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Iran Threatens To Close Oil Lane, US Vows To Keep It Open


Following President Rouhani’s warning that “there would be consequences” if the United States was successful in convincing its allies to stop buying oil from Iran, an IRGC commander pronounced that one response would be closing the Strait of Hormuz, disallowing any oil shipments through the passage.  Nearly one third of the world’s oil supply passes through the Strait, including the majority of Saudi Arabia’s; Iran closing the Strait of Hormuz would lead to global economic turmoil.

US Military Central Command responded by stating American sailors and its regional allies “stand ready to ensure the freedom of navigation and the free flow of commerce wherever international law allows.”  President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the toothless JCPOA will force Iran to negotiate a new nuclear deal, or experience complete economic collapse.  With protests over poor economic conditions and water shortages growing weekly, the regime is already under pressure, the new sanctions might be just what’s needed to bring about the change the people of Iran want and deserve.

Read article at The Times Of Israel: https://www.timesofisrael.com/us-vows-to-keep-oil-lanes-open-after-iran-threatens-to-block-key-strait/



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