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Israel Shoots Down Palestinian Fighter Jet
Israel Shoots Down Syrian Fighter Jet

American Truth Project reports live from the Golan Heights. Russia continues its pattern of lies.

Israel Rejects Russia's Iran Plan
Israel Rejects Russia’s Iran Plan

Russian diplomats have been contradicting each other in regard to accepting the presence of Iranian controlled military assets in Syria, [...]

Hezbollah Defies Russia
Syrian Schism – Iran vs Russia

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is reporting that Iran’s Shi’ite terror proxy, Hezbollah is defying Russian demands to leave [...]

Iran-Russia Cracks
Iran & Hezbollah To Withdraw Troops Assad Claims Don’t Exist

After suffering massive losses from Israeli missile strikes over the last several months, Iran and its Shi’ite militia proxy, Hezbollah [...]

Nikki Haley Justifies Syrian Airstrike

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley warned Syria that the US is “Locked and Loaded” for more strikes against [...]

ATP Exclusive: Live at Syrian Border After US Airstrike

ATP reports from the Israel-Syria border, the day after the US, France and Britain strike Syrian chemical weapons facilities.  

Russia Warns US
Russia Warns US Of “Consequences” For Syrian Strike

Syria has described the combined French, British and US air strikes on chemical weapons facilities as “barbaric”, and Russia has [...]

Nikki Haley with Russia on Chemical Weapons

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley blasted Russia for not only defending Syria for using chemical weapons, but being [...]