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Aynaz ‘Anni’ Cyrus: Biden Surrenders To Jihadis, Middle East Explodes



Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. I’m Barry Nussbaum. Before we get started with our friend of the family at ATP. I want to remind everybody in ATP land, if you haven’t, please subscribe to our text message alert system so you’ll get this and all of our shows absolutely for free.

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And with that, let’s bring on our special guest, Anni Cyrus. She is our publisher and editor of ATP Report. She’s the founder of Live Up to Freedom. She is famous around the world as one of the leading escapees from Islamic terror, being sold as a child bride as a young child. And she is an expert on Islam. Welcome back, Anni.

Aynaz ‘Anni’ Cyrus: Thank you so much for having me back, Barry.

Barry Nussbaum: Let’s jump right into what’s going on in the getting crazier by the day Middle East. Starting first in Gaza. A few days ago, a Palestinian father held, I guess it’s his own boy, a young child up to the fence while they were having the annual or I should say now weekly rush the fence and invade Israel rally on the weekend. This young child held a revolver, stuck it through the fence, shot blindly, and shot an Israeli border policeman in the head at point-blank range.

While that was going on, they launched firebombs and fire kites over the fence, and the Israelis, because they’re trained not to shoot a child, took a bullet in the head. What kind of writing is there in Islam that justifies this kind of insane behavior by a father to possibly intentionally sacrifice his young son?

Aynaz ‘Anni’ Cyrus: Well, the hatred for Jews in Islam and Sharia goes really deep. The evidence is more than one or two or three. There are many verses in the Quran referring to Jews as monkeys and apes and cursed and all that. Then there is, of course, the very famous Chapter 9:5. ‘Kill them wherever you find them,’ referring to nonbelievers. Which includes Jews.

But the most famous Sharia part of the hatred toward Jews, or better yet, you must kill Jews, comes from a Hadith in al-Bukhari. I’m going to actually put it on the screen to make sure nobody thinks we are making this up. If you go to Sahih al-Bukhari Book 52 Hadith 176, it flat out right there says we will fight the Jews until some of them will hide behind stones.

The stone will betray the Jews saying, ‘Oh, slave of Allah or Muslim, there is a Jew behind me, so come and kill it.’ That is the level of you must kill Jews for the last day to arrive. If there is a breathing Jew on earth, Muslims won’t even have their day of peace. That is the level.

Barry Nussbaum: So, this father was willing to sacrifice his own child knowing that possibly Israel or Israelis that were being shot at would defend themselves, and that’s a good thing in his mind, literally?

Aynaz ‘Anni’ Cyrus: Well, here are two things. Two answers to your question. This father knew the chances of Israeli soldiers shooting the kid is almost zero. That’s the thing that the Jews are too nice to a fault. They won’t accept, or they don’t want to face the fact that this cult that they were fighting and they’re defending their land against doesn’t have the boundaries of children and women. They don’t have those boundaries.

So, the father almost knew the child is not going to be killed. But even if he didn’t the risks are very well worth it because, remember, the number one guaranteed spot in Islamic heaven for either a mother or a father is if their child ends up dying in the fight for Allah.

So, yes, when somebody is brainwashed enough to think that they have to kill all Jews until the day of peace arrives then they’re brainwashed enough to sacrifice their own kids. I mean, Barry, we both know how many Palestinian mothers wrap the suicide bomb around their own kids. That’s where the root of it comes from. They go to heaven. Either they die in the name of Allah, or their kid does. It’s doesn’t matter.

Barry Nussbaum: It’s horrifying, it’s disgusting, and continuing in this insane behavior commentary, the Taliban, I’m sure you know, this has been shooting women now that they’ve taken over Afghanistan, on the streets of Kabul, who are seen on the streets without a burka. Is this part of Sharia too?

Aynaz ‘Anni’ Cyrus: Not only is this part of Sharia, but this is also part of Islam. Let’s just quickly do this for our audience, just in case one in a million they don’t know. Islam is the Quran and Zyra the Life of Mohammed, and Sharia is a combination of everything that you can find in a book called Reliance of the Traveler.

So, what the Taliban are doing, killing women for not wearing the burka, is in both. It’s in the Quran, which, again, let’s make sure we have our evidence ready. You know, Barry, we’re fake news.

So here the first evidence is on Chapter 24:31 where it clearly says, ‘Have the believing woman wear their headscarf down to their chests.’ So, there is no such a thing as ‘Oh, no, you know, nobody cares if you wear the hijab or not.’ Chapter 24:31 establishes the mandatory hijab and wearing the headscarf down to your chest.

Then the next evidence is in Chapter 33:59, where it says, ‘Tell the believing woman your wife, your girls, everybody to wear their hijab and keep their eyes down so they will be known and not assaulted.’ This is the part if you’re not wearing the hijab you are not known as a Muslim woman. Therefore, a Muslim man has the right to either sexually assault you or beat you or kill you for not following Sharia.

Barry Nussbaum: And, you know, it breaks my heart, not only the death of these innocent women, but the world outcry is definitely not there at all. It’s as if nobody cares.

Aynaz ‘Anni’ Cyrus: Why would they?

Barry Nussbaum: Exactly. So, the barbarity in Kabul has now extended to Christians in a big way. There are reports, this is stunning, of roving Taliban murderers grabbing cell phones from people on the street.

Then they look at the cell phone. If you have a Bible verse on your phone, meaning you’re a Christian, Anni, they’re executing these people on the spot for the crime of having an interest in the Bible. Is this part of the religion, too?

Aynaz ‘Anni’ Cyrus: Absolutely. Again, there’s always Chapter 3:151, where Allah himself said, ‘We shall cast terror in the hearts of nonbelievers.’ Now, they might argue, as you know, that, ‘Oh, under Islam, we believe in Jesus. Christians are accepted. We have no problem with them.’

But let’s actually expose that lie. In the Quran, Chapter 4:171 is where clearly it tells us that Islam does not accept the same Jesus as Christians do. Because right on that it says, ‘Do not say Three or Trinity that will be a sin.’

I hate to say this, Barry. I feel like a broken record. Where I say you’re either a Muslim, or you’re dead. There is enough evidence in the Quran, in the Hadith, and in the Sira that says, ‘Nonbelievers are non-Muslims.’ The moment you’re not a Muslim, you are dead unless you are willing to convert.

Which Taliban is not giving anyone the chance to convert in Afghanistan because under Sharia, if you do live under the ruling of Sharia and choose to go with a different religion, you have already come to, I think, it’s apostasy? If I’m pronouncing it correctly. And that is absolutely the top of the line for killing them in Sharia.

So, these Afghan people are not considered Christians, or Jews, or non-Muslims. They are apostates. They have left their religion, even though it was forced on them years ago by Muslims.

Barry Nussbaum: The bad news just keeps getting worse, Anni, out of Afghanistan. President Biden supposedly negotiated a deal with the Taliban. He got for America until August 31st to get all the Americans, their allies, supporters, and so on out. The Taliban has just said, ‘Beyond August 31st, it’s a red line.’ Meaning the Taliban has a big problem if Biden doesn’t meet the 8/31 deadline.

So, for the last year or so in Afghanistan, the Taliban took Trump’s threats seriously. Trump said, and it’s been confirmed by several sources in the Trump White House, that if the Taliban harmed any Americans or their contractors, he would throw the full force and might of the U.S. Military against the Taliban, and the words I heard, destroy, and obliterate them.

From the time he said that 18 months ago, Americans haven’t been dying in Afghanistan. Biden turned around and said, “Could we please have a couple of weeks to get our people out?” Which, by the way, has not happened. And all of a sudden, he’s showing weakness instead of strength. He’s trying to be nice instead of tough. It seems that the Taliban only respects the force of a Trump instead of the weakness of a Biden. Am I correct?

Aynaz ‘Anni’ Cyrus: You’re absolutely correct. Again, remember, their own prophet without a prophecy said, ‘The heaven is under the shadow of the sword.’ Muslims are trained to spread fear. They control you through fear. So, the moment you give in to the fear and show weakness, they will run you over.

But then when you are President Trump, you’re like, I’m not afraid of you. When you’re President Trump, and they attack our embassy in Iraq. Literally, right away, the leader is boom, gone. You’re reversed. You’re reversing their own method. That’s what President Trump did. President Trump and his advisers quickly came to realize these people will run us over if we show weakness.  So, he stood up and said, ‘America first, Americans first. You try to touch one of my Americans, and I will make sure that you face the consequences.’

Biden, on the other hand, I really don’t believe, in my personal opinion, I don’t think he’s showing weakness. I don’t think he is showing weakness. I think he’s cooperating because, as he said, two times. Two times he has said, ‘We have negotiated with Taliban.’ I mean, between you and me, you are way more of an expert in American laws than I am. But I think I’m correct to say we don’t negotiate with terrorists. Correct.?

Barry Nussbaum: That’s always been our policy until the last two weeks.

Aynaz ‘Anni’ Cyrus: There you go. We are negotiating with terrorists. That is not a weakness. That’s Biden following the orders of his puppeteers to tell him that we have to hand over Afghanistan because the plan is going to continue.

Call me crazy. This whole thing started with November 3rd for a reason. Trump put an end to their plan. Trump stopped the Islamization. They had to steal the election. Place Biden in the House, in the White House, so they could do what they are doing today. I mean, quick question, Barry. Do you think for a second Biden has any idea what he’s doing, or is he just following orders? Because I don’t think he does.

Barry Nussbaum: I’m fairly convinced to a high degree of probability, Anni, he reads the teleprompter, and he doesn’t write what’s in the teleprompter. And the reason why he can’t answer questions and says at the end of his reading of the teleprompter, I’m told no questions, and he’s hustled away. He literally, and I mean, this word for word, is not in charge. Whoever is loves the new Afghanistan and hates the old position of America first. America with strength and America with a position of leadership and authority. This new America, I don’t recognize.

Aynaz ‘Anni’ Cyrus: Exactly, and I was looking on social media. I saw this really chilling picture. I actually have goosebumps just talking about it. There was a picture of President Trump next to Biden. The picture of the night that President Trump was staying up until 2:00 a.m. to welcome the Americans who were released from North Korea.

Then there’s a picture of Biden walking away to go back to his vacation after the first press release about Afghanistan. That, Barry, literally made my heart hurt. That, in a short, what, eight months we’ve gone from that to this. It seems like our fellow Americans are still asleep. They still don’t see it. How much more dramatic and sadder does it need to get?

By the way, just an update. The Taliban, a few minutes before we got on the air, added a new condition to their agreement. We still have until August 31st to get the Americans out. But as of today, they will not allow a single Afghan to leave the country.


Barry Nussbaum: Whoever cooperated with the American servicemen in the schools, in the distribution of food, in the help of rehabilitation, in establishing water, and the distribution of clean water and sanitary, they’ll all be slaughtered. The slaughter, from what I’ve read, has already started. It’s atrocious, and the world is silent. The press in America is silent. I’m disgusted, and I’m very sad as you are. Anni, tell people how they can get in touch with you and follow what you’re doing.

Aynaz ‘Anni’ Cyrus: Of course, those of you who are at American Truth Project you can always get my videos. I do regular interviews with Barry, ay, or you can go to my own website,, and get the rest of the things I’m doing almost daily.

Barry Nussbaum: Perfect. I advise all of you to do that. If you want to learn about the enemy, listen to her. She will teach you, and you need this data to not end up like a sheep. And I really mean that. And I want to remind all of you, if you didn’t at the start of the show, please do it now.

If you’re not subscribed, text 88202 on your cell phone, the message TRUTH, T-R-U-T-H. You’ll be signed up, and you’ll get all of our stuff like this with Anni absolutely for free. Thanks for coming to join us today. For ATP Report. I’m Barry Nussbaum.

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