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Voting Federalized, Vaccine Cards, and School Agendas


Will Johnson: Hello, everybody. Thank you for being with us on this wonderful Thursday, August 12th. Thank you for joining us. Please do me a huge favor. Get out your mobile device. I am going to get this started now. I will tell everyone to get out their mobile device right now, and send me a text to 88202, and type in my name, W-I-L-L because we have a lot to talk about.

If you don't want to miss anything in the future, please again get out your mobile device, and send the text to WILL. W-I-L-L is what you want to put in the body of the text. Then the number is 88202. We're also going to be taking phone calls during this broadcast.

Thank you, everybody. Again, it's an amazing time to see everything that has happened. One of the things that we didn't have on our immediate radar to talk about this evening was the Taliban.

Now, more information is coming out about Afghanistan, and we're just learning more about it. You were reading a minute ago that the O'Biden administration is sending troops to the American embassy in Afghanistan, while at the same time, I'm just curious. Are they addressing the issue of American sympathizers? American sympathizers or American supporters are being hung in Afghanistan by the Taliban?

Channon: Yeah, on Twitter, it just came out. Now, of course, I tried to search, and I couldn't find anything. But apparently, the Taliban is proudly showing videos on Twitter of the U.S. American collaborators. That's what they call them.

Will Johnson: So, is Twitter banning these accounts? I'm just curious.

Channon: I know because literally, the video shows two people hanging.

Will Johnson: It's a video showing people that support America being hung, and Twitter is allowing it, obviously.

Channon: And this comes on the heels of the Biden administration warning Americans that are in the area to leave the area. Also, as you said, they are sending troops to the embassy to help get those people out of Afghanistan safely. I guess he doesn't want to repeat a Hillary Clinton moment. It is getting pretty volatile over there.

Will Johnson: Actually, you know what? He was the V.P. under that. He was the V.P. when that took place.

Channon: Well, I certainly pray for those people. You know, the Taliban, they don't abide by any war ...

Will Johnson: Like the Geneva Conventions? They don't care anything about that.

Channon: They don't abide by that. So, they are there to wreak havoc and to hurt people. From what I read; it is crazy over there. The Taliban has seized the third largest city in Afghanistan, and they're making a move for Kandahar right now. I mean, wow, just wow.

Will Johnson: Wow, is right. You know what? Me being who I am and the way I see the world. I truly see this as part of the biblical end times that we see. Again, for anyone who is listening. I didn't say a day or hour so, why do you have it in your head? I don't know why. I have to say that because a lot of people do. But what they're doing here. It's almost like they need total chaos happening on the planet. Just imagine Channon when President Trump was in office at the White House. Did you see all of this crazy stuff happening like this?

Channon: Of course not.

Will Johnson: This wasn't happening.

Channon: Of course not.

Will Johnson: Yeah. It’s like, wow, look at what's happening.

Channon: At this point, if this was happening. Trump would be coming out very strong, and he would be giving a very stern warning to the Taliban, that if you don't want America to get involved you need to stop what you're doing right now. Now, of course, that's not happening with Biden. If anything, he's just telling everybody, please leave.

Will Johnson: Exactly, just run, run, because guess what? The American people are not going to come to help you. We're not going to send any assistance. So, if you want to live, you better run. That's it. Don't expect any help.

Channon: Which is scary because it's becoming very unstable there. In fact, there is an article right now on the Epoch Times talking about the Taliban taking over the cities. Afghanistan's soldiers are surrendering to the Taliban and switching sides. I don't know, but right now, they are surrendering. So, who's going to fight them? Who's going to fight the Taliban? If the U.S. or somebody does not intervene. What's going to happen over there. At some point, we're going to be forced.

Will Johnson: It's going to be total chaos, and all of this could have been avoided. All this could have been prevented this last November, seriously. But it's almost like the one-world elitist and the Democrats here; they're a part of it. It is like they wanted this. They needed this because it's like, they look for the chaos on the planet. I mentioned it a minute ago. When President Trump was in office, you didn't have all of this craziness. You didn't have this. We didn't see it like this.

Channon: Of course not. America was a threat.

Will Johnson: America was a threat to them. Right now, they don't see America as a threat. They see America weak as ever. I think this is the weakest America has ever been. America is even weaker now than they were when Obama was going around with his apology tour—bowing down to everybody.

As of right now, America is a lot worse. America is in a bad situation, and I think it's going to take the American people. I'm not calling for any violence, but doggone it if the American people don't stand up against this tyranny, then we're essentially complicit in what's happening over there. Right now, all of the Republicans should say, ‘Hey look they're going to kill Americans.

They're killing anyone who supported America, and the O’Biden administration is doing nothing to prevent this.’ They are basically saying, ‘Hey if you catch them, go ahead and kill them. But other than that, you need to run.’

Channon: They are telling people to get out. They have been trying to warn them for weeks now. They are trying to send the military to the embassy to help those people get out. So, yeah, for that, but you know what? His message should be very strong and stern against the Taliban, and it's not. He's like, okay, everybody. You better get out of there.

Will Johnson: Run, run as fast as you can.

Channon: Run, run, run.

Will Johnson: Hope they don't catch you, Mr., and Mrs. Gingerbread man. I know the rhyme, but still. It's disgusting, and it's horrifying that it is happening.

Channon: So, we need to keep an eye on Afghanistan. I need to dive into it and see.

Will Johnson: Yes, more information is coming out. I'm pretty sure within the next 48 hours. We're going to find out a lot more about what's happening in Afghanistan because they're starting to report on it right now. Of course, we're not in Afghanistan, so we don't have direct access to that information. But if you know someone in the region if they have a mobile device or even where they can have Internet.

Please, have them contact me. I would love to get an interview from them on the ground there. I would love that. If you know anyone, and you're listening. By all means, do that. If you what to contact me, go to my website, UniteAmericaFirst.com. UniteAmericaFirst.com, go to the contact Will section there, and you can send me the information. If you know someone there, that's willing to speak out. Sorry Channon, go ahead.

Channon: You brought up the fact that one reason why even the Middle East has gotten to this point is because of our current President.

Will Johnson: Because of the O'Biden administration.

Channon: Because Biden was put in the President position.

Will Johnson: The O'Biden administration.

Channon: Right. I want to talk a little bit about federalizing our election because the Democrats haven't given up.

Will Johnson: Oh, no, they're not going to give up. They're not going to give up until they get what they want because they're drunk with power. They just want more power, and the power they have now they want to keep.

Channon: You've talked a lot about H.R.1.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: If you've been a follower of Will Johnson, then you understand H.R.1 is about federalizing our election and taking away the Electoral College. H.R.1. did go to the Senate. It fell on its face. However, they have now repackaged it and are trying to put it back on the floor.

So, an article in the Epoch Times once again talks about the Senate's advances in sweeping election reform bills in a partisan vote. Now, they have voted to listen to arguments. It's no longer H.R.1. They have now repackaged it and relabeled it S.1. One reason why the original one didn't pass was because of Manchin.

Will Johnson: Which, you know, they hate him for it, too. He got a lot of heat for it.

Channon: He got a lot of flak for it.

Will Johnson: He sure did.

Channon: Well, Manchin is trying to ...

Will Johnson: Redeem himself?

Channon: Well, he is trying to make the bill something that Republicans will vote on. Manchin said, ‘Tonight, I'm again voting to move that process forward because I believe that we need to come together to restore people's faith in the integrity of our elections, but I make it very clear that I do not support the For the People Act.’

He said, ‘For example, I firmly believe that we need common-sense voter I.D. requirements. Just like we have in West Virginia, that strengthened our elections' security without making it harder for Americans to vote.’ He said, ‘I firmly believe that we shouldn't politicize the Federal Elections Commission that prohibits any guardrails on the vote by mail or prevent local election officials from doing basic maintenance on voter rolls.’

Well, the Democrats want to take those things away from the states. They want to remove how we have run our democratic elections for centuries, and they want them to be controlled by the federal government. It is crazy. I am going to read you some of the things on this statement.

Will Johnson: Let me say this before you read it.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: The reason why they're doing this is they have trampled on the U.S. Constitution. The way I understand it is, the U.S. Constitution is why we have the Electoral College. If they federalize the election, that means the Electoral College, for the most part, is out the window because once they federalize it, they can control it.

Saying, well, we're going to go along with the popular vote, or they can put in each state how they want to run the election. So, they could possibly say, ‘Well, we're going to throw out for every 10 Republicans that vote,’ hypothetically speaking here. ‘For every 10 Republicans that vote, we will put in 30 Democrats, and we don't even need these people with us.’ You know, just put names in and fill them out because that's what we're finding out took place in Arizona.

Channon: Actually, that the bill does create more opportunities to cheat.

Will Johnson: To cheat.

Channon: That's basically what it does.

Will Johnson: To cheat.

Channon: It takes a lot of control out of the state's hands to run their elections. So, the highly controversial Texas Voter Protection Act just passed today on the floor. You know the case where the Democrats had fled the state. A bunch of cowards went to Washington, D.C.

Will Johnson: You are talking about Texas. It was 52 or 54. Let us say 50 plus.

Channon: And they're saying, oh, they're about protecting voter rights. The bill in Texas was all about hindering minorities and people with disabilities, which is a bunch of bull.

Will Johnson: And people of color.

Channon: Well, you're a minority.

Will Johnson: They always say it's going to hinder people of color.

Democrat Representative: People of color.

Channon: That's definitely a trigger word. That's for sure. They do use that, but Texas, yah, Texas.

Will Johnson: Woot, woot, Texas.

Channon: Thank you for protecting our voter rights! I'll tell you what. They wanted Texas. They needed Texas, and I'm glad that Texas Republicans stood strong. Abbott stood strong, and we got it passed, but there is still a struggle in the federal government. They're still fighting. The Democrats are still fighting to get this passed. They want to control people.

I mean, it's so disgusting. I read these things, and I'm so discouraged because you hear, Will, you're out on the street. You just went to a rally, what was it two weeks ago in Texas? What was your experience there? What were people saying? The reason why they were at that rally?

Will Johnson: They said, ‘hey were there to help protect people that were handicapped to vote, and they were also there to help ...’

Democrat Representative: People of color.

Will Johnson: To vote. So, one of the biggest things was I went around, and I started asking my buddy Ben Bergman who was there with us. I was asking the question. Well, he started it, and I said, that's a beautiful question. So, I started asking, “How many of you are here have had your vote oppressed?’ Because there were at least 2,000 plus people there, which is kind of disgusting to me that we don't get conservatives.

Channon: It was a diverse crowd, right?

Will Johnson: No, not really. It was probably 98% white progressives, maybe 1% Hispanic, and 1/2% black.

Channon: That's the problem. They say they're doing it for the blacks who can't make it.

Will Johnson: But that's why I asked, ‘How many of you have had your vote oppressed?’ They said, ‘Well, we're here fighting for the people that can't be here.’ I said, ‘Well if their vote was oppressed, don't you think they should be screaming out about their vote?’ Then they bring up the point that they were handicapped. All of them?

I am like, ‘All of them?’ Then one guy said, ‘He was handicapped, and he couldn't make it to the polls.’ I said, ‘Wait a minute, you're handicapped, and you can't make it to the polls, but you could make it to this?’

Channon: Then he walked away from you.

Will Johnson: Then he walked away from me.

Channon: You know, it's funny because I heard you ask one lady. You asked her why she was there. She said, ‘You had brought up the fact that the Democrats were against voter I.D.’ She said, ‘That's not true.’ I just sat there, and I was like, ‘Okay, that is an ignorant voter.’

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: She has no idea what's in that bill. Quite frankly, people need to be challenged on what they are protesting because the Democrats put out a lot of trigger words and a lot of trigger statements, but when you get down to the meat of it, I think it would shock some of their followers on what is actually in these bills and their ramifications. So, let's talk about S-1.

Will Johnson: Yes, which is H.R.1 just renamed and repackaged as S-1 to try to throw people off.

Channon: Manchin is trying to get some amendments to please the Republicans and make it something he is even willing to vote on. Whether or not the Democrats would go for it. He's very much for voter I.D. They're very much against voter I.D., so I don't know how that's going to happen. They resume their arguments on the floor on September 13th.

It's a huge bill, people. It's really huge, and I understand that a lot of people don't want to read it or aren't interested in it, but it's very important for people to do. One here says that it prohibits states from requiring applicants to provide more than the last four digits of their Social Security number.

No voter I.D., and it also says that it requires states to permit people to register that day during an actual election. I can imagine the chaos it would cause. I mean, some people are complaining now that the lines are too long. What happens if people are there to register to vote and vote?

Will Johnson: I can see it right now. They're going to influence people to register a certain way.

Channon: And listen to this. It limits the authority of the state to remove registrants from the official list of eligible voters in elections for federal office in the state based on the interstate voter registration crosschecks.

Will Johnson: So, that tells me, for example, like in the state of Texas. Where we got a new income of people, you can't turn them away because they don't have the proper I.D., or they don't have the proper anything. You should just allow them to vote.

Channon: Just got to let them. Honestly, people could go poll to poll and give false information. All they have to do is give a four-digit number. It's not even verified or anything. It doesn't even have their picture on it. You can't even validate that it belongs to that person.

Will Johnson: Yeah, 5433, 2811, just pick random numbers, and just do these numbers.

Channon: Well, we know what often happens is they pick dead people.

Will Johnson: Of course, but the crazy thing is that a lot of these people won't be able to speak English, and they're going to say if you want people to help you, you need to vote here because they're going to ask. Who's going to help me? Right here. That's how you vote. That's how they're going to turn Texas blue.

Channon: It says it requires the provisional ballots from eligible voters at incorrect polling places to be counted. So, once again, it makes the polling place almost incapable of validating who that person is and whether or not they're eligible to vote. They just have to accept it.

Will Johnson: They just have to accept it, no matter what, 8138, the last four.

Channon: I was like, what? What is that?

Will Johnson: I am just throwing out some numbers. They're not going to verify it. I mean, seriously, 3311. I mean, seriously, how do you verify? We're not going to verify it, and they can't speak English, but this is who you need to vote for.

Channon: But listen, while we are talking about numbers. I am going to throw out the phone number for you to call in and talk to Will.

Will Johnson: Please give me a call. Give me a call.

Channon: The number is 516-595-8069. Press 1 to come on the line.

Will Johnson: You have to push 1, people. You have to push 1.

Channon: So, it also opens up where people can send in mail-in ballots whenever they want. There are no restrictions on mail-in ballots. I'm just going to highlight. Basically, what happens is they're limiting us from being able to validate any ballot that is handed in at any site, and you have to let people vote when, where, and how they want to.

With no validation, no recourse, no anything, and the power of the people in that state have no power to say whether or not they accept it or not. They have to accept it because the federal government says you have to. So, it's crazy to me that people are not screaming over this.

I mean, how do you feel when I tell you that, Will? Anybody can vote anytime, anywhere. We don't have to validate them. Do you feel like that's a vote that is protected?

Will Johnson: No, it's not. The Democrats are saying that they want to protect votes. They don't. They want to gain power. It's all about power, every last one of them. They truly believe, Chuck Schumer even said it, nothing is off the table. So, they believe that if you have to cheat, then cheat because they believe that cheating is the betterment of mankind.

Seriously, they think, well, if we have to do this to make sure, for example, like President Trump. Knowing President Trump is not there any longer. So, if we have to cheat, we cheat because it'd be better for the nation. Look at the nation today. This is their way of thinking. This is how they think, and we see it. We see the results of that type of thinking, that attitude.

Channon: Yeah, it's disgusting. Okay, Will, we have a caller.

Will Johnson:  We have a caller? Awesome.

Channon: Yes, we do. Chris is from Texas.

Will Johnson: Hey, Chris, thank you so much for the call.

Chris: Hey, what's going on, Will. Hello?

Channon: I can't hear, Chris.

Will Johnson: You can't hear Chris?

Channon: Can you hear Chris?

Chris: Can you hear me?

Will Johnson: I can't hear Chris either, but I know Chris is coming through.

Chris: Hello, can you hear me?

Will Johnson: Hold on, Chris. I am going to fix it here.

Channon: Everybody else can hear you, Chris, except us. Hold on.

Will Johnson: I'm going to fix it. I'm pretty sure that it is something on my end that we need to fix.

Chris: Can you hear me yet?

Will Johnson: I'm not sure, okay, I think I know what it is.

Chris: Can you hear me now?

Will Johnson: Yes, loud, and clear.

Chris: All right, there you go. Yeah, you know it's sad how many people are standing behind this, For the Government Act. I don't even call it, For the People because it has nothing to do with the people.

Will Johnson: You know what, Chris? That's very good, For the Government Act. That's exactly what it is. You're 100% correct.

Channon: 100%. I mean, they even say it federalizes elections. Just to let you know, it's not about the sovereignty of the states or the people in them.

Chris: I've come to the conclusion that the biggest problem with our government is that we have politicians.

Will Johnson: Nancy Pelosi, or Chuck Schumer. Yes, even some Republicans. We can't leave out some of these weak-kneed Republicans.

Chris: Oh, they walk right along with them because they've had decades upon decades to fix this, and they haven't. They have capitulated, and they were fine as long as they were in power. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that so many people are willing to give up even more of their freedoms just to appease their party.

Will Johnson: You know what, Chris, millions of us feel the way you do, and think about this, Chris. This is the United States of America. When we say that when you say the United States of America. We think of the brave, the free, and the strong, but that is gone out the window. They look down upon that. It is really disgusting.

Channon: It's frustrating, and you kind of hit on it, Chris. The people allow it. You say you're disgusted that the people are not saying anything. I'm disgusted that the people in America have enabled our politicians to be who they are. I mean, the people have allowed it to get to this position, and there's only one way to fix it is if we stop allowing it.

Will Johnson: Yeah, that is the only way it is going to end.

Chris: The people let the politicians treat it almost like a sport. You know, you have your team. You have your team rivalries, and it's like watching a football game. If you know that the referee is throwing a fake call, it's like, it's okay, as long as it's against the other team.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: You are so right.

Will Johnson: This is exactly how it is. So, let me ask you this, Chris. What do you think the solution is? Some people think that the states will have to succeed from the union.

Chris: Well, I've discussed it with you before about the petition I've been writing. I have revised it at least seven times. I have deleted at least 6. I keep pulling it back up and working on it, but I think it's going to have to be, you know, people are going to have to start filing petitions. That's all we have.

I broke my one petition down into eight different petitions, and I'm ready to start filing soon as I can. It's everything from taking away their pension from them and putting it into Social Security as they do for us peasants.

Channon: I agree with that.

Chris: Put a mechanism in place so that people by popular vote; I believe there is a purpose for popular vote. It's not to pick your president. It should be for stuff like if you have a majority of a country that says, ‘Hey, these politicians passed this law against the Constitution.’ Then by popular vote, the people can call for a repeal of that legislation or force them to go back and debate.

Will Johnson: I completely agree.

Channon: Yeah, unfortunately, though, they don't allow us to vote on stuff like that. If anything, they leave everything in the hands of the politicians.

Will Johnson: The lawmakers.

Chris: That's what we have to change.

Channon: I got you.

Will Johnson: I completely agree.

Chris: Because if that doesn't change if it's just left in their hands nothing is going to change. They're just going to doing the same thing, if not worse.

Will Johnson: Let me ask you this. Do you think it's too late? Because look how much damage they have already done, and if we don't stop them. I'm saying we have to stop them in the extreme near future. If we don't stop them, what stops them from continuing with this is total tyranny, this corruption.

Chris: Honestly, I don't think it's too late. I think there's nothing that they've done that we can't undo. It's just a matter of the people getting together in a general consensus among the majority that we have to fix this. It's not about Republicans or Democrats. It's about the people because whether the Republicans want to face it, or the Democrats want to face it we're all screwed.

Will Johnson: Let me ask you this. Do you think it is going to be pretty?

Chris: No, it isn't going to be pretty, and it's going to take something that we've all avoided for a long time, which is civil discourse.

Will Johnson: Yep, there it is. That's exactly what it is. And, you know, they're perfectly fine with doing civil discourse, destroying the country, burning everything down, attacking people in the streets, and burning vehicles. Whatever they can politically and religiously. As long as it fits their narrative, but you are absolutely right.

It is not going to be pretty. In order to fix it, there is going to have to be an uprising. Now, I'm not calling for violence, but doggone it, these people. The good guys that are in law enforcement, they're silent. They're not doing anything, and they should be. They should be standing with the people. These people have committed treason, and the lawmakers continue to do it because they're the politicians. The FBI, CIA, and the DOJ, none of them are doing their jobs.

The good people in these organizations are silent. They just look the other way because they don't want to lose their jobs, and they don't want to end up in the prison cell as a political prisoner like the other 500 plus Americans right now.

Chris: That's the comment I made about Cuomo the other day, about his resignation. I said, ‘They sit there and talk about how they want to get this trial, this proceeding going. You know, a speedy trial, due process, and all this stuff. What about the people that have been sitting in jail since January 6th? Where's their due process? Where is their speedy trial?’

Will Johnson: Exactly. They don't care because they are political prisoners. They want their agenda because the kings and queens feel threatened. So, they have to remove those people, and they want to use them as an example for the rest of us. Not to say anything, not to step up against them, not to fight against the tyranny. To shut up and comply is what they want. I'm saying that we don't need to. We need to stand up now.

We need to grow a pair as American people and say enough is enough. Look what they're doing in France. You even have the police working with the people in France against this tyranny they are permitting. So, hey, Chris, we got a lot more to talk about. I'm going to thank you so much for giving us a call, okay?

Chris: All right. No problem, man.

Will Johnson: All right, take care. So, Channon, I know we have so much more. I want to talk about the Biden, the O'Biden administration, and how they shut down the oil rig in northern America. You know, we had that whole hack of the oil system on the East Coast, which I don't think was just a coincidence. Then Biden lifted sanctions on Russia so they can start up their oil production, and now America is looking to Russia and Saudi Arabia for oil. What's sense does this make, people?

Channon: Right and let me tell you what. It's all because of certain things that Biden has put in place. One is to shut down the oil pipeline in America. Now we're running out of oil, and he has the audacity to look to Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia for oil.

President Donald Trump: China.

Channon: This is crazy. This is absolutely crazy.

Will Johnson: You know, OPEC and China, they're going to win. OPEC, China, and Saudi Arabia, they're going to be the winners in this. The American people, the country, we become the losers. We were winning under President Trump, constantly.

We became independent energy people. Wake up. We were energy independent under President Trump, and now they want us to depend on Russia. They want us to depend on Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia.

President Donald Trump: Russia, Russia, Russia.

Will Johnson: Seriously, where's the liberal media at on all of this? Oh, you know what it comes down to? The liberal media, and all those on the left, the communists on the left. They're happy about this because of what should have taken place. What should be taking place is what Governor Abbott just said, ‘Biden, what are you doing?’ We have enough oil here in the United States of America for the country and the economy. Yet, the O'Biden administration doesn't want to do that.

Why? Because they constantly say that they don't want to help the 1% or the billionaires in the United States of America, but by them going to American based businesses for the energy that the country needs all that is going to do is put money into the economy of the United States of America. It is going to create more jobs in the United States of America.

On top of that, we become energy independent, but they don't want that. They have a different agenda. It's all about the one-world system.

Channon: I just want to let people know who OPEC is, okay? OPEC is the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. It's actually a cartel of 13 countries. We're talking about Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. These people run this petroleum cartel, and they want to have control over all the oil in the world, but little do people know here in America that we have 100 years of crude oil available to us here in the United States.

Will Johnson: According to Abbott, he mentioned saying America; I think Greg Abbott said it. Regardless of all that, we have had enough oil for a hundred years. That was in the video that we saw earlier. I am going to play the audio for that here in just a second, but they mentioned that we have one hundred years of oil.

What, just in Texas alone? Now, we have oil off the coast. We have oil in other parts of the country, but they don't want to use our natural resources here, and they always said, ‘Well, we don't want to use our resources here because we don't want to tap it out.’

Well, you know what? Us depending on other nations is tapping out. It's like we're in a boxing ring and want to tell someone to throw in the towel. We want to tap out; tap out, tap us out. Tap us out. It is ridiculous.

Channon: Well, you're never going to find any more crude oil, right? But Texas Governor Abbott says, ‘Listen, Biden, why are you looking to China and OPEC for Oil when we have it right here in America?’ He said, ‘Our producers could easily produce that oil if the administration would just stay out of our way.’

He said, ‘Allow American workers, not OPEC, to produce the oil. That can reduce the price of gasoline. Don't make us dependent on foreign energy sources.’ But, Will, like you've said so many times. They want us to depend on foreign countries and not America because Biden is not about America first.

Will Johnson: Yeah, it's all about the Build Back Better. In order to build something back, you have to tear it all down. That's their agenda. Hey, we're still going to take another phone call if you want to give us a call. I posted the number on Facebook, and you have to push 1 at the end of that if you want to come on and talk. Let me play some of this audio for you so you can hear it. This was back when the Obama administration first was shutting down the pipeline.

Channon: Biden, you mean? You said, Obama.

Will Johnson: No, the O'Biden administration.

Channon: Oh, the O'Biden administration. I'm sorry.

Will Johnson: O'Biden administration when they first shut down the oil. They basically made a prediction on what's going to happen based on everything that they saw in the past. So, listen to what they have to say. Let me get it going here. You really need to pay attention.

Pay attention because this is nothing new. They saw this coming. They talked about this coming, and a lot of people just looked the other way. Like, oh, okay, it's just talk.

Channon: This guy predicted what was happening, and now it's happening.  How many months into the administration?

Will Johnson: Yeah. And now it is happening. It's really disturbing, 100%. So, let's listen.

Richard Trumka: I'm very much concerned for the entire oil industry in the United States. Don't forget the United States and Canada we have a hundred years' worth of crude oil. This is being pushed by China and Asian countries that have no oil. It is being pushed by Germany that has no oil, and what happens is the cancelation of the pipeline is going to cost 11,000 U.S. high-paying union American jobs.

What was going to happen, Brian, is the crude oil from Canada and the United States is going to go down to the Gulf Coast. Yet, we are fined by American workers and get distributed in South America, the Caribbean, Central America, and Africa. Do you know what happens now? It's going to be distributed by Saudi Arabia and the OPEC nations. America loses. OPEC wins.

That's the whole situation. In addition, the Canadian crude oil could go to the Canadian coast, and it could go to China. So, again, America loses, and China wins. It very much concerns the American economy, and I've asked all my friends that are very close to President Biden to ask him to review the situation because we don't want to hurt the American economy that is sought.

We went up to 14 million barrels a day with fracking. That panicked the Saudi Arabians. That panicked the Russians that made a behind-the-scenes deal, and last year, crude oil down to $15 or $20 a barrel. Do you know the reason? To put the American people out of business.

That was the whole reason when the king of Saudi Arabia realized that he was losing billions and billions. He fired the prince for doing such a stupid thing, and then the prices normalized to $35-$40 dollars a barrel, which was a decent number for everybody.

Will Johnson: So, now here we are, which was actually predicted. We see the results of that, and it's true how screwed we are because the politicians are not stopping it. I mean, it's too late now because they have already destroyed it.

Channon: Biden has already been warned. He didn't care. It wasn't his agenda. He has an agenda to make us dependent on the Middle East for oil for whatever reason. He's in bed with China. He's in bed with the Middle East. There's a reason why he's doing this. There's not going to be a change. I know Abbott's coming out and saying, ‘Hey, keep American jobs here in America. Keep our dependence on America,’ but Biden's not going to do it.

Will Johnson: No, of course not. Just like I mentioned earlier. If the government is going to use taxpayer dollars and buy oil from someplace else. That means that the American-based businesses don't grow. That's what their agenda is. Let me say this too, this whole one-world system thing. They want certain countries to produce certain products.

That's what the whole one-world system is about. This country produces this, that country, produces that, but the American country, the United States of America, guess what they want them to produce, Channon? Nothing. They want America to fail. They want America to become nothing. They want America to be the last thing anyone ever thinks about. They want China on top. They want all these other nations to rule the world, and America is just here.

Channon: I mean, we're a powerhouse, or we were when Trump was in power. Now, we're losing our power. We're losing ...

Will Johnson: Our respect.

Channon: Right. I mean, they're not afraid of us. A clear example is what the Taliban is doing right now in the Middle East. A clear example of us shifting our oil dependency to the Middle East. It's crazy.

Will Johnson: It's 100% crazy.

Channon: I mean, Biden's approval should be like zero percent.

Will Johnson: Well, the reason why it is not zero percent is that you have, in my opinion, a whole bunch of nut jobs out there that think that he's doing a wonderful thing. Because look, they believe in this whole liberal utopia. They believe in tearing everything down, and only a few of them have a say so in everything.

Only a few of them have the luxury in everything, and these liberals that are out on the street don't even realize what they're supporting. Do you think they're going to be welcomed into this liberal utopia? No, because they're not going to have a certain amount of status. They are completely idiotic.

Channon: Yes. Talking about liberal utopia. You know, they're trying to have this critical race theory here in the school district. Well, one Virginia teacher was resigned because of her highly politicized agendas, and I have a feeling that she's not the first. I have a feeling that many teachers are going to do this because, like last night. One of the bills that the Senate passed is an anti-CRT amendment that passed after Manchin voted with Republicans.

Basically, this bill that passed last night or this morning at 4:00 a.m. is an amendment banning the use of federal funds to teach concepts associated with critical race theory in primary and secondary education at school. Because right now, they're getting a ton of federal funding for COVID, and the federal government's picking up the slack because students didn't fill seats last year.

That took away income from school districts. So, the government has filled the void, saying that you cannot use those funds that we gave you to create a curriculum for our society. I love it, and Manchin, this man, I don't know if he is going to get reelected.

Will Johnson: You know, to my understanding, Manchin is in a red district. To my understanding.

Channon: Oh, is he?

Will Johnson: Yeah, I could be wrong in that, but to my understanding, I think he's in a red district. I don't know how he got elected in the first place but to my understanding. I could be wrong on that. You know, if someone wants to call me, and let me know that I'm wrong. That's fine. Please call me.

Channon: He is from West Virginia. I don't know. Is that typically red?

Will Johnson: Well, look how the Second Amendment is looked at there. I mean, they're big about the Second Amendment, but it's still close to D.C. It's close enough to D.C., where a lot of liberals, for some reason, migrate to that location.

Channon: You are right. Republicans do outnumber Democrats in West Virginia.

Will Johnson: So, with him doing that, I think that's the only reason why he's trying to be like, ‘Hey, I'll do the right thing when it's necessary. But other than that, I'm a Democrat, don't expect it.’ You know, that's how I see it, but Manchin ticked off the Democrats, and he ticked off the Republicans. Is he trying to be down the line truly?

No, I don't think so, because with the whole voter right issue thing. If he's trying to federalize it, that means that the Democrats will be in power, and he's a Democrat. He's all for that. I mean, they're drunk on it, and there are some Republicans that are drunk on power, too. But the whole CRT, I mean, anyone who supports CRT they are anti-American, anti-white, and anti-black.

It is not about actual history. You know what? I've said this before. If they were to take CRT and put the actual history into it, saying like, ‘Okay, white people in the past that wanted black people to remain slaves, they were Democrats.’ But they leave that key point out. Then they always try the whole thing about, the party switched.

That is a total lie. The only thing that switched was the tactics the Democrats used to control black people and white people. To get people to believe that they were for the people. That's the only thing that changed. When you become a Democrat, you become one of the elitists.

You look at AOC. She's dumber than a bag of rocks, but soon as she became one of the elitists. Look at her now. They listen to her.

Channon: I don't understand it either.

Will Johnson: They listen to her because now she's one of the elitists, and she has a voice. She knows what's best for all of us, even though she is dumber than a bag of rocks. They look at her that way.

Channon: Last night, of course, senators got to hit the podium and give their argument for or against this anti-CRT amendment, and Tom Cotton, who I really like. He is a representative out of Arkansas. He said, ‘Growing up, I was taught, as I suspect most of you were, that America is a great and noble nation. In large part because, as Lincoln put it, all men are created equal.’

He says, ‘Sadly today, some want to replace our founding principles with an un-American ideology called critical race theory. They want to teach our children that America is not a good nation but a racist nation. Those teachings are wrong, and our tax dollars should not be spent to support those ideas.’

Will Johnson: I mean, how do we get so far in this country when most of us thought that racism was like, okay, you know what, we've moved beyond this. To be honest with you, I thought that racism was done during the end of Bush Jr.'s term. I was thinking. We've gone past it. We're done with it, and then Barack Hussein Obama came to light.

It was, wow, look at this. Then he became president; wow, look at this. So, it proves that America had moved past all of that. Let's go on. See, Obama and the Democrats had to dial it back because they know using racism is having people at each other's throats because racism is a means of control.

By them controlling the masses and putting out these little pockets of hate here and there they get people riled up. At the same time, the government can do whatever they want to in the background while we're at each other's throats. At all levels.

Channon: It really is. Actually, there was an article out today by the Epoch Times that said, For the First Time in History, the White Population is Decreasing Here in America.

Will Johnson: Really? So, who's increasing? Because they're killing black babies in abortion clinics at alarming rates. Oh, it is Hispanics.

Channon:  I was going to say. Well, they are just coming across the border.

Will Johnson: It's the Hispanics. There it is. It's the Hispanics. Okay, go on.

Channon: But it's sad because, you know, really, and truly, the founding documents of our country are that all men are created equal. Has that always been perfect? No, but the fact that we have that foundation has always brought us back. It has always made us correct our wrongs, for the most part. Am I right or wrong?

Will Johnson: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely.

Channon: Things have changed. I mean, we most definitely have more rights, freedoms, and respect than people did in the 1930s and 40s.

Will Johnson: Of course.

Channon: We have come a long way.

Will Johnson: As a black man, I can go down to the store by myself, and I can buy some white milk. (laughing)

Channon: I want to know because I'm a white woman.

Will Johnson: Are you? I had no idea. Someone turns the lights on. (laughing)

Channon: I want to know, as a black man, what rights do I have that you don't have?

Will Johnson: Huh, let me see. What rights do you have that I don't have?

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Hum, yeah.

Channon: I mean, you can be female if you wanted to.

Will Johnson: Yeah. Actually, if I wanted to go around and start saying that I'm trans. I would end up having more rights than you. Especially a black trans. I would have more rights than you, especially according to the left, according to idiocy. I mean, the world we live in people. It is so ridiculous. It's disgusting.

Channon: The sad thing is, these liberals believe that minorities aren't as intelligent as they are. That's what it comes to. They don't think that you know how to figure out where to vote.

Will Johnson: Right.

Channon: I mean, Biden says he doesn't think that they know how to use a computer to find out where to vote. They think that you can't figure out when you have two weeks to vote before the actual election that you can't figure out a time to go.

Will Johnson: Yeah, two weeks is not long enough.

Channon: You can even mail in your vote. If you're just lazy, and you just want to mail it in. You can do that too.

Will Johnson: Well, they want to restrict it all to mail-in voting. Anyways, when I was in Austin asking the people about that. I said, ‘Well, how long is long enough?’ And you know what the majority of them said? They said, ‘Two weeks.’ Did you know that?

Channon: Really.

Will Johnson: When I was asking the people at the capitol in Austin, Texas. I said, ‘How long do you think people need to be able to vote?’ And they go, ‘Two weeks.’

Channon: Which in federal elections it is two weeks.

Will Johnson: I said, ‘Wait a minute. Let we get this straight. You do know it's already two weeks. Right?’ And they kind of looked at me, and then they go, ‘Well, we need more time.’ (laughing)

Channon: It is laughable. (laughing) They don't even know how dumb they are.

Will Johnson: So, you need more time to cheat, right? That's what it is, more time to cheat. Because once they start seeing the numbers come in, they need more time to make it balance out, so they can cheat. You know, to make it look like it's not cheating. Instead of just having this whole box of ballots come in for one person.

Which is unheard of, never happens. Even if they say 100% blue district, there's somebody in that district there's not going to vote with the Democrats. Someone who has opened up their eyes. Who's not going to vote with the Democrats. There's somebody there. There is no way 100% of these ballots are going to be, for example, how it was for O'Biden. It is just not going to happen.

Now we're stuck with Vice President Biden in the White House, and some people are starting to realize that it was a lot better under Trump. Oh, let me tell you this quick story. I had to go to a music store today, and when I went into the music store. Of course, in Austin, this music store they are all liberals. They are all progressives, and they are all white. I don't think I've ever recall seeing anybody black working in there.

Anyways, I go in there, and for those of you that don't know. I'm a masculine man with dreadlocks. I go inside to buy a cable. When I go in there, there's another male in there. A black male with dreadlocks, and I have on my MEGA hat. I have on my MEGA hat, and he doesn't see me walk in. His back is turned towards me while I'm looking at the cables.

Then all of a sudden, he turns around, and he looks at me. Mind you, everybody else in the building is white. The only two black guys in the building are the ones with dreadlocks, both of us with dreadlocks. He turned, looked, and saw my hat. He said, ‘Dude, I love that hat. I truly love that hat.’ He said, ‘Dude, I can't get over that hat. I love that hat.’

And everybody else who is white is looking at me. What's wrong with him? Did he get away? He got away from the plantation. How did he get away? And then knowing that the other black guy. The only other black guy in the building said,’ I love the hat.’ I mean, you know what? You never know because a lot of people expect black people, especially, to be dumbfounded and to be Democrats.

Channon: I mean, sure. You just mentioned that out of 2,000 people at the capitol, most of them were white people talking about how black people can't vote.

Will Johnson: Yeah, but there are no black people. Well, I think there was a handful of black people, and I was saying, ‘Hey, were you not able to vote?’ They just kind of looked at me. I said, ‘Hey, you can even lie?’ Just lie, and say, ‘Yes, my vote was oppressed.’ They couldn't even do that, and I said, ‘Why aren't you lying?

You're going along with the lie of November. Why not go along with this lie? Cause that is what you're doing. This is all a lie. It's a total fabrication of the truth, and every last one of you here supporting this nonsense, you know it's a lie.’ They were so angry with me. Ohwee, they were angry.

Channon: They were angry with you, Will, because when you give them the truth, they recognized it.

Will Johnson: You can't handle the truth.

Channon:  They can't handle it.

Will Johnson: Absolutely. We have less than one minute. Hey, I want to thank everyone for listening in. I know you're out there, and there are probably some trolls listening in. What is Will saying? So, I want to thank everyone for being here with us. Thank you so much. We will be here next Thursday. God willing. Thank you so much.

If you haven’t, make sure you go to my website, UniteAmericaFirst.com, because I'm going to be in a location this weekend that you do not want to miss. I'm going to the front line of this craziness. So, you want to make sure you tune in for that. Other than that, please do me a favor. Send me a text to 88202, and just type in W-I-L-L. You'll get some information that you need to know from American Truth Project.

Channon: And notifications of this broadcast every Thursday.

Will Johnson: Absolutely. We'll see you next Thursday, everybody. Take care, and God bless!

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