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Democrats Primary Objective Is Power


Will Johnson: Hello, everybody, and welcome. It is Thursday, July 15th, 2021. We're going to talk about Texas. We're going to talk about Cuba. We're going to talk about the Democrats and the power grab they are working on right now. Riding with me, shotgun in the studio, of course, is Channon, and thank you to Anni, the producer on the other end.

Thank you so much, everyone, for joining us this wonderful Thursday. Channon, oh, my goodness. What is going on? Has the world really gone this crazy, or is it just me?

Channon: No, it's not just you. It is going crazy.

Will Johnson: I mean, seriously.

Channon: I know it's crazy. What is happening? Since Biden walked into the White House, the whole world's gone crazy. It used to be America would keep people in check, but Biden is not doing that.

Will Johnson: No, not at all.

Channon: It's crazy.

Will Johnson: The O'Biden administration is not doing that at all. You know, it reminds me, what's happening in Cuba right now it is similar, not the same thing, different people, of course, but it just reminds me of what happened in Israel. How Israel was being attacked by all of these people. Now we have the Cuban people fighting for their lives, and the O'Biden administration, in my opinion, is completely ignoring them.

It's like softball; yes, we stand with you as they did with Israel. We stand with you, but we're going to sit back and let all this insanity unfold because we kind of want it to happen to you. That's the way I see it, but before we get into all of this text, W-I-L-L to 88202, and you get awesome information that you need to know from American Truth Project. I can't stress it enough.

Text W-I-L-L to 88202, and you'll get that information, which you most definitely want to know. They have information that you're not getting anywhere else. So, you need to do that. We will talk about the Democrats being cowards. We're going to talk about Cuba and what the Cuban people are going through. And why is it that we have the O'Biden administration not wanting these people from Cuba to come to America?

Channon: All right, Will, I think we should start off talking about what happened in Texas this week because it's huge. So, we had the Texas Senate was supposed to be voting over the voter protection laws. The day came and 51 Democrats in the Senate decided to get on a private airplane, mind you, maskless.

Will Johnson: Federal law was being broken here.

Channon: And fly to Washington, D.C. An act of cowards to avoid doing their jobs. So, people are like, what is going on? Why is this happening? Well, these Democrats are saying, just like they did in Atlanta and other states, that the voting laws are biased. That it doesn't protect people's votes, but on the very opposite of it, when you look at the bill it does protect people's votes, and it closes the loopholes where people can cheat. Let's be honest.

They don't care about your vote. They care about being able to cheat. They do care about the votes of illegals because they know that those people are going to vote Democrat. So, they don't want any voter I.D. One of their biggest things is they don't want any voter I.D. or Social Security number required on mail-in ballots. Can you believe that?

Will Johnson: It's insane.

Channon: And they want to expand mail-in ballots. They want to expand and add drive-in voter polls, and they want to extend the voting to 24 hours a day. So, let me tell you what all these things do. What they do is they make it harder to cover these stations 24 hours a day, first of all. It's hard to look at mail-in ballots. It's hard to monitor drive-in polls, stations and do it 24 hours a day.

So, never in our history have we had 24-hour voting, but this is what the Democrats are pushing. Texas is like, no, we will extend the voting time. It will be from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, but we're not going 24 hours. They're saying, well, that's prejudice. You're making it harder for people to vote.

Will Johnson: For them to say this prejudice is completely insane. Who's it prejudiced against?

Channon: Because black people can only vote at 12 am.

Will Johnson: I guess black people don't know. I guess, maybe they're thinking like black people, BLM, how they go out to riot and loot after 6 pm. So, they have to make sure after they're done rioting and looting, that they can go vote.

Channon: Well, this is in Texas. We haven't had too much rioting.

Will Johnson: No, but that's their way of thinking, right? That's their way of thinking that they have to put something out there to make it easier for everybody to vote, but they actually don't want other people to vote.

Channon: So, really, you have the opportunity to vote. Early voting is a week to two weeks. Then you have from 6 am to 10 pm, seven days a week so, if you cannot find the time to vote.

Will Johnson: Yes. So, they have two weeks to vote with the early voting, and then the day of. Do you mean to tell me that's not enough time? Seriously, you can't find your way, I mean, even if you have to walk four miles, and it takes you two weeks to walk those four miles. Do you mean there's not enough time? Seriously?

Channon: I mean, it's really idiotic.

Will Johnson: 100%.

Channon: If anybody wants to vote, they're going to find the time to vote. You cannot tell me there's not a single person that can't find the time in the time given to vote. Here's the thing, they want the opportunity to cheat. So, the longer you open up, the more opportunities you can create spaces to cheat, i.e., mail-in voting, drive-through voting, no voter I.D., and 24-hour voting, things happen. It creates so many opportunities to cheat, and the Republicans are like, ‘No. We want voter I.D. We want every citizen's vote to count.’

Will Johnson: That's just it.

Channon: We want to protect their vote by not letting someone steal their vote from them with all these opportunities to cheat. They want poll watchers to have more opportunities to walk around a space to make sure things are being done properly. Everybody's vote is counting.

They are not cheating. The Democrats are like, well, you can't just give them free will in a poll place. What about people's privacy? Well, this law protects the voter. They are not allowed to be in a certain radius of people at the voting booth. That is the one thing I agree with.

Will Johnson: But the Republicans want to do after the fact. After the fact, when people who could do some fraudulent stuff, some criminal activity. Who's watching those people. They don't want those people to be watched. They want those people to be able to do whatever they want to. Whatever they can get away with, without any eyes seeing them doing it.

Let me tell you this when it comes to Texas, Georgia, even places like Florida. Places where they're putting in stuff to say that you're an American citizen, and you're one vote counts. That means that if you're black, white, Hispanic, Asian, an American citizen, regardless, if you're rich or poor your vote counts the same as every single person across the spectrum. Every single person's vote counts. Every single person is equal.

The Democrats don't want that. They are screaming equality, but they don't want that. What they want is to bring in all of the millions of people, fast-track them to have American citizenship, and have them vote on the Democrat ticket. That's what this is about; it's not about protecting the integrity of our election. If they wanted to do that, they would not be trying to do H.R.1, which will put the election system of every single state in the hands of the federal government.

Do you understand what that means, people? That means the Democrats will control the elections from here to the end of eternity unless we start revolting like Cuba. I don't want it to come to that, but from the way it looks, the Democrats love what the communist regime in Cuba is doing to the people. They like how China treats its people. Why do you think they're so cozy up and buddy up with all these communist states?

Channon: Yeah, well, we will talk about that soon, but listen, there's no coincidence that Kamala Harris was in Texas just a few weeks ago talking to these same Democrats about the voting bill. She talked to them about H.R.1. She talked about their objective for elections. She's completely ignored the border here in Texas. I mean, she came one time in a fly-by.

Will Johnson: Are you talking about Europe? She's hasn't been to Europe.

Channon: Yeah. So, it's not a coincidence that they're letting people flood into our state. They know what's happening. They're not stopping it. She didn't even come up with a game plan on how to stop it. Then they're talking about voting here in Texas. Then they fly these people on a private airplane to Washington, D.C., and while they're in Washington, D.C., they're talking about voter rights, H.R.1.

At the same time, we have Biden. He goes to the election committee in Philadelphia, talking to them about H.R.1, saying, ‘This is our time to take action on voter rights.’ Listen, once again, we have a crisis at the border they're silent on it. They talked about it for a few minutes because they got pressure from the American people. They're silent on Afghanistan. They're silent on what happened to Israel. They're silent on what is happening in Cuba. It's really crazy. They may say a few words, but let me tell you what, they're not coming out strong against the things they need to come out on.

All they are worried about is getting back into power. They are worried about votes because they know that it's just a short time before the next presidential election this year, and they want to stay in power. It is a power grab. That's all this is about.

Will Johnson: Absolutely. Of course, the Democrats had to take a trip to D.C., as we said, and many of you are aware of this. They had to go up on the Hill. They were on the airplane and the bus. They had beer, and they're smiling, happy, but then when they get in front of the cameras in D.C., they have sad faces, and oh, my goodness, we're fighting for the right to vote.

Let me ask the question, and I've asked this question multiple times. If you are listening in, I'd like for you to call in to tell me. Who doesn't have the right to vote if you're an American citizen? I mean, it's not a trick question here because the Democrats are trying to act like American citizens of some category don't have the right to vote. Who are these people they are referring to? Because black people can vote, black people can find the DMV.

Black people know how to do these things. So, exactly who are they're talking about? They always bring the racial element into it to make it look like Republicans are racist by trying to prevent people from voting. That's not the case at all, but I want to play a clip for you. This is a clip of them going up on the Hill complaining about Republicans doing the right thing in the state of Texas.

Toni Rose: Thank you. You know, Republicans have failed Texans. Texas Republicans don't want free and fair elections. House Bill 3 puts deliberate barriers on voting to make it harder for Texans to cast a free, safe and equal vote. House Bill 3 is an attack on voters' freedom and democracy.

Even with that, even with two provisions removed, the bill, as written, makes it harder for Texans to vote and easier for partisan poll watchers to harass and intimidate voters. Greg Abbott wants the spotlight anywhere but, on his failure, rigging the system. Attacking the very foundation of democracy and the rights of all Texans in the price of the GOP lead legislature. It's the price they are willing to pay in order to pay for Trump's prayer alter.

Will Johnson: I will stop it there. She's referring to Trump's prayer altar as the border wall. See, this is them clearly saying ...

Channon: I was like, what are you talking about?

Will Johnson: A lot of people are going; what are you talking about? Prayer altar? She's referring to the southern border wall protecting the American people, especially those in Texas. You know, the state that these Democrats fled from, not doing their jobs. That border wall helped a lot of people in the state of Texas, and they want to remove the wall because they don't want any protections for the American citizens.

These people are sinister in what they're doing. She just let the cat out of the bag when she talked about the prayer altar. They want to bring in all of these people, and you see how they're bringing them in. They are letting people just come in by the thousands, seriously, and they want to make it to where they all can vote, but Republicans are saying, ‘No. They're not American citizens. No, they cannot vote.’

So, the Democrats are taking it upon themselves to go up to Washington, D.C., to cry out to Congress saying, ‘Hey, disregard what we should do, disregard the U.S. Constitution, and just pass H.R.1, and take over the election system.’ That's what they're there in D.C.

Channon: Yeah, at the same time when Biden was in Pennsylvania, listen to what he said, I almost fell out of my chair. It said, ‘No other election has ever been held under such scrutiny and such high standards as the 2020 race.’

Will Johnson: What?

Channon: He said he applauds these Democrats that fled their job, that we're cowards and didn't do their job in Texas. He applauds their courage, and he says that they are fighting against a bill that is an assault on democracy. You know, these Democrats keep saying, oh, this is un-American, this is un-American. There's nothing un-American about it. We're saying, listen. If you are an American citizen, you get to vote.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: We're going to create more opportunities for you to vote, but we're going to lessen the opportunities for people to cheat. Therefore, your vote counts.

Will Johnson: So, that's why the Democrats are in an uproar. How are you going to stop us from cheating? How dare you, this is not democracy. Democracy, in their eyes, is allowed to do whatever it is that they want. Now, we're not sitting here saying that the Democrats' only sole goal here is to cheat. We're not endorsing that. We're not saying that at all, but what else could it be?

Because the Republicans have made it clear if you're an American citizen, if you do not have a criminal felony record, depending on the state you're in, you can vote. There's no one saying that you can't vote. For her to make the statement talking about it is harder for people in Texas to vote. I'm in Texas, and it was easy for me to vote.

Channon: I haven't heard anybody complain.

Will Johnson: No, I haven't. I have a Texas I.D... I went to the voting poll, and guess what? They asked me for my I.D., and I produced it. They gave me a ballot. I did my vote, and I was on my way. That was it.

Channon: When they say that Texas is putting un-American voting rights limits on elections, it's not the truth. They're saying we want 24-hour voting for a week-long or whatever, which we know is harder to make sure that it's secure, and that votes are being handled properly, but they did extend the time for people to vote.

Early voting has been extended. We just saw this past election where early voting would be a week, and they did it two weeks of early voting. Then on the day of voting, there are apps you can find where to vote. I mean, they make it so simple.

Will Johnson: You know what it is? Because, after the plandemic, they saw that they could manipulate the election any way that they want to. It is unheard of, just for example, where you have a multibillionaire spend millions of dollars for ballot boxes. That's unheard of; I mean, somebody should go to jail for that.

Channon: Not everybody should be involved.

Will Johnson: Who's to say that I can't get some wood, go down to the local hardware store, build a box, and put on the side of it, Ballot Drop Off. It is secure because I put a padlock on it. I mean, seriously, that is the difference. You should not have anyone doing it unless they are already in that political capacity.

Channon: Well, not everybody should be dealing with elections, just not anybody can put out a ballot box.

Will Johnson: That's my point.

Channon: To be honest, America's elections have not been secure for a long time.

Will Johnson: Well, that's true. They are not secure.

Channon: Just like everything else, the Democrats found a way that they can manipulate something to get into power and stay in power. So, they have been working on this for a while. You have to go by their actions because they're going to tell you everything you want to hear.

You are going to hear that, oh, well, they can harass people coming to the polls. That's not true. The legislation protects the people that are coming to vote from pole watchers. You cannot go around and do that.

Will Johnson: That makes them hypocrites because the Democrats are complaining, while, someone is standing in line, and you can't hand out water to them? If they're saying that you can't hand out water to them, who's harassing them?

Channon: Oh yeah, you are talking about what Kamala Harris said about the polls.

Will Johnson: You can't simply hand out water, really?

Channon: Of course, hypocrites, we know that. That is nothing new, but to give an update on this story. As of right now, the Senate in Texas did go ahead and had a quorum. So, they went ahead and did vote the bill by 18 to four. It was passed, however.

Will Johnson: This was in the Senate?

Channon: Yes, but in order for it to officially be ruled into law, they needed two-thirds.

Will Johnson: You need two-thirds.

Channon: They needed two-thirds to show up before the special session ends, and the special session was supposed to end on August 6th or something like that.

Will Johnson: Governor Abbott said that if they're not present, he will extend it. He will extend it again, and then if they're not present when they return to Texas, they will be arrested.

Channon: Because if they don't get it voted in with the two-thirds, then it will not become law, and they're going have to start all over again, which is what Republicans are trying to avoid. Of course, that's what the Democrats want because they want to usher in their H.R.1, where the elections become federalized, even though it did not pass. Thanks to some very smart Democrats and Republicans in Washington, but they're not stopping. They want power.

They have to stay in power. People need to pay attention to what's happening in their states and at the federal level because these Democrats' behavior is crazy. If Republicans did what they did, can you imagine what they would be saying? Can you imagine what Chucky Schumer would be saying?

He'd be like, all these people, they're not doing their jobs. This is an embarrassment to America. I mean, he would just be handing it to them, but because it's Democrats, everybody is applauding them and saying, oh, what great people they are.

Will Johnson: It's ridiculous. So, I want to play another clip from these Democrats going to D.C. and how they're crying, saying that they're fighting for our rights to vote. It is comical, listen.

Rhetta Bowers: We are here in D.C., our nation's capital because we want to protect the civil right to vote for millions of Texans. We were quite literally forced to move and leave the state of Texas. We also know that we are, right now, on borrowed time in Texas.

Channon: Who forced them to leave?

Will Johnson: I will stop it. There is more to this, but I stopped it right there. When I heard that I'm like, ‘What?’

Channon: Who forced them on that private airplane?

Will Johnson: That's what I was getting ready to say. With them on the airplane, celebrating, and having a good time, does it look like they were forced? I don't think they were anticipating that photo to go out like that, and they probably are like, oh, we should have put a memo out there, no pictures because of that very reason.

But the picture got out, and it went viral. They are all in there celebrating, and now she's saying that they were forced? No one forced them to walk off the job. Do you hear that? No one forced them to walk off the job. Listen to the rest of this.

Rhetta Bowers: And, we can't stay here indefinitely. To run out the clock to stop Republican anti-voter bills. That's why we need Congress to act now and pass the, For the People Act. Texas Democrats will use everything in our power to fight back, but we need Congress to act now.

Will Johnson: Basically, they want Congress to override everything of the U.S. Constitution and take over the electoral.

Channon: Because honestly, what does Congress have to do with our voting in Texas at this point? Nothing, people.

Will Johnson: Nothing. The Constitution is clear. Each state makes up the laws, and the rules for the election in their state, be it state, local or federal.

Channon: Right, but they depend on the ignorance of the citizens to hear their words and get triggered by them and think that it's the Republicans that are against them. When it is the very opposite, they want to be in power. Will, do you want to switch it over, and let's talk about what's happening in Cuba.

Will Johnson: Yes, let's talk about Cuba because what's happening in Cuba, I think personally, what's happening in Cuba is a glimpse of the future for the United States of America, and why do I say that? Because we have communist Democrats that are running the country here in the U.S. The Democrats, the entire left, are communists. Straight-up communist, and what we see in Cuba is going to happen.

The only reason why it hasn't happened here. Do you know why? Because in Cuba, they don't have the Second Amendment. Right now, in Cuba, all they can do is throw rocks and sticks.

Channon: They don't have the First Amendment either.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they don't have a Second Amendment to protect the First Amendment or the third, the fourth, or the fifth, every one of them. See, the Second Amendment, even though it comes second, protects all of them. But in Cuba, they don't have any means of protecting themselves. So, when the government and the police start killing people because that is what is happening.

They shut off the Internet and shut off communication to Cuba. Then the Cuban government, the communists Cuba, say everything's fine here, nothing to look at. It's almost like, the news reporters when they were reporting about Antifa and BLM burning up the city. A news reporter was standing there, and everything was on fire behind them. It's a peaceful protest. Nothing to see here; it's all good. Doing that while everything is in chaos behind them, burning up.

Channon: Well, no, the President came out, and he said they definitely have problems in Cuba.

Will Johnson: Who did?

Channon: The President of Cuba did come out and say that they had problems.

Will Johnson: But they're not acknowledging how bad it is, how they're actually killing people.

Channon: Now, that part, they didn't come out and speak about. I mean, there has been mismanagement of the economy. We know it's corrupt, a lot like Mexico. It's pretty crazy, but yesterday, Black Lives Matter, actually, was it the Black Lives Matter Global Network? What was it? I'm sorry.

Will Johnson: Just say, Black Lives Matter. It doesn't matter where they're from or what part of the country they're in. Black Lives Matter is an evil entity, regardless of where they are. They come out and support the communists. Then to my understanding, they're blaming the U.S.

Channon: The reason I wanted to say this is because there's a lot of chapters of Black Lives Matter. Sometimes a Black Lives Matter chapter in New York will say something, and then the Black Lives Matter in Ohio will say, I don't agree with that.

Will Johnson: They are all idiots, so it doesn't matter.

Channon: So, this was a Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, tweeted that they condemned the U.S. Federal Government for its inhumane treatment of Cubans. They didn't blame Cuba for the inhumane treatment of Cubans. It blames the U.S. because they have put economic embargoes on the country.

So, economic embargoes are one way to limit their trading and stuff like that in the country to encourage them to do the right thing. The purpose of embargoes is to ensure or force a country to become more humane towards its citizens. So, I'm sitting here going, why are you against us? We're trying to force Cubans to do the right thing.

Will Johnson: Because the organization, regardless of where it is, where it exists, BLM is an evil entity. I mean, it's not for humanity. It's for destroying humanity or changing humanity.

Channon: Yesterday, Nikki Haley came out on Fox News, and I love what she had to say. I know, Will, it's kind of a long clip, but it's worth hearing every single thing that she said.

Will Johnson: Okay, we're going to play it.

Martha MacCallum: Nikki Haley, it is great to see you. Great to have you back on the program. What do you think about what's going on here?

Nikki Haley: I mean, Martha, these are true heroes that are taking to the streets, fighting for freedom because, I mean, they're going to get beaten up, they're going to get put in prison, they're going to get killed. I mean, we all know what's going to happen. There's a reason the T.V. has been cut off. There's a reason the Internet's been cut off, and look, what is the U.S. approach? First, Biden is silent, and secondly, he chose to get back on the Human Rights Council, where he sits next to Cuba.

So, I mean, really, what's it saying? We have always been for human rights, always been for human rights, and we've always been for freedom. They are begging us to help them. When they wave those American flags in the street, they're doing that because they want to be like America, and we haven't seen protests like this ever. And the idea that they're doing this, we should be standing by them.

Martha MacCallum: It's a moment, and we see these moments come and go. We saw it in Tehran, but this is a moment. So, the U.S. response is very crucial here. This is the Mayor of Miami. It's got a lot of attention when I asked him if they would consider it because he gave other examples of Kosovo. I said, ‘Would you do your airstrikes? Should be on the table in Cuba?’ Watch this.

Francis Suarez: Clinton, in Kosovo, intervening on a humanitarian issue with airstrikes. So, there have been many, many opportunities.

Martha MacCallum: Are you suggesting airstrikes in Cuba?

Francis Suarez: What I'm suggesting is that option is one that has to be explored and cannot be just simply discarded as an option that is not on the table.

Martha MacCallum: Do you think U.S. military action is something that should be on the table here?

Nikki Haley: Well, I think the action should be that the U.S. should be standing up at the United Nations calling a hearing in the Security Council about what is happening in Cuba right now. I mean, the U.S. needs to be holding a hearing at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

If they wanted to join it, why aren't you going and calling out your colleague in Cuba, saying, what are you doing? We need the rest of the world to join in on this. This is exactly why we keep the embargo. This is exactly why we need other countries to join. It's that pressure that will get the Cuban dictatorship to stop.

Martha MacCallum: It's amazing how close it came with Maduro, and you have 49 nations that gathered together, and he is still there. I know that you ...

Will Johnson: Let me stop it there really quick. The question is, how come we're not seeing the O'Biden administration doing that very thing?

Channon: Yeah, I mean, they sit right there on the Humane Council, and what are we doing? We're silent, right? President Trump is, I'm sorry. I wish it were President Trump; Biden is not putting any pressure on Cuba.

Will Johnson: Nothing, it's the same scenario in Israel, but go ahead. Go ahead.

Channon: Absolutely. I mean, he didn't put pressure on Hamas to stop. It's just crazy because they're so detached. Biden is so detached. The Democrats are so detached from all these things happening in the world. They say we're going to be part of the global system, but they only want to be part of the global system where they're in with the popular people and don't want to do anything.

Here in America, they don't want to get engaged with anything other than voter integrity because they want to stay in power. I mean, it's crazy. It's about them staying in power.

Will Johnson: You know what it is? It's about the whole build back better. There's talk that the dollar or the Cuban currency has crashed and is worth nothing. They can't find food. This is the model of build back better. What they're saying, everything the world economy has to be broken down has to be torn down, and then they can build it back better.

But see, they put out this fake narrative saying they're going to build it back in a capitalist way. It's a total lie. They're only saying that to get people who know that capitalism is what the country is, the world should strive for, meaning that people can be successful and not be held back. But let's listen to the rest of what she has to say here.

Martha MacCallum: I have some thoughts on this. I thought this was quite interesting. Secretary of State Blinken has invited the UN to investigate racism in the United States, sort of saying, you know, we recognize that we have issues here at home. What do you think about that, Ambassador?

Nikki Haley: I mean, first of all, I thought that the Biden administration was extreme leftists. This is flat-out insane, Martha. The idea is you've got a million Muslim Uighurs that are being tortured. You've got people being bullied and beaten in the streets of Cuba. You've got Venezuelans that are arresting political protesters, all of which you buy and choose to sit with on the Human Rights Council.

And the U.S. is asking the United Nations, a cesspool of political bias, to come into the United States and investigate us on human rights. We look so ridiculous in the eyes of the world right now. I can't even imagine what the world is thinking. I can't imagine what those ambassadors at the UN are thinking.

I sat there and fought for the fact that we were the freest, best country in the world, and now you have our own Secretary of State calling the UN to do an investigation. You can't make this up. This isn't just insane. This is dangerous.

Will Johnson: It is dangerous, seriously. Did you ever think about it? You know what? You know why she is saying dangerous because they're calling for the UN to come in and take over the government. That's what they're saying, and investigating us for racism? Seriously?

If you really want to remove the racism out of the country, you got to remove the Democrats out of the country. See, like when the 50 Democrats left, Texas. Texas got so much better. I mean, the air is clear. The sky is brighter.

Channon: We had better weather.

Will Johnson: Everything is better with those 50 Democrats leaving the state. Just imagine if we could get 50 million Democrats to leave the country. You know all of these Democrats want to support the communist regime in Cuba and China. I would recommend that you all just move to those countries. Even over in the Middle East, those who want to destroy Israel move to Iran, Iraq, and even Saudi Arabia.

Move to all of these nations over there that want to destroy Israel and America. You could tell them that they're not doing it right. You show them how it's done. This is insane. To bring the UN into the United States of America and say, ‘Hey, investigate racism. Who's going to put who on trial here?

Channon: It's amazing to me because Nikki Haley brought it up. There are far greater human crises going on in other countries that we could be addressing, that we could be saying, hey, you need to look at this, look at that, and this, check into that, but no. They want a biased group of people to come to America. Do you think they have an interest in making America better?

Will Johnson: Who?

Channon:  Cuba, whoever, Russian, Iran.

Will Johnson:  Well, I think the people fleeing from Cuba want to come to America because it's better.

Channon: No, I am talking about the people, the Secretary of State asked to investigate America.

Will Johnson: You are talking about the UN?

Channon: Yeah, do they have an interest in making us better?

Will Johnson: Of course not. They're going to follow right along with what the Democrats are doing, saying Trump supporters are of all racists, that they should be labeled. Do you know what this means? That not only will they make Trump supporters deemed domestic terrorists, but they're going to say Trump supporters should be removed.

Just like in Guantanamo Bay, they're a threat to the world, and you know what it comes down to. They're going to say this because Trump supporters are basically, for the most part, Christians. That's what it is coming down to. That's what it's really coming down to, seriously, and a lot of people don't see it. A lot of people are not paying attention to it. Hear me now, believe me later on.

Channon: Yeah, but she calls it absolutely ridiculous. Biden is not strong enough to unite this country. We will never be united under Biden, I guarantee it. He's even asking the UN to interfere in America, evaluate us, and tell us what a terrible country we are. They want to break us down. It is not about building us up. It is not about unity. You know what? It is not about putting America first. It's crazy.

Will Johnson: It's not. It's just the opposite. So, I think we have a lot of people tuning in. I could see them making a lot of comments on Facebook. If you're on Facebook, I guess you can't hear me. If you're on Facebook, you're not listening. I should have put a comment saying, ‘Hey, just click on the link at the top of this post.’ We're getting a lot of engagement on here. It's pretty awesome, actually, a lot of engagement.

What do you think about the Cuban people? Now, let me say this, isn't it something? Let me see if I can cue this one section up where you have a member from the O'Biden administration saying that they don't want the Cuban people to come here and if you decide to get on a boat and cross over into the sea. You are not welcome in America, is what they're saying.

The main reason people leave countries and why America says our doors are open is for cases like this. The main reason they don't want the Cuban people to come is that the Cuban people are fleeing from communism. The communists here, the communist Democrats are saying, no, no, no, no, you can't come here because we know how you're going to vote. We allow you to vote. So, no, no, no, don't come. But listen to this.

Channon: Okay.

Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas: The time is never right to attempt migration by sea. To those who risk their lives doing so, this risk is not worth taking. Allow me to be clear. If you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States.

Will Johnson: Did you hear that? If you take to the sea, you will not be coming to the United States. This is exactly what we need. We need to help people here. It is a prime example of helping people.

Channon: True asylum seekers, and we want to turn them around.

Will Johnson: Truly, and they say, no, you can't come. If a shark gets you, oh, well.

Channon: All right. Well, we got a couple of callers. The first one is Laurie from California.

Will Johnson: Hey, Laurie, thank you so much for calling.

Laurie: Hey, Will, how are you? I haven't called you on this line before, but

can you guys hear me?

Will Johnson: Okay, are you there, Laurie?

Laurie: Yeah, can you hear me?

Will Johnson: Yep.

Laurie: Hey, Will, how are you? I've never called on this line.

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah. Well, thanks for calling on this line.

Laurie: Yeah, you bet. What is amazing to me is that at this point in the game, the Democrats are hiding nothing. There are absolutely so blatant with their plans. They don't care anymore. That's scary. At first, it was subtle. At first, they were trying to hide their agenda, but now it is in your face.

It is completely obvious. They're not at all trying to hide their agenda, and why would they do that? Because they think they can get away with it now. They don't care anymore.

Will Johnson: Look what they just got away with for the last, what, I guess six months now, or even longer than that. Since last summer, look what they've been getting away with. They have been getting away with so much.

Now they are like we are empowered because all the stuff that we've been doing has been working. Now, we're just going to go to the extreme because who's going to stop us?

Channon: That's what I think. They tell people lies, and because people buy their lies, they just keep going. Now, that we know they are lying we are thinking, wow, look, they're emboldened. They just keep going because the naïve people in America keep buying their B.S.

Laurie: What I can't understand is they're so blatant on how biased they are and so disgustingly obvious. My thinking is, how do normal people, whatever that means, are not waking up? There have to be people that see it and say, yeah, I can't deny this anymore. You know this is crazy.

Channon: Do you know any Democrats that have woken up? That has said, ‘Oh, my gosh, this is so obvious what they're doing,’

Laurie: I don't talk to many, so I don't know, but I'm hoping, and I'm praying. But then again, we do know what the Lord says is going to happen. So, it does go along the lines. We all knew that they were out for Christians since day one. We all knew it was heading towards that. We all knew.

Will Johnson: Yup. I keep calling it out.

Channon: I don't think all of us knew, and that's part of the problem. I don't think enough people are in their Bibles. I don't think enough people are in the churches. I don't think enough people want to follow the word of God, and that's part of our problem.

Laurie: Well, you're right. When say, us, I guess I should be more specific; the ones that are listening, the ones paying attention. It says that in those days, people will kill Christians and think they are doing God a favor. The Christians' bodies will line the earth, pile on the earth as they've never been. That's what it says, Revelation, and they will kill Christians thinking they're doing God a favor. That's the delusion.

Will Johnson: You know what? I was going to say that's a clear indication of them being turned over to a reprobate mind, big time.

Laurie: Clearly, and they already now think that they're right and that Christians are wrong. They already now think that. They already now think that Christians are the enemy.

Will Johnson: Yep, absolutely.

Channon: Let me ask you a question. What do you think about the Biden administration wanting to help illegals come from Mexico, but they don't want to help the illegals from Cuba trying to seek asylum? Who are actually in a very volatile situation in a country? Why do you think that's happening?

Laurie: Of course, that is obvious because they know they're going to vote for Trump and know they are going to vote Republican. You know what? What you guys just read, Will, you just read the quote about not getting here. I'm sorry, but that, to me, that's a subtle threat. What is he saying? What are they really saying? You're not going to make it to America. Why? Are they going to shoot them down? Are they going to sink them?

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly. I was wondering, are they going to shoot them out of the water? If they get caught trying to cross America, what? Boom. It's insane.

Channon: Good point.

Laurie: It's the way they worded it. He said, ‘I make this clear. You're not going to make it here.’ Oh, really? Why?

Will Johnson: Exactly, what are they going to do? Are they going to send warships out? That's insane.

Laurie: Or suddenly get rid of them? Get rid of them and say, ‘Oh, they had a boat accident.’ I mean, really, you know they're capable. It sounds like that's a threat.

Will Johnson: Yeah, look at the President of Haiti. Oh, but anyways. Hey, Laurie, thank you so much for giving us a call, okay.

Laurie: You bet, Will. Nice to talk to you again. I'll talk to you soon.

Will Johnson: All right, take care.

Laurie: Thank you, bye-bye.

Channon: Yeah, we know Cubans turned out big time for Trump, and they know that they want a Capitalists country.

Will Johnson: In Cuba right now, they are flying the American flag. In Cuba, they're flying the American flag because they want to be how America is.

Channon: They want Trump's America. Not Biden's America.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: We have another caller on the line. We have Chris from Texas.

Will Johnson: Hey, Chris, thank you so much for the call.

Chris: Hey, what's going on, Will?

Will Johnson: Hey, not much.

Chris: I do know this whole UN thing was coming up because I read about it. I told you about it before, I guess about a month or two back. But yeah, I don't see why the conservative states don't just say, you know what? Just let Cuban refugees come here because California has no problem taking in people illegally from Mexico. So, why don't we just do the same thing?

Will Johnson: Honorius, anywhere else. You're absolutely right.

Channon: Well, unfortunately, we're taking them in here in Texas, too.

Will Johnson: My point is that you have these leftist states, commie California, and other states that are opening the doors to people coming across illegally without any reason, other than the O'Biden administration saying, ‘Hey, come now, come now.’

Now, you have a case where people are being tormented, tyrannies upon them, they're being killed, and they're trying to flee from that place to America. You have the current administration saying, ‘You can't come.’ That's what the whole thing is about.

Channon: It's unfortunate, but border control is run by Homeland Security, which is a federal government agency under Biden's control.

Will Johnson:  The O'Biden administration.

Channon: So, what are you going to do?

Will Johnson: It's disgusting.

Chris: I would say to reclaim states' rights because the federal government's not going to protect the border. If they're not going to control my sovereignty, then they're derelict in their duty and it calls upon the state that sits along the border to secure that border.

Channon: Well, unfortunately, they're only neglecting their duty when it comes to Mexicans, but when it comes to Cubans, they will stand up fight them not to come to America. It's pretty crazy, and people should know why.

Chris: The whole thing, a lot of the Governors, some of them have done the right thing, but they've forgotten, a lot of them have forgotten states' rights. The states have rights. We entered into the union under a contract of what the government is supposed to do. If the government fails to fulfill its end of the contract, then that contract is null and void.

Channon: Let's be honest; Americans are just naïve about everything. They're naïve about the rights, naïve about what's happening in their states, and naïve about what's happening in the federal government. It is a huge problem here in America.

Will Johnson: That's why the Democrats are violating the Constitution on a day-to-day basis because the American people are unaware that they're doing it. You have people in law, judges, and lawyers that see them violating the U.S. Constitution, but they say nothing because a lot of these judges will throw out cases that are political.

Judges say this is political. I'm not getting involved because it's political politics. It's disgusting because you have lawmakers on the Hill that make up all of these laws, and the judge is supposed to enforce them. But they're not enforcing them when they break the law.

Chris: Well, they're supposed to interpret the legality of the law.

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly, but Democrats don't care about the law because if they did, they wouldn't be trying to do H.R.1.

Chris: It's not just Democrats. Look what the Supreme Court did with the election fraud cases.

Will Johnson: That is exactly my point. The judges, I think it must be something that involves when they take the bar or something. Maybe they take an oath saying, when something political comes up, you will just throw it out because of what happened in this last election, with all the evidence that was floating out there on the internet that we've all seen, videos after videos of the video. The judges are like there's nothing there. Are you kidding me? So, it must be something, so thank you so much for the call, okay?

Chris: It could be they're scared of getting deleted.

Channon: Yeah, that's funny. (laughing)

Will Johnson: You're spot on there. (laughing) Hey, thank you so much for the call. All right, take care. Do we have another caller?

Channon: Yeah, we have a final caller. We have John Doe on the line.

Will Johnson: John Doe?

Channon: Yeah, I think he called us a couple of weeks ago.

Will Johnson: Is John Doe hanging out with Jane Doe? What's up, John Doe?

John Doe: This has been more than a couple of weeks ago, but definitely, it's always good to hear you guys talk. All this to me is it's not only the Democrats, but it's also Republicans because if the Democrats were doing it all by themselves, they have to have been helped by Republicans in order to pull off some of this nonsense. Otherwise, it wouldn't happen.

So, I'm more libertarian-minded. Then in our Constitution, the last gentleman was hitting more nails on the head to me. If we throw out the spirit, hope, and promise of the Declaration of Independence, which we have, we have never had a rule of law country since about 1798, and we've never had a capitalistic system. It's always been a crony, crooked, manipulated system.

We got fascist and feudalist Republicans, and we got Marxist, socialist, communist progressive left groups. We're all going to continue down this path if we don't start getting our own house in order first. First of all, we have to stop all immigration, legal and illegal immigration, till every legitimately legal United States citizen gets their equitable, self-governing, free person representation under the Declaration of Independence.

Otherwise, it's 'Give me liberty, or you die.'

Will Johnson: Yeah, you know what? You know the problem with what you're saying. Do you know what the problem is?

John Doe: Yeah, what you guys have already said, we got too many ignorant Americans.

Will Johnson: Yeah, what you're saying is common sense. It makes sense. That's what we should do because it makes common sense, but it will never happen. That's the crazy world that we live in right now. You can say rational stuff. A solution to something like you just laid out, and because it is a solution, a very valid solution, they'll never do it.

Because of like, oh, wait a minute, they will lose power. If the Democrats know that they will lose power, they will never, ever go along with it. That's the situation that we are in.

John Doe: That is true, Will.

Will Johnson: I'm just saying, the Republicans like Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney. I'm going to have to say Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and a few other ones they all hold onto that power that they've been grabbing onto, along with the Democrats.

John Doe: Even people like Jim Jordan give lip service to the Constitution just like Donald Trump. Even though they may be the best people in Congress or our government, it does not mean that they're upholding the Declaration of Independence.

Their hope and promise to the letter of the United States Constitution. They're preventing it just as much as other people because you are either right or wrong—all this degree of nonsense.

Channon:  I hate to say this. As long as man is involved, nothing will be perfect. That is for sure. So, you pretty much are picking your poison at this point, right?

John Doe: It's how we communicate with each other. Either we all respect the fact that in the Declaration of Independence, we assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and nature's God entitle us as equitable, self-governing, free people. We respect that to the point, the First Amendment, the right of redress, grievance, and treat everybody equally with their due process rights.

Then we can win this, but if we're not willing to communicate like that, we want to continue to twist everybody's comments and manipulate what they say to make you say something different. You're right it's ‘Give me liberty, or you die.’

Anni Cyrus: I do apologize, John, and to our audience. For some reason, their call dropped, but, well, they are back. Wait one second.

Will Johnson: We're back. I'm not sure what happened. It's like we were just getting into the heart of it. So, do we still have John Doe handy?

John Doe: Yeah.

Channon: Okay, All right, John.

Will Johnson: Hey, John, we're at the end anyways, and do me a favor. Put down next Thursday. Same time, 4:00 pm Central. Give us a call back again.

Channon: Yeah, I love your point. I love your knowledge of America, and I agree with you. I wish it were a perfect world. I wish we could go back to the very core and wipe away everything that's happened over the decades here in America, but we can't. So, somehow, we need to, I don't know, Will, what do you think we need to do? I will let Will come up with his final thoughts here?

Will Johnson: Well, hey, John, thanks for the call. Okay, give us a call next Thursday. All right, the main thing is, he's right. We need to realize that. See, the problem with it is that he realized our rights. Many of us realize our rights. The Democrats want to take those rights away.

Channon: Yeah, that's exactly it. They don't want people to know they have those rights.

Will Johnson: Exactly. They don't want people to know, and they keep saying all these extra things.

Channon: Because they want to be in power.

Will Johnson: They are counting on people not understanding, and they want to remain in power. The reason why I emphasize the Democrats, and he's right, there are Republicans in the mix too. We can't leave them out, but I'm empathizing with the Democrats because the Democrats are the majority in the Senate, the House, and they're in the big house.

So, we have communists that are there right now, and until we the people, I'm not saying we need to be violent like in Cuba, but until all of us in America start saying enough is enough and start standing up against these tyrants. Then we're going to continue going down this path. So, thank you, everybody, for participating. Thank you so much for listening.

We come on every single Thursday at 4 pm, 4 pm Central. All you have to do not to miss anything is send a text—type W-I-L-L to 88202. You type the number 88202, and for the next part, you type in Will, W-I-L-L. You will get awesome information that you need to know. See you next Thursday, everybody. God bless.

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