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Congressman Gohmert: I Will Not Quit Fighting for Trump


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. Thanks for joining us today. Katie Hopkins, my broadcast partner, has flown from the United Kingdom all the way to Washington, D.C. She's on the ground with us today with some really special inside info. Welcome, Katie.

Katie Hopkins: Yes, thank you, Barry. It was a real privilege to be inside the offices of Congressman Gohmert and Congressman Marjorie Taylor Green. So, the information we have here is exclusive to ATP.

Barry Nussbaum: You need to watch your language, young lady, you said Congressman.

Katie Hopkins: I know.

Barry Nussbaum: Instead of person. But we'll let it go today.

Katie Hopkins: A man and a woman.

Barry Nussbaum: That was last week's show and it's just as stupid today as it was last Friday. I'm sorry.

Katie Hopkins: For sure.

Barry Nussbaum: So, Louie Gohmert is a Republican conservative from Texas that pushed hard to object to the certification of the Electoral College. Given all, that's happened. The fight over the certification, the MAGA rally with half a million or more people on the mall- I guess you'd call it- the terrorists who got into the Capitol building, some peacefully and some making a big mess. What is Louie's take on this?

Katie Hopkins: Walking into his offices, he is such a powerhouse as we know, but outside the door of his office, there are two people, one with a camera, one with a notebook. So that is a TV crew waiting for him. You go inside his office where his staff are simply, just the most delightful people.

They've been with Louie forever, which is always a sign of true greatness, I think. You go into Louie's room and he's already doing a radio interview. He's got another one coming. You know, this is a guy that hasn't been to bed for more than two hours. He had two hours of sleep because of all the delays when they were doing the voting.

So, he has had no sleep. He's powering through. He's got crews outside. He is this kind of dynamo for our side. I think one of the things he feels, strangely despite everything he's doing, is he feels guilty that he couldn't have done more. That he couldn't have changed everything.

He has almost that kind of survivor's guilt where he feels he could have made it okay and we saw that with every last thing he tried. But he said to me, "This would have been different if someone had just heard the case of fraud, but no one would hear it."

To me, that's probably the most the starkest and a meaningful thing I've heard for a long time. It wasn't that court case after court, case after court case was dismissed. Yes, sure. But they never even were heard, and with all of those, I'm not defending the terrorist, the broken, nothing but would those people feel the way they felt if they'd had their chance to be heard?

That’s really Louie's, you know, his fundamental point. But watching him then get straight on the radio and make that point. That, 200,000 were votes found in Pennsylvania. He's not giving up, even after all seems lost. He's still fighting, and he's going to go home and carry on that fight.

f any time we need to hold on to leaders like Louie, it is now. He is not and will not give up despite all the things that are thrown at him. While I was in his office the radio station accused him of inciting violence. Not only is that disrespectful to the office of the congressman, but it's also so disrespectful to one of the true gentlemen of our time.

Barry Nussbaum: Let me ask your question. This is annoying the crap out of me. I can't figure out the answer, although I think I do know what the answer is. City after city in the US was attacked and destroyed in large part or a significant part all summer long, ostensibly under the banner of Black Lives Matter.

Black businesses were burned to the ground. Blacks were killed by blacks and whites and police stations were destroyed and there is billions and billions and billions of dollars in property damage.

The capital is already back to normal. It looks like it used to look, it's already been cleaned up, and yet this seems to be the end of the world. Nobody talks about city after city after city, business after business all destroyed, and people's lives ruined. It barely got in the press. Why Katie?

Katie Hopkins: It is so stark, Barry, the double standards on all of this. You know, I was in Minneapolis not that long ago. I stood outside the police precinct that they burned to the ground and chased police out of there who ran for their lives.

The Cubs store that they burned down and looted where people, poor people need to go to get their stuff and they can't anymore and the pharmacy they burnt. Then, of course, you've got clips of leaders. Do you remember the clip where- who is the lady from California?

She was standing there- the crazy lady. She was standing there saying, “You hunt down Trump's cabinet and if you see them dining or you see them in a restaurant, you hunt them down and you make their lives as hard as you can.”

Barry Nussbaum: That is Mad Max.

Katie Hopkins: Oh, that's it. Exactly. Maxine, thank you. It's the duplicity of that. The hypocrisy here when there were 600,000/500,000 peaceful protesters, we don't get the benefit of that. We don't get the benefit of largely peaceful.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let me just tell you, in the US, I searched for pictures on any channel and I include Fox News. Nobody would show it. When I did see the pictures taken by people I know, some who are my friends, there were hundreds of thousands of people miles long.

Husbands, wives, kids, grandparents, all marching with their red hats. All because they cared about the country. Nothing was being attacked, no one was being hurt and everyone was loving everyone. Then all hell broke loose. The story is just about all hell breaking loose.

Katie Hopkins: That's exactly right. On a personal level, the curfew came in. I was still out because I was trying to capture the last moments and speak to people. I went back to the hotel, it's a dodgy little hotel where I am in Chinatown because I like to be amongst our own.

There were all these Trump supporters just outside because they're not allowed to go anywhere. No bars are open. They couldn't have been more delightful to me. No one knows who the hell I am, I’m just some ratty old woman that got out of an Uber. One of them held the door for me to get out the car.

One of them held the door for the hotel. You know, they're just the most- it's like having a beautiful family. Everywhere you go with them, they're just darling people. That was true even after all the craziness and all the things that are being accused of them. The police coming in a bit heavy-handed.

Still behaving in that lovely way. They were all talking to each other the next morning on the pavement, on the sidewalk, sorry, all talking to each other. You know, that's our side. No matter what we're being told, we have to remember the truth of our side. I think it's really important.

Barry Nussbaum: I couldn't agree with you more. Now you happened to go spend some time with Marjorie Taylor Green. What's your takeaway from this feisty Georgia Congresswoman?

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, and, you know, that is an amazing side of Marjorie. This pocket rocket, Trump in heels, gun-toting, you know, bring it on grassroots. She is one of the grassroots. She is more blooming grassroots than the grassroots.

But, when you sit and talk quietly with someone and, they know that you're- you know, I really feel for her because it is lonely. We know, you know, we all know, Anni knows it is lonely. She very quickly spoke to that. It is her third day in office.

She made a stand to say, “No, I reject this vote count,” and she knows that coming for her. She's been told repeatedly they're coming for you. They want to either get her on the mask. They want to get her on insurrection. She believes they could manage to get her thrown out. She hasn't even unpacked her office yet.

We sat surrounded by boxes and God knows what, she's not even got her foot over the door. It's not even that she's not being made welcome. She's being made to feel that her time is going to be very short. They're going to make it as painful as possible.

She as she came to me from the canteen, she just had a nasty experience being shouted at in the canteen of the Congresspeople. So, my heart just-every part of me just wanted to pick her up, cuddle her in. Then, you know how we are, we want to be next to her just to go and take down some of the people that are attacking her.

I think that is actually something also that is going to need to be done is to help look after and support and show affection and care for the valiant few that had the moral courage to make a stand.

Barry Nussbaum: Thanks, Katie. Thank you for so much of what you do, especially coming here to our country to report on the news, that is embarrassing, it's humiliating and for many people, it's devastating. We really, really appreciate your effort.

Katie Hopkins: Thank you very much for having me. I appreciate I'm a foreigner. I know I'm an outsider, but I love your country. I love the great people in it. The very best Americans were here in the capital and I can assure you, they absolutely did the right thing.

Barry Nussbaum: Thank you for joining us today on ATP Report with Katie and Barry. I want to thank you for both of us and remind you to please subscribe to our text message system, so you'll get this and all of our shows on your cell phone for free. It's very easy. Text the word TRUTH to 88202 and you'll be subscribed for free.

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