Iran Regime Selects Mass Murderer as Its President


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Okay, it is my big honor to welcome to the show esteemed Islamic scholar Robert Spencer. Robert is the director of Jihad Watch. He’s a Schulman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Get this. He’s written 21 books, including New York Times Best Sellers: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades, The Truth about Mohammed, and best-selling The History of Jihad from Mohammed to ISIS. He has a brand-new book is coming out: Did Mohammed Exist? Welcome, Robert Spencer. Thank you so much for joining us.

Robert Spencer: Thanks, Barry. Always good to talk to you.

Barry Nussbaum: So, let’s start out with your area of expertise Islamic Jihad and the source of most of it in the world, Iran. The election for president is over in Iran, they handpicked ‘elected’ I put that in quotes, a new president who surprisingly won, that’s a joke, is Ebrahim Raisi. He’s not just a hardline jihadist, but he’s a mass murderer and a big-time one. And more importantly, he’s very proud of his background.

He’s accused by the world of having personally supervised the trials and executions of somewhere between 5,000 and 40,000 Iranians in the 1980s. He has personally been sanctioned by most of the world, including the United States, who cannot even legally talk to him.

And meanwhile, this guy calls himself a defender of human rights when asked about the mass executions. The guy is a world-class war criminal. He ran the death panel that sentenced political prisoners to death at the end of the 1980s. How bad is this guy, and why was he picked to be president?

Robert Spencer: Barry, the first thing we have to know about Ebrahim Raisi is that these things that you have just described as far as the Iranian mullahs are concerned are not a bug. They’re a feature. It’s not that they picked him in spite of his terrible record. They picked him because of his terrible record for two reasons.

One is domestic, and one is international. Domestically, they’re sending a message to the Iranian people who remain discontented in large part with the Islamic regime that they are not going to be able to dissent. They’re not going to be able to protest. Anybody who expresses any kind of public disagreement, it’s very clear what kind of treatment they’re going to get with Ebrahim Raisi as the President of Iran.

And the other thing is, as you noted, he was not elected. He was selected. He was selected by the supreme leader of Iran, who is the real power in the country, and he is going to execute the policies of the supreme leader. The supreme leader’s disposition toward his own people and toward the world is revealed by the person he selects to be the President of Iran.

By picking Raisi, Ayatollah Khamenei is not only showing that he’s going to crack down harshly on dissent within Iran, but he’s showing that he understands that with Biden’s handlers running the United States, that the United States is weak, is not going to stand up to him and this is his time to step up Iran’s support for terrorism worldwide, supporting Hamas, supporting Hezbollah, supporting Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The Iranian regime has also in the past supported al-Qaida and the Taliban, and other jihadi groups as well as and this is much less known. But it’s in my book, The Complete Infidels Guide to Iran. The Islamic regime in Iran has also supported far-left groups in Spain and elsewhere. It’s clear that they understand that leftism is corrosive to Western civilization, and they want to destroy Western civilization.

So, they support the left. And so, what we are seeing is increased belligerence on the part of Iran. And Raisi’s ascension to the presidency means that Iran is going to be strutting around and sponsoring terrorism around the world and cracking down on its own people within the country.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let me capitalize and draw attention to the one word you used at the end of your explanation, which was terrific, Robert. Which is this guy is flaunting his aggressiveness, and he is being very clear to send a big middle finger to the rest of the world.

He announced this week in his first press conference he will not allow the negotiations that are going on in Vienna to take place if they include any discussion on their long-range missile program. This is startling given the fact that the UN has placed Iran on the restrictive list regarding their ICBM developments.

The only reason to build long-range missiles is it’s a platform to deliver weapons of mass destruction over thousands of miles, which puts all of Europe, Great Britain, Israel, and eventually Washington, D.C., within range of Iranian payloads. There is no reason to build weapons like this, none at all unless you’ve got a weapon to deliver, i.e., a nuclear weapon.

And get this, Robert, to make it worse, he says they’re going to abandon all negotiations with the United States unless all sanctions are lifted first. How is it possible that the world is letting them, the Iranians, get away with this?

Robert Spencer: That’s exactly it. They know the Iranians, that is, that the world will let them get away with this. And so, they know this is the time to press forward with all our demands. The mullahs understand the world in terms of strength and weakness. And they look at Biden’s handlers. They see weakness.

They look at the leaders of the European Union. They see weakness. They don’t see a single world leader who has the guts to stand up. The spine to say no to them. And so, they figure this is the time to act. This is the time to make our demands. And we know that our enemies will fold like the houses of cards that they are.

You know, when I saw the statements, the things that you just quoted, when I saw those statements earlier, it reminded me of Hitler when Hitler said at the beginning of World War II, ‘I have seen our enemies at Munich and they are weak.’ And that was one of the reasons why he was emboldened to act. And Ayatollah Khamenei is exactly the same way and is acting upon exactly the same kinds of assumptions.

Barry Nussbaum: The irony is that in many books, just as a side note, Robert, that were published after World War II, that are taken from the diaries of Hitler’s generals. A number of them wrote in their diaries if Great Britain had stood up to Hitler at Munich and not given in to his seizure of land. That was this is all I want, and then you’ll have peace.

They would have killed him. But when it turned out Hitler was right, and the Western Europeans backed down, there was no stopping him, and one hundred million people died as a result. So Raisi has one more comment that I find really interesting. He’s demanding that the United States show they’re honest by lifting all sanctions in exchange for, get this, nothing.

Nothing, Robert, in exchange from Iran. In other words, open up commerce, let the money flow in, let the oil flow out, you guys can build all the IC M’s you want, and well, we’re not going to check anything. We’re just going to make a new deal. Why in the world would the United States agree to reward Iran now when they are literally weeks away from building atomic weapons? They may already have enough enriched uranium, Robert, to put together five bombs tomorrow morning. Why would we lift the sanctions now?

Robert Spencer: Its handlers have to have this agreement. They have to have this nuclear deal. And why do they have to have it? Because Trump said that it was a terrible agreement, the original nuclear deal. And Biden’s administration, to a tremendous degree, is all about how Trump was wrong.

And it’s all about how the foreign policy establishment that has been in power in Washington for decades and for one small four years was not directly in power, not completely in power, although there was the deep state resisting Trump every step of the way. But for four years, they were not in power. And Trump showed them up and made peace between Israel and Bahrain and the UAE and so on.

And the Abraham Accords. And he showed that the so-called experts that didn’t know anything and that the so-called amateur was showing them how it was done. And so now these career bureaucrats, career diplomats who’ve made nothing but mistakes throughout their decades of so-called public service, that has enriched them immensely, unimaginably.

They have to reassert that they were right all along. And so, they have to undo everything Trump did and do everything Trump didn’t do. So, if he was against the Iranian nuclear deal, they have to have one. And it doesn’t matter how bad it is; it doesn’t matter how disadvantageous it is because they have to show up Trump. They will sacrifice the peace of the world to show up Donald Trump.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let me give you a detail that you may not even know about. I read this three times in different sources to make sure I was getting it right, Robert. Iran is now demanding that not only all sanctions that have crippled the Iranian economy must be lifted immediately, but we have to put in writing as part of the new JCPOA that sanctions will never be re-established against Iran no matter what they do.

In other words, the only punishment we had short of bombing the reactor sites is an economic restriction on trade in order to bring them to the table. Trump was right. It worked. And now they’re demanding that we promise never to have sanctions again. And it’s something different between this and the last time when the JCPOA was put through without and over the objections of Congress. Which I’ve maintained for the entire time is an illegal act and that the Senate should have been involved in and was excluded by Obama.

Republicans now seem to be standing up and seem to be saying. It’s against the law to do business with Raisi. He’s a world-sanctioned war criminal. You can’t lift sanctions unilaterally, and you can’t make this deal without us. Will the Senate Republicans be successful stopping Biden as they were unsuccessful in stopping Obama?

Robert Spencer: I don’t trust the Senate Republicans to ever do anything right. They’re spineless. They’re weak. They’re just what the Iranian mullahs think they are. They’re worse. And so, it may be that by some accident, by some good fortune that surprisingly comes down upon us, that this will all be done in the way that it ought to be done in regard to these restrictions on Iran. But the Senate Republicans have been one of the things that were revealed most important, one of the most important revelations of the 2016 election, and nothing has happened since then.

To show it to be false is that the United States is not really a two-party system. But there are two parties that are actually one big party that has the same point of view. And then there was Trump. And so, without Trump, there are a few, a handful of Republicans here and there who really want to restrain Iran. But otherwise, most of the Republican leadership will just do what the Democrats want them to do, and that is to capitulate to Iran.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, as I’ve been saying for the last zillion years, the Constitution is very clear, Robert, if relationships with foreign countries that are codified as a treaty or a mutual contract of any kind between the United States and a foreign power, must constitutionally be included in the Senate discourse to advise and consent or Biden or Biden.

Obama and Biden are both intending to bypass that system. And I think if there are a couple of people in the Senate that have the chutzpah to stand up, they ought to send it to the Supreme Court because bypassing the Senate and making a treaty that, as you said, could end the world civilization is potentially an existential threat, the likes of which the world does not face.

But for Iran, I hope you’re wrong. So do I, but you may not be. You might be right. Thanks for coming on today, Robert. Would you tell people where they can get your information and learn about you and what you’re doing?

Robert Spencer: Yeah, I’m at jihad, which is updated many times daily with news and commentary on jihad activity that you will not find anywhere else. And also, at jihadwatchrs on Twitter. My new book: Did Mohammed Exist?, will be out in the middle of July and is available for preorder now, along with my next book, The Critical Quran, which will be out in November.

Barry Nussbaum: Unbelievable. You are a treasure educationally. I wish the entire ATP world would sign up to get educated because there’s no other source like Robert Spencer. Thanks so much for joining us today. And remember all of you out there in ATP land, I asked you in the beginning.

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