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Israel Under Attack with Progressives Support


Barry Nussbaum: Welcome to ATP Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum. Our very special guest today is Laura Loomer. She's a friend of the President of the United States. She's an investigative reporter. Everybody knows Laura Loomer, and we're thrilled to have her with us today. Welcome, Laura.

Laura Loomer: Thanks so much for having me.

Barry Nussbaum: Let's start with what's going on in Israel. We are all very concerned here in the United States. In the past 30 hours or so, over five hundred rockets have been launched out of the Gaza Strip aimed at civilian targets only. They're trying to kill as many Israelis as they possibly can, targeting civilian population centers.

It's a clear war crime all over the world, and the world is ignoring it. You see the video playing while we're talking, and it is horrible. What would you, Laura Loomer, recommend Israel do now?

Laura Loomer: Well, you're right about the fact that the world is completely ignoring it, but not only is the world ignoring it, but they're distorting the facts of the situation and falsely accusing Israel of perpetrating war crimes against the Palestinians and falsely accusing Israel of being the violent aggressors.

When it's clear that it's the Islamic jihadists and Hamas who are firing missiles and rockets into Israel, killing innocent civilians just for the sake and the purpose of murdering Jewish people. But look, I think that it's time for, and I said this earlier today, I think it's time for Israel to turn Gaza into a parking lot.

To be as blunt as possible, because, you know, how much longer are the Israelis going to tolerate this violence? How much longer are the Israelis going to be expected to live by a separate standard than any other sovereign nation in the entire world?

If any other nation, on its borders, was being attacked by Islamic terrorists or any type of aggressor with missiles and rockets that were threatening the lives and endangering the lives of the residents of that country or the citizens of that country, they would respond with violent force, with military force.

So, I think that's exactly what the Israelis need to do because the country is in jeopardy of, quite frankly, being destroyed. They have Islamic aggressors on all of their borders, and there are talks of unification right now with these Arab nations that are taking place on social media.

The big tech social media giants are amplifying these talks of Arab unification. Even in the United States today, there were violent protests all throughout the country, especially in New York City. Jewish people were physically assaulted and attacked on the street by supporters of the Palestinians and by radical Muslims who are expressing hatred towards Israel and the Jewish people.

Barry Nussbaum: So, President Trump, when he was in office, showed, in my opinion, great wisdom when he threatened and then carried through on his threat to cut off funding to the Palestinian Authority because Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the PA, would not renounce the ‘pay for slay’ program.

In other words, America sends the Palestinians money, and they spend it on stipends to encourage their citizenry to go kill a Jew or hopefully many Jews. Unbelievably, Laura, Biden is restoring the funding and ignoring the Taylor Force Act.

The money is already starting to fund the PA. I saw this meme going around today on social media, Biden gives money to the Palestinians, and Hamas sends it back to Israel, and it was a picture of a rocket that had landed in Israel that had blown up a school.

Laura Loomer: Right.

Barry Nussbaum: What in the world is Biden thinking?

Laura Loomer: Well, look, this was predicted, of course, and this is what many expected would happen with a Biden administration or as I like to call it, a third term extension of the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, the most anti-Jewish and pro-radical Islam president we've ever had in United States history.

It was under the Obama administration, his eight years in office with Joe Biden as his vice president, working hand in hand to implement his anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, anti-Western civilization policies, which completely eroded our working relationship with Israel.

It got so bad that the Israelis stopped sharing intelligence reports with us because they couldn't trust the fact that Barack Obama's Muslim Brotherhood plants within our intelligence agencies were going to leak the information and compromise the national security of not only the United States but also Israel and our working relationship and intelligence relationship.

Barry Nussbaum: Is it because the Biden administration is not making forceful statements supporting their closest ally, Israel, or is it because of who Biden has appointed to represent the United States in his government, i.e., people who just hate Israel?

Laura Loomer: Joe Biden has further eroded our relationship with Israel by appointing a Palestinian, a radical Muslim, and pro-BDS officials to national security positions. There was a report today that said that Joe Biden had selected a woman by the name of Sarah Margon, who is a BDS activist, as the Assistant Secretary for Human Rights.

So, what is considered human rights when you're a BDS activist, right? The destruction of Israel. The eradication of the Jewish people. So human rights for radical Muslims, but no human rights for Jews, right?

One of the officials that he appointed, and it was one of his first appointments as well following his inauguration, is an individual by the name of Maher Bitar, who is another BDS activist and served as one of the advisors and leaders for Students for Justice in Palestine while he was a student at George Washington University.

Maher Bitar, of course, worked under the Obama administration as well. So now we have radical Muslim Palestinian BDS activists in some of the top positions for our national security here in the United States. Not only undermining our national security by perpetuating tenants of radical Islam, but also perpetuating a foreign policy that is extremely hostile towards Israel, including re-funding over $235,000 to a terrorist regime.

Barry Nussbaum: No kidding. Which may be used to kill a lot of Jews and is no doubt emboldened Hamas to do what they've done over the last 30 hours. So as the world watches and does absolutely nothing, neither the EU, the UN, nor anybody else is stepping in, what could and what should the United States government be doing now to come to the aid of their closest ally, Israel?

Laura Loomer: Well, instead of perpetuating lies, it would be nice if we had an honest media that would actually properly report on the situation at hand and actually report that it's these Islamic radicals, Hamas and Islamic Jihad that are firing rockets and missiles and trying to commit lynching of Jews in Israel right now.

But that's not going to happen, of course. I think that a lot of the aggression towards Israel that occurs is the result of blood libel in the media. We're seeing this on social media and actually on my own site, Loomer.com. My team of investigative reporters and I have actually been looking at this new app called Clubhouse, which is a voice chat app.

There's actually the facilitation of terrorist activity taking place inside these apps. Where Palestinians and supporters of Palestinian terrorism in Gaza are actually utilizing these apps to coordinate in chat rooms and facilitate protests and give each other tips on how they can further resist, resist the Israelis, and carry out attacks against Jews.

Barry Nussbaum: Laura, you're one of the leading spokespeople for the threat of big tech controlling our news narrative, and unfortunately, as you and others have pointed out, but especially you of all people, big tech is not pro-Israel. It is not pro-Jewish and is certainly enhancing the standing of the anti-Israel movement.

Laura Loomer: Twitter and Facebook are also allowing for the amplification of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel tweets and pro-Palestinian propaganda. So, I think that one of the first things that we need to do to address a lot of the issues in our country, not just the issue that we see right now in Israel.

It’s getting a hold on reigning in big tech because big tech seems to be the biggest problem facing the world right now whether it's with the election or the aiding and abetting of terrorist activity by allowing for terrorist recruitment and propaganda.

The censoring of information. The distortion of reality. Big tech is a threat to humanity. All of these social media executives are extremely pro-Islam and anti-Jewish. Including Mark Zuckerberg, who is Jewish, but he's a self-hating Jew.

Barry Nussbaum: I'm not arguing with a thing you've just said. Speaking of Jews being targeted, this one, this targeter is a member of the United States House of Representatives. I'm referring to our favorite hater of Israel who attends congressional meetings every day, Rashida Tlaib.

A few months ago, she tweeted in recognition of International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people, a meme that was captioned ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.’ Well, from the river to the sea is the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, and that's where the country of Israel is.

So, in other words, she's advocating for a new country, Palestine, to replace the existing country, Israel. Why is it, I understand she's a hater, why is it her fellow Democrats don't step up and say, Rashida, sit down and shut up, please?

Laura Loomer: Well, look, a lot of people love talking about this, this thing called ‘white privilege,’ but the only privilege I really see in this country right now, and especially in Congress, is Muslim privilege. We've seen that these jihadists, individuals who are, as I like to call it, the Hamas caucus.

I did, in fact, coin that term several years ago when I was investigating Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib when they were running for office prior to them winning their elections. When I was warning everybody about these women who were most likely going to get into Congress and then start perpetuating anti-American, pro-Sharia values, and that's exactly what's happening.

Look, I remember when I was in Minnesota, a joint campaign event for Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib and I confronted them on camera. I asked Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar why they hated Jews and whether they were going to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel whether they would condemn Hamas.

They refused to condemn Hamas. When I asked Rashida Tlaib to condemn Hamas, she actually physically assaulted me. The assault was caught on camera, if you recall, she took my cell phone and tried to hit me. Well, she actually did hit me, and then I filed a lawsuit against her for two million dollars in Minnesota for assault, but they're never held accountable.

These women get away with denying the Holocaust. They get away with refusing to condemn Hamas. They won't condemn ISIS. Ilhan Omar actually used her position to advocate for members of ISIS there. They constantly bring members of the Muslim Brotherhood into Congress. They form the Muslim caucus with CAIR, a designated Islamic terrorist organization that was found to be supporting Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

So, they are jihadists, and we have a full-blown jihad Hamas caucus in Congress. Unfortunately, people like Ilhan Omar serve on the Foreign Affairs Committee in Congress, where she has access to classified reports. I'm sure she's probably leaking it to her counterparts in ISIS, and I say counterparts in ISIS because Ilhan Omar has open associations and ties to ISIS.

Ties to mosques and, like I said, advocated for nine members of ISIS in her district in Minneapolis, which, according to the FBI statistics, is the number one location for ISIS recruitment in the United States of America.

Barry Nussbaum: Great history lesson, and it's sobering because it's right now, and it's getting worse. Laura, tell people where they can learn about you and where can they go to support you?

Laura Loomer: Well, people can go to my site, Loomered.com. You won't find me on social media because I've been banned everywhere, but I'm on Parler. I'm on Gab at Laura Loomer, and I'm on telegram as well at Loomered Official. But you can subscribe to my website, Loomered.com, to get my updates.

I'm also excited to announce that in October, I have a book coming out called Loomered How I Became the Most Banned Woman in the World. It's available for preorder right now. When the book comes out, people can read it and find out how I became shut down and banned everywhere and why they can't find me on social media.

Barry Nussbaum: For those of you that haven't yet signed up in our ATP world, I encourage you to text the message TRUTH and send it to 88202. You'll be signed up for free. You'll get all of our content in the palm of your hand on your cell phone, including Laura Loomer, absolutely free; 88202 is the number. For ATP Report and for Laura Loomer. I'm Barry Nussbaum. Thanks for joining us

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