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Cynthia McKinney Has Repeatedly Condemned U.S. Support For Israel


Hello, and welcome to ATP's, Really Dumb Things They said. I'm Barry Nussbaum. Cynthia McKinney is a former U.S. Congresswoman from Georgia, and you may have heard of her because she was the 2008 Green Party, presidential candidate. She became infamous while in Congress for her insane repeated obsessions with a variety of anti-Israel campaigns that she got herself mixed up in.

McKinney has a history of using anti-Israel rhetoric whenever possible, including accusing the pro-Israel lobby of sabotaging her political career and alleging that Israel was committing all kinds of genocide, war crimes, apartheid, etc. You know, the usual list of crimes that Israel is accused of. She has repeatedly condemned U.S. support for Israel, both before, during, and after Congress.

Apparently, unhappy to be out of the news cycle for the past several years, the former six-term U.S. Congresswoman has now blamed, "Zionists" for the 9/11 terror attacks. Yes, you heard me correctly. It was not al-Qaida. It was not Osama bin Laden. It was the Zionists who hijacked four airplanes and changed the course of world history 20 years ago.

So, the black McKinney is such a rabid anti-Semite that earlier this year, she agreed to appear on a white supremacist show simply to join the white supremacists in bashing Jews. Social media users were quick to point out that Al Jazeera's anchor, Marc Lamont Hill, had advocated on behalf of McKinney when she was running for president on the Green Party.

Although even he felt her latest comments were way too far over the line into the anti-Semitic zone with this comment. "I just saw Cynthia McKinney's post. I don't want to retweet it because I don't want to be the one helping to spread it, but it's disturbing to see such a blatantly anti-Semitic and baseless claim being made.” However, McKinney was clearly an anti-Semite before her presidential run that got Lamont Hill's support.

I mean, she's been like this for a long time. For example, in 2001, she posed with a Holocaust denier at the infamous Durban conference, the one that bashes Israel with worldwide acclaim. Lamont Hill was previously fired from his job as a CNN commentator after he had appeared at the U.N. effectively calling for the elimination of the state of Israel in front of an international audience while making a speech at the United Nations.

Perhaps Lamont Hill is accustomed to lying on television, especially considering he now works at Al-Jazeera, Qatar's state-funded mouthpiece. It's widely considered to be one of the most anti-Israel outlets in the world.

So, really dumb, Cynthia McKinney, who got fired from Congress for her crazy statements regarding Israel and her anti-Semitism, she's voted out, has now been rejected by fellow anti-Semite Marc Lamont Hill, who was fired from far-left progressive CNN for his anti-Semitic commentary.

Both are dumb people who can't stop saying dumb things.

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