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Iran Sues U.S.
Iran Sues U.S. For Leaving Nuke Deal

Iran filed a lawsuit against the United States at the United Nation’s International Court of Justice, for withdrawing from the [...]

New Iran Sanctions Will Cripple Their Economy

New US sanctions on Iran should cripple their economy, are short term profits motivating Europe to sidestep them?  

Europe Appeasing Iran To Save Disastrous Nuke Deal

The original signatories of the toothless JCPOA, minus the recently withdrawn United States, are meeting in Vienna, in an attempt [...]

Dems' Noko Demands
Dems List NoKo Nuke Deal Demands

Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer and Bob Menendez laid out a list of five demands their party will require to approve [...]

German Intel Busts Iran
Iran Still Trying To Acquire WMDs

German Intelligence Agency reveals Iran has been conducting industrial espionage and acquiring sensitive components required for the delivery of WMDs.  [...]

Europe Votes To Protect Iran

Barry Nussbaum: “The EU wants the money … they could care less if Iran has nuclear weapons.”  

Iran & EU
Iran Begs Europe To Stay In Nuclear Deal

Days after president Trump decided to withdraw the US from the disastrous JCPOA, Iranian leaders are urging France, Germany and [...]

IDF General Yaron Rosen-After JCPOA What’s Next?

Barry Nussbaum and IDF General (Res) Yaron Rosen discuss what president Trump’s decision to withdraw from the disastrous Iran Nuclear [...]