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Social Media Censors Pro-Israel Sites


Like many other pro-Israel individuals, I have been censored and had posting privileges suspended from social media platforms recently.  That is why I implore you to SUBSCRIBE to our free Newsletter! (just click the link below)


The tech and social media giants are using their own Left wing leanings to determine what information you do and don’t see!  When asked why non-violent, pro-Israel content was being removed, Google and FaceBook cited “safety”.  Apparently supporting the only democracy in the Middle East creates “safety concerns”.  Appeasing anti-Israel activists by silencing the truth is CREATING a dangerous environment on college campuses in the US, on the streets of Europe and in the halls of the UN.  Again, please SUBSCRIBE to our Newsletter, so you can receive our exclusive content by email, and not rely on social media to share our pro-Israel/pro-US message.

Read Full Article At The Jerusalem Post: http://www.jpost.com/Magazine/The-silence-war-549659



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