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Chinese Communist Party Ties to Black Lives Matter


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum. Our very special world-famous guest today is Trevor Loudon. Trevor is a political activist, a blogger, and the author of Enemies Within Communists, Socialists, and Progressives in the United States. He featured and produced the 2016 documentary entitled Enemies Within. Trevor, thank you so much for coming on today.

Trevor Loudon: It's a pleasure, Barry. Thanks for having me.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, absolutely. Let's jump right in. You've got some interesting theories that I bet our audience hasn't heard about, so let's go at it. Tell us, who are these Asians for Black Lives, and how does that connect?

Trevor Loudon: Well, Asians for Black Lives is the link between Black Lives Matter and the Chinese Communist Party. So how it works is that there's a group in California, in San Francisco called the Chinese Progressive Association, and it's a big community organizing group. It signs up voters at campaigns.

It's very much a political force in San Francisco. I think it's the dominant political force in San Francisco, and it is a front for the Chinese Communist Party. They have dominated San Francisco through this organization, which has been around since 1972, always run by pro-Chinese communists.

Just after Black Lives Matter was started by Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi, the Chinese Progressive Association started up Asians for Black Lives as a liaison group, a sister group to Black Lives Matter. This group guides Black Lives Matter. It helps to fund Black Lives Matter. It writes manuals for Black Lives Matter.

The Chinese Progressive Association completely controls it, and some senior members of this have very close ties to the Chinese consulate in San Francisco. They're traveling to China. They have ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

One of these guys is Alex Tom, who is the former CEO of the Chinese Progressive Association, a founder of Asians for Black Lives, and a long-time best friend of Alicia Garza, one of the main founders of Black Lives Matter.

Barry Nussbaum: Let's talk about that money you mentioned a minute ago. Do we know how much money and other forms of support are coming from the Chinese communists and going to BLM proper?

Trevor Loudon: Well, I don't know if it's coming from the Chinese Communist Party. I know it's coming from the Chinese Progressive Association. For instance, they completely fund Alicia Gazza's Black Futures Project, which is part of the Black Lives Matter operation.

You know, to be honest, Black Lives Matter gets all the money or whatever they want from America. From Google, large corporations, churches, and that kind of thing. What I'm saying here is that the communist Chinese are giving Black Lives Matter direction.

This is a Chinese army on American soil. They are burning cities to the benefit of communist China. Because this whole year, 2020, was designed by the communist Chinese to destroy President Trump.

They deliberately spread the COVID virus, which wrecked the U.S. economy and hurt Trump. Then they started the riots. All of the riots were organized by two pro-Chinese communist groups, the Liberation Road, and the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Barry Nussbaum: Let's back up for a minute because I'm dying to hear your opinion on this. Trump has said since the beginning 'the Chinese virus,' and he was attacked relentlessly for being a racist.

Even though historically for, gosh, a couple of hundred years, diseases tend to get named out of where they originated or where they were identified. You know, Spanish flu and what?

Trevor Loudon: Hong Kong flu.

Barry Nussbaum: Right, of course, and everybody knows that fact except for certain members of the United States Congress and the liberal media in the U.S. Do you believe that the Chinese weaponized COVID?

Trevor Loudon: One hundred percent, look in May 2019 Trump put tariffs on Chinese goods. According to Xinhua news agency from China, the communist Chinese response was to declare a people's war on the United States.

Their people's war means it's a Mao Tse-tung. It means every kind of warfare short of direct military confrontation. So, the aim is to completely weaken the enemy before your army even marches. So, it's selling drugs like fentanyl to your kids.

It's buying up politicians, it's stealing patents, and it's also biological warfare and starting riots on your enemy's territory—all of these things, are the undeniable things that we absolutely know. The Chinese deliberately spread this.

They banned internal air travel in China when the virus erupted, but they encouraged them to travel to the United States. They have a week-long celebration in Wuhan every year, the New Year's celebration, and thousands of Chinese would come there for a week from all over the world to party up.

This year, the local authorities asked the Chinese Communist Party, should we cancel this year's event? The Chinese Communist Party said, “Absolutely not.”

So, Chinese came from California, from Canada, from Australia, from France, partied it up for a whole week and went back to where they came from and spread the disease worldwide. This was deliberately timed to hurt Trump.

Barry Nussbaum: No, I get it. So, is that the most acute benefit in terms of what they got out of it? Which is to destroy the re-election, which would have been on cruise control before COVID? Is that what the Chinese Communist Party got out of COVID plus a summer of riots?

Trevor Loudon: Well, they got that. Well, it set it up for the riots here and those other aspects, too. But think about this. The Communist Party of China seriously wondered if they could handle four more years of this crazy guy in the White House.

He was harming their trade. He was backing the anti-communist candidates in Taiwan against the Chinese candidates. He supported the Hong Kong protesters. It was not looking good for the Chinese Communist Party.

They knew if they didn't take down Trump, he could do to them what Reagan did to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. So, they had to strike first. So, COVID was the first step, then the rioting. But it wasn't just to destroy Trump.

While Obama was in power, the American Navy was building eight ships a year while China was building 60. Obama gutted the military while China was building up. When Trump got in power, he started to rebuild the military. He knew he had to. But you can only do that on the back of a strong economy.

What happens when your economy is in the tank? Already 31 Democrats, led by the pro-communist Barbara Lee from California, have written a letter to the Armed Services Committee demanding massive defense budget cuts in the next budget go around because of COVID. If they succeed in getting the U.S. military, guess who rules the world?

Barry Nussbaum: China.

Trevor Loudon: China. Exactly. So, this is a military operation to destroy Trump and the U.S. military budget.

Barry Nussbaum: We may very well, although we don't know yet, have a new administration, the Biden/Harris administration. Do they have communist affiliations in their background?

Trevor Loudon: Look, both of them do. We're told that they are both moderate Democrats, but yet Joe Biden has worked his entire life for a group called the Council for a Livable World, set up by known Soviet spy Leo Szilard. He was a Hungarian communist who worked on the Manhattan Project.

They elected Joe Biden with this pact, and his job was to gut the U.S. military to the advantage of the Soviet Union and China. At the Council for a Livable World's 50th anniversary, he gave a eulogy. He gave a speech. I've got it in my movie, my 2016 movie.

“The council was with me right from the start. You got me elected. You guided me when I was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. You helped Obama, and I negotiated the START treaty with Russia.” ~Joe Biden

This treaty was so bad for America and so great for Putin that Trump had to unilaterally cancel it. Joe Biden was one of the most left-wing Senators.

He was opposing Reagan when Reagan was trying to stop communism in Latin America. It was him, John Kerry, and Ted Kennedy, the three worst of them and Kamala Harris, she is from a Maoist communist background.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, that's why out of all the United States Senators, and I include the left-wing lunatic loony tunes, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Sheldon Whitehouse, the independent rating agency puts Kamala Harris the farthest left out of all of them.

Trevor Loudon: Well, no, that can't be right because The Washington Post tells us she's a moderate, pragmatic Democrat. How could that be? But look, her parents were Marxists.

They were supporters of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Her father was an openly Marxist professor at Stanford University. She was a student radical at Howard University. She comes back to San Francisco, starts a political career, and has an affair with Willie Brown, the mayor of San Francisco.

He gave her some jobs, and got her started in politics. But nobody mentions that Willie Brown was a hardcore communist. He worked with the Communist Party USA through the 60s, right into the 2000s, and now he's communist China's best friend in the Bay Area.

Her husband, his law firm, deals with communist China almost exclusively. Her political mentor, a man called Steve Phillips, a Maoist communist from Stanford University who married into a very big fortune, the Sandler family fortune in San Francisco.

He is the man who got her elected to the DA position, to the Attorney General position in California, to the U.S. Senate position, and now he's engineering to get her into the White House. Her whole career depends on pro-Chinese communists. That's her whole political career.

Barry Nussbaum: Thanks for joining us on ATP Report today, and a special thanks to Trevor Loudon. Trevor, how can people find out about you?

Trevor Loudon: Go to trevorloudon.com, it has my daily blog, you can buy my books there, you can buy my materials, trevorloudon.com.

Barry Nussbaum: Nice and simple, and I urge all of our followers to do it. This guy has got some important stuff to say. Remember, if you haven't subscribed to our text message alert system, all you have to do is text the message TRUTH to 88202. You'll be automatically subscribed to our text message alert system. It's always free. For ATP Report, I'm Barry Nussbaum.

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