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PA: US Part of Problem, Not Solution


Arch-terrorist and illegitimate leader of the PA, Mahmoud Abbas had a busy week in the US, first verbally assaulting Israel and demanding the US not move its embassy to Jerusalem at the UN Security Council, then being treated at a Baltimore hospital for undisclosed reasons, causing him to miss a scheduled trip to Venezuela.  His demands were answered by the the US announcing that the Jerusalem embassy will open on May 4th of this year, commemorating the 70th anniversary of Israel’s Independence, which is recognized by “Palestinians” as Nakba Day, the “Tragedy”.  The PA’s response to the announcement was that the move was a provocation “to the feelings of all Arabs and Muslims” and that “the US has become part of the problem and therefore can’t be part of any solution.”  Mahmoud Abbas is holding his own people hostage by refusing to acknowledge something he is well aware, that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, and no negotiation will ever change that.  If he wants to exclude the US from the Peace Process, he should also be ready to exclude it from his list of countries pouring financial aid into his corrupt coffers, and seek his medical treatment elsewhere.

Read Article at The Times of Israel: https://www.timesofisrael.com/palestinians-say-embassy-move-provocative-to-feelings-of-all-arabs-and-muslims/



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