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Radical Islam

The world is at war. Many date the start of that war to 9/11/01. The countries of the world that are not governed under sharia are now under constant attack. Every week new terror somewhere in western civilization not governed by Sharia takes place, causing death and panic in the great cities of the world. Motivated through local mosques, the internet, and various terror cells, Islamic jihadists are working daily to destroy western society and replace it with a worldwide caliphate. While the western governments make excuses for Islam after each attack, and the media ignores the fact that the war is already in full force, the violence continues and is increasing.

Complete societal changes are taking place to accommodate for these attacks. There is a new normal in the world as governments deal with constant Islamist proclamations regarding their goal to take over the Western world. Our mission is to educate and inform about the magnitude of this very real, mounting threat.