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The Electoral College Voted…Trump’s Next Moves!


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Radio. I'm your host, Barry Nussbaum. We have a very exciting show planned for you today. We have a special guest coming on with us, and we are going to analyze everything that is going on with the election so far—unfortunately, the bad and possibly good news.

In a nutshell, the electoral College has met. All 50 states have cast the electors as prescribed by law, but it is not over yet. I'd like to see if our guest is ready; we are bringing in Will Johnson. We can start with questions and get into the discussion.

Will is a friend of American Truth Project, and we are a friend of United America First. He is a great patriot, a very informed political individual living in the middle of what's going on with the election. Do we have you, Will?

Will Johnson: I'm here. How are you doing, Barry?

Barry Nussbaum: Welcome, Will, and happy Tuesday. I have to apologize a little bit. I started writing some talking points today, and I got so buried in the minutia of what's going on I sent a note to our producer, Anni Cyrus, and I said, “I am so angry.”

The more I read about the laws that were broken. The rights of you, me, and our hundreds of millions of fellow American citizens that have had their rights taken away, by a descriptive term, an evil conspiracy. The angrier I got. Are you in the same boat as me, Will?

Will Johnson: Yes, exactly. I have a story I can tell that will infuriate you even more if you would like to hear it.

Barry Nussbaum: Bring it on. It can't get worse. I don't think so.

Will Johnson: You probably have already heard some of this or something related to it. When I was in D.C., I happened to go to breakfast one morning. It was myself, my colleague, and another couple.

That was it. Just four customers in this restaurant, and there were two men in the kitchen. I'm guessing the owner was behind the register; this is a little small mom-and-pop restaurant. It is unique. It has been there for over 30 years, hearing about the history.

The store owner is so upset. Now, I do not ever advocate for violence, and I want to make sure I get that out before saying what I am about to say. This all came from this restaurant owner. He is so angry and upset. Because the city is forcing him to shut down, they won't allow him to order certain products for his store.

They are preventing him from allowing people to come into the store. They are shutting him down at a certain time. When they did get busy, he sold out of everything that he had because he was limited on what he could have. He's so angry. He said there is only one thing that we can do.

These are his words. He said, “We have to execute these people.” He said, “The restaurant owners throughout the entire city feel the same way; 40 percent of the businesses throughout Washington, D.C., have been shut down permanently because of these socialists, Democrats, and what they have done to the city.” It is horrible.

Barry Nussbaum: I wondered what you were going to say this gentleman's solution was, Will. In the back of my mind, I was going back to my high school and college education. Where the teachers or professors would say, if you don't like their policies, young man, vote them out.

That's what we were taught. It was always your remedy for bad policies. Vote them out. Get your revenge when you go to vote. There is a problem if your vote is not counted because you are in one of the states with machines that a high school kid can manipulate with five minutes of training.

Then your vote doesn't matter at that point. What do you do? I guess you either give up and fail, or you get really mad, and you have the attitude, like the gentleman you are referring to, Will. Which is kill somebody. God forbid we get to that point.

Will Johnson: Yes, Barry. You know what? Not only that, I can't tell you how many women. This was a man who had owned his business for more than 30 years and is just furious about what they are doing to him. I can't tell you how many women are saying these people need to be put down.

That is what they are saying. They are blatantly doing all this fraudulent stuff. They are blatantly stealing, committing crimes, and destroying the country, right in front of our faces. When we questioned it, we say something about it; they tell us to be quiet. They say there is nothing there. They are saying it's just all of us.

Barry Nussbaum: Let's get into the "all of us." I think even a fourth grader could listen to what we are going to talk about today and be as angry as the store owner. Because if you and I don't have a vote anymore.

We are in Venezuela, or communist China, or the Soviet Union. Before I get into the facts, did you get the background information I sent over to you? Your eyes are crossed, and you have a headache by now if you even looked at it.

Will Johnson: I have been traveling all day. I just got back from D.C.  I came from the airport to my studio and jumped on the call with you.

Barry Nussbaum: I will set you up, so you are comfortable. So, let's start with the background. Yesterday, the electoral colleges of the 50 states had their ceremonial function. Joe Biden is now the president-elect. Here is a question. Is it over, and it is a matter of waiting until January 20th when Joe Biden is the next President of the States?

Will he be that President or not? That is what we are going to talk about today. Let's start with the news. Everybody who is paying attention to American Truth Project has heard about Dominion voting machines.

There is a new research project that has just released their information. It's called Amistad Project. It is supported by the nonpartizan Thomas More Legal Society. They announced yesterday that they are filing papers and demanding the preservation of evidence in the five key swing states.

In response to the bombshell report that was released yesterday detailing the results of the forensic audit of Dominion voting systems in Antrim County, Michigan. A judge there unsealed the report that came out yesterday.

The report says the tabulation log for the forensic examination of Antrim county's server consists of 15,676 individual events. Of which 10,667 votes or 68% of all of these individual voting events were recorded as errors - 68% of one county in Michigan was wrong two-thirds of the time.

Before I ask you the question, Will, the federal law, the FEC, the Federal Election Commission allow a maximum error rate of .000%. This is thousands of times that, thousands of times. The error detailed in the report, according to the report, has implications for every single state where litigation has been filed.

Officials in each of these swing states block or attempt to block Republican Electors from casting their votes for Trump, even though every single swing state uses the same machine. So, Will Johnson, when you hear that, how angry do you get as an American?

I want to say it again, 68% percent of the votes were changed. It is in the audit, and a judge finally allowed the audit to be released. Will Johnson, how do you react to that?

Will Johnson: I'm going to remain a civil person. I am angry, and I am mad. These people need to go to jail. They need to bring back the old penalty of when you commit treason.

This is ridiculous. The past four years, they have put this country through hell and then some. Now, they pull this stunt. On top of that, you had a lot of these people deleting the data.

Barry Nussbaum: We have not gotten to that yet.

Will Johnson: I am getting ahead of myself. I did see some of this. I did not see the numbers, but I did see brief information on it.  I am so disgusted. This is them trying to destroy the country literally.

It is just like you said a couple of minutes ago. They are trying to turn us into Venezuela, China, Russia, communist Russia, and it is like we are supposed to be quiet about it. We are supposed to shut up and go along with it. What is wrong with these people? I am furious.

Barry Nussbaum: I think it is all about their guy or their gal has to win. Their political views have to be the views adopted by the government. They hate Trump so much they do not want the country that they live in to remain like it is today. They are dreaming of a socialist utopia. In their minds is the free-stuff-o-rama.

Let me add to your frustration. So, this audit comes out at the same time the news is out from the same State of Michigan. The Bureau of Elections in Michigan has issued a memorandum instructing the election clerks in Michigan that all electronic poll book files must be deleted; in other words, they are ordering the election clerks in each county to delete all the evidence from the election in November.

If that evidence is gone, we don't have a thing to argue about other than rumor and innuendo. So, this Amistad Project, which is a bunch of lawyers, asks judges to prevent the deletion of this evidence. Even though in Michigan, the Secretary of State has ordered it all purged. Is that insane?

Will Johnson: What is crazy to me is that they even have to fight to keep the data. To my understanding, I could be wrong. By law, they are supposed to keep that data for two years.

So, how are they not breaking the law by deleting the data? I mean, what is the difference between them deleting this data and Hillary Clinton deleting her emails? The level of crime after crime and nothing happens.

Barry Nussbaum: If you go back to Hillary, she did not just delete 30 thousand emails. They then BleachBited all the hard drives, took all the cell phones that were managing the email, and smashed them with hammers.

Then ran programs deleting everything in violation of court orders from the Attorney General and the State Department that those emails had to be preserved. Then said, “Well, yes, some emails were deleted, but it was all about our daughter's wedding and wedding planning.

“Thirty-three thousand emails on an illegal server kept in her basement, and she's still walking around lobbying to be the UN Ambassador or God knows what, instead of wondering what's for lunch in the state women's facility in New York, where she probably belongs.

Right now in Michigan, there is a fight with the Michigan Governor and the Secretary of State in Michigan. The Michigan governor is already fighting off a recall because of her shutdown of her State. Everybody hates her because she has these draconian resolutions that she makes up every morning, but then she and her family violate them.

Then she has to say she is sorry again. She sided with the Bureau of Elections in Michigan, the Secretary of State, and the Director of Elections to delete all the evidence. So, here's my question then we are going to bring out a question from the audience.

Why isn't it front-page news, in all media, that this election audit has come out proving beyond a shadow of a doubt massive election fraud in Michigan? A swing state, then the state government issues orders to delete all the files that prove whatever is there contrary to court orders. Why isn't it in the news, Will?

Will Johnson: Because the news media answers to China. They are all behind it. They are deliberately trying to take down America. I'm so disgusted. These people are no longer a journalist. They do not want to report the truth.

The social media platforms have all these third-party fact-checkers listening to China, and the American people will get the short end. It is disgusting. They do not want to talk about it because they want to push their only narrative. That is a Harris/Biden win. That is all that they want, and do not say anything else.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, they are doing a pretty good job so far because when people write to me and want to know why it is not in the news. How come I know, and they don't? I ask them, where do you get your news, ma'am?

They say CBS, just like my parents or ABC or CNN, or MSNBC. Right? We have a lady that has called in, and Anni has brought on with us her name is Remedy. Hello, Remedy. Do you have a question for Will today?

Remedy: Yeah, I have a couple of questions and a little story she told me to tell you first hand. Let me ask the question first, and then you can write them down. I can make it real quick that way. First of all, is there a blacklist? Because I’ve had some weird experiences job hunting. I am not even kidding. It is weird.

Barry Nussbaum: Let me just stop you. Do you mean a blacklist of people who are Trump supporters and, therefore, your future?

Remedy: Yeah, because it's very strange. These are different companies, and they are all doing certain things. Second, did you know Barry rode my tricycle in my backyard in the 70s in Salt Lake City, Utah? That's just a, by the way.

Will Johnson: I hope you have pictures of that.

 Remedy: I can tell you that story later.

Barry Nussbaum: Barry is in this Barry was in your backyard in Salt Lake City?

Remedy: No, as in Barack Obama.

Barry Nussbaum: Shut up. Really?

 Remedy: We're the same age.

Barry Nussbaum: Really?

Remedy: I'm not kidding. I'm not kidding.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, my goodness.

Remedy: I am not kidding. His real father was not Mr. Obama, by the way.

Will Johnson: Do you have pictures of that?

Remedy: No, but he defended me against Tony, who wanted to sex with me or, Barry, he would beat me up.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, God.

Remedy: Yeah. He actually, Barry said, I'll beat you up, but now he has changed into something else, which breaks my heart. Okay, the third thing is my situation. I was working for the census this year, and I was hired to be a field supervisor.

While I was in training down in Vail at the hotel, my supervisor pulled me aside and said, “Please don't be so political.” Now, I had not discussed any of my views in class or socializing with anybody. But online, in the Quora question-answer forum, I was defending Trump when I was saying things pro-Trump.

How did he know that? Later on, I was singled out by them taking things that were done to me by fellow field supervisors. Things where they were infringing upon my area, they have their own class to train. I had my own team to train.

They would do things. They were stepping on my toes. When I would talk to him about it, he would say, “Well, they said, you did that.” When they finally wound it down to where I was being let go, he brought that all up again and made it like I was the one doing the same and I wasn't, and I never was political with anybody during class or anything.

Barry Nussbaum: Let's go to your first question, Remedy. Unofficially, I've heard, and I'll ask Will's input in a second. There is a massive amount of payback that is going on in companies from coast to coast, both in the private sector and the public sector.

It is pushed strongly by certain people in the media, like the ladies talk show The View. They talk about it almost every day that we have got to prevent these people from ever having any power of any kind. We want to ruin their lives.

Remedy: They are doing it to me.

Barry Nussbaum: There is a congresswoman in California named Maxine Waters, who talks about it all the time. So, I don't know if it's official or unofficial, but I know it is out there. Will, what are your thoughts on a blacklist?

Will Johnson: I am just outside of Austin, Texas, and there is a small business here. This was in the newspaper, and they blatantly said that anyone that applies for a job at her business, if she finds out that you have an account on Parler, she is not going to hire you for the job.

There is a movement right now to prevent any conservative outspoken on social media talking about support for President Trump. They are trying to make it to where you can never, ever hold a job. Let alone be in a position of political power. You can't hold a job to sustain any income for your family.

They are seriously pushing for that. A lot of them won't even hide it any longer. Barry just got done talking about Maxine Walters going after them, and there is a website where they are taking a list of names.

To my understanding, AOC, I have not seen her come out and directly say it, but I have not heard her come out and deny it. There is a website that has been going around. Everyone knows about it that she's behind this website that is taking a list of conservatives so they can make sure that you would never hold a job again.

Remedy: I wondered what that is because I tried looking up accountability.net, which is by Tories, the Obama campaign. He was the spokesman for the Democratic National Party, but it was taken down. It says it is not there.

I am trying to find it because I am planning on suing. I'm not kidding. This morning, I tried to sit there and wait for a phone interview with a pretty large security company. I was scheduled and everything, and suddenly, it was canceled an hour and a half before.

The day before that, with another company, they hired me. I was told that I would be scheduled for Monday. That was yesterday, and nothing happened. I called them, and they sent an email saying I did not sign an employment agreement.

I said, yes, I did. I signed everything. I gave them a copy of my canceled check for direct deposit. She said the guy that is in charge of the drivers because I was going to be driving public transportation. I have multi-talents. I am a mom.

I have to take what I can get. Anyway, I am trying to do that, and the guy won't call me. I keep calling and leaving messages. I keep sending emails to H.R. I supposedly am hired. They have my financial information. They have my checking account on that canceled check. So, I feel like I am putting myself out there.

Will Johnson: Can I ask you a question?

Remedy: What?

Will Johnson: Are you currently on social media?

Remedy: I am only on Quora. On social media, I use pseudonyms because I have an ex before all this started. Every time he sees my name, he starts harassing me.

So, I already came up with a pseudonym. The only people that know me know that pseudonym. But within Quora, yeah, I use my real name. I tried to cancel that out, but it won't cancel.

Barry Nussbaum: There is the perfect question that Will just asked you. For those of us that are prominent and are conservative and constitutional, it is not hard to figure out if you are one of the people that believe that way. People underestimate the economic power of seventy-five million-plus Americans that are still marching for Trump, still waving American flags, and are getting angrier and angrier.

Remedy: I have had fantasies of doing what that restaurant owner was telling Will about. I'm not kidding.

Barry Nussbaum: We all have, and it was like Will's story about the guy in D.C. I have heard a zillion stories like that. We are not going away. We are not going to be quiet. We are not going to sit down and go, “Oh, well, we lost because we did not lose.”

Remedy: What is that dystopian future series about the woman who wears a metallic, copper-colored suit that she can turn invisible? She goes back in time from when the world had become corporate-owned, and she thinks that's the right side of things.

She goes back in time and realizes where it all started was here in the U.S. and all these things that were happening. I fantasized about having an outfit like that so I can go invisible, sneak in there and just kidnap a few people. You know, that need to be removed. I know that's terrible, but you know.

Will Johnson: No, you know what? That is with so many people.

Barry Nussbaum: We have got a lot to cover today. I appreciate you calling in. Please stay in touch with us. I would like you to talk to Anni, our producer, about your Barry story. I am very intrigued about that. We will talk about that at a future date. Thanks for the story. We wish you the best of luck.

Remedy: All right, Thank you.

Barry Nussbaum: Let's move on. Thanks, Remedy. Will, we have got a lot more to cover today. We talked a little bit about Michigan. So, here is Arizona's news. Now I am talking about the swing states in today's show.

The Republican chairman in Arizona is filing paperwork to have the Dominion voting machines seized in Arizona. Why? They want the same kind of forensic audit in Arizona that was done on the Dominion machines in Michigan.

He says that if they can audit those machines, they are supposed to get a ruling from the court today. Those machines will be seized before they can be destroyed and wiped. Then you have two states with the same issue.

We are going to talk about this in a few minutes. Arizona has seated two delegations to go to the Electoral College vote. One Democrat, and one Republican. Why? Because the Republicans say they

won Arizona for Trump, but the machines changed the outcome. My question for you, hypothetically, because we're going to talk more in a few minutes, can Congress ignore the evidence coming out of Arizona if their audit is the same as Michigan's audit?

Will Johnson: Technically, I think we would all agree that they can not ignore it. But if the socialist Democrats get it their way, they will ignore it. They are ignoring all the crimes that are taking place right now. Why stop here? But you are right.

They can't ignore it. There is no way that they can ignore it. But like I said, I'm so irritated, Barry. I just want to scream. I am not violent, and I do not advocate violence, but someone's neck needs to be choked.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, you sound like Remedy. There is a lot of Americans out there, tens of millions that feel that way. So, listen to this article I found. There is this guy, Gary Miliefsky. He is a founding member of the United States Department of Homeland Security.

You do not get any bigger than that in terms of election security. He is not working for the government now. He publishes Cyber Defense Magazine. It is a very technical journal having to do with computers and voter security.

Listen to this opening of his article that just came out. This is a quote "While you need an I.D. to buy alcohol, buy cigarettes, buy a lottery ticket, enter a nightclub, get on an airplane, buy a house or rent an apartment, buy a car, and get car insurance, why is it we don't require an I.D. to choose who will be our next President?

"It turns out," this is his article continuing, “Thanks to our operation called Iraqi Freedom, the elections in Iraq, which is barely a country, are more secure than ours. There in Iraq, they use strong multifactor authentication.

One real fingerprint, one real I.D., and one real registered voter who has to show up in person and under the cover of COVID-19, numerous states in the U.S. were able to sneak in at the last minute, in many cases, illegally, and waste a vote in our election. Hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots appeared and would be cast even after midnight on November 3rd."

Will Johnson: Even after they closed the polling station and told everyone to go home. I am just throwing that part in there.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, yeah. But this is what went to the Supreme Court, which is why I am so confused that the Supreme Court did not take this case up. They did what you just talked about, they extended the time to vote, extended the time to turn in the ballots, extended the time to count the ballots, and most importantly, as Gary Miliefsky says in his article, they eliminated all kinds of I.D. and all kinds of signature verification.

They said any ballot that shows up is legal. The problem with that, Will, is, constitutionally those changes in the law were made illegally. Under the U.S. Constitution, each state sets its election regulations and procedures, but the legislature must do it. Not by appointed or elected officials acting unilaterally.

In other words, the Governor, Director of Elections, and the Secretary of State whatever they say is an opinion. They can't change the rules. Yet in Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, and Wisconsin, the rules got changed. Oh, I just named every swing state that went for Trump last time; this time went for Biden.

How is that possible that all of these states could change the rules and get away with it? A new report says that the Dominion voting systems intentionally and purposefully are designed to create systematic fraud. Ballots can be changed, outcomes can be changed, and counts can be changed.

Listen to this in Central Lake Township; there were 1,491 ballots cast, 1,222 or 82% were rejected as improperly voted. Then went to adjudication panels.

An adjudication panel is just someone who decides who that person intended to vote for. If you do not have voter supervision, you do not have the poll-watchers there, and you happen to love Joe Biden and hate Donald Trump.

My guess is this 82% of rejected ballots, any guess on who they all got voted for? Donald Trump. By the way, here is a question from caller Jim. I'll let you take this one. Jim wants to know why people like Remedy are so easily fired, and there is nothing we can do about it? Do you have a thought on that, Will?

Will Johnson:  I do not know. I am so frustrated with all of it.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, it seems like the only thing she could do is hire a lawyer or go to the employment commission. How do you prove it? They hired me, and then they unhired me because on social media, I said I like Donald Trump, I like freedom, I like lower taxes, or I don't want to let looters out of jail. Do you know what I mean?

Will Johnson: She did mention Quora, which is total social Democrat media. It is beyond ridiculous how liberal that social media platform is. They hate Donald Trump to no end.

It is 100% discrimination. To my understanding, maybe you can correct me on this, but there are no laws on the books saying that you can not dislike someone because of the political views, unlike someone hiring and then firing them because of their skin complexion.

That deals with civil rights. That is blatant racism or someone's sex. You are a female, but we want to hire a male instead, even though they are both qualified. You find out it is blatant discrimination. In this case, because you like President Trump, that's why these businesses are openly saying if you like President Trump, we are not going to hire you.

It is discrimination to the fullest—the same thing with the social media platform. They censor conservatives, put conservatives in time out, or are put into Facebook jail because they're discriminating against conservatives. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is nothing on the books saying they can't do that.

Barry Nussbaum: I agree with you. I am reading through these reports that have been released yesterday and this morning. Here is another one. It talks about the Dominion machines in a number of jurisdictions.

The day after the election security logs for election day, the previous day were either purged, which means wiped, or are missing altogether. Get this in hundreds of locations where Dominion machines were used.

Will Johnson: But there's no voter fraud, right?

Barry Nussbaum: So, let's talk about that. You raise an interesting point. I think both of us watch way too much news for our own mental health. We can't help it. We got to know what people are saying.

Will Johnson: Even if you get away from it, Barry, it still finds its way to you. I'm sure.

Barry Nussbaum: I am sad to tell you this, and I am sure you already know, but maybe our viewers don't. Even Fox News, every time they make a report about the election, whatever it is, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Georgia will say the results have been certified.

Joe Biden is the nominee from X state, and there is no evidence of voter fraud. I hate to say it, I have been saying this for weeks, and I know you have heard me say it. It reminds me of Nazi Germany. Joseph Goebbels, the head of propaganda for Adolf Hitler, said, “If you give me control of the press, I will make the people into sheep.”

So, what is happening here is every national media platform with a big reach, and I'm talking about mainstream media all the letters, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and so on even Fox, if they say over and over again, Will Johnson, there is no evidence of voter fraud, and you hear it over and over again.

What do you make of the evidence that you and I have been talking about? Where everywhere there is a dominion machine? There are over a thousand people that have come forward and signed affidavits under penalty of perjury.

They could go to jail if they lied, saying, “The votes were changed, I saw it happen, and it's not in the news.” Goebbels right; if it's not on the news, it didn't happen, or what do we know about it? What's your thought?

Will Johnson: You tell a lie until it becomes true. You are right. They control the media. They use the media to put all this propaganda out there, to get the people to believe something. It makes me think about where I've heard some so-called Trump supporters saying that President Trump needs to concede and go with 2024.

That is one of the most ignorant things I think I've ever heard come from a so-called Trump supporter because what they don't realize is that these machines will stay in place if the Democrats have it their way. Never again will we ever get a decent President to walk through the doors of the White House.

I've been saying it six months before we got to this election. I said these Democrats would pull something to remove President Trump, and we would never get another decent President. He would be the last President this country will ever have that is decent, that will do the right thing for this country.

I kept saying it six months plus before the election. Here we are. I have people call me and send messages saying I'm fear-mongering. I don't know what I'm talking about, and now those same people are nowhere to be found. Those same people are going, well, maybe we need to work on 2024.

There is not going to be 2024. They are using the media to push it onto everybody. Barry, you bring up a good point. You can look at the video footage, and the media will turn around and say nothing is happening in this video.

Disregard it. It has been debunked. Even though you are watching the video, and you see what they are doing. The media will turn around and tell you don't believe it. People do not believe what they see any longer. It is amazing to be alive in this time right now and that we're even having this conversation. It's sickening to me.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, it is not just the media. It is in the Department of Justice. I read something this morning. I couldn't believe it. We all know that with very little warning Attorney General Bill Barr just quit. He leaves the office in a couple of days.

Will Johnson: Did he quit?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, quit, or he was pushed out the door.

Will Johnson: I am sorry to break in, but why even announce it yesterday? Why not just wait until Friday?

Barry Nussbaum: They always say stuff like, it's because he misses miniature golf. They come up with something. So, listen to this. You are not going to believe what I am going to tell you. It has not made big headlines yet.

A couple of weeks ago, Bill said, and he repeated it a week ago, “That he has not seen widespread proof of voter fraud. But they are investigating it.” Trump got pissed, and you know what? I don't blame the President.

There is so much evidence. It's like standing in a frickin downpour, you are soaked, and people go, “Oh, I'm not sure it's raining.” You are standing there saying, “I'm soaked. It's pouring.” They say, “I'm not sure. It's not on T.V.” Listen to this from 2009 to 2018. Guess who Bill Barr worked for?

Will Johnson: The CIA.

Barry Nussbaum: Dominion.

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah. You are right, Dominion. Before that, it was the CIA.

Barry Nussbaum: He was paid by Dominion, 1.2 Million in cash, and 1.1 million in stock awards, according to the SEC. So, let me ask you a question. That is embarrassing because Dominion is the company behind the voter fraud.

Will Johnson: How is that not concerned treason? If not treason, at least conflict of interest.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, my God, is it ever. Will, how can you take in 2.3 million dollars over nine years as a, I am going to put this in air quotes "consultant" for Dominion. Then be expected to do an honest investigation of the fraud perpetrated on 300 plus million Americans? Seventy-five million of which voted for Donald Trump and are still very angry.

How can you be an honest investigator? Now it makes sense. Get me out of here. By the way, this report is not coming from some flunky. It came from Forbes magazine. One of our ATP loyal listeners, and I am not going to mention her name, but very connected in the government says it was Dominion Energy, not Dominion voting systems. Maybe she is right. Thank you.

Will Johnson: Let me ask you a question about that. When it first came out about the whole Dominion, we started looking it up. Originally, if you would do a simple Google search on Dominion. Dominion Energy came up. Originally George Soros's name showed up everywhere on Dominion Energy. Now, what are the odds of it having the same name as the software? One is just called energy?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, that is not uncommon. If it is a name that people like.

Will Johnson: It's just a coincidence.

Barry Nussbaum: Could be. Let's move on to something more important. That was an interesting thing that I may be wrong. Here is what the future holds. Let's talk about this. Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Nevada, and Michigan, have all seated two sets of delegates to the Electoral College, Republican and Democrat.

The Republicans did it because they are protesting the certification of the Democrat electors in their State saying, the certification was done under a cloud of fraud. As best as I can tell, they are probably right. However, as of yesterday, Biden has enough electoral votes committed to him and will be certified in January by Congress.

Here is what's interesting. If only three of those seven states flip. Somehow, from Biden to Trump. Trump has enough to win. Biden loses. Now, if those electors are presented to Congress, and at that time, Republicans still control the Senate.

Democrats hold on to the House majority, which they will if the lawmakers in each House can't agree to certify that when Congress counts the votes on January 6th, according to the Brookings Institution; there will be a competing slate of electors that will be debated in the House and the Senate.

At that point, who runs the Senate? The President of the Senate, who's the President of the Senate? Vice President Mike Pence, right? There will be a debate in the Senate as to which competing slate of electors to accept.

It happened in 1876, and there were three states deadlocked. It was quite a fight. They brokered a deal to decide how the Electoral College was going to be decided. It could be that the ascertainment of the vote by the governors is going to be rejected by the Congress. It could happen.

Steven Miller, the White House adviser to President Trump, told Fox a few days ago that these alternative groups of electors in several states, which is right now seven of them. According to Steven Miller, the only date in the Constitution that is firm is January 20th.

So we, meaning the Trump campaign, have enough time to flip three states going the other way if Congress steps up and selects the alternates in any one of these seven states. As we've talked about, these are the swing states, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada.

So, it could happen, Will, that the votes submitted to Congress are subject to debate and are not just going to be rubber-stamped. Constitutionally, the elected officials in the United States Congress can decide who won each state and, therefore, to seat the delegation that they feel represents the honest vote.

So, if I were the Trump campaign, I'd be working hard to make sure that those seven delegations have evidence presented well in advance to Congress as to what happened in their states. Best as I can tell, there's plenty of it.

Will Johnson: There is plenty more of it. I was going to say, what do you think is going to happen if they don't do that? The Democrats are counting on Republicans to do what they have in the past. Put their head down, hand against their chest, tail between the legs, walk away moping and say nothing.

A lot of them have shown how spineless they are. A lot of them were silent when they should not be silent. What do you think is going to happen? Do you think we are going to accept socialism at that point?

Barry Nussbaum: Your question is very upsetting. It is upsetting because there are so many people, for example, the Governor and Secretary of State in Georgia, both supposedly conservative Republicans who can't certify the election results fast enough.

They keep saying, “Oh, there's no fraud in Georgia.” Keep in mind, Fulton County, where Atlanta is, is the largest population center in the State of Georgia—emptied the arena on election night when the votes were being counted because of a massive water leak.

Will Johnson: It ended up to be a trickle. It was not a massive water leak.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, it was a urinal. The water was running. They used that excuse to send home hundreds of election observers. Then during the night, a million votes showed up, according to Dominion. So, that is an example of what you are saying, Will.

Why is it that Governor Kemp can't step up and say, you know what, there is some monkey business in my State? I do not feel comfortable certifying the electors because I do not know if the vote is right.

Will Johnson: To be honest with you, this is just my opinion. I believe Kemp was paid off. The reason I say that is, what in the world does Stacey Abrams have to do with anything. Why did Kemp give her control over what is happening in Georgia right now?

Why? I truly believe that they told Kemp that you need to put Stacey Abrams here. If you don't, we will expose you. Because he is dirty, This is my opinion on it. Whatever the reason, what other excuses there?

Barry Nussbaum: I do not have an answer for you that makes any sense because the proof is unbelievable. This is Stacey Abrams, who is as radical as they come. She has been advising people to move to Georgia, which is a violation of federal election law.

It is a felony to register to vote for the two socialist candidates, so the Republicans lose control of the Senate. She has not even been investigated yet. She is on television every day. So, let's talk about what might happen in the Senate. On January 6th, in a few weeks, the Electoral College votes will be presented.

At that point, Vice President Mike Pence, as President of the Senate for that day, can accept or reject motions to decide the next step in the certification. At that point, the ballots are accepted and will be opened, but if any member of that chamber raises their hand to object to any specific state's electoral votes, Mike Pence, as Vice President, can recognize that delegate that senator, and now everything freezes.

Then there will be a debate. A minimum of two hours, and then the states can vote. They could vote to recognize the Republican delegation instead of the Democrat delegation. Would that be wild? So, it is not over Will Johnson.

Will Johnson: Yeah, do you know what I see happening in that scenario? Portland, Seattle, New York, L.A., Oakland, Detroit, St. Louis, and Miami, on fire. Because they see Trump is not going anywhere. I see it happening that evening or the next day.

Barry Nussbaum: Is it your opinion that will be a reaction to the Senate certifying the Republican electors in enough states to give the Electoral College to Trump? Your prediction is they are going to burn the cities.

Will Johnson: Yeah, as soon as they realize that Trump will be there another four years. They are going to automatically, if not that day, it will probably start that evening. There will be pockets that evening, but then the next day, and the day after that, and the following week, and a week after that, it is just going to be chaos.

They hate this man so much that they are willing to destroy the country. They are willing to destroy the country. I truly believe that. They have already demonstrated that they will destroy the country and the cities. They have already demonstrated how much they hate law and order. Seattle and Portland those are a prime example.

Those were test runs. Chicago test runs for what is to come and beyond. To be honest with you, it needs to happen because President Trump will put his foot down, bring in the National Guard, and squash these people for doing what they are doing.

Barry Nussbaum: I did not plan on talking about it today, but I watched last night. I believe there is a law pending. It is either Seattle or Portland. Forgive me. I know it is one of those two cities that are going to decriminalize crimes.

This is not a joke. This is not one of those Babylon Bee made-up stories. They will decriminalize over a hundred crimes that, if you are arrested for any of these crimes, like breaking and entering, robbery, shoplifting, selling drugs, it's one hundred of them. You claim the reason you went into Wal-Mart and stole $500 worth of stuff was that you are poor. Under this new law. All charges are dropped, and they let you go.

Will Johnson: Not even if you are poor, but they want to do it if you have a drug addiction. Oh, you are just trying to feed your drug addiction. It is a problem that you have, and you are just trying to feed that. So, you are stealing so you can buy more drugs. Okay, that's not a crime. This is insanity. It is total insanity.

Barry Nussbaum: I would not argue with you. It is the craziest thing I've ever heard. There is a caller in Nevada named Trish who says they are not saying there is no fraud. They are saying there is no widespread voter fraud. Now, that is an interesting concept. She is touching on an important legal theory.

In some cases, the reason why courts do not take up challenges is that the challenge, if correct, would not change the outcome. So, they do not consider the case. Meaning it is not outcome determinative.

For example, if you've got Pennsylvania, and Trump loses by thousands and thousands of votes, you find voter fraud for like 800 votes. Yeah, it's bad, and it ought not happened, but if the court looks at the evidence and comes up with the theory that even if correct, it would not change the election outcome.

Then they do not take the case. The problem I have with her commentary, it's not a problem with Trish, who asked the question, but more of the media's response. There are thousands of people. I mean, lawyers, doctors, and schoolteachers, people that have upstanding positions in the communities.

They have volunteered to be poll watchers, who are going public with the story of it being changed constantly. It's not isolated. It is a landslide of fraud.

Will Johnson: If I can interject, the one thing that irks me the most is that we had the left make up a fake dossier about the Russian collusion delusion for the past three and a half, four years. It was false. They investigated, they spent millions of dollars on something fabricated, and we all know it.

They refuse to look at something where there are thousands of affidavits. People could go to prison for lying. There is actual video footage of people doing fraudulent stuff throughout the country. There is actual evidence, tangible evidence, not just hearsay, not because someone felt a certain way, not because they tried to frame somebody.

But we have information, and you know what? If you don't investigate one crime. Let's say Barry and Will we rob a bank, and we can say, “Oh, you know what? The bank in the next city was not robbed, and the bank and across the state line was not robbed.” We can't say that there wasn't enough to affect the banking system because it was only one bank.

That is the most ignorant thing to me. They used for this whole it was fraud, but not widespread. Well, let's investigate it because we already see that there is fraud. We are not trying to say, let's find out if there was a fraud. Let's investigate the fraud that we know. If it goes further than what is expected, then we'll find out.

The crime has been committed. It is not like we are trying to speculate has a crime been committed. That irks me to no end.

Are we no longer a country of laws? Do we just disregard all the laws that have been put in place here? Harris/Biden going into the White House means that this country is no more about law and order. Biden could not even say law and order in a sentence together.

They refuse to. Socialist Democrats are against law and order. That is where we are headed right now. I'm so irritated and furious. If I commit a crime, I am going to do time. Democrats commit a crime. They get more lollipops. What is the next crime to commit? It is maddening.

Barry Nussbaum: I have no argument with you, and it is not a few cases. It is every single swing state that has hundreds of them. I could sit and talk to you about Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. My goodness, every swing state that Trump was going to win on, and was winning.

When we went to bed, Will, on election night, we woke up, and he was losing. All the counting stopped in the states because the Dominion machines can do that. Then the massive numbers showed up. We have got a caller. He wants to talk about the Supreme Court. Let's bring him on. I think his name is Roger. Roger has a question about the Supreme Court decision. Are you there, Roger?

Roger: Yeah, I'm here. How's it going, guys?

Barry Nussbaum: What is your question, sir?

Roger: It's not actually about the Supreme Court, but I did want to ask you guys. I joined Parler about a month and a half ago. The news feeds I'm getting at Parler are in real-time. It is almost like, the shocking news that you hear now and then. Behind the scenes stuff.

I'm like, okay, this is great. It seems like it is good news for us. Right? I mean, I'm hoping for it. I'm hoping for some sort of a bombshell, sort of a backlash against the Dems. I was hoping even Texas would come up on top during the lawsuit.

How come FOX and all these other news outlets that we would think are conservatives are a little bit far behind in their news coverage. It is not exactly on point, nor does it cover the relevance of the stuff I care about; for example, the kid in the mall that got disrespected by Santa, who was a liberal.

He did not want to give him a Nerf gun. But right now, we are in a bigger crisis than that. I do not want to hear about that nonsense. I want to hear about Trump being in the White House for the next four years. Is Fox dropping the ball, and do they not give a damn? I mean, what's going on with them?

On Parler, I am following people left and right. They are giving me good content news. Right now, while you guys were talking, the Pentagon just shut down their network security for hacking. I just got that alert. Fox will never cover that.

Will Johnson: If I can interject? It is good to see all this news coming out saying that this is happening, and that is happening. They are going to drop a bombshell, and this is going to come out; just wait. That has been happening for the past three years. There has never been anything.

Sessions was supposed to do his job, but nothing ever happened. Barr was supposed to do his job. They said we are going to get 160 thousand indictments. We can't even get one.  I like Parler. I'm on Parler too, but we have to be careful because I think some people put information out there just to get us to believe that something is about to happen, and the only thing that happens is we just get crushed. We get our hopes up, and we get crushed.

Roger: This was newsworthy today, for example, the CEO of Dominion was testifying in front of a hearing. Admitting something about solar wind that he had no association with that, Dominion has nothing to do with solar wind. Well, the guys over here at Parler are doing their due diligence, doing the background, whatever. They find a source code on the website for Dominion that has solar winds on it.

They took out the hyperlink in the footer. There is something that they're hiding. This stuff is valid stuff that you can always cross-check. I feel like social media and even Fox, the mainstream, are not getting the good content that we need to give up hope. I think that's what we need.

Barry Nussbaum: Let me answer your question directly. You have probably noticed that FOX News, as a network, has changed their slant on the news considerably in the last year or two. Most people suggest that is coincident with Rupert Murdoch, the father of the Sky News network, Fox News, The New York Post, and so on, stepping aside and putting his kids in control who make no secret about it.

That they are liberals. They are not the same conservative as their father. So, you see an editorial change all over the network that with the exception of a couple of people, Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity a lot of the reporting on Fox, you can't tell from mainstream media.

It is all like I said earlier in today's segment if you were listening to what I said earlier. Even Fox News continually says there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, period. Regardless of the fact that Will and I have talked about an avalanche of it. They are parroting the typical mainstream media.

If Fox News is going there, then conservatives in the millions are leaving which is why Parler is blowing up. Why? Because it's unrestricted, non-fact checked like Facebook. When we put our shows on Facebook, we have a thousand shows out. I can't tell you how many times there is one of those "has been checked by independent fact-checkers," then they give you a hyperlink to the truth, which did not come from us. Will, can tell you the same thing.

Our feeds get shut down all the time. Why? Because we are outside of their narrative. They make no secret they don't want Trump as the President. YouTube does it. You are not even allowed to criticize the vaccine on YouTube. They'll cancel your account. Twitter, forget about it. Facebook, forget about it.

Roger: Yeah, I feel like it is unfair.

Barry Nussbaum: Of course, it is.

Roger: It is a terrible time we are living in. I have a two-year-old, to be honest, guys, I'm moving. I live in Los Angeles. We are moving to Irvine, California. Even then, I'm looking at Googling Irvine, which is Orange County. I'm like, oh, my God, it is still too liberal for me. Right?  I got to get out of here.

Will Johnson: I was going to say there is no place in commie-fornia for you that is not liberal unless you go out into farmland.

Barry Nussbaum: Thanks for calling. We appreciate your viewpoint.

Roger: I appreciate it. Thank you.

Barry Nussbaum: Will, I am looking at January now. There is a whole lot that is going to happen. There are court cases in the lower courts going on like crazy. Sydney Powell says she is accumulating evidence that is filling up truck loads. The question is, who will have the stones to step up and do something about it and not just go along like you are suggesting?

Where they just put their heads down and go, well, I guess we should come back in four more years because this one's screwed. We lost. They won. No, I don't think that's what happened. If there was an honest accounting on a state-by-state basis, at least in the swing states, Donald Trump is probably well over 300 electoral votes, and he only needed 270 to win.

What do you predict Will Johnson will happen between now and the presentation of the Electoral College at Congress on January 6th?

Will Johnson: That makes me think about the gentleman that just called, hearing all of this information. There is other stuff that I hear on Parler and other conservative social media outlets. That today they are going to implement something.

We don't know exactly what. Then there is a rumor that something will happen between the 18th and the 20th of this month. We don't know exactly what. It is hard for me to predict because I don't know. I don't claim to have a crystal ball. I don't claim to be a prophet. But I see the writing on the wall.

The writing on the wall that I see is that if this goes to Congress and Mike Pence, Mike Pence is a stand-up guy. He is a Christian, and he will do the right thing. If he does the right thing, and one Republican stands up and says, “I object.” It starts the ball rolling. There is at least one Republican that is there that would do that, no doubt.

Barry Nussbaum: You are right. Someone's got to stand up and say, “Mr. President,” because he's the President of the Senate. I'm referring to Mike Pence. “Mr. President, I object to the presentation of the Democrat Electoral slate from the State of Georgia, the State of Pennsylvania, the State of Arizona, and the State of Michigan.”

Right there, if those delegations were not allowed to vote, but the Republicans were allowed to vote, I'm talking about the electoral voters then Trump is the President by an act of Congress. I think somebody is going to stand up.

Now, the question is, when the debate starts, that is going to be something you want a ticket to. It will get loud, it's going to get confrontational, the screaming about Trump wants to be a dictator, and he's a Nazi. Do you know what I mean?

Will Johnson: Yeah. They are going to have the sergeant of arms full staff that evening probably. I can see it getting physical. We are at that point in the country.  When I was young, I never even looked at politics or anything. We saw stuff on T.V., and different stuff plays out in movies—just different scenarios.

Never in a million years, even when I became a young adult, I never thought that we would be sitting in the position we are in right now, having this discussion where this could happen. It could get physical that evening. If it gets physical that evening, and then it comes out Trump is on top, chaos.  The other scenario, the opposite of that, is that the Republicans do not do anything.

I do not think that's going to happen. I'm praying it doesn't happen because they didn't in the Senate. They could have rolled over in the Senate during the impeachment hearing, and they didn't. If that were to take place, they did roll over and let Biden/Harris ticket go in.

I am subject to believe that because of what the left has put the country through for the past four years, that militia groups throughout the entire country will be on the streets of America. How far that would go, I do not know. Because for the most part, those on the right, conservatives, Republicans, do not want to destroy the country.

They do not want to burn the country down or attack people. They want the country to be great. They want people in the country to prosper. We want the opposite of what the left wants. So, the fighting will most definitely kick-off once they realized President Trump is not going anywhere.

Barry Nussbaum: Well. Personally, based on what I've looked at, and we just talked about a fraction of it, it could have been a six-hour show just reading you the evidence that we've looked at, I don't think there's any question, Will, that there have been massive amounts of voter fraud. Ballots were changed, illegal manipulation of the machines, emptying the voting counting halls, so that wink, wink, wink, the changes are different.

Will Johnson: So, we see all of this, if the Democrats are screaming that there was no massive voter fraud, and it was an open and fair election, no, Russia, Russia, Russia. Shouldn't they say, “Yes, let's just go ahead and show everyone that there is nothing here?”

They should join in and say, “Look, we will do this with you because we want to show everyone nothing is here, nothing to worry about, nothing to see. So, here is all of the data, all of the evidence.” But they are not going to do that. Why is that?

Barry Nussbaum: It is simple because it is not about what is right or wrong, Will Johnson. It's that Biden wins and Trump loses. I do not think there are more than five people in the country right now that think Biden will make it past two years. So, what they want is the most radical President in American history, Kamala Harris.

Who will institute all of her wacky socialist-communist agenda? Biden will stumble off into the sunset with the hundreds of millions that Burisma will get them. Anyway, we could talk about this all day. We could get madder and madder and madder. Then we are going to start drinking in the middle of the afternoon because we are so stressed.

I owe you a drink for getting you all riled up because I was mad when we started. Will, thank you so much for coming on with me today. It is always a pleasure. I think you and I are going to have to be live when the Congress meets. We can have a T.V. in the corner so we can watch it.

I hope you are wrong about the riots, but I'm sorry to say I think you are probably right. People are always looking for an excuse to burn stuff down. I want you to be wrong, but I do not think you are wrong.

Will Johnson: Yeah. I want to be wrong, but I do not think I am wrong. But you and millions of other people have seen what the left has demonstrated. As Kamala Harris said, if they don't win, you can guarantee that there will be more violence. They were encouraging them to be violent. They have already said it.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, I get it, and you are right. So, listen for everybody out there in ATP radio land. Thank you again for coming out. I am sorry we did not get to more questions. I understand there were about a bazillion of them, but we can only handle a few at a time.

Next week remember to push one. I want to remind everybody again who is listening. Please take out your cell phones right now. Text the message BYA three letters, B-Y-A. This stands for ‘Because You Asked’ and send it to 88202 and you will get a free sample of my new book Because You Asked you will be signed up to be on our mailing list.

Everything is free. You do not have to pay for a thing because we do not charge for content at ATP. Again, I want to thank my good friend Will Johnson for coming on and encourage all of you to check him out at uniteamericafirst.com. He is a great patriot. He has got tons of information and great opinions. Will, it is always a pleasure to have you on with me.

Will Johnson: Thank you, sir.

Barry Nussbaum: So, for all of you out there, we will see you again in the next couple of days. We got a lot of good content coming out. I will be on again live on Friday. Anni is on this week, and Will Johnson will be on the radio as well. Thanks again for listening and being a supporter of American Truth Project. For ATP Radio, I'm Barry Nussbaum. Have a wonderful day.


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