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Clare Lopez: Why the Dems Lost Big On Election Night And What It Means For The Next Election!



Barry Nussbaum: Hello, and welcome to ATP Report. I’m Barry Nussbaum. Please don’t forget to subscribe to our text message alert system that allows you to get this and all of our information. All of our fabulous shows right in the palm of your hand on your cell phone by simply texting the word truth, T-R-U-T-H, and send it to the number 88202, push send, count to three or four and you’ll have us subscribed on your phone. It’s absolutely free forever.

Today’s guest, a special friend of the family, and ATP contributor that we’re very proud of, Clare Lopez, is back. Clare is the founder of Lopez Liberty LLC. She constantly writes on issues of national security because, well, she’s an expert who has been in service to our government for many years, at the State Department, CIA, and other posts. She is our expert. Clare, thanks for coming on today

Clare Lopez: Thank you, Barry. Always glad to be back with you and ATP.

Barry Nussbaum: Let’s start with the unbelievable news this week. Virginia is basically a blue state; don’t believe the people that say it’s purple. The Dems out register the Republicans by a significant majority. The GOP swept Virginia. There is a new governor, a new lieutenant governor, and a new attorney general. All Republicans in a state that this should not have happened.

The Dems brought out all the big hitters, Clare. Obama was there, Biden came, Kamala Harris, and they brought in some rock stars. Biden predicted a big victory. Kamala said the results will have major ramifications in 2022, 2024, and thereafter. In spite of all of the celebrity and political endorsements, the big GOP won, and the Dems lost. Why did McAuliffe go down and Youngkin win in Virginia?

Clare Lopez: Well, a few thoughts. Many of us were up very late last night, for us here on the East Coast, waiting for results to come in it. It came down to a close finish. A spread of about 2%, but a couple of comments: the first thing I would say is I think that Virginia makes a very good example in microcosm, a state-level microcosm of why the United States of America has an Electoral College because when you look at the map of Virginia, and how the counties in Virginia went yesterday in the voting between Democrat Terry McAuliffe, and Republican who eventually won, Glenn Youngkin.

The map of Virginia is a sea of red, meaning for the Republicans, big population centers in the northern part of the state close to Washington, D.C. Counties like Fairfax County, Arlington County, Alexandria are the blue area strongholds, big population, strong Democrat party affiliation. Then some Democrat Party strongholds to the South, East in the states, but the rest of the state is red. What happened? Why did this happen?

A couple of things, Glenn Youngkin, is a businessman. He comes from the outside. He’s not a politician. He comes across as very grounded, sincere, and feet on the ground, with practical, pragmatic solutions. He also kept the race all about Virginia and all about what Virginians care about, especially the parents of students in Virginia, and that would be education.

It would be the teaching of Critical Race Theory in the schools. Obviously, the economy, for sure, but other things too. It was all about Virginia, whereas his opponent, Democrat Party candidate Terry McAuliffe, as you say, Barry brought in all the big guns from the national level, which did not go over well. It did not go over well at all in Virginia. I don’t necessarily agree that Virginia is a blue state.

Yes, it flipped blue in statewide elections for the last; what? Ten years or 12 years or something like that, but when you look at the actual makeup of the state. I think there’s a lot more red Republican Party sentiment, and don’t forget the independents. The independents who broke for Republicans, this election cycle, and a lot of Democrat parents who formerly voted Democrat, pretty reliably, but when they came for their kids, that was the line. That was the last red line.

Barry Nussbaum: You make an interesting point. I think back to 2020 when they listed the counties won by Trump vs. the counties across the country won by Biden. The map was so red. The blue was just dots. I can’t imagine all those red counties. I mean, it was a ridiculous avalanche. If we abandon the process, we’ve had since 1776 with the Electoral College. All of those red places would be significant, if not completely disenfranchised.

Talk about New Jersey. It’s not decided yet. It may not be decided for days. It was supposed to be a massive landslide for the incumbent Democrat, and there’s this upstart Republican. The race is virtually tied, and the Democrats significantly, dramatically out register Republicans in the state. Is this also about CRT and parents affecting their children’s education that has this race so close?

Clare Lopez: Well, here we are, Barry, Eastern Time in the afternoon of the day after the election. Yeah, they’re not done counting in New Jersey. It is neck and neck, something like within a thousand votes, one or the other-the incumbent Phil Murphy, Governor Murphy, and the challenger Ciattarelli. We don’t know yet how that’s going to play out.

A couple of issues that I didn’t mention with regard to Virginia but should have maybe, and they do affect the New Jersey race as well, which obviously has to do with lockdowns, vaccine mandates, masking mandates. Especially for the children, which is absolutely ludicrous, useless, and has no meaning whatsoever. Those things are playing out in New Jersey. We’ll still have to wait a while to get the results.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, speaking about goofball elections. This is my favorite. When I use “favorite,” Ilhan Omar is the most un-American, possibly anti-American Congress person ever to sit in the esteemed House of Representatives. She was bragging yesterday, Clare, that she voted in a referendum they had in Minneapolis to defund the Minneapolis Police Department.

Eliminate the police department, and come up with this social engineering counseling, gobbledygook, a thing that would make all the crime go away. Thank goodness for Minneapolis, that referendum was soundly defeated, and the surprise to people like Ilhan Omar, who considers herself a Black Lives Matter advocate.

According to exit polls, Clare, the black community turned out largely to vote against this idiotic proposal because they want the cops on the street to enforce the laws. Is Omar taking these absurd political positions ever going to affect her career, Clare, in a negative way?

Clare Lopez: Well, I mean, we have to wait and see, but I would say it looks like the American people are waking up, and it’s precisely within some of these minority communities of cities like Minneapolis that the worst crime is occurring, in particular, in the wake of defunding of police resignations, lack of new recruitment to police forces, and then this absurd ballot measure that was to have abolished the Minneapolis City Police Force, and replaced it with some kind of social intervention force or something.

Barry Nussbaum: Lots of counseling.

Clare Lopez: Lots of counseling. There you go, but it is exactly the people that Ilhan Omar claims to represent, who I think were the ones who elected her to Congress in the first place. They’re the ones feeling the worst effects of gang violence, gun violence, killing within their communities, and they don’t want that to go on. They want the police back to bring order to their streets.

Barry Nussbaum: Thank goodness they showed up, or they wouldn’t have police by the end of the year. So, good on them. Although it strikes me as very bizarre that 40% of the electoral turnout in Minneapolis voted for it. I don’t know what they thought they were voting for, but God help them had they won.

Let’s talk about Israel for a second.

The Biden administration has taken a bizarre twist to what the Trump policy was vis a vis Israel. They’re pressuring Israel to allow the United States to establish a consulate for the Palestinians in Jerusalem, separate and outside the U.S. embassy. This means for many Israelis, they would consider that an American endorsement of the bifurcation of the city again, which was united after the ’67 War.

I don’t understand why there’s not more of an outcry within the party, within the Jewish community, within the American community overall, saying, hey, let’s not do business with terrorists. This is insane. What are your thoughts?

Clare Lopez: Exactly, it’s insane, but it’s also very deliberate and calculated. Many of the same individuals now in the Biden administration were also previously in the Obama administration. They are not big fans of the Jewish State of Israel, unfortunately.

As odd as it may seem, a lot of American Jewish communities also are not big supporters of Israel because they’ve thrown their support for decades and even generations behind the Democrat Party in the United States.

They follow blindly, whatever it does, including some of the major Jewish organizations and congregations in America. Very quickly, what that proposal by the Biden administration to establish a separate consulate in Jerusalem means is a visible example of how to divide Jerusalem once again and make a statement that the Palestinian Authority out of Ramallah has some claim on Jerusalem.

Of course, there is an embassy, a U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, and with such an embassy come consular services, passports, and U.S. citizen services. If an American administration or any other wanted to establish a consulate to serve the Palestinian Authority, they would establish that consulate in Ramallah. Not in Jerusalem.

Barry Nussbaum: You’re making the same point I am, and thank you for pointing that out. They have no claim there. They are established in Ramallah, and that’s where the consulate should be. Putting it in Jerusalem, it’s a big middle finger to the Israeli government, and I’m sad the Biden administration sounds like Obama-lite, with the same people.

Clare Lopez: It is ultimately under international law, up to the receiving the host country government to either accept, approve or disapprove any establishment of any diplomatic facility on their territory.

Barry Nussbaum: Israel said no so far. Good on them.

Clare Lopez: So far, they’re holding fast.

Barry Nussbaum: Clare, where can people find out about you?

Clare Lopez: Well, I have published videos like this one, at American Truth Project, of course. You can receive cell phone text message notices about videos like this if you text my name Lopez to 88202 and get those notices every time, I post a video like this.

I’m also published at the Citizens Commission on National Security at the United West. Also, Jamie Glazov Gang videos at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and published there also FrontPage Magazine. Oh, and I’m also on social media @ClareMLopez on Twitter, my name on Facebook, and Lopez Liberty on Telegram.

Barry Nussbaum: So, for our viewers out there that haven’t figured it out, all she does is produce content, 24/7. This woman never sleeps, but check her out. We endorse her, and we follow her too. Thanks for joining us today on ATP Report. Thanks to Clare. Thanks to you. I’m Barry Nussbaum.

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