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Israel Rejects Russia's Iran Plan
Israel Rejects Russia’s Iran Plan

Russian diplomats have been contradicting each other in regard to accepting the presence of Iranian controlled military assets in Syria, [...]

Trump-Putin Summit & Syria
Trump-Putin Summit To Focus On Syria

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is in Moscow meeting with Vladimir Putin today, less than a week before the Russian presiden’t [...]

Netanyahu Thanks America, Blasts Europe

At US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman’s Fourth of July celebration, PM Benjamin Netanyahu thanks America for its friendship and [...]

Israel Offers Iran Water

PM Netanyah offers Israeli water technology to Iran.  

Netanyahu Revives Iranian Protests
Netanyahu Speech Revives Anti-Regime Protests In Iran

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s televised speech revealing Iran’s covert weapons program was meant to influence the US, Europe and the [...]

Bombshell-Israel Reveals Iran’s Nuclear Plans

Barry Nussbaum and Graham Ledger analyze the incriminating evidence obtained by the Israeli Mossad of Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program.  

Europe Lies, Iran Lies To Itself
Iran Lies, Europe Lies To Itself

Despite Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s detailed reveal of Iran’s secret nuclear weapons program, and clear intent to continue it, EU [...]

Holocaust Remembrance Day
Holocaust Remembrance Day, We Can’t Forget

Israel commemorates the six million Jewish souls taken during the Holocaust today, sirens wail  and the entire nation comes to [...]