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PLO Blames Trump
PLO: Trump Helping Israel Steal From Palestinians

Israel recently passed a law that deducts an amount of money from customs duties transfers, equal to what the Palestinian [...]

PaLIEstinian NOthaurity At The UN

Breaking down arch-terrorist & PA president Mahmoud Abbas’ barrage of lies at the UN Security Council Meeting.  

Abbas & Putin
Abbas to Putin: We Refuse to Cooperate In ANY Form…

Arch-terrorist and illegitimate president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas went to Moscow to convince Vladimir Putin for Russia to [...]

Reunited: KGB & PLO
Reunited: The KGB & PLO

Mr. Abbas goes to Moscow – The Palestinian Authority president is in Russia, trying to get Vladimir Putin to sideline [...]

Fallacy of the Peace Process

The Voice of Israel, Danny Seaman joins Barry Nussbaum to discuss the “Fallacy of the Peace Process” and why Israel’s [...]

PA Tells Nikki Haley to Shut Up
PA Tells Nikki Haley to “SHUT UP!”

The fork tongued spokesman of the PLO says they are open to negotiations about a two-state solution, as long as [...]

Abbas & Haniyeh
“Moderate” Fatah Denounces US Designating HAMAS Leader A Terrorist

Mahmoud Abbas “moderate” Fatah party released a statement denouncing the US placement of HAMAS chief Ismael Haniyeh on its list [...]

US Money to PA

WHAT A LIAR! Americans have provided the Palestinian Authority (PA) with over $5.2 billion through since 1994 – the year [...]