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Will Johnson: Georgia Senate Race Pits Black Conservative Against Black Progressive!


Barry Nussbaum: Hello, and welcome to ATP Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum. We have a special guest today. A friend of our ATP family, but first housekeeping always has to be done, which in this case is asking you out there in ATP land to please send a text message to sign yourself up for our alert system that gets you all of our content, including today's very special guest absolutely free on the phone that you're probably holding in your hand right now.

Simply text the word TRUTH in the message box, send it to 88202. It'll sign you up automatically. You'll get all of our content, including today's special guest, absolutely free. We never charge for content. Our special guest, Will Johnson, is with us today. Will is the founder of Unite America First. He is a leading voice in the conservative movement. He gets out and about at almost every conference we've been talking about today, and he's a friend of the ATP family. Welcome back, Will.

Will Johnson: Hey, glad to be here, Barry.

Barry Nussbaum: I got a lot of important stuff to ask you today, so let's dive in headfirst.

Let's start in Georgia. Herschel Walker, I remember him from college and the pros, a great football player. He is a black conservative. He's running for the Republican nomination and then the Senate.

He's running against a very liberal black senator who now occupies the seat. So, you've got two black men running against each other in Georgia, what used to be a reliably red state. The senator he's attempting to unseat after only a brief time in office has baggage, serious baggage.

I mean, he was accused, and there's a video out there that seems to support the fact that he was physically abusing his wife. There is bodycam footage from the police to support it. That didn't matter. He was elected anyway, and of course, we're talking about Senator and Pastor Raphael Warnock. So, Donald Trump has endorsed Walker.

You've got two black guys running against each other, in a place that will end up having a black senator, most probably again, and will decide, according to most pundits, the balance in the Senate going forward. So, handicap the race for us, please. Who's going to win?

Will Johnson: You know, President Trump endorsed Herschel Walker, so that's going to be a plus for him. I think the people in Georgia, they've got to realize Barry, what the Democrats have been doing to them, but then again, people still keep voting for the Democrats, year after year after year, of reelection knowing the Democrats have done nothing for them, and it's just they go along with the talking points.

So, you know, I can't call it. I would like to say it's in the bag for Herschel Walker, but we've seen what the Democrats have done. They have deliberately tried to change the electoral system, how the states hold their elections they are literally trying to undermine but let me ask this question.

Does Herschel Walker have a driver's license? Does he know what the DMV is? So, I mean, according to them, you got two black men running for office does either one of them have a driver's license? How does this happen? So, I don't know.

I'm rooting for Herschel Walker because we need true change, and he's the type of conservative that the Left hates. He's black, he's conservative, and he's straight. Then Trump topped it off, put the icing on the cake.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, I guess we'll see, and it's not going to be a long time from now. The race is heating up, and Herschel Walker is making speeches every day.

Will Johnson: Yup, absolutely. He's knocking it. I guess you can say he's knocking the ball out of the park or out of the football field in this case.

Barry Nussbaum: Exactly. So, let's go to the border. You're one of the few people who actually got their tush off the couch and went there. It's not just Will Johnson telling us what he's read. It's Will Johnson reporting from the scene as to what you saw with your own two eyes?

I'm referring specifically to the White House repeating the same schtick over the last several weeks, ‘the border is closed.’ I don't think so, and I know you've been there. Is that just B.S.?

Will Johnson: Maybe the actual front door has been closed, but if you want to come through the side window, you want to come through the back door, crossing the river that's fine. That's open one 100%. When I was down there, you could see the cartel. They put about 15 to 20 people on these boats, and they would bring them across.

They have women and children, some even infants, mind you on these rapids, on the waves coming across. As soon as they get to the American side, the National Guard will help them out of the boat. Tell them to line up on the side over there. Then the cartel drives the boat back across the river, and they do that constantly all day long.

Before, the cartel would do it during the shift change of the Border Patrol. The Border Patrol would go out there, and they would try to catch the cartel when they step foot on the shore, U.S. soil, but they're no longer doing that. Now, the National Guard, they're there helping them in, and then all the National Guard, what they do is they gather up the people.

Then they hand them over to Border Patrol. So, Border Patrol is like never even on the river any longer. They're just taking the people in and processing them. The border is 100% wide open, and the 17,000 Haitians supposed to get sent back to Haiti did not go back.

They're here in the United States of America, and there's no telling what kind of diseases they're carrying because they said they're carrying some diseases. That is supposedly worse than COVID. So, people need to wake up to what's happening.

The border is not closed.

The front door may be closed, but everything else is wide open.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let's talk about the plan that seems to be an end around the White House. What I mean specifically, Will, and I'm sure you know about this. There are a number of private organizations raising millions and millions of dollars to continue building the wall privately.

The state of Texas has allocated over a billion dollars to build the wall to protect themselves from Biden's abandonment of all the border wall construction contracts.

Can that work? Could they be successful enough to complete the wall, Will?

Will Johnson: You know, that's a very tough question because the federal government controls the border. They control our borders all across the United States of America, and there have been lawsuits. They find these liberal judges that come in and say, hey, you have to stop the building on this because it's unlawful.

They find a communist liberal judge to stop it. So, I don't know what's going to happen. What I do see happening is that there's going to be a major battle between the states and the federal government

Maybe at some point, Texas will have to succeed to protect the people in it because Governor Abbott, his number one duty, is protecting the people in this state.

If he's not doing that, then he needs to be removed, and that's why you have a lot of people right now running against him because he used to lean and bend over, giving the Democrats exactly what they want, but now, because of Ron DeSantis, I believe that he's stepping up to the plate—trying to make it look like he's strong or, you know, trying to say that he's looking out for the constituents in this state.

So, the border is wide open, and the wall I don't know because they always find some way to stop it. Let me ask you this, Barry. Think about it. Why would they want to stop the protection of the American citizens? That doesn't make any sense to me. We're talking about terrorists coming across the border, and the border is a deterrent.

People find ways around stuff all the time, but their wall is a deterrent. When President Trump was in office, he deterred these people from coming. Biden came, and the memo went out. They spent money to get these people to come, and that's why we're being invaded on our southern border.

Barry Nussbaum: All true, every word of it. So, let's change the pace a little bit. You have an article up on Unite America First, your site, about Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen giving a, I guess, a dictatorial order for all American banks to report all transactions over $600.

There's a massive pushback nationwide from states, attorney generals, banking commissions, and the banks themselves saying, we're not going to do it. Yellen came back and said the purpose was to catch the rich and the taxes they owed. Is she serious that only the rich have $600? Will the banks and the states comply with this absurdity?

Will Johnson: You know, Barry, I was talking about that on a video I did as well. How in the world do they think that $600 is only for the rich? Seriously, I mean, maybe because the rich can spend $600 and not even think about it, but you're talking about $600 for people who want to buy a refrigerator. People who want to buy a couch.

If you can buy a couch today because of what's happening on our coast, but people have needs that they have to buy big-ticket items because $600 is a big-ticket item. You may need to get furniture, a couch, a bed, a mattress, or something. I guess you can consider that a big-ticket item, but for them to have to do that, saying that for $600, they're going after middle to low-income families across the nation, 100% because you're talking about the one percent that spend $1,000, $10,000.

To them, it's like they spent $10. So, for $600, they're coming after every single American. To be honest with you, Barry.

I think the reason why they did $600 is that if someone goes and buys a firearm, buys rounds with that, or buys a holster with it that pretty much adds up to around $600.

So, then that way they will flag them because that's who what they to find out. The gun sales are about to go through the roof.

Barry Nussbaum: Honestly, gun sales are through the roof, and ammunition is selling out from coast to coast, Will.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Barry Nussbaum: People are exercising their Second Amendment rights. Now, you go around the country all the time speaking, investigating, and filming. I hope you're not sitting on any Southwest airline tickets because thousands upon thousands of Southwest Airlines flights are grounded, putting hundreds of thousands of people, paying customers, on their butts in airports; wondering if the plane ever going to take off.

Southwest says it's because of weather delays, and I looked online. I couldn't find any bad weather. I think what it is, and that's what the inside story is:

It's a pilot sickout where they're saying, ‘If we have to get the jab, we aren't flying for you anymore.’

What say you?

Will Johnson: You know, I was just in Miami, and I got hit when it first happened. I was flying Southwest, woke up that morning. My flight was at 12:30. It just so happened a young lady called my roommate because I was sharing the hotel room with Anthony Aguero. She said that her flight got canceled. I said, what?

So, I looked, and sure enough, mine was canceled. Anyways, I was able to get on another flight, American Airlines, and while I was sitting on the airplane, Barry. I took my phone and pointed it out the window. Beautiful skies, the clouds were in the sky. It looked like a beautiful day. Other than a few clouds here and there, but it was beautiful! It wasn't hot like it had been a couple of days before.

I'm like, Where's the weather they're talking about? They were telling me, well, there is weather in Dallas. So, you mean to tell me the weather in Dallas is affecting Miami? Not true at all. The crazy thing is, you can't even talk about the weather on YouTube any longer because anyone who talks about climate change then you are climate change denier on YouTube.

They're subject to take your content down. This is all a farce, what they're doing. It's all because they want to control all of us, and this is terrible. I have some more tickets, Barry.

I'm looking to head to L.A. this weekend for an event that BLM and Antifa might show up at. You know how they act when they go and act crazy, but I'm kind of curious. As of right now, it says my flight is okay. Subject to change without notice. It's crazy.

Barry Nussbaum: Good luck. You may be in L.A. for a while. Wil. Tell people how they can find out about what you're doing and read more about what you're producing out there. It's really good stuff.

Will Johnson: Well, if you go to UniteAmericaFirst.com and click on the little hamburger stack if you're on a mobile device and just say connect with Will. It will show you every platform that I'm on. That's the easiest way.

Barry Nussbaum: Perfect, and for ATP viewers out there, Will Johnson's on with us every week or so, and he does a radio show for us every week. He's fantastic. I urge you to follow him, both here at ATP and his website, UniteAmericaFirst. In the meantime, if you didn't do it when I asked you previously. Please do it now.

Send the word TRUTH on your cell phone. Text the message to 88202. We'll be signing you up instantly in about three seconds. You'll get all of our stuff, including the fabulous Will Johnson. Absolutely for free. Thanks for coming on to join us today. For ATP Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum.


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