a substance into their bodies. Now, a lot of people that I've talked to in the past have mentioned it to me multiple times, saying, ‘Hey, Will, this would never happen in our lifetime. They're not going to force this onto us.’ It may be my great, great, great, great-grandchildren.

You know, it may happen during their lifetime, but it's not going to happen to mine. So, I'm not even worried about it. They have even gone as far as saying, ‘Will, you are just fear-mongering. You want people to believe that all this is happening when it's not happening.’ All of a sudden, I stop hearing from these people. These people are nowhere to be found. I don't hear from them any longer. They don't send me emails. They don't send me messages on messenger. They don't come on my feed and say, ‘Will, you're wrong.’ I hear nothing from them.

Why? Because it's happening in our lifetime. I'm the first one to always say that I don't want to be right. I never do. Why would I want to be right about doom and gloom? It doesn't even make sense. Anyone who has rational thinking doesn't want this brought onto our families or our country, seriously. Now, I've said multiple times on my nightly broadcast that I want to one day grow old, get gray, have grandkids. Sugar them up and send them home so the parents can complain. My current kids, you know, I'm want to get them to complain.

Why are you giving them so much sugar? Now they are bouncing off the wall? They won't go to sleep, and I can just go, ha, ha, ha. I'm selfish. I want to experience that, but the way it looks, that's not going to happen. It's not going to take place. I'm hoping again that I'm wrong. I'm hoping that I'm wrong. I called a lot of this stuff out. Which was what we see right now.

For example, I had a YouTube channel, and many of you have heard this, listening to my nightly broadcast because I guess I'm complaining about it. It's still a sore subject for me. In 2017, I started a YouTube channel called Unite America First, and all that time, I worked hard at it and built it up. I even have a YouTube play button that shows that I had over 100,000 subscribers. Well, because I've talked about the vaccine, not giving any medical information. Just having a discussion.

ot telling people what they should do or shouldn't do. I've never done that. I'm not in any position to tell people what they should do when it comes to their medical needs. I've never done that, but YouTube decided to ping me, and they took my channel down completely, forever gone. I have the play button to prove I had it, but they won't let me get it back. The amazing thing, the reason why they took my channel down is for what's happening right now, today. About four months ago, I did a video.

I said, what is going to end up happening, and this is going to come in the future. I said they're going to end up forcing us to have a vaccination. They're going to end up forcing us to get this vaccine. You can't get on an airplane. You won't be able to go to a ball game. You won't be able to hold a job. You won't be able to go inside a restaurant. You won't be able to walk down the park unless you have proof that you have been vaccinated.

I said this is coming. It is here today, and YouTube decided to take my channel down about four months ago because I said this is the near future. People heard me saying, and YouTube didn't want me telling people because people know what that means. It is reminding all of us what they did in the 1930s in Nazi Germany. Now, of course, they weren't doing a vaccine, but they had another means. I'm willing to bet if the Nazis saw how the Democrats plotted all of this out, what we see right now.

They would be marveling behind the Democrats, and I'm talking about the Nazis. They will say, oh, my goodness, we had no idea if we could have just introduced this. We can control the masses. Control the people. And I'm going to talk about another subject, which is January 6th, and how that ties into the same thing. The Democrats want to take control and keep the power of everything, but I do have an audio clip that I want to play for you. Talking about the vaccine, how they want to force us, and how they don't want us to have freedoms.

They're pushing the idea that our safety should be a priority over our freedoms. Personally, I choose to keep my freedoms. You let me decide about my safety. Their argument is that if you don't take the extra measures and don't take the means to protect yourself, you won't be protecting us. Come to find out from all the information I've been seeing, the documentation going everywhere left and right.

There have been cases where people have been saying the vaccine is not doing what they said it would do. Now, here's an anchor from NBC. I will read this to you. This is the anchor from NBC. I keep wanting to say MSNBC, but it's just NBC. His name is Ken, and he posted this on Twitter. We all know that NBC is a total leftist media outlet. Right?

We all know this. I think we all agree, but this is interesting what he said on his Twitter feed. He said, ‘New data suggest that fully vaccinated individuals are not just contracting COVID, but it could be carrying high levels of the virus than previously understood.’ Now, I will stop right there. There's more to it, but I want to interject here. The vaccine, just like the flu vaccine. When you get the flu vaccine, they introduce the flu to your body. What do you think the vaccine was doing here?

They're introducing it to your body. Supposedly by introducing it to the body, like the flu, you build up immunity for it. Your system gets built up for it. That's the whole point to my understanding. I'm not a doctor or physician. I never claimed to be and never will, but that's my understanding. I think that's the information that they relate to all of us saying, that's why you should get these vaccines.

That way, you can build your immune system up, like the flu virus. But in this case, let me back up a little bit. I'm just going to read it again here. New data suggests that fully vaccinated individuals are not just contracting COVID but could be carrying high levels of the virus than previously understood, facilitating spread. That's one way to get to facilitate the spread.

So, these people that have been vaccinated are becoming super spreaders. He also goes on to say, ‘My NBC News colleagues are reporting,’ so he's saying that NBC is reporting this, and now they're talking about new indoor masking guidance expected today. I guess this is happening there at their facility, with their studio. People who even have the vaccine, because you heard the Biden administration, and Fauci, all come out and say, even though you've been vaccinated, you still need to wear the mask.

What is the point? Is it working, or is it not working? Should we be concerned, or should we not be concerned? I mean, what is the truth? Again, just to be clear. I'm not putting out any information telling people what you should or shouldn't do. By all means, you consult your doctor. You make the decision on your own. Will Johnson is not going to make it for you, and I'm not going to even try to influence you one way or another.

To be honest with you. I'm just reading this on here because I'm concerned, and I think we should be able to talk about it. I think that's the whole point. We should be able to have the discussion. I am going to have the phone lines open up if you want to give me a call and give me your opinion on it, and I want to hear what you have to say.

I’m going to put the number out there one more time, 516-595-8069, and let me know if you want to have a discussion about it. I really want to hear from you. Let me get to this clip that I want you to listen to. Just pay attention to what they're saying and how they're saying it.

Alisyn Camerota, CNN Host: In fact, I mean, we always hear from Republicans. We continue to hear every day about personal responsibility. Don't take away my personal freedom. It turns out when you give people personal freedom. They don't always make the right choice, or the neighborly choice, or the healthy choice.

And, now we're going in the wrong direction, and the CDC is changing its guidance. The country is awash in COVID, as we can see from the red on the map. So, how do Republicans plan to get out of this?

Max Boot, CNN Global Affairs Analyst: I think the problem is that you see a perversion of the word freedom. We all are in favor of freedom, but freedom, there is no freedom to spread a deadly disease. There's no freedom to smoke indoors. There's no freedom to drive drunk. There have to be public safety laws, and we have to take those rules seriously.

Will Johnson: Did you all hear that? Are you all hearing this? I mean, they are literally saying safety over freedom, and Hitler said the same thing. We have to take away your freedoms in order to bring safety. People during that time were dumb enough to follow along with it.

We saw the results of that, and today we have people doing the same thing. We have people again saying, oh, we have to give up our freedoms. Our safety means more than our freedoms because they say, well, if we don't give up our freedoms for our safety, then we won't have anything because they have it in everybody's mind that if you get this vaccine, it will save your life.

You will not die, and I'm sitting here thinking. If you look through history, every single person that walked the planet has died. Every single person on the planet has left at some point. So, they are using this as a mechanism to instill fear into all of us. The same thing they did in the 1930s, to instill fear.

They used the Jewish people when they attacked them. They made it look like, oh, we got to get them out of society because they are a plague to all of us. They used various reasons why they had to send the Jewish people off the camps. Now, the Democrats are using this plandemic for the same reason. I've heard many people, especially on Twitter.

Oh, my goodness. Especially on Twitter, where they talked about people who refused to get the vaccine should be hauled off to camps and forced to get it. If they refuse to get it then, they should be exterminated. These are people that are on the left screaming this. I'm telling you, conservatives, they're not saying that. Conservatives say, no, let me have my freedom. I'll give you an example.

When you get in your vehicle, and you drive down to the store. It can be dangerous. We all know it can be dangerous because going from point A to point B, anything can happen. An 18 wheeler can come along, but you have the freedom to still get in your vehicle. You put your seatbelt on. Still, anything can happen, but you have the freedom to do so. Just like you have the freedom to put your seatbelt on. You might get in trouble by not putting it on, but you have that freedom.

So, all I'm saying is that I want to retain my freedom based on the U.S. Constitution. I don't want the government to tell me that I have to take something and put it in my body. That's not something that I'm looking forward to, and none of us should have to be forced to take something in our bodies. It doesn't work that way as long as this country has been in its existence, the United States of America, 1776, and the Declaration of Independence.

We as Americans have the right to say what we want in our bodies. Seriously, I can see this now in the future coming quickly to a town, city, state near you. They're going to say; if you are not going to comply with this, then we're going to have to remove you from society because you are now becoming the enemy of the state. You are becoming a threat to people, which in actuality, it looks like the people that they're vaccinating are the ones who are causing the problem.

It just leads you to think about Bill Gates and the rest of them and how they've been talking about the depopulation of the masses. The depopulation of the people. So, how do we do that? They introduce something into the world, and then guess what happens? Yes, we are where we are right now, today. It's absolutely crazy.

All right, I have another clip that I want to play for you. It just gets crazier and crazier. This one is Mayor de Blasio. He's basically saying that it should be mandatory. They use the word mandate because it doesn't sound as bad, but it's still the same thing. They want to make it mandatory.

They want to force you to take something. I don't care what it is. It's just like the whole Obamacare. They wanted to force people to take something. The government was trying to force us to take something and as an American citizen, you should have the right to say no., I don't want what you're trying to force me to take. The U.S. government is not in the business of being a business.

Now, they're trying to say, force people because of health reasons, security. Of course, there it is again, but that's not the reason. Their reasoning for doing it is because they want to control the masses. Now, listen to Mayor de Blasio. He goes on with this spiel about children.

Mayor de Blasio: We are going to do a major vaccination drive for kids 12 years old and up, and look, I'm a parent. My kids went to New York City public schools. If my kids were going to school in September. I would be running to get them vaccinated right now. And, as we said a moment ago, we used to do this as parents all the time for a variety of vaccinations.

We've got to shake people at this point and say, come on now. We tried voluntarily. We could not have been kinder and compassionate as a country. Free testing everywhere you turn, incentives, friendly, warm embrace. The voluntary phase is over. We can keep doing those things. I'm not saying shut it down. I'm saying voluntary alone doesn't work. It's time for mandates because it's the only way to protect our people.

Will Johnson: Over? Voluntary is over? I mean, just come out, and say we need to force these people. We need to force people. Saying you come in, and you're going to voluntarily do it. That's over because people are not volunteering because of the information that's coming out. Not even from those on the right, but those on the left. Many people are questioning why different things are taking place. On top of that.

There have been many reports of people that have been injected with this vaccine. Now, granted, thousands and thousands of people have been injected with this foreign substance, but you don't hear them complaining. Right? You don't hear them complaining yet because they're not going all over the media. If they are, the media is shutting them down, but there have been cases in the thousands. The last report that I saw was over 6,000 people that have passed after getting this vaccine.

The thing that's alarming about that is before 2021 before they started pushing this vaccine on everybody the death rate for certain vaccines that were coming out before was just in the hundreds. When it was implemented to thousands of people, thousands and thousands, tens of thousands of people just maybe a few hundred people had complications. In this case, you have 6,000 people who have died.

Then there are 20,000 people with major complications, but the mainstream media says nothing. They say that you have to get it to protect yourself and to protect others around you. A lot of people don't want to hear that because they are questioning and because they don't want to hear it, they're like, well, hold on, is it true or is it not true? Because so many people hear conflicting information. They're hearing conflicting resources, just like you hear me.

People going like, what is Will Johnson saying? Well, Will Johnson, again, is not telling you what to do or not to do. I will tell you. I'll make it public. I have not received it. I don't plan on receiving it, and I have no need to take a foreign substance into my body. Expressly if it's something that is experimental. I'm not going to take something experimental. Have you had vaccines in the past?

Absolutely. The last time I had a vaccine, or a flu shot was about 30 years ago. Have I gotten sick since then? Absolutely, multiple times. I remember every year for maybe five years. Every year, right around Christmas. I'll never forget it. The loved ones in my life would get irritated with me every year during Christmas because on Christmas Day, everyone is having dinner, sitting around a table, enjoying themselves, and I'm laid up in the bed. I was sicker than a dog. I had all the same symptoms that you hear about today.

I couldn't taste anything, or I can't smell anything. I felt nauseous. I felt dizzy. I felt my body was aching. I was just in complete pain every year for like five years. Had I gone through that again this past Christmas. I would think, hey, I got it, but I've been experiencing that over and over. So, I'm like, what was it then? Maybe I just got sick. Maybe I just had a cold, just a really bad cold. Maybe I had the flu.

I don't know, but the thing is, with them pushing what they're pushing right now. We should have the right to question it. We should be able to say, why? We should be able to say, is this something that I should do? That's what we should be able to do. Again, give me a holler. Seriously, give me a holler.

I'm in the studio by myself today. Let me give you the number one more time, 516-595-0869, and don't forget to press 1. You have you press 1. People are probably calling in right now, but for some reason, they get lost in the mix.  You have to push 1 after you call in. Once you call into the studio, the control room, they will get your information. They will let me know that you are on the line.  All right, so give me a call. What do you think about what I have been talking about today?

Do you think it's good for the government to come in and put mandates, a.k.a. control, or to force you to take something into your body? Do you think that is okay? Do you think it's legit? Do you think it should happen? Are you for it? Are you against it? I have a good buddy that works in a different state, and it is a leftist state. This good buddy of mine works for the city.

He sent me a message recently saying that they just got a notification from their mayor for that particular city that they are going to make it mandatory for everyone to get the vaccine. I'm like, dude, I'm sorry to hear that. He's really on edge about it because many people have worked for these government jobs, these city jobs, for years. What happens when it goes against their religious beliefs?

So, they're saying that their safety supersedes your religious beliefs. This is not the same subject, but it just comes to mind. I make the connection about the LGBT going into the bakery, and the bakery said, ‘It goes against my morals to go out of my way to make a cake celebrating gay marriage.’ The bakery said, ‘I could make you a cake.’ The bakery never rejects making the cake. The bakery just said, ‘I'm not going to go out of my way, go the extra mile to do something that goes against my beliefs. Against the morals of what I believe, and make a cake for this X, Y, Z.’ Now, the bakers said, ‘You can buy these cakes. I got these cakes lined up. You can buy one of these.’ Well, the couple said, ‘No because,’ they said that ‘their feelings should supersede your religious beliefs.’

The same thing here with the vaccine. They're saying that their safety, their security should supersede your religious beliefs. So, they are going to knock all of us down. Take all of us down, and harm all of us because of their feelings about something. To be honest with you. I don't think we should have to give into that.

Let me put the number out there one more time. Are we even live? I don't see my producer any longer, so I don't even know if we're live. I put a comment on Facebook as well. If you can, and you are on the Facebook feed. I have been trying to leave a comment, but I can't do that while doing this.

I do not see any updates there. The number one more time before we go on to this next clip is 516-595-8069, but it looks like we do have a caller on the line. It looks like we have Bea. Is that right? Bea, from Jersey.

Bea: Yes. How are you doing, Will?

Will Johnson: Good, thanks so much for the call.

Bea: Thank you. I listen to you all the time, my husband and me. I wanted to say I got the vaccine because I have a lot of health problems. I'm a born-again Christian, too, and when that vaccine came out. I felt like as long as it's not my right arm or my forehead. Do you know what I mean? I think those RFID chips, or whatever they are. They are going to issue those when it becomes a cashless society.

Will Johnson: Yeah, and I think that the whole cashless society has a lot to do with Bitcoin as well. So, let me ask you this. You said that you received the vaccine. Did you get both shots?

Bea: Yeah, I had two shots.

Will Johnson: Okay, so no issues with you?

Bea: No, I couldn't believe it. Believe it or not, I have a lot of allergies and everything, but I had to get it because I have health problems, and they suggested that I get it. Yeah, I thought, either way, I'll be dead if I don’t get it. So, I just figured I'd get it.

Will Johnson: Let me ask you this. What do you think when they say now that people who received it can be spreading it faster than people that didn't receive it?

Bea: I think that's crazy and scary. Yeah, I thought it was a little strange they're not introducing the vaccine into the flu. You're right. They usually introduce the actual virus to you. I don't know. I'm not a scientist.

Will Johnson:  To my understanding, they introduce it to your body that way. To make your body build up your immune system.

Bea: I don't believe they should force you into something that hasn't been approved by the FDA. It hasn't been approved. You know what I mean, but as far as other shots. Certain things like polio, measles, and people are going to school together, yeah. Unless you go to a private school, that's a little different.

Will Johnson: Well, hopefully, nothing changes with your condition as far as that. Hopefully, you get better and better because, ultimately, that's what we want. I just don't like the idea of them saying that they want to force it onto us.

Bea: Yeah, I agree, especially if it hasn't been approved by the FDA.

Will Johnson: Yeah, with it being experimental. It's really interesting. Absolutely.

Bea: It is kind of scary, and I do agree with you. As I said, I'm a Christian, and everybody was paranoid. They said, because of the chip, but from what I read in the Bible. It either gets injected into your forehead or your right arm, and I think that has to do with the chip, the RFID, when they go cashless. I'm pretty sure that's what I read.

Will Johnson: Yeah, you know what? My personal opinion on that. I believe that when it talks about the mark of the beast. In my personal opinion, I do believe that it is going to be an RFID chip. I can't say that for definite, of course, but just my personal belief because this is the first thing ever in our history that lines up with it so well. Where they can control and monitor what you spend.

They can make sure that you can't buy or sell without it. They will know if you're free, you'll have it. They will know if you don't have it because, like the Bible says, forcing everyone free and slave, rich or poor, to receive it. It's just interesting times that we are living in. Well, hey, Bea, thank you so much for the call.

Bea: Oh, yeah. Just one more thing, too. There's a guy online that I watch. His name's Ken. I'm pulling up his last name; Ken Kline University. I don't know. Have you ever heard of it?

Will Johnson: I can't say that I have.

Bea: Yeah, it's on YouTube. If you look it up, he does a lot of interesting things on prophecy. He talks a lot about it. It's really interesting. You might want to check into it. It's pretty cool.

Will Johnson: I will do that. Thank you so much.

Bea: You have a good day. All right, bye-bye.

Will Johnson: You too, take care. There is that element a lot of people are making the connection with the vaccine. How they're forcing people to get it. A lot of people are making the connection with that and the mark of the beast. Now, I want to be clear that I don't see this vaccine as the mark of the beast. At the same time, when the market is presented. It's going to be where people have to take allegiance.

They want people to pledge allegiance to the beast, to the Antichrist. That's going to be in play as well, but a lot of people think that, oh, it's just going to be like a switch. Oh, there he is. He's forcing everybody. I don't think it's going to be that way. I think it's something that they sneak in and gradually bring in to get people to comply with it.

To give you an example, when they do implement the RFID chip here in the United States. It's already being implemented in places throughout the world. A lot of people don't know that because the FDA has approved the RFID chip. If you don't believe me, just go out there and Google it. Google RFID chip in the human body, and you will see documentation where it's been approved by the FDA for human consumption.

Like I was saying, they're going to gradually bring it in and have people slowly get it because they're going to make it seem like it's positive. You won't have to carry keys. You won't have to use secure authentication in buildings. You won't have to have a medical card on you any longer. You don't have to have your driver's license on you. You don't have to have credit cards on you because of your identification, money, and medical records.

Everything will be on that RFID chip. They'll be able to track your children if they get lost. People with Alzheimer, they'll be able to track them. They will present it as a wonderful thing, a wonderful option to people in the world. Okay, so I'm going to change the topic here a little bit.

I want to talk about January 6th. Again, if you want to chime in about anything we are talking about here, please give me a call, 516-595-8069. Don't forget to push 1. You have to push 1. That is the key. January 6th, are you all familiar with January 6th? Are you tired of hearing about January 6th? Well, the Democrats are not. Now, the Democrats passed a bill in the House, and that was H.R. 3233. Then it went over to the Senate.

Well, because of the filibuster, it failed in the Senate. The whole point of the H.R. 3233 was to do subpoenas against people that the Democrats deem as terrorists. They wanted to subpoena anybody that they felt had anything to do with January 6th. Anything, and everything that was their goal.

And, because it failed in the Senate, as of today, you have the House, in my opinion, going completely against the U.S. Constitution because they said regardless of what took place in the Senate. We're going to move forward with it. They're doing subpoenas. They're having hearings. So, what is the point of the U.S. Constitution if the Democrats are not going to adhere to it?

I've had many people call me in the past, saying, Will, we have the Constitution. The Constitution is on our side. I'm like, I don't disagree with you, but the Democrats don't care. We can say it all day, and what are we going to do about it then? Are we going to sit there and say that it is on our side and see it get trampled on? That's what's happening right now.

So, now the Democrats are in the House having these hearings and having these woke police officers come before Congress. If you ask me, they're all lying. It was all scripted to make it look like it was something that it wasn't. Not a single police officer died at the hands of people protesting that day. One police officer died of natural causes.

The only person that died because of a weapon, and only the Capitol Police had the weapons, was Ashly Abbott. She's the only one that died that day. From the video, you can see a white police officer, a Capitol police officer, who came from around a corner and shot her. He didn't have to shoot her, to be honest with you. He could have just pushed her back because she was going through a small window.

He could have just pushed her back, but he didn't do that. He decided to take her life. They had the hardest time releasing his name. There is a video of it out there. But anyway, the whole point of the Democrats doing these hearings is that at the end of this, they want to label everyone that loves this country, everyone that wants to stand up for this country, as terrorists. They're literally saying that people who love the country are a bigger threat than the people that attacked the buildings on 9/11. Do you hear what I'm telling you?

They're saying that January 6th was ten times, if not a hundred times worse than 9/11. It also went on to say that January 6th was worse than Pearl Harbor. This is what the left is saying. This is so remarkable that they're doing this. So, I want to play a clip for you. This is with Adam Kinzinger.

He was on with Wolf Blitzer from CNN and just listened to how Adam Kinzinger suggests that he's not going to go along with the idea of calling American’s terrorists, but he's going to at the same time say that it's not a bad idea. Listen to this.

Wolf Blitzner, CNN: Should they be expected? Should they be expected to receive subpoenas from the special committee?

Adam Kinzinger: Well, I don't want to get into the tactics and the details because, you know, we're in the fact-finding process of where do we need to go. Where does this lead? One thing that we don't want this to do is to become just kind of another political spectacle.

We want actual answers. We want to know what led to this? Who was responsible? All these questions, and so that is the process we undertake now. And, unfortunately, or fortunately, it's not going to be publicized or televised because this is where that kind of hard nitty-gritty of investigation happens. But I will tell you, Wolf, if I have anything to do with it, and if what I see today comes to fruition, which I think it will.

I think you know, anybody with a role in all of this should expect, you know, some at least discussions to happen because we are going to get to the bottom of this, and we're going to go where the facts lead.

Will Johnson: Do you hear this? Did you hear that? He said we're going to get to the bottom of it. We'll see where the facts lead. The Democrats don't care about facts. They really don't. The Democrats, if you ask me, Democrats never cared about facts. They only care about their agenda and about them keeping their power. Now, of course, Kinzinger claims to be a Republican, but he is a Democrat with an R next to his name.

Actually, it should be PR or PRP, the Pelosi Republican Party. That's what he should be. I put a thing out there on Twitter, calling him a PR, Pelosi Republican because Pelosi handpicked these Republicans. He, along with Liz Cheney, to come and talk about January 6th.

Both he and Liz Cheney, for some reason, they're upset because they didn't get something they wanted. And, because they didn't get something that they wanted, now they're attacking Republicans. Well, they call themselves Republicans, and they're attacking American citizens, and they're creating political prisoners.

You actually have them creating political prisoners, and if you think that the Democrats are not going to end up trying to make it to where they can have more political prisoners at the end of this thing then you're sadly mistaken. The whole point is to instill fear into the American people and get the American people not to try to unseat these kings and queens.

That's what it is. They want to retain the power. They are drunk in the power that they have. Nancy Pelosi, she doesn't ever see herself leaving. She never sees herself leaving. Never. She's going to stay there forever, even though she does look like the crypt keeper. She's going to want to stay there forever.

Okay, so I do have another clip with Liz Cheney that I want to play for you, but let me just go back to the phone lines for the sake of time. Let's go to Joe from Montana. Hey, Joe, thank you so much for the call.

Joe: Yeah, when it comes to calling Republicans, Republicans, and Democrats, Democrats, it's not how I think of them. I think of them as both the same different wings of the same vulture. I don't think of them as Republicans and Dems, as such, but both either communists or lobbyists, pawns, or just plain traitors. They haven't thought about the American people in decades.

People have to wake up instead of saying, oh, I'm a Republican, a Democrat or the Republicans should do this, or the Democrats should do that. They're not going to change. They are there just to perform political theater and to keep people distracted. What do you think about that thesis?

Will Johnson: No, I'm with you. I used to think of the right-wing and the left-wing being on the bird of the eagle, but they have changed their mascot, the Republicans and the Democrats, to a buzzard. The only eagle, in my opinion, is what President Trump was creating. President Trump was bringing the eagle back. They couldn't stand it. They hated it. The one president in my lifetime that has done so much for this country and even given up so much for this country.

They are trying; even now, they're still trying to demolish him. Even now, they still want to put him behind bars because they fear him. The Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Adam Kinzinger, and others out there. I truly believe, without me being there. I truly believe that they made a back door deal with the Democrats, saying, hey, help us get rid of President Trump, and Mike Pence even included.

Help us get rid of President Trump, and we will help you get your party back because we all know the party belongs to President Trump. After the election and everything failed the way, it failed. That's why you have McCarthy, even McCarthy going to President Trump having a discussion with him. The Democrats are upset about it. So, you're right. This is like they are two peas on the same buzzard.

One buzzard would fly on the Republicans, they would say, okay, well, I could see everyone still staying over on the eagle. They try to act like they want to be part of it, but they're not.

Joe: Yeah, but one thing I disagree with you on, and another thing I want your opinion. What I disagree with you about is that you said it was Trump's party. It was never Trump's party, never. They always disliked him because they were part of the swamp. It took them two years, and Trump was winning his victories for them to go on to Trump's side.

The only reason they did that, in my opinion, though, I could be wrong, too, is that the midterms were coming up, and they needed to be reelected. They knew Trump was popular, and they needed his endorsement, but when it came time to endorse him, stand by him. They didn't do it. So, in my opinion, they were never on Trump's side.

Will Johnson: I agree with you on that.

Joe: Oh, you do? Okay.

Will Johnson: Let me just say this before you ask for my opinion. I agree with you. I agree with you on that. The only thing is that the Republicans realize that we, you and I, well, I'm assuming you, but I'm saying that the Americans that voted for President Trump. We all still stood with President Trump, and that's what I'm saying when I said the party is still his.

Now, these establishment Republicans. I agree with you 100%. They hated him from day one because he was not giving them what they wanted. He wasn't playing the same typical game. So, I think we're in the same boat on that. I think we agree. Maybe it came across where it sounded different. Would you agree?

Joe: Yeah.

Will Johnson: Okay, go ahead with your other question really quick.

Joe: You were saying that the Republicans made a deal with the Democrats. If you help us get rid of Trump, good. The Dems made a deal with the Republicans, you know, help us, and we'll help you get your party back.

Will Johnson: Right, it's a matter of opinion.

Joe: I don't think that's wrong. Okay, I don't know. What I also heard was the military, the yappers, the generals, admirals, and the generals. They went to Trump. I heard this just a couple of days ago. They said to him, you step down, or we will start a war, and you will be blamed for it. Whether or not that's true, I don't know, but it comes from a person whose particular outlook on what's happening today seems pretty much on.

So, he may or may not be right. The only reason I bring it up is that there may be a variety of reasons why Trump did not invoke the National Emergency Act that he activated back in 2018.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I completely understand.

Joe: Yeah, so I guess you want to play that clip on Cheney.

Will Johnson: Thanks so much for the call. Take care, Joe. Okay, let me play this clip from Liz Cheney talking about subpoenas and getting Republicans. Let me just play it, listen.

Liz Cheney: We've got to make sure that we get to every piece of information that matters, and I think the speaker has been very clear that the chairman we're going to issue subpoenas quickly. They were going to enforce those subpoenas.

Will Johnson: You hear this? So, they're going to force the subpoenas onto people, as I mentioned earlier, and you know that they want to subpoena President Trump. You know that they do. Seriously, think about it. Okay, we got another caller. Let's go to Dan from Ohio. Hey, Dan, thank you so much for the call.

Dan: Will, sir, how are you?

Will Johnson: Good. Thank you so much.

Dan: I had a question. I don't know if you've ever watched the movie Demolition Man, but I'm wondering if we're not going in that direction.

Will Johnson: Yeah, that was the old one. Wasn't that with Wesley Snipes? Was Wesley Snipes in that one?

Dan: Dennis Rodman, I remember that, but where everything set back.

Will Johnson: We all look alike. Yeah, it was Dennis Rodman. We all look alike. (laughing)

Dan: Well, I don't know about that.

Will Johnson: You do have a point. I mean, it's quite possible that we're going to total chaos.

Dan: Well, that and then the whole police reform. Trying to set everything, the precedent, and everything's bad. I mean, everything we do anymore it's not what they foresee. So, here we are. You don't know what you're doing. So, let us tell you how to live.

Will Johnson: You know what that is, right. You know that is. What that is that the left, the liberals, believe that they have all the answers. They believe that they know what's best for all of us. They believe that they are the light, and we should listen to everything they have to tell. Just follow it blindly, and don't even question. That's what's in their minds, and that's what we see right now. They're pushing it that way.

Dan: At the end of the day, I know people that self-think. They do not want that. They want someone that can sit back empty-minded and go, oh, yes, that's what I need to do. I'm on the page with you and a lot of Americans that I don't need anybody to think for me. I'm going to do as I feel fit. For me, my family, and what I think is in their best interest.

Will Johnson: That's the way it should be. You should be able to decide. It's still your body, right? It's still your body. You should be able to make the decision.

Dan: As long as they allow people to still have abortions and do stuff that kills people every day. Don't tell me how to live my life and how to fix myself. I mean, show me you care about human life, and then talk about how you care about my life. That's where my train of thought is.

Will Johnson: You're spot on. They completely disregard the most innocent of us all. Like you just mentioned, but then they try to come around and say that we're here because we want safety for you. Protection for all of us, but they completely trash all the ones they can't defend themselves.

Dan: Well, yeah, and that's a crazy thing to me because you don't even know what that kid could have done. I mean, that could have been one of the kids they killed years ago that could have had the cure for their virus.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they had the answer to that. They could have had the answer for many things.

Dan: You never know.

Will Johnson: Yeah, your absolutely right. You never know.

Dan: Well, Will, sir, I appreciate everything you do. I appreciate you taking my call and give me a few minutes of your time.

Will Johnson: I thank you, sir.

Dan: Continue the fight. I appreciate you.

Will Johnson: Absolutely, take care. Thank you.

Dan: Yes, sir. Have a good evening.

Will Johnson: You too. So, to go along with what Dan was saying about, the children, and I say the most innocent of us all. Let me put this statement out there. It's just my statement, okay. It's not written in the Bible or anything like that, but this is my statement. The way I see it is when Moses was born. What did the king say? If I'm not mistaken, it was the Pharaoh in Egypt.

He said to kill all the firstborn males because he was told that a king was coming. So, he had all of them go out and kill the firstborn males. Moses, of course, was put in the basket in a boat and floated down the river. He got past it. A second time I think it was Nero, right? Saying, kill all the firstborn males. That's when Jesus was born. He got past it. Now, think about this.

The evil one has done, to this extent, as I said, it is nowhere in the Bible. It is just the way I see it. The evil one put it into the mind of the men to try to kill all these babies. The firstborn males when Moses was born. The same thing again, the evil one put it into the minds of these kings to kill these firstborn males because they wanted to kill Jesus. See, Satan knew.

He had to try to kill them. He kept trying to kill. Now, as of today, and I'm not saying the Messiah or anything because Moses wasn't a messiah; Jesus was. God sends people here to do his will. To do his work, and the evil one, he is now saying, instead of me waiting until the male is born. Then convincing the rulers, the leaders, the kings, and queens to try to kill the firstborn male.

He is saying; the evil one has put it into the heart and mind of men to kill them in the womb. Do you understand that? That's the way I see it. Just to be clear, it's not in a Bible. It's not written anywhere. I just put two and two together because I know the battle, we are in is a spiritual battle. Think about it. You hear people say it all the time. We're in a spiritual battle.

So, you know, the evil one is fighting in that spiritual realm, and he has convinced man to kill the most innocent of us all in the womb. He's convinced people to believe that killing them in the womb is good health care. How disgusting is that? How sick is that? We're talking about the most innocent of us all. For the life of me, I see them pushing it. All right, we're almost there at the end of the hour. Wow, the time has flown by.

I do want to say, again, about January 6th. My personal opinion is that they want to label those of us that don't want to go along with tyranny. That will stand up against tyranny as domestic terrorists. That is their goal here, and if they can label everyone as a domestic terrorist in the United States of America. Just a few of them, they would get everybody else to get tight-lipped. They would get everybody else not to say anything.

They would get everybody else not to stand up against the tyranny. The ultimate goal, their main target, is white people and Christians. Hear me now, believe me later on. Look what they've been doing to white people for the past five years now, actually six years. It started under Obama. When Obama said, if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.

What do you think that did? All that did was spark a battle in this nation, a division in this nation that should not be here today. Their main target is straight white men. I'm telling you. The main reason is that the majority of the white people in this country are Christians. The same thing they did to the Jewish people in the 1930s.

They're expecting to do it again. I'm telling you. Hear me now, believe me later on. Do I want to be right in this? Absolutely not. I don't care to be right in it, but if I am right, we're going to see some major changes. The House Democrats right now, what they're doing in the House, in my personal opinion, is geared for that. They say they want to investigate January 6th.

They want to get down to the bottom of it. Who caused it? Who started it? When President Trump was on record saying, ‘March and be peaceful.’ President Trump repeated it so many times to be peaceful. He also said that he is the president of law in order. He would have never called for this total chaos.

He never did, but the Democrats are counting on every one of us not to recognize that. They're counting on every one of us not to pay attention to it. Remember that.

All right, my name is Will Johnson. Thank you so much for tuning in today. Thank you so much for sharing this; however, you are listening to this podcast today. I will be here again next Thursday, God willing. Do me a favor, send me a text 88202, and type in my name, W-I-L-L. All right, we will see you next Thursday everybody. Be safe, be strong, and keep your freedom. Take care. See you next Thursday. God Bless.

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