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America Under Distress


Anni Cyrus: Hello everybody Anni Cyrus here, producer of Will Johnson's radio show. Please bear with us for a second. I do have both Will Johnson and Channon on air. However, we are having a little bit of difficulty on auto, so I just wanted to hop and say we are here with you, and we appreciate you joining. But if you would bear with us for a minute, half of a minute, or a second, I am sure we will solve this problem. So, hang tight. We should have Will and Channon on shortly.

Will Johnson: Alright, can you hear me now, Anni? Are you there?

Anni Cyrus: Yes, Will, I can hear you now.

Will Johnson: OK

Channon: Can you hear me, Anni?

Anni Cyrus: Yes, Channon, I can hear you loud and clear as well.

Channon: OK, well, hello everybody.

Will Johnson: Thank you for covering for us, Anni. We were having a little bit of a technical issue over here. That is the norm. We get this quite often. Anyways, the country is having a lot of technical issues.

Channon: Yes, we are in distress. I think about 75 million people feel like we are in distress.

Will Johnson: I would say it is about 100 million-plus.

Channon: You are probably right. But Listen, if you want to call in and talk to Will, you can call him at the number 516-595-8069. If you want some amazing information from American Truth Project, go ahead and get on their text information. You can do that by texting the word, Will to 88202.

Will Johnson: Absolutely, it is that easy. Type in my name and send in the text to 88202. You will get some awesome information. Information you will not get anywhere else. Alright, cool.  So, Channon, you know what happened yesterday.

Channon: What happened yesterday? I missed it.

Will Johnson: You missed it? I have been saying what happened was a total lie. If there ever was a lie that was being pushed right in everyone's face, and everyone has to believe this lie. It took place yesterday. I refuse to watch the lie.

I am not the type of person who will go along with the lie. Even now, I am not going along with the lie. The problem with this lie, that took place yesterday. You have criminals that will push their agenda onto us after they certified the lie.

We have a whole bunch of things that we are going to talk about; we know that Biden has already put in a mandate for everyone to put on a face diaper and social distance. My question to anyone out there, and Channon just gave the number, what do you think about being forced to wear something when you are outside? He said federal buildings.

Channon: Right, it is Federal.

Will Johnson: But you know what? These liberals are not going to stop there.

Channon: It is interesting because he did sign it. Two hours later, he was at the Lincoln Memorial, and he was not wearing a mask.

Will Johnson: Hypocrite.

Channon: We already know that the laws of the land do not apply to the Democrats.

Will Johnson: Hypocrite, hypocrite, hypocrite.

Channon: How can you sign it, and two hours later, you are not following your regulations that you just signed. He is saying, my whole administration will be about me telling you what to do. I do not have to do what I say. Only you have to do as I say.

Will Johnson: Do as I say, not as I do. That is the motto of the Democrat Party 100%. A lot of people are upset about the lie that took place yesterday, and rightfully so. It was the first time in history.

I pretty sure there was other things that happened in the past, but what happened yesterday, to this extent, was the first time in history where they impeached the President twice. I have been saying this, but I have not heard anyone else say it.

I say this was a coup d'etat against President Trump under the cloak of an election. That was exactly what it was, a coup d'etat. They threw everything at the man to remove him, and nothing was working.

So, they did this coup d'etat. Sure enough, it looks like they got what they want so far. I am hoping that, in a way, something will happen. As it stands right now, the country is in distress, 100%.

Channon: Yes, it is. I did not listen to the inauguration. I know you did not either; of course, it was on Twitter.

Will Johnson: There was an inauguration?

Channon: Well, that is what they called it.

Will Johnson: OK, that is what they called it. It is a lie to me.

Channon: I agree with you, but as it stands, the United States recognizes Biden as the President of the United States. Whether it was -

Will Johnson: Fraudulent or not?

Channon: Right, at this point, apparently the United States does not care.

Will Johnson: Can we go around and say what the left said? The left kept saying, President Trump was not our President. They were only saying that because President Trump beat Hillary Clinton, fair and square. It had nothing to do with Russia, nothing.

There is evidence what they did was fraudulent. We are supposed to go along with the lie. I refuse to go along with the lie. I am going to say that forever. I will not go along with the lie.

Channon: I will not say that Biden won the election. That is for sure. He did not win the election. He stole the election. I wonder how these people stood there yesterday in the inauguration and felt a win. They did not accomplish a win. They stole an election.

It is so interesting. You have to look at the whole picture. When President Trump won, and all the inaugurations previously, you see it is full, people were everywhere. Yesterday was the first election that we could say was stolen.

Of course, there are fences and armed National Guard everywhere. That is what it looks like when you steal an elected. You try to protect yourself from the people because you did not rightfully win.

Will Johnson: Exactly. There were videos that came out. It was all over Twitter. I played it last night in my nightly be broadcast. Where military personnel were standing on the street, they did not have American citizens celebrating. They had military personnel because they were so afraid of being attacked.

Knowing good and well, no one is going to do that unless it was Antifa. We will get into that a little bit later on. But some of the soldiers turned their backs on Biden in the motorcade. Some of the soldiers were not even standing at attention.

Channon: I thought that was interesting, too. I know that there might be repercussions for those soldiers.

Will Johnson: They will retaliate against these soldiers for standing up, in my personal opinion, for doing the right thing.

Channon: Before the election, I read an article that said the left, the FBI, recognizes that most military personnel are probably conservative. They probably did not vote for Biden. That is what the article said.

This was coming from the FBI. So, in order to protect Biden, they vetted these soldiers to see if they were going to do anything to Biden. I have to tell you, that is what Democrats do.

They are soldiers because they are fighting for America. They fight for everybody's freedoms, including Republicans and Democrats. I do not think they would ever do that. It is just interesting and crazy what is happening.

Will Johnson: For me, to see that less than 100% of the military personnel as a conservative is mind-blowing. For everyone in the military knows that the Democrats want to demolish them. Make it to where they do not have the equipment, the resources they need when they are in harm's way.

Why would anyone in the military support them? The same thing with police officers. They want to defund the police department. Now, they say they want to reform, basically saying that they will not give them more personnel or more equipment.

They are going to bring in social workers. So, for anyone that is in the military or the police department, being a conservative it is mind-blowing to me. It is ridiculous. It should never get to that point. These people know the truth, but yet they ignored it.

Channon: We know the conservatives have a very deep love of country. We have a deep love of history.

Will Johnson: Right, that is the way it has always been. There has been a lot of conservatives who have always stood up for the United States of America.

Channon: I understand how they say that most military people are probably conservative. Listen, a huge part of Biden's message yesterday was what?

Will Johnson: Division, that is what I heard.

Channon: Actually, he said, I am going to unify the country. You have seen it on Kamala Harris’ Twitter. I can not stand the lady at all. But she keeps saying, “Oh, I am going to work hard for you, and we will unify the country.

We are going to do this, and we are going to do that.” The biggest sign to me that they are not going to do that is by their actions. We know that Biden and his administration, so far, have not said a single thing about conservatives being de-platformed. They have not said a single thing about conservatives being discriminated against in the workplace.

Will Johnson: They are not going to.

Channon: No, they haven't. That means that you are condoning discrimination. You are not serious about unifying. Not a single one of his immediate priorities has anything to do with unifying the country. Did you know that?

Even though he says in his speech, “I am going to unify the country.” But not a single one of his immediate priorities or any priority that I have seen has anything to do with unifying the country.

Will Johnson: Let us go down the list of some of the stuff that they are changing. One of the big ones is about the jobs in the country, for me.

Channon: There are two things that impact jobs. One is immigration. Biden's first act was to do what yesterday? Stop the construction of the wall.

Will Johnson: Actually, the first executive order he signed was to make sure we have a face diaper on and social distance.

Channon: On Federal property, right?

Will Johnson: As I said a minute ago, they say on federal property. We will say federal property, but we all know that once you give Democrats, the left an inch, they take a mile.

If you give them a mile, they take the planet. If you give them the planet, they take the universe because they want to remove God, too. Just because they say federal, I am willing to bet liberals see someone walking down a street without a face diaper on. They are going to say; we need to call 911.

Channon: Let's talk about COVID. You talked about the face mask was the first thing he signed. So, President Biden says he will move quickly to contain the COVID-19 crisis like we do not already have testing going on everywhere.

Thank you to President Trump, who has gotten it facilitated, made by many businesses here in America. It has been distributed across America. Biden can't take credit for that. I do not know how he can do any better. Testing is everywhere.

He says he is going to safely reopen schools and businesses. I am not sure what he means by that, safely reopened. A lot of businesses have reopened, and schools have reopened. It is up to the states to decide when they are going to reopen schools.

A lot have already done that. You and I also know that in L.A., they are mandating the vaccine in L.A. schools. Right?

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: Of course, he wants to take science-driven steps to address the community, especially communities of color. So, here comes the division. When you say communities of color, what he is talking about? Poverty areas?

Will Johnson: He is talking about black people. I am serious. Let us get right to it. He is talking about black people.

Channon: Yeah, they have been hardest hit by the virus.

Will Johnson: They exclude white people. The left is playing the race card. That is what this is. They are talking about black people. Because black people, according to the left, do not have anything. According to the left black people are not capable of achieving anything.

Then they got to put all of this stuff in there saying, oh, black people are so hopeless, we are here to help you. As if white people do not have the same problems as black people. Problems do not come in color. Problems are problems.

Channon: Who lives in the communities with black people? Mexicans, typically.

Will Johnson: They say people of color. That includes everyone but white people.

Channon: When they talk about the hardest hit by the virus, they are talking about black people, not Mexicans.

Will Johnson: True.

Channon: They have said it is black people who have been hard hit. Not because of their diet, or pre-existing conditions, which is why they are the hardest hit. They do not talk about those things. They are saying that they do not have access to the same things that you and I have. I do not know.

Will Johnson: I do not know. They keep making all of this stuff up as they go along. The reason why they target black people is that black people get into their emotions more than anybody else, straight up.

Prime example, they did it with Rayshard Brooks, George Floyd, and Trayvon Martin. A number of black people that have had issues, that we're criminals. They got caught up, and then they made those stories explode.

They know they can get black people to react the way they want them to react. That is the reason why they target black people the way they do. On top of that, the Democrat Party has kept black people on that virtual Democrat plantation from day one after they left the physical plantation. They figured out how to do it.

Channon: Right, so we see that there is not unity when it comes to COVID-19. Is there anything in his plan I just read that has anything to do with unifying the country?

Will Johnson: No. Unifying his base, which is evil, in my opinion.

Channon: So, his next agenda is the Paris climate agreement.

Will Johnson: Which brings the United States of America into the one-world system.

Channon: That definitely did not unify the country. If anything, that drove a bigger wedge between conservatives and Democrats. He could have easily waited. He could have said, I am not going to slap them in the face right away.

Let me just do it later. But right away, he says, I am going to unify the country. I will go ahead and get in all my slaps in the face real quick.

Will Johnson: Yes. Joe Biden made it clear to everyone that he would bring the United States of America back into the one world order. They were supposed to continue that with Hillary Clinton. Well, President Trump came along and said, “No, America first.”

So, Joe Biden is saying America last. He is putting America last. They are going to do their whole global reset and tear down this country. Every single person out there that supported this that voted for this, that went along with this. Shame on you. You are not an American.

Channon: Interesting that you brought that up. That is also on the WhiteHouse.gov website. One of his priorities is restoring America's global standing.

So, President Biden says he will take steps to restore America's standing in the world, strengthen the U.S. national security workforce, rebuild democratic alliances across the globe, champion America's values, and human rights, and equip the American middle class to succeed in the global economy.

Let's talk about this, restoring America's global standing, and let's talk about the rebuilding, democratic alliances. What did he do yesterday? He ticked off one of our neighbors.

Will Johnson: I do not know. Tell me.

Channon: The keystone.

Will Johnson: Oh, you are talking about Canada. I thought you were talking about the neighbor across the street. I thought, why would they be ticked off. They are total liberals.

Channon: Yesterday, the Canadian prime minister said, “Biden, you are not getting off on the right foot here.”

Will Johnson: He is a total socialist.

Channon: He knows there is money in oil. We need oil here on this side of the world and not depend on the Middle East. It is a smart move for us. It also brings in jobs.

When you get rid of the oil industry, you are eliminating jobs. American jobs and Canadian jobs affect us all. Canada was not very happy. Any time you have a president who is interested in protecting human rights all around the world, like President Trump.

He put out a lot of sanctions on countries like China that had human rights issues. You know that, right? He did it with the intention of helping out those people by saying, “Listen, straighten up, do not hurt these people, or we are not going to do business with you.” I do not think that is Biden's angle.

Will Johnson: His angle is to allow China to do more of that. Then China is looking for Biden to pay up. That is where we see a lot of the China tactics, the CCP. What they are doing there is showing up here.

For example, what they are doing to conservatives—labeling anyone who is a conservative Christian as a domestic terrorist. They want to demonize the people. They do not want anyone going against the government. I am just waiting for them to come out and say, you cannot speak out against the government.

You just read something earlier talking about the White House YouTube channel. They are deleting the dislikes. Because there are more dislikes than there are likes, that is amazing.

Channon: Biden supposedly got 8 million votes.

Will Johnson: Eight million votes.

Channon: We know that is a lie. Where are all his followers? I guess yesterday, on the White House streaming of the inauguration, there were hardly any viewers. They actually reported zero. But then magically, 150,000 views showed up.

People took screenshots of this. They are grabbing screenshots because they know that Biden and the Dems do not want you to hear the truth. Then on the inauguration, on Twitter, the White House Twitter feed, there were more dislikes than likes, and they disabled the comments.

Will Johnson: You know, the scary thing, that is straight-up saying, you cannot speak out against the government. Someone even tweets out, saying this should be unconstitutional for them to block out comments about the government.

Channon: Isn't Twitter mostly Democrats at this point. They have de-platformed so many conservatives or kicked them off. They had more negative comments than they had positive comments.

That is what we read. It is pretty funny. I think that when we talk about human rights, he is more on; we need to make sure everybody gets vaccinated.

Will Johnson: The problem I have with that, President Trump boasted that the vaccine was created within nine months vs. two years, six years, et cetera. The difference between President Trump and what the left wants to do with the vaccine.

President Trump was going to make it a choice. He was not going to make it where people were forced to get it. That was the whole point. He was not going to do an executive order. I am telling you that is going to come under this regime with Biden.

They are going to make it where you have to get this vaccine. They are going to make it mandatory. President Trump was going to do just the opposite. To give a prime example, even in Australia, you have small businesses and other media outlets that have some kind of hearsay or influence.

They are saying that they want to make it mandatory that people are vaccinated in order to go into any venue. I have said this for weeks. That is what they are going to do. We are living in a time where a lot of people say it will not happen in their lifetime.

What do I mean by that? How do you verify that someone has had the vaccination?  Right now, they are talking about an app. But you can lose your phone or delete the app. What happens to that? What happens if you do not have it?

What happens if you can't pay the bill? Because they are already trying to make it where conservatives can't even get jobs or make any kind of income. They are already trying to make it to where businesses are going to shut down.

They say that they are for small businesses, but this entire economy is shutting them down. They are already talking about another shutdown coming. How do people make any kind of living with that taking place?

Channon: They did at one point before he was inaugurated say he was throwing around the idea of shutting down the country for four to six weeks to scale back the spread of the virus. He is never going to get rid of it. It is here to stay.

I hate to tell people that, but just like the flu is here to stay, the cold is here to stay, there are viruses that are here to stay.  It does change as well. They are saying that there are different variations of the COVID-19. It is changing. It is really like the flu.

Get your flu shot, but it is not for this strain or that strain. They will say it was not the right strain. That is what we have to look forward to in the future. Another thing on his restoring America's global standing, he said he is equipping the middle class to succeed in the global economy.

I am wondering how he is doing that? When yesterday, he signed the deregulations that Trump put in place to bring businesses back to America, to encourage businesses here in America. Biden will start regulating them again. He said, not only are we going to put regulations back in place.

When you read his plan, he talks about how they need to make sure that you are following their laws. They need to basically run your business, and they need to know what you are doing. This is big government over businesses here in America, which is scary people.

If they are doing it to businesses are also doing it to people. On top of these regulations, Biden said that the Office of Management and Budget needs to institute some other things. This is his quote, "the regulatory review process can't promote public health and safety, economic growth, social welfare, racial justice, environmental stewardship, human dignity, equity, and interest of future generations."

They are going to lump all it in when they are trying to decide whether they are going to let these businesses do certain things.  They will tell you, as a business owner, what you can do, and how you can do it.

Will Johnson: If I have a corporation and our manufacturing company, and Biden just did this. I am going to do what they did when Clinton was in office when Bush was in office when Obama was in office. I am going to send the jobs overseas, and then guess what? The jobs that the American people had under President Trump are all going to go away. They are breaking that magical wand.

Channon: This is not helping the middle class.

Will Johnson: They do not want to help.

Channon: That is who it affects. That is not unifying. Is that unifying the country? No.

Will Johnson: They do not want to help, to unify the American people do. What they say is a total lie.

Channon: Total Lie.

Will Johnson: They are not going to stop lying. They are going to continue with the lie. Anyone who believes that Biden is going to bring back normalcy to the country, you were living under a rock, and that rock that you are living under is smashing your head. I am serious. This is ridiculous.

Channon: It is ridiculous.

Will Johnson: The country is in distress. I know a lot of people are hanging their flags upside down. A lot of liberals do not even understand what that means. What does it mean? Some of them do because some of the liberals used to be in the military, which is still mind-blowing.

Some of them were in the military.  This means distress, but many do not understand it. They just think they are upset. This is nothing like what took place in 2016. This was a straight-up coup.

Channon: Here is another thing that is going to affect middle-class jobs, immigration. Listen to this. It is funny. President Biden says he will reform our long, broken, and chaotic immigration system. Biden and Obama had eight years. What did they do with the immigration system?

Will Johnson: Jack

Channon: Jack Crap.

Will Johnson: We got thousands and thousands of immigrants headed to the southern border.

Channon: Now he has a magic pill. Now he will open up the door and pay all of them.

Will Johnson: One of the things he did yesterday was to stop all production on the border wall that is protecting the American citizens. So, you Americans out there that think that Biden is protecting you, I'm sorry to say it like this. You are an idiot.

Channon: Listen to his eloquent words.  He said his strategy is centered on the basic premise that our country is safer, stronger, and more prosperous with a fair and orderly immigration system that welcomes immigrants, keeps families together, and allows people across the country, both newly arrived immigrants and people who have lived here for generations, to fully contribute to our country. That sounds nice. Right?

Will Johnson: On the surface.

Channon: Yeah, on the surface, it sure does. We are not opposed to legal immigration. Most Americans, one thing we can all agree on is we want people to legally be here in America. We want them to be taxpaying citizens just like us. You know that is not what is going to happen.

Will Johnson: Of course not.

Channon: There is a percentage of immigrants who have bad intentions. I look at these caravans that are coming to America all the time, and what are they composed of?

Will Johnson: Men of fighting age, then?


Channon: Not families.


Will Johnson: No, you do not see women and children. When you do see it is when the liberal media does a photo op. They go in there, look and search. When you see the mass number of people, they are men of the fighting age.

Channon: They come here to work and send their money back to their country.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: Those countries rely on some of their people coming to America making American dollars and sending them back home. Some of them are not taxpayers.

Some of them are not interested in assimilating with our culture, learning the language, or fully contributing to our country. Those are the words he said. A lot of their intentions are not to fully contribute to our country, unfortunately.

Will Johnson: You know what? That is being clear.

Channon: You have to be careful. We can't let every single person come into our country who wants to be here. We do not have the jobs to accommodate people.

Will Johnson: According to Biden, I am playing devil's advocate here, they are saying they will make a path to citizenship for them, and they are going to give them money. It does not matter, right. They are going to come on in; that is what they are saying.

Come on in; it is better that we put the burden on the backs of the American people, that have been paying taxes and doing the right thing. We will put the burden on them, and at the same time, we will make it so the American people can't even get a job.

Put the burden on the American people. The reason why they want all of these immigrants to come into the country is that they want to fast-track the United States of America to be the same way it is in Venezuela. They do not want to wait years for that to take place.

Channon: Look at Europe. They opened up their borders and look at the troubles they have had.

Will Johnson: They were already kind of socialist in Europe, but they want to fast track the same scenario playing out right now in Venezuela. They want to do that to the United States. I give it six months to a year. We already have long lines because of the pandemic.

Let me do this. Anyone out there wants to call in and tell us why we should or should not wear these face diapers. I would love to hear it, and does it go against the U.S. Constitution? Do you think it does? What is the number, Channon? If someone wants to give us a call.

Channon: Give us a call at 516-595-8069 and press one, and on come live with Will.

Will Johnson:  You have to press one.

Will Johnson: I really would like to hear why you think we should or shouldn't have to wear these face diapers? Do you think that is part of the Constitution? What will stop them from saying that you should wear a particular shirt for health reasons?

What will stop them from saying that you have to wear a uniform, that we can't wear what we want to wear any longer? They can say it is for health reasons; you have to wear a long-sleeved shirt. What will stop them from doing that?

Now they have a fence all the way around the National Mall. I guess I was one of the lucky few that has been able to go to Washington, D.C., and walk around the National Mall without a mask on.

If you are outside, you should be able to have your freedom. When does the U.S. Constitution apply? I am curious. When do you think the Constitution applies to Channon?

Channon: It does not say a thing about face masks.

Will Johnson: They do not care. That is what it has all come down to.

Channon: It is all about government control. If you want to be honest, that is what it is all about. There was an article in the Epic Times, which you and I like. It says, ideological alignment pushing America to totalitarianism experts warn.

America is not quite what Hitler turned Germany into, but there are some parallels. There are parallels where the government and the media are controlling the message is a parallel. Hitler did not use the media.

He had his foot soldiers, which you can call Antifa, the Democrat foot soldiers. He had his military out on the street, telling people to think and feel a certain way. Let me talk about one more priority, and that is racial equality.

It says the promise of our nation is that every American has an equal chance to get ahead. Yet, persistent systemic racism and barriers to opportunity have denied the promise for so many. So, my question is to you, Will. I am a white person.

Will Johnson: Are you? I did not notice that.

Will Johnson: I am also a conservative. Does racism apply to me?

Will Johnson: No. If you listen to the left, they say black people can't be racist because black people have been oppressed. See that is something that white liberals have indoctrinated black people to believe.

They have been oppressed. If you want to look at the oppression, it is black people doing it to black people and white liberals doing it to black people. It is not white conservatives.

Channon: I don't think Biden will get this right.

Will Johnson: Has he gotten anything right?

Channon: That is another thing he won't get right because in the end, when you talk about racial equality, it has to be binding for everybody. It has to mean that everybody counts.

You can't start discriminating against one person to ensure that another person is not being racists. You can't say, listen, you are white, I am not giving you this job.

Will Johnson: That is what they are saying.

Channon: You cant get the job even if you are more qualified.

Will Johnson: That is exactly what they are saying. You are right. You can't get this job even though you are qualified. They will give it to someone who is not qualified because they are a person of color.

Instead of making a system for people of color to go out and get the skills, they are going to say; you do not even have to get the skills. We are going to give you this person's job that has the qualifications. I will even go a step further.

If they find out that you are a person of color and you do not have the same mentality as they do if you do not think the sinister ways that they do. They are going to still say that you are not qualified.

You may be qualified, but they are going to give it to someone who is not qualified because they have that same mentality that they want people to have.

Channon: I feel like this is still going to cause more division in our country.

Will Johnson: Of course. I think that is the point.

Channon: It is not going to unify.

Will Johnson: Not at all.

Channon: When you justify being racist towards a white person in the name of not being racist towards a black person, it is all racist. It is all racist. If any American is not treated fairly in our country, it is wrong.

You can't mistreat one person and raise another person. In the name of racism, that is racism. Is it not? That is what white people did in the past.

Will Johnson: They do not see it as racism as long as you discriminate against white people. That is what it is as long as you are discriminating against white people.

They do not see it as racism. That is why I said a lot of the black people have it in their minds that they can't be racist even though they can say the most despicable nasty things about white people.

Channon: Well, we know that is not true. Any person is capable.

Will Johnson: We all know rational thinking people, but they can say the most despicable, nasty things about white people? Look at it. You have black people in the past say some nasty stuff about white people, and they never lose their jobs.

You have someone white even go remotely close to referring to monkeying around, and they can lose their jobs. They do not even say it in the original content.

They are saying, like, stop monkeying around, and they say, "Oh, you are talking about black people. Are you calling black people monkeys?" No, the only people who do that are liberals. Liberals only refer to black people as monkeys.

Because as soon as they say the word monkey and they are white, they run with it, and they say you are talking about black people.

Channon: It is a shame too because when I was young, and I had my little kids, guess what I used to call them? Little monkeys. What was that song? Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the bed. You can't say that anymore.

Will Johnson: You can't. Because they have made to where they want to control what you say, how you say it, what you think, how you think, where you go, what you look like, what diapers you have on your face.

They want to control every aspect. They are even going to the point where they do not want you to worship God. They want to remove that element. As long as we have God there, they are reminded of the demonic things that they are doing.

They want to remove that element. That is a reason why they removed the Ten Commandments. That is a reason why in some public areas, they do not want you to pray.

When I was living in California, there was a mall saying that people cannot have prayer even if they are getting ready to pray over their food in the courtyard. They are saying that you can't do it. They will arrest you. No one is forcing anyone to participate.

You should be able to say, in the name of Jesus, to pray. Regardless of how you want to do it. That is the whole point of the U.S. Constitution. That brings me back to my point from earlier. The Democrats do not acknowledge the U.S. Constitution any longer. What we have in the White House today is a lawless entity.

They have turned this country into a lawless nation. They do not adhere to the U.S. Constitution, and these criminals have gotten away with it for the longest. The way it looks right now, that will be the way this nation is run from here on out.

As long as this remains the way it is, we would never, ever get another decent president in the White House. Never again. Trump was the last one. Mark my words. Unless something dramatically changes.

Channon: You can't say unless if you are going to say mark my words.

Will Johnson: No, unless something dramatically changes. Other than that, Trump is the last one.

Channon: Will, said that. So, he can stand by that.

Will Johnson: I am standing by it. You can't prove otherwise.

Channon: Let me ask you this. Racial equality is going to be huge for Biden.

Will Johnson: It has already been huge for the left.

Channon: What do you think we can do to help racial relations in America? You, as a black man, what do you think we could do?

Will Johnson: Shut up and go away.

Channon: Well, when Morgan Freeman was asked, how do you stop racism in America? What did he say?

Will Johnson: Stop talking about it. That is what I said.

Channon: Stop calling me black, and I will stop calling you white.

Will Johnson: Shut up and stop talking about it.

Channon:  I think people need to understand what racism really is. Now some people call racism, and it is not even racism. If certain people do not get a job, they say, I did not get a job because they are racist.

It has nothing to do with them not being qualified for the job. They just say it is racist. That is scary too, to me. How do we protect businesses? That is scary for businesses as well.

We are not talking about just races in general. We are also talking about the LGBTQ, which is another huge agenda for Biden.

Will Johnson: That is the number one agenda for the Democrats and Biden.

Channon: Did you hear that the Supreme Court said, if somebody wants transgender surgery, a doctor has to give it to them? Even if that goes against their moral beliefs, they have to do it.

Will Johnson: Wait a minute. This is the Supreme Court? The federal Supreme Court?

Channon: Yes.

Will Johnson: I can't imagine that the Federal Supreme Court will force a doctor to do a procedure that goes completely against their ethics, against their morals, against humanity?

So next, if someone wants a third arm sewn onto them, and it has to function, they are going to have to continue doing the operation? Is that how it works? Is that where we are?

This is ridiculous. That's 100% ridiculous. I can't imagine that this is actually at the federal level.

Channon: It has to do with an inmate in federal prison.

Will Johnson: An inmate in federal prison?

Channon: He wanted transgender surgery, and they would not do it. It says health and protections are reversed. Oh, where did I see that?

Will Johnson: Regardless, having a doctor being forced to do a surgery. What happens when the doctor does not do the surgery correctly if that is not the specialty of the doctor?

Channon: Why would you want somebody that does not want to do the surgery, do the surgery?

Will Johnson: Exactly my point. To go under the knife of someone who does not want anything to do with it?

Channon: I know if I went to a business, and they do not want to serve a cake or make coffee. Why would you want them to make your coffee if they do want to make coffee?

Will Johnson: So, you can go to Burger King and force them to make you a pizza? Seriously, this is what it is like; they go in there, and then they go to the Supreme Court.

I can only imagine this. There has to state certifying. I can only imagine. For them to go and say, well, Burger King, you have to make this person a pizza? You are in the foodservice. They came here looking for pizza. You have to feed it to them.

Channon: That is what they are trying to do with the cake, for LGBT.

Will Johnson: What it is, they are bowing down, and more is coming. The more of this sinister demonic stuff, the more they are pushing down on everybody's faces, everyone's throats.

More of this is coming. Do you know what it makes me think about? It makes me think about CNN right now. They are pushing hard to remove networks like Newsmax, Real American Voice, Brandon Tatum, a whole bunch of people from social media.

Because they are getting more views on any given day than CNN, so, CNN is going directly to Google, which is YouTube, to force these people not to get the views that they normally would get.

Channon: I read the article wrong. I apologize. It says the federal court blocked the Obamacare mandate, forcing doctors to perform transgender surgery. So, Obamacare wanted to force them. They said they couldn't force them.

Will Johnson: That sounds more like it.

Channon:  It does talk about Biden.

Will Johnson: Before you can get to that. Let me look at the writing on the wall. They have the Senate, the House, and the Presidency. They are going to stack the courts and get enough Supreme Court justices on there to give them whatever it is they want.

That is why I am continually telling people that President Trump is the last decent President to ever walk through the White House door. They are going to even make it a policy to these machines supposedly did not have any problems.

They will make it to where those machines are there indefinitely. We are done as the United States of America.

Channon: To go along with what you and I were just saying, it said, during Biden's campaign, he vowed to push LGBTQ rights as part of his agenda. Including coverage for care related to transgender surgery.

He signed an executive order yesterday as President to prevent discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender discrimination. You know, it is coming. We see it on the wall.

Becerra from California has nothing to do with health care as a Health Care Administrator. He is the one that you asked him why he puts immigrants over Americans.

Will Johnson: That was Delong. He was a representative in California who started up the whole sanctuary city, and then it spread like a virus from there. That was the Delong.

I confronted him in a room with a whole bunch of liberals. I asked them why they are putting illegals before the American people. The room just exploded? They just started attacking me, hitting me, punching me, and kicking me.

Channon: Yeah, they really liked you, Will.

Will Johnson: That was a lot of fun that day.  I never did back down. I am not going to now. They are getting more and more violent, more and more violent.

Channon: What is up with Antifa?

Will Johnson: Oh yeah. We got to hit that before we go. Antifa has already started attacking buildings. They have already started attacking people, and they got what they want. It is just like in Nazi Germany.

The foot soldiers never let up. They have got to continue to intimidate the American people into keeping them in line. One of the reasons they do that is to instill fear. They are instilling fear among the American people.

I was watching this video the other day, and they were talking about the Berlin trials right after Nazi Germany, after the second civil war. They were asking these Nazis, how were you able to get all of these people to go along with the tyranny, the hatefulness, and the terrible things they did to the Jewish people?

They said it was easy. All we did was push the idea of fear. Once they pushed that idea of fear, everyone jumped on board. They did not have to do anything else. They put fear out there. It is highly similar to what they are doing now.

Channon: They made the American people, the Democrats fear Trump.

Will Johnson: Not just fearing Trump, but the virus. Now they are telling everyone to fear anyone who supported President Trump.

Channon: Antifa in Seattle and Portland smashed property. They opposed Biden and the police. They say we are anti-government. This is why they were at the capital on January 6th. They are just anti-government.

Will Johnson: Yes. They took the opportunity on January 6th to make Trump supporters look bad.

Channon: The Democrats have benefited from Antifa.

Will Johnson: They are their soldiers. They are the foot soldiers for the Democrat Party, hands down, 100%. A lot of people still do not understand that when I say that the foot soldiers.

What do you mean, foot soldiers? Just like the brown shirts. If no one's ever looked that just Google, Nazi Germany, brown shirts.

Channon: Apparently, they are spray painting that they are anti-Biden, anti-government. I think these people need something to do.

Will Johnson: They do need something to do. But hey everybody, I want to thank everyone who listened in today. This is a crazy time that the United States of America is in; we are headed for some truly dark days.

Those dark days are upon us right now. Do me a favor. It would help out a lot. Get out your mobile device, type in a text to 88202, type in Will. That is 88202, type in Will. You will get a lot of information from the American Truth Project.

They bring some of the greatest and the latest information that you need to know. It is that simple, 88202, and type in Will.

I want to thank everyone for participating in the chat. Thank you, everybody, for being here. Please do not be afraid of what is coming. I have not lost my faith in God.

I am a religious man. If you want to call it religious. I strongly believe in God. I do not push my beliefs onto anyone. I tell everyone how and who I am. I am truly a believer in God. I suggest to everybody to be calm and see what God has in store.

Because that is the biggest thing here. A lot of people are losing faith. They thought because of what the prophet said, and people said this, people said that. The prophets knew what they were talking about, and Trump was going to be President this time.

Biden would never set foot to the White House doors. Well, before we got to this day, I kept telling everybody. I said if they steal this, Trump will be the last decent President this country ever has.

With that said, God bless you, everyone. Thank you. We will see you next Thursday. Take care. Will Johnson is signing off.

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