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Will Johnson: The Trucker Convoy Is A Great Event In Canadian History!



Barry Nussbaum: Hello, and welcome to ATP Report. I’m your host, Barry Nussbaum. We’ve got a terrific friend of the family on with us today, but first, a little homework. For all of you and ATP land, if you’re not signed up yet for our text message alert system, please do it now.

Grab the cell phone you probably have in your hand. Open up a blank text message in the message, type the word TRUTH, T-R-U-T-H. At the top of the address, put in 88202. The message is TRUTH, push Send.

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Will is known to all of you as a regular on ATP. He’s got a radio show here as well. I bring him on every week, and in addition, he has a tremendous amount of content at Unite America First, where he is the founder and the chief content creator. Welcome, Will Johnson.

Will Johnson: Thank you for having me, Barry.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, it’s always a pleasure, as you know. I got to start with this article you put up on your site, and it brought back memories of me being a boy. I used to get Sports Illustrated. It was my only magazine subscription, and I couldn’t wait every week when it came.

It was all about football, basketball, baseball, and sometimes they wrote about golf, which I really liked. For a young man, 13 – 14, it was my window to the sports world. They’ve gone crazy, and you noticed it.

Their 50th-anniversary edition has a new advertising initiative. It’s called, “Pay with change will be our new standard of business moving forward.” That’s the general manager of the Swimsuit Edition. The quote continues, “It’s our proof of progress, proof of passion, and proof of our belief that we must be the change we want to see.”

So, my favorite magazine as a boy has now gone woke, and they are going to control the narrative to change society. You made a very interesting comment in the article that it smelled like communism.

Will Johnson: Well, think about it. Communism comes in, and they change everything that any nation in the past has done. They have been successful, and they destroyed it. I think Slansky commented. I’ve heard Democrats and socialist Democrats mention this as well, that they believe that a capitalist nation will run its course. Then you need to bring in communism.

They actually believe this nonsense. So, you have a magazine like Sports Illustrated that I used to look at, and I’ll be honest with you, Barry. I used to look at it for the swimsuit section. I’m just saying – including the other stuff.

Barry Nussbaum: Me too.

Will Johnson: I’m just saying, but still, they’re taking something extremely successful, and now they want to go and destroy it. It doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Barry Nussbaum: I canceled my subscription a long time ago, and I sure wouldn’t let my grandchildren look at it at this point with that kind of theme behind it.

So, everybody knows about the trucker convoy in Ottawa, Canada, where we believe hundreds of trucks have come all across Canada, into Ottawa, the capital, to basically protest the mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and the no travel limitations within the various provinces of Canada.

Well, the press was attacking, the government was attacking, and this guy rammed his car into a truck in protest. Actually, it was in Winnipeg, where the attack was.

It turns out that he’s an Antifa activist, and another guy has been attacking truckers as well. What’s interesting is the truckers are entirely peaceful, but this guy who made the attack from Antifa said, we must violently attack these people, so they pay the price.

I don’t know what the price is exactly, but he ran four red lights trying to get away. He has four charges of assault with a deadly weapon. He fancies himself a punk Antifa singer, and he’s got a pedophile background. (laughing)

Will Johnson: (Laughing) That’s the surprising part of all of this.

Barry Nussbaum: I couldn’t even believe it. Wow. So, at this point, I don’t even know where to start with the convoy. Let’s start with the fact that this guy thinks it’s such a threat to Canadian civility that he tries to kill as many people as possible.

Will Johnson: You know why they’re doing this or why he’s probably tried to commit this horrendous act? Because progressives, these communist progressives are uncomfortable. Think about it, just talking about the convoy. This is just bringing content.

They talk about the convoy here in the United States of America. All the truckers should go down to America’s southern border and block up the border. I say – you know – I like the idea, but no. The reason why I say no is because the only thing that will happen is these communist progressives will just watch it on the television if the liberal media will even show it. They will just be watching it. The reason why you have this Antifa member and other communist progressives getting upset is that they’re uncomfortable.

Their utopia world is getting shaken up, and they’re like – wait a minute – this has to end. You’re being violent because you’re making my world uncomfortable. That’s what needs to happen. They are peaceful and making it uncomfortable for these socialist Demon-crats and these communists. They’re making it peace, and for them to do it peacefully, Barry. It’s just really chapping their hide because they want them gone.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let’s talk about the fact that everybody I ask about this, unless they’re people like you or me that have no life, and just read news all day long. Nobody seems to know about the convoy in the United States.

Why? It’s not in the news. Will, why is it not in the news? It’s an incredible display of, as you said, nonviolent protest against draconian, totalitarian governmental overreach. Why no coverage?

Will Johnson: Well, the reason why I believe that there’s no coverage is that they don’t want it to pick up steam. They see what’s happening in Canada, and it’s actually working. I’m just waiting for Trudeau to come out, and I’m wondering. I’m wondering if Trudeau will come out and say – okay – you win.

We’ll lift these vaccine mandates, these mask mandates, and we’ll give you your freedom back and let you be free as a free people. I wonder if he’s going to do that or if he’s going to double down with his tyranny. In the United States of America, they don’t want the same thing to happen.

So, the Democrats haven’t gone full-on commie, except for in New York, in D.C., and a few other places, but as far as the nation, they haven’t done that. They don’t want the truckers to get wind of what’s actually happening and that they’re starting to do it here in the United States of America. This is the best way to make these progressives uncomfortable without being violent, but they want us to be violent, Barry.

They want us to be violent so they can go and do the reporting and say – look – we told you that they were violent. We told you that they were fascist. Look what they’re doing, but we’re doing the opposite, and it’s making them upset. That’s part of the reason why the mainstream media won’t say anything.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, very true. Here’s a corollary to this. I’m hearing, and I’m very curious what you’re hearing, Will. Convoys are being discussed in a whole lot of places in America right now. I read two days ago there is an organizing group trying to bring a thousand trucks to Washington, D.C., and shut down Congress.

There’s a group organizing to go to the border and get this. On Super Bowl week, which we’re in right now, there is supposedly an organization trying to put together a ton of trucks – get this – to ring the stadium in Los Angeles. It’s called SoFi Stadium, where the Rams and the Chargers play.

They’re going to host the Super Bowl to shut down the Super Bowl. Now, think about this. Nobody considers the value of a trucker or what the hell a trucker does. Until you go to Safeway or Kroger, there’s nothing on the shelf.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Barry Nussbaum: Then all of a sudden – well – how does the food even get here? Oh, it comes on a truck. While the trucks aren’t running – uh-oh – no food. Convoys are being organized in every major city. I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but it’s all word of mouth because nothing gets on social media. Is everybody complicit in shutting down freedom of speech at this point?

Will Johnson: The big tech companies are, therefore, shutting freedom of speech down. The mainstream media are for shutting it down, but you know what, Barry. I would say this. It’s not being posted on Twitter, fascist book, and even YouTube per-say about the local truckers in our country, in the United States of America.

They’re doing it on places like Telegram. There are huge communities on Telegram that are organizing this. If they shut down the Super Bowl, the seats are like, really, really empty. I would tune in to watch it then. I would tune in and watch that.

Barry Nussbaum: I’d watch the stands. I want to see a picture of the stands on national television. A billion people would see that view.

Will Johnson: Yes, and they’re going to ask the question. See, the thing is, Barry, they’ll just come back – the mainstream media will come back and say the Super Bowl decided to keep the stadium closed for COVID because of all the COVID restrictions.

We’re talking about L.A., and they would just say they didn’t want to take the risk. So they’ll make up some lame excuse to try to deflect, and they’ll lie about it. Then the fake fact-checkers won’t say anything because they’re complicit with it.

Barry Nussbaum: It’s going to be a wild week, my friend. I’m very anxious about Sunday. Not because I care about either of the teams because I got to be honest with you. I really don’t, but I am very interested in the dynamic social aspect of a lot of angry people.

Absolutely disgusted and fed up, beyond words, Will, with their inability to be free. I would love to see a massive protest. I don’t want anybody hurt, but I do want the rules thrown out that have been shoved down everybody’s throat. You with me?

Will Johnson: I’m with you. You know what? I think everyone should be able to exercise their First Amendment rights. Be able to assemble peacefully, which is all they want to do. They’re really upset because that’s what’s happening in a lot of places, assembling peacefully. They don’t want us to be peaceful. They want us to be violent, so they can go out there and say it. Also, I was saying earlier how the progressives need to be made uncomfortable with the peaceful protests.

At the same time, we’re not excluded from that because, just like you mentioned. You go to the grocery stores and wonder why the grocery stores aren’t being filled because the truck drivers aren’t transporting these goods. So, we will be affected at the same time, and I think it’s worth it. I’m just going to put it out there. I think it’s worth it, Barry, for us to go through the pain because I’d rather go through that pain and keep my freedom than they take our freedoms away. Then they bring other pain, communists’ pain, and look in the history books. We all know where that leads.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, history is a very good teacher if you bother to study. How can people find out about the infamous Will Johnson, who is everywhere?

Will Johnson: Well, if you go to, you can find me there.

Barry Nussbaum: Perfect. Thanks for coming on with us, Will. We sure appreciate you, as always. We love your insight and those out there who didn’t follow my earlier homework instructions. Please text the word TRUTH to 88202, and push send.

We’ll sign you up in a couple of seconds. You’ll get all our information, including the fabulous Will Johnson, on ATP, absolutely for free every time we do a show. For ATP Report, I’m Barry Nussbaum.

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