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ATP Exclusive: Live at Syrian Border After US Airstrike

ATP reports from the Israel-Syria border, the day after the US, France and Britain strike Syrian chemical weapons facilities.  

Russia Warns US
Russia Warns US Of “Consequences” For Syrian Strike

Syria has described the combined French, British and US air strikes on chemical weapons facilities as “barbaric”, and Russia has [...]

Nikki Haley with Russia on Chemical Weapons

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley blasted Russia for not only defending Syria for using chemical weapons, but being [...]

Trump Warns Al-Assad, Taunts Russia

Will Iran/Hezbollah retaliate against Israel, the “little satan”, if “BIG satan” strikes Iranian puppet, Bashar al-Assad’s forces?  

Syria Chairs Chem Weapons Comm
Not a Joke! U.N. Announces Syria to Chair Commission on…

When it comes to the bizarre news that seems to come out of the U.N. constantly, this announcement may take [...]