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Trump’s Path to Re-Election is Still Viable


Barry Nussbaum: Hello, and welcome to ATP Radio. I’m Barry Nussbaum. Today’s show — and I’m not exaggerating in my four-plus decades in politics — is the most explosive stuff I’m ever going to talk about.

We’re going to talk about one topic and one topic only today: the 2020 presidential election. The biggest election steal, quite possibly in America, if not world history. I mean, the word “steal,” literally. I’m going to present a mountain of evidence in the next hour that, if true, is an attack on our democratic values.

The structure of our country, the validity of our elections, and whether or not we as Americans can trust that our vote in the future means something. Because if what I’m telling you is true, the election was stolen.

Stolen by the utilization of a formerly largely unknown computer software system connected to a formerly unknown computer voting machine company. You’re going to hear a tremendous amount about it in the next couple of days, starting very shortly. Not necessarily from just poor little old me, but all over.

It might even break into the mainstream media. But before I tell you what the evidence is, we have to start with the American hero that broke the story. Her name is Sidney Powell. If you haven’t heard of her yet, I assure you in the next coming days you will know her quite well.

Sidney Powell is an attorney who represents individuals, corporations, governments, and federal appeals in complex litigation. Her practice of law has been primarily in the 5th Federal Circuit. So, she is doing the federal courts. She has been the lead counsel in more than 500 federal appeals, 350 of them as an assistant United States attorney and the appellate section chief, meaning the appeals section chief for the western and northern district of Texas.

She is past president of the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers, the bar association of the 5th Federal Circuit, and a member of the American Law Institute. She’s an author. She wrote this bestseller called License to Lie, exposing corruption in the Department of Justice.

That book came about after watching a number of federal prosecutors breaking the rules, making up crimes, hiding evidence, and sending innocent people to prison. So, she’s quite famous. Both as an author, as a commentator, and she’s been on the news every single day since she has started to leak this story. Now, what does she have to do with Trump?

Well, she’s now part of the Trump legal team, and this is what she says is coming. I’m going to give you some of the quotes that I’ve compiled from her last, say, four or five days of being all over the news. You’re going to get a feel for what she says. She says she is going to release this mountain of evidence very shortly. Teasers, you ready? Here we go.

These are quotes from Sidney. Quote, “We’re fixing to overturn the results of the elections in multiple states. President Trump won by not hundreds of thousands of votes, but by millions of votes shifted by this software that was designed expressly for that purpose.

We have sworn witness testimony of why the software was designed. It was designed to rig elections. We have so much evidence that I feel like it’s coming through a fire hose,” unquote. Here’s another one. “It’s the software that was the problem.”

She’s responding to a question about who wrote it, and it was written by the software company. “Even the software company’s manual explains how votes can be wiped away. It’s like drag and drop. Trump votes go into a separate folder and then delete that folder,” unquote. There’s another one.

“They can stick a thumb drive in the machine or upload software to it, even from the Internet. They can even do it from Germany or Venezuela. They can remote access anything. They can watch votes in real-time.

They can ship votes in real-time. We’ve identified mathematically the exact algorithm they use and plan to use from the beginning to modify the votes. In this case, to make sure Biden won. That’s why he said he didn’t need your votes now. He would need you later,” unquote.

Now, I’m going to give you some names. This is from a Rudy Giuliani quote, “The software that they use is done by a company called Smartmatic. It’s a company that was founded by Hugo Chávez.” You remember the dictator in South America, “and by his two allies who still own it.

It has been used to cheat in elections in South America. It was banned by the United States about a decade ago. It has now come back as a subcontractor to other companies to sort of hide in the weeds.” That’s from Rudy, President Trump’s personal attorney and the guy who is leading the fight.

Here is more from a Rudy quote: “Finally, if you want to get down to the votes, let’s pick Pennsylvania. We have identified 632,000 illegal votes. It’s enough to have the President win that state by 300,000, which is what he won it by.

If you get the Smartmatic machine out,” unquote, by Rudy. Here’s a quote from another attorney on the Trump campaign defense fund, quote, “What we are seeing is that possibly up to 2.7 million votes were simply deleted.

They were for President Trump. Their voting system let users log in and see the votes as they were coming in. If it was a Trump vote, they could manually change it to a Biden vote. They could duplicate the vote if it was a Biden vote and have a person cast, not one, but six votes for Biden. All of this technology was used. We need a forensic audit,” unquote. That’s from Jenna Ellis, a Trump campaign lawyer.

Now, listen to this. This is from the professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Michigan, brought in to analyze these machines. Unbelievable quote from an inside expert. Quote, “Ten years ago, I was part of the first academic team to conduct a comprehensive security analysis of DRE.”

DRE is Direct Recording Electronic machines. “I was brought in to conduct a comprehensive security analysis of a DRE voting machine. We examine what was, at that time, the most widely used touch screen DRE in this country. We spent several months probing it for vulnerabilities.

What we found was disturbing. We could reprogram the machine to cause any candidate to win invisibly. We also created malicious software. Both stealing code that could spread from machine to machine like a computer virus, and silently change the election outcome.”

From Alex Halderman, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan. You’re going to love this next quote. You all have heard about The New York Times. They hate President Trump in the worst way. So, they tell you the machines are open to widespread fraud.

They are not saying that to help Trump because they hate Trump. Are you ready? “The concerns about the possible ties between the owners of Smartmatic,” that’s the software company. “The Chávez government has been well known to the United States foreign policy officials since before the 2004 recall election in which Mr. Chávez, a strong ally of President Fidel Castro of Cuba, won by an official margin of nearly 20 percent.” That’s from The New York Times, meaning Smartmatic software can make the election go any way you want.

So how big is this maker of the machines, Dominion? Check this out. Dominion controls more than one-third of the voting machine market involving half a dozen battleground states, which you will recognize: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Every state I just mentioned uses their machines. Those are the machines that mysteriously stopped counting votes after midnight on Election Day night. In every state, President Trump was ahead. Sometimes by hundreds of thousands of votes, and then the counting stopped.

By the next morning, after a series of pre-dawn vote “dumps,” some of which, according to Sidney Powell, went 100% for Joe Biden. The former vice president emerged seemingly victorious, and Dominion voting systems were used in more than 2,000 jurisdictions across 30 states. Getting the picture now?

Here’s more from Sidney, quote, “I can hardly wait to put forth all of the evidence we have collected on Dominion, starting with the fact that it was created to produce altered voting results in Venezuela, for the dictator Hugo Chávez.

Then shipped internationally to manipulate votes for purchase in other countries, including this one, the United States. It was also funded by money from Venezuela and Cuba. China has a role in it also.” So, if you want to talk about foreign election interference, we certainly have it now.

Sidney goes on, quote, “We have staggering statistical evidence. We have staggering testimony from witnesses, including one who was personally involved in briefings where all of this was discussed and planned. Beginning with Hugo Chávez and how it was designed there.

Then we saw it happening in this country,” and Sidney describes election night, quote, “As soon as the states shut down on election night and stop counting — those are the states where the most egregious problems occurred — we also need to look at it.

We’re beginning to collect evidence on the financial interests of some of the governors and secretaries of state who bought the Dominion systems. Surprisingly enough, Hunter Biden-type graft to line their own pockets by getting a voting machine in that either would make sure their election was successful, or they got money for their family from the sale.”

Now from a Dominion Voting Systems insider. This is a whistleblower. She’s gone public. Her name is Mellissa Carone. She’s an IT contractor for Dominion. She described the massive fraud she witnessed on Election Day in Detroit, Michigan.

In a sworn affidavit that she signed and submitted on November 8, 2020, she stated, quote, “At approximately midnight, I was called over to assist one of the counters with a paper jam. I noticed his PC had a number of over 400 ballots scanned.” This means one batch was counted over eight times. “

This happened countless times that I witnessed while I was at the ticket center.” That’s the main counting center in Detroit. “I confronted my manager, Nick Ikonomakis, former vice president of development at Dominion, and I said how big of a problem this was.

Nick told me he didn’t want to hear that we have a problem. He told me we are just here to assist with the IT work and not run their election. I said, from my understanding, there are supposed to be a Republican and a Democrat judging these ballots.

I overheard numerous workers talking during a shift change in which over 200 machines had two Democrats judging the ballots, resulting in an unfair process.” She goes on, quote, “When a worker had a ballot that they either could not read or had something spilled on it, they would go to a table that had blank ballots on it, and they would fill out the blank ballot.

They were supposed to be filling them out exactly like the one they had received, but this was not the case at all. The workers would sign the name of the person that the ballot belonged to. Which is illegal. I was the only Republican working for Dominion.

Terrible comments were being made by the city workers and Dominion workers about Republicans. I did not give out an indication that I was a Republican. I have a family at home, and I knew I would have to walk to my car at the end of my shift.

If anyone had an American flag on their shirt or mask, they were automatically deemed to be Trump supporters. So, I called the FBI, and I made a report with them, and I was told, they will get back to me.”

The conclusions from Sidney, quote, “First, I never say anything I can’t prove. Second, the evidence is coming in so fast I can’t process it all. Millions of Americans have written. Hundreds of thousands have stepped up with their different variances of voter fraud.

But this is massive election fraud, and I’m very concerned about it. It involved not only Dominion, and it’s Smartmatic software, but this software essentially was used on other election machines as well. It’s the software that was the problem. Even the Smartmatic manual explains how votes can be wiped away.”

We talked about this earlier. It’s a drag and drop. Trump votes go into a separate folder. Then you delete it. She says, “it’s absolutely brazened how people bought this system and why they bought this system.

Every state that bought Dominion should for sure have a criminal investigation or at least a serious investigation of the officers in those states who bought the software.” And she says, “We’ve even got evidence of kickbacks,” holy cow.

She says, “we’re collecting evidence now from various whistleblowers that are aware of substantial sums of money being given to family members of state officials who bought this software. We are talking about a hundred-million-dollar package for new voting machines suddenly in multiple states and benefits ranging from financial benefits for family members to what I would call election insurance.

Because they know they can win the election if they use the software. Here’s another way they did it, she says. “They can stick a thumb drive in the machine or upload software to it, even from the Internet. They can do it from overseas. They can watch in real-time, on and on, and on.”

Here’s a killer final stat, she says, “in fact, we’ve got math in Michigan and Pennsylvania that all of a sudden hundreds of thousands of votes at a 67% ratio for Biden, 23% for Trump were uploaded multiple times into the system.”

Getting the picture? How big is this? It’s not just the voting machines; reports are pouring in with massive corruption and fraud, relating to — in addition to the duplicate software voting — deceased people voting in every jurisdiction, outdated voter rolls, failing to match signatures, ballots without signatures, and voter intimidation at the vote counters.

There are whistleblowers in numbers of states now signing affidavits that allege criminal activity during the voting process. Trump lawyers have filed more than 20 lawsuits in numerous states, and Attorney General William Barr has authorized federal prosecutors to probe irregularities.

Here’s an interesting thought, and it’s not proof, but something to think about. A number of forensic accountants have applied the so-called Bedford’s law of statistical probability, and they say that the election results, particularly in Pennsylvania, show clear signs of fraud.

On November 12, President Trump tweeted, “They believe now as many as 2.7 million Trump votes were deleted in Pennsylvania and switched to Biden, and other states as well using this same software.”

So how did Dominion respond? I mean, this story is starting to come out now, and you would expect that there would be a huge response from Dominion. The denials are coming. After the allegations have emerged, questioning the integrity of the Dominion voting machines, this is wild.

The Cybersecurity Infrastructure Sgency is called CISA. It’s part of the Department of Homeland Security. They issued a statement on November 12 saying, quote, “The November 3 election was the most secure in American history.” Before I give you the back story on that quote, that’s a huge statement to make.

I’ve seen and heard that statement on television maybe two dozen times. Every time there’s a story on Dominion, on every network, somebody reads this quote, “The Department of Homeland Security says it’s the most secure in American history.”

Do you know where I hear it? On every platform. I heard it on Fox, I heard it on CNN, it’s all over Facebook with their independent fact-checkers tweeting the same thing over and over again. Are you ready for the back story and CISA?

The Department of Homeland Security has failed to disclose to the American public that Dominion Voting Systems is a member of CISA’s election infrastructure. They are on the coordinating council. They are one of the two entities that authored the statement put out by CISA.

Here’s more from that same statement, quote, “There’s no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, change votes, or was in any way compromised.” So, if you just heard that, and it’s from the U.S. government, right? This is from “Trump’s” Department of Homeland Security.

You would think this was B.S., right? This statement continues, “while we know there are many unfounded claims and opportunities for misinformation on the process of our elections, we can assure you we have the utmost confidence in the security and integrity of our elections, and you should, too.”

Both Dominion and Smartmatic have dismissed concerns over their systems. So, CISA comes out with a statement, Dominion comes out with a statement, and Smartmatic comes out with a statement. Here’s the inside story. Both Dominion and Smartmatic are listed as members of CISA’s Sector Coordinating Council.

They are on the board. They are the organizing members, and they helped write the statement. Their job as the council is to serve as the primary liaison between the election sector, federal, state, and local agencies, including DHS, Department of Homeland Security, concerning, among other things, the elections.

Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse. Are you hearing me? The Department of Homeland Security gave the statement over to the Coordinating Council of CISA, of which Dominion and Smartmatic sat on the board and drafted the statement.

Holy cow. So, you ask the fox, “Are you guarding the hen house?” “Absolutely!” “Do any hens get eaten?” “No.” “Did you eat any hens?” “No.” “Okay, good enough for me.” Get it? It’s B.S. It’s totally B.S., and I hope that’s clear because it should be.

By the way, I just had a quote sent to me by The Epoch Times. The former FEC — Federal Election Commission — chairman for the whole United States just released this quote, “If Sidney Powell says there was rampant voter fraud, I believe her.” Let’s listen to that guy instead of this goofball self-governing CISA, Council of the governing body for the Department of Homeland Security.

Let me take a couple of questions. One listener asks, “Why are they, the U.S. government — meaning Sidney Powel — waiting if they have the proof?” I’ve been asking the same question. From what I understand, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

So, what that means to me is when you go to court, probably the SCOTUS, the Supreme Court of the United States, you better have all your evidence lined up. You better have all your ducks in a row.

If Sidney was to come into court with just allegations, without all of the evidence lined up, the SCOTUS would say “No review, insufficient evidence, and good-bye.” You don’t get a second bite at the apple. Let me tell you what I mean by that.

There’s right and wrong, and then there is “what if you are right?” Does it matter. Let me tell you what I mean by that. If you alleged voter fraud and you can prove it, for example, in Atlanta, the elections commissioner said that they found many ballots that were never turned in. I don’t know if you know about this. It was announced yesterday.

There were a bunch of boxes that some goofball never put into the counting machines. On the audit that’s going on in Georgia, they added those votes. But if President Trump is losing by 10,000 votes and you find 600 — don’t quote me on the numbers that were not included — yeah, that’s a screwup.

If somebody took the boxes home, that’s voter fraud. You don’t set aside an election, especially a national election, and especially for the President of the United States. If the evidence is true, on its face, a prima facie case, as we say in the law, that proves itself logically, but not enough to overturn the election.

SCOTUS won’t take the case because it’s not important enough. Yes, there is a crime. Yes, it’s illegal. Yes, prosecution will probably take place. But the Supreme Court of the United States will not intervene and overturn the, quote, “wrong will of the people.” I hope I’m making that clear. So, I don’t blame Sidney for being deliberate.

Let me take another question. “Why did a banned program from the United States make its way back into our voting system?” Great question.

As I see it, Smartmatic’s voting software that runs the Dominion voting systems came in through a subsidiary company created under a different name but under the same control to be used without their name attached to it. That’s my understanding, according to Sidney Powell.

Okay, one more quick question before I go back. “Should we just go ahead and ban electronic voting?” Oh, my God, yes! “Or have some sort of independent body do the investigation and come up with a hack-proof vote-counting system that is bulletproof.”

If the greatest minds can run the supercomputers used by the NSA, by the CIA, by the Pentagon, by the Department of Homeland Security, and by NASA — how many agencies do you want me to name? — and they can make them un-hackable, why in the world would you buy a system designed by a company controlled by and founded by the dictator who slaughters his people in South America to stay in power?

It makes no sense to me. So, electronic voting makes a lot more sense than having warehouses full of paper ballots. But at the same time, make it a system that is verifiably independent of outside influence.

This means Republicans, Democrats, scientists, intellectuals, academics, and engineers altogether. Everybody approves of the system. Not this B.S. Because what happened? As best as we can tell right now, it is the biggest voter fraud in history.

You know, now that I think about it, I’m going to tell you something that I did not include in my talking points today. It’s breaking right now. I just watched the video from overseas, so I’m going to tell you about it. I haven’t verified it for sure.

There are server farms running these machines in both Germany and Spain. It’s weird. Why are they there? I don’t know. I told you I hadn’t verified this, but it’s coming from a number of sources. According to what I understand, and this is part of the Sidney Powell story, it’s so outlandish that I don’t know what to make of it other than just to tell you what it is. U.S. Army agents in the last few days raided the server farms of both countries and seized the machines intact, with the software intact.

I’ve seen a number of videos today verifying what I’m going to tell you now, which is that the Army investigators — these are the top-notch computer guys and gals — they have gotten into the machines.

They can tell when they were accessed from outside, where they were accessed from, specifically location, and the sign-in. What was done to change the information being tabulated, and how those machines talked to the machines back in the United States.

Those machines were seized by agents of the American military, and the story is — and, as I said, I don’t know this to be true — that’s why Secretary of Defense Mark Esper was suddenly fired by President Trump with no warning and no explanation last week. The story is that he’s an agent of the deep state.

Do you know what that is? The bureaucrats want to continue in power for their own purposes. Reporting to higher-ups not elected by the people, not for the people, but with their own agenda. With Esper out of the way and a temporary secretary of defense in place, the raid could not have been stopped by the secretary of defense.

The machines could not have been destroyed. Are you with me? Barry did not say that. I’m telling you, full disclosure. I do not know.

How bad is the Dominion system? Here are the states that have been reviewed and have gone public with their opinions. The attorney general for the state of Texas is named Ken Paxton.

He said the lone star state of Texas rejected Dominion voting systems and their ballot-counting software, which was all over the United States, quote, “due to its vulnerability to fraud and unauthorized manipulation.”

The attorney general of the state of Texas said that the exact machine I’m telling you about rejected using Dominion voting systems in 2009 after, quote, “finding multiple hardware and software issues that preclude the office of the Texas secretary of state from determining that the Democracy Suite 5.5 system satisfies each of the voting system requirements set forth in the Texas election code.”

Here’s more detail from Attorney General Ken Paxton. “Texas looked at Dominion for the voting systems. It goes through both the Texas secretary of state and also the Texas attorney general’s office.

We have had these things tested,” and, listen to this, this is his quote: “They have failed every time. We have not approved these voting systems based on repeated software and hardware issues. It was determined they were not accurate and that they failed. They had a vulnerability to fraud and unauthorized manipulation.”

Holy cow, this isn’t a maybe. This is the secretary of state of the largest geographic state, at least in the continental United States, and way up there in Electoral College votes. Saying the machines used across the country in every single swing state is terrible, and they failed every time. Hello, are you listening, America? The machines and the software don’t work. They’re subject to fraud and manipulation, and they failed every single test in Texas. Let me go on. It’s not just in Texas.

In Illinois, in 2016, during the meeting at the Illinois State Board of Elections, the vice president of engineering for Dominion, Dr. Eric Coomer, was asked — this is the Dominion guy testifying in front of the state of Illinois — he was asked, “Is it possible to bypass your election system software and go directly to the data tables that manage the systems running the Illinois elections?”

Coomer responded, “Yes if they have access,” unquote. When he was asked who has access to the data cables, Coomer replied, quote, “Vendors, election officials, and others who need to be granted access,” unquote. Sharon Meroni of the Illinois-based Defend the Vote then wrote, “This is an operating system configuration.

It’s notable that when someone accesses these systems from a data table, their actions are not logged by the system. In other words, there’s no trace of them logging in. It makes detection much more problematic. This contradicts Dr. Coomer’s assurances to Illinois that this system is secure. Are you worried yet?

Here’s a question. A listener asked, “Does this mean the emergency Democratic votes which showed up in the middle of the night make up a minority of the fraudulent votes?”

There’s a semantical problem in that we don’t know where the votes came from. We just know that the numbers changed dramatically from about 11:30 to midnight on election night, till 8:00 the following morning. All voting tabulation was frozen.

According to Sidney Powell, it was frozen overnight because if it had continued all night, by the morning, you are at 90% counted. Then you can’t say another 30% came in, because, mathematically, everyone would reject it.

But by saying we only counted 60% or 55% on Election Day, it makes sense, at least logically, that the vote could switch to the other side. So, I do not know the answer to your question. I do not know. There is no way to figure it out.

Unless Sidney Powell is right that the machines seized in Germany and Spain have tracking information. Supposedly they do; I saw a video about an hour long. You can get it on YouTube, and you will see how they analyze the system.

It’s very complicated. You have got to be a little bit of a techno nerd to follow. But they explain how they did it and how the fraud can be verified. So, more states have spoken out against these machines in the past. This fraud is rampant. In 2018, voters in South Carolina were reporting machines switching their votes after they’d inputted them. In Missouri, it was reported that scanners were rejecting paper ballots as they were being submitted, and machines were refusing to accept the votes in Indiana, causing long lines.

Researchers are now saying that their previously undisclosed vulnerabilities in nearly three-dozen counties backed election systems over ten states. Here’s a story from Pennsylvania. There was a state judicial election in 2019. Someone running for a judgeship in Pennsylvania said he got 164 votes out of 55,000 votes cast.

The Republican chairman said that’s a problem. “These kinds of problems threaten the integrity of our elections and demonstrate the importance of election systems that are strong, durable, and not vulnerable to attack.” I couldn’t agree more.

From Georgia, here is an interesting question. Thanks, Keith. “Why can’t the state legislators call for an audit for suspected foul play?” Well, I think here’s why. Nobody, from what I understand on a state level, has this evidence.

Everybody has anecdotal stories. An anecdotal story is no more than, “Hey, I heard this,” or “Somebody said this,” or “I witnessed this.” But let’s go back to what I said a few minutes ago. Unless the courts, federal courts, state courts, or the SCOTUS have enough evidence presented to them to change the election outcome, they won’t intervene.

Why? Because they shouldn’t. Are you hearing me? We know it’s a crime. It’s a federal crime to interfere fraudulently with a federal election. You go to prison for that. There are so many stories floating around of people coming in with a zillion ballots from an old age home.

I’ve heard about half a dozen of these, and one of the stories there was a crew going to old age homes, walking in, picking up their ballots at the front desk, and going room to room saying, “Let me help you. Let me fill this out for you. Sign here.”

Then they would harvest those ballots and take them in, make them for whatever candidate was their candidate. You can guess what they were writing in. It doesn’t start with a T. It starts with a B. If a court hears that case, the court will not overrule the electors on a state by state basis.

They won’t overrule the secretary of state’s verification of the vote. Why? Because they’re not finding fraud in big enough numbers. It has to be big enough to overturn the election. State legislatures are in the same position.

You know, there’s an interesting Electoral College challenge, and that is under the Constitution. I talked about this a week ago on television where state legislatures have the right to overrule the popular vote if they feel the popular vote does not reflect the will of the people.

Now, that’s a slippery slope. They say, “Well, the electors are the wrong electors, so we’re going to put in Trump electors instead of Biden electors.” They got to be sure. GOP representatives in numerous states say they’re not willing to do that.

They are absent overwhelming proof. That’s not proof of 500 ballots from an old age home, or 6,000 dead people, or, in the case of Michigan, one of the machines flipped several thousand votes from Trump to Biden. Yeah, it’s terrible. I agree.

Yeah, it should be fixed. I agree. Is it going to change the election? No. That’s why the states aren’t going to step up unless they’ve seen the evidence, and Sidney hasn’t let it out yet.

Here’s a question I like. “Can we switch the votes back, or will we have to have a revote?” That’s an interesting question. You know, the courts often ask two questions. These are the two questions you’ve got to think about, right? “

As a voter, as a proud American, as a patriot, and someone who cares, which story is right, and what’s the remedy?” The second question is critical, and most people don’t think about it. Let’s discuss that. The first question, “Who’s right?” Let’s just say the evidence says there’s all this voter fraud.

Then the courts are often asked, “Can it be fixed?” Then the courts will turn around, even the Supreme Court, when they have lawyers like Sidney Powell in front of them in the courtroom, and will say, “What are you asking us to do?”

Meaning, “What is the remedy you are requesting?” That comes from the lawyers. This is where it gets a little sticky. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with anything other than what I’m going to tell you. Here’s what I mean by that.

You can’t change votes — let’s just say hypothetically, from Biden to Trump — unless you have irrefutable proof of which votes were changed and when by whom. Then the remedy would be appropriate if you were a judge with great wisdom sitting in your big chair with your black robe at the Supreme Court because you would feel comfortable that you were creating a remedy that would fix it.

The harm that you had just agreed had been done because the evidence was so clear. You believe the evidence was enough to change the election. Here’s the remedy I like. ATP put out something that we worked very hard on called the Resolution to Save America, and it’s on our website, www.AmericanTruthProject.org.

I urge all of you to go and get it. Download it, copy it, paste it, forward it, and send it to your friends. Understand it. We’re suggesting a revote — a revote under a new system without these B.S. machines. everybody knows or will know very quickly, were fraudulent.

Please, stop believing every mainstream media outlet — ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, and even Fox — saying there’s no evidence of voter fraud. This is the most dramatic evidence of voter fraud, possibly in world history, for sure in American history.

As I said many times over the last few weeks, as Stalin used to say, “It doesn’t matter who votes for you. It matters who counts your votes.” Get it? You can vote for whoever you want, but if the system counts it their way, your vote is a waste.

You might as well stay at home. Millions of people are feeling that. There were a million of them at the Mall in Washington this weekend. Very upset that their votes were taken away and they weren’t counted. If Sidney Powell is right, and I think she is, she’s got the most sterling reputation of any appellate lawyer in America today.

Hundreds and hundreds of cases were argued up to the Supreme Court. A former U.S. attorney, she’s a big deal. She says she never says anything publicly that she can’t prove with evidence. People I’ve talked to who know her have verified that.

If she says it, it’s true. Take it to the bank. We’re waiting on bated breath for that to come out. So, what’s the next step? Well, Sidney Powell got a great line. I think she said this on Fox. I saw her say it. She said,

“I’m about to release the Kraken.” It’s a reference to Greek mythology. This monster that you let out is unstoppable once it’s released. She says she has a fire hose of evidence — thousands of affidavits signed under penalty of perjury. Meaning, people are taking this seriously, and need to be heard, want to be heard, and testify.

Will it be time to step in and stop certification by the Electoral College? Will the courts do it? Will the SCOTUS do it? Please go to American Truth Project and download our Resolution to Save America. Post it, and send it out to your friends in context. Don’t take this lying down. It’s that important.

I’m going to close with this question, and I like it. It’s a perfect closing question. Thanks, I don’t know who sent it in, but I appreciate being able to answer it. I’m just going to read it verbatim.

“If. God forbid, you were Joe Biden, how secure would you feel about your ‘win’?” That’s in quotes right now. Great question. You know if it was anybody else, I would say insecure, very nervous, needing to hire a lot of lawyers to protect my “win.”

The win is in quotes. However, having said that, I am astounded that Joe Biden was picked as the candidate of the Democrat Party. He was the most infirm, mentally non-competent national politician I have ever seen run.

For Senate, for governor, and a major office. He wanted to be appointed to a cabinet position, let alone the President of the United States. In my heart of hearts, I can’t believe he won. Not because of his policies, not because of the people around him.

Simply because in America, we all saw the same guy. The man was unable to answer a question. Even if the answer was on the teleprompter five feet in front of him, come on.

Who with a straight face can say, “Yeah, he’s got his stuff together”? “Yeah, Biden’s clicking on all cylinders.” “Oh, yeah, his elevator goes all the way to his top floor.” No way. Everybody knows there is something not right there.

They kept him in the basement. Great strategy. They kept him away from the press. Great strategy. He never had a rally of more than a couple dozen people. On the same day, Trump was having 25,000 people. Do you realize, in one day, Trump outdrew every single person that Biden brought to every single public appearance?

After he was declared the candidate of the Democrat Party. Trump put together one rally a thousand times bigger than everything Biden did. Even then, he couldn’t answer questions. He stumbled and bumbled.

I do not want to get into the Sean Hannity highlight reel. You ought to go on YouTube. It’s depressing. He can’t answer a question without a script in front of him. He, quite honestly, unless the SCOTUS sets in, might be President of the United States.

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Please fight back for your country, America. Be patriotic. Get involved, and don’t let this go. We need to know the truth. According to Sidney Powell, my new American hero and super patriot, we’re going to know this week.

I hope it’s today or tomorrow. Before the Electoral College sits down and starts certifying the vote, the farther down the road we go, the more difficult it becomes to undo it. It will get to SCOTUS if the evidence is big enough. God willing, they’ll make the right decision. Thanks for joining me today on ATP Radio. I am Barry Nussbaum.

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