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Tlaib Ally Calls for Worldwide Murder of Jews


Jermain Botsio: Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar they were planning a visit to Israel. However, the Israeli government reviewed their anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic statements and decided to deny them. If we're speaking about people being banned Barry this is not the first time people have been banned from countries is it?

Barry Nussbaum: No, Jermain, it happens all the time all over western democracies. I put together a list, and it's pretty long. Let me go through some of them, India, as an example, is a very, very close ally of the United States. Everybody knows that, right? It's a democracy, and it's the largest, most populated democracy on planet Earth. In 2005, the fellow that is now the prime minister was banned from entering the United States because there was a 1998 law that was quite obscure that was invoked that said foreign leaders that are responsible for violations of certain religious freedom may not enter the United States. And the State Department kept him out because they said that there had been rioting in India, and this guy didn't stop the riots. So, what happened? They kept him out, and after the president left and Obama came in, that law was still enforced. So that's example number one. Great Britain, maybe our closest ally in Europe has a similar law and numerous times they refuse to let people come in. For example, Menachem Begin that later became prime minister of Israel was banned and kept out of England because they were mad at him for Menachem Begin's role during the Israeli War of Independence. So he could not come. And more recently, another Israeli politician was banned from London because he, they said, was fostering hatred. Now., it's not true. It didn't make headlines around the world. It just sort of blew away. And more recently, someone that I have met, Girt Wilders, who is a member of the Dutch parliament, was banned from entering Great Britain because he was deemed to be too conservative and his opinions, quote, threatened the communal harmony and therefore, the public safety. So he was kept out of England. So does it happen a lot? It happens all the time. Democracies retain the right to always keep somebody out if in any chance they think it might serve to create unrest. It happens every week around the world. So Israel has a similar law. They copy the laws that these other countries, including the United States, have that if somebody wants to come to your country and they're an enemy of your country, and they're out front about it they can keep you out. Now, the difference is, this is important, these other countries were keeping out like Girt Wilders or Menachem Begin or Modi, who became the prime minister of India. And Menachem Begin and became the prime minister of Israel never advocated against a country they were going to visit. They were kept out for stuff they had done in their own countries or political beliefs that seemed to be unpopular. The difference is Rashida Tlaib actively, openly, consistently advocates for the destruction of the state of Israel. Oh, my gosh. What country would be stupid enough to let her in? And as if because she's a member of Congress that makes it OK is insane. If the United States Congress can't discipline one of their party members for horrible behavior, then I guess it falls to another country to do it. Now, keep in mind that this woman is a supporter of one of the most known terror organizations in the world, Hamas. Last week, just a few days ago, the political bureau director said, his name is Fateh Hamad, that Israel has until this Friday to lift the siege of the Gaza Strip. Which, by the way, Tlaib wanted to research. And if the siege, whatever that means, doesn't get lifted, that his forces have many methods up their sleeves that are going to explode in Israel's face and Gaza residents are not rational and that if they die, they will do so honorably. And he encourages them, this is a quote, "to cut off the heads of the Jews and kill them with explosive belts." And he said Hamas had been actively manufacturing them and factories. And he called on the 7 million Palestinians abroad who are warming up and preparing for jihad. We must attack every Jew on planet Earth and slaughter and kill them all. Are you hearing this? This guy is part of an organization supported by Rashida Tlaib. And in the same week, she was making her application to go to Israel her ally was encouraging Palestinians around the world to hunt down and slaughter the Jews in countries all over the world. That's not just anti-Semitism on a small scale that's genocidal advocacy. Let me read you the last quote because this will really get you on the exact point you just said. His conclusion last week, quote He said, "a knife only costs five shekels," which is the Israeli currency. And he said "We will die while exploding and cutting the necks and the legs of the Jews. We will lacerate them and tear them to pieces. Allah willing." This is one of her allies and supporters. This is somebody that she supports. This is a mass murderer, a homicidal maniac advocate. And she will not and refuses to disavow these people. Like you just said, as your example if the guy across the street says, hey, I'm going to Jermain's house, I'm going to kill his kids. And then Jermain says, no, you can't come to my house. I don't want anyone here to kill my kids. And then he starts telling everyone Jermain hates me because I'm this or I'm that. And you'd say, "no, I'm protecting my family. That's all. I don't care what color you are. You want to kill my kids and my wife. You're not coming to my house." That's what Israel is doing. And yet, Jermain, why is it that we have to talk about this and explain it to people? Because it's not on the news.


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