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The Left Brings Tyranny as the Law of the Land


Will Johnson: Hello, everybody. Welcome. Will Johnson of Unite America First here today, and of course, my awesome in-house producer, Channon Johnson, is riding with me. We have Anni, our other awesome producer, on the other end. So, Channon, it is January 28th , and this year is already starting in a whirlwind.

The last four years, 2020 especially was crazy. We are going into 2021, and we have, excuse my language, a nut job in the White House that is destroying the country and pushing tyranny. The tyranny that they are pushing on the American people, they say, is the law of the land. So, what are we supposed to do when they are pushing tyranny onto us? Are we supposed to be like, this is wonderful?

Look at the negative changes this nutjob is bringing to the American people. I apologize for calling this person a nut job. But when it sounds like a duck, it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck. This nut job is destroying the country. Now, a few things that they have already done. In the last report, I saw they had destroyed 78,000 jobs with the stroke of a pen.

This is insane. Not only that, this administration made it where women in the United States of America no longer have representation. If you are a woman, it does not matter. If you are in sports, it does not matter. You are going to have men compete against you and beat you out of any scholarships.

They are making it where anyone who supported the flag, supported the military or supported President Trump, the greatest President in the White House for the past 100 years, since Lincoln. They are demonizing anyone who supports that President and calling them domestic terrorists. There is a whole movement to make it look bad. To give one example, Geraldo, do you know who Geraldo is Channon?

Channon: Yeah, I am familiar with him. He is wishy-washy.

Will Johnson: He is 100% wishy-washy. He just made a statement equating January 6th and said it was equal to Pearl Harbor. As if it was the same type of attack that took place on Pearl Harbor. What happened on January 6th?

None of us here actually say what happened on January 6th when you found out Antifa and BLM were destroying property. They were doing some of the destructive stuff the left refuses to talk about it. Surprisingly CNN did talk about it. CNN reported that a BLM/Antifa leftist activist was leading the charge and causing all of this disruption. They actually said it. But you know what?

Americans are frustrated. The people that went in there and followed are to blame as well. Why? Because they went in following these people when they were destructive. They took advantage of the moment. They took advantage of conservatives being completely fed up with the lies that we have heard. They took advantage of all the Americans that are fed up with the corruption.

Because of that, people reacted, and people are frustrated. I can understand why people are frustrated, but we never call for destruction. For the most part, for those of us that are constitutionalists, that is the new word. We do not call each other Trump supporters. We call each other constitutionalists because the Democrats want to get rid of those of us who support the Constitution.

They want to get rid of the Constitution. That is why this broadcast is talking about the tyranny that they are implementing as a new law. What do we do from here? How do we proceed from here? Any time you mention taking back the country, they perceive that you are violent as if you want to be violent.

They disregard entirely Antifa and BLM in Portland and Seattle on the streets terrorizing the American people. They never talk about that.

Joe Biden, the Democrats, and even the Department of Homeland Security are not looking at Antifa as domestic terrorists. Do you know what they are focusing on? They are focusing on those of us who support the Constitution, constitutionalists, aka Trump supporters. That is what they are focusing on.

They know that we who supported President Trump are constitutionalists. They know that we want to follow the law, and we want these criminals to be tried for the crimes they have committed. The sad part is that we have law enforcement, the FBI is not even addressing the issue that these criminals have committed these crimes. They are giving them a pass. But those of us who want to have a Republic. They are looking at us as a major problem.

Channon: It has been eight days since Biden's been in office. It has been exhausting, Will, you just talked for eight minutes, and it was exhausting. I will tell you, what the Democrats are doing to America is exhausting. You started by saying people are losing jobs. That is what Biden did. On day one, he walked into the office and he is hurting our independence on oil and our independence on gas.

He eliminated tens of thousands of jobs. Here is my thing. You eliminated those jobs; what is going to happen to get those people working again. We are not having those discussions. With the swipe of the pen, you are making people lose their income, their livelihood.

Yet, you are not using that same swipe of the pen to help these people. It is crazy to me. Then you brought up the transgender. You are alluding to the transgender initiatives that he is bringing out. Any federally funded office or any federal agency has to implement these transgender, LGBT, social justice initiatives with federally funded colleges.

What will happen now to these women in sports? Are they going to be able to get scholarships? Are they going to compete in athletics where a transgender guy is going to beat these women completely? Because it is really about a biological man.

Will Johnson: Let me ask you a question. You are a female, a woman. When you hear stories like this, the person sitting in the White House doing an executive order tells you that you have to be on the lookout for a man going in the restroom with you. You are going to be in a stall with a man next to you.

More than likely, standing up in the stall unless his stuff has been removed. But he is going to be standing next to you. With all of the different cases, how men are taking advantage of women. As a woman, what do you think when you go to a public restroom now? You have to think about it?

Channon: I am more concerned about young girls. Children are walking in and seeing it. It is pretty obvious. When you see a trans, they look like a man dressed as a woman. That is just the way it is. I do not care what you are trying to do. Often that is the case.

Will Johnson: I see some of them with a wig, but they still have a beard.

Channon: My question is, what kind of protections do you have in place for people who say they are trans and go in these restrooms to perhaps cause harm to women? Let me tell you. There is a lot of people that would do that. That is concerning.

Will Johnson: Then it will be their word, the woman, the actual woman, against someone playing to be a woman. I am saying this as a scenario. The man could actually physically attack this woman. She would say he attacked me. All you have to say is, she is a transsexual.

Channon: There was an incident in Target. Target said that they were opening up their dressing rooms and restrooms to both males and females. You can go to whatever you feel comfortable with; there was an incident. I recall, and  I am not sure if it was in the dressing room or the restroom.

A young girl was shopping with her dad, and she went into one of those facilities. A man was caught looking underneath the stall that she was in, the girl came out screaming and crying. The dad beat the crap out of the trans. So, here is the bad thing. They victimize the trans.

This poor girl was traumatized, and we do not know the intentions of that trans. But they made it sound like her dad was the bad one for beating up the trans for looking under the stall at his daughter changing or going to the restroom. Whatever it was. How backward are we?

Will Johnson: What happened to the protection of the child?

Channon: We no longer protect children. We don't. When you talk about trans performing in sports, that goes all the way down to elementary school. Track has been a big thing for trans, they have won many competitions in trans over females. There have been some lawsuits out there regarding it.

It would almost make you feel defeated as to, what is the point in even trying? Where is my right to compete with somebody equal to me? A trans is not equal to a female. In their mind, they may feel they are, but biologically they are not equal. So, you are making the sport unequal, which goes back to what you are saying. What about women's rights? Where is our right to compete equally and be able to win?

Will Johnson: Do you know what it makes me think? Imagine how the left is always talking about white people being racist. I am using this as an analogy. How white people are racists. Especially if you are on the right, you are racist, support neo-Nazi, and support white supremacy. Imagine someone black has to go to court, but then they select everyone who is white and on the right. Would they say that is an issue?

Channon: That obviously would not be a jury of their peers.

Will Johnson: So, what is happening here is if a female goes to court, they put everyone on the jury that is a trans. What do you think is going to happen? This is the same thing that is happening here. They are saying this is not a court of law. But you know what?

These lawmakers are the ones that are pushing it on us. They are passing go. They are not even going through the court system. They are telling all of us that we have to comply with this theory.

Channon: Yeah, I think the Democrats have done a huge injustice to our country. In their effort to create equality, they have created inequality. Instead of saying men and women are equal, or blacks are equal to whites. It is now let us put blacks above whites. Essentially, it is not equal anymore.

Once again, you are discriminating against someone else. It is very damaging. It will always cause division in our country if we can't truly speak and act equal. If we are lifting one and beating one down. Things have happened in our history.

We have had slavery here like many continents across the world. We understand it is wrong, and we learn from our past. We can't go back. We can't make white people pay for history. Black people here did not experience what happened then. We have to create equality moving forward. Stop bringing up black, white, and LGBT.

Will Johnson: What you are saying makes common sense. That is the problem. It makes sense.

Channon: It is a problem because it will always create problems. We are never going to solve everybody in America being equal if we do not treat everybody equally. As long as you have laws putting one race above the other, we will never be equal.

Will Johnson: Yeah, you are right. They do not want people to be equal in this nation. They do not want it. If they wanted people to be equal, what happened on November 3rd would have been equal. But that is a whole different story. The point here is, the left is always pushing this racial division. They are always pushing the division in the nation between men and women. Now they have excluded women from even competing fairly.

They do not want anything to be fair unless it goes into their sinister ways. I say it is sinister because there is no one that believes in God that thinks a man after 40 plus years, putting on a dress, deciding that he wants to call himself a woman, and telling us that we have to go along with that lie.

No one in their right mind or belief in God thinks that is right. It is only those on the left. You get a lot of people on the left who push this tyranny. They know what they are doing. The tyranny that they are pushing onto us, they know it is wrong. Do you know what they are doing?

They are silent. They are going with, at least we got what we want. I do not support this and that of what the Democrat Party is doing, but I am glad we got rid of President Trump. They could care less about whatever else is going to happen. They wanted to remove President Trump.

Another thing is how they are demonizing constitutionalists, a.k.a. Trump supporters. They are calling constitutionalists domestic terrorists. They are doing that because they want to make sure that all constitutionalists will remain silent. They want us to remain silent.

They do not want us to fight against the establishment. They do not want us to say anything against the establishment. They want to make sure that we stay in our place. You have a lot of these weak the knee, spineless, no backbone Republicans that are bowing down, grabbing their ankles for the Democrats. That is part of the reason why they betrayed President Trump.

The Democrats, I am pretty sure, behind closed doors, told the Republicans if you want to keep your Republican Party, do not allow President Trump to take it over. You see what he has already done to the Republican Party. He has got you to stand up, get a backbone, and do the work for the American people.

Unless you want to continue down that path, you will have to stab President Trump in the back. You have to go along with us to keep your Republican Party.

Channon: What did Hitler do to make people go against the Jews? He made them fearful of the Jews. Now the Democrats are trying to make their base fearful of the Republicans.

Will Johnson: Yes, afraid of the constitutionalists, a.k.a. Trump supporters. Constitutionalists, because we keep screaming the Constitution. Everyone is not paying attention to Democrats, and the entire left disregards the U.S. Constitution. Before this election got here, I kept telling everybody.

I said, if Harris / Biden walk through the White House doors, this country will become completely lawless. The tyranny is here. We are a completely lawless country. They are going against the U.S. Constitution. Not only that, they are going against God's Law.

Channon: Yeah, it is frustrating to me because you hear them say a lot of the right things. In Biden's inaugural address, he came out and was speaking about unity and peace. But look at his actions. His actions have done nothing. Give me one way that he has created unity in his first eight days. Now, mind you, he said this was one of his top priorities.

We do not see it in any of his top priorities listed on his White House page. We have not seen it in any of his actions. Also, we had the House Democrats in the Senate, and in Congress said, we are trying to create unity. But you have not seen a single action to create unity. Now, these people are in power.

When Trump was in power, they said he is solely responsible. So, now guess what? You guys are solely responsible. You guys have done nothing but drive a wedge even further. You guys have put people in the corner. It is scary what they are doing.

They want to become a one-party government. Everything they are doing is saying, put us in power and eliminate anyone else that challenges it. That is what they are doing.

Will Johnson: You are right. We have an article on our website where it talks about the Democrat bill. The H.R.1 would make it a one-party rule by having the federal government take over state elections.

Channon: Right. So, whoever is over Congress in this bill determines and handles the entire election.

Will Johnson: So, what does that mean for the Electoral College?

Channon: It is going away.

Will Johnson: A lot of people are saying it can't happen. The Democrats will never be able to do it because it is at the state level. They are pushing a bill to take over the state election. They will never lose once they do that.

Channon: That's crazy. Whoever heads over Congress, which, by the way, is the Democrats, if they are running elections, they will always win.  Here is the thing. It eliminates democracy, literally. It eliminates it.

Will Johnson: It is gone.

Channon: Is it because of a tyrannical one-party government like, guess who? Like China, people. This is crazy.

Will Johnson: So, one of the things in the Congress session for the House of Representatives, the Democrats propose a bill. H.R.1. Which stands for House Resolution number one, or the first bill presented in the new Congress. This bill will create a communist China-style one-party rule in the United States of America. Just like you said.

That is what they are going for, and I kept repeating. I do not know if I repeated it on the radio station, but I imagine that I have. I kept repeating before the election got here. If they are successful in removing President Trump, Trump will be the last decent President this nation will ever have.

They will push every sinister agenda they can to ensure that another Trump will never go through the White House doors. They could care less about who they have in the White House. They can be a complete idiot. Like the one, we have now. Someone they can control with puppet strings, as long as they do not put America First.

Channon: Yeah, you have said that, Will. This is the H.R.1 bill people got to look it up. There is quite a bit to it. That is what they do. They pound it with a whole bunch of things, and it is intimidating. People do not read through it, nor do they understand it. Will we have a caller. We have Martin on the line from California. What is going on, Martin?

Martin: Hello, Will.

Will Johnson: Hey, Martin.

Martin: This is the second time on your show. I want to thank you for alerting us via our phones to tune in every Thursday. I have a question. What do you think about what Vice President Pence did regarding not allowing the other states to claim voter fraud?

Will Johnson: Yes, a number of states filed their electoral college with the Republicans. Then the Democrats went around the legislation in those states and did what they wanted. They changed the rules in the middle of the game to get what they wanted.

Vice President Mike Pence, in my opinion, betrayed the nation. He did not follow the U.S. Constitution when he did what he did on January 6th. Is that what you are referring to?

Martin: Yes, and also consider the fact that people were pounding on the doors. In my opinion, that was planned. Unfortunately, our President probably should not have said anything, but he did.

Will Johnson:  What did he say that he should not have said?

Martin: It is not so much of what he said because we all know that he did not incite violence. What I am trying to say is that he should have said nothing.

Channon: You mean about going to the capital and peacefully protesting. Is that what you are talking about?

Will Johnson: You mean he should have never told his supporters to protest peacefully?

Martin: The issue there was that there were not just peaceful protesters. Antifa and BLM were there. They went in to destroy.

Channon: Unfortunately, when Trump said everybody go to the capital on January 6th, he set himself up. That allowed Antifa and BLM  the opportunity. This will make Trump look bad. Let's go. Then with Trump being good-natured as he is, thinking, oh, these people have the right to protest just like anyone else. It fell into their hands and did work against him—all conservatives, quite frankly.

Martin: Another question. What do you think about Tulsi Gabbard? She is a Democrat.

Channon: She toes the line, I think. Are you talking about what she recently said? She was on Fox, and she was actually kind of them calling out.

Will Johnson: In a statement, she talked about the left is calling not only constitutionalists, a.k.a. Trump supporters, but libertarians, domestic terrorists. She said that is a major problem. She considers herself a libertarian. She goes along by saying we want liberty and freedom for all. She is saying that we are considered domestic terrorists. She said that is a major problem.

So, as Channon said, she is wishy-washy. For example, she was against abortion, but they came down on her because she is not making headway. Then all of a sudden, she is for abortion. She is so wishy-washy. If she would stick to her guns and be a conservative, she leaned towards them, but she too easily gives in to them. She’s to wishy-washy for me.

Channon: What do you think about her? Do you like her? Why do you bring her up?

Martin: I think she has a future. She knows how to ride the line and play the fence. I like her. I see what you are saying with regards to her being wishy-washy. I do see that.

Will Johnson: The problem is we have too many people in the past, even some Republicans that straddle the fence. We need to stop that. We need representatives like Marjorie Green. She will be straight up for America and not bow down to the Democrats and even the elitist Republicans. You have Republicans, elitists, and the Democrats attacking Marjorie Green because she is saying, what you are doing is wrong. We need to do America First.

Martin:  I do not know Marjorie Green, who is she?

Channon: She is a Congresswoman. Let me say one thing about Tulsi Gabbard. I see people like you, Martin, being attracted to her because she is toeing the line. There is a lot of people that said, how are we ever going to come together? This side is so far right, and that side is so far left. They are trying to find somebody in the middle.

Will Johnson: Trying to please everybody, but you can't please everybody.

Channon: It seems like they are there for people, but not extreme. So, I see how she is attractive to some people. I do. I thought she would do better in the Democrat presidential run. I thought she would appeal more to the moderates because everyone out there was so extreme. But in the end, I do not think she got the financial backing because she was not extreme.

Will Johnson: She ended up squashing herself because she went on one of the national debates and straight up told everybody that the Democrat Party is no longer for the people are. They are not for the small man. They are for the big corporations or the elite. Everything that they blame the Republicans for, which Republicans are in the mix as well. The Democrats are for that 100%, but they say that they are not. I think that is what squashed her. I want to thank you for the call. Thanks for listening in.

Martin: Thanks so much, Will. I will check in next time.

Will Johnson: I want to get back to this one thing, have you ever heard of the former CIA chief, John Brennan? Have you ever heard of him?

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: Total socialist nut. He does not say constitutionalists, a.k.a. Trump supporters. He is on all of the lefties media like CNN and MSNBC. On those types of networks.

Channon: Oh yeah. He is on CNN and MSNBC. He is so annoying.

Will Johnson: I want to play something for you. Listen to what he said. If the 1930s come to mind for you, you are probably on track. Let's see if this works. This is on Fox News.

Channon: They are saying that conservatives are now more dangerous than Al-Qaeda?

Will Johnson: Yeah, here we go. Now listen to what he said.

John Brennan: The threat from domestic violence extremists is much more challenging, I believe than it was in terms of going after foreign terrorists. We are going after Al-Qaeda or other types of terrorist groups, cells here in the states.

Their numbers were in the single digits of dozens and were finding a needle in a haystack. Here there are a lot of haystacks with a lot of needles in them.

Will Johnson: Did you hear that? So, he says that constitutionalists, a.k.a. Trump supporters, are a bigger threat than Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or any of these domestic terrorists throughout the entire world. Does this remind you of the 1930s? Who are they demonizing right now? They are demonizing U.S. constitutionalists, aka Trump supporters.

Channon: I think the biggest problem is their definition of what a problem is. Al-Qaeda are terrorists. They want to kill people. Here in America, the definition of a domestic terrorist is threatening people and scaring the Democrats to death. They almost can't leave their homes, which is the fact that we think differently from them. This is like biological mind warfare they are playing on the American people.

Will Johnson: Biological mind warfare.

Channon: They say it over and over. If you watch this entire video that Will showed me earlier, they say the same things over and over. They both support each other in this idea that the American people, these 75 million people walking all around America, are these terrible people. They need to be dealt with. It is crazy to me. I am frustrated. I know that many of you are frustrated out there as well.

Will Johnson: Imagine if we feel frustrated like this, millions upon millions of other people in the United States of America are frustrated with all of this tyranny. That is what it is, straight tyranny. They are turning this tyranny into the law of the land.

Channon: Right. It is so funny because even Nancy Pelosi today plays into what they were doing in the video. There is an article on Fox News that says Pelosi calls our armed colleagues a security threat. She says the enemy is within the House.

Will Johnson: We already know who she declared the enemy. All of these socialists, communists Democrats are talking about all of us.

Channon: So, the people in her press conference ask her, “Who are you talking about? Who is the enemy within?” She says, “It means we have Congress members who want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of Congress.” I am like, “What? Grow up! It is not like you have not had them threaten anyone.”

Will Johnson:  AOC?

Channon: You have not had any of them threaten anybody. Right. Ilhan Omar has threatened people. They have all got on board with basically getting rid of Trump. I can't tell you all these nasty things that we have heard. They have threatened the President of the United States.

Will Johnson: Socialist-communist Democrats have created a hit list. Did you hear about that? They created a hit list.

Channon: Even the media was like, what is this crazy woman talking about? That is what she is talking about; she got up on the podium and believes that Congresspeople need extra security funding to protect themselves from the Republicans. That is what it is. We are scared of the Republicans. We need security. They said they do not like me.

Will Johnson: So, let us go to AOC.

Channon: AOC is the next nut. It has been all over the news today about what happened with the Robin Hood apps.

Will Johnson: Let us give a little content because some people did not understand what the Robinhood App is? The Robin Hood App is an App that you can get on your mobile device. You can tap into the stock exchange and make day trade. Right? I do not do any of it, but to my understanding, this is the way it is played out.

What would happen because of this App? It allowed average people like you and me to tap into the stock exchange and make some money. They tap into it with this Robinhood App. Then the average person started making a lot of money. The elitist at the top started getting upset.

They said, hey, this is affecting us. You are going to have too many people that are going to become rich. It goes right back to the elitist who wanted to keep them rich and keep the rest of us poor. They created an avenue to allow the rest of us to make money to flourish.

Channon: I do not understand all the ins and outs of that stuff. Anyway,  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka crazy woman, tweeted, this is unacceptable. We now need to know more about @RobinHoods Apps' decision to block retail investors from purchasing stock while hedge funds can freely trade the stock as they see fit. As a member of the Financial Services Committee, I support a hearing if necessary.

Will Johnson: Good for her.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: So, we think. It gets better. Listen to this, everybody.

Channon: Here is a nice conservative representative. Ted Cruz comes along and says, I fully agree. He reached across the aisle.

Will Johnson: He said to AOC on Twitter saying, I agree with you. He agrees with her. He is getting behind her on her statement. That is a good thing. She should have said, thank you for your compliment, thank you for agreeing, thanks for crossing party lines and standing for something right here. That is what you should say. But what does she say?

Channon: She pulls a little Nancy Pelosi response and says, “I am happy to work with Republicans on this issue where there is common ground. But you,” talking about Ted Cruz, “almost had me murdered three weeks ago. So, you can sit this one out.”

She said, “I am happy to work with almost any other GOP that is not trying to get me killed.” She said, “In the meantime, if you want to help, you can resign.” What? What? What?

Will Johnson: What murdered? You almost had me murdered? I mean, seriously, you almost had me murdered? How did he almost have her murdered?

Channon: Yeah, I do not know.

Will Johnson: That is crazy.

Channon: It is crazy. I read that, and I thought, girl, you went off on left field here. You know what, people? Both of these examples of Nancy Pelosi and AOC are examples of how they do not want to unify with the other side of the aisle.

They do not want to work together and be productive. Her comment was completely unnecessary—especially given his comment agreed. There was nothing wrong or derogatory. He was saying, hey, listen, I agree with you. He is the senior congressman.

She is a freshman. What the heck is going on here? It is so frustrating. It is all about optics. So, people will sit there and go, oh, yeah, he tried to have her murdered. What? Come on now.

Will Johnson: Anyone who hears that statement and agrees with her they are just as nutty as she is nutty. Seriously, they have lost their entire minds. They only have two brain cells left, and those two brain cells are social distancing from one another. These people are sick in the head.

Channon: Now, let me ask you this. If you read this, who would you think is more the aggressor? Her or Him?

Will Johnson: She is.

Channon: She is the aggressor. She is lashing out at him, knowing that he had nothing to do with anybody trying to murder anybody. Come on.

Will Johnson: That is it. That is part of the reason why they are saying this about constitutionalists, a.k.a. Trump supporters. They do not want any of us to stand up against these elitists ever again. They want to set an example. If you come against us, even though there is more of you than there are of us.

If you come against us, we will make sure, and I am willing to bet behind closed doors, they are saying, we have to set an example to never, ever rise against us again. I am not condoning the violence, but they do not want us to rise. They want to terrify us from rising.

Channon: Yes. We have another caller. Roger, from L.A. What do you have for us, Roger.

Roger: Hey, Will. Hey, guys. Thanks for getting me on here. I wanted to know why conservatives, especially in Texas and other parts of the country, cannot start their own little Silicon Valley? It seems like those in power have to the "flip the switch" mentality.

You want to silence us, so you go ahead and flip the switch. Then there you go. We are canceled or our accounts suspended. We need to create our own. We have a lot of savvy and smart folks out there in the colleges, universities, coding, and whatnot. They need to get it. We need to have more entrepreneurs on the conservative side. Just have our own companies.

Channon: I think the sad thing is, they have already monopolized it. They have so much power, and they are not going to let go of it. The people in government have not done anything about it. Will, will give you a perfect example of what will happen.

Will Johnson: On top of that, when they see a company come along, for example, Matze and Mercer in Parler. They are making headway, pulling in millions of new subscribers daily. They want to knock out the competition. It is a straight-up monopoly. As far as creating our own Silicon Valley, the only problem with that is that companies do that. For example, I am sure you have heard of Telegram.

They have their own servers. They have their own web-based, their own cloud, everything. The problem with that is Democrats, instead of going to the data center where they are hosting these servers. They are going to Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, and Cox. They are going to all of these Internet service providers via your phone, fiber, or copper.

They want to shut you down there. The only way we could get past this is to get somebody on the conservative side, with a lot of money, to put a satellite out in space. Everyone can connect to those satellites. It has to be multiple satellites. That is the only way.

Other than that, Comcast has already demonstrated how they dislike President Trump. If anyone was getting Internet from them, all they have to do is cut off the DNS, the backbone. Because AT&T and even Comcast run their fiber and copper to people's homes, they can just cut off the DNS to that access as well. What is happening is total tyranny.

Channon: Yeah. Unfortunately, you could come up with your own app, but all the platforms you have to put that app on have control and can de-platform you. You will not have a way to get your app out there. It is ridiculous.

Will Johnson: A lot of people thought Parler was the place to go. No one knew until it came out that their servers were sitting on AWS, which is Amazon, which is left.

Channon: So, they just de-platform them.

Will Johnson: Amazon says, we are going to shut down the servers. We have that control. What was mind-blowing to me is that these external entities from Amazon went to Amazon asking, is Parler hosting their servers on your platform? If they are, shut them down. Is no one asking that question? Who did that? Someone had to go to Amazon and ask them to do that.

Channon: Unfortunately, at this point, we have to throw up some satellites and create our own network. Our own Internet.

Roger: That seems like a big undertaking. It just seems like from the obstacles.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: Or we organized the old fashion way, organize locally. Meet up in person.

Will Johnson: The only problem with that is we are in such a digital age. Unless we can communicate with the masses in almost real-time, it becomes a major problem. It is the same thing that happened in the 1930s. They are breaking down communication. A lot of people thought that they were going to go after the Second Amendment.

No, they are going after the First Amendment first. To break down our communication. They are already trying to make it against the law to assemble freely and peacefully.

Channon: To be honest with you, Trump missed a huge opportunity by not addressing Section 230.

Will Johnson: Yeah, it should have happened three years ago.

Channon: They did not take care of it. That is why we are where we are today.

Will Johnson: Do you have any more questions for us?

Roger: No. I know, and I am praying to God that we survive these executive orders. Guys, it is scary. The first day was not a joke: the stuff he has been signing, Joe Biden. I have been praying for the country, and that is about it.

Channon: Yeah. Check out the H.R.1. Bill H.R. 1 is scary too.

Will Johnson: Thanks for calling. So, another thing, Channon. Have you ever heard of the FBI agent Strzok? Have you ever heard of him?

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson:  He is a disgrace. The sad thing is, I think there is a lot of people who are still in the FBI with the same mentality that he had. I do not know. I am speculating here. It has been four years of people going against the Constitution. The FBI has done nothing to them. But the FBI is quick to go after constitutionalists, a.k.a. Trump supporters.

Channon: It is funny because they were talking about how Trump's administration hardly arrested anybody. They said we are going to see big differences in the Biden administration. They are going to go after people. They are going to arrest them. They are going to put them in their place.

Will Johnson: They are even calling out for relatives, friends, and coworkers to snitch. To tell on anyone that you think might be a threat. Not that you have done anything, but you might be. This is Nazi Germany, the 1930s, total tyranny. Listen to what he says here. This should be alarming. This should be extremely alarming to what he says here.

John Brennan: We need to understand what has happened to radicalize various people, and particularly, not only in our society but specifically within law enforcement and the military. They tend to skew conservative. They are strong law and order, and certain elements of that will fall victim to these sort of fantasies or these other extremist ideas, including taking up violence.

Channon: I like how he says skew law and justice. How do you skew law and justice? If anything, laws should put things in perspective. But they are saying, listen, we do not want you to skew law and justice. We do not want you to be a righteous person. Saying, oh, you can't do that. It is against the law. We do not want that. Stop being extreme.

Will Johnson: That makes me think they are trying to vet all military personnel to find out if they are Constitutionalists, aka Trump supporters. Then once they find out who they are, they already demonstrated that during this inauguration.

Right? They had already demonstrated that when they vetted some of the reservists that were there. Then have some of them removed because they were like constitutionalists, aka Trump supporters.

Channon: It is alarming, right?

Will Johnson: If they are concerned about the U.S. military being constitutionalists, and they are concerned about that. Do you know what that tells me? That tells me that they are willing to bring in an external military to control the people in the United States of America. I see the writing on the wall.

They are demonizing and calling all of us constitutionalists, aka Trump supporters, domestic terrorists. They know the military are Constitutionalists as well. They are going to bring in an external military. I do not want that to happen, but look at what they are saying and their actions.

We can see that happening. Biden and the Democrats gave the keys to the kingdom, to China. This is ridiculous. We should not be having this conversation. We should not even be talking about this. As if this is something that will happen in the future. They are doing it right now.

Channon: Yeah, it is crazy. It has only been eight days, people.

Will Johnson: Eight days.

Channon: That blows your mind.

Will Johnson: Eight days, this is a fast track to communism.

Channon: Then they are trying to call out the police and military, calling them extremists and calling conservatives extremists. The extremists are the thought. It is not like they are doing anything.

They are just saying, hey, listen. You think different than us, that is dangerous. You want to go by the Constitution. You want law and order. That is dangerous. Right?

Will Johnson: Yeah. They are going against those of us that believe in the Constitution. They are saying that free thought is a problem. They are discriminating against free thought.

Channon: It is not only that. It is also some of the things that he has eliminated, like the wall—opening up our borders. It is things like getting rid of the gas and the pipeline.

Will Johnson: Let me touch on the border wall real quick. That is something that goes right along with the tyranny they are pushing on all of us. Here, President Trump had been working very hard to put in policies, put in physical barriers, or mechanisms that will protect the American people's security and safety. Now, we have a tyrant in the White House that is removing that. On top of that, these countries say death to America.

Biden and the Democrats just open the doors to them, the same countries that say death to America. Biden and these tyrannical Democrats say you are now welcome in America even though you are saying death to America. How sick is that? What is wrong here? What is wrong with this picture?

Channon: They are saying that Americans are more dangerous than them.

Will Johnson: Yeah, right. They are saying Americans, constitutionalists, aka Trump supporters are more dangerous than these actual terrorists. Among some are foreign, and some domestic, Antifa or BLM. They are saying that constitutionalists are more dangerous than these actual people who did 9/11.

These people were trying to blow up the World Trade Center. These people are killing Americans throughout the world. They are saying that constitutionalists are a bigger threat.

Channon: I see Biden is going to kill America. He will drive an even bigger wedge than Obama did between the parties, which we have already seen. The sad thing is Congressmen and Senate are all working towards it. I am thankful for people like Ted Cruz.

I never thought I would say that. Holly and all these others are standing up and being a voice. But now you even see them being targeted. If someone is trying to silence you, there is a reason. You know there is some truth to it. Right?

Will Johnson: You have not done anything wrong. You are just going along with the Constitution, and they want to silence you. You know what? They are threatening people who want to follow the Constitution. That is what they are doing here to Ted Cruz, Holly, and the others.

Channon: Yeah. He said that law enforcement is looking at the law. They are a threat.

Will Johnson: They are a threat. That is what I am saying. This is straight-up tyranny. They are turning this into the law of the land. What kind of world do we live in? As you said, it has only been eight days. Can you imagine what this country is going to look like in 30 days of this tyranny?

Oh, my goodness. There are already thousands of people marching to the southern border right now. Biden and the Democrats are saying that 11 million automatically get to become U.S. citizens and pass go. You do not have to do anything, and they are going to give them money. At the same time, they are taking the people who create the money, generate the money and they will put them out of jobs.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: They are taking America on a fast track of Venezuela. Instead of having it play out for years. I give it six months to a year. The Max is two years. They are going to do all of this before the midterm elections.

Channon: Yes. Here he is eliminating all these jobs, taking us back as far as being independent. Then he is letting all these people in the door. What jobs are they going to have? Americans that have lost jobs are now fighting for jobs. It is crazy.

Will Johnson: Remember, we have already seen the long food lines in Florida and California because of the plan-demic. So, imagine when they let in hundreds of thousands of people.

Channon: California is opening up now.

Will Johnson: Still, imagine when they allow thousands of people in through the southern border. They will become automatic citizens, and they are going to get all of them to vote Democrat.

Channon: Of course, they will.

Will Johnson: When they register these people as American citizens, they will put every last one of them down as Democrats. Then I am willing to bet that they are going to bus them to the red states.

Channon: They have actual Democrat advocates telling them about the Democrat Party as soon as they cross the border. So, of course, they create Democrat voters.

Will Johnson: Absolutely. So, I want to thank everyone for being with us. Thank you so much for sharing this. Thanks again. Get out your mobile device and type in 88202, and type in my name, Will. There you get some awesome information from the American Truth Project

Thank you, everyone. We will see you next Thursday. God willing. God Bless.

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