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Barry Nussbaum Reflects On His Meeting With Ben Carson


Barry Nussbaum: Good evening and welcome to American Trends, I'm Barry Nussbaum filling in for Dr. Gina tonight. We're coming to you from sunny Southern California to more than thirty-two million households across America and growing. Our poll question today, ISIS, put out a video today promising to attack Washington, D.C. Do you think it will really happen? You can vote on that poll at Youtooamerica.com or on the You Too America App. Download it if you don't have it already. We want to know what you have to say. I spent 90 minutes today with Ben Carson at an event in San Diego. Wow, what a very interesting event it was. The Carson campaign, it turns out, has raised more than all GOP candidates in July, August, September, October, and he's about to receive his one-millionth individual donation. He gave a great political philosophy speech today relating to Jeffersonian quotes. It really was something to think about. He said, "You know, when the government fears the people you have liberty and when the people fear the government, you have tyranny, and maybe we should ask ourselves now, who's more afraid, the people or the government on the other side?" Ben Carson talked about the fact that President Obama has been bragging that the employment rate is at 5 percent. It's a great number. It's basically full employment. However, the number is made up. It's based on the wrong numbers. The real number, the important number is the labor participation index, and it's at a twenty-five year low. Ben Carson laments that the electorate is so poorly informed and uninvolved that literally, ninety-three million people who could have voted in the last election stayed home. Oh, my gosh. Those are voters that are voting by staying home. They just don't care. In his forty-five minute talk to us today in a small group, Dr. Carson didn't use any notes. He was very sophisticated. It was a political science lecture address as if he was talking to a senior class at Harvard. He's a very impressive, informed candidate. No recommendation from Barry, just that's what I saw today. So up next, we have a Middle East analyst and former IDF soldier and NYPD officer, Micha Danzig. To discuss the latest on the terror attacks in Paris, but first, let's check out this viral video that's burning up the Web today.

Barry Nussbaum: Remember, you can find the links to all of these videos at American trends Twitter page at American Trends TV, and when you post on social media remember, use the hashtag America trends and go to Youtooamerica.com and join in the discussion. You can vote on our daily poll question, which again is: ISIS put out a video today promising to attack Washington, D.C. Do you think it's going happen? Could it happen? Don't forget that we want to hear from you. Follow and tweet to us at Youtoo America, at American Trends TV and me Barry Nussbaum. You can find me at findbarry.com, and the Barry Nussbaum report is there or at Barry Nussbaum. More American trends coming up. Stay with us, please. Coming up one of my favorites, a good friend, and a Middle East analyst. You're really going to want to hear from Micha Danzig. We'll see him right after this.

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