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Rising Prices, Vaccine Mandates & Afghanistan


Channon: Hello.

Will Johnson: Where has the year gone?

Channon: I don't know.

Will Johnson: Seriously, where has the year gone? It's amazing.

Channon: So, apparently, everybody might not have heard our intro. So, let's start again, Will.

Will Johnson: Okay, we can do that.

Channon: Because I just heard we were unmuted.

Will Johnson: I just heard that too. You did very well.

Channon: I did. Hey, you guys missed my intro. My first time doing it, and y'all missed it.

Will Johnson: I think they missed it. So, for everyone who is joining us. Thank you so much for joining us. Do me a favor. Get out your mobile device, and send me a text. You want to put in for the number you type in 88202, and for the body of the text, type my name. It's that simple, W-I-L-L. Type in, WILL. Once you type in, WILL you get information from the American Truth Project. Free information, mind you. Who doesn't like free, Channon?

Channon: Well, I guess it depends on what free is.

Will Johnson: Who doesn't like free?

Channon: I don't want anything free from Biden. I don't want vaccines.

Will Johnson: Well, okay, but we're not talking about the communists. We're talking about the American Truth Project.

Channon: American Truth Project, yeah.

Will Johnson: You can get some awesome free information that you need to know about.

Channon: Absolutely.

Will Johnson: And we will be taking your phone calls. We are live. Yes, we are. So, we will be taking your phone calls. So, to get into one of the topics that we're going to talk about tonight. I remember reading this article, and it also had a video along with it. I like the articles that have videos, but anyway, I'm sitting there looking at it, and I guess he was like an economist or something like that.

He looked at the stock exchange, at the market, and everything. He talked about the United States of America, for this September 2021, going into October, and before November. He was saying this, and I saw this information. It was maybe about three months ago. So, I just started paying attention to it, and the reason I started paying attention to it was that I started seeing what he was talking about.

One of the things about that was the grocery store. Everyone that is listening right now, when was the last time you went to the grocery store? Not even just the grocery store. When was the last time you went to a gas station even, and you went inside to get a bag of chips or something? Have you noticed anything different than in the past? Have you noticed items not being on the shelves or certain drinks that you like in the past not being in the cooler?

Channon: Yeah, not only that, but the stuff you do purchase. The prices are up.

Will Johnson: Yes, and the prices are up, beef, chicken, pork, fish, everything.

Channon: Everything.

Will Johnson: Well, not according to the O'Biden administration. If you listen to the O'Biden administration, they'll tell you that it is only meat. Everything that goes against, you know, the whole Green New Deal because they want to get rid of beef in the Green New Deal. All of that's gone up, but everything they want to regulate and say that you can have like an apple, you know, vegetables.

The ones just so happened that I'm just going to throw this out there. Bill Gates is buying a whole bunch of farmlands, and all of a sudden, all these prices. Anyway, the Biden administration is saying that fruits and vegetables are going down, which is not true.

Channon: Oh no.

Will Johnson: It is not true, but we're going to play an audio clip here in just a minute so you can hear it but do me a favor. Give that number out one more time because I know someone out there is like, what is that number again?

Channon: Some of the topics we're talking about right now, they're hot topics. Our country is in a state of chaos.

Will Johnson: What is the number if someone wants to call in? What is that number, one more time?

Channon: Don't interrupt me, Will. The number is 516-595-8069, press 1 to come on the line.

Will Johnson: Thank you, and I do apologize.

Channon: You are not forgiven. (laughing) Go ahead.

Will Johnson: (laughing) So, what were you going to say?

Channon: Actually, I don't even know now.

Will Johnson: We're talking about the grocery stores. We're talking about the price of meat. The price of everything is going up—the shortage in the grocery stores. Like I was saying, I listened to this economist about three months ago where he was saying that we were going to end up going into an economic collapse.

He said come September, October, and the only reason I started paying attention was that I started noticing a lot of the produce and other items were no longer on the shelves. Do you remember that? I know you said you had a few things that you wanted to bring up about it.

Channon: About the rising prices, yeah. You said yesterday, they were saying that it's just meat that's up high, but of course, that's not true. You know, ever since COVID hit the world, we know that a lot of operations shut down. Including agriculture here in America and around the world. Of course, that did affect us, and the demand has maintained the same, but because those supply chains have been broken, supply is down, and demand is up.

It causes everything to go up. So, Forbes magazine, it's been almost a month now since they reported these numbers, but the numbers have gone up since then. Yesterday the Biden administration came out and said that there was a ridiculous amount of increase in meat. What was it? It was like 14%, 12%, I mean, crazy numbers. Inflation has hit a 13 year high here in America. Around the world, it's happening as well.

As of last month, food is up overall, not just meat; it's up 3.4%. Meat is up, and we know now it's like 12%. Eggs are up about 6%, and milk is over 6%. Bedding, the things you buy to put on your bed, up 9%. Pants are up 12%, dresses 19%, and jewelry is up 10%. If you need to take a vacation, you are looking at a whopping 21% higher prices, and some of the biggest things that have risen over last year affect not only our pocketbook as far as buying goods, and energy, but the cost of energy is also up over 25%.

Will Johnson: Wow.

Channon: And gas is up over 42%.

Will Johnson: But they're trying to act like all of this is normal.

Channon: It's crazy.

Will Johnson: When you listen to the O'Biden administration, they come out and try to act like it's all normal, or they try to give the whole idea that this is only happening because of what President Trump did before he left office. I mean, they are literally blaming everything that they have done, all of the stuff that they have messed up on President Trump. We saw it firsthand.

Channon: Yesterday, the O'Biden administration came out and said one of the reasons for the rise in prices was that these meat companies are trying to profit from the pandemic. Do you know what they came out and said? Tyson, the number one producer of meat in America, said they categorically reject that assessment.

Their profits aren't the reason for the rise in prices. It is supply and demand, and you know what? That's what they want to do. They want to make businesses look bad. They want people that make money to look like they are the mean people in the world.

Will Johnson: Especially those that produce beef. It goes right along with the infrastructure bill that they're trying to push in. The infrastructure bill, that's just a code name for the Green New Deal; that's all it is. It's a socialist-communist bill that they're trying to push onto the American people, and right now, they said this is the opportunity for us to do it.

Think about this. Never before when Democrats take power in office, when they had the Senate, for the most part, the House and the White House. They've never, ever worked so hard to achieve anything until now. Everything that they're working on, trying to achieve, is going to be the downfall of America.

Channon: They wanted to control the people. They very much want to be a totalitarian government. They want to control everything, including the food supply.

Will Johnson: Including the food supply.

Channon: There was legislation. I wish I kept the bill because you and I looked at it a couple of days ago. It was an agricultural bill where they were giving incentives for certain farms in Nebraska, was one of them, and other places to destroy their crops in the name of the ecosystem.

Will Johnson: I remember exactly what you're talking about, then they had these third-party fact-checkers come out there and say that none of that was true. Yet you have farmer after farmer after farmer producing, creating videos saying what the government is asking them to do. Why would they go through all that trouble?

Channon: Once again, the Biden administration is not transparent. They are not truthful in what they say. We've caught them in lie after lie. It's interesting because the Washington Post did an article, and Epic Times brought it to everyone's attention.

Even the Washington Post is saying the reason why the Biden administration only wants to talk about IDA right now is because it's the only travesty right now that they didn't create. (laughing)

Will Johnson: (laughing) Or did they? (Eerie noise) Another reason they're acting like they're so concerned about the people when it came to this hurricane is that this is another mechanism for them to push the Green New Deal. When they went down there, Biden, every single person down there that was with him, they're all pushing this whole Green New Deal.

They're saying this is the reason why we need to push this Green New Deal now, and it goes right back to what I was saying, how every last one of them is working so hard to put in policies that are going to end up being the downfall of America.

Channon: Yeah. You and I were talking last week when we went to the store. How these stores just had holes. We talked about the selection is gone. Some of these businesses that were producing food have gone out of business. It concerns me because what's going to happen?

The mandates for the vaccine, it used to be people, are arguing over whether or not you should wear a mask. Remember those days? Like everybody was arguing over, oh, the mandated mask. We're over that.

Will Johnson: Well, almost because there are still some places where they want to arrest you if you don't put on a face diaper.

Channon: But the new fight is mandating over vaccines. I think we need to talk about that.

Will Johnson: It's interesting. They do a mandate over vaccines, but after you get the vaccine, they still want you to wear the mask. So, what is this? I mean, seriously, I would really like to know. What is the main reason for injecting somebody with something if it's supposed to be the cure but then they turn around and say that you still have to wear the mask?

So, is it a curse, or is it not? Excuse me here; so many people are stupid. They go right along with it. Oh, we need another booster. Oh, we need another booster. Oh, we need another booster, and none of the boosters are working. Seriously, how many boosters are going to take until they can get rid of the population?

Channon: The flu is a yearly shot. So, the booster is probably a yearly shot, but before we talk about the actual vaccine. I wanted to relate the vaccine mandate to the food supply and the supply in general because it's coming down to where Biden's going to put the squeeze on companies and federal government, that if people don't get vaccinated, they lose their job, get tested every week or something.

People are going to lose their jobs. Right now, it's some airline, which one was it? Was it American Airlines or Delta, where they're saying that the employees that provided an exemption for the vaccine are now going to be put on unpaid leave?

I'm like, what is going to happen to our food supply further if everybody doesn't comply with the vaccine? What's going to happen in these manufacturing plants if people choose not to comply with a mandate to get vaccines?

Because some private companies can say, you can't work for me unless you get vaccinated. What is going to happen? When is it going to stop?

Will Johnson: You know what? That's a very valid point. I know someone that, let's see how do I say this? I don't want to say this person's name, but this person works for a particular city. It just so happens to be a liberal city. They're coming down on all of the employees, the state-level local government.

They're coming down on all of them saying, if you don't have the vaccine running through your veins by, I think it's the 18th of this month if you don't have the paperwork showing that you're about to get the vaccine, or you're in line to get it. You're going to lose your job and on my nightly broadcast.

I did a broadcast last night, and I titled it, Is the Market of Beast Here. A lot of people are questioning, is this vaccine the mark of the beast? A lot of people are questioning it. Me personally, I don't think it is. I think it is a precursor to the mark of the beast because it has so many characteristics of the mark of the beast because they're telling people that you can't work unless you have this vaccine.

They're telling people that you can't be free unless you have this vaccine. They're telling people that you can't even buy or sell anything. It's ridiculous.

Channon: I definitely agree with the idea that you've talked about many times on your show. It is warming us up for it kind of like almost testing us to see how willing the people are to comply with such a thing. As we speak, Biden, right now, is passing down some new federal orders on the vaccine. He is passing down that federal worker, and what do you call it?

Will Johnson: Local state workers?

Channon: Contractors.

Will Johnson: Okay, federal workers and contractors.

Channon: Federal contractors of the federal government.

Will Johnson: Let me say this. We know that these liberal states are going to force their local government employees to follow suit.

Channon: You saw it. You just talked about your friend, but he's going to make it mandatory that they get vaccinated against COVID-19. The article I read said that it would impact about 2.5 million workers, but guess what? Biden is taking it a step further.

He plans to mandate 80 million private-sector workers to get vaccinated or get tested on a weekly basis. In Epoch Times, it said President Joe Biden would direct the Department of Labor to develop a rule that companies with more than 100 employees will require vaccinations or once per week testing for their workers, potentially impacting tens of millions of U.S. private-sector employees. This is according to a White House fact sheet.

Will Johnson: So, what happens when ... I'm assuming because you're talking about all federal employees, right? Does that include Senators and members of the House?

Channon: Well, they are the federal government, so they are paid by their state.

Will Johnson: But they're not paid by Biden.

Channon: Well, no.

Will Johnson: So, it still comes to that question. Are all of them? One person, in particular, comes to mind. Who's been very strong about speaking out against tyranny. Some people, for some reason, believe what the liberal media has been saying about her. I'm talking about Marjorie Taylor Greene.

They ran with the story, believing what she was saying, and they believed that, but then she's fighting for everybody. She even brought up the whole point of how the Biden administration is bringing tyranny to the American people. When she doesn't take it, and there are other Republicans out there who are not going to take this.

What happens? Can they say that you're no longer a Senator? Can they say you are no longer a representative of the House?

Channon: I definitely think a lawsuit is going to happen.

Will Johnson: It has to.

Channon: The Supreme Court, at some point, is going to have to take this up.

Will Johnson: It has to because it's unconstitutional. As of right now, the government cannot force you to buy anything, and it cannot force you to put something into your body.

Channon: Many state's Supreme Courts have ruled against vaccine mandates. So, it'll be interesting to see what happens with it, but it also said in this article that the Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, will issue a temporary emergency standard to implement the requirement. It always bothers me when they say temporary, just like the vaccine at first.

It was temporarily authorized because this has longer ramifications to these people and their health than just the temporary situation. It has long-term effects on their health, but yet they're going to mandate it right now. They don't care about the future.

They don't care about more studies. They don't care about anything long-term. We're just going to mandate it, and it affects these people's lives.

Will Johnson: Again, it leads me back to the characteristics of the mark of the beast.

Channon: Also, I want to let you know that federal worker unions have said that they will accept the vaccine mandate. So, that kind of bothers me too because unions are supposed to protect the people from big government and protect them from the company.

Will Johnson: The only problem is unions lean left. Unions are liberal, and for some unknown reason, they keep doing that, which is completely stupid to me. It doesn't make any sense, but it's all about big money. It's all about business. It's all about control. The unions want to control the workers. So, unions go right along with the Democrats, but you talk about working people, working men, and women.

What happens to all of the people that say, you know what? I don't want this. What happens to them? What is going to happen to everyone that says, I don't want this in my body? Do I not have a choice? Why are you removing that choice from me? The reason why they want to remove the choice is that they're saying you are not getting the vaccine means that I'm not going to be safe, but you have the vaccine.

If you have the vaccine, you have the cure. Leave me alone. If I'm going to pass on because I decided not to go along with the tyranny, go along with getting the vaccine in my body then allow me to have that choice. It's still my body, my choice. It is. I am so disgusted with these people.

Channon: I am too.

Will Johnson: These people are repulsive. If we could vomit them up, we would.

Channon: In fact, even the media was a little upset about Psaki. I'm sorry when Jen Psaki introduced that this was going to be rolling out. Do you know what she said? She said, our overarching, which means they know that they're going above what a government normally should do.

There is the overarching objective here to reduce the number of unvaccinated Americans. She said we want to reduce the number, decrease hospitalizations and deaths, and allow our children to go to school safely. Well, I think instead of the government telling us what we should do and what we want.

We should tell them what we want and what they should do, but this is a totalitarian government under Joe Biden. It's crazy. Hey, listen, Will. We got a phone call. We got Chris from Texas.

Will Johnson: Hey, Chris. Thanks so much for the call.

Chris: Hey, what's going on?

Will Johnson: Hey, how's it going?

Chris: Oh, pretty good. Hey, Will, first of all, I just want to say, yeah, it's pretty rude you interrupting her like that, Will.

Channon: Thank you. Thank you, Chris.  Will thinks you tune in to hear him, not me.

Will Johnson: I do not. What you got, Chris?

Chris: I wasn't sure if you all caught little orphan Hitler on stage in her press conference today, but yeah, she reiterated the whole federal employees being penalized and possibly losing their job for not being vaccinated. I have decided I'm going to do something different.

I'm going to actually act like a fricking American. See, federal jobs are paid for by federal tax dollars. Well, the federal government doesn't make money. They're taking money from us. They said you could not have a federal job unless you agreed to be a guinea pig for pharma companies. Then I will no longer pay for federal jobs that have existed for many years. Therefore, I will not pay federal taxes.

Will Johnson: You know what? That is a valid point because if they're going to force us to join in and pay for the experimentation on other human beings by taking our federal tax dollars. We shouldn't have to pay them. We don't agree with that.

Chris: Especially if you can never have a job that you pay into, you'll never be able to have a job to make any of your money back.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Chris: I always have the Second Amendment to back it up.

Channon: I have a question. What's next? I mean, if we lose our job and we still don't get vaccinated. What are they going to do next? They are like, dang, we took away their jobs, and they still didn't get vaccinated. Now what? What do you think that might be?

Chris: Well, if you pay attention to what they're saying, they're already spelling out what they're going to do. They're already saying what's going to happen. Like whenever they talk about how they want to cut down on the number of unvaccinated populations, yeah, she's exactly right, but she ain't talking about she wants them vaccinated. They want to cut the population of unvaccinated people, period.

Will Johnson: Yeah, 100%, and even in the CDC.

Chris: They would love nothing more than to be able to pass legislation that says that they could round us up and shoot us through a fricking gas chamber as Nazi Germany did.

Will Johnson: Even the CDC, last July, put in their documentation, and it's out there right now. Everyone can go look it up. The CDC was in a discussion about putting Americans in camps that were not vaccinated.

Channon: Yeah, Candace Owens exposed that on her Twitter page. If you can, go back and find it. There was a link to the article on the CDC.

Will Johnson: This is crazy. It's just like Nazi Germany. You know what? There's this plan that they had called Operation Truth. This was back in the 1920s, going into the 1930s, where they did the exact same thing that they're doing here. This time they are calling it all the unvaccinated. They're going to come after all of us. It's not going to be if you're white or black because that doesn't matter.

As long as you agree to follow along, go along with the tyranny, then they're welcome you into society, but all of those that they say, the unvaccinated, you anti-vaxxers. They're coming after all of us that are anti-vaxxers and wanting to put us in camps.

Chris: The saddest part about that is that they have everybody believing that their particular political party is going to save them. The Republicans aren't able to save us from this. The Democrats aren't going to save anybody from this.

They're all the same parties. The people in government are the same exact party. The establishment Republicans are actively working with Hillary Clinton to start all the Russia gate stuff against Donald Trump.

Will Johnson: Yeah, absolutely. I remember that. Yeah, I remember that.

Chris: It's a uniparty, one party.

Will Johnson: Yeah, and then when you have a few in the Republican Party, go against the grain. They find any kind of way to demonize that person or try to discredit them. Look what they did to President Trump. Look what they did to Marjorie Taylor Greene, every single person that goes against the grain.

Chris: Matt Gaetz.

Will Johnson: Matt Gaetz, absolutely. Every single person.

Chris: Rand Paul.

Will Johnson: Rand, yeah, they go after them.

Channon: We do have some people trying to step outside their political party and try to live up to the typical conservative beliefs, but for the majority, you're right. A lot of them are just; you know what, Will. What do you call them when they don't have a backbone?

Will Johnson: Yeah, the Republicans I'm talking about how they have no spine, no backbone, weak in the knee, and they bend over. Every time the Democrats want something, they bend over for them and have your way.

Channon: This point, I have more respect for Manchin, who's standing up against his own party than I do some Republicans.

Will Johnson: Well, Manchin is only doing it because of the state that he's in.

Channon: Of course, there are mostly Republicans, but guess what? He's forced to listen. He also knows that what comes around goes around. If they pass some of the stuff they want to pass, it could at some point come around and bit them in the, you know, like getting rid of the filibuster. That's dangerous.

Chris: This is never going to end until Americans start acting like Americans.

Channon: I agree.

Will Johnson: 100% correct.

Chris: We went from the founding of this nation where people were willing to take on a tyrannical government by arms, risk their lives, and die for their principles. To what we have today, which is a bunch of, I don't even know what we are now.

Will Johnson: Wusses, a bunch of wusses. Seriously, let me tell you this. You know why you have a lot of Americans that don't stand up now, don't go out, and why they're not hitting the streets? Because they've been intimidated by Antifa and BLM. The foot soldiers for the Democrat Party they've gone up and politically intimidated people because if you gather against the left, they are sending these foot soldiers to attack people.

So, people say, well, I'm not going to go to any event because Antifa or BLM might show up. That's the reason. We have been programmed, and we don't even realize it.

Chris: Do you have any idea what our founding fathers were intimidated with for their insurrection or treason against the Crown? You are talking about public hangings. You're talking about execution by firing squad.

That is intimidation, knowing that you and your family could live or die by hanging. Hanging by the neck in front of everybody, which, by the way, I honestly think they ought to bring back for the treasonous people we have in this country.

Will Johnson: A lot of people feel that way. There's a lot of people that feel that way because we see the treasonous acts that are taking place, but we don't have law enforcement in the nation that will do the right thing any longer. They're not even arresting anyone who is breaking in.

Chris: Antifa is nothing. They are a bunch of whiny little boys.

Will Johnson: I agree.

Channon: I agree with you. I have said the same thing, Chris. I like why we would put up with them?

Will Johnson: My point is, they've been able to use Antifa to intimidate people from going out and doing what you say we should do, be Americans. That's my only point. They've been very successful at it.

Channon: I think the Americans that have shown up against Antifa. They have shown Antifa that they're nothing against us.

Will Johnson: Yeah, that is true.

Chris: A lot of people say, well, I have a job. I have a family to provide for and all that stuff. I get it. I understand that wholeheartedly, but the thing about it is if we do not take a stand now. If we do not make the small sacrifices now, we will make the big sacrifices later.

Will Johnson: I completely agree. Well, hey, thank you for making the call.

Chris: You might lose a little pay right now. You might lose a little comfort right now, but if you don't. You will lose everything in the end.

Will Johnson: You know what? You're 1,000% correct. Hey, thanks so much for the call, okay. Call me again next Thursday.

Chris: No problem, man.

Will Johnson: All right, take care.

Channon: All right, Chris. Hey, we have another caller. We have Mabel from Texas as well.

Will Johnson: Mabel, hey, Mabel. Thank you so much for the call.

Mabel: Thank you, Will. I just want to thank you so much for all that you do to get the truth out there. I'm not actually a native to Texas. I've done quite a bit of traveling during COVID. I'm originally from Indiana, and I was out in New Mexico when COVID first hit.

As we go through this, what can we do on a daily basis as brothers and sisters in Christ, as Republicans, conservatives? What can we do on a daily basis to impact our government in a positive way? What are things that we can be doing? I'm having a hard time. Do you see what I'm saying? I need a to-do, a list. Like, call this person. An action plan.

Will Johnson: I get it. Yes, I get it. One of the things you can do and a lot of people have been asking that same question. What can we do? Our congressmen need to hear from us on a daily basis. The best way to do it is to get a group of five people. That's all it takes, five people, even two people, to be honest with you, but if you can get a group of five people and have the list of numbers, and every single day, one of the five people, call that number.

Imagine if we had a group of five people in every city in the United States of America calling their congressmen every single day. They would get the message because, see, the problem is when they don't hear anything, they believe that they're doing the right thing because they're supposed to be doing our will. They're not supposed to be up on the hill doing whatever they want to do and tell the American people to live with it. That's the problem here.

Mabel: Exactly.

Channon: I would even say if you don't get a response on the phone, email. If you don't get a response from the email, go down to the Capitol. I don't care if they're there or not. Leave a note at the door. Maybe put like a little post-it there. Let them know. That's exactly what the Democrats have done for a long, long time. They put pressure on their representatives.

So, we need to do the same thing. Get involved in school boards. Even if your kids go to that school or not, you're in that district. The future depends on the children. So, if you see something happening in schools or you hear of something you have every right to go to that school board and voice your displeasure too. I am even talking about social media. You need to get out on social media. Don't be mean and nasty, but we need to present our arguments to the world as well.

You need to say, well, the reason why I support this is because of this, and that. Our Constitution protects us from vaccines because of this and that. Don't say the word vaccine. You'll get banned, but it's just an example. We need to have our voice out there on every level that we can, and I'm not going to dismiss the fact that we need to pray. Pray for our representatives.

Mabel: Yeah, absolutely. I completely agree with that, but I just needed to hear that out loud, and I can do that. That's attainable. I can get a few friends together, and we can make a commitment, phone calls.

Will Johnson:  Let it spread. You do it, and you tell people what you're doing. Then other people say, you know what? I know a group of four to five people. We can do the same thing. We've got to start somewhere, and it's just like Channon said, going to the school board meetings.

You don't have to have a child in the school for you to go, for you to show up. You don't have to. They don't tell people that, but you can go and show up because if we don't protect our children now, we're going to be in a bigger world of hurt later when they become adults.

Channon: Well, I would also say City Council. I mean, our city council has impacted our police, laws, and rules that happen in the city. So, City Council is another meeting that you can go to and be a part of as well. Not just school boards. I say school boards because that's a big thing that people are showing up in right now to protect the children, but we also need to protect our city.

Mabel: I just want to encourage all of us as brothers and sisters in Christ to do that diligent work, to argue objectively. It's so easy. I have to check myself daily, hourly basis not to get into my feelings and argue with fools, but to stay objective and remember to be loving. I just want to thank you, guys. Thank you so much.

Channon: I read scripture yesterday because I'm like, what is our part in all this? You know we are to confront, but we're also supposed to do it in a loving way. We're supposed to do it in an educational way. We're supposed to teach people why this is wrong, this or that. Not to say, oh, you're stupid. You're wrong. Tell people why they're wrong, and also correct them because the left is very good about spreading lies.

So, we need to correct the lies that they spread. Just like yesterday, I heard a thing where one guy was saying in Texas, the voting that they were allowing poll watchers to harass the people voting. That is 100% incorrect. The Texas law that passed does not allow that.

What it does allow is to allow poll watchers to watch the people counting the votes. They can get closer in proximity to them. They cannot harass voters whatsoever. That's the kind of lies I absolutely hate, and I think we need to correct them.

Mabel: Yes, there's much to be corrected, that is for sure. Well, thank you all so very much for taking the time—my continued prayers and support. God bless you.

Will Johnson: God bless you. Thank you so much for the call.

Channon: Thank you, Mabel. Will, we have another caller. We have Bill from Arizona.

Will Johnson: Bill, from Arizona. I think I might know who this Bill is.

Bill: Yeah, your buddy.

Will Johnson: Yes. Hey, Bill, thank you so much for the call.

Bill: Well, I thought I'd give you a call. I'm going to start calling Joe Biden Adolph Biden.

Channon: That is appreciated.

Bill: Because what he is instituting in this country is what Adolf Hitler introduced in Germany. Now people don't listen to history. They don't read history. It's exactly what Adolf Hitler did with his speeches and his charming attitude. He did it to the people of Germany. I'm also going to call Andrew Fauci "Josef Mengele." Josef Mengele was the doctor who introduced all kinds of drugs into the people in Auschwitz and all of the death camps in Germany.

Nobody ever reads the history anymore. I'm going to call the federal government the Stalin of the country because that's exactly what Stalin and Lenin did when they took over. They tore down all of the historical statues and monuments from previous regimes.

They tore them down so that the people would never have a knowledge of what their country was really about. That's what I had to say, and I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Will Johnson: I hear you. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired as well, and it is tiring. You're 100% correct, Bill. I've been saying what's happening right now in the United States of America is them repeating history. We're repeating history. Just yesterday, I saw an article where they removed a Robert Lee statue in the middle of the day just because they could.

They remove the statue, and you know what? They want to remove the statue because they want to remove the history out of sight, out of mind, and then rewrite the history. Then they can make up whatever it is that they want. It is horrible what they're doing.

Bill: It's just like 20 years ago we were attacked in New York City. We know this. I was alive, but how many of these millennials even know about this? They're not teaching it anymore. They're trying to avoid teaching it. They are using woke, whatever it is in the schools, so the kids now don't even know what happened on 9/11.

Will Johnson: It is part of the CRT that they're trying to push into the schools, and you know what, Bill? They're also telling people that the attacks on 9/11 were from right-wingers and that Muslims were the victims. This is how bad this is. This is insane. This is how they're flipping the truth.

Channon: We shared a video from American Truth Project done by Barry Nussbaum, where there was a school; I think it was in Virginia teaching sympathy for the Muslims and changing the narrative of 9/11.

Bill: It was in Virginia because I saw it this morning.

Channon: They're changing the narrative. They're talking about, oh, how we need not have racism and how we need to embrace them, like CRT. Will talked about it. You know, have empathy for other nationalities and stuff, instead of teaching the real history of 9/11. Like you said, most of these kids were not born then.

They have no idea what happened. They were not impacted by what happened that day, so they'll change the narrative. Also, I want to add that in D.C., in the Rotunda, they have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They have all these things, and a black congressional staffer took issue with these documents.

They're called the Charters of Freedom, and he now wants to change the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and such being called Charters of Freedom because he said it did not have freedom for all people. The Constitution did not extend freedoms to all people, so they now want to reemerge the Rotunda to tell the whole story of slavery.

Slavery has nothing to do with our founding fathers and what they wanted for America. Slavery was something that happened because of liberals here or Democrats here in America. It was wrong, and guess what?

Most of the countries fought against it. We ended it, and that's because of the ideology that we were founded on. It's so frustrating that they want to change history.

Will Johnson: Because what it comes down to, and Bill, I want to say thank you so much. Call me tonight too, okay, Bill. I'll be live at 9 p.m. central.

Bill: I'll call you tonight and talk to you tonight.

Will Johnson: Okay, hey, appreciate it, Bill.

Bill: God bless you, Will, and God bless you, lady. What is your name, lady?

Channon: Channon.

Will Johnson: She’s, my producer.

Bill: Okay. Good job, producer.

Channon: All right, thanks, Bill.

Will Johnson: Thank you so much.

Bill: Bye-bye

Will Johnson: All right, take care. So, what it comes down to is the whole CRT, all of this. What Biden is doing, what the Democrats are doing. The CRT is to make white people look bad, to demonize white people. Change the history, and the CRT leaves out the fact that white people helped black people become free.

They leave out that part, but they want to talk about how white oppression against black people kept black people oppressed. I mean, it's ridiculous. Today so many people are in an uproar about Biden. I just saw a whole bunch of messages coming across where Biden and Jen Psaki today; you read how they were saying it earlier.

How they're pushing this mandate onto the federal government, and, you know, they're starting at the federal government level. They've already called out for small businesses and large businesses to follow suit. They are already implementing this tyranny onto the people. Look, I can't say that it's the mark of the beast dag-gone-it, but it has so many similarities.

Channon: Oh man.

Will Johnson: It is unbelievable, and you know what?

Channon: It gives me the chills.

Will Johnson: Dude, it's like people say, well, you know, we have had stuff like this in the past. Look, what happened after Nazi Germany? These are people that have fear right now. They're terrified because they don't understand. What happened in Germany just happened in Germany. When it happened in Russia, it happened in Russia.

What we're talking about right now is happening planet-wide. It's not just the United States of America. It's happening in Australia. It's happening in Italy. It's happening in China. It is happening in Israel even. It's happening across the planet, and people are not making the connection. This is 100% biblical.

Channon: True. You and I, while we were live, Will. Biden did get on stage, and he did talk about some of his mandates. I have it listed here right now. It's kind of like what you and I had already discussed. This mandate is to affect 100 million Americans. That is a huge chunk. Now keep in mind, they say 177 million are already vaccinated. How many people are in America?

Will Johnson: Like 320, and some cents.

Channon: So, they've made this mandate as big and as impactful as they possibly can to vaccinate the American people. Forced vaccinations in America. It says that the rules require that people be vaccinated or tested weekly. It says that roughly 17 million at health care facilities that receive federal Medicare and Medicaid also will be required to be fully vaccinated.

As I said, OSHA requires a rule that people of 100 employees or more require vaccination or weekly testing, and guess what? The cost of the employees being tested is at the cost of the company. They said if the company wants to pass that onto the employee, they can.

The rule requires that large companies provide paid-off time for the vaccination. It's putting more restrictions on mask-wearing, and they're raising fines. If you travel, do not wear a mask, or do not comply, you will have a hefty fine. Companies that do not comply will get up to a $14,000 fine per violation. This is crazy, people.

This is crazy, and let me tell you something to wrap it all up. I just want to say this is how the Biden administration lied. Back in July, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, she told reporters that a federal vaccine mandate was not the role of the federal government. Let me tell you, people, they lied again.

Will Johnson: She sure did say that. They said that's not the role of the government. I would love for someone to tell me how this is not like Nazi Germany. I mean, seriously, and say it with a straight face how this is not like Nazi Germany. You know what? The uprising of the American people is about to happen.

Seriously, it's about to happen. I'm looking at one message board here with a group of people, and this is on Telegram because I am on Telegram. One person said he's going to cause another civil war here in America, and people are saying, absolutely, exactly.

You're going to tell me that I have to put something in my body. No, no, I mean, what's to stop them from telling me that I have to take a certain drink? That is probably Kool-Aid. You have to drink this Kool-Aid. No, the answer is still no, but then they're going to come after people. You know what? Watch when they start telling people that you can't go to a grocery store. You can't get in the grocery store.

Imagine when they start telling people that you don't have access to your bank account. Imagine when they start telling you, unless you have this tyranny, what I'm always calling it. If you don't have this tyranny running through your veins, in your body, that you will not be a citizen.

Then they're going to force people to end up going to these camps because they're going to the camps for food when they prevent people from getting the everyday necessities.

Channon: Well, if, this doesn't upset you. Let me also tell you, if you remember, when Biden ran for president, he said that he would not equip the Department of Justice and would keep it independent. He would not weaponize it with his political ideology.

Will Johnson: I remember him saying it.

Channon: He would not use them as an arm for his agenda. He just lied because guess what? Now he has ordered the Department of Justice to sue states such as Texas for passing their abortion law.

Will Johnson: Wait, this is the same abortion law that the Supreme Court upheld. So, what is the point of the Supreme Court again?

Channon: Well, they're superseding it.

Will Johnson: Again, what is the point of the Supreme Court if they're going to do that?

Channon: Well, they're supposed to be the last step in creating a law.

Will Johnson: Again, what is the point of the Supreme Court if they're doing this?

Channon: Well, yeah, of course. I mean, Biden is pretty much saying, we don't even recognize you.

Will Johnson: That's exactly what I'm saying. There's no point, no need for the Supreme Court justices unless they're passing the bills that they want. The laws that they want.

Channon: He's also ordered the Department of Justice to go against states that have created conservative voting rights. He wants them to sue them, too. So, he has now weaponized even the Department of Justice. They are his soldiers. He's using them for his agenda and pushing his agenda.

Let me tell you what. This has become more of a communist-type country under Biden than I have ever seen before in America. It's absolutely scary. People should be upset. People should be using their voices. They should be standing out in the streets getting mad. They should be going to their congressmen. They should be praying for our country. They should be doing it all.

Will Johnson: It's about to be too late. If it's not already too late. Seriously, we had the gentleman call in the beginning, saying, we need to do it now. I've been saying this too. People are so concerned about hanging on to something and are about to lose it all, not even realizing that they're going to take it all.

I mean, it's so mind-blowing to me. Ever since I started doing this, speaking up, doing the video podcast and the radio podcast. I was thinking to myself, even having a conversation with my producer, like, what are we doing? Why are we doing this? At the time, I couldn't answer that. At the time, I said, I don't know.

I had no idea that we would get to this point in our nation, this day and age, where I'm sitting there talking about them implementing communist tyranny onto us in the United States of America. They're doing it in the name of safety. Do you hear that? In the name of safety.

Channon: But you know what, Will. I didn't think about this until right now. All these mandates that they have, how come they haven't put any of these mandates on the people that they've brought to America from Afghanistan? How come they haven't extended any of these mandates to the people they're letting into America?

Will Johnson: Know what it is, and I can imagine without them even telling us. When they brought all the people from Afghanistan into the country, into America, when they took them to the hangars or wherever it was, they said, okay, you have to have X amount of shots because even if I wanted to travel outside the country and go to certain places in the world, you have to update your shot records. You have to show that you have the vaccine.

Channon: That's not happening at our southern border.

Will Johnson: Of course, not with the southern border, you're right.

Channon: But he is not even talking about that.

Will Johnson: All I'm saying is, I'm willing to bet that they're injecting these people when they're getting them here, and there's no way that they vetted them.

Channon: To be honest with you, I don't even think Biden took the shot. I think it had water. I don't even think they took it.

Will Johnson: I think they probably let him take it, but I don't think Nancy Pelosi did. To this day, I still don't think that Nancy Pelosi did. The reason why I say that is because no one is still questioning this, and they're not in the uproar about it. Right before the pandemic kicked in 2019, Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats took a trip to China, and they still won't even release why they were there in China.

Then two to three months later, we start seeing all of this stuff happening in China with this whole COVID. The next thing you know, here in the United States of America, and remember she went to Chinatown trying to act like there's nothing to worry about, nothing to see here. Look, Chinatown is perfectly fine.

Has she been since? I am just questioning that. Has she been since? No one is questioning what she was doing there? I think all of this was planned. This is the whole point of human genocide that they're doing to all of us, and they're doing it in the name of safety and security.

People get ready. I don't know how else to tell you because this is happening now, and it's about to come down. The hammer is about to come down in the United States of America. It's going to cause disruption. They're going to end up calling martial law. Hear me now. Believe me later on.

When they call martial law, they get to dictate whatever they want, and they can keep martial law indefinitely. Listen to me. The only way it's going to change is if people hit the streets and people revolt.

That's the only way it's going to change, but even when that happens. They're going to bring in martial law. They're going to implement tyranny. We will see you next Thursday, everybody, God willing. God bless.

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