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Biden and Kerry: Do as I Say Not as I Do


Barry Nussbaum: Welcome to American Truth Project. I’m Barry Nussbaum. It's the Katie and Barry Show. Joining us across the pond from beautiful London, England, is the magnificent Katie Hopkins. Good afternoon, Katie.

Katie Hopkins: Good afternoon, Barry and to all our lovely viewers. For me, Katie Hopkins is here in a very, very locked down UK where it is illegal to leave my home as we speak.

Barry Nussbaum: You need to get out of there before they actually make you stay there forever, young lady. Let's talk about what's going on, on this side. A failed presidential candidate named John Kerry, who has had a number of very significant offices in the United States, not the least of which was Secretary of State.

He has the horrible experience of being the architect of the disastrous Iran nuclear deal commonly called the JCPOA. He's now been appointed by our new President Biden as U.S. Special Envoy for Climate. I'm going to start you off with one of the most magnificent examples of do as I say, not as I do.

Why? Well, John Kerry is married to one of the wealthiest families in America. They fly on private Gulfstream jets wherever they want to go, including green conferences where they make resolutions that people should not be flying, driving, transporting fuel, or trade on fossil fuels. And yet, Mr. Kerry flies in a Gulfstream private jet owned by Flying Squirrel, LLC, which is a family company.

According to numerous commentaries, it emits 40 times the carbon footprint, then if he were on a commercial flight. How do you deal with someone who, well, doesn't care about the environment except when he's at a conference and gets there with a big black trail of smoke behind his private jet?

Katie Hopkins: Right, and isn't it always the way, Barry, the hypocrisy of those who lecture us? I feel like it's a Meghan Markle, you know, the woman who married Prince Harry, our Prince Harry.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who became this kind of green zealots, the green ambassadors. It's very sort of the very right thing to be. But, of course, in their private life, whenever they fly, it's on a private jet.

In fact, when they went to South Africa on their tour, they actually flew their British Range Rovers, a fleet of them, eight of them to South Africa, because it was the only vehicles Meghan Markle was prepared to travel around in.

So, it's always the way whether it's John Kerry or other elitist globalists, they want the little people to have their gas prices go up but seem to have a lovely time jetting around and doing whatever they want.

I also think, Barry, you know, at these times when there is a lot of hardship out there, you have Uber drivers who can't get a decent ride in order to get paid. You have people wondering how they're going to pay their rent. Climate is a very inferior problem at the moment. There are more significant problems faced by ordinary Americans, I think.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, no question. Like, for example, you're going to love this story. We don't have enough vaccines to go around. Not that I'm pushing the vaccine. Don't take it that way. I'm just going to make a commentary.

Politically, we don't have enough vaccines for the first dose for the country and yet the Biden administration, get this, has just announced that the United States government is going to offer coronavirus vaccines to the detainees at Guantanamo Bay prison ahead of Americans who are lining up and can't get the vaccine. What the heck are they thinking?

Katie Hopkins: Do you ever think, Barry, that maybe these people or the people behind these people sit in a room and they think, now let's think, what can we do that would really, really, really annoy a taxpayer?

You know, what can we do? That's the most annoying thing. I feel like that happens because we had something called returning jihadis here in the UK, as many of you guys already know. Where jihadis left the UK to go fight in Syria.

Then they returned, and we treated them like they were kings. Now they were at the front of the line for schools, homes, and housing, even as our veterans are homeless on the street. I should add, as a side note, of course, Barry, if you're a returning jihadi, actually you are just a bit of rubbish at your job because if you're supposed to be jihadi, you're supposed to go blow yourself up.

So, you're not really supposed to return. But my point is, it's like returning jihadis, having free homes, these guys being given vaccinations. Right. It's like, what can we do to annoy ordinary people? I think they're professionals at it.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, it worked. I'm annoyed. Are you annoyed?

Katie Hopkins: I'm annoyed.

Barry Nussbaum: I was hoping it was successful. So, there's a guy that's quite famous in the U.S. who is probably very annoyed. He makes pillows, Mike Lyndell. The My Pillow guy.

He has now been banned for distribution in almost every major U.S. retail chain because of his crime. Oh, my gosh, his crime Katie was standing up and saying, get this, I support President Trump. For that vicious felony, they're not carrying his products anymore. Is this corporate fascism gone crazy?

Katie Hopkins: I mean, can you even believe it? I did read actually, and I was just looking for the figures there that Bed, Bath, and Beyond shares, I think, took a real hit off the back of this with people moving away from that market because they found this to be an abhorrent decision.

But I think it's just this punitive action. I think one of the things that probably, you know, we're going to try and get you together with Mike, I know, is that he's just a lovely guy. Any conservative that's been to any conference, I don't doubt, will have found a Mike Lyndell pillow on their seat.

I've been to a number, and he gives them out for free to conservatives just to support the work that people do and support people to give them something free to take home. He's an absolute sweetie.

The fact that they're doing this to him, I hope that the great American public rally round. But every time they do something unkind, I hope everybody goes buys a pillow or a mattress topper. I was thinking the other day that I must do that as well.

I think he's an absolutely charming gentleman, and I hope he's not feeling too injured by all of this. I hope it's making him more determined.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, probably. From what I've heard about him, from people like you that know him, but it's just so wrong. Speaking of wrong, we've talked about this earlier today, every Republican that supported Trump before the inauguration while the certification of the Electoral College was going on, and they stood up and said, we'd like to see an audit.

We want some more research. Which, by the way, happens in every single election when Republicans get elected. The Democrats do it. When the Democrats get elected, the Republicans do it. It's quite common, and it's a protected right in the Constitution.

Well, not according to Google, because the Congresspeople, the men, and women that stood up and said, “Hey, let's count, let's have an audit,” have been de-monetized on their pages.

They're not able to fundraise for their campaigns anymore because Google banned them for the audacity of having the temerity to stand up and defend the president of the United States against an election that quite probably was fraudulent.

Katie Hopkins: I think this is where, Barry, your point when we first started talking. Your point was always that we need to build networks. We need to create independence from big tech censorship, and we need to sort of reclaim power.

I think that's where the network that you set up, ATP, American Truth Project, you know, that's where we need people. If they're as angry as you and I are, that's why we're asking people to participate, join, sign up. It is because then we can look after each other, you know, so we can become a network that helps inform each other and stay together.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, speaking of which, and thanks for the reminder, for those of you out there in ATP land within the U.S. that haven't yet subscribed, please take out your cell phones and text the word TRUTH to 88202.

We will sign you up for free to get this and all of our content every day for free on your cell phone. Thanks, Katie, for joining us today and thank you out there for watching. For ATP Report, Barry Nussbaum.


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