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Do We Have Rights?


Will Johnson: Hello, hello, and hello, everybody. My name is Will Johnson, UniteAmericanFirst.com. Thank you for joining us this Thursday, August 5th, 2021. Do I need to tell you it is crazy? I think I said that last time.

Channon: We say that every time.

Will Johnson: And the time before that.

Channon: It's true. Every single time.

Will Johnson: Because it gets crazier and crazier. The left, they're not letting up on the crazy. If we had a nickel for every time, they came up with something crazy. We could pay off the debt.

Channon: Or the trillion-dollar debt that we are about to create.

Will Johnson: We could pay off the national debt.

Channon: There you go.

Will Johnson: All we need is a nickel for every time they do something crazy. Anyway, I thank everybody for joining us on this wonderful broadcast. Do me a favor. Send me a text, okay? Send a text to 88202 and just type my name WI-L-L, to 88202, type my name W-I-L-L. You get all the information that you need to know about from the American Truth Project.

Channon: Forgive me. I am getting over it, but I have some congestion going on. At least I am here today.

Will Johnson: Your good. You were out last week, Channon, and I had some awesome callers that called in. We also have this posted on our Facebook page if you're curious about how to get the number if you just missed it. It is on the Facebook page you can go there and get it as well.

So, Channon, we have a lot to talk about, but the first thing I want to get into is Biden. Biden straight up said that the governor in Texas and Florida both need to step aside and allow the federal government to just come in and do whatever they want to do. Be it with the CCP virus or even voting rights. Have you heard about that?

Channon: I heard about voting rights. Was that it?

Will Johnson: You know, Kamala Harris, she is supposed to be leading the charge on voter suppression. Where there is no voter suppression, she creates it.

Channon: Well, I did hear Biden make the statement that Texas and Florida were two big states that were low in vaccination rates, and COVID cases were blowing up in those states. Of course, DeSantis came back and noted that we also have an open border with tons of people bringing COVID into the state, and, of course, Biden doesn't acknowledge that problem. Yeah, it's crazy.

Will Johnson: It's 100% crazy, and for Biden to even have the audacity, seriously. To have the audacity to sit there and say that Texas and Florida need to get out of the way so they can do whatever it is that they want to do. It should be a wake-up call to everybody that the federal government is trying to wreak havoc.

Channon: They're telling them, listen, you guys go ahead and comply with what the other states are doing. You need to go ahead, step up to the plate, and do what other states are doing. It's kind of frustrating because then you have people like Mike Pence coming out as well saying, yeah, get the vaccination.

It's the best way we can fight COVID. I'm just sitting here going, sit down, Mike Pence. Do you know what I mean? I have more respect for these states and the people running these states fighting this administration than I do for rhinos that are trying to run for office.

Will Johnson: Absolutely. So, let me play the clip with Biden telling Texas and Florida to get out of the way when it comes to the CCP virus, you know, the vaccine.

President Joe Biden: We, kind of, must come together. We have to come together, all of us together as a country, to solve this. Make no mistake, the escalation of cases is particularly concentrated in states with low vaccination rates. Just two states, Florida and Texas, account for one-third of all new COVID-19 cases in the entire country, just two states. Look, we need leadership from everyone. If some governors aren't willing to do the right thing to beat this pandemic.

Then they should allow businesses, universities who want to do the right thing to be able to do it. I say to these governors, please help. If you're not going to help, at least get out of the way. The people are trying to do the right thing. Use your power to save lives. I've made it our first and top priority to have a vaccine available for every single American from the day I got elected. That was my priority. Let me be clear. We have a supply for every single American. That will never change.

Will Johnson: Here, Biden is telling the governor of Texas and Florida to get out of the way, basically trying to put it in people's heads that these two governors are ending lives and not trying to save lives.

Channon: It's a little frustrating because he needs to talk to Texas and Florida, but he fails to name the number three state, which is California. California is not too far behind Texas, and they have an almost 65% or 67% vaccinated rate. Texas is currently at 52%, but listen, they're not that far behind them with cases, even though they're almost 15% or 20% more vaccinated than Texas.

So, once again, they only give you just a little bit of information. Like, we're going to call out Texas and Florida because they have the most cases. Right now, Florida has 60,000 new cases, Texas has 11,000, and California has 10,000 new cases. So, why didn't he call out California?

Will Johnson: Yeah. Should we mention that these states have been getting new people, not even American citizens, just new people from various parts of the country? You know, how they come to the southern border. They get on busses and planes and shipped to God knows where.

They are showing up in Florida, and they're shipping them throughout Texas. They are saying these two places are becoming a hotbed, but so is commie-California. Commie-California is getting an influx of people too. It's ridiculous.

Channon: I read an article that Biden is thinking about asking for vaccination proof when people come from overseas states. I'm sitting here going, well, that's great, but you're not asking for the influx of illegals coming across to show their papers. I mean, it's so ridiculous. You have to look at the whole picture when it comes to this administration.

Will Johnson: You're absolutely right, but people ignore the stuff that's going on. The actual facts. They look the other way because they're being told to look the other way. And how do they do that? They bring up something that's not related to what's actually happening with the border crisis and that the people possibly have COVID that are coming across.

They have reported, Border Patrol has reported, multiple people coming across the border that has COVID, the CCP virus. Then they put them on planes and busses, shipping them off to places in the country, not even quarantining them.

Channon: So, the question is, is he really concerned about the influx of cases here in Florida and Texas? Absolutely he's not. I mean, come on.

Will Johnson: No, he's not. Ron DeSantis, this dude, if he never runs for president, something's really wrong because this dude, he's so on point. Do you know what it is? He's coming out, and he reminds me of Trump. Just not as, how people are saying it? As harsh. President Trump would come out; President Trump is the alpha male, but so is Ron DeSantis.

Channon: I was going to say, I think he is.

Will Johnson: He is an alpha male, but Trump would just, boom, boom, boom, right back at them, in their face. Ron DeSantis is still like giving them a choice; then he hits them where they need to be hit as well. So, I want you to listen. Listen to his response of Joe Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden, as he makes his remarks back to President Joe Biden.

Ron DeSantis: Joe Biden suggests that if you don't do lockdown policies, then you should, quote, get out of the way, but let me tell you this. If you're coming after the rights of parents in Florida. I'm standing in your way. I'm not going to let you get away with it. (applause) If you're trying to deny kids a proper in-person education. I'm going to stand in your way. I'm going to stand up for the kids in Florida.

If you're trying to restrict people, impose mandates. If you're trying to ruin their jobs, their livelihoods, and their small business. If you are trying to lock people down. I am standing in your way, and I'm standing for the people of Florida. So, why don't you do your job? Why don't you get this border secured? And, until you do that, I don't want to hear a blip about COVID from you. Thank you.

Will Johnson: Oh, that's so powerful. I love this dude.

Channon: He's like sit down, Joe Biden.

Will Johnson: I'm serious. Let me paraphrase. He basically said, Joe, shut up and do your job. You don't worry about me because I'm doing my job.

Channon: Well, you can't talk about, hey, listen, do the right thing. Step up to do the right thing, yet you're not doing the right thing. Biden is not doing the right thing by not addressing the border situation. He and Kamala Harris have completely ignored it. It has become a huge problem.

Listen, California being right behind Texas and Florida, being on the border with Mexico. They're part of it. They're getting hit by this problem as well. As you can see, we are in the top three states right now with COVID cases. When Biden comes out and says, that's a direct ...

Will Johnson: Basically, a direct threat against safety and security.

Channon: It's a direct result of not getting vaccinated. We know it's not true because, in California, they wouldn't be right behind Texas.

Will Johnson: Do you know why he didn't mention commie-California? Because California is going along with the tyranny.

Channon: Well, of course, they are. They are 65% vaccinated in California right now. I think that they are number one. I have to look it up.

Will Johnson: It's just a point.

Channon: Okay, the number one state in America that is fully vaccinated, we're talking about fully vaccinated is Vermont.

Will Johnson:  Fully.

Channon: Fully vaccinated, 67% of the population is fully vaccinated. Right behind is Massachusetts, then Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and then Maryland. Let me tell you. They are all very small states.

Will Johnson: Exactly, but I'm pretty sure that the media would put it out there saying, look, all these states, the majority of the population is vaccinated here. Then why not everyone do it everywhere else? You know what? They also say that majority of the nation is vaccinated. I don't believe that because if that was the case, even commie-California, I question.

Channon: Well, California, I'm sorry, it's 52% are fully vaccinated.

Will Johnson: Yeah, because commie-California, they're doing this a lotto. They are taking taxpayer dollars and saying that we're going to give away taxpayer dollars if you get vaccinated. I mean, where are the lawsuits about that? Can you do that? Can you take taxpayer dollars and make a lotto?

Channon: Well, they take taxpayer money and fund vacations. Things that are not their jobs.

Will Johnson: Because the Republicans in commie-California just sit back, and they say, oh, okay, it's just the Democrats doing what they normally do, their corruption. What are we going to do about it? Nothing.

Channon: Yeah, nothing. It's very frustrating.

Will Johnson: They don't want them to pay attention to us because if they pay attention, we might lose our seats, and we only have a little bit of power here. We want to keep that. That's what the Republicans say.

Channon: But some states that are considered liberal are below Florida. I mean, Florida is at 49%, Michigan is at 49.02%, which is behind Florida. Illinois is at 48%. It's so frustrating that they call out these states, and they only give Americans a little piece of the information. What is even more frustrating is that people sit there and accept that as truth.

They go, okay, well, yeah, Texas and Florida are the least vaccinated, so it's surging there, but they neglect to find out that California is right behind them, and they are more vaccinated. By the way, there are more people in California than there are in Florida and Texas. It's very frustrating.

Will Johnson: It is frustrating, and they're the ones to say that they're putting out the correct information. For any of us to question it, they turn around and say that we're putting out misleading information because even if you simply question it, saying, hey, they're telling us over here, for example, that two plus two equals five.

If we question and say, well, didn't it used to equal four? Then you are putting out misinformation. You're misleading people. I mean, I hate to be so elementary about it, but that's what's taking place. This is exactly what we're seeing.

Channon: In the live chat going on for our radio show, we have Fly Catch, who has made a couple of comments. One of his comments is: ‘The virus was man-made in Maryland and offshore IN China, to eventually become weaponized. This was brought to us by those members of the Democrat Party. Members of the Republican Party were aware of this but looked away.’ He also says, ‘Why is it that our homeless population seems to be immune from the COVID virus?’

I don't know if it was actually created in Maryland. I think China weaponized it.

Will Johnson: Well, I've heard reports that they were talking about it started in Maryland. Then they got the Wuhan lab to go ahead and follow through with it. I've heard that as well, and you know what? I kind of lean towards that way, but again, we don't have tangible proof that it took place there.

Channon: Maybe that's why Biden doesn't want it to be investigated.

Will Johnson: The reason being, I think as well, is everyone seemed to forget that Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats went to China just months before the whole pandemic came about. Even today, there's no transcript of it. They won't tell anyone what their meeting was about in China.

Why did they go to China? Nothing.

A lot of people don't remember it because they swept it all under the rug. It's like there's no documentation of it. They're not telling us. Then I think it was like two to three months later, all of a sudden, we have the plandemic. This was in 2019 that the plandemic came about. It wasn't that long ago. We should be able to question. There's a lot of stuff here to question.

Channon: Yeah, but they don't care about that. At this point, they don't care where it came from. They care that people get vaccinated, and they're starting to force it on the public.

First, Biden even admitted it. You know, hey, we encourage people. We hope that people take it, but now, it's time to get serious.

What does that mean? It's time to get serious. He turns; we are going to be nice and let you make the right decision but if you don't make the right decision now it's time for us to force it on you.

Will Johnson: We will let you make a decision, but if your decision does not line up with our decision, then we're going to force you to comply with our decision, and that's the whole thing about Do We Have Rights? Do we have rights any longer? I was on Instagram, and this person on there was saying that he's a lawyer. He was on my Instagram feed.

He straight-up said that he's a lawyer, and because of the 11th and the 10th Amendments, I believe, he was saying that whoever the leader is in the White House can call a state of emergency and forced mandates. My question to him was, just because they call a state of emergency, can they force your rights to go away? I mean, just because they call a state emergency, does that say, okay; you no longer have rights while we're in a state emergency?

Your God-given rights are gone during an emergency. If they call it an emergency, when do you think they're going to end the emergency? See, this is them by passing calling martial law. They're not going to call it martial law because they know that will cause an uproar with a lot of people on both sides of the aisle.

But in this case, they say this is a national emergency, which people on the left side welcome. They welcome the lockdown. They welcome the economy crumbling even more. They welcome the tyranny that they are trying to implement. They welcome the same tactics that the Nazis did to the Jewish people onto the American people. The left, they welcome all of this. I'm not making it up. It's there. It is all in plain sight. The only reason I'm talking about it is that I see it just like the majority of Americans do.

Channon: Well, the question of whether or not our government can require vaccinations is not a new argument. Quite frankly, it's been going on for centuries. One of the first cases here that the Supreme Court dealt with in Massachusetts was in 1905.

There was a case called Jacobson vs. Massachusetts where the court upheld the authority of the state to force mandatory vaccination laws under the police power of the state. So, in their opinion, the Supreme Court explained that personal liberties might be suspended in cases where the interests of the common good and the community were of paramount importance.

Will Johnson: Does it take into account, what if tyrants are the ones that are doing it? I mean, was it taken into account?

Channon: Well, of course not.

Will Johnson: I mean, because we had to have a clause somewhere saying, well, if its tyrants doing it, then X, Y, Z should take place. But maybe they didn't take that into consideration that the Democrats would be doing what they're doing.

Channon: There are more cases. There's a case in 1922 if you just Google: Are We Protected by The Constitution Against Required Vaccines, you will pull it up. So, there are Supreme Court cases that have supported the idea that government has the right to mandate vaccines.

Will Johnson: I can only imagine it's by liberal federal.

Channon: Here's the problem. In most of these cases, we're talking about measles. We're talking about smallpox. We're talking about diseases that were actually killing people—more than 1% of the population.

Will Johnson: Not something where you have a 99. something recovery.

Channon: Exactly. So once again.

Will Johnson: On top of that, they're pushing something that is experimental. We haven't gotten past that part. It's still experimental, even today.

Channon: Yeah, they say that they're getting close.

Will Johnson: Well, let me say this. I think they're waiting to get all of the details from those they've experimented on; I think that's what it is.

Channon: We are all being experimented on; they are using all these different reasons.

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah, information and everything, but let me say this real quick. So, when I was on my Instagram feed, there was a guy that came on and said, ‘Well, what about the Nuremberg trials?’

They outlawed it planetwide that you cannot force people to put something in their bodies after the Nuremberg trials because of what the Nazis did to the Germans. So, are they saying regardless of all of that, they'll be able to put something in your body because they had deemed it to be safe? Regardless of what you say, they're screaming right now that they are tired of us saying, my body, my choice. What were you going to say?

Channon: I can't think of it. I forgot.

Will Johnson: You forgot? You should have written it down. Hey, let's help people who didn't write the number down in the beginning. Let's give them that number right now.

Channon: Yeah. If you want to give us a call the 516-595-8069, press one to come on the line and talk to Will. Once again, I'll give you that number. It is 516-595-8069.

Will Johnson: All right, and I just put it on my Facebook page, too. If people want to see the number, it is under the post for this radio broadcast. The number is there if you want to call, okay? For those on the Facebook page right now, getting this transmission. Now, I wonder sometimes. I just want to scream. I really do. I just want to scream because all the stuff that is happening should not be happening.

Channon: Well, the COVID thing is really frustrating because we're fortunate we can talk about it here on American Truth Project. Which we totally appreciate because we can't talk about it on Facebook and YouTube. So, it's great that you people tune in.

Will Johnson: She said, you people.

Channon: Sorry. Is that wrong?

Will Johnson: No, it's just the left. Oh, my goodness, you people. They find everything

Channon: You keep distracting me from what I am going to say, and then I forget.

Will Johnson: You forget?

President Joe Biden: Come on, man.

Channon: I am having a Joe Biden moment here. (laughing) I am forgetting. I keep losing track. I need help here, please.

Will Johnson: Right. (laughing)

Channon: Oh, that is so bad. So, right now, we have New York City. New York City just announced yesterday that you have to have a vaccination passport in order to go into restaurants and gyms. The question is, and I'm wondering if I lived in New York City as a business owner, that puts a huge burden on me because what about all the people that don't want to be vaccinated. They're going to quit, or it's just going to hurt my business because I bet, they could still do curbside. It's crazy.

Will Johnson: My question is, let's say the businesses requiring people who come in to have passports, what if you're a small business. Let's say like you and I. We have a small business together, and we're serving X, Y, Z.

We don't have employees, but we do pretty good by serving products. You know, people come in curbside and pick up stuff from us or whatever because there are shops like that in New York. Believe it or not. Are they going to force them to get a vaccine to operate their business?

Channon: Well, yeah. You don't have to be inside the restaurant at all.

Will Johnson: Just to even operate? What if you don't have employees? If you don't have people, come in at all? What if you just go strictly curbside? Are they going to force people to operate, to have a business license in the state of New York you have to have the vaccine?

Channon: Yes, you have to. If you go inside a building, you have to have a vaccine.

Will Johnson: But what about those that are not going inside a building, but they have their own little shop that they go into?

Channon: Well, they have to go inside of the building.

Will Johnson: But people don't come in.

Channon: Right, but you have to go into the building. If you have to go into the building, you have to have the vaccine.

Will Johnson: Regardless of if you own the building?

Channon: Yeah, if you go into a building. I mean, people who patronize a restaurant don't own the building. They still have to have a vaccine. So, yeah, if you're in a building, you have to have a vaccine. If you're in a public building, I should say.

Will Johnson: You understand what I'm saying, right? What if it's curbside?

Channon: It's basically saying in order to have a restaurant.

Will Johnson: In order to operate your business, you have to have a vaccine?

Channon: For it to be open, the people that are working there, as well as patrons, have to be vaccinated.

Will Johnson: Okay, so even though they just do curbside, you have to be vaccinated?

Channon: Yes.

Will Johnson: So, they're saying that in order for you to just operate a business at all because you're dealing with the public, fear is their excuse for it.

Channon: If you have one of those named businesses. Yeah. Hey, listen, Will, we have a caller. We have Judith from Alabama. Judith, what do you have for Will?

Will Johnson: Hey, Judith.

Judith: Hey, how are you? What's the young lady's name on the air with you?

Will Johnson: Her name is Channon.

Judith: Channon. I like Channon. I think Channon's amazing. I love her, and you need to put her in a square. One of these nights, you're going to have nine people up there like Hollywood Squares. You need to put her in a square on Wednesday night. She needs her own little square.

Channon: I don't know. That is a lot to handle.

Judith: Hey, I know they're hilarious. They are a mess, but everybody loves them. We look forward to Wednesday nights, and I look forward to listening to you all on Thursdays, but I just want to tell you that Alabama's at 43%.

Will Johnson: Forty-three percent vaccinated?

Judith: Yes. And, they're targeting Alabama. We got a rise in COVID cases like crazy.

Channon: I think 45% now, so.

Judith: Oh, is it?

Channon: I'm sorry. I was looking at Alaska.

Judith: That's okay, Channon.

Channon: Isn't Alabama at 34%. Is that what you said? You are in last place.

Judith: I thought it was 43%. We were, and I don't know if we still are, but we were the state that had the least amount vaccinated. I believe they're charging us. Now, the reason they're not saying anything is that you can do a YouTube and pull up Kay Ivey my precious governor and she's telling everybody to take the vaccine. So, they're not going to blame her. Somebody made a comment to her, and she said, ‘Well, people just need to use common sense.’ Well, I called her office, and I told her that she needs to shut up and sit down.

Will Johnson: I like you.

Judith: I told her you to need to quit criticizing. Somebody will hear it. Now, I left it on a voicemail. Of course, they don't answer the phone, but a friend of mine said somebody has to listen to the whole thing. I told her, I said, ‘Look, she doesn't have any right to criticize the people that voted her in, and the people that voted her in, we voted for a Republican, not a RHINO.’ You know, she needs to take her place. She knows good and well the reason COVID is on the rise is because of what they're doing at the border. Can I say a racist statement?

Will Johnson: A racist statement?

Judith: Yeah, do I have the liberty to say a racist statement?

Will Johnson: Just as long as it isn't vulgar or anything.

Judith: It's not vulgar, but it's something we used to say before I got saved. Biden was patting himself on the back. He's a legend in his own mind and saying how wonderful he is about the vaccine the first day in office. My thoughts Will, well, isn't that mighty white of him. He is so disgusting. I can't stand that dude, and I really got to work through it as a Christian.

Will Johnson: Do you know what, Judith? When I heard him say that, I mean, President Trump cut the red tape so that they can fast track a solution, a choice, and President Trump wanted to make it a choice, telling people, saying, ‘Hey, here's something. If you feel that you need to get it, here's something you can do. Here's a choice.’

But Biden is trying to take credit for something he didn't do. You know that's been the way of the Democrats. They try to take credit for what someone else's done.

Judith: That's the truth.

Channon: Let me tell you why your soul is having a hard time with Biden. Because your soul recognizes evil, so, when we recognize evil, it makes us uncomfortable, and we don't like it. We want to call it out, which is what we should do as Christians in the world.

Judith: Thank you. Yes, ma'am. You can hate that they're hurting us.

Channon: You most definitely can hate what he's doing. We recognize that he's evil. It's not right. God said, ‘Listen, I'm giving you a free choice.’ Right? I have given you the ability to make decisions for yourself. That is what America is supposed to be founded on.

Judith: Absolutely.

Channon: Inalienable rights and they are trying to take that away from us.

Judith: I agree. You're spot on, Channon. Yep.

Channon: I know it.

Judith: I like you. I want you on Wednesday nights or a special night of the week on Wills show, but listen to their verbiage, vaccinated. Who gets vaccinated?

Dogs, animals, they are herding us like sheep. They are sheepherders. They're setting us up for the slaughter, and if people don't want to cooperate.

What do they want to do? Break their legs. They want to stop them from being progressive. They want to stop them from prospering. They want to stop them from doing good in their businesses. They just want to stop them.

Will Johnson: You're absolutely right.

Judith: And you are right about the previews. This is definitely conditioning. How far is America going to let them go? Because when they do it again, it's going to do or die.

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah. They are going to come full-on. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you so much for the comments. Thank you for calling.

Judith: Love you guys and gals. Bye, Channon.

Channon: Bye-bye. Talk to you later.

Will Johnson: Take care.

Judith: Okay, honey.

Channon: We have another caller, everybody. We have Dorie from Texas on the line.

Will Johnson: Dorie from Texas. Hey, thank you for calling Dorie.

Dorie: Hey, guys. How are you doing?

Will Johnson: Good.

Channon: Good.

Dorie: Hey, Will, I follow you. I follow Tori Express. I really like what you are doing. Keep it up. It's hard.

Channon: You have good taste, Dorie.

Will Johnson: What's that?

Channon: I said, you have good taste.

Dorie: I sure do, girl, I sure do. Oh, I love Will, and I like that he's a mighty man of God.

Channon: Absolutely.

Will Johnson: Thank you.

Dorie: I want to say that I have known about the Excelsior passport for years. Years ago, I mentioned it to my husband. I said, ‘Did you see this?’ And, I said, ‘This is what's probably going to come one day.’ I didn't know what to make of it, but I read about it. I read they made it, or they were in the process of making it, and here we are.

Another thing is, you know, I was kind of naïve. I kind of trusted a lot and believed in people. When all this started, it was right in March, and I guess God gave me discernment because I felt something was up. I was like, something's going on. This is crazy. So, I became a researcher. I mean, ever since I've been researching.

Channon: God bless you for doing that.

Dorie: Thank you, but it can be a burden because nobody wants to hear me. Nobody wants to listen. I talk till I'm blue in the face. I do have some allies, best friends, the three of us. We're in the same boat, which helps us get through this, but I told my husband a couple of months ago, or maybe it was at the beginning of the year.

I said, ‘Wait for it. There's a variant coming, and they're going to try to lock us down. They're going to try to mask again.’ But see, I already know that these 150 people that meet every year, probably in another country. I can't remember the name right now because I am a little nervous.

Will Johnson: You are talking about the Bilderberg Group?

Dorie: Yes. So, these people wanted to do it in 2016, push their agenda for socialism, communism, and all that. They're pushing it, and of course, we do have the anti-Christ spirit roaming the earth. We know that, and it's roaming through the TV, through the media. Things are happening a lot faster than I thought. A lot faster. Do you know Peggy Hall?

Will Johnson: Peggy Hall? I believe so if we are talking about the same one.

Dorie: Yes, she's a Christian woman. He husbands a pastor. She's the Healthy American out of Orange County, California. She is doing some great work in Orange County. She got the mask lifted. She goes in front of the boards. She's really kicking butt over there. She got restaurants opened because she knows. She has a lot of lawyers.

They know the law, but they're fighting, you know, and it's like, I want to know why somebody says, ‘Well, it's just a mask.’ I'm like, ‘It's not just a mask. If you did your research, you would know that the mask doesn't protect you or the other person because the virus is so tiny that your mask is like a chain-link fence to that virus.’

Channon: Yeah. It cracks me up when I see these people with these face shields on because I'm like, well, that isn't ...

Will Johnson: Yeah. Like it isn't going to go around the face shield.

Dorie: I know, and this is how stupid people are. I have a mask that is beaded. So, I can breathe if I go to the doctor. Otherwise, I try not to wear one. I live in Cyprus, Texas, close to Houston, and I went in there to the doctor's office with it. There is nothing to it, just beads. No cloth, nothing.

Will Johnson: You know what it comes down to? It's a control thing. Who can we control to put something on their face? Now, they extended it from putting something on your face to putting something in your body. The next thing will be how do they identify everyone?

Dorie: That was a test.

Will Johnson: Yeah, that was a test. Now, the real one is getting ready to come.

Dorie: How many Americans will lay down and do what we say? Okay, well, at first, I get it. I get it at first because we didn't know, but man, when we start to know and come on, flip-flopper Fauci. You know, this heebie-jeebie-jab. I call it the heebie-jeebie-jab, and this heebie-jeebie-jab is a bioweapon that they're using against us.

I've done the research. I know what's in it. I've talked to the guy, the doctor.

You know, the doctor, Robert Malone, invented mRNA. Not RNA, but mRNA, the sequence, okay. Well, he's all over Daystar Television with Joni Lamb trying to get the word out there that it's dangerous.

All these spike proteins, billions of them are going into your body, and it's going to kill your own immune system. Then we have another doctor, a scientist that is not anti-vax. He is out of the UK. He worked for Pfizer for almost 20 years. I think it was 17 years, and he was a VP.

He knew everything. I mean, he developed vaccines, and he is imploring people that they're going to die. If you took it, and nobody's listening. We're talking about the vaccine itself because of what they utilize. I don't know what the news is about it.

Will Johnson: Do you know what, Dorie. The crazy thing is, once these people start dying. They're going to say that the unvaccinated caused the people with the vaccination to die, but not the other way.

Dorie: Yes, also so far, as time goes by when they got the vaccine, they won't say it was the vaccine. But let me tell you when 30-year-olds are dropping from heart attacks. Come on.

Channon: Yeah, some stuff came out of the CDC last week about the numbers in Israel and France. In those two places, the people getting sick are actually the fully vaccinated people, by leaps and bounds. They're getting sick with the Delta variant more than the unvaccinated.

Dorie: And, by the way, they cannot differentiate between that variant. They cannot because it's too close to the actual COVID-19. That's what that doctor said.

Channon: Yeah, I was a lot like you. As soon as they said, hey, here's the vaccination for this. I knew that there would be boosters, and people would have to continually get vaccinated because it's just like the flu and pneumonia. It changes.

Dorie: The common cold.

Channon: It's not going to change a thing. It's not going away, but they are going to continue to use it to control us.

Dorie: Well, on top of that, they're going to put something in there that's going to own you one day. We don't know what they're going to put in there. Anyway, I want to say this about the passport. So, who's ever listening will understand where it's really going. I just heard this the other day.

One day, and it's already on an app. One day it's going to be a global database because, you know, they want that. Global database, and let's say you have a daughter and granddaughter. Well, the daughter didn't take little Sally to get her booster or whatever in the time slot.

So, they call grandma and say, grandma, you need to take her because your daughter hasn’t, and you have to this time. Everything's going to be on that passport, and they're going to shut you down. Once we go digital money, they're going to shut you down. If you do not comply, that will happen one day.

Will Johnson: You know what? It's a lot closer than a lot of people think because look what they're already doing in New York and other locations. Dorie, thank you so much for the call.

Dorie: Okay, sorry, I get passionate.

Will Johnson: No, you’re good.

Dorie: By the way, I'm screaming too. I scream, like you, Will. All right, guys.

Will Johnson: Thank you. Take care.

Channon: Have a great one, Dorie.

Dorie: Thank you. Take care, guys. God bless.

Will Johnson: All right. Take care. So, you know what, Channon. People get it, like the passports, and I said before. I think the vaccine is just a prelude to them bringing in a mechanism that is going to lead to what the Bible refers to as the mark of the beast. I believe that we will see it. I believe we're the generation, and as she said, if you don't do X, Y, Z we will cut off your digital money to you, and we can see the world changing over to digital money.

You can see that with the whole cryptocurrency. As soon as the government figures out how they can control the cryptocurrency, and tax it wherever they can. They're going to implement that as the currency of the world—the whole thing with Biden, the whole Build Back Better. I don't know if that's still out there. I haven't looked it up in a while, but when I first heard Biden use the phrase Build Back Better.

I went and looked it up. It's a world economic system that was doing the whole Build Back Better, and they were telling people they said, ‘Hey, we got to tear down the economy. We got to break down the economy, and then we can Build Back Better. They even go as far as saying that they want to Build Back Better in a capitalist; how do you say it?

A capitalist, socialist economy, which means that they're basically lying. They changed the word communism to capitalism, thinking, okay, it's about capitalism. We're all going to be successful because they see how America has been so successful. The greatest nation on earth. The greatest nation on earth, and now they want to change it. They want to destroy it.

Channon: Well, they are changing it, and they are destroying it, unfortunately.

Will Johnson: My question is: The American people have risen to the occasion before, are we going to rise to the occasion again? Are we going to simply let our rights just dwindle away?

Channon: That's a huge question that a lot of people are asking. In fact, one of our viewers wrote in the chat, Flycatcher. He wrote, ‘Rights never come freely. They must be fought for.’ And unfortunately, right now, I think January 6th the people that they're putting on trial for January 6th, they are trying to set an example with them.

They're saying, ‘Listen, don't you come up here to Capitol Hill and try to take your rights back because we will make you look bad. We will arrest you. We will make you pay for it. Do not challenge the government.’

Which is wrong. I'm not saying to hurt anybody, but instead of saying, listen, if you guys have a problem with what's going on here in America, we want to hear what you have to say. That's not what is happening.  They don't care what you like and don't like. They don't care, and they'll feed you lies, unlike our two viewers that called today.

Will Johnson: Did you call them viewers or listeners?

Channon: Listeners, right. I'm sorry. They take what is said, and they accept it as the truth, but we're seeing a bunch of people like Judith and Dorie who are now out there doing their research, being vocal, and fighting back. That's what we need Americans to do. We need you not to sit by and be idle because they're going to take our rights away if we allow them to. There is no doubt. They are going to do this.

Will Johnson: The rights that we believe we still have, and we see it. I mean, are there any lawsuits in New York right now? And if they're not any lawsuits. Why not?

Channon: Well, if there are, we are not going to hear about it.

Will Johnson: Well, yes, and you know what? If there are lawsuits, they don't want you to know that you can fight. They don't want you to believe that you can fight this. They want you to comply. Hello, people. Are you okay with this?

Seriously, how many of you are okay with this? Are you okay with them doing this? When there's a 99%, what is the actual number? It's 99. something percent survival rate. They're saying this is a state of emergency. Oh, my goodness, 99% survival rate. They're putting fear into everybody to get everybody to comply with what they're doing or what they want to do to us.

This is my human body. This is the body that God gave me. Now, it's entirely up to me to take care of it. If I choose to get it, then I get it. If I choose not to get it. Then don't beat me up because I'm not getting it. I have family members that have received this thing into their bodies, but I don't go and bash them about it.

Oh, my goodness, I don't say you're going to hell. I don't say you're going to kill people. I don't go and say, hey, you're a super spreader. You're spreading it. I don't bash them and hit him over the head because they made a poor choice, in my opinion.

At the same time, don't bash me, but see, they think their way of thinking is that if I don't comply, I'm a threat to society. It's the same thing that they're going to do with the mark of the beast. Let me just be clear. It is not the mark of the beast. It is not, okay. It's not. It is a gateway. You know, like, the gateway drugs.

So, this is a gateway drug for the left. It's a gateway drug for control. Think about it. Have you ever known the Democrats not to want to have power? Have you ever known them not to want to be in control? If they have a mechanism, a policy, or procedure something that they can put in place to control every single last American. Do you think they would pass it up? Do you think they will pass it up, Channon?

Channon: No, of course not.

Will Johnson: No, of course not. For them, they say, oh, my goodness, this is so wonderful. We can control the masses, but they're hypocrites. Did you see the video with AOC sitting on the steps with a whole bunch of other baby socialists? Did you see that one?

Channon: No, I missed that one.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness. So, she sits down, and they are getting ready to do a photo-op. So, while they're sitting there doing a photo-op, she puts on her mask, and then a few people around her are not wearing a mask. Then they're screaming, telling people that they should wear masks. Then they turn around; after the photo-op, her mask is gone again. She's standing around a whole bunch of people, and they're all just sitting there talking and stuff. They're hypocrites to no end.

Channon: Of course.

Will Johnson: Before we go, I want to ask you a question, Channon. As a woman, what are your thoughts and views about Cuomo in New York City?

Channon: Well, I think if the investigation truly has turned out that he has sexually harassed people. I think he should do the right thing and resign. However, it doesn't look like he's going to do that. So, now they're trying to implement the impeachment of Cuomo in New York City.

But I'm like, you know what? Nancy Pelosi and they have been completely silent on this whole thing up until now. Now that some evidence is coming out, they're saying, ‘Hey, listen. We have proof.’ Now, they're finally saying, ‘Okay, you should resign.’

Will Johnson: But with President Trump, they weren't silent at all.

Channon: It's just a side note. It's like, well, yeah, of course, he should resign. I mean, that's all it is. They're acting like, oh, yeah, he should resign, but there's no real call to action. There's no real call to say, yes; those women should not have been sexually harassed. He's a bad person for doing it. Yes, we want him to resign. There's no real cry for it. It's just in passing when somebody says, ‘Do you think he should resign?’ They are like, ‘Oh, yes, yes, we support women.’ Go ahead, okay, next question.

Will Johnson: You know what gets me is that they straight-up say they're fighting for women and little girls, but then you have grown men in the Olympics. You have grown men in different sports competing against women because they say that they're trans.

Channon: Well, also, look what is happening at the border. I mean, come on.

Will Johnson: Yeah, it's the same thing at the border. Look what is what's happening to women and little girls.

Channon:  Young girls are sex trafficked into our country. You see underwear, little girl's underwear all over.

Will Johnson: They have this tree where they take these young girls and look at the tree. They have their underwear hanging from the tree, and they say yours is about to hang from there. It is brutally abusing these young girls.

Channon: If they really cared about women, women's rights, and protecting women, they would stand up for these people. But because it does not fit their agenda or what they want to do they are silent. Do you know what the sad thing is? Their base lets them get away with it. They let him get away with it. They just give them a pass.

Will Johnson: Yes, and like I mentioned a second ago. When they were blaming or claiming President Trump had any wrongdoings with these women. They were saying, automatically, we should just go, hashtag, believe the woman.

Channon: Oh, look what happened at the capital hearings.

Will Johnson: The same thing with the capital hearings. Hashtag, believe the woman, and it ended up being a total lie, in all cases. Here, in this case, they weren't saying that, but now they're saying that he should step down. Are they still even saying, hashtag, believe the woman?

Channon: That's what I am saying.

Will Johnson: Why weren't they saying it before now, like they were doing with President Trump or Brett Kavanaugh? Without any evidence, just because a woman was saying it. Hey, a woman spoke up, hear me. I am a woman. Hear me roar. I'm a woman, right? That's what they're saying. So, in this case, the women have been screaming above roaring, and they completely ignored them until the actual facts are coming out.

Channon: So once again.

Will Johnson: But wait a minute, did you hear Cuomo is actually attacking these women now. He's releasing information about these women to the media. So, the media can try to discredit them. Did you see that?

Channon: Yeah, actually, I did.

Will Johnson: I mean, the dude is such a weasel. That is a weak man.

Channon: Well, he's power-hungry. He wants to stay in power. Let's be honest. That's what he wants. His job is not done in New York City. Just like we talked about how he's mandating vaccines. His job is not done.

They still want him there because he is a puppet, just like Biden is a puppet. Nobody is really pushing for him to go anywhere.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they're just doing it, going through the motions to make it look like they're for women because they don't want you, the strong American woman. They don't want you to stop voting for them. That's what they don't want. They want you to continue to vote for them because they say we're for women, which is a total lie. They've expressed that over and over and over.

Channon: Okay, Will, you are expressing it over and over.

Will Johnson: I mean, it's annoying because that's what they do, and it's like people on the left. It's like they're so blind, they don't even see that they're being manipulated.

Channon: Well, it's interesting because even the CNN commentators. You know, Chris Cuomo, the brother, Mayor Cuomo's brother. They are all silent.

Will Johnson: Yes, MSDNC is asking for Chris Cuomo to be removed from CNN.

Channon: See, that's my point. Here we are, if CNN, you know, they bashed Kavanaugh. If they are such big advocates for women's rights and protection against these men sexually harassing them. They should be all over this story, but once again, their actions speak louder than words. They only care when it fits their agenda. Period.

Will Johnson: Yeah, other than that, they don't say anything. They don't have anything to say about it because, hey, we will keep quiet about this because it is going to look bad.

Channon: And the base allows them.

Will Johnson: You know they were going around, and they were saying that we are just Cuomo-sexual. We are all Cuomo-sexual.

Channon:  Huh?

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: What does that mean?

Will Johnson: You know Ellen. What is her name? Ellen DeGeneres, she and somebody else, there was an audio clip with her. They were going around saying that they are Cuomo-sexual. I'm like, what?

Channon: (Laughing) Oh my gosh. All you can do is laugh. It doesn't make sense.

Will Johnson: It is completely crazy, but she was literally saying she and a whole bunch of people were saying we are Cuomo-sexual. I mean, this is crazy. But now I wonder how they are still singing, how are they still singing the same tune? What about the women? Hashtag, believe the women. I bet you they are not. So, anyway, it's been an absolutely awesome time. Thank you for coming back with me this week, Channon.

I want to say thank you to everyone that tuned in to listen to what we had to say. We will be here next Thursday. Please do me a favor. Send a text to 88202, and type in WILL. We will see you next Thursday. All right. Take care, everybody.

Channon: Bye everybody. Have a great weekend.

Will Johnson: And God bless!

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