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Biden-Harris Administration Will Be a Danger To Israel


In the wake of the astounding Middle East peace accords signed after months of encouragement from the Trump State Department, many are likely wondering how a Biden-Harris administration would maintain this country’s relationship with Israel. It is something which should be of major concern to all Americans, not only Jews, since our list of serious allies has never been shorter.

A number of highly informed and qualified commentators have written on the broad subject of the implications of Joe Biden’s record on Israel. Nevertheless, one major Democratic campaign slip-up has not really as yet been analyzed vis-à-vis its relevance to U.S. foreign policy.

During a speech on September 14, vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris made a strange statement. While attempting to explain how a vote against President Trump will benefit all those whose “dignity” he has supposedly ignored, she spoke of “A Harris administration, together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States…” What has been called a “gaffe” likely is not a gaffe, since Harris was reading from a teleprompter with a pre-loaded, approved text on it. As I have written elsewhere — and is hardly uncommon knowledge by now — Joe Biden’s pitiful and ever-worsening mental capacity makes it inevitable that this election is actually Kamala Harris’s election. The chilling thing here is that Harris has actually admitted that Joe Biden is merely her official pass card into the White House.

Of the endless and extremely disturbing implications this carries — including what an unforgivable act of hubris it is for the “Democratic” Party to run as its actual candidate a person who polled at only 2% nationally before she dropped out of the race — is what it means for the U.S.-Israel bond which the current president has done so much to nurture.

Kamala Harris, the person for whom every Democrat voter will actually be voting, does have a history of some reasonably anti-Israel behavior — in this case, while California’s attorney general, refusing to sue a state university-employed professor who illegally used his own university-provided website to promote BDS. That was in 2011. Much more recently, however, she expressed warm support for Jacob Blake, a black criminal who made headlines when he was shot by Wisconsin police after violating a restraining order against a girlfriend who had accused him of breaking into her home and sexually assaulting her. This otherwise quite egregious act of pandering is relevant to the Israel subject because the occasion of the praise was a special visit with both Blake and his family, including his father, Jacob Blake, Sr. The elder Blake has been revealed as a passionate racist and anti-Semite, not to mention a fan of Louis Farrakhan, observing on Facebook in 2019 that, “The Jewish media picks and chooses who is a terrorists and is not.”

In the weeks since Breitbart’s original exposé, the (Biden-)Harris campaign has said nothing about this. No “explanation,” not even a cowardly back-peddle. Apart from “#MeToo” and “#BelieveAllWomen” supposedly no longer mattering to Democrats, what this blatantly shows is that, as usual, power is far more important than vigorously opposing rank anti-Semitism.

This comes as no surprise, since both Harris and her presidential chauffeur vow to reinstate the catastrophic Obama-era nuclear “deal” with Iran — which Iran has spent the last five years happily and repeatedly breaking. They think they can get away with it, though, since Harris has assured Jewish donors that Israel has nothing to fear.

Since it appears that not only Kamala Harris but everybody in the Democratic Party — including Joe Biden apparently — knows that their party’s actual nominee will really be her and not Biden, all supporters of Israel should be very weary indeed. Joe Biden’s ability to both lie and pander, equally compulsively, is well-known, but his rapidly intensifying dementia makes it clear that Harris — who is perhaps a liar and panderer of an even more tone-deaf and mendacious variety — will actually be president if Donald Trump loses.

Doing “anything” to get elected is a common and irksome trait among many politicians, but Kamala Harris has shown that said “anything” includes overlooking the most virulent, dangerous, and popular strain of anti-Semitism in America, namely that of the Farrakhan type. That, added to her enthusiasm for the Iran nuclear deal, means that not only is she deaf to the plight of Jews beaten and slaughtered by Farrakhan disciples, but the Islamic Republic of Iran’s path to the bomb becoming smoother is just an unimportant side effect of the U.S. getting the first “woman of color” as president.

If countenancing Jew-hatred — and, by extension, the physical destruction of a bosom U.S. ally — in order to pander to hate-filled thugs who spend most of their time terrorizing the very black community to which Democrats must pander every four years is the price of ruling over you, then no American is safe from such a dilapidated moral compass. And, as Prime Minister Netanyahu has said multiple times, “It never ends with the Jews.”

By Barry Nussbaum, Son of Auschwitz survivors, Founder American Truth Project, Foreign and Domestic Policy Commentator

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