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New Lawsuit Could Win Trump Second Term!


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. It's the Katie and Barry show. Joining me from beautiful London, England, is Katie Hopkins. Hi, Katie.

Katie Hopkins: Hi, Barry. Yeah, thank you for the beautiful comment, but it's a hairy time here. We are just about to go back into lockdown. I've just come back from somewhere with my family and, unbelievably, Barry, I walked into one restaurant bar, and I asked to buy a beer, and they asked for my papers.

They said, "Have you got your papers?" It made me kind of shiver. It just felt like Germany at a time I wasn't living through. I was asked for my residential papers to buy a beer in the UK.

Barry Nussbaum: That's like a bad war movie from the 60s, right.

Katie Hopkins: Right.

Barry Nussbaum: So, so what's going on in the UK?

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, so we are about to go back into a much more draconian lockdown. It is thought that they're just coming up with new tiers every day. We are tier one to three. Now we're tier five. It looks like we'll have an overnight curfew as well.

But one of the shocking stats I just want to quickly share is three hundred and eighty-eight. Three hundred and eighty-eight, that's the total number of deaths under the age of 60 from COVID during this whole pandemic. Three hundred and eighty-eight, we have crushed a nation, but for three hundred and eighty-eight souls.

Enough of the doom saying from my side of the pond, Barry, tell me you've got the 6th of January coming up. What's going to happen? What's my beautiful friend Louie Gohmert been up to?

Barry Nussbaum: Wild news today, and I can't predict what's going to happen because nothing like this has ever happened before. Louie Gohmert is a favorite of mine, for sure. He's a congressman in the GOP from Texas. He's got this idea to sue Vice President Mike Pence.

To force the vice president to reject the electoral college slates from the seven swing states where there is an overwhelming amount of evidence supporting fraud in the election. So, if the lawsuit is successful, and trust me, this is a real long shot.

Then Mike Pence, as President of the Senate on January 6th, will be running the show. As vice president, that is one of his legislative duties. He could reject the slates as not being representative of the will of the people in those states. Which, by the way, is a true statement.

He could then reject their votes. On January 6, 2021, if Vice President Pence refuses to accept the challenged states' Electoral College slates, neither candidate would have enough Electoral College votes to be confirmed as President of the United States. At that point, under the Constitution, the Vice President would toss the election for President to the House of Representatives, who would then vote.

The Senate would decide the Vice President, and the House would elect the President. Because of how the votes would be tabulated, there are more Republican states than Democrat states, and I would expect that Trump would be confirmed as President. What do you think of that idea?

Katie Hopkins: My goodness. So just to be clear, Barry, the judge is the one that would have to agree with this and allow this process to proceed?

Barry Nussbaum: Yes, as I said, it's a legal long shot, and I have to be sadly sane about this. What I mean to say is that the Supreme Court has turned down case after case after case, just refusing to rule, and the same in many state supreme courts.

So, the truth is, judges are very reluctant to get involved in elections, especially presidential elections. It last happened in this country in 2000 with Gore and Bush. The chances of the judge intervening are small. But if it did happen, what I just told you, could happen. As we look towards 2021, how do you stay positive and have an optimistic view of the future?

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, it's a trick, isn't it? I've been wondering about this. I listen to our state broadcaster here, the BBC, and they seem to be treating people like children. It's always, oh, isn't it positive about this, aren't people lovely, oh, it's all this fluffy stuff, look at these sequins, oh, look at this fluffy bunny.

It's almost like a distraction technique, and I don't think that's the answer. I don't think doom and gloom and endless doom and gloom is the answer either. Nor do I think it's the job of journalists to feed people what they want to hear.

I feel like I see that at OANN or Newsmax, or others. They know what the supporters want to hear, and I wonder how much they're just feeding that. So, I guess our challenge, Barry, is how do we bring that? Isn't it? How do we also bring optimism?

I think that it's always about giving people real actions, a real sense of something they can actually do.

Barry Nussbaum: I couldn't agree more. I mean, my wish is for people to actually do something very important, which is to pick up a copy of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights as attached to it and read the thing. Understand this is where your rights as an American come from.

The destruction of these rights, literally the smashing of these rights in 2020 by crazy over the top governors, mayors, health department officials, you name it, every goofball bureaucrat that thinks they have the right to take away the constitutional protections that were given to us that caused this country to be formed.

I want people to read, and I want people to understand that they need to stand up for their rights before they are gone forever.

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, absolutely. I think that's a really positive message as well. I think it's important, and I wish we had a constitution here as well. I'm always envious of yours.

Barry Nussbaum: So, you had a good story you want to talk about from your holiday?

Katie Hopkins: Yes, yes, yes. So, I've just come back from Christmas vacation. So, seven days with my family and kids on the coast. We go to the sea, we go surfing, and it's freezing cold, but it's what we do.

Now there are these gentlemen in the morning really early on that have these, I guess, do you have the same word for it, metal detectors that go along the beach?

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, yeah.

Katie Hopkins: Yeah. So, they're going along doing that. I was watching them the other morning, about 6:00 in the morning. I know my kids think it's really sad. They think this whole metal detector thing is tragic. You know, what are these lonely guys doing.

But there had been this big storm in the night. Storm, Bella, and they were out there at seven o'clock the next morning with the winds, the gales, the waves, and they were metal detecting the beach. I looked at them, and I thought, how brilliant.

What a brilliant outlook on life that when the storm comes, they wake up, and they get out of their bed. They think, oh, what treasures will that storm have brought me. I will go and find the treasure. I think in many ways, for us, it's a great message for 2021.

We have faced storms in 2020. We'll face more at the beginning of 2021. Our need is to pivot and have this attitude of what joys this storm has brought or where do we find the hidden treasure.

I think one of the treasures we found from the storms we faced Barry is that our side is tough, our side is strong, our side is enduring, and our side is increasingly looking to find each other and connect. I think that is a real positive from the storms that we've faced.

Barry Nussbaum: That is a great story to share, and the message is fantastic. You're right, Katie, people that believe in freedom, that believe in this country, that believe in the rights that made this country something special, are fired up, and they're not going away, they're not going to shut up, they're not going to be run over, and they're not going to be told just go to your home and lock the door.

We'll tell you when you can come out. There are a lot of fired-up Americans, and they're not going back to sleep. So, thanks for joining us today on ATP Report. Thanks, Katie. I sure appreciate you as always. I want to remind our viewers who haven't yet signed up for text message alerts to text the word TRUTH to 88202.

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