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Clare Lopez: Omicron COVID Variant Is No Big Deal and Shouldn’t Lead to More Restrictions



Clare Lopez: Omicron COVID Variant Is No Big Deal and Shouldn’t Lead to More Restrictions

Barry Nussbaum: Hello, and welcome to ATP Report. I’m Barry Nussbaum. We have a very special friend of the family on with us this morning, but before we discuss all the important topics, I want to remind all of you out there in ATP land. If you haven’t done it yet, please take out your cell phone.

Take out a blank text message, and text the word truth, T-R-U-T-H, in the message box. Address it to the number 88202, and push send. You’ll be automatically subscribed to this and all of our content at ATP. It’ll come directly into your cell phone in the palm of your hand. Absolutely for free. Okay, did you, do it? Thanks.

Our special guest today is Clare Lopez. As you know, Clare is with us on a regular basis. She’s a former big shot with the C.I.A. and the State Department. She knows everything about the international and domestic policy of the United States government, of which she was a very significant part for a very long time. She is the founder of Lopez Liberty L.L.C. Good morning, Clare.

Clare Lopez: Hello, Barry. Very glad to be with you once again.

Barry Nussbaum: Okay, let’s jump right into it. As you pointed out, when we discussed earlier, there is a new COVID-19 virus that is the Omicron variant. I find it very curious that the WHO that names these things skipped over some letters they could have picked because they didn’t want to suggest, hint, or even signal that this virus that is disrupting the world like never before in history is tied to the Chinese Communist Party, and their Wuhan virology lab.

The entire world pretty much agrees this came from there, but I don’t understand why the frenzy is now about Omicron. When the doctors in South Africa that have discovered it have said, it’s pretty mild. Its sore muscles, fatigue, and a cough.

Clare Lopez: Yeah, exactly right, Barry, going in order through the Greek alphabet. The next letters would have been NU, MU, and Xi, X-I. They skipped NU because it sounds too much like N.E.W. something novel or new, right? But they skipped XI for rather other obvious reasons, I suppose, but yeah, as you say, Omicron, as it’s now called, is nothing very worrisome, it seems to me.

It turns out that it was not first discovered in South Africa, but rather in Western Europe, it turns out now. As of today, it seems that we have the very first case, probably of a number to come of this variant in the United States.

Now, the thing about viruses, any virus is that they mutate. This is what viruses do, and typically the viruses will mutate to a more contagious form but less lethal-lower death count. Lower severe, serious sickness, and so it is with this one.

As you say, Barry, the South African doctors have spoken up cannot imagine what the big hullabaloo is about because this is a mild version, with mild symptoms and absolutely nothing to be worried about. Yet the western world, at least, and the United States are going into an absolute tizzy about this, which doesn’t make sense.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, we’re not doctors, but we both have studied this quite a bit. I do know this, and I know, you know it as well that the nature of viruses is to mutate. They get more contagious, and they get less aggressive in affecting your health as they mutate. This is flu, as all COVIDS are, and every year we get a different variation of the flu because, between the start of the flu season and the end of the flu season, it has mutated many times.

However, as you point out, this is being treated as a world outbreak of Ebola or something like that. Where, oh my gosh, we’ve got to get a booster for Omicron. Then they’ll be a booster for the one after that and the one after that. Is this being used as a permanent excuse factory to vaccinate forever?

Clare Lopez: Well, not just vaccinate, but control. Totalitarian government centralized authority control over populations, but here’s the thing. You know, as these viruses mutate the insertion or the introduction of “vaccine” as air quotes, of course, because what we have are genetic gene therapies, but the vaccine after vaccine, after booster after booster, absolutely does nothing but turbocharge the natural process of evolution of viruses to mutate into less dangerous, more contagious, quicker to get to herd immunity forms.

Constantly introducing more boosters does nothing but add to Darwin’s natural selection process of evolution. Those variants, those mutations of the virus that seek to escape the boosters, and whatever else is being brought against it. They’re the ones that are going to survive and propagate. The more you boost, the more incentive, as it were, were anthropomorphizing here a bit, but the virus has to mutate in different directions, and indeed, as we see with this Omicron variant.

It’s got something like 50 mutations in its genomic sequence, 32 of which are located; where? Specifically on the receptor-binding domain of the spike protein, that part of the virus that is being targeted by these various and sundry booster shots, well, of course, the virus is going to eventually evade those, and the ones then that succeed go on to propagate. The good news, of course, again, we have to emphasize, is more contagious and less lethal.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let’s talk about totalitarian control of people that are not desirous of that control, and that domination is two international frenemies. I’m referring to Russia and Mainland China. Led by Putin and Ji, they are now becoming Buddy-Buddy. They are signing military cooperation agreements that seem to be, and I mean, this literally, terrifying from the perspective of the American military. They’re flying bombers over borders.

Taiwan is being threatened on a daily basis by the communist Chinese. Russia is making no secret of the fact that they’re just about to gobble up Ukraine. What happened to American foreign policy Clare that would have allowed this to happen? It is a tremendous shift in alliances worldwide that is isolating the United States at a time where we may not be able to handle the consequence.

Clare Lopez: Well, it’s very serious and of concern. Yes, you’re right, Barry. The entire world is looking at the current administration in Washington, D.C., and its perceived weakness. So, indeed, just recently, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, and Jinping, the leader of the Communist Party of China, got together and signed cooperation agreements. Not quite a defense pact.

It’s not that exactly, but it is an agreement to collaborate on such things as joint war games, exercises, patrols in the region of the Far East. That sort of thing, but at a time when both of these countries are developing very advanced and sophisticated new weapons like in the hypersonic category, hypersonic glide vehicles, and hypersonic cruise missiles.

Against which Mac 5 and above speeds, maneuverability, and China demonstrated the ability to fire a missile from the HGV while in flight. Those developments should concern us all. They are worrisome. It is our adversaries, our enemies in the world, getting together because they perceive such weakness in Washington, D.C.

Barry Nussbaum: No question. Speaking of weakness. I guess it’s a bad news day, Barry and Clare. Iran is back at the table in Vienna for the new JCPOA. The American delegation is not even allowed to be in the room. The European delegates come out and tell the Americans what’s going on inside, but here’s the breaking news, which stuns me.

The IRGC commander has literally said every day this week that the goal of Iran is to destroy Israel and wipe all the people out. As a prerequisite to any new deal, as if it’s going to happen in the next, I don’t know, week.

In response, Israel is making very clear they are preparing to move against Iran. So, while Iran supposedly wants to make a deal with the United States, Western Europe, and the rest of the world. They’re promising on a consistent basis; Israel must be destroyed immediately and then at the exact same time. Iran has made it very clear, and the world knows this to be true.

There is so much enhanced uranium that has been produced by the centrifuges going 24/7. They may be within days of numerous bombs if they’re not already there. On top of that, the IAEA has given up on inspections because A. they can’t get into all the sites. Iran won’t let them, and B where they put up the cameras to watch when they’re not there. What’s going on? Iran destroyed the cameras and said, you can’t put them back. What are we doing there, Clare?

Why? Why? Why is this so important for the United States to capitulate?

Clare Lopez: Well, remember many of the officials currently serving in the Biden administration were also serving in the prior Barack Obama Presidency administration. They are now back, and they were the ones who originally negotiated the first July 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Now they are back to try to put it back in place, but here’s the thing.

Not only did the IRGC commander of the Aerospace Force, that’s who that was Amir Ali Hajizadeh, threaten again. I mean, this is par for the course to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth, but the Iranians are really in this for one purpose and one purpose only. That is to get out from underneath sanctions. That’s what they want.

The Biden administration already has eased up on some sanctions, holding back still on others, but you’re right. At the talks, which have just reconvened in Vienna, Austria. The Americans are not even in the room. The P5+1, that’s the permanent five of the United Nations Security Council, which would be aside from the United States, U.K., France, Russia, China plus one Germany.

The E.U. is represented there along with the Iranians. Yeah, the United States has to hear what goes on from the Europeans who step out of the room and tell them from time to time. But again, the objective is to get out from underneath the sanctions. There is no intent whatsoever on the part of the Iranians to scale back any of the many violations now.

Not just of the original N.P.T., Nonproliferation Treaty from the mid-1970s, but also now of the July 2015 JCPOA Iran deal, those violations go from things like you just mentioned, Barry. The advanced, more modern, faster, better centrifuges spin up enriched uranium day and night. The pile of enriched uranium is now up to 60% by admission, by Iranian technicians, 60%, which you can actually make an explosive bomb out of that.

They’re a hop skip and a jump away from declaring themselves 90% or above, which is bomb-grade, nuclear bomb-grade material. They’ve got stockpiles of that way beyond the provisions of the original nuclear deal. They are fashioning the metal hemisphere’s uranium metal milled to be used.

There’s no other use for them but to make bombs. As you say, the cameras were destroyed. The IAEA inspectors are not allowed in. Iran is going pell-mell for a declared, deliverable nuclear weapons capability, and Israel is in the crosshairs. Existentially, far more and closer, geographically speaking, than the United States. Israel will have to deal with this, with or without the United States.

Barry Nussbaum: Wow, what a bad news day with Clare Lopez and Barry Nussbaum. Yuk! Clare, tell our viewers where they can find out more about you and follow your work, please.

Clare Lopez: Well, certainly right here at the American Truth Project, ATP. As Barry mentioned, for ATP itself, you can get a cell phone text message about videos like this that I do with ATP. By texting to my name L-O-P-E-Z, the number 88202, and you’ll get a link, a notification of all my videos. I also publish at the Citizens Commission on National Security.

I am frequently a guest of Jamie Glazov, on the Glazov Gang, at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. I also have published at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s online FrontPage Magazine. I’m on Twitter at @ClareMLopez, on Facebook, my name as well. And I’m on Telegram with Lopez Liberty. Thank you.

Barry Nussbaum: She’s everywhere. The ubiquitous and wonderfully brilliant Clare Lopez. Thank you for coming on today. Thank you all there in ATP Land for coming on and joining us today. For ATP Report. I’m Barry Nussbaum.

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