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Because You Asked: Why Did CNN Create Fake News?


An ATP Report Production – on this episode Barry Nussbaum proves that CNN created fake news in London and why they did it.

Welcome to this segment of Because You Asked, I’m Barry Nussbaum.

Long before his inauguration, President Donald Trump has made a consistent series of statements at the microphone and on twitter pounding on the mainstream media for their creation of what he calls fake news.  The term has been around since the 19th century. By definition fake news is a type of yellow journalism that consists of deliberate misinformation or hoaxes spread via the traditional print, broadcasting news media, or via internet-based social media. Fake news is written and published with the intent to mislead in order to gain financially or politically, often with sensationalist, exaggerated, or patently false headlines that grab attention.  The world has now seen what may be the most amazing video capture of fake news being created.

Today on Because You Asked we will answer the question, what fake news did CNN create in London and why did they do it?

Here is what happened, on Saturday night a trio of terrorists attacked Londoners. After ramming as many pedestrians as possible on London bridge, they left their van, yelling “this is for Allah” and proceeded to stab as many people as possible before being shot dead by London police. They killed at least eight people dead and injured 48 more.

The next day, on Sunday, CNN aired a feature showing reporter Becky Anderson standing in front of the “Muslim mothers” rally. Behind her were what appeared to be a large crowd of women in hijabs, standing up for “moderate Islam” while protesting the recent London and Manchester attacks. In their hands were signs with liberal-friendly slogans like “ISIS will lose” and “love will win.”

However, footage from a different camera shows distinctly different images. Before Anderson begins reporting, the protesters are guided by police to stand directly in the camera frame so it looked like they were part of a much larger protest.

The hand-held side camera goes on to show Anderson reporting in front of only a handful of Muslim women. Not seen on CNN was the expansive, completely empty street behind them.  I want you to see fake news being born. Here is the amazing video.

Let me tell you what you just saw, based on reports from the citizen journalist, Mark Antro who happened upon the scene as it was being filmed:

  1. Notice the white officers walking away at the beginning of the video. These guys had been there for at least an hour before.
  2. They were replaced with black officers.
  3. We clearly see CNN directing and setting the scene up and signs are passed out to the fake demonstrators
  4. CNN ‘British journalist’ Becky Anderson says, “this wonderful scene”.
  5. You can hear Antro laugh. If you listen carefully you can hear him say, “that’s because you put it together”. Even the BBC director looked amused.
  6. They wrap up the shot, the black officers go, and the white officers return.

Facing tremendous backlash from conservative media, CNN denied the protest of their report as “nonsense.”
Whether or not CNN was actually the one corralling the protesters into the camera frame, it’s clear that they are guilty of posting a very misleading story: pretending that a “protest” attended by only a couple people were part of a larger movement of so-called “moderate Muslims.”

So now you what CNN created, a totally fictitious story to support a narrative of the moderate Muslims of London turning out in a large crowd to protest the terror perpetrated by radical Muslims. In truth, it was completely made up, why?  My theory is it was done to support the British progressive narrative.  The popular official British policy is of open borders and that by education and exposure to progressive British values, terrorists will stop being terrorists!  I’m very serious. That is the policy.

The London mayor’s feud with President Trump is a perfect example of where our President differs with the Brits.  The differences are so great, London mayor Khan is now pushing to have the American President not visit Britain on his planned state visit. “I don’t think we should roll out the red carpet to the President of the USA in the circumstances where his policies go against everything we stand for,” he said. The policies he is referring to are extreme vetting of immigrants, a temporary immigration freeze, and a wall on the southern U.S. border. All things the Brits are against.

We shall see if the British policy on immigration and terrorism changes in the coming months.

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  1. Robin Martz June 11, 2017

    I Saw THIS. WHAT A Total BUNCH Of Loosers!!

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