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Crime in America

Crime in America

Will Johnson: Hello, everybody. Thank you for being with us this Thursday, December the 9th, 2021. Channon, the year is gone.

Channon: Oh my gosh, I can't believe it. I woke up this morning, and for some reason, I thought it was Wednesday. It's Thursday, two weeks after Thanksgiving already. What?

Will Johnson: Already, and has anything happened in those past two weeks?

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: I mean, a lot has happened in those two weeks.

Channon: It just keeps happening.

Will Johnson: It keeps happening. It's disgusting. So, we're going to talk about the crime in America, and we're going to talk about who you think is calling for the crime. Who's advocating for the crime. Who's pushing for the crime, and who is inciting the violence? Did I get it all in there? And we're going to take your phone calls.

Channon: Yeah, we're going to take phone calls.

Will Johnson: But before that text WILL to 88202. Type in my name W-I-L-L, to 88202, and you will get notified when this radio broadcast is going on, along with other information from the American Truth Project, which is the sponsor of this radio show. So, thank you, everybody, for joining us. When I go out to these events, they don't like what I'm saying, or they don't remember.

Channon: Or the way he drives sometimes.

Will Johnson: No, I'm an excellent driver. How dare you. (laughing)

Channon: How dare you. (Laughing}

Will Johnson: How dare you. (laughing) Okay, so one of the things about the crime that's happening across the country, well, you can't necessarily say it's happening across the country because it's not happening ...

Channon: It is happening across the country.

Will Johnson: Well, but I guess it is.

Channon: But primarily in certain big cities. I know where you are going.

Will Johnson: Primarily Demon-crat cities, Democrat cities primarily in San Francisco, and what's happening is you have 80 people that will line up and rush into a store. Whether it would be a Macy's, Target, or what have you. Eighty people will rush into the store, loot whatever they can, and run back out. According to the Commie-fornia law, as long as it is not over $951, it's just a misdemeanor if you get caught. So, people are doing this thinking that, hey, if I get caught, it's just a misdemeanor anyway. So, it's happening but just imagine. You have 80 people that are doing this. You're looking roughly around, what, $60,000 when it's all said and done, at least because it's $951. You have to take $50 off.

Channon: Well, no, there's more than that.

Will Johnson: Almost $70,000, right?

Channon: It's in the tens of thousands.

Will Johnson: No, think about it if you have 80 people rushing through a store, and each one of those people steals $951 worth of merchandise. How much of that going out the door?

Channon: Too much.

Will Johnson: Too much. I don't know. It doesn't matter. (laughing).

Channon: But let me tell you something. We wanted to talk about crime because there's so much to this. It is now the end of the year, and we are at record highs. There are dozens of major cities here in America with all-time murder records, and we still have three weeks left in the year. One of the number one cities is Philadelphia. It's one of the largest cities in the United States. They have seen 525 murders in 2021 so far.

Will Johnson: Five hundred?

Channon: Five hundred, that's crazy. That's over one a day.

Will Johnson: Remind me what city this is again.

Channon: It's in Philadelphia.

Will Johnson: Philadelphia, and has the mainstream media said anything about these murders?

Channon: Well, they are saying things, but let me hit on some of the other places. Other large cities that have broken their previous homicide records in 2021 include Portland, Oregon. No big surprise there. Austin, Texas, that's right next to us, Will. That's kind of scary.

Will Johnson: Yep.

Channon: St. Paul, Minnesota. Indianapolis, Indiana. Louisville, Kentucky. Albuquerque, New Mexico. Columbus, Ohio. Tucson, Arizona, and Rochester, New York. (coughing)

Will Johnson: Are you okay?

Channon: No, I'm not okay. These numbers are choking me. That's what's happening here.

Will Johnson: Actually, it is choking America.

Channon: Our producer from ATP says, today 80 people at 950 Will, is over $76,000.

Will Johnson: See, I was close, $76,000, so you have about $76,000 going out the door each time they do it, and they're organizing 80 people. Someone is organizing this. Eighty people are being organized to go in to do this. How do you do that without the law getting wind of it? You mean to tell me out of all of these people, no one is saying, hey, something is wrong here, and telling. They're not.

Channon: There's something wrong. There's a huge thing that's wrong in America. Let me tell you something. I was diving into this because there is a private security firm that says in California, the demand is skyrocketing for businesses to have security outside their doors.

Will Johnson: How do you stop 80 people from coming in.

Channon: It says business owners are panicking, and many can't afford guards. I mean, it's a deterrent. So, if you have an armed security guard, it's probably going to deter even 80 people from going in.

Will Johnson: You think it will?

Channon: I'm sure that they don't want to get hurt.

Will Johnson: I don't think a single armed guard is going to deter 80 people from going in and looting $951 worth of merchandise. It's not going to happen. It's not going to stop them.

Channon: Then guess what? You, along with other experts who responded to Governor Lightfoot or ...

Will Johnson: Mayor Beetlejuice.

Channon: Mayor Lori Lightfoot made some comments that backfired on her. She was saying they have to push retailers, especially downtown on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, to do more to make their places of business safer. For example, she's saying they need to have more security officers in their stores. They need to make sure that they have actual operational cameras, which is okay.

They need to lock up their merchandise at night, chain up high-end purses, and stuff like that, but the head of Illinois Retail Merchants Association, his name is Robert Carr. He said sadly; Lightfoot is misinformed. Retailers spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year on security.

Let me tell you something. It's expensive to have somebody posted at your business during business hours, and you know a lot of these retailers are just coming out of the pandemic. They're barely making ends meet. They have to raise their prices, which has lowered the people coming in their doors. Now they're saying, hey, listen we need you to put security guards at your door. I mean, come on.

Will Johnson: So, this is another example of the left not taking responsibility for their actions. The reason why all of this looting is happening right now is because of the policies that the left, A.K.A. Democrats, have put in place. Then they turn around and try to blame the whole plan-demic for the looting. Like, oh my goodness, we have a plan-demic. Here comes the looting. Here comes the looting. The pandemic is the reason why we have all the looting.

Channon: You know, it's interesting that you bring that up because there's an article right now, in the Atlantic. It's a newspaper in Atlanta, Georgia. It says America is having a violence wave, not a crime wave, which is interesting when I read this report.

Will Johnson: A violent wave and not a crime.

Channon: Listen to this. You hit on it.

Will Johnson: Psaki, sock it to you.

Channon: Yeah, Psaki was saying in a press conference last week that there are two reasons why they're saying that crime is gone up. #1 is guns, which a lot of these grabs and runs have not been people that are carrying guns. #2 it was because of the pandemic. Listen to this, so there has been a historic rise in homicides. We know that. The F.B.I. is saying that perhaps we are in a violence wave, not a crime rate.

Will Johnson: Okay, so what is the difference.

Channon: I'm going to tell you.

Will Johnson: What is the difference between a crime wave and a violent wave?

Channon: Listen to this Will. Believe it or not, burglaries are down, people breaking into people's homes, cars, and stuff like that are down. What doesn't make sense is those are normal types of crimes you would get in a pandemic. Like people breaking in to get food or get essential things that they can't normally get, but they do not see a rise in those crimes.

We are having a rise in just plain aggravated assault and people hurting people. Even rape has decreased, they're saying. The only rise they are seeing is people are killing people and hurting people. They're saying that there's been a direct correlation with this, and guess what? Protests after George Floyd. We call it decrease in police, you know, defund the police calls. So, to me, there's a direct result, saying, okay, after George Floyd, people become more violent towards each other. Do you know what that tells me? What does that tell you?

Will Johnson: What does it tell you?

Channon: That tells me that the Democrats have done so well at dividing this country that people are just plain mad and want to hurt other people? I mean, that's what's going on, and it was interesting because I read this other article was just completely ridiculous. It was saying like Psaki was saying; it was more of a left-leaning analysis of the crime in America. It said that crime arrived because of guns and racism when most of the murders in these big cities are black-on-black crime, black-on-black murders. How is that racist? I mean, it's so ridiculous.

Will Johnson: You know, what's even more ridiculous? People hear that, and they go, yes, you know what? That's the reason why crime is the way it is because of racism and its white supremacy. I mean, everything leads back to racism and white supremacy. So, that way, they don't want people to look at the real reason. Maybe it is racist because who put in the policies? Who's created this situation?

A lot of black people in these black neighborhoods commit these crimes thinking that they're being oppressed, and they do not even realize who's doing the oppressing. Who did it to them? Who caused it? Who made the policies for the female not to have the father around? Who made the policies where all of these kids are growing up without a father? The Democrat Party put these policies in, and that's the reason why you have a lot of children today grow up to be young adults, and they become violent because they didn't have the upbringing.

Statistics have already shown multiple times, and people have brought it up. If you have a mother and a father in the household, then children nine times out of ten grow up to be successful citizens. There are a few exceptions to the rule where people get caught up and do wrong things, but for the most part, the reason why we have a civil society is the whole idea that a father and a mother are in the household

The children are getting what they need growing up between the mother and the father, but they've removed that element, especially in the black neighborhood. They removed that element in the black neighborhood. That's one of the reasons why we see all of this uptick of violence in the black neighborhood. Again, violence is a crime.

So, what is the difference? Violence is a crime. Think about it, a storm can be violent, but we're not talking about that. A hurricane can be violent. Earthquakes can be violent, but we're not talking about that. We're talking about people committing a crime of violence, and they're trying to say there's a difference between the two.

Channon: Well, everything is a play on words anymore. We already know that, but this article says that the murder rate in America has risen by nearly 30%. That is the largest increase on record, Will. That is crazy. There are about 21,500 murders or 6% per 100,000 people. That's crazy. It's almost like you're more likely to be in aggravated crime than you are of getting COVID. Listen to this.

Aggravated assault is the most common form of violent crime, which rose by 12%. It says part of the other components of violent crime is robbery, which decreased, and rape reports were flat. Still, property crimes overall fell at 8%, and larceny has declined as well. They're saying that maybe that's because a lot of people have been home a lot this year. You know, a lot of burglars don't break in if you're at home, but there is a rise in smash and grabs.

This particular private security company out of California was saying that some of the reasons they're seeing for this smash and grab are that they know the police aren't just going to come. They're saying that if they do come, they will arrest them. A lot of them are over $950, but guess what? They're just going to let him go. They're not going to keep him locked up. They're like, criminals see that there's no bad consequence to robbing. That's why they're doing it.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they don't see anything wrong with the violence they've been committing. They see nothing wrong with it. I mean, just get in, get out, and get it. As long as you don't get caught, but they know deep down that it's wrong, or they wouldn't go about it the way that they're going about it. If anything, they would walk in there casually, take what they want, and just walk out, but they're not doing that.

They're going in there for the purpose of stealing and looting whatever they can without getting caught. The whole idea that you have these mayors and these governors trying to put the blame on the retail stores for not doing their part by getting extra security is them pushing the blame again on everyone else but themselves.

Channon: You know, a lot of businesses have come out, and they've said it's really hard to lock up everything you're selling because, to be honest with you, the average customer doesn't want to have to ask to get this purse unlocked, or can you please come unlock this glass cabinet, so I can get a lotion that I use all the time?

It literally drives down their sales, but they're saying another big part of this, which is why Lightfoot and other Mayors or state representatives are getting upset with the smash and grabs is because guess what? It's lowering the tax money that they're getting.

People are not shopping in these places because they're afraid to get caught up in the smash and grabs. Let me tell you what, if you had children in Oakland, San Francisco, area right now, would you feel comfortable with them going to the mall by themselves?

Will Johnson: No.

Channon: I wouldn't.

Will Johnson: Not at all.

Channon: I wouldn't. Even women don't want to go by themselves. They want their husbands or somebody to go with them in case something happens. They're afraid of getting robbed in the parking lot. We know people were getting assaulted, pepper-sprayed, and punched inside Nordstrom's when they ransacked that place.

So, the revenue from these retail stores is also affecting the revenue that the states are getting. I don't know, Will. I don't. I feel like all of this has become a symptom of how divided and hateful our country has become among each. Literally, citizens are turning on each other.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: We're turning on each other, and it's almost like, I care more about me than I care about you, which is human nature but taken it to another level. They're thinking, I want this purse, and I can't afford it. They're not going to catch me if I come in and grab it. So, I'm just going to take it from you. You know in their mind, they're saying, oh, you have insurance. You're not going to lose anything.

Will Johnson: Absolutely. You're not going to lose anything, and you know, what the problem is? They can't continue to do this. If this is constantly happening over and over, guess what? They have to make an insurance claim, and then another insurance claim and another.

Channon: I would imagine the insurance would be kind of high right now for retailers in California.

Will Johnson: That is my point. Imagine what that does to the insurance, the business, and the insurance company, which of course, the left, they don't ever talk about that. They don't want to address that, but the businesses are the ones getting hurt.

Channon: Where it concerns me, I don't want these businesses to close. To be honest with you. I'm one of those people who does online shopping, but Will, I like to go to stores.

Will Johnson: You like to go to stores

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: You like to go shopping?

Channon: I do. He's probably like, typical female.

Will Johnson: I have to be honest. I like to go shopping at a camera store.

Channon: Well, I don't like to buy online. I'm one of those people I'd rather go try on shoes.

Will Johnson: To me, it's just kind of weird to buy shoes online, but people do it all the time.

Channon: Yeah, they do.

Will Johnson: But to me, I have to try the shoe on because not every shoe is made the same. They don't all have this one particular size that they stick with to the book. In the past, I bought a pair of New Balance, it was 11 1/2, and I'm like, this is crazy. So, I just got some shoes not too long ago, and they were 10 1/2.

Channon: He managed.

Will Johnson: So, it depends on the shoe.

Channon: This makes me concerned because what are they going to say in the future? They blame everything on the plan-demic. They blame everything on gun violence. They don't take responsibility for anything, although I do have to say, and you've brought this up before as well, Will.

Joe Biden is not for defunding the police. He has said that, but these mayors and governors of these states. They have been for defunding the police. Guess what? The city councils vote on paying for the police or not paying for the police. It's not the Biden administration that gets to determine whether your city has a police department or not.

To be honest with you. It's up to your city and state to provide that for you. It angers me that they put out this message. It's almost correlated that these cities have come out for defunding the police, and there's a rise in crime. Now guess what? The Biden administration had to create some jobs or send people to California, F.B.I. agents to help the police department eliminate some of these smash and grab crimes.

I mean, they're helping with the investigation. So, now our government is involved in the state trying to hold some of these people accountable and give them some reinforcement. Why is Biden's hand in everything?

Will Johnson: When it comes to the chaos.

Channon: When it comes to chaos. Exactly.

Will Johnson: It's because they want the downfall of America, and then they try to do it as if they care. You know, do it like they're in the process of caring for America. We're doing this because we want what's best for America. Destroying America is not the best thing for America. Everything is upside down. They've taken everything that President Trump has done and have flipped it upside down because they don't want America to be successful any longer.

Their whole goal here, and I've said it before. Their whole Build Back Better is actually the Build Back Broke. They want to build an America with this liberal utopia where there's only the poor, extremely poor, and then it's them. They all have it in their mind that they're going to be fine because they're the elitists. They get what they want, and then everyone else has to fall in line. It's so ridiculous.

Channon: It really is.

Will Johnson: Do you know the main point here?

Channon: What is the main point?

Will Johnson: The main point is we're having this conversation about crime in America, and they're not even looking at it as if it's a crime, and they're making up excuses for it. Wrap your mind around that for a second. All of this stuff that's happening, they make up excuses on why it's happening like the plan-demic is the reason why people are going in looting. That's the dumbest statement.

Channon: Yeah. A.O.C. says it is not even happening. She said it's a conspiracy theory.

Will Johnson: Yeah, the facts don't line up or something like that.

Channon: She said the numbers just don't back that up, but ironically, Psaki said, “Well, we don't agree with her on that. That's not true.” So, they can't even agree.

Will Johnson: Well, the reason why she has to do that is there is video after video, after video, with these people rushing in, looting, stealing, and robbing. You can't deny it.

A.O.C. is so cut off from reality.

She's so cut off she doesn't even realize what is happening, and no one is telling her the truth because I don't think she'll be able to comprehend it anyway. But with that said, the fact that we're having a conversation about the crime in America and then Psaki making an excuse talking about the pandemic is a reason that should concern everybody. For example, what was the excuse they gave for the guy that ran people down at the Christmas parade?

Channon: I think he was having a domestic dispute.

Will Johnson: Dispute or something, and they are staying with that.

Channon: But that has nothing to do with purposely going around barriers because the person in the domestic dispute with him wasn't even around at that time. I mean, he could have been angry himself, but he made the cognitive decision to go around barriers. He could see that there was a parade. He could have gone down any street, but he purposely went towards those people and ran them over.

Will Johnson: He did not stop.

Channon: And it's so funny to me how they completely have dismissed this violent act.

Will Johnson: Completely. Again, that is my point. What is the excuse? Oh, he was having a domestic dispute, and that's the excuse?

Channon: Yeah, this was a car crash.

Will Johnson: Then they are saying it was a horrible car crash.

Channon: It wasn't a horrible car crash. It was an intentional running over of people.

Will Johnson: Right there, my point is, when it goes against their narrative, and it goes against what they want, they make excuses for it. They'll block it out as if it's an actual crime.

Channon: You know what I want to know? I want to know if there's anybody out there listening right now that is in one of these high-crime cities. I want to know what you've seen and what you've experienced.

If you are in one of these cities, please give Will a call. The number is 516-595-8069, and you need to press one to come on the line. We want to hear what you guys think, what you guys are experiencing. Do you think it's about the plan ... I almost said the plan-demic.

Will Johnson: It is the plan-demic.

Channon: I know that gun crime is on the rise, but it's not on the rise in rural areas.

Will Johnson: Put it like this, it's not on the rise in law-abiding citizen areas.

Channon: That's what I meant to say.

Will Johnson: That's what it is, but even though you have the crime that's happening in these crime-ridden locations, then they're saying, oh, that's the reason why we need to disarm you, the law-abiding citizen. It's ridiculous.

Channon: Most of that crime is a crime that they know of each other. It's not; oh, I'm just going to do a random shooting. I mean, they know each other. There's some kind of reason why that person was shot. I don't know. It's crazy, but Will, we have a phone call. Let's take it. We have Melanie from Louisiana.

Will Johnson: Melanie. Hello, Melanie.

Melanie: Hello.

Channon: Hello.

Melanie: Hi, I spoke to you before. This plan has been going on since Martin Luther King Jr. marched. The Democrats came in and decided a long time ago that these plans were going to be in place. Let's kick the fathers out of the house, put everybody on state welfare. Then let all the criminals out, and say, we're doing this for justice.

Create chaos and force people to stay home, so they have to watch this programable shit on T.V. all day, which is 90% lie, and then you reverse all the good policies that Republicans have made. Let the chaos go on. Then come in, put the policies back in and say, see, we saved America.

Will Johnson: Oh yeah. You know what? You're absolutely right. It's almost like, that is their motto.

Melanie: It is, absolutely.

Will Johnson: To create this chaos, and then they swoop in, and it's like, oh, look, we're here to save the day. Like Biden, just, for example, the other day said, don't worry everybody. The shelves will be full.

Melanie: Biden wouldn't know a shelf if he was sitting on one. Biden had two aneurysms. My nanny had an aneurysm, for God's sakes, and I can tell you the memory is gone. Two aneurysms, and your brain's gone, but it doesn't matter.

Lori Lightfoot is just completely in the dark because who's controlling this is Nancy Pelosi and the higher-ups who are getting kickbacks from places like Prime, Amazon, CNN, and all these big corporations.

So, little businesses mean nothing to them. They need to shut them down. The more they do, and you notice who they hit the hardest. The black community. Why? They're already deflated because they closed down during the pandemic and couldn't even feed their families. Then you're going to set their businesses on fire. Oh, come to us. We'll save you. We'll give you this check.

Channon: Absolutely

Melanie: Every year over and over. Oh, and by the way, let's put an abortion clinic on every corner in the lower-income areas because God forbid ... if you want to know why the Black American population has not had any growth since 1969. You can thank Planned Parenthood and the Democrats.

Will Johnson: You're absolutely right.

Channon: And their own culture in their neighborhoods.

Will Johnson: Yeah, and what is amazing is that you have the black people in the neighborhood all ignore it.

Channon: They do.

Will Johnson: They all ignore it like it's not even happening. Like, it's not even real.

Channon: They blame everyone else for their situation.

Melanie: It is amazing to me, and you were right. They're not hitting homes because everybody's home. Who's going to break into somebody's house and rape somebody when the husband standing there with a gun? Because gun purchases went up after the riots. So no, there's nothing in these people's homes that they need that they can't get from the shops.

By the way, the Democrats are allowing it to happen, and when you let them back on the street, they know darn well; when they let him back on the street, these people have no jobs to go to, nothing to look forward to, so, they have to go and commit crimes. They have to sell drugs. They have to steal.

Channon: You brought up an awesome point. A lot of people in these homes are home, but they are also armed, which is another reason why those crimes are down. Of course, the Democrats do not want to bring that point out.

Melanie: Of course not.

Channon: Because it's a positive for gun ownership.

Melanie: Correct.

Will Johnson: Democrats want to disarm everybody, so they cannot be armed in their homes to protect themselves. That was part of why a lot of people don't know this. It was Kyle Rittenhouse, they wanted to put Kyle Rittenhouse in jail, so they can say it's against the law for you to defend yourself. Even in your home.

Melanie: What cracks me up is, I see intelligent people. When I say intelligent, I'll take Viola Davis. They listen to clickbait, and then they post their negative comments without hearing everything out, which is what 90% of the kids these days do. They watch edits or snippets of something, and then, oh, that's it.

Then the Democrats blow that snippet, so you would think it was an hour-long video. Then they make people madder, and they lie to them daily, day in and day out. Then they only hang around everybody else who's listening to the same lies. So, they feed off of each other. You have married couples, their kids do better because they feed off of that up bringing. When you have other people feeding off negativity all day long, you're going to get the equivalent of negativity all day long.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Melanie: It will not change. Gruesome Newsom and Lori Lighthood, it ain't got nothing to do with purses because those are hooked by devices.

Channon: I'm sorry. I missed that. What?

Melanie: Beatle Juice.

Will Johnson: Beatle Juice. (laughing)

Melanie: They're on those strings, those electronic things. You can pick them up, but you can't move them. They're all hooked on those strings. They're not smashing and grabbing for the purses. Jewelry, they're going to take those diamonds out, and they're going to sell them on the street. Probably for half of what they are worth.

Channon: Absolutely.

Will Johnson: Of course, 100%.

Channon: Great point, Melanie.

Melanie: But you know who is behind it all? Mr. George Soros, Mr. Disgusting himself.

Will Johnson: Yeah, absolutely right. He's admitted it. That's his main goal. So, hey, thank you so much for calling, okay.

Melanie: You're welcome. Thanks, Will? Have a great day.

Will Johnson: You, too. Take care.

Channon: All right, everybody. We have one more phone call, Will. We have our friend Lori from California calling.

Will Johnson: Hey, Lori.

Lori: Hey, guys, how are you?

Will Johnson: Alright.

Channon: Good. How about you?

Lori: I'm doing better. Thank you, but I'm calling from the now-famous smash and grab state of Commie-fornia.

Will Johnson: Smash and grab. That's exactly what it is, smash and grab.

Channon: That is what you're known for now. I don't know.

Lori: Among many other things. You know, it's interesting because when I was younger, when I was about 20 to 25, like five years, I arrested shoplifters. Back then, they had things like this where they called them grab and runs. Where people would just come in, have the car parked outside, and they throw, you know, four or five people come and grab a bunch of stuff, and we'd have the cops waiting for them outside because we had a real good relationship with the police department back then.

They were my friends, so they would wait outside because, at that time, anything that was stolen over $450 was an instant felony. They'd catch him every time, and they would charge them every time. Very different world; it is a very different world we live in now.

Will Johnson: So, now they raised it to $951.

Lori: It used to be $450 was an instant felony. Yeah, now it's $950.

Will Johnson: Think about it. Now it's $951. You can get quite a bit for under $951.

Lori: They got a lot before it was 950.

Channon: I have to share a story. I witnessed a smash and grab. My mom used to work for a company named Mervyn's there in California.

Lori: Mervyn's, that's where I used to work.

Channon: Oh, okay, my mom used to work at Mervyn's, and they used to get a lot of smash and grabs. My mom was off one day, and we were shopping in Mervyn's. My mom was hanging around the store, and I was like, mom, what are you doing?

She's like, just be quiet, hold on, hold on. This guy grabbed a whole bunch of stuff off the rack, turned to run. My mom grabbed his collar, and she said, where do you think you're going?

Lori: That's what I did back then.

Channon: He turned around and looked at her and said, "Lady." He dropped the things and was out the door.

Lori: Yeah. Back then, it was not that common, but you knew because people were like, oh, oh, and you would see the car. As I said, I was friends with the police department. I would call them right away.

I'm like, Mark, you need to get on the south doors, and Bill, get on the north doors. We would catch them every time. You'd have to be quick. You had to know what to look for. We would run after them all the time and arrest them. It was just so different than.

Will Johnson: There are a lot of cases now where they said when you see they're getting ready to do that or doing it, they said, just let them go.

Lori: Yeah, they let him go. I can't believe they let him go. I mean, Mervyn's is not around anymore, but I live maybe an hour from Walnut Creek, and Walnut Creek is where they were starting to hit. Walnut Creek is a pretty affluent area with a lot of high-end stores. So, they were purposely going to those stores.

Channon: Well, that's why they're doing it in San Francisco. There's a lot of high-end areas, high-end shops that they're going in, and there's a lot of small businesses there, which they hit those too. They know that they are most likely not going to have security or anything. A lot of people just don't want to get involved.

Lori: Not anymore.

Channon: Get hurt.

Lori: Exactly.

Channon: And how long is a cop going to take to get there to help you? Before, cops are going to be right around the corner to help. Now, it takes them so long to get to you.

Will Johnson: Because they are overwhelmed. With the corruption, violence, and chaos that the left has created. I know a lot of people don't like for me to say that it's the left creating it. Well, can you show me how they haven't created it?

Channon: Let me ask you, Lori because you are in California.

Will Johnson: Commie-fornia.

Lori: Yeah?

Channon: Is it a huge discussion in California? I mean, these instances, are they on the news? Are people talking about it?

Lori: No, they don't. You have to find it. You have to look. You have to find it with people like you guys, who are actually talking about it. No, and the only reason why I knew it was so close to here in Walnut Creek is because of the people I know, obviously.

Then my family members, so it is absurd. I can't even imagine this going on when I was arresting these people because it was a once in a while type thing, but now they'll pull a gun on you or knife on you as fast as anything. Now you can't even do anything about it, and they know it. This whole thing is like the left.

They work like a hive mentality. That's what I see it as, okay. They have this hive mentality. They have this common goal, so when they have everybody in the place, which they do, then they can all act as this hive mentality. That's why all these things are happening at once.

Will Johnson: The crazy thing is, how are they organizing it with 80 people?

Lori: Exactly.

Channon: That's a lot of people.

Will Johnson: I mean, talk about organized crime.

Lori: Just from knowing, from being in the field, it's not that hard to do, Will. It's really not that hard because even back when ...

Channon: I guess with social media and all the platforms.

Will Johnson: My point is how they are doing it. The law enforcement is not getting wind of it because that's a lot of people for you to plan out a crime like that. It's not just a random thing, not just once or twice. It's been happening a lot.

Lori: I think it's twofold.

Will Johnson: Yeah, how does someone not find out?

Lori: This is the reason. I really believe Will, twofold. One is because we know just how deep and how wide the tentacles of the left go. Okay, in many police departments, we know it.

Two, they are so organized. There so organized, like I said, a hive. They know how to do it right and stay under the radar. They're not stupid. The left has never been stupid. They know exactly what they're doing, and that's why they get away with it because they're all willing to work that way. That's the difference between the Republicans. They're all willing to sacrifice. There are pawns in the game to get to their end goal. That's how they get away with all of this stuff. That's personally how I think they are.

Will Johnson: No, I agree with you, and the major element here is that we're in a spiritual battle. The evil one is coordinating with all of these minds at the same time because you have to think as well that 80 people have the same mindset to commit these crimes. They don't see anything wrong with it, or if they do, they're doing it anyway. So, this spiritual battle is absolutely real for all of these people to get involved like that. Hey, Lori, thank you so much for giving us a call.

Lori: That is the main focus we've got to always remember.

Will Johnson: Absolutely.

Channon: Thanks for your call, Lori. It's always nice talking to you, girl.

Lori: You too, guys. I love you both. Thank you so much.

Will Johnson: All right, take care.

Channon: Alright, Will, we have another caller. We have Sherry from New Mexico.

Will Johnson: Hey, Sherry, thank you so much for the call.

Sherry: You're welcome. Thank you for having me. I love listening to you every day. I live in a little city, a little village, outside of Albuquerque, and our crime rate in Albuquerque is atrocious.

Channon: Yeah, I named off your city, didn't I? As one of the ...

Sherry: You did. That's why I called because you did. Our Albuquerque Police Department is leaving in droves.

Will Johnson: Wow

Channon: And they know that. These people go on these crime sprees, they know.

Will Johnson: So, let me ask you, what is it like for you living there knowing that crime is like this when you go out? I mean, what is it like?

Sherry: It's scary. I have a concealed carry license, so it's not uncommon for both my husband and me to carry when we go out because we don't know what's going to happen, and I want to be protected.

Will Johnson: And you should have every right to protect yourself. Don't you find it amazing how you have the left trying to make it to where you can't even do that? Protect the one thing that's, you know, if you lose it. It's gone forever. You can't replace it. They don't want you to be able to protect your own life. I mean, that's just it's insane to me.

Channon: Let me ask you, Sherry, do you know why the police officers are leaving in droves? Do you have an inside?

Sherry: Well, I don't have inside, but I know pretty much why. A few years ago, we had a lot of problems with an officer-involved shooting and where they've killed some of the criminals. Well, you aim a gun at a police officer they're trained to shoot, you know, at the end of the day they want to go home to their family.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I mean, you can expect to get shot if you're going to aim a gun at a police officer.

Channon: If someone's going to aim a gun at me. I want to be aiming a gun at them too.

Will Johnson: Point a gun, and you are libel to get shot, but go ahead. Continue.

Sherry: The mayor of Albuquerque and the governor decided they needed the Department of Justice to come in and put all these rules and regulations down. So, they're not doing their jobs.

They don't stop people from speeding because it's just going to cause an issue. They don't stop them from shoplifting. My husband's a manager at a local store here, and they've had people walk in and steal stuff. The police won't even do anything because it's not $900.

Channon: Right, also it sounds like they don't have anybody to really support them. If you don't have your governor, your mayor, or your city council supporting the police department, and instead will turn on them if they don't get an outcome that they want or that is a bad P.R. issue for them what police officer wants to do anything? You have to know as a police officer that you are protected while you're protecting the community. If you're not protected, you're less likely to do your job.

Sherry: Absolutely. Then they're allowing victims' families to sue the police officers, and the department is backing them up.

Will Johnson: That is just crazy. I mean, the thug criminal committing a crime gets shot, and then the family sues the police officer for doing his or her job.

Channon: Yeah, we've known police officers that leave the force, and it's pretty much for the reasons you listed. Today, in The Epoch Times, there's an article that just broke not too long ago saying that small towns are shocked by the surge in ambush cop killing, and we've talked about this before, Will and I did.

You know that the left doesn't talk about how they've created such hate and animosity for police officers. They don't talk about the police officers that they're being ambushed, killed, and left for dead. They just dismiss it, and they're saying that they're shocked by this surge that's happening to these police officers. I wouldn't want to do the job.

Will Johnson: You know what is disturbing to me is that you have these woke cops that won't even acknowledge it.

Channon: That's true, too.

Will Johnson: That's more disturbing than the mainstream media not acknowledging it.

Sherry: The major problem here in New Mexico is we're Democrat-run. From the Governors to the mayors.

Channon: Yeah, most of the cities I named off, except with the exception of Indiana. I think most of them are Democrat ran cities.

Sherry: Well, we're trying hard to get rid of them.

Will Johnson: That's why I say, here on this network, on this radio station, we can't tell people who to vote for or who not to vote for. That's not what we're here to do, but it's clear that if you want to continue down the same path, we can't continue to keep doing what we've been doing in the past. So, people are going to have to make that decision coming up here real quick.

I think that's the reason why we're going to see more of the plan-demic kick in because they're going to use that to try to keep themselves in power. So, they continue to do this. On top of that, part of the reason why a lot of police officers are leaving the force is because of the policies from the left causing this chaos.

They want the chaos, so they can come in and possibly bring in the U.N. or whatever else they can and say this is why this is happening. Well, hey, I want to thank you so much for giving us a call, okay.

Sherry: Absolutely. I listen every day, so it's nice to be able to talk to you and have some input.

Will Johnson: Awesome, I enjoyed it. Thank you so much.

Sherry: Thank you, take care.

Will Johnson: You, too, take care. Okay, Channon, I do have a clip that I would like to play, and it goes right along with the topic that we've been talking about today. This is with Ted Cruz, and it ties into everything we're talking about here.

Just listen because Ted Cruz calls him out. Basically, they want to release these criminals out into society. Why do they want to release them? So, then they can wreak more havoc, cause more violence, cause more crime? Listen to Ted Cruz here.


Senator Ted Cruz: Now, they're talking about closing the facility at Guantanamo Bay. I think before that's even contemplated; we should have some sense of the toll that these catastrophic decisions have had.

For instance, The Washington Post, hardly a right-wing organization, has reported, "at least 12 detainees released from the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have launched attacks against U.S. or allied forces in Afghanistan. Killing about a half dozen Americans."

So, you have terrorists freed at Camp Bucca, Americans murdered. You have terrible terrorists freed from Guantanamo; Americans murdered. You have terrorists freed from Bagram, Americans murdered, and now the Biden administration wants to free more terrorists and we know to an absolute medical metaphysical certainty the result of that will be more Americans murdered.

Will Johnson: It makes me think about California when Gruesome Newsom released a whole bunch of criminals into California.

Channon: The crime rate spiked up.

Will Johnson: The crime rate went through the roof here in Texas. Austin defunded the police officers, and the crime rate went 1,000% above the roof. They are purposely creating lawlessness in our nation.

Channon: Well, look at Rashida Tlaib. She wanted to have all federal prisoners released and the prisons closed. Now the Biden administration said that there's no way they were going to do that.

Will Johnson: There was a group that she really wanted out, and that's these Muslim terrorists.

Channon: Well, I was going to say that, but I'm don't have any proof. I haven't read anything about that, but it's just the mindset that they have. If somebody is in federal prison, okay, that's not like a state prison or anything. Some of the worst of the worst criminals are in federal prisons.

Why would you want them released? You have to think of why. It's not compassion for people. There's a bigger reason. She did come back and say, well, some of the people do need to be locked up somewhere because they have mental issues or whatever.

Will Johnson: Only because of the way it looks.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: That's it, only because of the way it looks.

Channon: The fact is that she didn't even really have a plan. There's no plan, and that's what these Democrats do. They say this is what we want to do, but they have no plan. They have no proof that the plan is going to work. They have nothing to back it up. Just like when they say defund the police. There was nothing to prove that would help anything. They thought, oh, it's such a great idea. The only thing that's not causing peace is the police. How idiotic is that?

Will Johnson: I know, so they want to defund the peacemakers.

Channon: I mean, how idiotic is that? It was during their summer of love break, I guess. I don't know, but listen, there's always going to be people that want to commit a crime and could care less about the next person.

They could care less about the greater good. Democrats, I hate to tell you they're not all about, so let's love and care about everybody. They're about what's in it for me.

Will Johnson: I mean, they are all drunk on power.

Channon: Oh man, the Democrats are.

Will Johnson: Exactly, they're drunk, and there are some Republicans. Let's just be clear. There are some Republicans that are drunk on power, and those Republicans that are drunk on power, you notice they never say anything about the Democrats. They never speak out against the Democrats because they don't want the Democrats to start coming and attacking them.

The same way what's happening with Boebert, she called out Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib—calling them dark-hearted women because they hate Israel. They hate Jewish people, and they were called out. She called them out for it, and now they want to remove her from the committees. It's ridiculous.

Channon: They pretty much admitted that they hate Israel. Their tweets, everything they've said they are against Israel.

Will Johnson: It is secret.

Channon: Which is our biggest ally. I don't know how anybody in our government can be completely; it's their foundation, culture, and religion that hates Israel. And guess what? Their commitment to their religion and culture is bigger than their commitment to our government. Pay attention.

Will Johnson: That's a very powerful statement, and so true. Their commitment is to destroy this country. It is to their religion than it is to America.

Channon: They could care less. They can lie to us all day. I mean, doesn't Muhammed justify lying to the infidel?

Will Johnson: Yeah. They said you could lie to them, according to the Quran.

Channon: It's justified.

Will Johnson: But we're not Quran scholars.

Channon: I'm not.

Will Johnson: We can bring on someone who is, and we could talk about that if that's something you want to hear, but most people want to hear about the situation that's directly affecting them in our world today.

That's what we did today. We talked about the Quran. We talked about the Quran that the left is perpetrating across the country, and then they try to blame it on something else or someone else. Trying to deflect.

Channon: It benefits their agendas. Get rid of the guns, and everybody gets vaccinated.

Will Johnson: Yes, and everything will go back to normal. You get rid of the guns, and they say that all the violence will stop. Everyone gets vaccinated, then everyone will be safe and secure.

Channon: Everything will go back to normal.

Will Johnson: Everything will go back to normal. The only way things will go back to normal is you got to vote your heart content, whatever you that may be, but there's only one way to fix it. You can't vote for people that want to enslave the nation.

You can't, however you think that is, but you can't do it. So, at your own discretion, you can do that. On my nightly broadcast show, I'm a little more vocal about that part, but I want to say thank you to everyone else for participating.

Channon: There were great calls. Thank you for the great calls.

Will Johnson: Thank you so much for the great phone calls and thank you so much for sharing this; however, you are listening to this audio podcast. Be sure, so you don't miss any audio podcasts in the future. It's really simple.

All you have to do is dial 88202 as a text. That's the number 88202. Just put my name in there, W-I-L-L. You will get information that you won't get anywhere else.

On top of that, you get notified when the radio broadcast is going on. So, with that said, I want to thank everyone for joining us and being with us on this wonderful Thursday. I guess next Thursday, how many weeks till Christmas. We got two more Thursdays before Christmas, right?

Channon: I think so, two more.

Will Johnson: Two more weeks and it’s Christmas already, just two more. The year has gone by, and the only reason why I think the year's gone by is that they keep doing crazy stuff, and it just keeps everything going busy, busy, busy. With that said, I want to say we will see you next Thursday. God willing, everybody.

Channon: And tune in to our show tonight, 9:00 p.m. Central Time.

Will Johnson: God bless. Take care.


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