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Barry Nussbaum Explains the Peace Process in Israel

‘Time to Get Real With Lydie Denier’ and Barry Nussbaum about the Arab-Israeli Peace Process and the biased MSM.  

Ambassador Insights with Danny Ayalon-The UN’s Anti-Israel Bias

Israeli Ambassador, Danny Ayalon and Barry Nussbaum explain the Pro-Palestinian, Anti-Israel bias at the United Nations.

Abbas Hangs Himself With His Own Tongue

Arch-terrorist and illegitimate president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas has a long history of Holocaust revisionism and outright antisemitism, [...]

KSA: Make Peace Or Shut Up
Saudi Crown Prince: Palestinians Must Make Peace Or Shut Up

Saudi Crown Price Mohammed bin Salman, while speaking to a group of Jewish leaders in the United States, shocked the [...]

PIJ Peace Plan
Palestinian Peace Plan: Obliterate Israel

Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the second most powerful terror group in Gaza (to HAMAS), recently released a “political document” stating some [...]

The Solutions to the Iranian Threat

Iran only respects a “credible threat”, not a paper tiger. Barry Nussbaum and the esteemed Dr.Mordechai Kedar discuss the Iranian [...]

Abbas: oslo Accords Are Dead

If the “leader”of the “Palestinian Authority” is declaring toe Oslo Accords null and void, what is to keep Israel from [...]

Why Arabs and Muslims Will Not Accept Israel as The…

Dr. Mordechai Kedar offers insight into the Atab-Israeli conflict like very few men can. Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem [...]