Are Dems Defending Milley’s Treasonous Actions?


Will Johnson: Wow, it is already September to 16, 2021. Where has the year gone? Thank you, everyone, for joining us on this special broadcast. Amazing things are happening, and crazy things go along with it. Channon, thank you for joining me this Thursday. We have a lot to talk about.

Channon: Yeah, we always have a lot to talk about, thanks to Biden.

Will Johnson: Yes. Thanks to O’Biden.

Channon: Well, I shouldn’t say thanks.

Will Johnson: Well, O’Biden keeps everything going, so all the crazy stuff keeps going. I want to thank everyone for tuning in. Thank you so much for sharing this broadcast. We will have the phone line open if you want to give us a call, but first, I want you to do me a favor. Send me a text to 88202, and just type my name in, WILL.

So, you type in 88202 for the body, and for the message, you type in WILL. Then hit send. You’ll get free information that you need to know from American Truth Project. So, we’re going to talk, of course, about Milley, and we’re going to talk about our southern border. We’ll get into a few other topics as well, but the main one we’re going to talk about tonight is Milley.

Channon, do you think what Milley did was treasonous? Let me just ask you that. Do you think what he did was treasonous? And do you think the Democrats would react the same way had they known this was happening to Biden?

Channon: Well, the simple answer to your question is, if it did happen, yes, it is treasonous. If it was the other way around, would the Democrats be upset? Absolutely, they would.

Will Johnson: Even if it didn’t happen, they were saying that it happened under the O’Biden administration. They will still go along that it’s true, and they should be tried for treason. In this case, because it was under President Trump, they said, you know what? He was just doing his civic duty. He was fine. He was just following the Constitution.

Channon: But we know he wasn’t doing his civic duty. Listen, for those people that don’t know, it came out in a book by Mr. Woodward that General Mark Milley had held a secret call with the Chinese general during the end of President Trump’s term and told him that if Trump were to do anything he would warn the Chinese government. So, it is alarming that the General would do this. Do you have the audio from Psaki yesterday, Will?

Will Johnson: Psaki.

Channon: Yeah, so during a press conference, and Will does have that clip.

Will Johnson: Actually, we have a couple of clips.

Channon: I want to talk about the one where she was talking about General Milley. We have that one, right?

Will Johnson: Yeah, I have a couple of clips where she’s talking about General Milley. One of them is where she says that he hinted to Biden because of what Milley did. Biden follows the Constitution, but here’s a clip with Psaki saying that he did because of confidence. Let me take that back. Let me rewind.

They asked if Biden had confidence in Milley and what he did. She comes back, and she defends Milley and his actions against President Trump because they all hate Trump so much, but let’s played the clip, and then we’ll talk about it.

Channon: Yeah, look, listen.

Reporter: A new book reports that near the end of the Trump Presidency, Chairman Milley had two conversations with his Chinese counterpart, promising the countries would not go to war and that we would give an early warning if something were to happen.

In a statement just minutes ago, Chairman Milley did not dispute this account. On this, does the President feel these calls were appropriate? Does he have confidence in the Chairman? And some Republican senators have called for Chairman Milley to be dismissed? Is he going to keep his job?

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki: Well, I saw the statement, of course, that the Department of Defense or I should say the Joint Chiefs spokesperson just released minutes ago. I’m not going to add more, speak to anonymous, unconfirmed reports about conversations with limited context from here, but what I can assure you all of is that the President knows General Milley.

He has been Chairman of the Joint Chiefs for almost eight months of his presidency, they’ve worked side by side through a range of international events, and the President has complete confidence in his leadership, his patriotism, and his fidelity to our Constitution. Since you gave me the opportunity, I just wanted to add.

I think it’s important to consider some of the context, key context of this period in time, of time in history that we’re discussing and is outlined or covered in portions of this book. The outgoing president of the United States during this period of time fomented unrest, leading to an insurrection and an attack on our nation’s capital on January 6th, which we’ve all, you all have covered extensively, of course, one of the darkest days in our nation’s history beyond…

Will Johnson: Let me stop it there really quick, just for a second. She said that President Trump was fomenting the insurrection on January 6th, which is a total lie, and no one in the room called her out on it. Everybody in the room with any brain cells that are not socially distancing from one another knew well that President Trump did not call for the insurrection on January 6th.

President Trump repeatedly said, ‘Be peaceful, protest peacefully,’ but see the Democrats, the left they see peaceful protests from those on the right as violence because they know how powerful it can be.

Channon: Actually, the FBI came out and said that January 6th was not an insurrection. So, I hate it when these irresponsible Biden administration faces come out and tell blatant lies when they know the truth. Let me tell you what. You want to know one of the darkest days that we’ve had in American history.

It was January 12th of 2021 when Biden took office. I was so disgusted by her and the fact that she dismissed it. Just dismisses it as if it’s okay. The past eight months since General Milley has been at the head of this it’s been a disaster. Africa has been a disaster. Our border has been a disaster, and now we hear that he was even maybe in on a coup with President Trump. It’s disgusting.

Will Johnson: That’s exactly what it is. It’s a coup. The coup was what the Democrats did, and I’ve said this multiple times. What happened in 2020, November, this past election? It should go down in history as a coup d’état that was successfully implemented by the left, by the Democrats. You even have generals involved in it. Listen to the rest of what she says here.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki: Beyond reports in this book, there’s been widespread reporting and commentary from members of his own cabinet, the former President’s cabinet, I should say, including high ranking national security officials questioning the former President’s stability, his behavior, and his suitability to oversee the national security of the United States. So, those are important questions that need to be discussed as well.

Channon: You know what? Ironically, I feel like she just described President Biden instead of Trump when she talks about the mental health, stability, and capability of running our country. I feel like in the past eight months, yeah, what is it was eight months now?

Will Johnson: Yes, it is.

Channon: President Biden has shown how unfit he is to rule this country, and Trump proved how strong he was, how respected he was. So, you have to pay attention to what is happening. Hey, listen, we have some phone calls, Will. Do you want to start taking some of them?

Will Johnson: Yeah, we will get to the phone calls, but I want to play something really quick. This is something really short to go right along with what you were talking about, Vice President Biden, how he’s so, you know, out there. He’s so gone that if you are the President of the United States if you’re acting like it, and you can’t remember the world leaders you come in contact with.

Let me be clear on something. I go places, and I meet a lot of people. I can remember faces more than I can remember names, but when you’re on the world stage, you’re there with two people, and you have a hard time remembering someone’s name. Then you might want to write it down. Listen to O’Biden, Vice President Biden, when he’s had a press conference, and he can’t even remember the people he’s talking to within the whole press conference.

President Of The United States Joe Biden: Thank you, Boris. I want to thank that fellow down under. Thank you very much, pal. Appreciate it, Mr. Prime Minister. I am honored today to be joined by two of America’s closest allies, Australia, and the United Kingdom, to launch a new phase of the trilateral security cooperation among our countries.

Will Johnson: That fella, the fella from Down Under.

Channon: Yeah, you can tell. As soon as he turns around, he’s kind of like, oh gosh, okay, yeah, that fella.

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly.

Channon: You know what? When my grandma had dementia in her old age. Do you know what she did? She would refer to everybody as, oh, hey, darling. How are you? Like, just a general name. It wasn’t their actual name.

Will Johnson: Good thing it was your grandmother because your grandfather saying, hey, darling, they would say, oh, he’s a sexist.

Channon: Well, I’m just saying that’s a true alarm to show you that somebody has dementia, but listen, we have a phone call. Let’s go ahead and take Roger from California. Roger, what do you have for Will?

Will Johnson: Roger from Commie-fornia. Hey, Roger. Thank you so much for the call. You there, Roger? Mm-hmm. We should be hearing, Roger.

Channon: Yeah, I don’t hear Roger.

Will Johnson: Okay, maybe Roger dropped off then?

Channon: Okay. Let’s take the next call. How about Chris from Texas?

Will Johnson: No, Chris, from Texas either?

Channon: I can’t hear him. Are you sure it’s not on our end?

Will Johnson: I can take a look, but I’m pretty sure because we could hear the intro to the broadcast earlier when we first started. We should be able to hear them.

Channon: Okay, I’m sorry, for some reason, we cannot hear the phone calls. Okay, well, let’s keep going then. As soon as they have it corrected, maybe they’ll just pop them on the line.

Will Johnson: Yeah, it’s not on our end.

Channon: She’s saying she’s getting phone calls, but for some reason, we can’t hear.

Will Johnson: That is very interesting.

Channon: Make sure you guys press one to come on the line so we can hear but listen, referring to what’s going on with General Milley.

Will Johnson: Maybe that’s who it is. Maybe they’re not pushing one because we should be able to hear them right now.

Channon: Is the volume up?

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: Okay, well, I’m sorry. Go ahead, Will.

Will Johnson: Okay, let me do this.

Chris: Hello?

Will Johnson: Hey, there we go. Okay, who are we talking to?

Channon: Who are we talking to?

Chris: It’s Chris.

Will Johnson: Hey, Chris.

Channon: Hey, Chris, from Texas.

Chris: I don’t know? I kept saying hello, and then finally. It just came on. I guess you can hear me now.

Channon:  Well, hello. We’re together now.

Will Johnson: I’m glad we got you. What do you got?

Chris: Yeah, you know, one thing I’ve been wondering about all this is when you look at the stuff with Milley. He is offering to be treasonous enough to talk to China about a preemptive attack. The question I don’t think people are asking is why he would feel he needed to jeopardize everything to do that?

Unless Donald Trump already knew something or planning something, which is why he was trying to warn China. Do you think maybe Donald Trump already knew about the attack with the virus by China?

Will Johnson: You know, a lot of people have been asking, what information did President Trump know, and you know what. Actually, President Trump knew that it came from the Wuhan lab.

Channon: Well, he was talking about it in a press conference.

Will Johnson: He already knew that it was a blatant attack on the United States of America along with the world, and China was on the edge of its seat because President Trump had been mentioning it. President Trump had been talking about it.

So, they wanted the inside track from Milley because he’s a wolf general, a traitor general, and they knew Milley would give them any information if the United States were going to retaliate because of their attack on the United States of America.

Chris: Yeah, that was the one thing that I was wondering. Also, as I sat down the other day and made a whole list of different articles that date back to 2003, I believe, or 2006-just different stuff in sequence. You could see how the funding, the experiments that were done with the virus, and stuff. Exactly how it all played out. Over half of that had to do with it was Lee.

Will Johnson: Yeah, well, think about it before the pandemic kicks in. Nancy Pelosi and other prominent Democrats went to China, and even today, they will not release what they were doing there. They would not release any transcripts or anything for the reason why they were there. Then all of a sudden, after that, we get the pandemic to kick in.

They needed something to try to derail President Trump. They needed something to derail the economy. They needed something to where they could take back control. This was an opportunity for them to get rid of Trump and bring on this new world order. That’s where we are today. We see it.

Chris: Do you think maybe it had something to do with Obama’s last trip to China, back in December 2017?

Channon: When they wouldn’t bring the stairs to their airplane?

Will Johnson: (Laughing) I don’t know. I don’t think it had anything to do with it.

Chris: He went to three different places on that last trip, which were China, France, and India.

Will Johnson: Mm-hmm. Yeah, it could very well be.

Chris: There are no details about it.

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly, it could very well be. It’s like maybe Nancy Pelosi went over there to go ahead and confirm it, to pull the trigger on it.

Channon: If you ask me, I have a little bit different perspective than both of you. You know, when Psaki was talking, she alluded to the fact that they thought because Trump had supposedly created an insurrection at the Capitol, thinking that he was on his way out. He would somehow cause trouble in the world like he was some ex-leader on the way out who wants to cause problems for America,

So, maybe he would do something to China, which I think is all just crazy. I don’t think that Trump was about that at all, but who knows at this point? You know what the thought process was, General Milley, which is why he should be brought under investigation. He should be asked questions. We should not let this go. He should be immediately, at the very least, put on suspension or something.

Will Johnson: Well, they are not going to do that.

Channon: I know they’re not going to.

Will Johnson: Because it was a coup d’état that took place, and he followed his orders. Well, hey, Chris, thank you so much for the call, okay.

Chris: All right.

Will Johnson: All right. I appreciate it. Take care. Yeah, you know, Milley, he did exactly what they wanted. That’s why right now, even Biden was in a press conference, and when they asked Biden did, he do the right thing, or how much confidence do you have in Milley? Listen to what Biden said.

President Of The United States Joe Biden: I look forward to working together to beat this pandemic and keep our economy growing and growing strong. So, thank you all for being here, and thank you.

Reporter: Sir, General Milley, did he do the right thing? (inaudible)

President Of The United States Joe Biden: I have great confidence in General Milley.

Channon: Yeah, he botched up Afghanistan. Why would you have complete confidence?

Will Johnson: Yeah, because they did this to President Trump. He’s got complete confidence. He did exactly what we needed him to with the coup d’état.

Channon: Right. I’m here; Trump’s not. So, good job, Milley. Will, we have another caller. We have Dawson from Utah.

Will Johnson: Dawson. Hey, Dawson, thank you so much for the call.

Dawson: Hey, Will, how are you doing?

Will Johnson: I’m doing okay. The world is crazy still.

Dawson: Yeah, I finally got time to call into your podcast, so I wanted to do it. Did you see something because I just saw something that happened a couple of hours ago? I think a baby was having an asthma attack on the plane, right. The boy couldn’t wear the dumb face diaper, so the mother took it off. The airline people kicked them off the plane because he was having an asthma attack.

Will Johnson: Wow. Give me a break. Which airline was it? Did it say which airline?

Dawson: United Airlines.

Will Johnson: United Airlines. Wow, this is crazy-a child.

Channon: Will, what is happening with the people that are sitting around them? I mean, are they so empathetic and so detached from their feelings that they would not see something wrong with that picture? He was in distress.

Dawson: Nobody did anything.

Will Johnson: Yeah. No one says anything because everyone has been indoctrinated to be silent, to say nothing. You see the tyranny happening. It’s a child. When the pandemic first came about, they said that children didn’t have anything to worry about because it was only attacking the elderly and some adults, but it wasn’t attacking children. You know, like 21 or younger.

They had nothing to worry about, but now they’re putting face diapers and want to put a vaccine into children, which is completely demonic. It’s crazy, and if the child is having an asthma attack. Leave the kid alone. You’re making it worse. Let the kid work it out. They probably have an inhaler. Let the parents take care of the child. Stop, but these people don’t do that.

Dawson: No, they don’t. I don’t understand. We saw the results of the election in Commie-fornia just yesterday or two days ago. You heard everything gruesome Newsom’s is doing.

Will Johnson: Yeah, he’s going to bring the hammer down, full tyranny effect.

Channon: Well, of course, because they said we approve of the job you’re doing. So, it emboldened him. He’s like, hey, listen they’re not standing up against me. They’re buying everything I’m doing, so let’s go.

Will Johnson: He’s doubling down.

Channon: So, disgusting. All right, thank you, Dawson. We have more callers on the line.

Will Johnson: Hey, thanks for the call.

Channon: Okay, next, talking of California. We have Roger, from California.

Will Johnson: Roger from California. Hey, thank you so much for the call.

Roger: What’s going on? It’s just been a whirlwind of a situation here. Obviously, with the elections, I think, it is bogus. Can you guys hear me?

Channon: Yeah, we can hear you. We are letting you vent.

Will Johnson:  Loud and clear. We are letting you vent, yeah, go, go.

Roger: I’m in good old Orange County, and I see on the news they said 52, or more than half of the voters cast their ballots for, no. Basically, I think that’s bogus. I think that’s ridiculous. I think that’s a red flag.

Channon: That County is pretty red, isn’t it?

Roger: Yeah, it’s pretty damn red. Every time I go, even Mission Viejo, I see protesters near the mall. There are so many conservatives here. I don’t know where they’re getting that figure. The other thing I wanted to bring up in terms of COVID because it’s all interlinked. Everything is all connected. It’s part of their whole thing. If they say hospitalizations, right.

Remember last year when Donald Trump brought in the mercy ship? Did anyone even use that at the Port of Long Beach? I saw that it was vacant for the most part. Now, if this is bad. I have a friend of mine who works at a hospital. He says, ‘No, we’re not slammed. We got elective surgeries that are backlogged, and that’s pretty much it. Not much on COVID.’ I think what we need to do, Will.

We need to have every person in every major city needs to go to their local hospital. Just go in there with a video camera or GoPro on their head. Do a time-lapse. Like, just stay there in the freaking lobby. Do you know what I mean? Just to see the number of people going in and out, let’s just see if it’s that crazy of a big deal, and we should have a compilation of at least 100 hospitals all across the country-all at the same time to see.

Wait a minute, is there really a big issue here at the hospitals. Are they bombarded? I don’t think so. You remember last year when they were a bunch of nurses doing Tik Tok videos and all this fancy stuff. Like they had so much free time on their hands. This is a joke at the expense of our children, at the expense of everything else.

I’m getting fed up with it. Wearing a mask, it’s ridiculous. People are fighting. They’re really creating divisiveness in this country. I feel like it’s going the wrong way.

Will Johnson: You know, what’s going to have to happen? You’re going to have people in Commie-fornia start doing the same thing they’re doing in New York. People in New York, by the thousands, are going out protesting against the tyranny that they’re implementing onto them. So, that’s the only way it’s going to change.

You’re going to have to go out when this local, state tyrant is implementing their procedures onto the people in Commie-fornia. You’ve got to say no. People have to say no. We’re not doing it.

Channon: We have to make our voices loud and clear.

Will Johnson: Yeah, we’re not going to follow it. What are they going to start doing it? I mean if they start arresting people. You know what? I’m going to have to tell you this. I see within the next few weeks, Commie-fornia starting to look like Australia.

Channon: I hope so. I hate to say it, but I hope so,

Will Johnson: I don’t hope so because if it happens then, California becomes like Australia. It becomes a prison state. That’s a bad thing.

Channon: I mean, as far as I hope people start hitting the streets and protesting is what I’m saying. I hope that we start seeing people protesting right now.

Roger: I’m very fortunate to go at least to the grocery stores and not wear the mask; at least that’s something. If I go to L.A. County, yeah, it’s a different story, but you know what? Let’s set that apart. My only thing about this whole situation is the whole premise of putting a liquid in your body that goes into your bloodstream to put yourself at that risk.

Let’s just say you’re a healthy person. You’re in your mid-30s or 40s, and you’re a runner. You trust your immune system, especially if you have children, young children. Why would you endanger yourself based on something that’s been around for God knows how long?

It’s a virus, guys, come on. It’s a virus. It’s never going to end. It’s always going to be around. You know, like, it’s not a plague. People are not dying on the street.

Channon: Supposedly, this one was created in a Wuhan lab, and there’s more evidence to support that.

Will Johnson: Yes, it’s been proven.

Channon: But you are right. Once the virus is created, it does change. It does mutate. It is here to stay, and you are correct about that.

Roger: But what I’m saying, the whole notion of putting something in your body to protect yourself from others when those who have already taken it should mind their own business and carry on with their business. If they’re vaccinated, go for it. Enjoy your life. Let us enjoy ours.

Will Johnson: Yeah, absolutely, I’m still with you on that. Like if they have the vaccine in their body, then they’re protected, right? Leave me alone.

Channon: Here’s the thing. It is all understood by Wu, the CDC, and by everyone that vaccine does not eradicate the virus, period. It will not get rid of it. It will not keep you from getting it. The only thing it does is help with the symptoms if you get it.

So, when people say, oh, it’s still going around because people are unvaccinated. It will always be around because you, yourself, are not even fully protected from it. We cannot eradicate it at this point.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they’re going to use this as a mechanism to control everybody. That’s their whole goal. To use this to control. They know the vaccine is not removing the symptoms. It’s not even removing people dying from it.

Now they even say that, well, we have to get protection for the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. Is it crazy? What were you going to say, caller? What’s his name again?

Channon: Roger.

Will Johnson: Roger, what were you going say, Roger?

Roger: I was saying, look, my sister, and I’m going to tell you straight-up. My sister runs a clinical trials company in the Mid Midwest, okay. She does this. So, Moderna, she’s doing it for adolescents, right. This was last year, she said, I got bombarded with thousands of parents volunteering for their children to get this vaccine I believe, the turn of January of this year.

Now, I butt heads with her because she’s obviously pro medicine, the advancements of medicine, and I’m all for that, but when it’s something so new that she’s imposing that on me. I told her, I said, look, hey, you tell me the truth. Is this efficacy going to go down? She goes, yes. I’m like, what’s the point of taking it?

If it’s going down, and if the effectiveness wears off. What do you expect me to do? Take a booster shot every three months? I mean, this is ridiculous. I’m not going to do it.

Channon: That’s true. It just proves that Pfizer vaccine efficacy is not long-term. You have to give booster shots with that particular vaccine.

Roger: Absolutely.

Will Johnson: It’s crazy. Hey, Roger, thank you for the call and thank you so much for sharing that information with us.

Roger: All right. Take care and stay safe.

Channon: All right, we have another caller. We have Iris, from California.

Will Johnson: Iris from Commie-fornia. Wow, a lot of Commie-fornians. Californians from Commie-fornia. Hey, Iris, thank you so much for the call.

Iris: Hey, Will. I try to talk to you every night on Facebook, and I call sometimes, but it’s hard to get through. But anyway, I live in California, and I sent you a video today. I watched a video this morning from Facebook, where all these doctors were saying not to get the shot because of what it does to you.

I hope you got it. I sent it to your website, but here in California, I’m really pissed about the situation with Gavin Newsom. We wanted him gone because what was the whole purpose of all those people going out and getting the petition? To me, I think it was all planned in the first place. It was the whole reset, and I’m not happy about him being here.

I’m not going to get the vaccine and do that mandate. I’m not wearing a mask. When I go out, I don’t even wear a mask, but I think this whole thing’s made up this coronavirus. I think it’s all made up, and they want to control people.

Channon: Yeah, I think so, too. You know what? It’s crazy what’s happening in California. Do you know how much they spent, California spent, Newsom spent on this election? Almost $300 million for this election.

Iris: You know what? Back to all these people out here who are homeless. When Trump was president, he came over here. He gave Gavin Newsom, I think, two or $3 million to get places for these homeless people to go. He never spent the money on that.

Channon: Of course, he didn’t.

Iris: I don’t know what he did with it, but he didn’t spend the money in the homeless. He left all these homeless people out here. These people, these homeless people, need God. They need somebody to tell them about God. That someone loves and cares about them, and someone to show them that they are somebody too.

They ignored them as nobody cared. It breaks my heart to see that happen, and I was thinking yesterday I need to start going out when I see them out cause this guy was outside Wal-Mart. He looked so sad, and I bought him, I said, here’s some food, but I should have told him about Jesus. I didn’t think about it until afterward. We’ve got to help these people and tell them something about God, but we have to stand our ground, as you guys said.

Get out and protest. We’re not going to take your tyranny. We’re not going to take your vaccines. We’re not going to do it, and they even tried to lock us down over here because they did that crap last time. Gavin Newsom doesn’t give a rip about us. He doesn’t care about us. It’s like Joe Biden; they don’t give a rip about us. In fact, Joe Biden went to Australia to make a deal with them to build a nuclear submarine.

For what? What does he need to build a nuclear submarine for Australia? Using their money when he doesn’t care about the American people, and telling us, ‘Oh, I’m going to give you guys’ money from Medicare for dental and vision.’ We already have all that stuff for Medicare. I don’t know. They need to get him out because he’s just ruining our country.

Channon: Gavin Newsom, I will tell you. It pays to be governor of California because Gavin Newsom is building a multi-million dollar home just out of Sacramento right now. So, when we see politicians that are making that much money. They’re doing more than just running that state. It’s disgusting to me.

Iris: I think he was using the money for himself. I live about 40 minutes north of Little Town. It is past something called Yuba City. I live in Gridley. It’s a little smaller town, but they have all these buildings. All these buildings are sitting there empty. There’s a hospital where I live, about 15 minutes, and it’s just sitting there empty.

These things could be for the homeless and help these people have a place to stay. Get people off the streets, but as you guys said, though, all these people are coming across the border. I bet you they aren’t vaccinated, and all those people they brought from Afghanistan. I bet they’re not vaccinated.

I think you said that there were like 5,000 people from Afghanistan over here in our state. You know, I want to help people, but I don’t want any terrorists here in our state. I don’t understand this. You know, Gavin Newsom, he’s probably not going to do crap for them anyway because he doesn’t do anything for us.

Will Johnson: You are absolutely, right. He’s not going to do anything for the people in California. If he does anything, he’s just going to make the condition of living there terrible and more disgusting than what they currently are. Hey, I want to thank you so much for the call.

Iris: Okay. I will see you tonight on your program.

Channon: Yeah, and enjoy Yuba City.

Will Johnson: Thank you.

Iris: I’ll see you tonight on your program. Have a good one.

Channon: Okay, we have Katie from Utah.

Will Johnson: Hey, Katie.

Katie: Hi, how are you guys?

Will Johnson: Thank you so much for the call.

Katie: So, I wanted to talk about General Milley a little bit, and I have a completely different perspective on that than you guys. I think because I was watching Rachel Maddow. You got to love her.

Will Johnson: Rachel, mad cow?

Katie: Yeah, no kidding, right. So, anyway, she was talking about how she was reading the transcript of the call and made a point, she said, here’s the transcript of the call. I don’t know where it came from, so she’s not giving her sources. She’s not saying where the call came from; I think the whole thing is made up as a distraction.

All the other crap that’s going on, and they’re just going to play this over and over. Feed it to death to distract from everything else, like the voter fraud, COVID, Afghanistan, and the mandates from our dictator in Washington. I think it’s all made up to distract.

Will Johnson: Well, they’ve confirmed it. You have Marco Rubio, who confirmed that the phone call took place. We have a video where Nikki Haley said it’s not uncommon for world leaders and other generals from other nations to have conversations with the United States of America.

I think the main problem comes into play because he had the conversation, but he did not relay information to President Trump. Let’s just say, even if it didn’t happen, and let’s say all of this was just made up. Let’s say it was all made up under the O’Biden administration. Just made-up stuff.

What do you think they would do to the General? They would still remove him even if it’s made up because they’re talking about it. They’re not doing that in this case.

Katie: Oh, no, they’re not going to do it. They’re not going to do anything about it, even if it’s not made up. I’m not ever going to say for one second that I don’t think General Milley is a traitor because I think General Milley is a traitor and needs to be removed, but I don’t trust them.

I think they should release the phone call if that is the case. They should take action and quit talking about it because we have real problems in this country. You know, I had to laugh when you were playing that clip of President Biden.

We’re going to keep moving our economy forward. What forward have we taken? I mean, our economy is so bad right now. I’m worried that it’s going to crash before the end of the month.

Will Johnson: You know what? There’s been a lot of analysts come out and say that it’s going to take place in September, going into October. So, it looks like it might be the case. So, it’s really interesting.

Katie: I wanted to say one other thing about the cancel culture. You know, about the baby on the plane where they took them off the plane. The whole cancel culture thing, and all this stuff. I’m really worried about that because I think all this canceled culture and having people publicly witnessed you being removed is a really bad thing.

What if they start rounding people up and taking them to reeducation camps, detention camps, concentration camps, or FEMA camps? Now people are used to seeing people disappear. They’re used to having people just up and disappear being canceled. So, people aren’t going to be all that worried about people disappearing. They’re used to it.

Will Johnson: You know what? That could very well be the case because even back in July of this year, the CDC on their website, you can see this on the website right now. The CDC said we should discuss putting people into these camps that refuse to get the vaccine. So, yeah, your sport on with that. It’s crazy. Thank you so much for the call.

Katie: Okay, I was just going to say in the communist state of Utah. They made a law that if the health department thinks that you’re a danger to society. They can come over, arrest you, put you wherever they want for however long they want, and they can seize your property.

Will Johnson: Wow. That’s crazy. It’s straight-up tyranny.

Katie: I think so. I think there’s a lot of things that are wrong, and I think one message every single person in this country needs to hear is, do not comply. Just do not comply. Don’t get used to seeing people disappear.

Don’t get used to wearing your mask, don’t comply. If you don’t want to vax, don’t get it. If you want one, get it. You know that’s your choice, but don’t comply.

Will Johnson: You can have the freedom.

Katie: Do not comply with tyranny.

Will Johnson: Absolutely, you should have your freedoms, keep your freedom, but they want to take it away from us. So, hey, thank you so much for the call, okay. Take care.

Katie:  Thank you. Have a good day. Bye.

Channon: All right, our next caller is Aaron, from California.

Will Johnson: Hey, Aaron.

Aaron: Hey. Oh, my gosh, where to start, first of all, Milley. I agree he’s a traitor, and whether the phone call happened or not, at this point, he’s obviously a traitor for what he did in Afghanistan. He was a plant, and the only general that really had President Trump’s back was General Flynn, and they went after him so badly.

After that, it seems like he got bad advice. He got these wrong generals since then to be the ones who ended up betraying our president and we the people.

Will Johnson: You’re absolutely right. What they did to General Flynn was completely disgusting, and here where we sit, it’s looking like it because General Milley won’t even deny that’s what he did. If he didn’t do it, he said, look, all he has to do is say, I talk to world leaders’ multiple times. President Trump was aware. Look, this is a non-story, but he’s not even doing that.

Aaron: No, he was a plant from the beginning, and that’s why they’re applauding him now. That’s why he’s a hero to them, and he’s being raised up as an awesome general, and he’s not. It’s a spit in the face, sitting here and say, well, it’s constitutional and Jen Psaki, every time I can’t even listen. I have to shut her up. I have to turn the channel every time she gets on. I can’t even listen to fraud.

Will Johnson: So, let me ask you when I play the audio clip with her. What do you do? Like, dude, that’s crazy.

Aaron: Oh, yeah. I’m like, no, no, no because I’ve heard it. She makes me so, I mean, it’s the lies. It’s like you can only take so much, and like what Newsom did. New-scum in California, he was like, the evil one. He’s like, no, we stood up for the Constitution. We stood up for the right to abort babies. No, you stood up for satanic rights-the people who voted no to recall stood up for satanic, demonic rights to overflow in this state, and it’s nauseating to me.

Nothing is going to change in elections until we get election integrity. Sure, we can have the recall and everything else. I signed up for that. I petitioned, told family members and other friends, hey, recall Newsom. I did go sign up. Get his name off the ballot. Go vote for Larry Elder. I’m getting promos from Kylie and all these other GOP.

It’s like, you guys aren’t even in the front lines anymore. Thank you for what you did to encourage the state to do the recall, but now that we have somebody in the lead of the GOP in this state. Back the heck up, drop out, go back him, and they won’t do that.

Channon: Well, first of all, he wasn’t a GOP representative. He was independent. So, it’s important to know that, but I do agree that most Republicans supported him. I do think it’s a shame when we split the ticket with 15 other people. We were working against ourselves. So, I don’t know.

Will Johnson: Yeah, but that’s what needs to happen. The Republican Party should have told all the rest of them it’s clear that Larry Elder is the frontrunner. Everyone else should just drop out before you even get on there because the Republican Party, in my opinion, is in Commie-fornia.

They’re in cahoots with the Democrat Party. They’re in cahoots with them because they allow this to take place-they allowed this to happen like this. In order to fix it in Commie-fornia, you got to fix the Republican Party first. As long as the Republican Party continues to operate the way they are in California. The Democrats will forever ever be in control. So, it’s crazy.

Aaron: They call me for donations all the time, and I tell them. I’m like, no, I’m not supporting you. I’m not donating to you guys. You need to back people who give a damn about this state. Start backing people who actually care about conservative values, who want God back into the state. Not this commie satanic agenda that they are continually pushing.

It’s degrading, and until they put God first, we start kneeling to God, pray to him, and repent from our sins in this country. Then this state will be changed and on a united front. Right now, we do not see that because everybody is bowing to tyranny. No matter what their beliefs are. My entire family, I am not allowed to see my grandmother because my second cousin pulled rank because I am not vaccinated and refuse to wear a mask.

I cannot see my grandmother, who lives with her sister. Are you kidding me? They are in San Francisco.

Will Johnson: You know what’s really disturbing? Your story is not unique. It’s happening across the country. People are dividing up their families because they’re listening to the tyranny. They’re listening to this demonic Satanist that’s taken over. Well, hey, I got to let you go. Thank you so much for the call. Okay.

Aaron: Oh, thank you so much.

Will Johnson: All right, take care.

Channon: All right. We have Donna from Texas.

Will Johnson: Donna, from Texas. My neck of the woods. Hey, Donna, thank you so much for the call.

Donna: Hey, I’m glad to talk to you today.

Will Johnson: Same here. What do you got?

Donna: I want to talk to you a little bit about Governor Abbott.

Will Johnson: Okay.

Donna: I like him and don’t like him, so we’ll just say that in Texas, we have our opinions.

Will Johnson: Kind of like a love-hate relationship with Abbot, right.

Donna: It is, I love him to death, but the reason I’m calling is I’m concerned, again, about the number of migrants, particularly in Del Rio. So, what Governor Abbott is doing is he’s, and I agree with him. I’m okay with it. He’s got the Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard in Del Rio in particular.

Channon: Closing down the borders.

Donna: Yes, they’re attempting to keep the illegal people from coming across. So, I may have my numbers wrong, but a little over a week ago, there were about 400 migrants that we’re under; I think it’s called the Del Rio International Bridge.

Channon: There’s 6,000 on Fox News. They’re reporting 7,000 now.

Donna: Yes, it has jumped so much. So, my concern is I do care about the safety of these people. I mean, it’s a horrible thing to think I am going to go to a land bounty. I’m going to get to go to this place, and all my dreams are going to come true, and you set out with your family-no telling what has happened to you if you’re a woman or you’re a girl.

There’s a lot of reports about sex trafficking, rape, and all those kinds of horrendous things, but people, in their desire for a better life, they’re still coming.

Channon: Well, there’s a lot of misinformation to them as well. At first, they got information saying, Biden said, Come, come, come. Now Biden says, don’t come. We are giving Mexico money to help them keep the people instead of having them come to America. Actually, Will talked to Oscar Blue down there reporting on the border. He lives in Mexico.

He said that even though they’re told not to come, they’re saying, I don’t care. So far, America, what is it, Will? We will only allow to let in 120,000 a year or something like that. They want to raise it to 180,000 immigrants a year. These people are taking a huge risk, and they know they are because we can’t take them all.

Will Johnson: Yeah. They’re taking the risk because they’ve been told that they would get free stuff. It sounds like they’re being told that the United States of America is not a socialist country. You get everything you want. You get free housing.

You get free money. You get free food. You get everything free. You get everything handed to you. You just got to get here. It’s disgusting.

Channon: Which is kind of true.

Donna: Well, it’s frustrating because these are federally funded. You know, these are supposed to be federally funded perks, but they’re all taxpayer-funded. The federal government doesn’t give away its own money. They’re giving away the money they collected from the taxpayers. I’m not a cold, hard woman.

I do think that people should come here legally. Our government and I agree with you that Mexico is trying, with our help to keep people in Mexico. Mexico was doing great there for a while when Trump was in because they were closing the other side of the border, saying, hey, we’re just not even going to let you start crossing.

I think when that happens, a lot more people will be safe from making this dangerous trip. I don’t want to see anybody harmed. This is something for me as a Christian; I have a problem looking at these people under this bridge, knowing this is what they’ve chosen.

Now, if you want to go back, and I suppose some will. You have another perilous walk, bus ride, whatever the case may be, back to where you came. I mean, the whole thing is dangerous.

Will Johnson: But you know what? They don’t care about it. Yeah, they don’t care about it, and it is horrible what is happening down there. All of this crisis was 100% created by the Democrats in the O’Biden administration. So, hey, I got to let you go. Thank you so much for the call. Okay, take care.

Donna: Thanks, Will.

Channon: One thing to note is, Jim Jordan brought up the fact that we have so many illegals trying to come in through the border; he said that the Biden administration isn’t trying to do anything about it. They even set aside one $105 U.S. million

Will Johnson: It was billions, right?

Channon: I’m sorry, you’re right, $105 billion to help house is these people and take care of the illegals crossing the border. So, when you’re setting aside that much of our $3.5 trillion expense plan. You know this is happening. You’re not trying to stop it.

Will Johnson: We have homelessness in this country. We have vets in this country that are homeless. We so many people in this country that need assistance. They are encouraging people to leave their homes to come here and become a problem in the United States of America.

Channon: Yeah, we have one more caller. We have Judith, from Alabama.

Will Johnson: Hey, Judith, thank you so much for the call.

Judith: Wahoo… Yeah, how are y’all doing?

Will Johnson: Good.

Channon: Good.

Judith: Good. I’ve been listening to the call, and you got some pretty awesome callers calling in. With Newsome, I believe they put a cap on Larry Elder, and anything over 2,000 just rolled over to Newsome. That’s what they do, though. Put a cap on it. We’ll give them this many votes, but all the rest that are Larry Elder, went to Newsome.

I wondered where Pelosi disappeared to. So, that’s her trophy. Nobody can answer my questions. Where is Obama bin Laden, and where’s Killary Clinton? What are they doing? They are behind the scenes working their wickedness. We do know that, but you know the power of Satan.

Channon: What is strange is, Kamala Harris is essentially disappeared as well. She used to be by Biden in every single press conference, everywhere he went, and now she’s pretty much just disappeared into the background.

Judith: Well, they’re grooming her because everything they do is a script. They’re grooming her. They’re preparing her because we already know what’s going to happen.

Will Johnson: I agree.

Judith: She doesn’t need to be out in the limelight. She got to be pumped. They want to hypnotize them and fill their head with all this stuff. I wonder if they walk around literally with a spell on them. I’m not kidding. I think they do, guys. I really think they do.

Channon: (laughing) Hey, I hear you. I’m laughing because it’s probably true. I mean, they got some weird stuff going on. How else can they manipulate so many people?

Judith: Now that Omar lady, I saw a clip today, but I just caught it at the end. Somebody was asking her questions, and it was off the script. It was off of the lingo of their quote, unquote “narrative.” It was somebody coming in from a whole new angle, and she was stuttering all over the place. She didn’t have an answer.

Then she says, and the wicked witch was lying. She goes, ‘Can’t you see, I’m nervous?’ I thought, No, you’re not nervous. You are just stupid. You’re not on your script, but I want to say this. You know, we were talking about homelessness. Years ago, my husband and I went to 25th and imperial in San Diego. We did ministry there, and I want you to know that where there’s a will, there’s away. McDonald’s had built, and you may know this Will since you’re from California.

McDonald’s built a beautiful facility for the street people to give them a bed at night. They had to go in, and they couldn’t have alcohol in their system. They couldn’t drink, but it was beautiful. It was a gorgeous building. So, there are people out there if everybody that cares got off their turf, their tuff, they’re duff is what I’m going to call it, and put their heads together.

You know, we can help the homeless. We can help the people in the streets. The governor announces she’s letting the Afghanis come over here into Alabama.

Will Johnson: Wow.

Judith: And I’m like, are you crazy? You don’t know what you’re letting in here. What are you doing?

Channon: They brought them into Texas too. They bought like 5,000 to one of the Air Force bases here in Texas, and now they’re saying that what was it like five or six of them have tested positive for measles, so now they’re expecting an outbreak of measles to happen in the United States.

Judith: Oh, great. Biden and Harris came to Alabama and met with Kay Ivey, my governor, back around January or February. They were traveling from state to state. We called them and said, ‘What was the meeting about?

Oh, we can’t tell you that.’ I believe Biden and Harris are setting it up. Then they go from the states to get these Afghans in here. So, they knew it was coming. They know what they are doing.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they know exactly what they’re doing, and they’re doing it to tear down the United States of America, and it’s all part of their, Build Back Better. Hey, thank you so much for the call, Judith, and have a wonderful weekend. Take care.

Judith: Bye.

Will Johnson: All right, take care. Yeah, you know what, Channon? We see what’s happening with the Biden administration implementing this stuff on all fronts. We see the chaos to the crisis taking place, and it’s all by design. They’re doing all of it against the United States of America.

Channon: Oh, yeah, absolutely. We’ve seen this week. If you go on to Epoch Times, you’ll see where other countries like Taiwan and the European Union are coming out strong against China.

Yet we have a general in our military that is having secret conversations saying, hey, I’ll alert you if our president does something or was about to do something when he was under President Trump. So, it’s like, who are we aligning ourselves with? Are we aligning ourselves with a communist …?

President Donald Trump: China.

Channon: Right, and we know that’s a danger. China’s a danger to the world. Other countries are saying they are our biggest enemy. They are the ones that we all need to be wary of. To me, that should concern Biden. If Milley did this, what happens if he did this to President Biden when he sees that he is no longer capable of making decisions? He is someone who is not to be trusted?

Will Johnson: Yeah. You know what? They’re okay with it because it was against President Trump. If that ever happens to Vice President Biden, then they’re going to have an uproar. Then they’re going to be like, okay, you know what? This is unacceptable.

They’re going against the rules, the law, they’re going against the order with the commander in chief. So, here, Vice President Biden is completely okay with it. He’s fine with it because it was against President Trump. A coup d’état in America, and here it is. It’s coming out. The coup d’état that took place is coming out.

Channon: And you know, the sad thing is, it is coming out. It’s in front of our faces. It’s so obvious, yet people will listen to Psaki, say, well, you have to understand the circumstances in which this happened. No, it shouldn’t have happened, period. There’s no circumstance to what he should have happened.

Even Jim Jordan has campaign said it was against the Constitution. Nikki Haley said it was against the Constitution. He shouldn’t have done it. The sad thing is, you and I, probably our biggest fear, will come true where nothing will happen to him.

Will Johnson: No, nothing will happen to them. Nothing or if anything does that will say, you know what? You need to step out of the spotlight for a while. Let things settle down. Let things go away.

Channon: Yeah, let’s talk about COVID.

Will Johnson: Yeah, let’s talk about COVID. Let’s talk about how we can implement this, and once we start pushing more tyranny onto people, then all of a sudden, they’re going to forget about Milley because we’re going to be faced with a bigger issue. What Milley did was a coup d’état.

You can’t go back. It’s water under the bridge. You can’t change it. Well, hey, wonderful event, wonderful broadcast. Thank you so much for tuning in, everybody. God willing, we will be here next Thursday. Text your mobile device to 88202, type WILL. We will see you next Thursday. God bless.