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Will Elections Be Affected by Antifa Terrorism?


Jennifer Franco: Page five. Now, just days ago in Chicago, violent protesters attacked dozens of cops defending a statue of Christopher Columbus. In fact, nineteen of those officers were sent to the hospital for simply doing their jobs. In response, President Trump said he'd send a surge of federal officers to the city, something its Democrat mayor quickly rebuked. So the president offers help to the city of Chicago, and it's turned down by its mayor. Her stance is appearing to fall in line with the anti-police protesters' demands, causing chaos right outside her door, literally right outside. Joining me now, the founder of the American Truth Project, and Daily Ledger contributor Barry Nussbaum. Hi Barry. So, I can't help but think about the election implications that are involved in this conversation. I mean, we've seen President Trump accuse the Democratic Party of blocking Bernie Sanders from getting his party's nomination. But now we're seeing Joe Biden adopt these radical leftist policies. He's running on these even though a few months ago he was, you know, touting the fact that he was a moderate. So, what sort of impact is this going to have on voters in the fall?

Barry Nussbaum: Let me make a dramatic prediction on your show right now. If the Democrat Party under Joe Biden sticks with this policy that peaceful protest is to be encouraged, supported, and allowed, and then by definition, these are all peaceful protests then Democrats will not only lose their chance at the White House, which right now looks like a fairly good chance, but they will lose the chance to get the Senate and might lose the House. And here's why. Constitutionally, the right to peacefully assemble is guaranteed. For some reason, millions of people do not know what the word peaceful means. There's no intelligent sixth-grade civics kid right now in America that would look at Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, or Minneapolis that are burned, looted, and destroyed in the billions, and say wow, that's quite a peaceful protest. And yet every mayor in every city I've just mentioned who is a very progressive Democrat is defending those protests and doesn't fight the looting until it gets to their house. And then they want to call the cops who they're in the process of defunding.

Jennifer Franco: I mean, when you say it out loud, it's nuts, like you said.

Barry Nussbaum: It's going to be a path for Trump to go back to the White House in November if the Democrats stick to this as their landmark policy decision. Which is peaceful protest is great, and we define looting and destruction and murder and brazen attacks on peaceful citizens as peaceful ergo keep out the federal troops. Middle America is not going to go for this.

Jennifer Franco: Well, and the other thing that stands out, I mean, you see the Republican Party, if you've been watching things closely, like most of us have, the Republican Party has been consistently united around the same message, the same principles, the same ideals. They've been backing the president nonstop. Then you look at the Democratic Party, and it's increasingly becoming more splintered the closer it gets to Election Day. What does that say about the party's ability to tackle some of the big issues that our country is facing right now?

Barry Nussbaum: They are painting themselves into a corner, and now they're nailing themselves into that corner that they painted themselves into. Keith Ellison, the former congressman radical from Minnesota, who's now the attorney general of Minnesota, said that if you want to call and report a rape, the police should not respond if the rapist left. Hello? Did you hear what I just say? A first-class felony is not going to be responded to by the police. I guess they're going to send a social worker with a box of candy. That is untenable for America.

Jennifer Franco: Yeah. Terrible for America. Well, I might add what I'm having the biggest trouble wrapping my mind around is why it's so hard for some of these leaders to call a crime out for what it is. It seems like they're hesitant to do that. And I'm not quite sure why when it's the people of their cities that are suffering the consequences of this.

Barry Nussbaum: There is an inherent hatred for standards of care in America that have been well prevalent for over 100 years, which is you have a reasonable expectation as a citizen to walk down the street peacefully, not get attacked. You have a right to open a business and not have it looted. You have a right to drive around safely and not be shot at. The murder capital of America is Chicago, where there are more people killed there every weekend than in all the combat troops in situations around the world. And yet the mayor has the audacity to say everything is under control. She's lying, she knows it, the citizens of Chicago know it, and the citizens of America know it. You can't defend the undefendable. You've got to be insane to live in the center of Chicago. And God forbid you go out at night, and you don't have bulletproof glass. There are kids getting shot on the stoop at birthday parties, and the mayor says we don't need any help.

Jennifer Franco: And every weekend it's the same story. I mean, every week you're looking out to see how many people it was. It's not so much whether it happened. How many people lost their lives due to the gun violence that a lot of these Democratic leaders like you said are not stepping in to stop? And in fact, they're trying to stop the federal agents who are trying to stop this. So it doesn't really make sense when you think about it. But if we continue down this path, Barry, ultimately, what is your biggest worry about the radicals and the impact they're having, the waves that they're making within the party? Are you worried about the bigger, broader impact this is going to have on our society?

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, my goodness, yes. You know you go back in American history to like the Watts riots in the 60s. Businesses didn't come back for decades. You're going to have a flight of capital and flight of the tax base from every city in America where you have imbeciles, and I mean that word literally, running the asylum and thinking this is all okay. When Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, who is third in line to be president of the United States, says at a press conference in regards to people tearing down statues, well, that's how people protest. That's what people do. I don't need to respond to it. That is a license to loot and kill and maim and do whatever you want. And at the same time, let us defund the police. In other words, we're going to disempower the people that keep the peace. We're going to empower the people that are anarchists, that want to destroy the American system. And if they get into power, control both houses and the White House, you will not recognize America a year from now. It'll be a safety disaster.

Jennifer Franco: And I mean, that's a scary picture you're painting. So hopefully, lawmakers and voters are listening and are willing to step up and do something about this at the ballot box this fall. Barry Nussbaum, thank you.

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